Singapore ready for rocket attacks

I read this from David Boey’s blog. David Boey is a military expert and a spokesman for Mindef and should know what he is saying as he is accessible to information Mindef would want the public to know and information that the public did not know. Here is what David Boey wrote:

Response to plot by Batam terrorist cell to fire rockets at Marina Bay

Thanks to steady investments in defence capabilities - some of which have yet to be unveiled - the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) can detect and destroy artillery projectiles such as rockets in mid-flight.

The SAF has amassed several decades of experience operating radars designed to locate enemy artillery positions by tracking shells or rockets to their point of origin. Five types of counter battery radars have been fielded over the years by the Singapore Artillery and, in recent years, by the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF).

The RSAF counter rocket artillery and mortar (C-RAM) radars are operated alongside guided munitions that can be launched in quick succession, in all-weather conditions and at very short notice to intercept aerial threats like rockets. This new capability underlines Singapore's ability to anticipate and respond to a wide spectrum of security threats.

We are heartened by MINDEF/SAF's proactive and resolute stance in defending Singapore.

Posted by David Boey

I remember reading an article about the how the Palestinians attacked the Israelis with their hundreds of $30 homemade rockets that rained into Israeli territories. These were very cheap DIY rockets made from makeshift metal pipes and explosive material plus whatever shrapnel they embedded to penetrate the Iron Dome. Even if the radars could detect them, the Israelis just did not have enough anti rocket missiles to match the incoming rockets.

The Israelis defended these rocket rains with their expensive anti missile missiles that cost a million or more a piece. Fortunately or unfortunately many of the makeshift rockets broke through the defensive shield, or mosquito net, of the Iron Dome, there were just too many of them to take down. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, the ISIS cells in Batam or nearby would not have the critical mass to rain rockets into Marina Bay or into other parts of Singapore. It would be a real test of our radar detection system and how many missiles we have and could launch to take them down, and how many would sneak through and give us a nightmare.

It is always comforting to know that our defence is intact and in good hands. Would someone be asking for THAAD? Just a couple of billion dollars only, to protect Singapore from ICBMs from God knows where?


Hermit said...

Boey WAS a reporter for some SAF news publication or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Just to add a point on sneak terrorist attack. It comes without notice, you do not know where it will come from, when, and in a minute it would be over.

How long would it need to set up a radar to be pointing at the right direction of attack, detect, identify, decide to intercept, fire?

Anonymous said...

Stop boasting lah uncle.
A good pugilist is one who will not boast about his capability but will only display his capability when need arises at the last minute.
Stop inviting trouble for ordinary simple folk like me who only want a peaceful living.Be humble.
Anyone who reveal such secret or capability should be chuck into guardroom cell under OSA.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Like anonymous 9.10am said.....be humble!

Yes! Be humble! Be humble! Be humble!


Anonymous said...

A rocket attack has not happened yet.
How Yew know Singapore is ready?
If failure, got money back guarantee meh?
If fail, got hara-kiri meh?

Just like how we know MRT has been fucked up until everything start breaking down?

Anonymous said...

David Boey is a pro-PAP guy who supports the mad billion dollar spending SAF. Currently, there are no shoulder fired rockets that can reach Singapore from Batam. You need either fixed or vehicle mounted launchers. The terrorists in Batam have none. So how is it that we believe the story they were trying to launch rockets from there?

Even more ironic is that AFTER the arrests, the Indo police said that they found NO ROCKETS AND NO LAUNCHERS. If that is the case, how was the story reported as attempted rocket attack? Rocket attacks with no rockets or launchers? wtf?

There are so many questions unanswered. But the media and PAP want to take us away from the news that LHL just committed some troops to the illegal war in Iraq.

jjgg said...

Anon 947.... They found lots of catapults n rubber bands..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Batam is not the only place to launch attacks against this island.

The French also did not believe the Vietminh got big guns that could hit their position in Dien Bien Phu. And they were so confident to put up a fortress in the middle of Dien Bien Phu plain to invite the Vietnminh to attack them.

The rest was history. Dien Bien Phu was an example of French military folly and a case study for all military leaders in the world.

Anonymous said...

Technically if country A not happy country B

Or someboLEE C not happy someboLEE D

Then hypothetically if they "sponsor" someboLEE E,

Then anything also push blame to Saddam Hussein or Kadafi?

Then how?

Anonymous said...

RB, there is no necessity for you to lend David Boey, the paranoid pseudo SAF spokesman, support for his unsubstantiated claims. OK if not from Batam, from where? Shoulder mounted launchers have a range of 2km. Which island is within 2 km from Marina Bay? Or you mean firing from a speedboat 2 km? That's worse, now you are moving while firing from shoulder. Not to mention that the marine police would have already spotted the seacraft.

But the most damning evidence this is just paranoid talk is that the Indo police said they found no rockets or launchers. Hey, if that is the case, how was it reported that there was to be a rocket attack?

Anonymous said...


Be careful what you wish you. ICBMs will be incoming here once war between China and USA breaks out over the South China Sea.

Targets will include local installations with American ships, forces, planes etc. S'pore will need THAAD then because it will not just be one or two ICBMs incoming, but a downpour as China will make sure although they don't have top notch GPS precision-guided missiles, they will launch a rain of missiles to targets are incapacitated/destroyed, collateral damage or not.

Anonymous said...

You people know how to read English or not? You think RB agrees with David Boey?

Anonymous said...

Actually almost "everywhere" in city of SINs "looks like war zone "?

Almost Everywhere digging and excavation/ construction work in progress and in a mess and WORST STILL often directly next to coffeeshops, open air food courts or hawker centres


Anonymous said...

/// Even more ironic is that AFTER the arrests, the Indo police said that they found NO ROCKETS AND NO LAUNCHERS. If that is the case, how was the story reported as attempted rocket attack? Rocket attacks with no rockets or launchers? wtf? ///

Did, die I must buy a billion dollar missile defence system is it?

Veritas said...

There is a wide spread speculation that iron dom of Israel was developed for Singapore.

Veritas said...

When SAF talk about intercepting missile nowadays, they are talking about iron dom. I heard they are very good.

And the R&D was paid for by PAP.

Veritas said...

When PAP talk about intercepting missile, even small missile (not those artillery piece), I believe confidence interval of 90% if they get iron dome.

Anonymous said...

After Botak took over in May from hardworking work horse ah Heng, the construction/ mess almost everywhere got worst?

Every so dusty

And worst near open air food outlets?

Anonymous said...

* Typo everywhere

Anonymous said...

Oops typo again

Should be


Anonymous said...

Dust is almost "AirLEEwhere in the city of LEE"?

Oops ....... should be

Dust is almost everywhere in the city of Sin?

Veritas said...

A Paris-based online magazine covering intelligence and security issues this week called Singapore one of the most important customers of Israel's defense industry, laying bare the active, though secret, relationship between Israel and Singapore that began more than 40 years ago - a statement that comes after years in which Israel censored all local articles on the subject.

Intelligence Online, which is published in English on a bimonthly basis, states that the Southeast Asian island state helped finance the Iron Dome system designed by Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems to intercept short-range missiles and rockets, in exchange for which it is supposed to receive several Iron Dome systems to deploy on its territory.
Even more interesting is the possibility the article raises that Iron Dome was designed first and foremost for the benefit of Singapore - not for the protection of Sderot and the southern communities in Israel that suffered from Qassam rocket attacks and mortar fire for seven years and are still suffering (though Iron Dome is not capable of intercepting mortar shells).

Israeli media have previously hinted at this, but the Defense Ministry has vehemently denied it.

The suspicions were bolstered by the fact that after the system was developed and one battery had been deployed as an Israel Defense Forces base, it turned out that the Defense Ministry had no budget for additional batteries. In that case, why was there a need to develop a system for which there is no budget and which the IDF does not intend to deploy?
According to Intelligence Online, which focuses on arms transactions between countries and corporations and on appointments of intelligence personnel and their clandestine activity, the Iron Dome transaction is the latest between Israel and Singapore.
read more:

jjgg said...

RB..no need rocket attacks la...the terrorists will just give free booze to all foreign workers and let them loose at various town Centres and Orchard road...who u gonna call?... Ghostbusters? Hehe

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, just deleted your article.

Anonymous said...

Partnership between IDF and SAF/DSTA/ST Eng is an open secret. I used to go to Israel on assignments in the late 1990s. DSTA issued all of us P226 semi-auto handguns and we attended 1-day handgun shooting course before flying out to Israel. IDF gave us permission to conceal-carry our arms at all times. Of course none of us were crazy enuf to think we were super heroes or gungho soldiers of fortune --- any sound of RPGs or AKMs or IEDs and all of us just hit the ground flat --- we would dig foxholes on our bellies using our fingers if it were humanly possible. Our Israeli armed escorts would just look at us & laugh.

Anonymous said...

Is warfare fought only on
military hardwares?

Think modern warfare are
much more sophisticated.
Ideology, Religious, Commerce,
Cyber Berlin, Disease and What
have You are all weapons by themselves or in combinations.

What if half a million refugees or more are launched into the Tiny Rock
within a few months or shorter without a single weapon?

Anonymous said...

China ready for rocket attacks or any country ready for rocket attacks ?




Veritas said...

RB should be more courageous in exposing the scum we know who they are.

We have lots of fucking minorities and aliens from a particular sect who want to come here and kill innocent women and children.

Their tribe cheer but put up a PR that 0.1% of themselves are bad 99.9% are good.

Then they continue to accuse how much racism they suffered under Chinese.

I am still waiting for a nut head shouting confucian hu akbar blowing himself up to show Chinese racism.

Anonymous said...

This Iron Dome Missile Defence System.

Is it like a super bullet-proof vest I can sell to redbean.
I tell uncle rb, guaranteed 100% bullet proof.
100% money back guarantee.
If if fails, I will give uncle redbean his money back.

How comforted are you with this type of guarantee?

Anonymous said...

GE 2020.
I will shout "Ah Lee hu akbar" before I vote for Yew know who.

Veritas said...

Now come to a question.

If Malay hate Israel so much, what happen if we send Malay SAF Israel for transferring military knowhow?

They will shout Chinese shit on them and maybe join Hamas to conduct suicide blowup in IDF bases.

Now our opposition + minorities will stir shit, cursing Chinese not allowing Malay in SAF, not reading histories.

Definitely we welcom Malay to SAF. They just need to prove it but every single time they prove themselves to be against good, anti racial harmony and pro-islmo-facism.

During 1950, Malay Singaporeans respond to British awarding Dutch ladies her baby Maria by killing around 10 Eurasians or Europeans.

Now in MALAYSIA will brag using Maria case how sensitive malay are and ask Chinese don play play. They NEVER repent. They are proud of murder.

In 1986 1986 chaim herzog visit to SG, entire Malays in Indonesia, Brunei SG Malaysia got orgasm.

Not notwithstanding, the muslims leaders who visit Israel and handshake Jews elites most frequently are -- AL SAUD families, the father and evangelist of world Islamofascism.

Without support of Israel and USA, the Hejazian and Al Husa-ian will murder entire house of Al Saud.

Anonymous said...

The chance of a rocket attack on Marina Bay is as good as the Sinkie opposition announcing they are ready to be govt by next election.

If a rocket attack on Marina Bay is possible, it would have happened already.

If the Sinkie opposition is ready to be govt, it would have happened already.

If RB wanted to contest elections as opposition or even PAP candidate, it would have happened already.

Anonymous said...

Is David Boey or the news of a probable rocket attack from Batam the proverbial "empty vessels make the most noise"?

Anonymous said...

"Singapore ready for rocket attacks"

Call me when PAP government is ready to operate a reliable MRT train service.
Or when Workers' Party is ready to be government.
Or when Singaporeans are ready to change government.

Anonymous said...

ISIS Indonesian militants no need to fire missile from Batam. They can ride on a boat to go nearer to Singapore and fire from the boat . . .

Anonymous said...

Saying Firing from boat is as stupid as saying firing from Batam.

1. The boat is moving and that makes the shot even more inaccurate. Furthermore you would be so close to shore security would have spotted you.

2. There were NO launchers or rockets found. Fire with what? Firecrackers using catapults?

No need to keep feeding David Boey's paranoid frenzy.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas, just deleted another of your post. Considering deleting another one. I don't think we are ready to discuss racial issues at this point in time especially when the approach by you is so loaded with words that would only make people more angry than going into a mature discussion.

I can sense so much anger in you in the words you used and the way you approach the subject. What you are doing would not help in any way to good inter racial relations.

Anonymous said...

Get real! There's no way a rocket can travel from Batam to Singapore. You've all been tricked by a gahmen that specialises in creating imaginary enemies and threats so they can pass more intrusive and suppressive laws.

Anonymous said...

Get real, there is no way to defend against sneak terrorist attacks by rockets, mortars, missiles etc etc. They have the initiative.

Who says attack is the best defence? You don't even know where and who to attack when terrorists are concerned. And don't forget, you are not the only one that can think of striking first. Your enemies also can strike first.