The Americans dropping out of the computer race

After bragging for several decades as the most advanced country in super computers, the Americans have unashamingly bowed out of the race. They could not compete with the Chinese anymore with the Chinese claiming the bragging right for having the world’s fastest and second fastest super computers built in China. The Americans have fallen to a distant third and knew that they could no longer catch up with the Chinese and even declared that it was a race for nothing.

Is it really nothing to talk about? There have been talks in some corners of the military circle that the super high speed computers could have military applications like decoding the ICBMs or cruise missiles in flight, capture them and turn them around to where they came from or to where the Chinese wanted them to hit. This is ground breaking computer technology that only super speed computers could do to capture an ICBM in flight within minutes.

If China can perfect this technology, the US ICBM arsenal as well as those in the nuclear submarines and cruise missiles is as good as belonged to the Chinese and part of the Chinese intercontinental nuclear arsenal. The Chinese Anti Access and Area Denial strategy backed by their anti aircraft carrier missiles was a breakthrough in changing the military balance vis a vis the Americans.

The super computer technology would change the game of intercontinental and space based ballistic missile warfare.The deployment of super speed computers to capture ICBMs in flight would turn the table around against the Americans rendering all the American ICBMs impotent, afraid to launch for fear of being turnaround.

The military war game is changing rapidly in favour of China and the Americans are losing their grip on this hi tech warfare with computers fighting computers. The Americans have given up the race to the moon and space with the mothballing of NASA. Now this super computer race is another race that they have given up.


Anonymous said...

Good News! Good News!

The Americans may be dropping out of the computer race but
at least the American president "fast-legs-fast-hands" hosted
a grand visit by our great leader LHL!

I m very very very proud of our great leader LHL!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am also very proud. I just wrote a piece and will post it tomorrow.

patriot said...

Sinkies must indeed be very proud that the Sin Prime Minister was able to get the Outgoing President of the United States to proclaim that he(Obama) will ratify TPP.

Imagine the President, albeit an outgoing one, of the Strongest
country on Earth gotten arm-twisted
by the CEO of a tiny barren rock, after the Former invited the Latter before returning to laity status.

All the Asean Members must be seething with envy.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha, Patriot, in my piece I also mentioned Asean leaders must be envious of our leader.

patriot said...

Chin Leng Sir;

may l say that folks of the
same age tend to feel and
think alike.

Me am much baffled by the
Sin Prime Ministers' fetish
on the TPP.

Wonder how TPP benefits
anyone ot for the Matter,
what advantage or gain does
Sin gets.
Maybe some folks here can


Anonymous said...

Great leaders think alike. There was a live example.
Obama, the great leader, declared Donald Trump was "unfit to be president" with the support of great leader LHL, standing at the side.

That death nail on Donald Trump if works, then, great leader will have "face" to face new great leader Hillary.

But if the "unfit president" becomes US s little leader, how can Trump be fit to stand side by side with little dot s great leader?

In other words, if Donald Trump is the unfit president, will little dot s great leader shake hand with this unfit president in future?

Obama the great is the great leader but unfit current president, this is my view.

Anonymous said...

The joke will bypass many. The high gloss state staged welcome for the elevated little red ruby to shine is nothing more than "interfering" in the American politics or before the big show down. A small piece meal to pay for a puppet minister in promoting their cause.

The stone is not the stone that was.

Anonymous said...

Lee offers a calming and mesmerising voice in American political disarray. Is he the voice we should be hearing? If he is, he is the messiah?

Anonymous said...

Richest political messiah on earth. Sinkies should be proud

Anonymous said...

The "turning around" ICBM is workable? I doubt as the solution is keep the "command" processing similar to "press" the "return keys continuously". The missiles will run with complex programming.

On the other hand, China seems to be disinterested in putting defense system using satellites against ICBM. Currently US has around 44 infra red sensing satellites to collect "sparks" points sending to higher level satellites and transmit to earth computers in defense centers around the earth. On sensing a "spark" to reacting effectively with anti missile defense like Thaad, the estimated total time is 120 seconds.

China thought, such defense system can hardly stop ICBm. To set up the similar satellites defense system needs 5 years. To fire a few more ICBm to US is more effective to hit targets if the first one failed by Thaad.

From ground study, Patriot anti missile has success rate 9% only. Thaad may not be able to decipher real ICBm against no war heads blank shots. According to some reports, Thaad demo video might put something on the missile head to attract Thaad shots to hit the flying missile. This is entirely possible, as in presidential election, Obama s Demoncrat DNC could create rumor against Bernie Sander to destroy his chance to favor Hillary. There is nothing to prevent Thaad hitting a stone if needed.

In my view, Thaad or whatever, are already past the time now. The super fast 10 times sound speed missiles are on its 8th experiment with 7 successes in China. Of course the background for super fast 10 time sound speed missile is the super fast computer as control center.

Thaad may not have time to calculate and be burned into ash with super fast missiles. This is real as Taiwan also can make missile 3 times of sound speed. What is Thaad for?

Thaad is for collecting China and Russia civil and military data using powerful radar near China border.
May be China s need now is, X radar wave interference computer devices to provide the Thaad with false and unreal data for US to do their analysis . This kind of technology will be China and Russia s favorites, against Thaad.

Anonymous said...

ICBMs have fixed memory installed in their guidance system. Read only memory.

Anonymous said...

X band radars are not the way the press made it out to be.
Every band used by radar serves a purpose.
Whether it is P L s X J or Q bands, it serves a particular function.
If you know your radar, it is the pulse duration and the pulse repetition frequency - and those ECM and ECCM techniques, including monopulse, Doppler and phased array - that determine the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Is PAP dropping out of the race to maintain high standards of competency?

Hermit said...

American military tech is not that sophisticated. There were two embarrassing incidents I recalled. First was the stealth drone that was downed in one piece intact, by Iran electronically. Free military high tech transfer to American's Number One enemy. Second was that a Chinese sub popped up right under the noses of American ships and carriers undetected, during a US sea exercise in international waters.

Anonymous said...

Missile technology in hermit state NK has improved tremendously in past 1 year. This morning NK fired a missile fell about 200n mile near Japan main island, closer to Hokkiado side. The head dropped so near to the main island.

If the head contain nuclear explosive, Japan will have another chance to surrender. This is a very good warning to Abe and US bases.

I was surprised NK chose the landing spot so near to the main island. It meant to me that Kim knew the landing will not cause hurts to human lives in Japan or get US to be too angry at Him. The warning to US is: NK missile can fly 1000km and land quite accurately.

China never even said a single word or condemn the missile test. I guess Xi learned his generosity to the charbor S Korea president ended with absolute betrayal.

With NK Kim s missile landing this morning, i have began to have no doubt on China s missile accuracy. I start to worry if sg having such a small space can afford to be US s "anchor" support for US s entry into Asia to contain China s economic and military growth. I guess China missile can land a any spot accurately, be it Orchard Road Meridian or Changi airport run way.

Its scary to stir up China and NK for being the US military anchor in Asia. Be their number one target also. What do u think?

Anonymous said...

Some people are really thinking too much.

There have been talks in some corners of the military circle that the super high speed computers could have military applications like decoding the ICBMs or cruise missiles in flight, capture them and turn them around to where they came from or to where the Chinese wanted them to hit. This is ground breaking computer technology that only super speed computers could do to capture an ICBM in flight within minutes.

In the 1st place, Computers are machines and not god. While it is tasked/improved to do more complex and faster calculations and handled large and larger matrix of data. It cannot be tasked to do miracles or invents its own formula.

There is no such thing as ground breaking computer technology.....although u can have a "faster" and bigger "capacity" computer.

The only way to give conflicting instructions is to hack it either by hard or soft way. Ask yourself what happens if you try 3 times wrong password on your ATM card?

Anonymous said...

USA and those half backed Western pundits always blame China for not reining North Korea provocative behavior as justification for THAAD

Are they explicitly recognizing North Korea as a part of China territory?

Foreign nation have more legal responsibility to rein North Korea than South Korea.

Anonymous said...

Lee Hsien Loong to send SAF soldiers to Iraq to please United States


"Without Parliament approval, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong committed to send SAF soldiers to Iraq.
An unknown number of Singapore Armed Force (SAF) soldiers will be deployed in Iraq from 2017 onwards.
According to Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore will provide a medical support team and a new unit, Army Deployment Force (ADF), to assist in the protection of the troops."

Do you think your vote for PAP in GE 2015 has increased the probability of your son being sent into a war zone in harm's way?

Veritas said...

Supercomputer is not so difficult to make. They key is monies. They are just clusters of CPUs, running on top of he Linux OS distributed variant.

That is why when China throw monies, she will get a system.

The most important thing is engineers writing application on the system.

However without such as infrastructure, USA engineers will have difficulties in making simulations.

Veritas said...

The USA fall behind not because of lack of talent but because of a capitalistic system.

In 1942, only weeks after Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt called for an annual production of 60,000 military planes, a near impossible demand considering that prewar annual production was only 6,000. But in 1943, some 86,000 planes were produced, exceeding the president’s call by a third. In World War II, the US produced 31,000 B17 and B24 long-range bombers to support strategic bombing, reaching a peak production rate of 50 per day. In 1941, 55,000 individual work hours were needed to turn out a B-17, and by 1944, this had dropped to 19,000 hours.

In all, 300,000 military planes were produced in four years of war. Because of the production prowess of the US, Germany and Japan simply could not produce enough weaponry fast enough to keep up with battle attrition the way the Allies could. It was only a matter of time before the Axis powers would be defeated. A market economy is a feeble weakling compared to a war command economy.

The superiority of central planned economics (though with very major flaws) has been concealed by economics textbook.

When USA go full capitalism, so long oligarch cannot make monies, nothing will be done.

virgo49 said...

This Loony Loon is courting the demise of Sinkie or Sinking Land by sucking up to the Democrats.

He thinks Clinton will win the Presidential Race.

Offering sinkieland as base for the USA against China,he is putting too much stakes in the single digit O roulette.

If Donald, beloved Donald becone the President, Sinkie land would be put in freezer by USA and The PRC.

Let's see how many refugees sinkieland land can take in to replace the Sinkies.

Got good show to see from Matland.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:41pm
Dont produce sons here. Or give birth in Johor if pr.
Go Iraq is a way to approach new opportunity to an untapped market. The scholars will tell u this in new media. But not for their own sons for sure.

Many always said NS is for citizens, good jobs are for foreigners and pr. Now citizens must at least believe 1% of it, leave the 99% to time when their sons die in Iraq s isis attack. Medics also can die in warzone, be very clear about this.

If scholars want to serve in Iraq, they must hire foreigners as professionals to be there, NOT sending NS men who are forced to be soldiers, or forced to go war zone. Who want it and for what reason? For $500pm salary?

Time to abolish NS constitution to path way for a non country and global city as one minister declared. Pay appropriately to hire foreigners to be defense force, asking them first if they want to go Iraq or Syria.

Anonymous said...

I always have this computer gigg that will ask me.

How fast do you want your computer to be. The reality is your eye wont notice it.

What is the application you need it to do, that will impact the decision.

What are the finite element programs that China have that will need super computers to calculate. Check what dongles license the US has in comparison?

The reality will be a shock to the old timers here.

patriot said...

National Service Men should have ONLY
The Prime Minister has
abuse the Purpose of
National Service.

Sinkies must take note
about this misuse and
abuse of National Service
Men, deploying them for
oversea missions.

Must say that deploying
them for humanitarian
missions at disasters is
perfectly acceptable.

I have lose all my trust
on our rulers.


Anonymous said...

Quite a support after the DNC convention. Hillary was reported to have 8% lead against Trump, the reverse after Trumps GOP convention a week earlier.

While Hillary continues her lying with Bill, DNC resigned chairwoman is waiting for a law suit from Canova, Sanders campaign runner.

Hillary s campaign is full of dirty tricks, and her husbands blowjob at White house was an honor and well fitting president. Obama wants to tell US both are fitting for his job and one will be successor.

Trump has kept saying Obama is weak and ineffective leader, and Obama naturally will say Trump is unfit to be president. This judgement is correct as a man to man retaliation.

Obama s words that no body is more fit to be president other than Hillary: it was a real pack of lies, No one should trust Obama s words. Looking at the facts of what Hillary and her husband s poor moral behaviors, both should be charged in courts. No wonder the words "lock her up" was popular. What do you think?

patriot said...

I repeat that Sinkies must take
note the Misuse and Abuse of
National Service Men

I wish that intellectual, academic, activist, organization or better, national agency will bring this matter up with the Government.

The Sin Prime Minister has made a personal decision on an issue involving the citizens without a referendum or even a debate in Parliament.

Think he has overstepped his authority.


patriot said...

I repeat that Sinkies must take
note the Misuse and Abuse of
National Service Men

I wish that intellectual, academic, activist, organization or better, national agency will bring this matter up with the Government.

The Sin Prime Minister has made a personal decision on an issue involving the citizens without a referendum or even a debate in Parliament.

Think he has overstepped his authority.


Anonymous said...

LHL supports TPP.
Like other pro Alien policies, the TPP is unlikely to benefit Singaporeans.

Trump is anti-TPP.
I hope Trump becomes the next USA President.

Anonymous said...

TPP: What is it and why does it matter?

The key paragraphs of this BBC article are:

"It's called the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP. It has been agreed but not yet ratified."

"The TPP will also intensify competition between countries' labour forces."

"But the biggest criticism has been of what the campaigners allege were secretive negotiations, in which governments were said to be seeking to bring in sweeping changes without voters' knowledge."

"To take effect, the deal has to be ratified by February 2018 by at least six countries that account for 85% of the group's economic output. And this means that Japan and the US will need to be on board."

Singaporean voters are no longer able to stop TPP to save our jobs.
The next General Elections is in 2020.
Our only hope is a Trump Presidency in 2016.

In the meantime, I suggest we start applying for our taxi driving licence now.
Because if TPP is anything good, Singaporeans will not be enjoying the benefits.

b said...

Any nation who is eager to learn and improve will always exceed those nations eager to enjoy and party. Anyone can figure that out. The western world will soon collapse because their politicians have turned their people into depending on welfare handouts. Welfare is like opium, mari, cocaine and heroine. Once hooked, difficult to let go.

Anonymous said...

Taxi driver ?

Might not be a life line. Short term yes, long term maybe yes or maybe no. We got Uber, driver less car in the future. Bus as well ...



Anonymous said...

Wah! Die lah!
Even cannot survive as a taxi driver.
Like that then how?
Die, die, I must vote Opposition.
Time to make another PAP Millionaire lose his iron rice bowl.

Anonymous said...

@ patriot August 03, 2016 9:55 am

//Chin Leng Sir;

may l say that folks of the
same age tend to feel and
think alike.//

Is it not folks of such mindsets that had engendered the Sin City of TODAY?

A City that is wading deeper and wider into (more) "SINS" to survive (cowardly and not unlike its folks of such (pathetic) mindsets)?

The price to pay (for cowardly folks) is not just the (un)sustainability issue but no one to visit forsaken graves covered with overgrown wild bushes and no single soul to 扫墓 when the (un)sustainability issue becomes unmanageable (possibly) even (way) before 2065?

Such (mindsets) are not unlike and worth as much as the (toxic rubbish waste?) dumps buried (between 1959 to 1989?) under current Lorong Halus Wetland?

Such are the litters in history where they are far from great but thought they are great but the final outcome tend to speak loudest, historically?

Many millennials are not even 21 yet so the current state cannot be of their doings?


Who brought about present City of Sin?

The folks of cowardly (and pathetic) mindsets but fail to even realise it?

Anonymous said...

A load of motherhood uttered to 3-yo (brains) and it succeeded (for over half a century)?

Anonymous said...

Ancient Sparta; Ancient Athens; but no more!
City States of Ephemeral Glory.

Fast forward 3,000 years;

Another Sparta; Another Athens; but so unlike the bravery?
A glory gained without respect?

A City of Sins; a city of wimps; sneered at in omama's heart hypocritically?

无能鼠辈; Cowardly Forebears; Wimpy Descendants;
Tarnishing the name of pussy cats if to call them that

No Ozymandia remnants (left) for future geologists to walk away in disgust at such wimpy beings, unworthy even to roam more than 800 sq km land.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If money can buy the top place, the Americans would have bought it. They are not short of money. There is more than money to build the fastest super computers.

Many third world thinking leaders would definitely want to have such an honour and would not mind spending the money if that is what is needed.

Anonymous said...

It is wrong assumption.

It is China that would use money to buy the top place and that is what it can buy available to the market.

US on the other hand has been using money and talent to buy something (design) that is not available in the market. Their belief is always to develop technology to secure that leading position.

Sometimes, money can get you to a certain level. Singapore/Japan has all the money to improve productivity but it failed again and again. Our figures even go negative. Now the west has introduced robots to attempt this problem. It is scary to think everything is manned by robots in the future.

Anonymous said...

@ It is scary to think everything is manned by robots in the future.

Haiz, many here criticize sinkies kiasi kiasu .

In the end 50 steps laughing at 100 steps.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think Trump is shouting that he wants to make America number one again? You think he stupid and you know better?

Anonymous said...

Well i know straight away if one is only shouting to making America number one OR working quietly to make America number one.

From experience, it is always the opposite. The dog that doesnt bark is always the most dangerous. Dont know whether this is consider stupid or those who just believe what people says on the surface is blind.

Anonymous said...

And i am starting to think that the quiet dog is Obama....

He created a mess in Asia. No less potent then what his predecessors did in Middle east but all done without using the armed forces yet.