Singapore’s very successful open door policy

6.9m are not all that is coming to Singapore. We are also opening up for Chikungunya, TB, super bugs and now Zika.  Poor children, got to siam TB and mothers  to be got to siam Zika. Hope no mothers to be is bitten by this Zika thing. The option is unbearable.

Where could this Zika thing come from when all those affected did not visit Brazil? Infected in Singapore! Did the aedes mosquitoes know of our open door policy and come flying in first class cabin or economy?

This is the only way that the Zika thing can get here. How about tracing all those that were in Rio for the Olympics and call them up for a check up? And this must include the foreigners here who were in Rio as well. No one must be exempted from this call up. The aedes mosquitoes would not discriminate between the rich and powerful and the ordinary people. When they bite, they just bite whoever that is in their way.

A lot of work needs to be done. More work and jobs are created I am sure.


patriot said...

Open door or open legs
does not mean only for
two legged beings.
It also means Sin is open
to the legless, unseen
and what not.
One commenter here some
times ago used to warn
readers here of the Eeriness
and Power of the Unseens.
He or She has not been
around for a long time.

Could that person has
foreseen the Fate of Sin
dealt with by the Unseens,
though l would rather blame
negligence, lapses and even
irresponsibility as the Causes
for the Maladies.


Anonymous said...

Unneeded immigrants are like Haze, but both are useful to the fainting politicians to wayang to enjoy longer honey moon with huge salary per money, and bonus, plus gratuity.

RB correctly pointed out, the source of illness are immigrants. TB treatment in china is free. Not free for India or Philippines. TB spreading and other diseases spreading in Singapore is obviously, based on probability, from these countries. But the fainting politicians have preferences for Indians immigrants. Mati liao. Diseases are part of the deal.

If the voters continue to vote for Pap to get in more indians immigrants making them the PR and citizens, the spreading will be a huge expense for the public health care. These PR and new citizens will bring along their father mother uncles unanties, nephew, niece, grand father grand mother, grand son and grand daughters. The situations on hospital beds will be unbelievable.
Some known needed emergency, waited for more than 5 hrs to see doctor, advised to stay in hospital, but sent home. Reason no bed available in hospital.

Zika s 41 cases discovery was a reactive move, and not proactive solution. Those kena zika had fever under control, then the health check started month after the infection. The health check from blood test confirmed zika infection B4.
This kind of public health control is with singapore.

In other words, zika was spreading like mad already in singapore. The most infectious time is when patient has fever. A mosquito sting on patient will infect the mosquito.
So the spreading cannot be just 41 cases.

The source is mosquito: the million dollar salary fainting politicians can never solve. Why? The source is from construction sites mostly. That is someone who is rich, and the millionaire is always able to get away with more mosquito spreading. Why i say so? Those living around sites of construction will find mosquitoes, those living without, normally do not find to many mosquitoes lah.

So who attract mosquitoes? The workers s habits. If someone living around workers hostels, they are most likely to get zika or other fever caused by infectious diseases.
Why? Hostels are handled by some "influential" vip. Health care professionals hardly give summon, not to talk about check daily or weekly. Once a hostel was fined by court, pictures of poor hygiene reveals workers hostel was like rubbish dump, spread with pest, waste foods, papers and empty bottles. This hostel was said managed by a new citizen grassroot big time. He put in more beds than legally allowed: knowing the laws and broke the laws.

Therefore, spreading pest, mosquitoes can never be solved. As HR agents are new citizens or PR managed, hostels are new citizens and PR managed, and many of them are also grassroot men to manage the millionaires enjoying huge coffer salaries.
The invisible haze, can never be solved. Unless voters vote for non pap to get rid of the pests. Other wise, the 7 millions population target and the 10 millions population target will never go away. So to Zika,TB, whatever, will keep lingering in singapore like haze guarantee comes in sept and october.

Anonymous said...

PM was surrounded by people from Rio (you know, those people).
Did he collapse due to Zika?

virgo49 said...

Aiya, they will say Zika will come to sinking land MOT just like the terrorists.

Don't blame us lah. Sinkie land is an Open Metropolis where we welcomed everyone.

Not happy,then try to have a local Donald Trump who can be the next leader to shut up the flow of diseases bearing immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Until we get a Millionaire infected with Zika;
Nothing will change.
Please continue to suck thumb here.

Anonymous said...

Red been //A lot of work needs to be done. More work and jobs are created I am sure.//

GDP at all costs?

Accidents also add to GDP what?

Now growth so bad anything also sapu lah?

Anonymous said...

Jim Roger - the world famous American billionaire who lives in Singapore.
He says he sees great investment potential in North Korea, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Kazakhstan.

He stays in Singapore.
Why doesn't he say he sees great investment potential in Singapore?
Hey, you fucking dumb Singaporean cunts - What do you think?


Anonymous said...

City CEO: ‘The whole banking model is a bit broken’ and at risk of an Uber moment


If this is true, I wonder what will happen to DBS, OCBC and UOB?
I wonder what will happen to Singapore?

Anonymous said...

James Roger seems a humble guy. When tv asked him about share investment, it said he only knew investing in commodities. If u want him to invest in singapore, then he might have to invest only in singapore s listed commodities companies. wan lan, u think this ang mor is so dumb meh. The mentioned those places have agriculture products dirt cheap. May be he can sell to china or even indonesia.
This ang mor moved here probably only to save tax. Indonesia is cutting tax to 17%. Dont be surprised he becomes an Indonesian wearing songkok. Indonesia has lots of agri opportunities.

Anonymous said...

A Pap voter thanks MOH for the timely declaration of Zika. His wife is heavily pregnant.

In deed, I pray for their baby, because the Zika friendly mosquitoes already existed weeks back and mati liao. How to ensure the wife was not affected when she did not suspect mosquitoes carried Zika along at Sim drive, Geylang, Aljunied areas. He is living at Aljunied Crescent. He wanted to tank pap.

"It does not help that there are so many construction sites in the area. All these constructions sites are prime locations for mosquitoes to breed due to the lack of cleaning up by the workers. There is another condo being constructed near Aljunied MRT, construction at Geylang polyclinic and construction of commercial building opposite the Sims @ Oasis condo where 36 workers were infected! All these construction site must be monitored at all cost and make sure they do not become mosquito breeding ground...

MOH start taking strong measures or i swear to God I will vote Opposition next GE."

Anonymous said...

What Singaporeans need to be warned is: Zika is already spreading in this island. The MOH was unaware. UNAWARE zika is already spreading.

The doctors in Aljunied clinic have seen one day about ten (10) of Zika suspected cases. They did not know patients had Zika.
On 22 August, these clinic gp doctors asked MOH to check.

Let say 14 days before, the doctors would have 140 Zika patients. Until 27 August, total number of patients seen would have been 190 patients at Aljunied private clinic.

There are so many private clinics shut their eyes on such patients. There are many hostels along Toh Guan road, Bukit Batok, Senoko, Jurong, Lim ck, and Geylang etc, how many Zika patients are there?

The announced 41 cases are far too few.

More zika carriers are among the community. Places like Little India, and many places where workers go, can be places of spreading zika.

This time MOH will have a simple task to do. Just say 41 cases, and 34 are healed. No more zika in singapore liao.
I will not want to have a bite by mosquito. Better stay safe as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

@ August 29, 2016 4:30 pm

Fucking dumb cunt yourself.
Jim Rogers does not mention Singapore as an investment potential because Singapore is too fucked up.

Anonymous said...

MOH start taking strong measures or i swear to God I will vote Opposition next GE."
August 29, 2016 5:16 pm

Another dumb Singaporean fuck.
You have to vote Opposition first.
Then PAP will wake up and start taking strong measures.
Are Yew just another dumb fuck?

Anonymous said...

6.27pm, yes I am the dumb fuck that I wanted to fuck your Mother, Wife, sisters and daughters. So I dumb fuck or not? Please keep your comment in the issue not to target people. So u ask for it,

Virgo49 said...

Sinkies are Real Dumb.

A PAP voter thanks the MOH for informing about the ZIKA.

Why MOH only announced after 41 cases??

Tks the PAP for bringing in these foreign trashes who in turn bring in all the diseases.

Sinkies really dumb when these catastrophes are been brought in by their Masters and yet they thanked and kowtowed to them.

Stupidity knows NO Bounds.

Anonymous said...

Please keep your comment in the issue not to target people. So u ask for it,
August 29, 2016 7:29 pm

The voters get the government they deserve.
If I don't blame you the dumb PAP voter than blame who?
Blame PAP?

PAP standard has dropped because the voters expectation and standard has dropped.
Any dog shit also you will support as long as the dog shit wears a white uniform.
If I don't blame the PAP voter then I blame who?

b said...

When open door, also open door to unknown. Thats why we all have doors and fences. Its not there for nothing. Its there for a purpose. Security!

Anyone who promotes open door policy must make sure that the doors in his estate, mansion and house are dismantled and he/she is totally comfortable with that.

Anonymous said...

Not easy to be infected with TB?

Better stay away from TB infected foreigners. A 2 year old child in a school was infected by a TB teacher.
This time msm never said the teacher was from china, so guess where she came from, that is msm s purpose for not saying it.

"A pre-schooler, 2-year-old girl, was diagnosed with latent TB after a trainee teacher of Bridges Montessori facility was diagnosed with active TB earlier this month.

The director of Bridges Montessori Preschool Ms Irene Toh said that the school learned for the first time that a trainee teacher had been diagnosed with active TB on 12 August."

Anonymous said...

Good news, now MOH said another 15 cases Zika, total 56 cases.
Expecting more than that 56 cases because, Zika has already been spreading around for weeks without Health care control.
Good job for Pap millionaires. The voters need this kind of standard to wake them up from sleep, only 56 cases, not fainting hopefully.
Should be hundreds cases by year end. What do u think?

Anonymous said...

MOH start taking strong measures or i swear to God I will vote Opposition next GE."
August 29, 2016 5:16 pm

Fictitious dumb fuck Singaporean:
"Please lah. Please. Please take strong measure lah. My wife is pregnant you know."

PAP's Response:
"To reduce the risk of further spread of Zika in #Singapore, we need to work together to prevent mosquito breeding in our homes and protect ourselves from mosquito bites by applying insect repellent regularly."


Fictitious Wise Singaporean Voter:
"I will vote Opposition until I see results that meet with my satisfaction."

Fictitious PAP Response:
"Please lah. Please. Please vote for me lah. I promise I will fix the Zika problem in 3 months time."

The above scenario is pure fiction.
Will never happen.

Anonymous said...

Latest CNA news is that at least one student at a preschool in Punggol has been diagnosed with latent tuberculosis (TB), after a trainee teacher tested positive for the disease earlier this month.

The trainee teacher passed a medical test in her home country. It was after a pre-employment screening in Singapore that the teacher was diagnosed with active TB.

My question is that shouldn't the teacher have passed SG's medical clearance tests FIRST before she's allowed to start work at pre-school ???

Is the pre-school in breach of MOM regulations or is there no regulation at all ??

Anonymous said...


Blame the 70% STT?

Siao Ting Tong?

Anonymous said...

The benefits of Botak-nomics have been (long) reaped, consumed and passed out liao .....

Now the negatives just tip of ice berg only?

Yew ain't seen the avalanche (of mounting consequences) yet?

Anonymous said...

Aiyo .....

Yew dunno meh?

The defects are coming home to roost Lo?

Anonymous said...

In the end ......

EveLEEthing can be summed up in ONE WORD:?


Anonymous said...

My question is that shouldn't the teacher have passed SG's medical clearance tests FIRST before she's allowed to start work at pre-school ???
10:48 pm

Maybe Pre-school is urgently short of teachers. So start work first then later go pre-employment screening.

The law say pre-employment screening, but maybe never say clearly when. If after starting work also can, then this does not break the law.

Anonymous said...

Singapore should another 'center' to its name, that is 'DISEASES CENTER'.

Anonymous said...

Why Singapore outdoes HK?

Virgo49 said...

They faster have the I don't know what to say 16k a month MP on the ground.

This is to con the daft sinkies we are on the ball and doing great job.

Any disasters brought by us thru our dump policies are boh pian one.

It is gobalisation not ghostbolisation.

Daft sinkies will think they doing great jobs.

Heng ah not happen to me.

It will matter of time.

Look for Ms Ting Pei Ling and see whether she can save you.

One more thing, dont forget, do you have extra integrated hospital plans??

If have, can get a bed faster. If not fighting for C ward takes several days.

By time maybe transfer to mortuary liao

Also, if your Medisave not enough, please line up your siblings, cousins whoever to pay hoh.

What's wrong with making more monies??

You think free?? Then how to get our million dollar$$$$ salaries. ????

Tiok boh????

Anonymous said...

All the pieces falling into place at the same time, train faults, TB, Zika, haze, what more to come?

Virgo49 said...

Bri Anon 11.06

What's more to come??

Good one.

RB just posted Fares Hikes if you want good service.

December bonus soon.

Need more monies.

What's wrong with making more monies??

See Shit Times or not.

How many companies going bust???

The dafts will wake up when they find their children and themselves going round island chasing after poke u man.

Whilst the Foreign Trashes laughing their heads off gainfully employed.