Hilary Clinton The Neo-Con Warmonger

                           Hilary  Clinton  The  Neo-Con  Warmonger

Hillary Clinton is ruthless .  She is a mass murderess, a genocider, just like her forebears in the 1600s to 1940s who genocided and exterminated no less than 85 million Native Americans . She is a white supremacist who believes in whole sale mass slaughter of non-white people as seen in her feverish support for illegal wars against Iraq, Libya and Syria.In these illegal wars against Iraq, Libya and Syria she had caused the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and the wanton suffering of millions of others and also causing the affected countries to be torn apart in terrible destruction.She has to pay a price for this.

She is labelled in USA as a  great liar and is justly called so by Presidential candidate Trump.  Indeed she is  an international great liar who constantly lies to save her skin. She believes in carrying pre-emptive nuclear attack against Russia and China believing that USA will escape the mayhem and survive. She is downright insane, mad and crazy and inhuman to think that USA can win and survive in a nuclear war.She couldn't be more wrong. Her satanic thinking and action will result in mutual nuclear destruction and annihilation. and end of civilization because Russia and China are more than capable of Second Strike ability. She is not qualified to be elected president of USA. If by chance she is elected president , that will signal the end and the death of America and civilization.

Kill-lary Clinton is a Neo-Con who practices the insidious Neo - Con policies and the Doctrine of Christian Discovery , the American Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism and Unilateralism and on which doctrines the  American foreign policies  are based are really extremely toxic and dangerous. The Neo-Cons do not believe in negotiations to settle disputes real or contrived by USA. Negotiations only serve as a tactic to catch the opponent offguard so that US can take undue advantage to defeat the opponents with comprehensive surprise actions.

She is also known to be brainless and soul-less and has no feelings and compassion for others. The death of thousands of innocent people and the suffering of millions do not mean anything to her. She is inhuman or sub-human and is the epitome of all things evil and savage.

If the Americans are blind to elect her as their president they will be signing their own death knell.

Tuesday, 2nd August, 2016.


Anonymous said...

That is a little strong. Clinton or Trump ? Hard choice. Perhaps Trump has a slight edge.

Anonymous said...

All US Presidents are war mongers. They can commit war crimes and get away with it that others cannot. They twist the rules, resort to subterfuge, start conflicts with false flag events and bend the arms of their poodles, the UN and other world bodies to demand their support to suit their agenda.

Anonymous said...

I love to see Trump rebuild US s finances to be self sufficient with no debts. That is the basis for being strong: self sustainable finances, not borrowing, signing credit cards and roll over kinda US style current life.

But i will love to see Hillary to waste money on war with China. US well deserves to be ousted within this century to start a new era. China is having another huge live fire exercise from 1 August at East sea. My hope is for China to take Taiwan by force, to compel US Carriers to have war with PLA.
Shoot 2 stones with 1 war. US carriers is a mystery. Are they powerful still? It started from 2nd world war and the carriers saw Vietnam war defeat, middle east war mess with ISIS prop up as winner. Yet the mystery of US 7th fleet was keep untouched.
If soldiers on board are not having real war game, and keep having exercises with S Koreans teaching the latter what to do as "exercise controllers", can these soldiers still fight? Have motivation and courage to die when live missiles are firing over the heads? There are no bullets for the marines. Missiles of 3 times sound speed, even 10 time sound speed (China successfully experimented 7 times, can serve them on the tables at the decks while drinking beer.

Have Hillary be president and start having war in the sea. Lets do humanitarian watch for US if Changi can provide rescues for the marines or chinese soldiers. Hillary, please be the president for her last time.

Anonymous said...

What choices do the American people have between the devil and the deep blue sea?

Politics always boils down to choosing the lesser of two evils. The funny thing is that the lesser evil could turn out to be the greater evil and vice versa.

If war should break out between US and China, it will not be just these two involved. The whole of mankind will probably end in a nuclear santa maria.

Anonymous said...

No need to fight. America will self destruct in 10 to years time.

Their time is over

Anonymous said...

Sounds so familiar.

It's so tyrannical of

those in power.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

@ 8:39 am

Trump is a civic nationalist but has quite an isolationist position in world affairs. He believes in don't invade/ don't invite. Hilary is controlled by the zio neo cons and globalist who want to spread their agenda by war. She supports the TPP and wants to get tough on Russia.

Hilary is virtue signalling as the pro minority candidate the reason for that is that she wants to use identity politics to win votes. Another reason is to morally justify the rule of the anglo zionist elite over the world. If she is seen as the "multi cultural" candidate in support of black, yellow and brown people, it would very much justify them intervening in black, yellow and brown countries.

patriot said...

It was reported that both Trump and
Hilary are considering to abandon TPP.

However, the Visiting Prime Minister of Sin Lee Hdien Loong is claiming that TPP is a litmus test for the credibility of the US.

Can someone decipher PM Lee's Message?


Anonymous said...

Pee Em Leek is talking to himself. How to decipher?

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton is a proven liar, corrupt and self-serving greedy person. There are a number of books written about her and her devious ways. The problem in the USA is that 85% of the media are left-leaning and would shut their eyes to her criminal activities for political reasons. This includes the much discredited New York Times that our own Shit Times like to quote from.

Anonymous said...

Share the same
Seemed like
he roused no
one in the audience.

b said...

Lawyers are good liars. That is what they are taught in law schools. Must lie well then can graduate. They have no heart and fight justice for the world worst criminals so long the money is good. How can people put their countries and the world in the hands of such people is a mystery that will never be understood. It is better to put the world in the hands of accountants, doctors, engineers or even housewives - professions that solved problems.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon 3.24 pm

"It is better to put the world in the hands of accountants, doctors..........." ????
Are you sure you can trust accountants or Singapore doctors?????

I am not too sure about that. Accountants are the most profound crooks and Singapore doctors selling medication are even worst.

Cannot trust any of them...

Anonymous said...

Hillary s DNC was chaired by the same woman who worked for Hillary s campaign against Obama. Can any body use his brain to think that Democrats are a group of liars trying to fix the game between Hillary and Sanders?

Wikileaks did US voters a favor by collecting the hacked emails by all sorts of hackers taking the sources from DNC, the most dirty organization in US.

My guess is this: Wikileaks might hold something more confidential about Hillary s dirty games against Sanders and her rival Trump.

Sanders is happy. He might have received some sums that he is willing to give up his rights to fight further. But he had to face the fact that the DNC had special delegates over 500+ votes to support Hillary. Sanders was a loser before he began.

Wait for Wikileaks. Hillary now tries to direct US voters to assume Russia is helping Trump. Will she succeed to tell another lie? If she does succeed in the lying, that is only one of the many she will lie about.

Anonymous said...