Reversing the wolf pack strategy

The Americans and the West have been able to rule the world by the wolf pack strategy on top of the divide and rule strategy that have been very successful for the last 600 hundred years.  Afro Asian and Latin American countries have been chopped and divided into bits and pieces to be conquered and ruled by the West. Till today, this divide and rule strategy is still relevant and effective even against the big powers like China and Russia. The Americans were very successful in driving a wedge between China and North Korea to allow them to ostracise the North Koreans as the bad boy of the world. China was unable to stand firm to back up the North Koreans under this divide and rule strategy. What would come closely behind this strategy is the wolf pack attack strategy. They would gang up in so called Coalition of the Willings to invade Iraq and Libya. And soon this Coalition would be turned against the North Koreans and subsequently against China and Russia.

The stupidity of the Chinese and the Russians to allow this manipulation to go on against their interests in baffling. Could they not see that they are next in line to be invaded by the wolf pack? Iraq, Libya, Syria, next Iran or North Korea, and down the line China and Russia. Why would the China Russia camp adopt the same strategy to deal with the aggressive ploy of the Americans and the West, to divide their alliances and attack one at a time? Why would they not strengthen their alliances to deal with the wolf pack, one at a time?

There are early signs that the Chinese and Russians knew that they could not be the whipping boys of the West for long as they too would end up the victims. There are increasing joint military exercises by the Russians and the Chinese in the same way the Americans are doing all over the world to intimidate the China Russo camp and their allies.

The China and Russo camp must retake the initiative and turn the game around, to gang up, to take on the members of the western wolf pack. Unwittingly being forced to break ranks among themselves is the most stupid thing to do and would not only not be appreciated, but would be used to weaken and destroy their camp.

With the rise of Japanese militarism encouraged and supported by the Americans, the Japanese is posing a greater and increasing threat to the securities of China, Russia and the Koreas. All these countries have suffered from Japanese military aggression and expansion in the past. It is only appropriate and opportunistic that they should gang up, form a wolf pack, to take on the Japanese militarism. They have all the reasons to attack Japan like the way the Japanese attacked them in the past. A four nation invasion of Japan would make the job so much easier and to right the wrongs of history, the atrocities committed by the Japanese against them that the Japanese are still denying today.

A wolf pack against the Japanese is only right and necessary to curb the ambitious aggressive plans of the Japanese to revive their pre war glories and to be in a position to attack them one at a time.  A wolf pack of China Russia, and the two Koreans would be formidable and indefensible by the Japanese, and the Americans would have to think very hard to want to come to the defence of Japan.

The China Russo camp cannot be sitting there waiting to be attacked by the wolf pack. They must take the initiative and form their own wolf pack against the American/Japanese/western wolf pack if they are going to survive in this game of might is right. Not doing anything is not an option but waiting for their turn to be invaded by the American camp, one at a time.

The game must change and the victims turn to become the aggressors to put the American camp and their allies on the defensive, starting with Japan.


Anonymous said...

Sinkies better beware of the hyenas
waiting to devour them.

China is in good hands and no way
there are any Sinkies better than the mainlanders Chinese in handling
their motherland.

Are Sinkies able to deal with their
own livelihood ?

virgo49 said...

See the Great Bully Tow Kwee Tao Americunts, when they attacked the Middle East countries for example Iraq. They get their Kia kias France Brits etc to attack at the same time.

UN, Chiak liao bee stopped them. International World Order and Law??

So China, Russia, North Korea and other allies must also combine and whack chia lat lat these bullies.

Yesterday, poor three AVA t shirt clad Chiak liao bee jokers must be sweltering in the hit Sun for hours just to nab me for walking my beloved dog without a leash on.

They said someone complained and I asked who. They said don't know.I said oh its seventh month, the ghost must had complained.

I told them many Panthers of ah Neys, pinoys in the estate also walking without leases with their PAP masters. Why don't catch them??

Also so many RC graasrots walking without leases with their PAP masters, why pick on me??

Think the Grass loots members kena farked by me daily when I see them taking revenge like their Great Leader.

Anonymous said...

I told them many Panthers of ah Neys, pinoys in the estate also walking without leases with their PAP masters. Why don't catch them??

Na bay... you fail to mention PRC also.

virgo49 said...



LONG LIVE PResident Xi


Anonymous said...

From wild guess, China s DF 15 to 21 which carries nuclear heads should be aiming at Guam, Okinawa US bases, S Korea base and Changi.

With deployment of Thaad at S Korea, these DF cannot fire so easily. China is actually at risk if Japan US and S Korea attacks china itself.

China s DF missiles are considered PLA s life guarantee cards. If the missiles cannot fire to targeted locations, PLA will be handicap, and depending on air strikes. US might be more superior with its sheer number of aircraft, if those can fly in the air and not for show.

I agree with the author that China need N Korea now more than ever before. In recent N Korea meeting, Pres Xi was reported to congratulate NK s meeting success on statement. This was rare. But I did not read NK had a reply. NK simply do not trust the Chinese s flip flop against their own interest.

NK had suggested to have direct talk with US. If US plays their cards, and pull NK as US ally, then invading China is just a breeze through NK lands, with Thaad at the SK.

China Presi Xi pro S Korea policy is a flop, based on the description of the author s post. He was help S Korea to kill N Korea, meaning Xi was chopping off PLA s left hand.

Inside China, there must be discontents against Presi Xi, if I as outsider consider Xi "does not know what he was doing with the woman president", China s insider people would have hotter opinions. But they dare not to show it off. China is doomed with a weak leader. PLA must lead the war preparation and rhetoric against the US. It seems PLA now have bigger say. If not, depending on Xi, China habis.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies cannot even handle a less than 800
Sq km rock, yet kpkb about giant nations and their affairs

Sinkies are sure that their very own survivals
will be ok ?

There shall be more suicides and crimes as
Sinkies face the challenges in the coming years for choosing leaders that exploit them
to the best they can.

Sinkies shall be habis long before others do.

denk said...

ejk = 'extra judicial killings'

ph prez duterte wanna talk to china about scs, just like what prez aroyo was doing
before uncle scam barged in to 'take charge'.
uncle scam immediately feel the 'threat of peace'
'over my dead body' said the 'world cop' , aka 'shit stirrer'
'how's a man gonna make a living if everybody make nice with their neighbors ' ??

uncle scam [1] to prez duterte of ph [2]
'if u join the 'pivot', u can ejk to your hearts content for all i care, in fact i'd give a helping hand ;-)
else i'd send the unhrc to go after your sorry ass ' [3]

*The White House has no objections to martial law or extra-judicial murder. Kerry supplied Duterte with
$32 million to fund his anti-drug campaign just two weeks ago. But, the CSIS statement makes clear, if
Duterte does not toe Washington’s line against China, there could be drastic consequences.*

uncle scam's legendary 'exceptionalism', 'hubris', 'hypocrisy' aint news here,
whats new is these day they've no qualm making such scandalous threat openly....
and get away with it !


has executed thousands of 'extra territorial ejk' all over the world.
on average, for every terrorist suspects killed, there's a 'collateral damage' of hundreds of
innocent bystanders.

allegedly bumped off many drug lords with ejk.

united nations human rights commission.
allegedly 'the highest office on human rights in the world'

Jack Ryan said...

It would be the biggest folly for China to wolfpack with Russia.

I don't think the following is American propaganda on Korea War.

- Stalin's Soviet/Russia heavily armed North Korea and encouraged the invasion.

- All these were done without seeking Mao's China consent or even providing advance warning to Mao.

- Following the early success of the invasion, Soviet/Russia withdrew from the North, to "avoid" a hot war with USA.

- Thereafter impoverished China was left holding the bag to support North Korea in the fight against USA.

- The stalemate resulted in enmity between China and US and rapprochement was delayed till Nixon.

In my opinion, under Stalin's view, the biggest threat to Soviet/Russia was likely from a strong neigbouring China, than a distance USA.