Major Study Confirmed NO Chinese Privilege in Singapore (Part 2)

Over the past 2 years after the Post, the concept of “Chinese Privilege” has found its way into mainstream public discussion Forums on race relations.  Also, one website even dedicated itself on the subject and has been making money from Subscribers who actually paid to rant and share alleged personal stories of racial discrimination as evidence of “Chinese Privilege”. 


The most damning conclusive and condemnatory evidence against the advocates and proponents of majority “Chinese Privilege” was published this week by a Channel NewsAsia-Institute of Policy Studies (CNA-IPS) survey on race relations.  

The Key Findings are:

[1] 73% Singaporeans does not believe that a person’s race is “very important” in influencing his or her success;

[2] 89% Singaporeans agreed that a person who works hard has an equal opportunity to become rich, irrespective of his/her race’

[3] 90% Singaporeans stated that they liked talking yopeople of all races and lived in peace with everyone;

[4] 90% Singaporeans endorsed elements of “multiculturalism” such as according respect, equality and value of other races;

[5] Nearly 70% Chinese Singaporeans were amenable to social interaction across racial boundaries.  They were open to inviting Indians and Malays to their house for meals, and allowing them to play with their children and grandchildren.

One of the Report’s conclusions is that the Survey found “a strong endorsement that success in Singapore is meritocratic”.

The CNA-IPS is one of the largest surveys on race relations in Singapore by polling 2,000 Singapore citizens and permanent residents aged 21 and above.


Meritocracy is the Bridge to a racially and socially just and equally Singapore irrespective of ethnicity, language and cultural heritage.

About 51 years ago, Singapore’s Founding Fathers in their far-sighted wisdom had instituted “Meritocracy” as the core operating principle governing access to all the key routes and mechanism of social mobility.  The overall achievements of minority groups vis-à-vis the majority Chinese clearly attest to the success of this enduring leadership initiative.  The CNA-IPS Survey confirms this FACT.  

The CNA-IPS Survey disappoints the advocates and proponents of Chinese “Majority Privilege” who have simply based their construction of non-existent “Chinese Privileges” by virtue of the Chinese’s 75% numerical majority in the population, along with 17% Malays, 7% Indians and less than 5% Eurasian and other ethnic groups.

Truth in Singapore is, Chinese “Majority” advantage did not translate and be reinforced and institutionalized to the extent as to obstruct, discriminate and prevent minority Malay, Indian and Eurasian and other ethnic groups from enjoying EQUAL access to the MEANS of social mobility eg education, medical, housing, religious practice, security, law, order, justice and public amenities like MRT, bus, cars …etc.

Irrespective to whatever extent anyone wishes to construct whichever surreal “Chinese Privilege”, whether perceived real by the occasional experience or conceived mostly in their imagination, it is clear that such “Chinese Privilege” has failed to become entrenched in Singapore society to any material or significant degree.    


According to credible Social Science research literature on the subject, for the concept of “Chinese Privilege” to have any operational validity, the following must be true:

[1] “Chinese Privileges” exist ONLY for BEING CHINESE, and are AUTOMATIC and NATURAL Benefits for the Chinese;

[2] REAL and SPECIAL Chinese ADVANTAGES are packaged as “RIGHTS, ENTITLEMENTs and IMMUNITIES” granted to or enjoyed by the Chinese BEYOND the COMMON ADVANTAGES of all other Races;

[3] Chinese Singaporeans enjoy SPECIAL RIGHT or IMMUNITY Attached To Them in ALL Social Relations;

[4] FACT-BASED Evidence of ANY Social Expressions of “Privilege” by Chinese Singaporeans expecting to be exceptionally deferred or regarded other than being EQUALLY treated as their fellow Malays, Indians, Eurasians and Malays Singaporeans.

It is clear that Singapore does not satisfy ANY of the above conditions for the de facto existence of “Chinese Privilege”.

Their existence would in fact have critically prevented the effective and successful operation of Meritocracy as the mediating medium of a just and equal multiracial multicultural society.  The CNA-IPS Survey indirectly dismiss any existential ”Chinese Privilege”.


The lesson from Apartheid South Africa or pre-Independence Rhodesia is that the mere numerical majority of a race does not automatically confer “Privilege”. To move from "majority" to "privileged", the majority race should be granted special benefits, advantages and immunities to the exclusion and disadvantages of the minority races by virtue of solely the "racial" criteria.  Like in Malaysia.

Interestingly, if one were to substitute the term “Chinese Privilege” in the above 4 Conditions with “Malay Privilege” as in Malaysia” or “White Privilege” as in the United States (US), the contrast is stark and would demolish and dispel any notion of the existence of “Chinese Privilege” in Singapore.

The importation of the concept of “majority privilege” from the US context is simply bad scholarship and the wrongful application of an appropriate social science concept applicable ONLY in the US context.  Another of myPosts on this here:

The continual use of the false and fictional concept of “Chinese Privilege” in Singapore will not enrich honest ongoing conversations that would enhance racial harmony and cohesion in Singapore.


Racial harmony and integration in Singapore remains very much a work in progress. Much more is needed to increase and sustain our lead in our Race Against Racism before we dare to declare, without hesitation, “regardless of race, language or religion” in all that we think or do as one people and one nation.

As Singapore strives to continue our racial harmony and shared economic prosperity in the next 15 and 50 years, we need to take stock and ponder whether we have effectively forged a strong enough bond that can withstand any threat to our social communal canvas.  Do we have Racial Harmony or merely Peaceful Co-Existence?  Time will tell.


patriot said...

51+ years under three(3) Chinese Prime Ministers, two of which are father and son.

Cant blame anyone who suspects Racial Discrimination as well as
the Truth and Substance of

History shall be the Arbiter
whence the Final Analyses are


Veritas said...

Our minorities are always angry. Many of them want to plant bomb and kill us. Then they hijab themselves to destroy private sector business, and cry discrimination when the boss fire them for refusing to unhijab.

They open their big mouth and lie that hijab is their tradition.

In reality our pictures of Malaya show that Malay women are bare shoulders around early 1900s.

Veritas said...

Singapore racial policy is all wrong, and PRC is the best. There are shit race and good race. Jews today tell us lies that all race are the same.

China minority policy is that they are aware of minorities shittiness and they strive to civilized them. In the end all minorities are civilized. China is the ONLY country in the world, 13 billion population today, that do not have major minorities problems. Out of 56 race in China, only Tibetan and Uighur got a little problem, thanks to USA, CIA, Saudi and India.

Singapore minorities policy are wrong. When minorities become gangster, PAP ask Chinese to be "sensitive".

There are no widespread condemnation when members of minorities repeatedly try to bomb and kill a lot of us. We buy the shit that 0.1% are bad and 99.9% are good.

PAP let minorities insult SAP schools and making it a voodoo for Chinese nazi-ism, while in reality SAP school is the biggest racial discrimination against Chinese.

We should civilize our minorities to be a race of love, instead of sensitive to their needs for sex-slavism, islamofascism, caste-ism, declare-shia-kafirism, shitting on ahmadya-ism, terrorism, hate-jew-ism... and all their whatever shit.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

The malay/muslim community are right about the Jews and their control of international media an finance. Mahatir called out George Soros back in the day when he crashed the Malaysian stock market. It is only now that people are noticing the extend to which George Soros funds subversive activities especially in Ukraine.

So i'd say they got that one right.

Veritas said...

Mahathir got it right and he expose the Jewish conspiracy. But that does not mean he dont buy it. Islamo elites knew well that Islam moroncrary is created by Jews and USA, through sex pervert Al Saud familiy.

Even when Mahathir bought it to subdue Chinese, maturbating Malay, he regret it to some sense. He allowed his daughter to unhijab and insult hijab. He allow his daughter to fuck Islamofascism.

Unfortunately Malays including Singaporean Malays are too stupid, not seeing what is going on. Meanwhile they orgasm by cursing Cina babi.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

i just read about Marina on wiki. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marina_Mahathir

She is an active campaigner for women's rights. In 2006 she has described the status of Muslim women in Malaysia as similar to that of the Black South Africans under apartheid.

Marina has called for an end to discrimination based on sexual orientations in 1998 and 1999.

Sounds like his daughter has been completely brainwashed by the social justice agenda. lol.

I don't like islamism but i think Jewish influenced liberalism is a bigger threat to our values in the longer run. I think the Islamists would be a good vanguard against the jewish media. let the 2 forces fight against each other.

Veritas said...

Both Islamofascism and Jews' theory like fuckism, all-race-equalism, black-are-victimism are fuck up.

The Chinese way is the best.

Because Jews way are fuck and that is why USA now become very fucked after Jews replaced the WASP. I dont expect to see USA in one piece in 2100.

Islamofacism is one moron ideology that teaches you how to become an idiot. Islamo states can refuse to modernize like a kepala buki head.

If China do the same thing, she would be invaded. Muslims never think deeply why they can survive by preach and being backward and why China cannot. Reason being their states are already whore of USA and USA wish they become piece of shit.

The only states that lasted 2000 years, never really brought down by racial problem, are China and to lesser extend Iran.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Both progressive thought and Islamic thought are same in the sense that they teach racial equality hence we see a sort of "browning" of their society due to mixed marriages The yazidi is one community that still practice endogamy hence they still look Ayran. U.S is only about more then 50 percent white now. In the future i'd expect to see a "brazilification" of the U.S as more mixed marriages take place. With this happening the average IQ of the U.S will drop to the low 90s. Although the elite will still have a high IQ they will be a lot more like brazil then the current U.S.

i'm not sure about Iran, i read somewhere that the original persian stock is only 50 percent of the total population. I think they have this sub strata high IQ population that produces their engineers while the average IQ is in the low 90s. Quite like how in india the brahmin caste is a sub strata high IQ population while the average IQ is like 85.

Veritas said...

The only exception of exogamy and obtain good race is China. The Fujian, Guanzhou came to China proper very later and all gene study point to the fact, especially in Fujian, the Fujian people are result of Han males mating native females.

By the time in Ming dynasty, Fujian began to produce more imperial scholar than most Chinese province, no longer barbaric.

The reason, Chinese civilization do not tolerate nonesense such as sensitive to minorities. Chinese also do not keep literacy to chest like Brahmins, hell bent to make everyone stupid. Chinese send in imperial scholars to civilize minorities.

But Chinese experience cannot be reproduce elsewhere not even in Singapore. Peranakan PAP is too fuck up and their straits time is a mouth piece to put down Chinese, and spread lies that Islam and Hindus are good.

In USA and Europe, since Jews win the days, everyone are taught that white is fuck up and black is very good. Every misfortuate happen to black is because white created it.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Ya i read somewhere that the male Y-chromosome haplogroup for southern Han Chinese males are the same as that from the north. While the female line shows ancestry from the south. But this was possible because of a high birthrate. As well as a preference for males over females in Chinese culture.

Parents would practice female infanticide if they could not afford it. This results in a surplus of warriors who would be able to form bands to invade the south. Since the Qin dynasty to the Ming ( more then 1000 years). This process would let Han Chinese spread to the southern china. Raising the IQ of the entire country.

In much of the modern world the opposite of what happened in China is happening. The lower IQ people of the global south are having much more children and then moving to the north. If this continues in the long run civilization will probably revert to barbarism.

Anonymous said...

Nobody had raised same issue in Australia and Canada

Their foreign policy was largely been influenced by their ethnicity factor.- British
They are so eager to support UK or US on anything.

British privilege in the Canada and Australia.
Take a close look at the right of native in those nations - aboriginal people.

If Singapore had indeed support China, everyone would blame Singapore for putting their ethnicity (chinese) above the national security.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, please be sensitive in your comments. Just deleted two of your posts.

You are making very hard to read your posts and to decide what to do with them.

Veritas said...

Hi RB, what I said is true.

Hindus are nuts about their blood purity and conduct genocide against inter caste romance. They even look down on our Sino-Tibetan in India. They think they fucking good until the day they step foot in East Asian land like Beijing, HK, SG, Japan, korea, and realize they are like fuck.

And everyone who follow Lina Joy case know Malay Islamo use Maria Hertogh to threaten people don play play.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, you should purge all of your stupid Veritas postings.
He is obviously a racist, and one who is very ill-informed.
He is just stupid and he thinks his remarks are intelligent when just baloney.
He is not insensitive, just too stupid to realise he is
Veritas is the worst and lowest specie of your fans, redbean.
Just DUMP him ...!

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

One thing i respect about Malay nationalist like Mahatir is that they are straight up honest. They state that they were here first, that they own the land. That they should dictate the direction of the nation. Islam is their religion. I respect this type of straight up ethnic nationalists.

The jews on the other hand are much more cunning, they use sneaky things like "white privilege " in order to bring down Caucasians. Now we Chinese also kena "Chinese" privilege. But i wonder why no one is talking about "jewish" privilege. Even though they own so much of the main stream media . Oh yes because it is "anti semitic" and because of muh 6 million.

With them promoting this privilege crap, now Chinese also kena. Sian not our problem also kena.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

And in totally unrelated news, good news for sino philes.


Veritas said...

Malaysian Malay are now digging their own grave. Malay Cina babi balik China is going to be a reality. Right now, there is rumor China is gonna implement a "Chinese race PR" while China keep denying it.

Malay still think their country is el dorado but in reality they are shit hole.

The difference with Malay and others is that Malays have a chance. There were once millions of Chinese neighbor showing them how hardwork, good character is about.

But the more you show good to Malaysian malay, the more they want to murder you. So I hope ALL Chinese in Malaysia balik Cina. Let Malay resonate themselves in their shit such as shitting on Lina Joy, Allah hu Akbar on lowyat, shit on Shia, Shit on Ahmadya, Shit on Dayak, incest, monopolize allah....etc

100 years later, you will have nothing but freak in Malaysia, with Taliban swaggering like nobody business. And on the rate Malay polish their crackpotism, we will see more suicide bomber, boko haram sex slave, ISIS branchese there.

Nothing is better than this. This is what Malaysian Malay want for their children.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

I hope they do implement a card, i think i would sell my HDB flat maybe become a farmer in XinJiang or a fisherman in Hainan. During the Qing dynasty and republican period citizenship for Chinese was by blood. Hence anyone with Chinese ancestry can be a citizen. The stupid Chicoms changed the rule.

I think such a rule is best for everyone. Diversity + proximity= conflict. Ethnically homogeneous countries like Japan are much better.

Veritas said...

That is right. In the way Malaysian Malay is going, we see Malaysian Malay becoming a moron crackpot that turn urang utan to shame. 100 years later, there will be rampant suicide bombing in malaysia, and even now, Malaysian police are foiling many cases of suicide bomber + 72 virgin husband wannabe.

And PAP tell us to be "sensitive to our minorities"....etc

On the other hand PAP import lots of FT Indians building neo-hindu-ism here. Any Chinese who oppose it can being labelled racist.

So I am getting hopeless.

If I see my home and settle down in Xinjiang and Tibet, embark a career of teaching, I am taking a cosmic task of civilization minorities.

Even if I live beside minorities, I am going to show them how good work is. We do not have PAP enshrining Islamofascism and Hinduism and keep accusing Chinese as racist.

Today China has created millions of Chinese Muslims, the Hui , Kazak, Salar, Tartar who are black sheep of Islam. Why blacksheep? Because if you put them side by side with Malay or Arab, you find these are super achiever and never shout discrimination. So Chinese Muslism are spoil market for all other muslims

No one can be as bad as Chinese, who pollute Islam in such as way.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

For some reason Gansu where most Hui Muslims come from seems to have above average IQ compared to the country average. I think this explains a lot of their achievement.


Veritas said...

Hui is Ningxia.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, your Veritas said:

"But the more you show good to Malaysian malay, the more they want to murder you. So I hope ALL Chinese in Malaysia balik Cina. Let Malay resonate themselves in their shit such as shitting on Lina Joy, Allah hu Akbar on lowyat, shit on Shia, Shit on Ahmadya, Shit on Dayak, incest, monopolize allah....etc
100 years later, you will have nothing but freak in Malaysia, with Taliban swaggering like nobody business. And on the rate Malay polish their crackpotism, we will see more suicide bomber, boko haram sex slave, ISIS branchese there."

You need more evidence what a true crackpot and loony your guys is?
See how confused he is! He certainly fakes his NTU degree! Cannot spell or write proper english.! He is anti-everyone except himself!
Stop giving him refuge on your blog!
Just cut him loose ...!

Veritas said...

I really for the good of Malaysian Malay. Malaysian Malay want Cina babi get lost, and I am preaching Cina babi balik Cina as per wish of Malays.

So far, Cina is the black sheep prevent Islamofascism. Whenever you see amputation, stoning, death of apostasy, you see cina babi stick their head out anti malay.

Since cina babi so fuck up and so against malay and let malay angry, they should leave and let malay have their sharia land, hopefully isis move their HQ from Syria to Malaysia.

The only guys stopping malay is cina babi.

I can understand why malays are angry.