Donald Trump the only sensible man in the West

This is a report from Germany calling for its people to stock up food and basic necessities in case of a catastrophe. What catastrophe, war with Russia?  Read below:

Germany is planning to urge its citizens to stockpile food, water and other supplies in the event of a catastrophe or armed attack.

According to a report by German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW), citing the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper, the move would be the first of its kind since the end of the Cold War.

The proposal is reportedly contained in a government civil-defense-strategy document, which says that people should stock 10 days worth of food and a sufficient supply of water, energy, money and medicine that would allow them to stay put long enough for the government to respond.

The mood in Germany has been unsettled recently following a number of horrific incidents. In the latest violence, on July 24, a Syrian suicide bomber injured 15 people at a music festival in the central German town of Ansbach. The same day, a Syrian refugee killed a woman and injured two others with a machete in Reutlingen. Just days previous, an ISIS-inspired attacker was shot dead after stabbing several people on a train in the south of the country.

The huge influx of refugees — Germany accepted more than a million last year — has sparked fears among many Germans that terrorists have entered the country under the guise of seeking asylum.

And they are calling for European govts to take in more refugees knowing what could happen if only a small percentage of the refugees are terrorists in disguise. And many would even call for more refugees to prove that they are not afraid, to prove that they are doing the right thing, to prove that they are simply stupid beyond redemption. This is an inevitable trend of event that would lead to the destruction and an end to the European civilization, the destruction of Europe as a modern, orderly and peaceful place to live and to work in.

Only Donald Trump is sensible enough to know what the hell is going on and how to stop it, to save America.


Anonymous said...

Republican US Presidential Nominee Donald Trump said in 1987:


"I like thinking BIG. I always HAVE. To me it's very SIMPLE: if you're going to be thinking ANYWAY, you might as well THINK BIG."


Anonymous said...


"I ALWAYS go into a deal anticipating the worst. If you plan for the worst - if you can live with the worst - the good will always take care of itself."


Anonymous said...

2016 US Presidential Nominee Donald Trump went on to build TRUMP ORGANISATION and now has a net worth of about US$10 BILLIONS.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is not stupid!

Donald Trump knows what he is talking!

Make no mistake! Make no mistake!

Donald Trump has an equal chance to be the next USA President!

It is up to HIM, above.


Anonymous said...

In 2007, 30 years after Trump said those words, another aspiring Presidential candidate then (albeit from a dot, oops, country which is more than 50% smaller than New York city (alone, let alone the entire US) from a state fund managing more than US$100 billion shared his "investment wisdom":

"If you take care of the downside (in an investment), the upside takes care of itself."

Anonymous said...

"His" sovereign fund, under his vice-chairmanship went on an "investment binge" at the heights of the boom before the 2009 GFC ........ (billionaire Quek Leng Beng is well-known to be a SHREWD bottom fisher but someboLEE thought he had "better idea" and did the opposite (buy (almost) HIGH(est) sell (almost) low(est)))?

New billionaire PR then in 2008 Jim Roger was so "worried" he said "it pains his heart to see ...... (the red dot) doing this ......"

The rest is history .......? (it was reported in 2009 many billions and billions were "wiped out" in troubled bank investment ........"

Anonymous said...

It is so ironical?

The previous credential (to qualify as candidate) was to manage big fund (at least 100 million)?

But one chap lost billions and billions (albeit managing a more than US$100 billion fund, more than 1,000 times the minimum criteria)?

Anonymous said...

Yes! Donald Trump will be voted into office!!

Anonymous said...

The job was to safe guard national reserve (from a potential rogue govt)?

But when on record someboLEE had lost billions and billions of national reserve under his watch as vice-chair (in "potentially troubled" investments even lay person might not go near with a 10-million feet pole?), he is considered "very-qualified?

Dunno what to say except repeat 梁婆婆's words: "真的是伤脑筋喔"

Anonymous said...

If they called you a rogue, even losing $1 is bad, and deserving to be called a rogue.

If they said you are the best, even losing billions is no rogue.

Anonymous said...

The point IS:

If the role of an EP is to foremost safeguard national reserve, is having managed a fund worth at least US$100 million (or mb twice) that far far more important than having a proven (prudent investment) track record?

Should someone responsible for having lost billions (even) qualify ?

If the role is (seriously) to "protect" national reserve, should not a criteria mandating a good investment track record the PARAMOUNT QUINTESSENTIAL PREREQUISITE than just merely having managed more than US $100 million but possibly lost billions (in buy almost near highest sell almost near lowest investments during 2008/2009)?

Anonymous said...

Is the changes to protect the reserves or to ensure minority representation?

patriot said...

Sensible man the US of A
ain't gonna save Sinkies.

Only sensible Sinkies
can save Sin.

If Germans have to
stock up for a month,
do Sinkies have to
prepare for 'worser'
situation, with Tuberculosis
getting out of control???


Anonymous said...

Technically, sinkieland's DPRK "lookalike" who arguably (and not withstanding that he) lost billions managing sinkieland's (former) iconic national shipping line within the first few years at the helm (and now in foreign hands (soon)) IRONICALLY could qualify as an EP candidate on the basis of having managed at least more than US$100 million company in assets?

The fact that sinkieland's iconic national shipping line (built by GKS, the old guards and the PG) was lost merely a few years under his LEEDERSHIP might not "matter" under the (previous) EP qualifying criteria?


Anonymous said...

Your idol (previously) already said (countless times) "creative destruction" brings about "progress"?

By contradicting him, u "not scared" he "disown" u "as his fan"?

Is he not himself "a BIG FAN" of (the concept of) "Hotel City (of Sins)"?

Who wants to stay in a hotel that mandates THOROUGH "full-body" checkup before allow to check in?

Is the Hotel idea even sustainable (and feasible) in the first place (given the current risks)?

But u idolise him ......

Publicly some more?

On countless occasions?


patriot said...

Missed Him much.

He is many times

better than than

any leaders in Sin.

He deserves to have

more fans and isolation.

Unfortunately, he has

gone hibernating and

not around to screw

the Sinners.

Come back please

my idol.

Many miss You.

At least come here

to bid your ex-president

bye bye and give him

your eulogy.

l am patriot

patriot said...

My apology

Idolation and not
isolation in my
above comment


Anonymous said...

don't waste time and say so much for what.........

he will be the next president..........

ask your bookie........

Anonymous said...

Bookie oso dunno who are the candidates now ......

Place bet on who?

U siao ting tong ah ....?

Anonymous said...

@ Yes! Donald Trump will be voted into office!!

Wah, so confident ? ! Don't talk too early , if not will you apologise, curse and swear or go quietly into the night ( act blur ).

Anonymous said...

At first read, the "first verison seems alright and no (apparent) typo" ......?

The first version makes perfect sense?

Isolated (in a (warm and humid) room) so deserve more (wall) fans?

Anonymous said...

What is the role of the elected President?
Is it to safe-guard the reserves?
If yes ... do you think he is doing his job?

Do you think it is the job of the elected President to safe-guard the elected PAP government?
If yes, then safe guard from who?

Anonymous said...

American Voter - The Wisdom of Opposing for the sake of Opposing

All we know about Trump is that the oligarchs;

who sent America’s jobs overseas,
who flooded the country with difficult-to-assimilate immigrants,
who destroyed public education,
who bailed out Wall Street and the “banks too big to fail,”
who sacrificed American homeowners and retirees living on a fixed income,
who intend to privatize both Social Security and Medicare,

(Oligarchs) who have given the public killer cops, relentless violations of privacy, the largest prison poplulation in the world, and destroyed the US Constitution in order to increase executive power over the American people, are violently opposed to Trump.

This opposition should tell us that Trump is the person we want in the Oval Office.


Anonymous said...

Stop your BS.

Only China with 5000 yr history can save the world.

Hahhahaa...... We see how China twist and turn this round when India tightens it screw on the SW front.

Trump is talking too much (to the point of talking nonsense) and boast/repeat too much like China that is biting back at him. It becomes apparent now that Obama and Hilary strategy is working well (economically, militarily, Foreign affairs) to screw china. People are starting to realize this and start laughing. Nowadays, Xi is really super low profile.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Trump for god emperor

Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

Sunnis are world champion moron and crackpot, and all have an illusion that they can conquer the world by fucking white women, by hijabing then shout discrimination, by bombing then feign victim using 99.99% muslims good, 0.01% bad.

As if the white man believe in them.

They are just dogs and pawns of Jews and anglo elites, just like gay, blacks and feminist.

Sunnis are loser who act macho. Without Jews, they are just piece of trash. When Sunni give Serbia trouble, Milosevic quell rebellion which cause death in Sabrenica. Sunni can only watch hopelessly their macho turn into cowardice, delivering their own head to Serbian.

Then Jews in USA cloak, bomb Serbia into submission.

In fact, no one can behave like a mad dog like Sunni. Imagine Chinese killing people shouting Confucius hu Akbar. Soon, Chinese will be genocided. But Jews keep bailing out Sunni.

Chinese have figure out that the best way against USA is to modernize. Sunni think they can solve problem memorizing koran.

Sunni got so deprave because their elites, the pervert Al Saud has prostituted to the Jews.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Chinese people being targeted in France by other migrants by RT. Reform the white lotus society.


Anonymous said...

AhLee uh Akbar

Anonymous said...

Li Jia Po

Anonymous said...

Chinese people being targeted in France by other migrants by RT. Reform the white lotus society.
For a minute I thought it was the future of Singapore.

Chinese slaves being bullied as usual.
Don't know which is worse.
Chinese slaves being beaten up by Foreign Talents.
Or Chinese slaves being beaten up by Chinese Emperors.

Do you think Chinese people are weak?

Anonymous said...

Do you think Chinese people are weak?
August 26, 2016 12:54 pm

Do you think Chinese kung fu is bull shit?
Do you see any Chinese MMA champions?

Anonymous said...

Chinese people being targeted in France by other migrants.

"It is illegal for us to conduct our own patrols. All we can do is always be on our phones. So whoever in the community needs help can call us, so we can get there straight away."
- Chinese immigrant citizen in France

Do you think he is a former Singaporean Chinese?
Do you think he has been well trained by the PAP government?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

lol, that was a good one. Phone warfare Singapore style!


Anonymous said...

Do you think Chinese kung fu is bull shit?
Do you see any Chinese MMA champions?
August 26, 2016 12:57 pm

"The founder of my Chinese school of kung fu said 2,000 years ago. Our kung fu is number 1 in the world. But we are not allowed to use our kung fu to compete with other schools of kung fu. So that is why you don't see Chinese people in MMA."

Just like:
"Singaporeans are very happy in Singapore. You don't see any Singaporeans demonstrating in front of the Singapore parliament do you?"

Veritas said...

Whenever I see Islam hijab babe cry discrimination in Singapore, I got so moved that I nearly want to vomit. If I wear 3 inch lotus or pig tail to work, I be lucky if my boss dont sent me to IMH.

Also hijab got a big problem. Today hijab babes got all sorts of cardiovascular diesease, automimmune dieseas because lack of exercise and vitamin D.

And hijab babes act bravado freedom fighter by crying discrimination when boss ask them take it down. They think white man so STUPID, and everyone fear them.

The only moron is Muslims.

They are hopeless people.

Moving forward, these people full of ego is going to suffer all sorts of insults, and humiliation. They are stupid and ostrich. Chinese long know the game of white man. The strength of white man lies in modernization.

To beat white man you need to modernized.

Sunni, think that the weakness of white man is they are too good to tolerant people shouting discrimination. And the strength of Islam is they can shout discrimination.

Anonymous said...

Someone said India is screwing China? In Singapore maybe. Ask them to go back and reflect on the 1962 war and how they fled with their tails between their legs. Can't even take on Pakistan want to take on China? By talking big perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo ......

The RCs aunties and uncles forgot bring masks ......?

Can faster contact kee chiu ......?

Also more umbrellas and cold drinks pls. ..... heard many OLs going for lunch said they "melting already"?

Old aunties lagi cannot tahan?

Veritas said...

No one can take on China now, especially near her door step. The USA military now is facing a dilemma whether to hit China today or later, which is even far more difficult.

China play the game of white man-- modernization. White man knows their strength is their military-industry complex. Unfortunately the rise of global judeo-anglo stateless supranational elites has strip mine their industry.

White man want to bring their industry back but side effects are serious. To lower their salary of worker is one choice. But that will be talent flow back to China, and USA lost more high tech industry.

The problem is China is able to keep her engineers even at low wages level. If China salary is higher the reverse brain drain afflicting white man will even be more serious. And if China revalue her currency to give people high pay, what happen is her nominal GDP will overshoot USA, which is an unpalatable event for white elites.

But keeping China at low wage level will see uSA industry keep hollowing out.

Free trade as a ricardian benefit is only a anormally and not universal case. It is good when you are a strong party, such as USA.

But USA vs China, USA is a weak party. And her best choice will be to stop all free trade with China.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...


Modernity is a double edged sword. With it comes atomisation and lost of tradition which results in a lost of in group loyalty. Which is happening in Europe. Also modernity which promotes female education has lowered birthrates to the point that they are not sustainable. This results in migration which will doom the host country.

Israel is the only modern country in the world that has an above replacement birthrate. If a society is not sustainable then it is not good. I'd advocate for returning to the old ways.

Veritas said...

Sunni are good tool in this world to destroy paradise. Anything good Sunni will hate and will want to destroy. If I am European elites and if I want to destroy Europe free education, free food, free healtcare, free house, free monies, all I need to do is to import lots of Sunni.

These scumbag will come take all the social security and polygamy and breed and educate their children to hate the good of Europe, and to love the evil of their shithole homeland.

Their scumbag son will then bomb their kind host, meanwhile sunni will say 99.99% good 0.01% bad.

Their women being part of the terror team will hijab everywhere, and accuse anyone of discrimination when people ask the unhijab.

In their shitehole homeland when Sunni call the shot, they will convert kafir to Sunni by rape of pogroms. They will reduce every kafir to dhimitude.

And sunni even murder the household of mohamad, killing his most capable grandson iman hussein in the day of Ashura. Today, even remembering Imman Hussein is a crime in Malaysia. Then Sunni lick up the biggest Islamic Satan Muawiya.

I do not know how to describe Sunni. They are too sickening.

Anonymous said...

I'd advocate for returning to the old ways.
August 26, 2016 1:56 pm

WTF? What old ways you talking about?
How old you want to go back?
10 years?
100 years?
1,000 years?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Just till before the French revolution would be sufficient.

Anonymous said...

India is a joke.
India can only bully small nation , their neighbor , bhutan.
Bhutan cant even have diplomatic relationship with China because it may pissed off Indian master.

India are afraid to bully Bangladesh . Why?
India may lost control over their access to the Northeast region ( seven sister states)

Northeast India is much closer to the Bangladesh than India.

Historically, India never exercise any sovereignty over Northeast India. They are independent nations.

Anonymous said...

India should splitted into different parts of nation because they belongs to different race and ethnicity.

Big contrast exist between a Hindi speaker vs Non Hindi speaker

They belongs to different kingdom and nations in the past.

Veritas said...

North East India Assamese is actually Bangla speaker, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland, Megalaya, Sikkim, South Tibet are all Sino Tibetan speaker and they are mongoloid.

Anonymous said...

SAF must constantly improve their power projection.

When European was in total chaos, it is right time for SAF move into EU and stole their lands.

SAF must draw the new boundaries for European continent and let them to feel the suffering of Asian people, African people and Middle eastern people.

Big chunks of European land belongs to the Singapore.
Just like Asian land ( Australia) belong to European people.

Anonymous said...

Veritas, what is your view on India recent move to deploy Brahmos missile near China border?

Veritas said...

India is a moron who cannot make Ajun tank work. Hindus spent most of their time thinking how not to prevent their blood polluted by low caste that they are the MOST SATANIC people in universe, worse than Muslims.

There is lots of way China can sabo India but China did not. India on the other hand keep fucking China and masturbate her people with lies to hate Chinese. TOI, Times of India is world biggest English newspaper and also the biggest anti China newspaper.

My take is India wont meddle with China.

We need to worry more about PAP importing FT Indians here in Singapore.

Today Singaprean Chinese are so masturbated by PAP thinking "Indians are good programmers" which are lies.

Why Indians are ONLY good in Software but no one mention Indians good in Math, Chemistry, Physics, biology and all other natural science subject -- this is worth pondering.

Anonymous said...

Any kind hearted oldie uncle know tonite where got the better "song stage" (歌台)?

Last year trade slowdown now trickle down to main economy le?

Cheap entertainment best way to spend Fri evening (after 4 weeks of hectic schedule)?

Anonymous said...

Can down some low-cost beer at nearby kopishop (one uncle always say go pub drink is expensive beer)?

Then join oldie uncle have fun time at the foc "song stage"?

Also enjoy the occasional hilarious comments some qi ko pek uncles make from time to time .......

Anonymous said...

In 2015, their per capita health expenditure is US$69 ......?

PRC abt 8 times that amount?

Even basic sanitation level also far apart?

Anonymous said...

Moon cake out le?

Also a lot of pomelo?

Durian also but business slow?

Anonymous said...

Paradox of thrift?

The economy "jiat lat liao"?

Even kopishop cheap makan also slow business?

Anonymous said...

So many ships can be seen anchored off the southern and east coast?

The last time like that was 2009?

This time China no more strength help the world by spending RMB 4 TRILLION stimulus le like 2009?

Anonymous said...

Abe feel grateful for Nathan because he was the first foreign state leader who pay visit to the victim of Hiroshima atomic bombing.

When are Japan PM going to visit the victim of Japan aggression? Sook Ching genocide etc...

Would Japan PM going to build a Memorial for Sook Ching Singaporean victims in Yasukuni Shrine and pay respect to them every year?

virgo49 said...

Seven months not yet over and Prata Man goes to meet his Maker in chains escorted by the Khaw (Cow) and Horse Face.

Another nearby fainted due to many stressful scared to be exposed future blunders these past years.

Moon cakes? From Genting Highlands, Best from only RM17.90 (Sin $7 plus)With nearly twenty over varieties.

Anonymous said...

Or was he visiting kempeitai officer of his grandfather?

b said...

Three frogs of revelation - leaders of France, Germany and Italy just went to Italy and Italy was hit with big earthquake. Its a sign that they have betrayed their own people and must go asap. Refugees should be help in their own region/continent and not let in to cause unrest.

Anonymous said...

See how Trump will deal with the economy?

For better or worst?

At least he kicks butts than the cans further down the road?

Anonymous said...

Abe cannot save his own country how to help others?

His Abenomics of 3 arrows pak jiao already?

After adding national debts about another 50% of GDP since 2013 the economy still in ICU life support?

Anonymous said...

The only thing their economy now good at doing is making games?

Other product no more world beaters?

How to depend on Pokemon Go alone to save its economy on life support?

Anonymous said...

Some more Pokemon Go count among several American companies as their investors?

So even Pokemon Go make lots of $$$ bulk goes to others than their own companies?

Nitendo and Pokemon Japan own little stake in Pokemon Go only?

Anonymous said...

Moon cake inside mostly sugar?

Bad for health?

Eat little bit high quality ice-skin type with hot green tea enuf le .....

Anonymous said...

Got stomach space eat high grade XO durian better?

One piece of the fruit like the goose egg size but the seed inside so small till like red bean pea size?

Eat 2 pieces no need eat dinner le?

Anonymous said...

@ Three frogs of revelation - leaders of France, Germany and Italy just went to Italy and Italy was hit with big earthquake.

Why not say Myanmar Earthquake , karma for supporting China in SCS ?

virgo49 said...

This morning on Fox 702 flash of Hillary Clinton shouting and condemning Mr Nigel Farage's campaigning for Donald Trump.

She called both of them Anti-immigrants.
Doesn't by now she knows that their Stupid Immigration polices are making so many of their Nations in ruins.

This dumb Pinky still wants to pursue this Mad policy.

MOT, Sinkieland wil face the same mess.

That's why he feel faint wherever he breathe now.

Many many unpleasant gonna be revealed soon with the Wiki Leak Asange
In many upcoming interviews.

Before Year of Monkey's is out, many miscevious
Good Tidings coming up to open


Anonymous said...

After 2009 GFC, red dot bounced back with almost 15% GDP growth in 2010 .....

Botak claimed all the credit never mind PRC injected 4 trillions stimulus spending?

The US injected $700 billion TARP rescue programme and US $4.3 trillion QE1, 2, 3 ......?

Anonymous said...

Now no more big PRC stimulus le?

Also no more QEs on US side?

So anybolee want come out claim credit turn around economy with double digit growth either in 2017 or 2018?

Anonymous said...

Now everyboLEE push blame to external challenging environment?

But 2010 almost 15% GDP growth due to 2009 Botak-nomics or PRC 4 trillion stimulus and US 700 billion TARP rescue package?

How come BOTAK never volunteer this time to save red dot from plunging trade figures on cliff like free fall?

Anonymous said...

By 2017 if continue fall 10% per yr means compounded for 3 years (2015 - 2017) at 10% decline almost 35% down le?

Work in multiplier effect on domestic economy that's why yew see now everywhere like pak mang?

GSS already over 1 month liao but everywhere still sale sale sale?

Anonymous said...

In 1987, Donald Trump advocated:

"Max your options"

Botak-nomics did the opposite?

Anonymous said...

The red dot "narrow" options under Botak-nomics are 6.9 million, casinos and ....... spending 6 months (from Jun to Dec) of the year erecting temporary lighting and barriers in the core city areas and dismantling afterwards just to "provide amusements to the Ang mohs" and some billionaires?

But at a cost of US$100 million taxpayers $$$, (countless) loss of businesses in the city area for at least a month in Sept and unaccounted other tangible and intangible losses?

3 "simple minded options" that havr low barriers, easily understood by 3-yo and copied by regional countries if they wish to follow similar (easy way out) path?

Anonymous said...

Do you think LHL is the only sensible man in the East?
Do you think his father founded democracy with Chinese characteristics in Singapore?

Anonymous said...



Singapore slaves?
Singapore style democracy?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I sense that your headline (Trump) has got people talking about Trump and there's no response to the 95% of your article talking about Germany.

I'll respond on the latter since it looks to me pretty ominous. Why would Germany tell it's citizens to stock up on emergency rations? The answer on the surface must be obvious - Germany is indicating that there's an unprecedented risk of unrest. So what's this unrest? It could be war, riots or insurgency.

The last, insurgency, I would rate most unlikely. So we are left with war or riots.

For war, I can only think of Russia. And war could include the whole of American-aligned-Europe against Russia.

For riots, I can think of something pretty obvious. Germany probably needs to do an about-turn on the refugee problem, but with such a large refugee population already in their country, they could face an uprising. This word uprising is normally used as indicating a population's uprising, but with the refugees and foreign citizens already entrenched, I find it appropriate to use the word uprising since there's such a huge proportion of the foreigners and their citizen-sponsors occupying that country.

As in the case of war, such an uprising might not be occurring in Germany alone. Many of the other EU states are facing the same refugee problem and therefore might be intending to make the same about-turn in concert with Germany.

I would be watching closely to see if other EU countries also tell their citizens to stock up on emergency rations. If this happens, then Singapore will be wise to do the similar.

Anonymous said...

I better stock up my mee sian mai hum.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

Germany one year on by black pigeon speaks:


Anonymous said...

Rb,, but our government is doing the exact opposite to what Trump has suggested? So are you saying the government and the 70% are not sensible?

Anonymous said...

What lies ahead is the economy, stupid?

Remember Bill Clinton famous election slogan in 1992?

"It's the economy, stupid!"

Anonymous said...

By focusing about 30% of election issues and time on the economy, Trump might have won 1/3 of the battle?

And another 1/3 focus on .......?

Then 2/3 of the war is .....?

Anonymous said...

Another part depends on the FED?

If they pull the trigger next month, which they have to (long overdue), the entire game till towards Trump?

With NAIRU agreed at 5 to 6% and official unemployment rate below 4.9% since May 2016 and US$4.3 trillions QE $$$ sloshing in the market not yet unwind, the FED FOMC members might be "worried sick" if inflation make a vengeance comeback?

Anonymous said...

In the 1980s, Paul Volcker raised interest rate to double digits to tame the inflation monster?

That was after Nixon abandon the Gold peg in the 1970s?

QE1, 2, 3 in 2009 to 2013 is aka Nixon Gold Peg Abandonment Saga II?

Anonymous said...

So luck is likely and always play some part in history?

If FED do it next month, Trump could very likely be otw ......?

They may have to given historical empirical time lag of 4 to 8 quarters for macro prescriptions?

Anonymous said...

Raising interest rate is a matter of if, not when?

Sooner or later, the FED has to do it?

Either do it soon with moderation or later like Paul Volcker in the 1980s?

Anonymous said...

Besides the official unemployment rate which is NOW below NAIRU, the US LFPR is another key indicator to keep a close eye (like the mother hen on her chicks and the circling hawks in the sky)?

What are Ah Tao (aka Big Bro, 老大) instructions to Ah Heng?

Hope besides Plan B (next Yr 2017 budget), Plan C (CFE), ah Tao (老大) also instruct Ah Heng to standby Plan Z?

Anonymous said...

It is not about India dealing directly with China. It is the danger of coordinated attacks on all fronts all at the same time.

China can anytime take on any enemies on a one to one fight. But it will be a nightmare to deal with enemies at all fronts. Recent US diplomatic efforts are shifting to countries bordering Xinjiang.

Human labor work force is history. No human can win robotics. And China engineers and laborers are getting more expensive for a simple reason. Food and shelter is getting more expensive. Even medical and transport are also more expensive.

This is the exact Singapore problem (restructuring) and there is no solution to it even until now. Now this problem is transferred or will transfer to China as its labor cost gets more expensive compared to robots. It is simple maths as this problem will be magnified 1000 times or more. Either way China moves to replace its labor workforce with robotics will also have drastic consequences as its population is 1.4 billion. But not to replace it will also make it lose competitiveness.

How? It is getting clearer the advantage enjoyed 30 years ago may become a poison in next 30 years.

How to find money and food to fund and feed 1.4 billion populations if robots take over? The only way is to cut dead weight.... This thought is scary to even imagine.

Anonymous said...

Stop being daft and listen to the western narrative like the gospel truth. With 1.4 billion population, China is short of labour, labour too expensive? Why so naive?

China got a big problem to find enough jobs for the billions of workers just like India. Automation, computerisation and robotics would create more jobless problems for India and China. Stop reading rubbish with thinking, use your head to think.

So easy to create jobs for more than a billion people population?

Anonymous said...

China can anytime take on any enemies on a one to one fight. But it will be a nightmare to deal with enemies at all fronts
The modern warfare changed the equation.

If any nation get into war as part of alliance, please get ready to lost one or two cities and embrace the death of millions people. Whole economy would been destroyed.

In the past, these nations can take a free ride on the war campaign against other nation.

For instance, Russia would make sure that every alliance nations (nato) get what they deserved - a NUKE attack.

If Australia or Canada get into alliance with US and attack Russia,

Russia would nuke Australia and Canada too.

Anonymous said...

Some people can think out of the box but it is of wrong box.

All along it is all about the No.1 against No.2.

India and the rest are just a pawn. India make it or not, US is not of concern now YET.
The day India rises same as China, it will be the same scenario where US will side Pakistan which it once did and will also aid Blanga. India will face the same problem same like China and the rest of the world who will progress from stages to stages of growth. It is unavoidable.

The more the population (and the longer they live due to advance in medical science) the more the burden the country has to carry in future. Somemore China has this one child policy which created a big gap.

I think a lot of countries learn this hard truth the hard way. Maybe some knew though but there isnt much they can do. This includes Singapore, they did try hard though but productivity still goes negative same like the rest. They tried to put in alot of cheap labor enmass (3 million only) but then it brought in more problems which even today it cannot resolve totally. Somemore it even created political headaches which resulted in the retirement of a lot of cabinet ministers.

It is a double edge sword which is sharp at both ends all depending on what is your stage of growth?

Anonymous said...

The start of nuke war game has never changed any equation up till this day.

That is the reason Russia (soviet) and US have stockpiles of more than 5000 warheads each. China has only 300.

Either side knows clearly there is no winner at all for nuke wargames (at least in theory).
Somemore the other sides has so much more which is why they will never used nukes.

However, it will be a different scenario for convectional warfare for all other fronts. They are not fighting as allies (something like 1991 gulf war - some countries are though). But the reason for China scenario is all about fighting for resources. India, China, Vietnam, Japan, Indo, pinoy all just want land or resources and nation rights....Common interest made them "allies" though which US is exploiting to it quite well.