The 51st state of the USA?

The state visit by Hsien Loong to the USA and the warm reception given to him and his entourage is unbelieveable for a small state. The US put on a charm offensive to show how important and how close Singapore is to the Americans. Obama gave everything he got, no holds bar, to impress Hsien Loong and Singaporeans and the world that this is how being good to the USA would be rewarded.

From another perspective it was like a suitor putting on his best to win the heart of his bride to be, a proposal for a marriage. Was Obama wooing Singapore into the final embrace of the USA? Singapore is very important to the Americans in many ways and has been responding very positively to all the overtures put up by the Americans, a sign that things can be better. Just ask and Singapore will go along, like a willing lass very happy to be charmed and taken for a ride in a courtship.

The days when Singapore played hard to get, played tough, are over. Today the relationship has blossomed and a wedding is on the card, if the Americans are serious wanting the relationship to move to a higher level. And the bride will come with all the strategic assets that the Americans would love to have, better than the strategic location of Israel in the Middle East. Singapore is in the heart of SE Asia and a very important point in Asia. The pivot to Asia would not be complete without Singapore, cannot be effective without Singapore.

Now, did he propose? Did Obama make his move during this state visit, to ask for the hand of Singapore, as the 51st state of the United States of America? Did he swipe the feet of the bride off the ground? And did she said yes?

It is not a bad idea that Singapore becomes the 51st state of the USA. And we would become the most powerful nation in the world, or a part of the most powerful nation in the world. And we will have a new flag and a new national anthem to sing and have a lot of things to be proud of, a lot of things to celebrate like all the gold medals in the Olympics and Fourth of July.

Singapore the 51st state of the USA? Possible, good? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Little red dot is already the little USA now..even terrorists wan to fire rocket this tiny island..

Anonymous said...

For glory, and grandest treatment,had the couple jeorpadized the nation's future? Have they led the nation into the paths of enemies or with intention to harm us?

Anonymous said...

In the future generations,this little red dot children will tell their children's children that our forefathers or ancestors came from a State called USA ...their future generations kids will tell whole world tat they r all come from USA...

Anonymous said...

What happening man ?

10m air pistol arse kicked by Vietnam ?

Real disappointing , 400m style freestyle defending champion China arse kicked by Australia ?

Anonymous said...

I hope Singapore will join USA and become 51st state.
- then Ah Loong's Generals and Admirals will have more job opportunities in the military
- and hopefully, our trains can regain their normal high operating standards


Anonymous said...

Singapore the 51st state of the USA?

For survival, need to lah, and maybe it's already one, except in name.

Just imagine, and don't say terrorists fire rockets to Marina Bay, even if a few million from Indonesia each row a sampan to Singapore, you think our Police coast guard and navy can handle? Can conquer Singapore already, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

I hope Singapore will join USA and become 51st state because ....
- USA still have a lot of property that are still below their former high prices
- imagine how affordable USA housing will be once HDB starts their affordable housing program in USA

Anonymous said...

I hope Singapore will join USA and become 51st state because ....
- the total length of the U.S. shoreline is 95,471 miles
- length of Singapore's shoreline is 193 kilometers

Our police can learn from USA how to guard our 193 km of shore line
- so that Mas Selamat cannot escape again

" It is believed that Mr Mas Selamat had escaped Singapore by swimming across the Straits of Johor into Malaysia. The Home Affairs Minister attributed the escape on the long coastline.

What is Mr Wong talking about? China has a long coastline, Australia has a long coastline. Even Malaysia can be said to have a long coastline. Singapore’s coastline facing Johor is 52 miles — the length of two marathons. "


Anonymous said...

Good. If Singapore can become the 51st state of USA, all Sinkies not happy with PAP can emigrate to live there.

Just imagine, with the price of a 3 room HDB pigeon hole can buy a mansion in USA, why not? And oranges and good steaks are much cheaper there and also fresh, cool air and low humidity climate.

Anonymous said...

I hope Singapore will join USA and become 51st state because ..
- guns are legal in America
- no need to resign ... just hara-kiri

Anonymous said...

I hope Singapore will join USA and become 51st state because ....
- New York City is bigger in size, population and economic importance than Singapore
- So we can hire New York City's mayor to manage Singapore
- ONE New York City Mayor can replace FIVE of our Singapore Mayors

/// In 2015, New York City's mayor, also known as its chief executive officer and magistrate, has a salary of $225,000 per year. The current mayor is Bill de Blasio, who was elected mayor for a term of four years at the general election on November 5, 2013, which concludes on December 31, 2017. ///



Anonymous said...

I hope Singapore will join USA and become 51st state because ....
- Both Trump and Hilary Clinton wants to drop TPP


Anonymous said...

I hope Singapore will become the 51st state...

Then our ministers got chance to become secretary of states. Our PM can run for President of the USA. And our generals can become generals of the US forces.

And no need to buy super expensive toys like F35s. The USAF will buy them to protect our skies.

Only one problem, if Trump becomes the President, then our immigration policies would be curbed and no more 10m pop. But no sweat, the USA got 300m.

Anonymous said...

@ August 07, 2016 11:24 am

I hope Singapore will become the 51st state...

"Then our ministers got chance to become secretary of states."
- they will be lucky if the American trust them enough to operate the rides in Disney Land.

"Our PM can run for President of the USA."
- so which Party is going to nominate him as the presumptive Presidential nominee?

"And our generals can become generals of the US forces."
- The US Army is a professional, all-volunteer army of 1.3 million
- are you sure our Generals can lead a professional army?

Anonymous said...

Last year Indon Russia attache Kustoro said Indon was planning to buy S-300. This year Obama said Singapore can buy F35(A?B?C?).

Anyone with the right mind would think, this little dot s days are numbered, when it wants to become the attack dog of USA.

The F?apa are toys, according to a malsysia leader. Indon use Su30 and Su35. With S-300, the USA bark dog can be minced meat if bark too loud.

Virgo 49 said...

Yes, 51st st Anniversary and become 51st State of America. But it be short lived.

The PRC and Thailand holding joint Air exercises.

Sinking land good for target practice.

Thais, member of ASEAN but WWII allowed free passage for japs to slaughter all the natives of the rest of Sian Tao.

Many bros loved to have the green cards and be gunned down in the streets.

Our Generals have to start from private first class in the Americunts military.

Send to Syria for ISIS targets.

You think the whites will hug you with love??

They have their fingers on your backsides.

Anonymous said...

Controversial $400bn F-35 fighter jet now has computer 'brain' problem which could see entire fleet grounded


F-35 air plane can fly meh?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Can ask trump to extend the wall here to keep out foreigners, can also buy guns. Good la.

In totally unrelated news, the great flood and the xia dynasty.


Anonymous said...

The great flood and the founding of the Xia dynasty.

What about a great train crash and the founding of the "Low", "Chee", "Tan" or "Jeyaretnam" dynasty?

Anonymous said...

Who do these Americans think they are?
Singapore becoming the 51st state of America?
Over my grandfather's dead body.

If the Americans ask nicely.
May be we will consider allowing them to become the 2nd state of Singapore.

Your Great White Singapore Dragon-Snake

Anonymous said...

Have they put Sin in further tension with China? Would that be good for us?

BEIJING — Beijing has called on Singapore to respect China’s position on the recent international tribunal ruling that rejected most of its claims over the South China Sea.

“As was made clear by the Chinese side, the so-called award by the Arbitral Tribunal was illegal and invalid and thus not binding at all,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said in a statement posted on the ministry’s website on Friday.

She was responding to a media question on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s comments made during his official visit to the United States last week in which he reportedly said that Singapore hoped all countries will respect international law and the outcome of arbitration.

Anonymous said...

The sting of death is sin, and the strength of sin is the law.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:51, you seemed to have an axe to grind against China and anything Chinese. Are you a Singaporean Chinese, a banana, a chap cheng or one of those third world people that is so envious of China's success?

Anonymous said...

Was the dinner at the White House a thank you dinner for the billions that Singapore would be giving to the USA for the F35 toys that only suckers are forced to pay?

Anonymous said...

Does the MRT emergency stop button work only when the train is stationary?


What about the 2nd Key?
Does it work only when the country is bankrupt?

Anonymous said...

Singapore pm s words asking china to follow the south china sea judgment was reported world wide. China is in trouble for not following the judgment as singapore pm ordered.
China better do something positive and stop claiming what Asean China declaration, this one was disapproved by Hillary and the old fart, and Hillary wanted China to follow a new code of conduct which singapore pm gave a speech to chinese communist school a week before Xi became presidient.

China better follow singapore pm s instruction. else there will be consequences from United states of Amarica.

Anonymous said...

Agree. China better request PM Lee to become the 2nd state of Singapore.
China must learn what is above and what is below.
What is big and what is small.
China must learn from George Yeo.

Virgo49 said...

Taiwan already told SingKaPoor to shut up and Pee Siah.

China to follow SingKaPoor instructions????

Not even bigger than one of its lake.

You must be dont know what to say.

Must be the Cancer from the Arse goes to the Brains.

Teng Siow Ping already said : We are only distant relatives NOT BROS.

Xi already had the Yhai military Junta cooperations to hold joint Air Exercises.

Military and Military easy talk.

First Defense exercise, later Attack exercise.

RSAF- Round Short And Fat at Pulau Senang.

PRC with Thailand- Sinkieland.

Which is the Best Target for Practice??

Anonymous said...

No need to say so much.

Thailand chose Japan rail system over China.

Thailand also has made its choice at least on the surface.

Anonymous said...

Come to think seriously about it.

It is not a bad idea though for Sg to become 51 state of US which means an auto green card and better welfare system.

HK can be 52.

Most people (at least 70%) will vote for it in a referendum.Those that disagree can pack up and go reside in China to enjoy lead air and melamine milk and china medicine + vaccines.

virgo49 said...

Anon 4.08 must be a frog in well or like RB said only 3 season insect.

What's so good of Americunts? ?

There are more beautiful places in China than the American ghettos

Don't be a prejudiced blind bean who just swallowed everything western

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:36pm

Beautiful places in China... Of course but that is if you are a tourist.... A passerby who dont live there.

Just too bad, it is damaged environmentally by China govt.

Sorry, being there, worked there, stay there, tour there. Seen all the difference. There is this atmosphere of fear of lack of food safety China wide. Just dont know what is safe to eat even though it could just be safe.

It is a pity.....Such good things all damaged by people like you who covers up things rather than helping them improve.

May these people be punished someday in places they cant even imagine.

virgo49 said...

Yes you are right.

Sinkies would be punished soon very soon for being apathetic and been Kia see, Kia sop and Kia every thing who covers up things rather than helping to improve.

You want to teach China how to improve? ?

With a 5000 plus years of civilisation? ?

After the 51st year will come the demise of the little red dot.

Anonymous said...

Poor peasant stock of 50 years of history wanting to teach old peasants with 5000 years of history? Please lah, your forefathers were like them but now you think you are better off than them? Open your eyes and see who are the rich tourists going around the world, definitely not the poor gene peasant stocks from little red dot.

You are being gradually replaced by them you also don't know. Look around you, even third world fakes are here to replace you. Your time in this island is up.