More laws to protect who or against who?

I am sure no one would miss who the new sub judice law is protecting. The learned judges of course. Don’t be rude or scandalize the judges, that is contempt of court. But you are allowed to speak up as NMP Kuik said, ‘Whatever you want to speak up on, keep speaking up on it without fear. If you see an injustice, speak. If you see a cruelty, speak.’ But, ‘However, she warned that comments that could be construed as influencing a witness in a pending case or slandering a judge would qualify to contempt of court.’ What she is saying is as good as you know what you should say and what you should not say. Speak up, speak up, but be warned. Just do not be too clever in case your comments are so good that the learned judges are influenced by them, then it would be bad.  But to do that you must be an exceptional talent, more talented than the judges, that the judges could be influenced by yew. Sorry typo error. Should be you not yew.

So the judges are now protected from being insulted or attacked by slanders. The judges are also protected from being influenced by the public and ended up making stupid decisions.

Who else are protected by our laws? I remember that you cannot follow, shadow or stalk a minister. Not sure if this applies to MPs. There is a law that would criminalise people following the ministers as they move around the island. I think this law is good given the threats of terrorists and disgruntled citizens that could set them on fire.

And there are also laws to protect military officers from acts that caused the death of Dominique Lee, an NSman.  Dunno if got laws to protect teachers or police officers when they handle mischievous children like Benjamin Lim.

This island is looking a bit dangerous for people in public office and more laws are likely to be introduced in the future to protect them. Would there be a lese majeste law to be introduced sometime in the future? Ok, this is a red herring, not possible unless the island is turned into a kingdom. If not lese majeste what about lese immortals?  Looks like the judges have been elevated to the realm of immortals.

What is more important is the likely victim. Who do you think would be the victim or victims of this law? Who do you think the laws are targeting at?

And there could be a new law coming into effect following the Presidential Commission that will protect the elite to be the President of the island.  This mostly ceremonial position will now be out of reach of the ordinary peasants and workers. Only rich and powerful people will be eligible to stand for election to be the President. All men are equal, but some are more equal than others? What happen to justice and equality in our national pledge?

Would there be new laws to protect the ordinary citizens and their rights to stand for election as the President of Singapore among other things, like their jobs, like their CPF money, like not being bullied or beaten by foreigners?


Anonymous said...

//All men are equal, but some are more equal than others?//

Very soon there may a law to "protect" .......?

Then next time no more "Chee By election"?

Kena green beret resigned to fate bcos 70% said alright and cursed ownself having married a Whore, a loose canon?

No, typo ......

A loose itchy shameless lobang?

Anonymous said...

How about a law to punish lazy sinkies?

"Confiscate" say 1% of their cpf as penalty fine for every month out of work and thus their no contribution to cpf when jobless?

LEEgalise and "institutionalise" SPURRING into the hides of daft sinkies?

Anonymous said...

How about a "law to collect anti-terrorism tax"?

Deduct from cpf?

Say yearly $1,000 per household members?

Anonymous said...

The 70% daft Sinkies voted for it & abide to wat the miws said & passed the law..wat this new law is against the 30% smart Sinkies & if they comment anything regarding the law or mps or ministers or judges, sure they would be clamped down & silence..so who r these 30% ...they can be found anywhere in social media & even overseas...best is to migrate or if u r super talent go work overseas ( even our national hero is contemplating to work in US after graduate from UT as SinkieLand is not a place for him to perform well enough...more talent will be drained & lost under the Leegime)..

virgo49 said...

You can walk,shadow the Ministers or MPs with them putting a leash on you just like the RC skunks.

Dogs are better class than them.


Anonymous said...

Who made or change the laws? White elephants and stooges of course. So, laws are changed to protect the white elephants and their stooges. Even a three year old and century old grandmother can understand that. And, of course, the 30% only lesser mortals.

Anonymous said...

How dare the 30% makes
noise against the 70% Majority ?

Do the 30% have the Gut to protest
enmass ? Or just kpkb individually
like Rb ?

To put in it the correct perspective, the 30% in Sin
are as splitter as the
Alternative Parties around.

All looking for individual
glory. This is the greatest
failure of Sinkies.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

This law has been passed to stop people from talking about the Amos Yee case. The Amos Yee case has been used by western NGOs like the Soros foundation to push for more liberalism and (((civil society))) engagement. This is a case of typical hypocrisy from the west.

In countries such as England and Germany they can now arrest people for talking about Islam or trolling, the main stream media does not cover this much. In Singapore if we do that somehow we are deemed authoritarian, Amos Yee got BBC interview and all. There is a huge double standard.

The PAP is smart to use the law to prevent western NGOs from stiring up trouble. I support this law to keep our country free from western influence.

Anonymous said...

China s deputy FM said on 16 Aug in Mongolia when meeting with Asean FM: Singapore being a non claimant country in Scs, best is to keep neutral.." at press conference with singapore FM as Asean coordinator. This straight talk prc dfm reminded me of Singapore s pm s praised of a strong and powerful tribunal judgment in US. And the continuing falling of export to china is not something singapore must ignore.

In the posts here, people asked those capable to migrate singapore. I find there are such weak and soft characters all over singapore, top to bottom. When seeing americans, said something the angmor likes, when seeing prc, said another thing. And the opposition supporters are so soft knees asking capable citizens to migrate. What i see in singapore is far from those days when GKS was managing the economy. Work hard, and made a living to survive a family, have education and work the way up.

The parliament seems to be interested in providing laws to help the judicial institutions to sue those saying objections to its implementation of laws. In future, no one would bother to criticize cases when angmor punches taxi drivers till crawling, and broke the nose of a helper to the taxi driver, while the police took an hour to reach the scene and the ang mor got mile sentences after a long time of investigation, untill it was raised in parliament by wp mp, the suntex case.
I wander wp who question about such cases be charged.

Voters voted for such over concentration of tightening of internal laws and communications to silent inner noises while the elites in administrations can be more relax and make more mistakes such as taking in more immigrants inwards for its "globalization" policy. In short is to feed the jobless in sunny lands as priorities, and not the citizens voted for them.

Voters who are still supporting the elites must think. The British voters are smarter. The knew the elite Cameron govt bluff them that if they voted for Brexit, there will be 800000 more people jobless, and each brit will be 4300 pounds poorer, and there would be billions pounds taxes needed.

Brexit proved that elites are bluffing politicians. The share markets in UK shot up higher, exports go better than before Brexit, salary goes up, and more Brits have jobs and less unemployment.

The way the current singapore politicians doing is similar to Cameron govt. The elites are keen to protect own interests but not capable to create more jobs for singapore citizens. So they create more laws to keep voters away from criticizing the public administrations. Can this kind of life go on and on? Export declines by 10 over % become a norm? Jobs given to foreigners become a norm? How the citizens have income and cpf? How the retailers have customers when jobs are given to foreigners as norm?
Voters must not think of leaving singapore. They must learn the idea: vote for alternative to pap to survive the future.

jjgg said...

I can see it coming...very soon there'll be a law against mocking ministers..as Fulish as their statements can be..there'll also be a law to compel Hawkers to sell items like Mee siam with hum...so that our leeders are always right. In fact there will most certainly be a law to allow the state to buy temasick failed investments at valuations only they can understand...what about a law to compel mrt breakdowns...this will absolve smrt of any blame n Ensure their continuity as singapores premier service provider..to cap it all...everyone must wear the slogan "respect n obey the law" prominently on their body. N we say the N Koreans are ridiculous....

Anonymous said...

"Old HYDRA's full of guys like him. Soft, entitled, mistaking wealth for success, privilege for power. Their greed splintered HYDRA into a thousand pieces. Their time is over. Time for a leaner generation."
―Grant Ward to Kebo

Anonymous said...

How The Global Elites Screw Peons (While Media Fools Cheer)


Anonymous said...

Abandon ship is not being soft knee or quitter like the siao ting tong beach bum incest maniac?

When the Titanic was sinking, there is no other choice?

And in this case, it is far from titanic in size but a SAMPAN as acknowledged by none other than the "soft, benign tyrant" himself?

Anonymous said...

// Voters must not think of leaving singapore. //

But like the Titanic when it is leaking massively and water filling up fast, abandon ship may be the only choice to stay afloat (alive)?

Anonymous said...

What more if it is not even anywhere near titanic in size but a mere pint size SAMPAN?

Anonymous said...

Look at JS?

Little bit achievement the JLB latch on it like leeches and blow trumpet until the bacteria in Jupiter also can hear?

So the fact that as long as many things are shrouded in secrecy and not transparent, sinkies may have to assume there is a leak in the sampan?

Anonymous said...

They have to make a song and dance about JS. What with all the failures like football and now table tennis going the way of the dinosaurs despite all the money poured into buying foreign players.

Sinkieland will never excel in any sport, not with the kind of mentality concentrated and centralised on kiasuism, elitism and breeding of the greed culture.

Where is our goalkeeper of 'goal 2010'?

Anonymous said...

This is is necessary to protect the judges. Otherwise, they will come under heavy criticism for the judgements they make in favor of the political masters. This will also the politician because than the judges will not be afraid of people's outcry and make judgement calls against the political masters. With this no judge will lose his post like some unfortunate judge before