How the main media play rogue media?

Many readers tend to assume that main media are responsible institutions run by responsible people, the editors, the journalists and reporters, to report news as factually and truthfully as they are as responsible people. By now, many readers must have learnt the truth, that many truths in the main media, particularly the western media, were anything but truths and many were outright lies. The main media has done the dishonourable thing, to discredit themselves by telling fabricated news, lies and half truths to mislead and to misinform to serve their agenda and political interests.


A very good example is the South China Sea dispute case. It was very obvious that the Arbitral Tribunal in The Hague was a private and commercial organisation set up specifically for willing parties that voluntarily elected to seek the Tribunal to mediate their disputes but not a compulsory organisation of the UN. The institutions of the UN are the ITLOS and the ICJ. But since the Arbitral Tribunal made its one sided decision on the South China Sea dispute, the main media, especially the western media or those that have vested interest to want to toe the line of the American/Japanese camp have consistently and continuously been reporting that The Hague was a UN backed institution. What does this UN backed institution mean? Is it a representative of the UN? Obviously not. The UN has its own legal institutions and the Tribunal in Hague is not one of them. So why and what is the purpose of harping this line of thought in the main media when it has no legal purpose?


The main objective is to create a false impression in the minds of innocent readers that it is backed by the UN and thus authoritative and not abiding by its decision is violating international law or not respecting the UN. The truth is far from it. If it is so, the UN would have made official statements to demand that China respect the rulings of the Tribunal. The UN has taken an unusual silent stand on this issue, nothing to do with it. That speaks a lot about the legality of the Tribunal and its so called "UN backed'' status.


What is mischievous about the main media is how they glossed over the biased, unfair and unjust constitution of the Tribunal and the whole process. The main flaw is that it is an arbitration court of choice by the parties in disputes and must be neutral to both parties, agreed by both parties, before it would be accepted to arbitrate a dispute.


In the South China Sea dispute, China did not agree to the Tribunal as the arbitrator or mediator. This alone would rule out its role as a court of choice.  The second important point is that both parties must choose and approve the constitution of the court, ie, appointing the judges that they have confidence to be fair and just. In this case, the judges were appointed by a Japanese unilaterally without the consent of the other party. And it was clear that the process of picking the judges was to ensure that the judges would rule in favour of the camp appointing them. And the judges were also paid by one side of the camp in the dispute.


How can a court constituted in such a contrived manner be fair and fit to arbitrate between two parties of which one is unwilling? The main media chose not to expose this fraud and played on as if nothing was wrong with the whole process and the appointment of the judges by one party and paid by one party. This totally exposed the evil scheme of the main media and the parties behind them to mislead its readers to believe in a scam. This is an insult to the intelligence of the readers and an injustice committed by the main media, a very shameful act for an institution that is built on the foundation of trust and honour.


The main media has lost all its credibility, integrity, trust and honour in the shameful way they conduct themselves in reporting distorted and one sided truth to mislead its readers. It is despicable for the main media to think it can continue to tell lies and half truths to its readers and to be able to get away with it. They could if the readers are unthinking and chose not to question the half truths in the main media. Anyone that cannot see injustice, unfairness, and fraud and go about shouting that it is right, just and fair got to have his head reexamined.


The main media have not stopped its untruthful reporting and are still reporting the rulings of the Tribunal as legally binding and backed by the UN despite the unfair constitution of members of the court. When the main media chose to report a kangaroo court as an honourable and fair court, it subjects the integrity and credibility of the main media to question and public scrutiny..


Anonymous said...

"In the South China Sea dispute, China did not agree to the Tribunal as the arbitrator or mediator. This alone would rule out its role as a court of choice."

Tiok. And what can the Pinoys and US do if China ignore the Tribunal ruling? Go to war with China to enforce the ruling?

What can Sinkies do if PAP ignore the kpkb of Sinkies? Vote the "not ready to be govt" opposition as govt?

So what's the fuss about the Tribunal, the main media or what not?

Anonymous said...

Where does SPH stand on this issue? Does Redbean's " main media " include SPH? Please clarify Redbean, don't beat around the bush. If you self censor yourself when you write, writers and reporters of SPH would do exactly that.

Anonymous said...

This is a very deep insight post about politicians on world stage. I offer my input. Hope it is not deleted.

The tribunal judgment was known to be a "strong and powerful" one from US to the world media. HK China media widely reported it. However, it died down as quick as the same as when the judgment was first announced on 12 July. My interpretation is: these people had far little influence on world stage. That is the explanation.

UN was a brand like coocowcoolah. Only the naive like it sweet.
UN is a play ground of US. Someone broadcasted "hurry hurry" on UN assembly, and the secretary of state said it was Sadam s army officer asking soldiers to bury the mass destruction weapon. So the invasion of Iraq was done with UN s "nodding heads". It was a bully of a civilization assisted by cronies of US. Look at the weapons being given to IsIs. We knew US was the indirectly founder of this extremist group, as Trump said it. It was accidental? At least someone was responsible. He is in US, such as Obama now.

The same on South China sea. US wants to have war with China. But UK was unable due to Brexit, and Germany was not keen. French IsIs attacks was still not enough for them to learn. They need more refugees from middle east. Scs war is a must have when US deploy Thaad at Japan and Philippines, and the triggering point will be deploying Thaad at Taiwan.

I hope by then, President Xi has gone. He is hiding behind mistake for supporting S Korea. A new leader would show clear direction to US s new hawkist president Hillary what next. The judgment will be used in her lips by Hillary whereever she goes in SEA.

Anonymous said...

This is another side China article in disguise.

Veritas said...

The USA has lost almost 99% of credibility and today Russian RT and Sputnik are considered the most truthful new outlet in the world.

Al Jazeera was quite good until recently her report on Syrian Civil War, Yemen, Iraq make her morally bankrupt.

Syrian Civil smearing shit on Assad and support of Sunni Islamo, has shown clearly to the world the Sunni puritan are prostitute or USA, and both are out to destroy the world.

Anonymous said...

Why bother about other's country media? China has its own media sources.

I mean China also complained of Olympics referees double standards.

So China should banned international media and banned olympics altogether. Banned Philippines, Now thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, West.

China is almighty! With 1.4 billion population and 5000 years of history.

Why you worry and bother?

Hermit said...

China news on China claims again. What's new?

Anonymous said...

Why bother about western media? Coz they have made many of their Asian readers stupid and gullible.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

The western media (BBC+CNN) is biased towards the anglo jewish global elites.

First, they promote open borders free flow of labor. The PAP has jumped on this bandwagon to benefit business owners at the cost of workers.

They are pro jihadist vs Syrian. Pro Israel. They are anti Russia and anti China.

They promote feminism, LGBT stuff and other degenerate stuff at the expense of tradition.

They strongly dislike strong male nationalist like Donald trump. Recently, the Fillipino President has taken a lot of flak from MSM because he is a tough guy and does not wish to be controlled by the USG. I really like how he is standing up to MSM.

Veritas said...

Lycurgus80ofsparta is one smart guy. People should learn from him.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

heh, just a guy with a lot of time la. I get all my information from alternative media.


Check it out the reactosphere if you interested in reactionary dissent. Its a list of blogs on the dark enlightenment with the focus on the west.

Anonymous said...

Mongolia is in economic crisis, maybe China should offer them a chance to reunite provided if Mongolia wants to ?

Anonymous said...

Matilah, u r a moron

Anonymous said...

But in the end they are better than multi-headed snake

Anonymous said...

The system is fartk-ed!

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