Diary of Japanese Imperial Army Massacres in SE Asia

The Japanese continue to deny the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians during the Rape of Nanking in 1937. With tomes of documents, photos and films on the barbaric and brutal killings of young and old, pregnant women, children, beheading  and bayoneting of babies, the Japanese denied, and still denying that it happened. It was not true, it was not like that, no such things, only a few hundreds were killed, the liars in Japan would protest. The Japanese can continue to lie, to deny the naked truth of the hideous war crimes they committed, the Chinese people would not forget, and so were many of the Koreans and Southeast Asian people. Oops, maybe many Southeast Asian people have forgotten, even forgiven the Japanese and even falling in love with the Japanese as very nice people, very honourable people, very civilised people, very trustworthy and peaceful people.


I will want to remind those that have forgotten, that the war crimes of the Japanese to the Southeast Asian people were all recorded in history. And in a documentary produced by Chris Nebe, he revisited the major massacres committed by the Japanese against the Southeast Asian people. No, not just in Singapore but in nearly every Southeast Asian country but the natives either chose to forget and forgive or through the ignorance of their own history, could not or did not want to remember.  In the Sook Ching Massacre inn Singapore alone, 90,000 civilians were massacred.  Our mobile phone young would not remember a thing except to play Pokemon. The Japanese have every reason to want to forget, to whitewash this part of their ugly past, but should the Southeast Asian people want to?


In 1942, in the Bataan Death March, thousands of the more than 80,000 Filipino and Australian prisoners of war died before they reached their destination. This was followed by the 1942 Laha Massacre in Timor of Australian and Dutch civilians, bayoneted and beheaded in cold blood by the Japanese. Then there was the Banka Island Massacre in Indonesia where Australian nurses were forced to wade into the sea and machine gun to their death. One survivor lived to tell the truth at the Tokyo War Crime Tribunal.


The then Malaya also had its massacre in Parit Sulong where hundreds of Indian and Australian prisoners of war were executed. In 1943, in the Pacific Wake Island Massacre, 98 Australian and Dutch civilians working as slave labourers were also executed by the Japanese. Philippines had more than its share of massacres in the 1943 Palawan Massacre and the Manila Massacre in 1945 where more than 100,000 civilians died and the city destroyed. And the Pinoys love the Japanese. In Burma there was the 1944 Kalagong Massacre.


Did anyone know of these massacres, remember them? These are only a few of the many massacres recorded in history and the many unknowns that were not reported. Not the Japanese, their history books were whitewashed from these crimes against humanity. What about the history books of the Philippines, of Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar? They don't seem to remember them either. No wonder they look to the Japanese as so civilised and polite people, not knowing their evil past. In Singapore, Sook Ching was like a bedside horror story minus the cruelties and the gore and bloodiness of the crime. More than 100,000 civilians were murdered in cold blood by the evil Japanese. Some young Singaporeans would be asking 'true or not, don't bluff leh'.


The Japanese may not want to remember them, may want the world to forget about their war crimes. Should the victims of the Japanese war crimes simply forget them and best, believe the Japanese are very nice people, very polite, very kind, very peaceful, very honourable people?


How can a people be honourable if they don't own up to their war crimes and barbarism? How to trust them when they are lying by the skin of their teeth?


The documentary by Chris Nebe is at: Diaoyu+Islands+-+The+Truth-HD.mp4


Anonymous said...

Can Sinkies remember that those
Chinese and Indian who worked for
the Japanese Imperial Army were
chosen by them to be Rulers of Sin.
1 became the first prime minister of
sin and is today known as the founding father.

The other 1 was the longest serving prrsident of sin and is claimed by Sinkies to be the most affable president.

The current prime minister of sin
is the
son of a japanese interpreter/translator who is aligned with the
US, Japan and even the philippines.

Sinkies are eating Japanesr food
using japanese product everyday.
They never forget that everything
and anything japanese are good
and superior.

Rb does not agree with his fellow
sinkies that japanese are good ?

Anonymous said...

/// The Japanese continue to deny the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilians during the Rape of Nanking in 1937. ///

What about Pro Alien Politicians?
Do you think they continue to deny the sacking of thousands of Singaporean PMETs under the current Invasion of Singapore?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Rb wasting his breath with Sinkies.

Sinkies love everything Japanese.
Japanese car,
Japanese electronics,
Japanese appliances,
Japanese machines,
Japanese foods and last
but not least Japanese
man and woman.

And do not forget Cos-play
and Pokemon.

Anonymous said...

If you truly believe in karma, then not to worry. Retribution will come.

As for honesty , how many actually honest. China's Mao started culture revolution which result in many sufferings but how many dare to point at Mao.

I remember when i was serving NS and our company went to Thailand. Those gang of 10 Kuah Ong 鸡王 visited brothel to " hanky panky ". Today these 10 are committed and responsible husbands and fathers but has they been honest about this past to their wives as i ask them during coffee session. None , Zero ... if disclose more problem they answered me even though it's just past youth impulse.

Sorry man. This whole world is one big BS.

Anonymous said...

How much is honesty or integrity
worth ?
Sinkies knew and know there are
traitors around them.

Do they even care or are bothered ?

Anonymous said...

With the passing of then and associated generation. It will be forgotten.

Just like singapore evolved english become singlish.

Everywhere else is the same.

Now it is now a new world order. Some more so many people especially China chinese go Japan to buy rice cooker and toilet seats in mad rush then, some more most are just japan brand but made in china product. Where got time to bother about WWII?

Anonymous said...

Don't be jealous.

Pokemon go is hot . Yesterday everywhere i go , i see people playing not just youngsters but as a family. The fathers mothers sons and daughters all participating, even grandma. I saw one daughter and mother both on their motorize 2 wheelers playing the game on their mobiles. If it bring family together and help close the generation gap it's not so a bad thing.

China made car also copy Japanese car if not the Ang Moh ones. No to mention electronics and appliances.

You left out japanese animes and manga One Piece , Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, 寄生兽 . China cannot even create anything close to but luckily HK still have 风云, 龙虎门 ....

Lastly, most important you also left out japan AV.
Hahaha, although this area i have a hunch China will catch up or even take over in the future.

Anonymous said...

Like i said this world one big BS

First of all , if you are inside a lift with say 10 to 15 people. Suddenly you farted ( no sound juz smell ), will you be like Jim Carrey in the movie " Liar Liar " shout out loudly " It was me .... ". Or will you continue to act blur, look away ?

Even though it's natural , I quite sure most if not all will act blur.

virgo49 said...

Not to worry bro,.no one escapes Death.

The ones who enriched themselves selling off their brethren souls will have to meet them soonest to pay for their sins.

One one escapes the Good Brothers of Hell in the Seventh. MONTH when they are at their sick beds.

Can hear the kling Kling sounds of chains coming for him.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

i respect the japs for not having migrants and anime. Life would be boring if anime did not exist.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China and Japan could have patched up long ago. But the Japanese refused and still claiming to Chinese territories and inciting the Ppines and Vietnam to fight China. They are creating a situation to repay their karmic debt for China and the Koreans to invade Japan and return the Japanese what they had done to China and Koreas.