No more Unequal Treaties for China

The rulings of the Hague Tribunal, a private organization, was nothing more than piece of paper issued by some backlane mobsters brought together to make a summary judgment using gangland justice. They appointed their own judges and judged with a predetermined set of objectives against an unwilling and non present victim. This kind of mafia tactic is now touted by the West as an authoritative and international judgment that a non partisan victim must obeyed or deemed to be violating international law and order. Which international law and order did the victim, in this case China, violated by refusing to accept the farcical rulings?

To make this farce easier for the daft and unthinking to understand, take the case of a football match where one side appointed all the referees and linesmen, paid them for their special services to rule in their favour, and went scoring against a non present team and an empty goal and demanded the absentee team that refused to play to respect and honour the scores, that they had lost the game fairly. Is this easy enough to understand?

The approach and outcome of the tribunal smacks of the Unequal Treaties brought against China in the late 19th and early twentieth centuries when a weak Qing Dynasty was defeated by the combined forces of foreign powers.  They drafted all the treaties with all the unequal and abusive terms that China must accept.

Today, the Philippines thought a weak pauper country could imposed such crude and mischievous terms on a super power like China and expecting China to accept the trash. The US and Japan and a few other countries thought they could gang up again to force the issue on China. They have forgotten that the China of today would not be pushed around anymore, not even by the US or a combined international force. China would tear such unequal treaties in the face of the perpetrators and send them packing. No more western and Japanese treachery against a new China.

No country can be foolish enough to think it can run roughshod over China, not even the US unless they are prepared to have a bloody nose. China today would stand firm and defend its territories by force if necessary. Not an inch of Chinese territories would be ceded to anyone by illegal means, by force or by deceit.

Small little countries and big countries must face the new reality that China would not be pushed around anymore.


Anonymous said...

"Today, the Philippines thought a weak pauper country could imposed such crude and mischievous terms on a super power like China and expecting China to accept the trash."

But also no harm trying what, tio bo? So as expected, China did not accept lah.

Just like no harm trying for the Sinkie opposition to contest 100% seats in GE 2015 and expecting majority voters to vote for them. So as expected, they got only 30% votes lah.

Anonymous said...

An uneducated father with his educated son went on a camping trip. They set up their tent and fell asleep. Some hours later, the father woke up his son.

Father: Look up to the sky and tell me what you see.

Son: I see millions of stars...

Father: And what does that tell you?

Son: Astronomically, it tells me that, there are millions of galaxies and planets out there!

Father slaps the son hard on his hand and says, "Idiot, someone has stolen our tent!"

Hermit said...

China news again. Am I reading Xinhua?

Anonymous said...

Hermit, no wonder u are a fucking hermit Knn can not tell its Rb writing.

Anonymous said...

IF the tribunal and west is mafia like, pushing their way against victim China, then China is also mafia like pushing its own agenda against Philippines and other SE Asian states. If China don't like the guys sitting at the panel, why didn't it insist to have its own selected panel? Is it because no matter who is at the panel, China knows that the tribunal won't rule in their favour because no one believes China's claim?

China cannot act like a big bully forcing its way, then expect the victims not to seek some redress. In this case, Philippines is the victim who sought redress. China's stance is unacceptable. It claims an area that has been used by nations for centuries and not just the Spratly. Its arrogant act causes another arrogant country (US) to intervene. Now China is pissed that a bigger bully than itself is forcing its way in. How dare they do it!

China should look itself in the mirror. It was because of its hostile act that led to the chain of events today. Stop blaming the West, the Philippines, the media and what not, when China itself is the trigger of this one big mess.

Anonymous said...

The title is absolutely true for the next 30 years. RB s prediction is valid because China will have the largest navy by 2020 according to US experts. Now is 2016 to 2017. So by 3 yrs time, US may not even have a winning chance to rival China navy. China claims its war forces are in solid vertical form. Meaning up from satellite to down right at sea bed with submarines support is the way to conduct a war. I was very impressed with this concept, was hoping the 7th fleet would fire at chinese navel force as Harris promised "action tonight". But with 3 carriers at site, and a concentration of 4 top china military commanders at same site for exercise, the US chose to miss the chance to check on chinese capabilities.
In my view, US will never ever have a better chance than now.

S Korea is putting missiles on its destroyers to be ready to fire at N Korea. S Korea also took in a N Korea deputy ambassador with his family. This act should be taken as the west like London, is helping the S Korean to instigate the KIM to be ready for a war. China s president Xi will be shitless. But the PLA may have a chance to show off their guns, missiles, torpedoes, and su35. US has already put in B2 B20 blah blah at Guam. I hope US does not chicken out.

If US chicken out again, as i will predict, the Thaad at S Korea will be destroyed by China s hyper sonic vehicles at 5 times the sound speed if it shows it had capability to destabilize china s military movement. By another 12 months, the hyper sonic weapon might be ready to shoot at the Thaad, while the Russia side also has something similar.

Therefore by 2020 or 2018, China PLA will have far superior hyper sonic weapons for US carriers to test its thick metal decks. What are below the carriers are more powerful torpedoes the chinese call fish 8. The speed and explosion power will sink the carriers.

My hope is US carriers better get on the war fast. Test it once and for all, if US still call itself the most supremo army, as Carter claimed it at shangila. Hope he is not gila, and keep backing off, keeping so quiet. He should come out to point fingers on chinese for developing hypersonic weapons, and shooting quantum entanglement satellite to space to endanger US s supremo status. Where is Carter s voice? Carter dont wait for the last helicopter to run off like Saigon, Start the war, pull the trigger tomorrow, its a working day.

Anonymous said...

The defection of NK ambassador to the SK looks so mysterious. It could really trigger a short war with SK.

Once a missile landed on Seoul, the so called Han Miracle would disappear overnight.

Say good bye to K-pop and K -drama. SK economy would goes downhill.

Not long ago, I had watch a youtube whereby He had praise NK and condemn the SK.

Anonymous said...

What rubbish?

See olympics Rio, China whose population is 1.4 billion where US is 300 million now struggling to fight for No.2.

This is so different from previous games. Must be the bias angmo referees and unfair rules against China. Suddenly medals for strong areas just disappear just like that.

Wonder what will happen if these sort of things happen to the economy and military that all along it is just bluffing and cannot sustain.

Mao Ze dong said...

Author Chua :

Your first paragraph immediately raises three questions :

1. Are you a China man?

2. If you are not, are you paid to write this?

3. If answers to both above questions are still no, are you a fool?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:30pm

Calm down.

I thought all along China focus is J20 and J31 and DF 21 missiles.

Now suddenly become hypersonic missiles, quantum entanglement satellite, what fishy 8 torpedo?

Since you know so much, can you let us know when J20/J31 will be commissioned and put into service 1st before continue the usual China brag with endless saliva. Also when is the ASBM Dong feng missiles going to be tested in open seas against moving target?

Please lah.... Step by Step....one at a time.

Learn from the US lah.... at least show to the public that it take one month to sink their old carrier. Or demo like US on its missiles and torpedo strike on Perry class frigate.

Hahahah.....Now your old trick over time wont work....Show evidence lah. At least F35 "the loser" in service liao.

Anonymous said...

Zzzzz .... another china article. Give it a rest ...Zzzzzzz ..... Zzzzzz

Anonymous said...

anon 6:04pm
I know what i have shared with readers.
U dont know so you cannot share with readers.
Too bad. I dont know u and i dont feel obligated.
If you think i know better than you, you must show it on words. This is a forum. Are you here to share? Or here to show how naive you are? You have shown being naive in the previous post.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:27,

Let me ask you.

You don't like RB's articles?
You don't like When RB wrote about China?

If both your answers are yes and you still bury yourself here day and night, then either you are a sicko or a fool or a tintong.

Anonymous said...

Quite like the father
waking up the son and
smacking his hand.
This time no hand smacking but, a dig
at the intellect.

Anonymous said...

US is not doing its job as world police. Russia is putting 40000 troops at Ukraine border. S400 is deployed at Crimea. But US is not sending troops to Ukraine. Germany also refused to give Ukraine more weapons.

Little dot better work harder to lick white house s boots. Ukraine is a good example. US can talk a lot. When facing Russia, US has one word we understand "siam". When facing PLA generals ready to take the war, US will have the same word "siam".

Do not fall into the trap of the cash trapped US army. I wander US s cut budget army can face up to Russia at Ukraine. So US pretend nothing happens at Ukraine. The war has to be fought before November winter. US must send in weapons and troops. I hope it is not a South China sea no show again.
Hoot ah.

Anonymous said...

So true.
Look at Sin, with less than 6 million in population, Sg won a
gold medal wth a new
Olympic Record.
If Sg has 1.4 billion
people, we cud have
won hundreds of gold
medals and maybe a
few World Records.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:53 pm

I am not here to share. Who wants to know you?

I am only here to tear down your curtain of lies and deceit same like your doggy master.

Whether others agree or not is up to them. You are welcome anytime to put up links/videos to support your argument. For me, i can anytime give you the links...with live scenes and not animations.

Now who is the naive one if he dare not accept the challenge. Era has changed, no longer can one talk big without technical support because time will call the bluff.


Anonymous said...

That is why some people still do not see the problem and get brainwashed.

In the Europe front, US is using NATO to put pressure on Russia.
Former Eastern Bloc countries have now change sides and equip with West weapons to go against Russia. Ukarine problem is like own people fighting own people.

In the Asia front, US is also trying to form a Asia NATO (Japan, SK, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan) against China. The rest are in the midst of alliance : They are pinoy, vietnam, Indonesia using SCS as excuse. UK is helping Japan in Meteor missile tech and France is also saying they will patrol SCS.

Thailand is in the middle.But they stop the kra canal and also choose the Japan rail system instead of China.

If Burma and India make up their mind. Everything is finished. Afgan got a US air base which can hit the China west area.

Taking note, Most countries are buying US or West arms to fight either China or Russia.

On top of this, US has the potent military hardware.

But most important of all, all the potential conflict zone IS NOT NEAR US HOMEFRONT.

Now whether got show or no show, who got to lose most and who have gained most?

patriot said...

Philippines President Duterte has threatened to leave the United Nations.
And not only that; he mentioned
that he may decide China and the
African Nations to form.......

Looks like President Duterte does
have high regard for the Peoples Republic of China.

Hope President Duterte will forget
good relationship with China and
combine their efforts to prosper
the Region and more importantly to
bring peace to the Region.


patriot said...

My apology.

the Word forget in my above comment to be corrected to forge.


Anonymous said...

anonymous 10.26,

Nobody see USA as a good guy in the region.
None of these nations want their region to become the next middle east. - hotbed for terrorism.

No matter how strong are USA , they cant even defeat those poorly equipped farmer in the Afghan and Iraq. This is a fact.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1259

Who says anything about US being good guy?

You think people think PAP is angel so they voted for him.

It is all about mutual interest and who can give best benefit.

US can always defeat any army in the world not excluding farmers. It is about how long can they sustain and what can they get out of it if objective is complete.

This is a fact and reality.

You really think US wants to conquer China and Russia mainland. For what?

Like SK, do you think it wants to deploy Thaad. For so long, it has tried to honeymoon China trying to woo them to put pressure on NK on Nuclear missiles. In the end, China help built infrastructure in NK (their buildings, MRT and road to China) and pump in money. Allow NK restaurant (provide foreign income) to operated in China and allow border trade to flourish.

So what would you have done? SK tried to influence China, put up 300K troops on joint exercise to scare NK. UN resolution to punish NK But NK still continue to test its weapons. In the end, it has no choice left to up the stake.

Think deeper.... It is all carefully planned and let us know what you reckon US is going after all these hardwork.