Singapore, rock solid partner of USA rewarded

During the heydays of the British Empire, they rewarded their subjects with OBEs, KBEs or GCBEs and a chance to kneel before the Queen of England to be knighted. In modern day diplomacy, Empires still reward their allies and individuals for their contributions to the Empire but in different ways. Singapore has just been rewarded by the USA with a state visit and with the President of the USA hosting a state dinner to our Prime Minister in all pomp and pageantry.  Many countries, especially those in Asean would be green in envy for the kind of honour and reception Hsien Loong was getting at the White House.

What is this rock solid partnership all about? It is all about shared interests and common mission for a peaceful and prosperous Asia Pacific and a more secured world backed by the American military pivot in the region, with military bases and weapons to make sure there is peace and security. What have Singapore done to deserve this honour apart from hosting US military personnel and equipment here, like airbase for the P8 Poseidon spy planes and littoral combat ships?

Singapore’s unstinting support for the TPP is another big act that is most appreciated by the Obama regime. Not sure if this would turn bad when Trump or Hillary takes over. Singapore’s support for the US military pivot and the military intervention in the South China Sea need no further explanation. Not sure if Vivian’s absence as the co chairman of the China Asean Summit during the final briefing with Wang Yi is also part of this rock solid partnership. But Singapore’s undying and continuous call for the Americans to remain in the region to balance the growing influence of China is sweet music that the Americans would love to hear, being invited to dominate a region by the countries in the region.

There are many other cooperation and support that Singapore offered to the Americans, like being part of the Coalition of the Willing and sending military personnel to Iraq and other areas of military operations that the Americans are involved, for peace and security of the world of course.

Asean leaders that want to be invited to the White House and to be honoured and feasted like Hsien Loong sure have a lot to learn from Singapore and a lot to do to deserve such a great honour. Malaysia can count itself out for a long time or at least until Najib is removed and a more amicable PM that enjoyed being invited to the aircraft carriers takes over. Philippines would stand a good chance to be the next guest of honour in the White House. Unfortunately the chance has diminished without Aquino. Aquino would definitely be invited after The Hague Tribunal Show and would be greatly appreciated and honoured if he remains as the President.

China too has something to learn from this American diplomacy to honour its allies and rock solid partners. China may want to invite Hun Sen and wife and host an equally big dinner in Zhong Nan Hai with all the pomp and pageantry to reward Cambodia for the behind the door support in the last Asean Foreign Ministers Meeting in Vientiane. Hun Sen would feel better even if he is called a Trojan Horse by those in the American camp. Trojan Horses enjoyed being rewarded when the contribution is significant and to the interests of China. The Chinese must learn to be suave and savvy in black tie diplomacy as well.


virgo49 said...

Attract attention. This will definitely attract the attention of the ISIS who are gonna give you a Happy 51st Birthday Bash with lots of fireworks.

The Kay Poh of Asia. Wants to outshine the rest of the Asian Leaders but considered as only pee siah by the Chinese Taipei.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Like the US/west, China should also host "中国好朋友"
grand state dinner to honour and reward leaders from
countries especially those in SE Asia!

Will China? We shall see.


Anonymous said...

If China invite Asean leaders and left out the red dot how?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 9.09am, it is perfectly OK to be left out.......

give others a chance......

as too many dinners to attend, so so soon, cannot tahan.......

hope you understand......

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

LHL not looking too bright pushing the TPP. Most Americans against it. From both the democrats and republicans, hard to get them to agree on something.

Anonymous said...

Paris terrorist attacks. Multiple times. Berlin mrt had Hong Kong passengers axed by IS, middle east man.

London hours ago had middle east looking men knifed and killed woman along Southampton row.

Singapore had gang distributing "how to use knife to kill sitting" person. All gang members were wiped out and cleaned.

Singapore is like USA, formidable and unbeatable. Because Singapore is going to have F35, and start training in Guam and probably go live to bomb ISIS. That s the way. Even the smallest country can wipe out terrorist stronghold some days.

Singapore must work with US to fight in Iraq and Syria, and fly its F35 to bomb terrorists. LHL is the great leader of our time.

patriot said...


Many folks here hoping to see
China showing colour. Does PRC Chinese care much about a 'pee sai'?
l dont think so.

Can Singapore or rather its' Leadership fawning of the US Outgoing President get Sin any
advantages in future developments?
Yet to be proven; it can result in negative consequences. Let's wait and see.

l concur with Virgo49 that Sings alliance with the US shall wrought
some damages to the Wellbeing of Sinkies. It shall also split Sinkies into Pro US and Pro PRC Camps with a minority remaining neutral or not bothered.

Anyway, asking again; how does TPP benefit Sin or the World?


Anonymous said...

Singapore and the USA are now very good buddies. The latest visit by LHL and Ho Ching has further sealed the firm relationship between the two countries. Singapore is inching closer to the USA, soon to be in the same status as the Philippine where USA already has a large military base. The TPP is another thing that will further enhance the close relationship between the two countries. Singapore has until recently been sitting on the fence and trying to play both sides of the USA/China saga. Recently it seems that Singapore has finally decide which side to fall onto.

Good or bad the future will reveal.

Anonymous said...

Nice observation 11:08.
Singapore has unmasked in choosing the US against China.

Hermit said...

You people are decades behind time. Singapore has been America's running dog since last century, ever since we got independence.

Anonymous said...

I think everybody underestimated Obama. Especially China.

I think it may turned out he may be the most cunning and backstabber among all US leaders....

I think he also surprised alot of his US adversaries that he is def not a pussy cat after all despite the underlying circumstances.

He may also have set a trap for the next president to follow suit whatever policy he has set. Same like Aquino who did the same thing for its New President.

Ma Ying Jeow of all is the biggest loser as he get sets to face multiple law suits.

Anonymous said...

Strangely, the main media did not even mention the most actionable changes between US and Singapore, but did mention climate change, which singapore has great influence to world climate.

This one by 2017, has to be done, stated in Whitehouse.gov.

It means US individuals depositing huge sums in Singapore from earnings in the region to avoid paying US taxes will be the past.

" point 4 of common statement btw US Singapore:
The two leaders affirmed efforts to support expanding economic ties through closer cooperation on bilateral tax issues, and noted ongoing discussions between the two sides on a tax information exchange agreement (TIEA), which will permit our two countries to exchange relevant tax information to enforce our respective tax laws, and an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) that provides for reciprocal automatic exchange of information with respect to certain financial accounts under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Both sides are committed to complete negotiations and sign the TIEA and the reciprocal FATCA IGA as soon as possible with the aim of doing so by the end of 2017. "

Anonymous said...

What is next?

What can China do?

Ban Singapore after banning Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Pinoy, Australia, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Still left India, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos.

Thailand is Junta regime so everything signed also like no stamp one.
India is busy preparing on its front.
Myanmar govt just started business and will start action soon as its regain conscious.
Cambodia and Laos take China and Japan money like sucker.
Malaysia Najib is also stucked with 1MDB. Will the scale tip?
HK is like in the lost world.

Conclusion : New Zealand's cows laughing loudest.....

Anonymous said...

Obama still trying to squeeze Singapore to buy the scrap F35 at US200m a piece plus plus. Would Singapore be silly enough like the South Koreans, forced to pay billions for a piece to unusable toy like the THAAD?

Anonymous said...

Singapore will buy eventually without a doubt. This region is getting more and more unstable. We may even be planning our anti ballistic defense soon as we have US carrier dock and US P8 station here. There are already rumors Pinoy will have Anti ballistic missiles covering US bases.

For F35, anything will happen only when US and 1st tier allies have fullfilled their orders. Even if we take queue no., delivery will be after 2025 whereby then all the problems will be resolved as it enters ? full service with US forces next year or then. Probably we will take in the modified versions.

Singapore will always be Kiasu, kiasi and Kia bor.

The only question is what do we need it for as i can only think of ONE "enemy" and our gas supply at natuna.

Who knows they will tell you that they need it for anti pirates? And what makes you think SK are stupid in the 1st place where they have 28k US troops station in SK to "protect" them from Fatty Kim? In war time, who have and would help them? SK and NK have never "ceased" fire from then.

Anonymous said...

This region is getting more and more unstable. We may even be planning our anti ballistic defense soon as we have US carrier dock and US P8 station here. There are already rumors Pinoy will have Anti ballistic missiles covering US bases.

War would happen

RT: Prepare for possible ‘war on water’ over South China Sea tensions, Beijing tells citizens

Singapore policy had backfired .

Anonymous said...

What do 28K US troops in SK meant? A colony of the Empire. The Americans have been drumming all kinds of silly threats and yes, the Ppines and Singapore would be made to buy the billion dollar Thaad to protect American assets and interests. See how stupid these countries are?

Why do we need F35s? You said it, to fight pirates in the sea.

Anonymous said...

Thaad in SK would trigger New Korean War immediately.

USA is pushing things too far .

Eastern Europe vs Russia
South China Sea vs China
Korean peninsula vs China and Russia

Would Singapore send their combat troops as part of USA alliance?

Why do US think that Japan are ready to die for USA ?

Anonymous said...

It meant that it is there to "protect" SK.

We wont understand when NKPA drove the SK to the Pusan Perimeter until US and UN arrives then. From Seoul all the way to Pusan, this is their history and koreans would understand better. Ie. why they have joint command where US commands SK troops. Who is there to protect or help SK then especially after WWII?

Back some time earlier, SK was hoping China to contain NK. But then it proves that China cannot or do not want to control NK so what else can SK do?

Those countries are not stupid as they are upping their antes for negotiation especially after the ruling. China up till now dare not reclaim any more island and in fact transfer away the HQ9 missile. China also dare not impose sanctions. After naval exercise, all go back for shore leave liao. Where got time and energy to base in spratly perm?

Of course we need F35 to fight the pirates or pay protection fee and we have got all the money to buy it. Somemore 70% of the population supported it.

In return we also got something as well. It is all part of the game, lah...... All along it was like that.

Eg. Who force Thailand to halt the Kra Canal at least for the time being, you think Thailand scare of Singapore or Asean? or environmental reasons?

Anonymous said...

Many people are not aware of US jets. Mahathir said they bought Russian Mic was because US jets need special code to bomb using the jets. Daft really thought little dot jets have real use. Yes pay for the money first. But when come to what is war to little dot, its not up to the loong to decide, but US side.

If Mahathir was correct, little dot s jets are like part of the US forces but paid by little dot. On the other hand, if Malaysian Mic bomb little dot, daft citizens better be more ready to run to take cover than the high class foreigners. No joke about this. When i heard what Mahathir said that, i told myself if Malaysia jet threaten to bomb, the super fast Russian jets can come in less than 10 mins and drop the bombs. I wander little dot F?apa can do the same. F35 are expensive toys, daft voters must vote for opposition parties to save the money.

Anonymous said...

If China would declare war now.

The US without a doubt will cut off the oil supply (embargo) and pull India on its side with its Saudi & Gulf allies on its sides in Persian gulf and India sea.

Everything is not so simple, see kra canal is tied into this circle one. Somehow malacca straits all got connections one.

Now if oil supply is cut off, wonder which side will Russian chose if oil prices shoots up?

I think the russians hope China to go into war while they earn money. Best scenario for them is they can also earn money off China as well.

Still the same outcome from 8 nations invade China. Russians have no fear of Thaad as it gots huge nuclear arsenal for US to destroy. Still can drink volka and then shake leg and continue shooting after 1st strike.

Sinkies would probably support the war by providing medical aid - surgical companies at best. Maybe joint patrol of planes far far away from real battle scene. No different from last time.

Japanese on the other hand will wait for the best timing. As far as i know in history, Japanese have eyes on china land (North East) or meimei whatsoever long long time ago. Sometimes this kind of thing never change.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, no wonder they need to include household shelters in HDB flats, MRT stations and lots of underground caves and tunnels. Are they built for storage or for what other purpose that we do not know of, like this revelation.

Anyway, true or not?

Anonymous said...

... daft voters must vote for opposition parties to save the money.
August 04, 2016 3:59 pm

We seem to be paying a lot for Ministers whose health keep breaking down.
Seem to be spending a lot of time in the ICU or operating table.
I think in the private sector.
Such employees already get sacked.

patriot said...

Just a layman opinion.

Whatever is happening between North
and South Korea, it is their family business. No one should add fuel to any party in the Family.
If the Germans can be United and happy, what makes the Koreans so corky about themselves?

Leave the Koreans to themselves,
it's their own family affairs.


Anonymous said...

If China would declare war now.

The US without a doubt will cut off the oil supply (embargo)
What had happen to the freedom of navigation?

US above the international law.

Anonymous said...

If this is the case, there will be no opium war, no 8 nations invasion of China, no WWI and II or Korean, Vietnam, gulf, Iraq war liao..... So many wars back in ancient days.

Whatever it is, either you are black or white. The one that is grey will die the fastest.
Can only act blur for some time only because other parties will think you are either black or white.

Singapore did play the sotong game but then time is up as when TPP time is up.

Again this is all part of the game like chess game. You win or lose..... If you able to flip the coin and the coin is able to "stand", then all will clap hand and leg for you.

Anonymous said...

Come on lah, Freedom of navigation is freedom to their own navigation subjected to their interpretation.

Wah lau! Still got people believe in those shit.

Anonymous said...

Actually the reasons why Malaysian purchased the Su-30 (partial palm oil) and Mig-29 are coz they are able to use palm oil (under Yeltsin govt) as barter trade. Indo SU30 also paid up with palm oil.

They also purchased only 8 US FA-18D hornets (very expensive) and some BAE Hawks (dun know why). They were previously using A4 and F5. Also purchase Europe transport planes and choppers

You see their arsenal is complete mess and rojak creating a logistic and training nightmare.

In addition from Wiki

The Royal Malaysian Air Force currently has an MRCA replacement program to replace the MiG-29 and F-5 fighters that will be retired by the end of 2015. The MRCA replacement program is currently narrowed down to 4 types of aircraft (Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale, F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and Saab JAS 39 Gripen). Under the program, the RMAF is looking to equip three squadrons with 36 to 40 new fighter aircraft with a budget of RM6 billion to RM8 billion (US$1.84 billion to US$2.46 billion)

See no more russian aircraft but western supply again.

Siow one... Child's play. Anyway it is their money.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:15pm
I dont any how write about facts i heard. Mahathir said it.
This is the speech:
"I want to tell you, we had wanted to buy Russian MiGs (fighter planes). You know Russians, they are very inferior. Somehow or other, it was wangled without my knowledge, that part of the money (only to be used to purchase MiGs was also used) to buy (the American made) F-18 (planes). The very good American aircraft costs twice as much as the MiGs. And then, we acquired eight F-18s and 18 MiGs. MiGs are sold to us without any condition. If we feel like bombing Singapore, for example, the Russians are not going to object. Any Singaporeans here? Or ex-Singaporeans?

But this great aircraft called F-18 which we bought from America, after buying it, after several months, I got to know that these aircraft cannot be used for any attacks against any country even if it is not Singapore, because the Americans sold the aircraft, but the source code is kept by them. So you cannot plan anything, you cannot fly them to carry out any bombing attacks against anybody but you have this wonderful aircraft which you can see "

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:14pm
True or not, you decide.
I helped to find the speech. When i heard it, was was live report. It went right into my skull. No wonder, every morning the jets are flying so noisy. They re just toys, not bombs will drop on my head.

Anonymous said...

Yah....And you believe what the old fagg said. You kana conned liao....

The old fox Mahathir cover up for what it seems there is no planning of its air force in long term. As he cannot come up with hard cash during its times. Remember the 1USD to 3.8 RM pegging times?

Also for the SU30, the malaysians paid partial for asking Russian to send 2 malaysian astronauts into space....Now what happen to the Malaysia space program?

Whatever it is the planes Mahartir purchase or his doggy purchase is already a mess up of the whole arsenal without even the need to bomb the enemy. This is a serious mistake on Malaysia planners parts. How to even stock up weapons like that with so many different countries involved?

I am not sure whether it is of coincidence. During the sulu conflict, it was the Hawk and F18 that bomb those rebels. So coincidence now that they opt for western aircraft again?

What does this tell you? Since they know now that F-18 cannot be relied on, they why was it selected as one of the 4 for replacement? The other 3 are also ang mo aircraft?

Now if they chose the Europe ones, I think their pilots is the most fortunate one in the world to get to travel to all places for training?

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is stupid but you are not stupid. So don't listen to his stupidity about aircraft performance and what aircraft can or cannot do. He doesn't even know a proton is not a mercedes.

And another stupid thing they are going to do is to buy aircraft from their enemies they don't trust them with anything that can work. He would be just like Najib, putting his money in America to be robbed by the Americans.

These are no brainer leaders.

Anonymous said...

"During the sulu conflict, it was the Hawk and F18 that bomb those rebels"

F18 bombing? This was a lie. Many would have remember the Sulu conflict was recent in 2013. There was shooting. Bombing?

Readers can read wiki for details. Just google as the incidence was very recent. I can be sure Malaysia and Philippines did not involve in conflict using F18. F18 cannot be used to bomb Philippines, an US ally.

Mahathir was correct, in my view, F??? cannot do bombing.

"Sabah Police Commissioner Hamza Taib meanwhile said no one from Kiram's followers surrendered to Malaysian authorities. He added that 12 men from Kiram's group were killed when they tried to break out of the security cordon imposed by Malaysian security forces. Hamza claimed that the Filipinos opened fire at the Malaysian police before they were forced to retaliate in self-defence, resulting in a gun battle. He said they found various weapons, including the high-powered M16 rifles, pistols and SLR rifles and ammunition from the group. Hamza also denied reports from a foreign news agency that the gunmen had given themselves up and escaped to the sea. He said Agbimuddin’s group were still in Tanduo and that the security cordon was being maintained because Malaysia wants the occupation to be resolved peacefully.[51]

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak later confirmed that two police officers, identified as Inspector Zulkifli Bin Mamat and Corporal Sabaruddin Bin Daud from 69 Commandos, were killed in the shootout. The Sabah police commissioner, in a separate statement, said that 12 of Kiram's followers died"

Anonymous said...

eerrr.... Sorry.

I copy from wiki one...In fact the news is over everywhere since it was only 2013.

Three Hornets were employed together with five UK-made BAE Hawk 208 in an airstrike on the Royal Security Forces of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo terrorist hideout on 5 March 2013, occupying part of Borneo, just before the joint forces of Malaysian Army and Royal Malaysia Police operatives launched an assault in the Operation Daulat.[71] Malaysian Hornets were deployed for close air support to the no-fly zone in eastern Sabah.[72]

Anonymous said...

"China too has something to learn from this American diplomacy to honour its allies and rock solid partners."

Agreed. It's a good idea to learn from one's enemy tactics to outwit him.