SR Nathan – Another stalwart passes away

Singapore will have another state funeral with the passing of SR Nathan at the age of 92. There are not many of such ancients of a passing era left in Singapore. This is another man that had lived a very good life and passed away peacefully leaving behind a big family and family wealth that would last for generations.

Nathan is a typical relic of a time when life was tough and hard. Many of his generations starting life with nothing and tried all means to survive, to make a living. Nathan has made it good, very good, from the time he was a runaway, homeless and squatting in the attap house of his aunt. Now he lived in Ceylon Road, some said the whole or nearly the whole of Ceylon Road belongs to him.

Singaporeans would be lining the streets on Friday to send this man away in his last journey on mother earth.



Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans would be lining the streets on Friday to send this man away in his last journey on mother earth."

Now this is a chance to compare with another stalwart who passed away more than a year ago.

Anything more or less says a lot about the man.

I heard the last time that NSmen were "asked to be street liner" for such events.

Anonymous said...

Kee chiu will find his military experience useful again to mobilise and organise bus loads and also the logistic (LW, pls stand one side .......?)?

Chicken rice, Big Baos, Biscuits, drinks,.....?

And some foldable chairs pls cos RCs uncles and aunties mostly oldies cannot stand too long and recently weather very humid and the heat can cause dehydration also?

Anonymous said...

Chicken rice, Big Baos, Biscuits, drinks,.....?
9:08 am

Heard that last time the chicken rice big packet one, u know. Maybe got drumstick inside some more. Not the miserable $2.50 chicken rice with a few slices of tasteless chicken.

It's not for nothing that PAP got 70% votes in GE 2015. Can the opposition do better?

Anonymous said...

Chicken curry
maybe Prata
be more
the great

Anonymous said...

Dun worry?

Logistics is kee chiu forte?

Drinks probably might include teh tarik for those die hard fans?

Anonymous said...

Last year 29 Mar, Mrs a die hard fan and lky her idol ...... so accompany her lor ......

Stand roadside so long but lucky got strong legs and also NOT "hot" that morning .......

Was actually pouring from the sky and whole body drenched cos never bring brolly .......

From abt like early morning stand until the convoy turn into NUS auditorium, think like past mid-afternoon?

Think caught a glimpse of old man's eldest grandson sitting near the back of a black van among the convoy ......

Dunno this year also another idol?

Later need ask Mrs is she a fan?

Bor bian lor if she is a fan?

Hopefully this year logistics better got nearby mobile toilets?

Anonymous said...

RIP RIP RIP...Sir SR Nathan

RIP RIP RIP...Sir SR Nathan

Anonymous said...

Quite coincidental lor, last Yr funeral during another ghost period (Qing Ming)?

This yr also during ghost period (7th moon)?

Means what?

Uncles and aunties in MSN, pls dun "waste" $$$ go buy toto or 4D, ok?

Sinkies many almost everything oso buy lottery?

JS's Olympic record time 5039 sold out after he won 金牌?

patriot said...

He was a versatile man able to work for the Japanese mass murderers, plunderers, sadists and rapists.

Being versatile can make a person great or cunning and even villianous.

Have your take about the Man and
his Late Fren.


Anonymous said...

Do you think kee chiu's expertise will be required for this event?

Anonymous said...

If u compare this Indian Presi-Nathan with Lim Bo Seng during the WWII, he was a traitor. If u compare him win Lim Chin Siong during the 60s when he negotiate terms with the terrorists from middle east, he was a hero. If u compare President Ong or Wee with Nathan...who is really the people president? What have he done? Economy? Immigration? What have he done?...1 thing for sure he didn't do much but pocket lots of monies..

patriot said...

It looks likehe is hreatly appreciatedby the Japanese

Channel News Asia reports
that his death is being noted
in Japan with much accolade.


Anonymous said...

Do u think the Nips Ambassador wii pay his respect since he contributed so much to them..?

Anonymous said...

WA ...has the flag at the Sports Hub never lighted up on NDP 2016 indicate a bad omen? ..maybe an indication to send that ex-Presi-Nathan off for judgement day ..

Anonymous said...

Lee Teng Hui's brother was honoured in Yasukuni Shrine for fighting for the Japanese Imperial Army as a pilot. Which country did he bomb?

Anonymous said...

Yet another running dog of the Jap Kempetai going to join another fellow running dog in hell.

b said...

What did he achieve for sg? got olympig gold? Why the state funeral when he was paid so well from public coffers?

Anonymous said...

There is yet another passing .....?

That of many retail businesses?

How many retail businesses will be having passing of their own before end of the year?

Anonymous said...

"Toh Liao Ah ......."?

One kopishop patron commented to his wife when they were walking past a shutdown stall .......

Typical of abt at least 10 to 20% kopishop stalls which shuttered or wound up or ceased within 6 to 12 months of operation?

Anonymous said...

Should not sinkieland also start a new business of having "funerals" for deceased kopishop stalls and other retail businesses?

To "create GDP growth"?

Probably at least much better than dig and cover back, dig and cover back "GDP creation" that caused many negative externalities such as jams, massive dusts flying into food and consumed by sinkies, non-stop hacking and drilling in intense humid and warm tropical red dot, many times driving countless residents and business owners "almost nuts and up the walls" ..... etc?

Anonymous said...

"GDP growth creation" through endless (unnecessary) "destroy and rebuild" has many (harmful) side effects?

And easily up to 80% of such spending leak out of sinkieland cos mostly import content such as the workers, cement, paint, sand, and countless inputs ......?

"GDP creation" through new business model of "holding funerals for deceased kopishop stalls and other retail businesses" could be better channels (for spending) cos high proportion of spending retained in sinkieland?

Anonymous said...

Also by having "such funerals for deceased businesses", awareness and publicity are created via the possibly countless void deck "Jiu Song" (aka funeral wakes) and "possessions" with gong and drums and funeral music (to wake some people up in case they are still sleeping and unaware many businesses "died" and many more "dying")?

By the time CFE (Committee for Future Economy) take their (own swèet) time to deliberate "To do or not to do" (like Hamlets in Shakespeare and twiddle their thumbs) and still draw high taxpayers funded salaries and tea and lunch/ dinners sessions, many more businesses would have ceased and deceased and "passed away"?

By the time actions are implemented through the mammoth bureacrazy and red tapes, another few years would have elapsed?

Anonymous said...


Sinkieland doesn’t want hear any more stroke?

Any more fainting?

Any more delay?

Just like many traffic offenders hauled to night courts and ordered to pay there and then without delay?

No mercy given?

Cannot pay fine in default go jail?

No ifs or buts?

But going by things to come .......

Anonymous said...

It is not going to happen?

Likely many more "strokes and fainting"?

Due to the (economic) mess left behind (by lao goa, Marboro Tan, kf-see and their respective 2g cohort)?

Way back 13 years ago in 2003 (one year) before lao goa stepped down, the writings were all over the wall?

The casinos building, initial opening novelty, consequent property bubble and inflation, F2 hype and pomps created a "temporary and "fake" prosperity" through (unsustainable) casino-driven (yet another unsustainable construction boom?

Fundamentally the damage to the economy was done after GKS stepped down in 1985 and the rein more or less handed to lao goa and his 2g Merrymen when he was DPM and later pm from 1990 till 2004?

Anonymous said...

What nonsense property inflation (aka enhancement) to create (mostly fake exponential) GDP growth in the 1990s (that ended in tears and miseries in 1997/ 1998)?

What Goal2010 headed by Marboro Tan that ended in smoke?

Many countless wasteful big spendings that drove ex speaker Tan Soo Khoon to "lash" out in parliament after he relinquished his speaker role in the 2000s?

And many other white elephant projects (bleeding red ink big time till these days)?

Wrong education policies?

Wrong economic policies of monetization this, monetization that (to milk the harvest and hardwork of the old guards and PG to the max leaving behind the current mess and debris)?

Would history be the impartial judge before more wasteful taxpayer money spent?

Lay out their contributions vs (self serving) greedy actions and follies?

The damage and (irreparable) destruction of the foundation built by GKS and cohort and PG?

What future the young have now going forward?

Laid out their contributions before more precious taxpayers $$$ wasted?

Throwing taxpayers $$$ like spending water that ah Neh workers used while doing monthly block washing?

Anonymous said...

There is one "deserving state funeral" in 2016?

Anonymous said...

The "momentous and monumental passing" of the national iconic shipping line?

Brick by brick, the icons built by GKS and the old guards and PG are "taken apart"?

Tears should be flowing?

Hearts broken?

Dreams shattered?

Future evaporated?

Fortune squandered?

That surely deserves "national mourning"?