Kim Jong Un, the trend setter of man's fashion

Remember Adolf Hitler's look, I meann his hair and his moustache? He was a class of his own, ann individualist that set his own style. Hitler's look might be different but he did not change the look of man's fashion in any way or not in the way Kim Jong Un did. Kim Jong Un and his awful looking hairstyle is the trend of men all over the world today and has been that way for several years.

Initially I thought only silly Asians or fashion imitators would adopt this ugly looking hairstyle as fashion, as the in thing. Then when I watch the European footballers and now the Olympics, even the Americans and many European athletes are sporting the same awful looking hair style that was a laughing stock during the early days of National Service. The 4 by 2 look would turn heads then, and attract all kinds of humiliating remarks and comments.

Today, this 4 by 2 with greater exaggerations, is cool. Looking ugly is cool. Looking different, weird and out of place, worse than a nerd, is attractive, I think they think so. And all thanks to Kim Jong Un for setting this trend. The barbers and hair stylists have a lot more businesses to do and more hair to cut.

When would the fashion world be honourng this man for his great contribution to manhood, that man need not look pretty, but anything, even ugly, is acceptable and desirable, and welcome him to the Hall of Fame in the fashion world?

I must say some men could carry this unusual, offbeat or obiang hairstyle well. But many just look anything but good. It is a piece of bizarre art on the head and paraded everywhere, in the streets and in parties of the high society and fashion conscious. This is the best revenge Kim Jong Un inflicted on the west and the silly believers that believed his grandfather was mad, his father was mad and he is also mad. Now he made the world mad to wear his hair style to look like him.

Thank you again Kim Jong Un, if the wearers of this hairstyle know where it came from, they might start to throw for their stupidity. It is North Korea! Not the cool Korean wave from South Korea. And it orginates from Kim Jong Un.


Anonymous said...

Redbean, you may think that the North Korean Leader hair style looks awful, but there are many followers and it looks good on many people. Just because you do not like it does not ,em it is awful. A matter of taste, right? So, Redbean, you must not impose your taste on others. Don't be a spoilsport. Keep your opinion to yourself please.

Anonymous said...

I saw many young people sporting Kim Jong Un's haircut, even shorter than Kim's haircut.

The sides are trimmed (can even see scalp) until the top of the head.

Anonymous said...

during my NS days, if you kena prisoned in guard room,
that was the standard hair style.......

today, that is cool......


Anonymous said...

PM will be spotted with Schooling's hairstyle soon. Also, aunties will style like him too in celebration of first Olympic Gold

Anonymous said...

Kim s hair style goes with Summer or Winter difference. If u look at Kim s picture when he was wearing groves, the hair cut lower above the ears. In recent heat, when he was wearing shirts with no jackets, his hair style is side cut with "level 1", while top with "level 10".

Kim has one trend that NS boys can never learn. His weight is increasing fast. He looks like a big meat ball. May be in NK has no carlifornia gym. Go NK will be timely for Kim to have private trainer.

Veritas said...

Are you talking about hijab?

Anonymous said...

German President Booed, Attacked; Claims "The People Are The Problem, Not The Elites"


Germans protesting the Alien Invasion

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Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Germans are cucks.

As bad as the PAP is they still not as bad as Merkel. Imagine having migrants then having to pay for them. lol.

Anonymous said...

Schooling's hairstyle best, no?
Schooling to cut like Kim, no?

How about whole cabinet cut to look like Kim? Cool man.

Anonymous said...

How about whole cabinet cut to look like Kim? Cool man.
August 14, 2016 5:39 pm

Schooling has performed.
wud be nice to see some matching performance from the cabinet too.
- performance hor
- not wayang

Anonymous said...

The North Korean women have better shape than the South Korean women due to colder weather so they have larger melons