National Day Rally – Reliving the scary moment

The NDR was just another routine ritual every year and Hsien Loong was doing his part to deliver his lecture to the people on the state of affair of country and what lies ahead going forward. Everything was going fine and Hsien Loong was in his normal self injecting some humour into his speech now and then.

After the Malay and Chinese version there was a break before he came on again to deliver the main speech in English. It was nearing the end of his speech when he was talking about the third reason why there was a need to change the Presidential Election that it happened.  He paused, glared to his front, both eyes wide open. Then his body lowered and tilted to his right. The camera was quickly switched to the audience that gave a silent and stunt expression. The mike was not switched off and you could hear a tumble. And then there was silence.

The audience looked really anxious. A murmur could be heard saying, ‘Hope he is alright’ coming through the TV. I too was shocked and worried. What was happening at the rally was serious and not looking good. The worse thing that could happen happened right in the midst of a ND Rally speech and the audience saw the PM dropped right before their eyes. Homeviewers must be equally troubled by the event.

When the camera scrolled back to the audience, several of the VIPs including Ho Ching and the two deputy PMs were not in their front row seats.

TRE was quick to post a pic showing Eng Hen supporting Hsien Loong who was then back on his feet. Chee Hean and Chee Meng and a few aides were up on stage next to the rostrum. He seemed to be well. Then there was an announcement for the guests to go for their reception.

At the 10pm news Tharman was heard saying that Hsien Loong was fine, no stroke. And a crawler appeared saying Hsien Loong would be back to continue his rally speech and he did, to finish the last portion of his speech, though shortened.

For those who are looking at signs and trying to make sense of things and events, the timing of the fainting spell, when Hsien Loong was touching on the changes to the Presidential Election must be telling. Was that a warning not to tinker with the Presidential Election process? If it was, then it was like someone trying to say, leave the process alone. Man propose, God dispose. Or God propose, man cannot dispose. Was it divine intervention? Of course this is nothing scientific but just a belief, an occult happening.

Whatever will be will be. Whoever shall be the next president of Singapore, he shall be and no one can stop that.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing scary if the powerless president is who is who so what.

There is absolutely scary to me and family when this unfit man insist to stand as leader and suddenly collapses that lead to power struggle within his own party. I am very worry about the second part, honestly not for the first part. He has had taken lots of money from coffers as his "justified" pay, but men on the streets are having heavier debts, lesser cpf at old age like him when 64. I pray he passes his position to someone tomorrow, not after next election at 2020. I am doubtful he can go beyond that with such an important event with all the vip, he could faint on stage. That is not a leader, but unfit leeder. Isnt the right time to get excuse and run road? Cannot manage the economy well is a fatal mistake. That is my main concern on his appraisal. Go and let younger ones try. This is a city smaller than London. If london governer faints on stage, u can expect voters will ask him to resign quickly. No big deal as there are many able bodies can shoulder the job well within pap and outside pap.

Anonymous said...

Was that a warning not to tinker with the Presidential Election process?

Tiok. And that is a warning by God to help Tan Cheng Bock, and only Tan Cheng Bock, since he is the only one confirmed but may not be eligible to stand for Presidential election anymore.

Anonymous said...

Please remember this......人算不如天算!

Oso this........人是斗不过天的!


Anonymous said...

No big deal as there are many able bodies can shoulder the job well within pap and outside pap.
8:57 am

Tiok. But if they are able but not willing, then how? Also cannot force them, right?

Outside PAP, willing eg Chee Soon Juan, but cannot get elected, then how?

Anonymous said...

Its time to hand over to a younger minister as the job carries heavy burden. Just don't think his age and state of his health can take it some more till after the next election means he will be over 70 by then.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the situation objectively you will worry, if and if you are citizen. There are many pr and non citizens commentators. I speak as a citizen and when i was supposed to swear at stadium, i honestly felt cheated as the flag was supposed to light up for me to face it. All the audience face each other to swear, you can see the joke, no flag.

It is a very bad arrangement in my heart.

Last night the physically unfitness shows the urgency to change some sloppiness within the setups.
The sloppiness is: if this lee is gone, he left with no clear number 2 to take over. He openly rule out botak head. He himself has failed to groom someone to take over the job which his father spent life time to groom him. This is similar to me being found at odd situation, swear loyalty to flag yet there is no flag at the most important occasion.
I pity those voted for him due to gratitude to his father. He is not grooming any successor it seems. But there is no system in pap to ensure a good leader is elected, as the members qualified to elect the pm are appointed by the potential pm himself. If this person is a vegetable, the whole system is a standstill and that will create struggle in the jungle.
This is real and not referring to pap only, i happens to wp if the old ones also refuse to go.
U like chee, i can tell you straight on here, though i support non pap, i never have a single moment think chee is fit to be pm. Chee is like a crying baby, yelling for sweet or attention throughout his life time. Now he is father of sons and daughters, he began to know that is not a way to get things done. too late, many people formed that opinion like inside me.
Chee should give up the sec gen to someone else, clean and neat to set off sdp free of the past. Chee is sinful for turning against some old politician i dont want to mention again. Chee is gone case, u must not think he can be pm unless u can find another world other than this one to vote him into pm.

Anonymous said...

This is a signal from the higher ups " 人在做,天在看" man deed heaven got eye can see. Majority of Sinkies r suffering yet this dishonourable son wan to make the dafts Sinkies sink even further, this pui am chap is against the 道 or 天理 (heaven's will)..pui am is the happiest man on earth ( 70% dafts voted for him or opposition wan form govt & no dissenters as all r clamped down), the commoners in Sinkies all suffers. Now, this blue chap better rest or he will meet Dr Doom sooner or later..

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, if a furniture owner can become a President of a country many many time bigger than the liitle

Dot, what is so difficult to find a replacement . We have plenty of top military people, pay is good, two minsters in a small

Ministry and most on auto pilot. Just spend time touring durian plantations, prepare chicken rice taobao, organised line dancing

taking selfless withe the drafts all will be ok.

Anonymous said...

Chinese internet users have been stinging in their criticisms, labelling Singapore a sycophant of the US, threatening that China will teach it a lesson.

Particularly stinging is the phrase they often use to mock Singapore: “Li Jiapo”, a play on the island’s name in Chinese, substituting the first two Chinese characters in its name for“Li Jia” or the “Lee family”.


patriot said...

From what l get to read here and
elsewhere in Social Media, the
Day Of Reckoning is arriving soon.

It will be messy and ugly. The
Leaders in Sin are much despise
by many.



Anonymous said...

he fainted you know. so poor thing.
some more, his father just died.
i better vote pap.

Anonymous said...

According to our criteria to be a good and competent President, the presidents of the whole world are either under qualified or incompetent.

How about sharing our formula to the US, Indonesia or China? The USA would need someone to manage a 1 trillion company or else not qualified.

Who is bluffing who?

Anonymous said...

hello....please don't spread fear leh.......

Anonymous said...

Get Smart: Missed it by that much


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When LHL fainted, why did the TV camera point away? Is it like the ostrich burying his head in the sand?

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Patriot, day of reckoning is when we shall have an exciting but tragic episode of another coup like the Mandarin garment,,oops Garden.

But this will be irreversible as no there will be no opportunity to recoup back the lost.

If they try to tinker with the P.E.

No eyes to see as better under the Mats than be Dalits.

Veritas said...

One problem of PAP is LHL has no apparently successor. Heng Swee Keat was a good choice but now he is out of the game. Tharman? I am not too sure because under him DBS MAS all become Indian, and his terms (and LHL) in ministry of finance is filled with rampant property inflation, mis-interpreted as economic growth.

Chan Chun Seng? He is still green.

Teo Chee Hean, seems that he is may not command respect as the best.

Khaw Boon Wan probably can command some respect but he was Malaysian. Also he was not in the successor list.

LHL need to fast track succession plan or PAP could face schism.

Anonymous said...

"One problem of PAP is LHL has no apparently successor."

Why should this be a problem?
In a natural meritocracy, the cream will rise naturally to the top.
In an aristocracy or emperor system ... ah ... then you have a problem.

But since PAP operates a democratic meritocracy, there is no problem.
Because Singapore belongs to everybody.
And PAP is part of Singapore.
Therefore PAP's leadership belongs to everybody.
Everybody can apply.

Anonymous said...

For the next National Day Rally. Can we please plan better? Can we have a wheelchair and stretcher on standby near the stage?

patriot said...

Virgo 49 my Fren;

PAP creating a mountain
out of a molehill about the Presidency is too much an overkill even a moron knows.
The Sin President is good as a flower vase or window dressing. But the
PAP is telling Sinkies that the President is more pivotal than the Prime Minister.
Why the Need to be labour
over a window dressing and make a big fuss about it?

Agree that events shall be exciting, however, it shall be ugly as they unfold.
Not only the Sin Leaders are openly despise, they are curse with Words like Karma, invocations of God's and even downright called names.
And look at how the Puppies behave like 'lim
peh'(me your father in english). One Cabinet Member stands out glaringly, Lawrence Wong.
Look at his demeanours; not far from him are Tan Chuan Jin and Chan Chun Sing. With these Conceits given more senior appointments, no wonder more Sinkies will be passed off. Count me in.

As a Sinkies meself, l can't help pitying myself and my fellow countrymen.

There is a Chinese Saying
Me would rather say
The Above Saying means
when the Rogues are in
power, the Society shall
be in big trouble.

The Sin Situation is in
a Cancerous Stage.

Thank You Virgo for the


patriot said...

My apology.

be labour should read as
belabour and passed off
to read as pissed off.


Anonymous said...

Political uncertainty is like price instability or cost-push inflation?

When prices are unstable or an economy plagued with cost-push inflation, businesses or firms cannot be certain what their costs will be if they embark on expansion or new investments?

When firms, uncertain about price stability, hold back expansion or new investments, aggregate expenditure is affected and transmitted to the national income via the multiplier effect?

Anonymous said...

As much as many wish PM (with) good health and longevity, the (harsh) reality of $ & cents, globalisation, current tough business climate etc could precipitate (more serious) adverse consumer and producer behaviours?

Anonymous said...

It can be counted as a "blessing" for some that this happened in 2016 and not 2015?

Otherwise, GE 2015 might be vastly different?

In some ways, divine blessings may be with the red dot?

Anonymous said...

The heart may be with PM?

But the harsh reality may mean a "lame duck syndrome" like an outgoing last term US Presidency which may cause some "paralysis" I many decision makings?

A mammoth like a 9,600,000 sq km land mass country with a US$17 GDP and a population of 340 millions can afford such 折腾?

Anonymous said...

"Thailand rejects request to extradite Holland Village bank robbery suspect"

The above speaks volumes about how Singapore and her leaders is perceived by others, even within ASEAN.

Anonymous said...

The above speaks volumes about how Singapore and her leaders is perceived by others, even within ASEAN.
2.35 pm

But PM Najib and PM Lee are good friends, cukup liao.

Anonymous said...

LHL need to fast track succession plan or PAP could face schism.
August 22, 2016 12:33 pm

In a meritocracy, it is ownself choose ownself to be a leader.
Like the USA presidential nominee race.
In a monarchy, the king chooses his crown prince.

patriot said...

And there are the Arrogant Ones like Shammugan and Vivian Bala who behave as if they own Sin and Sinkies.

They made PERSONAL CHALLENGES against Sinkies
liked; 'You want a meal at a hawker centre, food court or restaurant' and
'l am the Home Affairs Minister, hold me responsible' or something to that effect.
Indeed, Sinkies should ask him about the Dismay Handling of the Little India Riot.
The Only People in Sin not own by the Rulers are aliens who our Rulers appear to care for and give concession.

And of course Sinkies should also have asked
what's the Hype and Fanfare about about the
Rio 2016 Gold Medal when
many families have their
utilities cut off due to
inability to pay for them?

Was there high ranking sports official and or
MP attending Schoolings
Butterfly Competition?

We saw a woman Member of Parliament attending every table tennis competitions whence the Imported Players competed in. She was diligently or frantically waving the Sin State Flag.

What's there for Sinkies to be proud of?


Chinese medical secret said...

I see TV his face white, his eyes look side way, his body weak and fall side way. In Chinese medical, this meaning he play too much. Man after 60 should not play alot. One week play one time is ok. After playing, must sleep 2 hr and drink chicken essence, don't stand too long time because the legs still tired and blood flow still not stable.

b said...

The solution is very simple. Learn from Putin and Erdogan. Make himself the president and get a puppet to become PM.

Anonymous said...

Oops, 2 typos

1) Should be .... "paralysis" in many .....

2) Should be "....US$17 Trillion GDP

Anonymous said...

Singapore s general lee fell ill on stage was reported in china and hong kong. But his strong warning to china to follow international laws with complete acceptance of the tribunal judgment was omitted. China behaves like ostrich. Chinese ignore singapore s brilliant stand on South China Seas will regret because singapore s stand is similar to US s stand.

The entire Asean will follow singapore s stand to demand china to strictly follow the philippine s strong and powerful tribunal judgment. China will be alone and isolated. This is the new era after general lee s speech. Asean will take new stand to follow US and ignore china. Singapore recognized the tribunal judgment officially. Indonesia, Malaysia, and all other Aseans nations must follow Singapore as unity. China is in trouble if it defies the new world order.

Anonymous said...

Former president S R Nathan, 92, has passed away this evening at 9.48pm

Anonymous said...

Former president S R Nathan, 92, has passed away this evening at 9.48pm
August 22, 2016 10:19 pm

Many other Singaporeans also got pass away this week lah.

Anonymous said...

Many other Singaporeans also got pass away this week lah.
August 22, 2016 11:04 pm

Many other Singaporeans (especially NS recruits) also got stand too long, get dehydrated and fainted this week lah.
They got MC for 1 week or not?

Anonymous said...

But how abt a tiny 0.000,718 million sq km red dot aka sampan with a miniscule GDP of US$O.3 T and a population of 0.055 hundred million?

Can such a kar-jiang phoo-Tay pi-sai endure and undergo even a once in 51 Yr 折腾?

To answer such qns, perhaps a multi dimensional approach might yield a better peek into the possible fallout if nothing is being done?

Anonymous said...

How abt status quo (after this incident) vs doing one of the followings?

Would it be a win win win?

Better than hide the head in the sand or pretend like death frog?

Oops, should be deaf frog?

Only 6 & a half month into the monkey year and already 2 big scare happened to the 2 most powerful, influential and critical positions?

Can sinkies not be worried?

Is it wise to let such unspoken worries sink in and take roots?

And sinkies taking actions to hedge their risks?

How abt investors?

All the more they will take concrete measures to hedge their exposure if this tinkie is allowed to take roots?

Even risk hedging outflows and exit of some markets turned into an exodus, the horse would have bolted and futile to close the gate liao?

Bold decision needed for posterity sake?


Anonymous said...

Whether to do sthg or nothing (after this incident) carries some implications?

Which is the least costs and most benefits?

Many individuals and businesses are already having a torrid time now with constant dehydration of their income and wealth source?

Anonymous said...

To pile such massive yet unnecessary distraction and constant worry on top of current (insipid) business climate environment may be one straw too many, and far too heavy, for many individuals and businesses?

One commentator even exclaimed that men over 60-yo cannot play too much and need sleep 2 hours and drink chicken essence after that and max (play) once a week?

Even that could be too excessive given the tcm discourse articulated in 黄帝内经, (the "Bible" of TCM written 2,000+ years ago during the Han Dynasty)?

Even 神龙本草经 also made such (health) emphasis (and warning), given many emperors (who indulged and played excessively with the countless 美女s) didn't make it past 40-yo during those eras?

When a 14-yo boy or 16-yo boy needs to account for his deeds, then almost everyone has to take responsibility, save those below 7-yo or some (mentally) 3-yo?

A lot could be at stake for many individuals and businesses at current times?

Some just put pen to paper over the weekend,especially on Sunday show flats activities and handed over cheque deposits worth many tens of thousands?

Now need ponder forgo and cut loss?

Property agents also pek chek?

After many months of dehydration (in biz) since Jun 2013, finally came the "water" blessings, only to discover kena scuttled by some "indiscriminate, excessive playing" most discouraged in the 2 "Bibles of TCM" namely 黄帝内经 and 神龙本草经?

Now many agents pek chk their hard work go into drain again and their months of toil evaporated?

How to make ends meet incoming months?

How many of the deals sealed over recent days going to "burst"?

After months of dry spell or dehydration?

Instead of focusing on their businesses and work to overcome current challenging time, many still need to monitor the aftermath and fallout of latest incident?

Should 黄帝内经 be a must read for all (future) LEEDERS (albeit written in ancient Chinese)?

Anonymous said...

// Chinese medical secretAugust 22, 2016 4:13 pm
I see TV his face white, his eyes look side way, his body weak and fall side way. In Chinese medical, this meaning he play too much. Man after 60 should not play alot. One week play one time is ok. After playing, must sleep 2 hr and drink chicken essence, don't stand too long time because the legs still tired and blood flow still not stable.//

@ Chinese Medical Secret 4.13pm:

See face white white may not be definitive of "over or excessive playing"?

May be due to lack of sleep/ rest and gruelling schedule?

Also the sleep 2 hours and drink chicken essence is for poor layman lah?

Anonymous said...

Btw, according to the 2,000+ year old TCM "Bible" 黄帝内经, one week play one time for old man also "excessive"?

So yew might be "sabo-ing" many oldies here by suggesting that?

Any renowned Chinese physician would be well-versed and read 黄帝内经 inside out, outside in?

Anonymous said...

If YEW talk to some commercial chinese tcm practising physicians abt the content and tcm teachings in 黄帝内经 and they 含糊 murmur about it, most likely "1/4 past 3" (not even half past 6) std liao?

In 黄帝内经, the tcm teachings abt what and how to tc before and after "playing" are much more profound and comprehensive bcos during those times, many Han Dynasty emperors died in their 30s and 40s and some in their 20s due to "excessive playing" bcos it was a tradition then to have "countless 美女s" in the imperial court "backyard", way many more and chio bu than the most chio bu yew can find in the financial districts of MBFC and Raffles place (literally will make yew nose-bleed type)?

The dos and don'ts about "playing" are all clearly elucidated without any ambiguity in 黄帝内经?

Anonymous said...

In 黄帝内经, how to tell someboLEE has been "indulging in excessive over-playing" over the years is also clearly spelt out?

Observing facial tell-tale signs is informative but not definitive?

黄帝内经 teaches touch one part of the guy's body can tell already (not the private part, btw)?