Haze -Singapore should take Indonesia to The Hague

The haze problem is visiting Singapore and neighbouring countries again and Indonesia’s attitude is that it has done its best and blamed it on the wind. So how Singapore, are you going to live with the haze and blame it on the wind? What else can you do to protect your people and economy from the ill effects of the wind that came with the haze?

I think Singapore is very far sighted in supporting the Philippines case against China in the South China Sea dispute. Singapore must have the prescient for this moment to use the same formula to deal with the Indonesians. The precedent has been set, the Hague is UN backed and is legal and binding. Just repeat the same formula, hired the same Japanese guy, Shunji Yanai, to appoint the same team of judges, and pay them the same way as the Philippines did, or was it the Japanese that foot the bills, and file a case against the Indonesians on this haze invasion. And yes, this one got no issues with the territorial rights and thus is definitely legal and the court will definitely have jurisdiction to hear the case.

And it would even be better if Indonesia takes the same stand as China in the South China Sea dispute by not participating. Then the court and its judges can rule in Singapore’s favour.  So simple. Then Singapore can get all the friendly media and countries to tell the Indonesians to abide by the rulings, to respect international laws.  The US and western countries would definitely call the Indonesians to respect the international tribunal’s ruling. Philippines would also be shouting the same thing and so would all the Asean countries, rule of law, respect international law.

Like that Singapore sure win the case and can keep hammering the Indonesians for not respecting international law and that The Hague is UN backed.

I support this brilliant strategy. Now I understand why Singapore is so adamant in supporting The Hague rulings against China. Good reason to take such a stand. It is all about rule of law and respecting international law, not about vested interest. Never mind if the court is fixed up like a kangaroo court and the decisions made were just like what a kangaroo court would do.  As long as we believe it is legal, good enough. It is worth paying for the services of such a court and judges to guarantee sure win decision.

How, when is Singapore going to take Indonesia to The Hague? No need to stare them straight in the eyes, so unfriendly. Use the law, Sue. This is an expertise of Singapore, Sue until the Indonesians go bankrupt. Use the law, no need to behave like gangsters and hooligans.


Anonymous said...

Don't do that or else more haze will be coming our way.

Anonymous said...

Then do what? Or do nothing?

Anonymous said...

you can bring our friend to The Hague about the haze over our sky......

but our friend will bring up the FREE air blown from their lands......

like that how.......

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans only dare to bring a teenage Singaporean blogger to court.

Do you think Singaporeans dare to bring Indonesia to court?

Anonymous said...

Singapore has Zika and dengue to counter spreading of haze. Thailand the worst hit in Asean has only 97 in last 6 months, Singapore has Zika is surging trend: from 41 out of 1, and from 41 to 56 in 2 days, and from 56 to 82 in just 1 day.
The spreading of Zika is like haze. Unwelcome, but can be deadly to the weak. Zika is far more deadly than haze.

Wanna go to Heaven to complain? Indonesia is not keen on this issue because Indonesian minister had warned Singapore minister to shut up on haze, and the VP Kala had bluntly told Singapore its Haze law was not allowed to cross boundary into Indonesia to summon businessmen residing in Indonesia. Who has not follow "international laws" set by Singapore?

Singapore wanted China to follow international laws to give up islands China used to own for years to Philippines. Is this the international laws of Singapore? Fortunately, China is no longer as weak as the past: its answer was: come and take lah, US sent 3 carriers wanna take, China said send 11 please. US back off. Can Singapore help US to implement "international laws"? Send Singapore s future F35, so "akandatang international laws."

Meanwhile, these countries are telling their citizens to watch out for Singapore spreading Zika: Australia, NZ, S Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia. China spokes woman said, she had not information on this travel warning on Singapore. China is being kind to little dot. Still follow its international laws not to spread fear of Zika in Singapore. I guess China worries for Singapore if Chinese tourists are banned to go to Singapore. But our fainting leeders are not worried at all. China is always too slow to react. No wander kena the ass by Asean countries.

"Neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines have said they will monitor visitor arrivals from Singapore, while Taiwan and Australia have issued travel advisories warning against travel to the city-state."

Anonymous said...

Pray that our healthcare cost will not go up
due to side effects of Zika.

Zika really spreads like fire!


Anonymous said...

Rb //What else can you do to protect your people and economy from the ill effects of the wind that came with the haze?//

Aiyo, all economics ignoramus?

Never take A(ir)-Level H3 Economics (or previously known as "S" Paper)?

Heard about Coase Theorem?

Cheapest and most amicable way to solve perennial problem?

LaoGoa(-nomics) only Jiang $$$?

Haze (problem) since his watch but continue unabated?

His first 1st class economics "enter water liao"?

Same Botak-nomics?

Dunno abt Coase Theorem?

Dunno do CBA?

Is it not the cheapest and most efficient way to resolve the perennial HAZE problem since Lao Goa's time?

Need 30% sinkie "give lecture" here to (teach) tintongs how to apply Coase Theorem (to) solve haze problem permanently?

Think abt it?

It will work?

And won't affect bilateral ties?

And much cheaper in terms of economic costs?

virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.58

China no need travel advisory that her citizens visit Sinkkapor.

Long time ago already diverted to Matland especially Genting Casinos land.
No visas required. SIN Resort World bleeding that why retrenchment.

SinkKaPor por lan par USA. Yew want PRCs to come.

Ya come and scoop your businesses and back to China.

Sinkies land dared to bring matter to the Hague??
If so long time they do so.

Luckily, now Johore Sultan good terms with Singapore.

If not, your International Airport would be paralyzed when your planes can land or take off only one direction.

No need Terminal Four Every Airspace needs permission to fly thru.

They can make life real difficult with their fighter planes giving you free escorts services.

Their coastguards intercepting your vessels.

See they no hui even PRC naval vessels but more pee siah Kia.

They are Bugis warriors with fighting blood in them.

Sinkies only with scholar blood.

Anonymous said...

Think abt it?

Fresh air is like Bak Kwa?

The cost is cheap (free) or expensive (not free) defined over time?

Use your (pea) brain (to think (out of your ivory tower)), will YEW?

An economic good has a price when it is scarce and no price (free) when it is not?

The concept of price, efficiency and opportunity cost is not unchanged over time and space?

If yew cannot figure out this difference, yew have a 1st class economics paper as valuable as the "waste" buried under Lorong Halus Wetlands?

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, NOT everything scarce is an economic good?

Yew need to marry scarcity with desirability?

For example, the classic case now of Zika?

It is scarce but is it desirable?

It is not so it is an economic bad, not an economic good?

When (free) air becomes both desirable and scarce, it takes unto itself a value, a price, an opportunity cost and the concept of efficiency?

If after all these (explanations), YEW still scratching your head (in the ivory tower), the definitions of Yewism given previously has been validated?

Time for a name change?

To "TinTong"?

Anonymous said...

I prefer the spelling "TingTong"

- it's like a doorbell.
- you ring the bell ... but nobody is home
- the aeroplane is going down, the pilot (PAP) is sleeping in the 1st class cabin ... and the auto-pilot (voting PAP) no longer works.

Do you think the above is true?

Anonymous said...

The 1st thing (that comes to mind) is ("self-proclaimed") co-drivers. ......... oops ....... co-pilot such as Mao Show Tong doing what?

Freeloading on $16k per mth?

Sinkies taxpayers are suckers?

Anonymous said...

//- it's like a doorbell.
- you ring the bell ... but nobody is home//

Now is scared tourists no come?

Many sinkies (shop owners) neck long long waiting?

Winter (months) haven't come but retail entering "freezing" time in Aug cos many tourists (after travel warnings) might skip an "exceptional mythological UNICORN" city?

Time to declare "emergency" GSS to lure tourists?

Free this free that (eg. 200 sticks free satay throughout a 3-day stay?) to win back tourists' (punctured confidence)?

Anonymous said...

Some people still have not learnt from SCS Hague lesson.

Why go and deal direct?

Set the course for Malaysia to deal with Indonesia on dog eat dog scenario.

After that we will pick up on what is left.....

Sounds familiar? Hahhaaa....

Anonymous said...

Use the law, Sue. This is an expertise of Singapore, Sue until the Indonesians go bankrupt.

Sue who? Sue the wind? Can the wind pay damages if Singapore win?

Anonymous said...

With Japan's Unemployment Rate At 21 Year Lows, "A Hidden Problem" Is Revealed

Will current Japan's economy be Singapore's future?
Is it because today's PAP no longer have the balls of the PAP old guard to do things differently?

Anonymous said...

//Sue who? Sue the wind? Can the wind pay damages if Singapore win?//

Good point?

It's the wind direction that brings in the haze?

So cannot be suing nature?

Anonymous said...

Small nations could only rely on international law to protect their interest.

Singapore should not hesitate to bring Indonesia to arbitration tribunal. Ask Philippine where do they hire such good team of arbitrators which cost them only 30 US million dollars.

Make sure that arbitrators incorporate these term into judgement (800pages)-Indonesia must pay compensation to Singapore if Haze happen again.

We can very sure that from that day onward , there are no more haze from Indonesia.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 10:51am
China tourist is biggest group inflow, according to msm report. If they do not spend time in Singapore, how can hotels are fully booked, and shopping was reported to have increase in %.

I will xpect China men and women buy up the goods at malls along Orchard roads and other malls. If they go to matland, then, how did the scholars came out so good statistics?

I will expect Isetan, Metro, Tangs to report huge profit in coming quarter after the great sales. The Casinos must be making money as big timers gamblers are mainly from china.
Genting singapore could be retrenching citizens to hire foreigners lah.

Jokes aside, US advise women planning to get pregnant not to travel to Singapore. Of course pregnant liao, better stay home. This is the most unfriendly advise from a country the dearLeeders who sukar licking theirs boots. China does not mention singapore at all, that is the respect. Only HK report singapore has 82 cases, at least the Hongkie honors singapore s mighty Public Health care standard.

You must know Jokowi ordered his airforce to take over the regional aircontrol net from Singapore in few years time. The problem was discussed by one minster Luhut, an ex general of Indonesia. I doubt Singapore s refusal to hand over can sustain once Jokowi can prove his team s capability. Upon taking over, every flight has to report with types, code, plan routes. That is something the Indonesia air force hate to do. Reporting to singapore about Indonesia air flight over Indonesia Riau an other air space. So Singapore will be really small, the Leeders can talk but the Indonesians are showing their 2 fingers. One of the point marked the turning trend was Singapore was reported to monitor some Indonesian president and wife or big shots mobile, and fiber communications, for US, revealed in some weakilicks. That one was big issue, including matlands politicians also being monitored. Prior to that, some scholar cancelled 200+ officers invitations to attend singapore airshow on weekends through sms, resulted the generals did not even turn up on air show. That was the time singapore showed its muscles. The Indonesians lau kwee during the airshow as counter parts generals would have asked why Indonesia never turn up. Singapore generals got lots of face, thumb up to them. So why go to Heaven to complain? Rb should know, singapore can tell their airshow invitations cancel liao, their plans to come here for a few days stay in hotels habis. In future they will beg, tolong tolong. Dont sms to cancel last minutes. My wife and children are not happy lah. Then singapore tell them, keep the wind on haze to other sides, not to singapore, clear? yes sir.

Anonymous said...

To solve haze problem, first must ask what is the nature (of the problem)?

What is the main problem in modern society?

Bcos (modern) society can define its central problem, they found several solutions?

virgo49 said...

At Anon 10.51

You believe these statistics???

If not why 41 cases of Jija cover until cannot cover as danger to many pregnant ladies.

Malls mostky par Jika mozzies.
If not why HDB wants to cough up millions to help shopkeepers

Anonymous said...

Think Capita李ism, Mark西ism, 猫ism, 飞seeism, Com谬ism .......?

Anonymous said...

I think the pm not well advised by his staff that the tribunal not UN one so can not blame him lar. Cause if he was told it's a UN one that what he said and the position he took is the correct one Mah tiok bo?

Anonymous said...

I think the pm not well advised by his staff that the tribunal not UN one so can not blame him lar.
2:44 pm

Tiok. Tribunal not UN one. How come PM, PM advisers and even RB all don't know?

patriot said...

"Indonesia must pay compensation to Singapore.", unquote.

And Sinkies must pay for
their medical consultation, treatment,
and funeral due to complications caused by
the Haze.

Pardon me, for me does feel that our rulers do
like some problems to happen. They know that
when they(Rulers) come out to claim credit for
solving the Problems,
the Daft Sinkies will be
so grateful that they
will prostrate to the
Rulers as if the Latter
are like deities.

Daft Sinkies are just DAFT.


Anonymous said...

Finland Unleashes Helicopter Money In "Greatest Societal Transformation Of Our Time"

Finland is about to launch an experiment in which a randomly selected group of 2,000–3,000 citizens already on unemployment benefits will begin to receive a monthly basic income of 560 euros (approx. $600).
The pilot study, running for two years in 2017-2018, aims to assess whether basic income can help reduce poverty, social exclusion, and bureaucracy, while increasing the employment rate.



This is so old news.
I think LKY and PAP already launched a basic income scheme for Ministers 20 years ago.
The basic income scheme guarantees a million dollar annual salary for all Ministers and senior civil servants.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies problems caused by THE dementia generation?

Leave it for them to suffer under the u k hu (they voted since Day One)?

WASTED a lot of time liao .............? ............

Anonymous said...

ASEAN is just a talk shop -- the ministers meet so often to talk and talk, and then cross arms hold hands for group photo-taking after meeting. In reality what cooperation is there among SEA countries ?

Anonymous said...

Indonesia had repeatedly flex their muscle against red dot Singapore

when the news about Indonesia former retired general been banned or few Indonesian nationals been detained for more questioning.

There are huge outrage against Singapore on social media and their media.

What would happen if Indonesia become much stronger than now?

Anonymous said...

Is Sin closer to India
or Asean ?

Anonymous said...

India is closer to ASEAN.
They both don't have Zika.
Only Singapore has Zika.

Do you think this is true?

Anonymous said...

Indonesia is able to control haze, Singapore is unable to control Zika. 115 cases, 1 day jumped up by 33 cases.

1 pregnant woman got. Some millionaire was reported in web to say Zika is a mild disease. I hope the entire population wake up now.

Zika is not a mile disease. It can pass the virus to sexual partners. It can attack the unborn baby s brain. Zika is very serious, absolutely. Singaporeans are trapped by voting for a group of incapable administrators having too much salary to enjoy life and not showing good results in public health care, and no actionable ideas to create jobs for islands.

The only running policy is population increase to boost property sales, and massive inflows of migrant workers to curb salaries.
Even spreading of Zika is NOT detected by public health care. It was spreading for weeks among the communities. 113?

Tomorrow will be 150? Its shocking to see such spreading over a overcrowded island. Daily have mrt breakdowns to cause close human contacts to spread Zika and TB.

Anonymous said...

Both Tuberculosis and Zika will grow exponentially henceforth
as they are out of control and running wild.

Anonymous said...

Japan's Prime Minister Abe
was reported in the Straits
Times that he shall not forget
Sin President Nathan's Visit
to Hiroshima.


Anonymous said...

//Even spreading of Zika is NOT detected by public health care.//

Cut them some slack lah?

Sometimes perfect storm takes place?

Heard before the Chinese phrase?


Go look back the post on around 6 May 2016 after HSK kena stroke where a geomancy reading was requested by a patriot from a MSN (part-time) resident "non-practising" geomancer cum political cum social cum economic analyst?

There are 5 more months left in 2016 丙申 Fire Monkey Year as today is only the 1st day of the 8th moon in the Chinese Zodiac calendar .......

Already said last Month after the fainting incident what to "put" at the South area to engender a virtuous flow of 相生 than one (stranded) "No-Where Ark" which is quite inauspicious in Chinese "wind water"?

Even ever in HK a lottery outlet kena super bad "wind water" can lose $$$?

Statistically lottery outlets dun lose $$$ but that one "bad wind water" lottery outlet in HK lose $$$ until Baey Tahan?

patriot said...

Feng shud aka 'wind water' are absolutely vital to life even though they are very destructive too.

Ying yang is a Chinese Concept of the World and they like the Negative
and Positive Element to be balanced
for best result.

patriot is born in Sin and he is an atheist who like and wish that the World does not loose the Balance of
the Ying and Yang.
Up to the Late 80s, patriot did not
have much to bother, that is not to say he was not aware of the Avarious
Leaders around.
In fact, he witness the Loss of Ying Yang Balance when Sinkies get divide by wealth gap, dictation by those in power and the enslavement of the Citizens.
The Signs of Decay get worse as time progresses and the DAFTs care not about them.

what is the Geomancy Readings from here on? If patriot may ask.


Anonymous said...

/// 1 pregnant woman got. Some millionaire was reported in web to say Zika is a mild disease. I hope the entire population wake up now. ///
September 01, 2016 7:42 am

Zika will be serious when a Millionaire or his family get the virus.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo ......

Another dementia bean?

Just posted last month after "erection" in Rio?

1st time in his-story (why (the word) not her-story btw? Another Gender bias?)?


Anonymous said...

what is the Geomancy Readings from here on? If patriot may ask.


Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, died in BC 210 ......

His legacy ended 3 years after his death in BC 207?

Emperor Qin singled handedly ended 500+ years of perennial war (Spring/ Autumn & Warring States Periods) between BC 700+ to BC 500+ ......

Alas, his legacy only lasted 3 years after his death?

In history, no other man's (absolute) control over the Chinese Kingdom exceeded Emperor Qin yet his legacy collapsed 3 years after his death?

Arguably Emperor Qin was the most feared man in Chinese History?

More so than even Hitler?

But the legacy he built couldn't last beyond his (finite) existence?

Anonymous said...

Oops typo

"Emperor Qin singled handedly ended 500+ years of perennial war (Spring/ Autumn & Warring States Periods) between BC 700+ to BC 500+ ......"

Should be

"Emperor Qin singled handedly ended 500+ years of perennial war (Spring/ Autumn & Warring States Periods) between BC 700+ to BC 200+ ......"

patriot said...

Emperor Qin Legacy only lasted
3 years.

For the History of Sin, there
are at least a few Sinners' Reputations that will outlast
Emperor Qin by 10 times or
even longer due to Internet.

Sin produces outstanding Sinners.


b said...

Also take brazil to court for zika? The only way for sg to survive is to promote dual or multiple citizenship like the way muslims expand across continents.