China starting to show displeasure with Singapore

Global Times, the unofficial spokeman of China, has published articles that criticized Singapore’s cosying up with the Americans and the lavish dinner that Obama hosted for Hsien Loong as a statement of Singapore’s support for the Americans particularly over the South China dispute. Singapore’s overt support of the American position is never in doubt by the numerous articles published in the local media and with comments from Singapore officials that irked China. And Hsien Loong’s comments at the White House dinner put squarely where Singapore stood in the dispute between China and the US.

The Global Times did acknowledge the difficult position of Singapore in a region that is not too friendly and could turn hostile to Singapore and Singapore’s interests and the need to play the American card. The military might of the Americans is sorely needed should the neighbours attempt to squeeze Singapore to put Singapore in its rightful place. China appreciates that but when Singapore leaned too close to the Americans and even overtly took positions that are explicitly anti China, it forces China’s hand.

The Global Times reminded Singapore that it could play a balancing role like in the past by being as neutral as possible. When Singapore started to take sides against China, Singapore would lose this value and strategic role as a balancer between the two superpowers. LKY was able to do what he did because of his ability to respect the interests of the two superpowers without being hostile to anyone. China opened its doors to LKY, giving him special access to China’s top leaders. LKY could share his understanding of Chinese leader’s thinking with the Americans and could advise the Americans because of this special privilege built over years of trust and confidence building.

When this trust is lost, when China perceived that Singapore is no longer trustworthy, but in the American camp, the door will be closed. Hsien Loong or other Singapore leaders will find themselves waiting outside the corridors of Chinese leaders taking cue numbers and waiting to be invited for an audience that would not come. When that day comes, Singapore would lose its usefulness to China and also to the Americans other than being a close military ally like the South Koreans, Japanese, the Philippines and the Vietnamese. The consequences of being relegated to a staunch American ally in the American pivot to Asia would not be in the long term interest of Singapore. Many doors would be closed and many economic deals would be left hanging in the air. The Chinese market would no longer be there, to be easily accessible.

This seems to be the warning coming out from the Global Times. Respect China’s interests and continue to play a strategic balancing role between the two super powers or be sidelined.

The warning to Singapore has been sounded. Whither Sino Singapore relations going forward are now in the hands of Singapore leaders. Would Singapore's media and officials continue to call China's friends as Trojan Horses in public forum to show where Singapore stood in the US China rivalry?


virgo49 said...

What you expect from a U.S. so called brain washed sponsored Scholar by taxpayers who are too much potatoes than rice.

Usually those chidren who are from the well of families been sheltered by their wealth are not street wise as those who are born to fight and survive for a living in this unjust world.

Had lived long enough to witness many Duds from wealthy parents who are not able to make wise decisions as been different from those who have no choice in making life survival decisions since young.

See the younger generation of those wealthy folks who are now emboil in drug cases and other demeanour acts due to their an idle mind is a devil's workshop.

They have too much wealth and time on their hands that they are up to sinful activities.

This is also sort of Karmic punishments for their sins.

Anonymous said...

This type of news , divert it's own citizen's attention.

Anonymous said...

The little red dot is proclaimed as a 'Little USA' in Asia. It's role is to provide a pivot for US to rebalance Cheena...future generations kids will remember their forefather leader went to the West in a State called US & their children's children will know that their forefathers came from America & they belong to that 51st State of that mighty land..co-incidentally it's the 51st National day of SinkieLand today..

Anonymous said...

"The warning to Singapore has been sounded."

So? What else can China do to Singapore? Will China stop 2nd, 3rd or lower rate PRCs to come here to work and live? Will Singapore stop taking in PRCs?

Anonymous said...

"What else can China do to Singapore?"
10:01 am

Nothing much, other than be like another RB. No wonder Hsien Loong dare to take sides with USA against China on the South China sea issue. Maybe because Hsien Loong think USA can better protect Singapore mah. Ask yourself, who did Singapore buy arms or fighter jets from, USA or China?

Anonymous said...

Singapore has chosen side and the consequences will be for the future. Who knows, it could turn out to be a very wise move. Getting close to the US of A could be the life-line that Singapore needs in a stormy sea. PAP is a smart government and I am sure this decision to cosy up with the USA has been well thought out and discussed at great length. Redbean is always anti-USA and undoubtedly thinks that moving closer to the yanks is not too good. Din't worry too much Redbean, you are in the safe and capable hands of the PAP. Don't be too kiasu and kiasi.

Anonymous said...

"Din't worry too much Redbean, you are in the safe and capable hands of the PAP."
10:12 am

Worry also no use, even if in the unsafe and incapable hands of the PAP, as long as the opposition is not strong, united and ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

The Americans and the West are very good at turning Chinese to fight Chinese. Singapore has a Chinese majority population and it is looking like Singapore will be on the side of the USA fighting the Chinese in the South China Sea. How would this go down to the majority Chinese that have a natural affinity for China? The banana types would have no problem fighting China Chinese. They love to do that.

Anonymous said...

Singapore s pm shouting for TPP and told China to heel the "strong and powerful" judgment was like a drop on the Scs ocean.
There was no ripple. None of the major news sites in China and HK continued the report of the famous son of a politician. Its an indication of Singapore s importance to China. Instead, the news was more prominent of an "ambassador" who was sworn in to do the job in Singapore and was caught for "drink driving" at mid night.

The Scs issue will be the rivalry between US and China. Not Singapore and China. However, due to Scs, many used to be "good" relationship turns rivalry. Japan, Australia, and Singapore have become the major "powers" to rival China s presence in Scs. Meanwhile, China starts to display their most modern jets and missiles in the name to protect Scs.

What are the consequences?
Small countries are nothing. Pinoys sent an 88 year old ex pm to China. He revealed that there was no contact to see him when he landed in HK yesterday. So u can imagine, how the Chinese put their priorities. They have G20. Japan new defense minister who will draft new warring constitution. Russia China live firing exercise in Scs. And Australia submarines will monitor Russia China exercise.

The Chinese will simply ignore Singapore and Pinoys. That is all they want to do. It means, tourists from China will be far lesser. Casinos will not have many prc.
For S Koreans, their "stars" are banned in China shows. For Singapore there is none can stage in China anyway. But China s import from Singapore will be on the decline. May be those built by Singapore properties will be less attractive to the local Chinese.

But like pinoys banana, Singapore s exports are well received world wide, called globalization, every one will buy its products, there is no worry if China market want to buy or not. This is very sure. US people will rush for Singapore made machinery and electronic products. Just enjoy the big profits as US people are more generous to pay higher prices.
More tourists from US will rush to Singapore for a 7 day tours to beef up the slow industries and retailers. Let celebrate the success for coming years ahead of time.

Hermit said...

PAP gahmen has been supporting bother US and China for economic reasons for many years. It will inevitably come down to this when US and China disagree.

Anonymous said...

If Singapore turns out to make a wise choice.

What say we hang these traitors.

The point is China did choose to build the kra canal to bypass us.
What chinese we talking about here.

Sg govt not stupid. So many people worked there, lived there liao will come back to report to govt what is really happening inside where it cannot be published in public.

Ok lor, lets see how this pee sai or red dot perform.

Anonymous said...

Din't worry too much Redbean, you are in the safe and capable hands of the PAP. Don't be too kiasu and kiasi.
August 09, 2016 10:12 am

We are in the hands of PAP ... that much is true.
Safe and capable?

Hummmmmm ....

Anonymous said...

It has come to the situation either you defend Singapore against tyrant China or allow tyrant China to walk all over Singapore. It is clear whose side the pro China supporters including RB and his gang are on. Traitors.

jjgg said...

We really believe we punching above our weight eh...how much Is our opinion lauded amongst our neighbors? They really care meh? Don't see them trembling because of our close associations with the yanks...we relied on the Malaysians n Indonesians for the recent security breaches...where was the American hand in all this? Which part of the arsenal which we bought in the billions of $$$$ spent on American weaponry assisted in the capture of these terrorists. Are our cannons pointed in the right direction?...is a White House dinner the aim of all these billions spent n resounding blind support for American interests? Ya.. That includes putting our army boys in harms way. Some of the MIWs children are of NS age...will any of them be sent to Iraq? Will any of our esteemed BGs be sent? Personally, I rather have an imperial feast. Much much cheaper.

Anonymous said...

China is watching! China is watching!

LHL so far played the "right" game!

LHL did the "balancing" act!

To survive in this part of cruel and dangerous world......

SG must continues to do very very well.

Then others will at least see this little red dot up!

Can LHL and the new leaders continue with the sparkling growths for SG?

Think about it!

Happy 51 National Day!

Anonymous said...

/// It has come to the situation either you defend Singapore against tyrant China or allow tyrant China to walk all over Singapore. It is clear whose side the pro China supporters including RB and his gang are on. Traitors. ///
August 09, 2016 11:27 am

Do you think it is more accurate to say:
/// It has come to the situation either you defend PAP against tyrant China or allow tyrant China to walk all over PAP. ///

Fighting for Singaporeans in Singapore is one thing.
Fighting for PAP (and their Foreign Talents) in Singapore is another thing.

Different. Not same-same.

Anonymous said...

@ August 09, 2016 11:27 am
@ August 09, 2016 12:00 pm

If Singaporeans were not daft.
Then Singaporeans should ask the "correct" questions:

1. How does it benefit a Singaporean to fight for China?
2. How does it benefit a Singaporean to fight for PAP?
3. How does it benefit a Singaporean to fight for his fellow Singaporean?
4. Is it better to be a translator for an invading foreign army or is it better to be a patriot?

Anonymous said...

Anytime if i have to chose between defending PAP and tyrant China.

Without even any hesitation, me as a singaporean will chose PAP.

PAP and opposition business is our internal affairs not meant for foreigners.
Whatever it is, we choose PAP ourselves. I dont want to be like HK...

Anonymous said...

@ ....... or allow tyrant China to walk all over Singapore. It is clear whose side the pro China supporters including RB and his gang are on. Traitors.

Haha, not to mention anyhow shit right

Anonymous said...

Being a traitor is in the blood.

What have Singapore produced that is selling to the world, Newater?

Not to worr, there will be a better Singapore when all the useless sinkies are replaced. And that includes you.

Anonymous said...

very simple......

in USA says USA.....

in China says China......



Anonymous said...

@ " Being a traitor is in the blood. "

Sorry man we are all descendants of traitors. ( Ang Moh also no difference )

Many here talk big what Yi Hei, Loyaltly, Patroit ... alot of BS.

No disrespect. When the Mongolia conquered China, how come all Chinese including our ancestors never commit suicide or cut his throat, hang, kill himself or whatsoever to 尽忠. After several massacre of several cities, all surrender submit and become subjects slaves of the Mongolia kingdom. Next came the Qing, also same thing this round they rule China for near 300 years. Worst you have shave your head and keep a pigtail else they chop your head. How come all chinese including our ancestors never say 士可杀不可辱, cmon babe my neck awaits you. In the end all obey and shave head.

The will to stay alive is nothing to be shameful of. If our ancestors never take humiliation, grit their teeth to stay alive, China long time disappear on the map, your family bloodline also disappear.

And today you wont be here giving your sanctimonious speech.

Ang Moh no difference also , Germany invaded Europe, Later East germany rule by Russia ....

Anonymous said...

China supporters of this blog, this is not about PAP vs China or whatever other nonsense. When China decides to bully Singapore (and other SE Asian countries), it is not going to say it will cause the 60% who voted PAP misery, while the others who voted against PAP as on their side. China has already shown its aggression by claiming the South China Sea as theirs and when they cut off the sea/air route, all Sinkies (and other SE Asian countries) will suffer. So as a Sinkie, it really is either you defend your homeland Sinkie against China's bully tactics, or you allow bully boy China to walk all over you. That is the stark naked truth about China's aggression.

So, which side are you on now? Defending Sinkie or do you still want to let China ream your ass?

rex said...

How naive can you get @anon2:54, why would china "cut off the sea/air route,"? To destroy SE ASia? SE Asia is of no concern to China! The concern is the bullyboy Americans. If you read history you would know that after the great wars it was all agreed thst certain islands woukd be returned to china eventually ,but big bully america has lend its influenced to the other collaborators to rescinded the agreements virtually. Diaoyu Dao is clearly chinese territory as an example.
The current saga is strictly and issue between china and usa, the Philipin are merely pawns in the game. Singapore should not act as another pawn of the usa.

rex said...

How naive can you get @anon2:54, why would china "cut off the sea/air route,"? To destroy SE ASia? SE Asia is of no concern to China! The concern is the bullyboy Americans. If you read history you would know that after the great wars it was all agreed thst certain islands woukd be returned to china eventually ,but big bully america has lend its influenced to the other collaborators to rescinded the agreements virtually. Diaoyu Dao is clearly chinese territory as an example.
The current saga is strictly and issue between china and usa, the Philipin are merely pawns in the game. Singapore should not act as another pawn of the usa.

Anonymous said...

So, which side are you on now? Defending Sinkie or do you still want to let China ream your ass?
August 09, 2016 2:54 pm

I want to be translator for the China People's Liberation Army.
I want to follow in the footsteps of my Founding Father.

Anonymous said...

I want to defend our Singaporean Millionaires against the China People's Liberation Army.
I want to defend multi-million dollar properties that don't belong to me against the China People's Liberation Army.

I want to defend family fortunes that don't belong to me against the China People's Liberation Army.

I want to defend the high paying jobs that belong to Foreign Talents against the China People's Liberation Army.

Anonymous said...

/// So as a Sinkie, it really is either you defend your homeland Sinkie against China's bully tactics, or you allow bully boy China to walk all over you. ///
August 09, 2016 2:54 pm

As a Sinkie, I want to defend Singaporean jobs against Aliens who are stealing our jobs and retrenching Singaporeans.
I will not allow foreign bullies and Pro Alien Politicians walk all over me and make us unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:54, your head is as big as your peesai. China bothers about a peesai?
China is now staring down at the Americans. Got no time your hear your stupid rant lah.

Anonymous said...

I want to defend my CPF money that does not belong to me against the China People's Liberation Army..
I want to defend my HDB flat that does not belong to me against the China People's Liberation Army.
I want to defend our Singapore universities whose fees I cannot afford against the China People's Liberation Army.

I want to defend my right to collect cardboard boxes for a living against the China People's Liberation Army.

I want to defend the Singaporean Aristocrats against the China People's Liberation Army.

Anonymous said...

To all China apologists and supporters who think China would not cut off Sinkie's trade route. FYI it recently just did. Not only to Sinkie but to all SE Asia nations too. This is before it even gains recognition for the islands and the surrounding seas. Here is the report by CNA http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/china-to-begin-3-day/2965232.html 

"China will conduct a military drill in the South China Sea from Jul 19 to 21, state-run media reported on Monday (Jul 18) citing the Maritime Safety Agency (MSA).

The MSA, according to CCTV News,warned that entry to the exercise area will be prohibited for the duration of the exercise.


Beijing claims most of the South China Sea, even waters approaching neighbouring countries, as its sovereign territory, basing its arguments on Chinese maps dating back to the 1940s marked with a so-called "nine-dash line"

Look at the map how China cuts off our sea and air route http://www.channelnewsasia.com/blob/2954358/1468464042000/disputed-claims-in-the-data.jpg

This incident is also BEFORE LHL and Obama had their meeting which alarmed China to the point it had to warn Singapore. So if it can do that then, what more now and later? You think China is a goody goody? Stop supporting China who is reaming your ass. Don't be a traitor.

Anonymous said...

/// Stop supporting China who is reaming your ass. ////
August 09, 2016 8:55 pm

Sure or not?
I pay a small fortune buy a car that I can only own for 10 years.
I pay a small fortune for permission to own a car (called a COE).
I pay a small fortune to lease a HDB flat from HDB for 99 years.
My cpf money does not belong to me.
My job has been given to Aliens.

Who is reaming my ass?
You must be joking.

Anonymous said...

Then please go China and look for work. Consider migration as well.

PRC mei mei solid okay, maybe you get lucky and land a rich one. Even 2nd ,3rd or 4th mistress oso can ... hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Then please go China and look for work. Consider migration as well.
August 09, 2016 9:34 pm

I'm going to hang around to vote Opposition.
I'm going to fuck Yew long time.

Anonymous said...

Traitor 8:55pm, why are you hiding behind anonymous?
You hero, then be brave act like hero lah.
Why so shameful and coward want to be hero?

You must be a fucking traitor of foreign origin.

99% a pariah.

Anonymous said...

Like father like son.
The elder worked for Japanese
Imperial Army and the British.
The young one works for the
american and japanese too.

Anonymous said...

Why must SG support China? The PRC government and ppl played SG out in Suzhou Industrial Park.

Anonymous said...

Where is the 100% full refund of my CPF money?
Who played me out?

China never deprived me of my CPF money.
China supplies Singapore with many new citizens and table tennis players.
China is our friend.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure your sons and daughters working for China companies ?

May i know which one ? The bank the oil or Hua Wei or Lenovo ???

We dont contribute CPF to China. What's there for China to deprived or not deprived ? Anyway you migrate i believe you can get the CPF.

Sorry not to provoke you, I believe Feng just lost to Japan , Yu currently lost to N K ( still in progress may have chance but the very pressure and hope rest on her shoulders ). Better luck next olympic.

Friend or foe who knows, jobs are also stolen by them.

Those that say China dont intervene, shows like suicide squad also banned- too dark. I thought China people smart and yet cannot differentiate entertainment and reality ? Last time HK movie 无间道 also same thing, ending is Tony Leong die and Andy Lau promoted. But for China market have to shoot another ending, Andy Lau kena arrested. Funny it's just a fiction movie nothing against the China gov , also intervene. not even 10 years let alone 50 years.

What one country two systems , in the end someone have the final say. They also never spell out very clearly what they mean two systems.

Anonymous said...

China replacing or re making our defective

Mrt train dat LTA checked n recieved.

Sg cpf buildg coming up in china st.i think

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Why must SG support China? The PRC government and ppl played SG out in Suzhou Industrial Park.
August 09, 2016 11:27 pm

But Singapore keeps on pouring more money into China and wanting to be involved in every piece of projects China is doing, even proposing more projects on our own to share with China. Why so stupid keep doing silly things? You really believe our leaders are so stupid to throw money at the Chinese in China?

And the Chinese stolen your jobs? Are you a hawker or bus driver? Name me 5 PRC Chinese in CEO positions and I will name you 100 Angmohs, Indians, Pinoys etc in these positions they stole from Singaporeans. You stupid or what?

Anonymous said...

Why muz be it hawkers, bus drivers, CEO ?

Why not technicians, engineers, accountants, planners, draftmen, designer, swimming instructors, lifeguards, ...etc!

You blind or what ?

Anonymous said...

We voted out one prominent Pro Alien Politician in GE 2011.
The quitter is now working in Hong Kong.

Let's send a louder message and vote out a few more Pro Alien Politicians in GE 2020.

Anonymous said...

Not to mentioned the amount of China student occupying our U's.

As for business , it's more of a G to G collaboration. Whether China need our name to promote and our methods to ensure their buildings don't collapse or our gov using our monies to build relationships in the hope of capturing a market there , we got no say.

Anyway we no longer have the bigger share.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous@855pm
You gila? China conduct a military exercise for 3 days is same as "cut off trade route" of SE Asia? In the first place, when they do military exercise in a zone,those area are not even singaoore territory, why should singapore say anything? Why are you calling supporters of China as "traitors", and supporters of usa or pinoy as good guys? Traitor definition is one who does things to harm the country. How will supporting usa harm singapore, or supporting china harm Singapore? These are arguable positions. PLEASE DESIST FROM USING FIERY WORD LIKR "TRAITOR"!THIS DIAYOU DAO OR SPRATLY ISLAND DISPUTES ARE NON OF OUR BUSINESS JUST KIKE IRAW SYRIA , WE SHOUKD NOT DRAG OURSELVES INTO THE ARMS OF USA STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES.

Anonymous said...

The thief shouting robbery whilst
running away from the scene.
The traitor calling others traitors
to claim to be loyal and a patriot.

Anonymous said...

To the gila at 11.01. Can't your pea brain think that if even b4 China officially make that area theirs they can suka suka control for 3 days, then surely if it becomes their territory you will suffer many many more times?

So if you support China who will be against Sinkie's interest, is that not being traitor? What? Patriot? Better you give up Sing passport and migrate to China lah.

Finally if you think the word "traitor" is fiery, what do you think neutrals think when they see China Supporters supporting China bullying Singapore? That not fiery? Before you point your farking finger at others, take a look that there are three other farking fingers pointing back to yourself.

Anonymous said...

I think you are hopelessly brainwashed by the americans. So what if china own spratly islands? This is an american vs china fight to get hold of the oil potential there. Technically, Its got nothing to do with Singapore either way. You see yourself as an american, if china own the oil wells, american has lost much chance to oil exolorations rights of american companies! oh yes, American interests will "suffer", in your own words. Not SINGAPORE, YOU IDIOT,this is nothing to do with patriotism. Singapore has got no stake in this fight. How on earth you conclude China bully SINGAPORE when in fact, those disputed territory are not even claimed by singapore? Please dont mix uo, we are Singaporean, not pinoy, not american!

Anonymous said...

Some treacherous Sinkie Chinese are supporting Taiwanese, hankies, Tibetan, Xinjiang and even Macau to breakaway from the motherland.

Is China able to detect some of these Sinkies Chinese Chinese masquerading as volunteers in NGO, Charity Organization and Religious Organs ?

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand why China apologists must bring in US. Isn't this issue about China angry about Singapore? If there is any brainwashing, it is the China apologists who have been brainwashed to say US, US, US, whenver they cannot answer the fact that Singapore is now being bullied by China. This is not just about Spratly. It is about the whole of South China Sea. Saw the link and report on CNA I gave earlier? Saw how the whole of South China Sea is blocked off bcos greedy China wants it all to itself? Now tell readers here how is it that the trade sea and air route is not cut off.

Please take off your blinkers. I know this is a ball carrying site for China. That does not mean that you can be blindly fooled by self-appointed spokesman for PRC, Mr Redbean.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:45pm, you forgot to take your medicine. How many days have you escaped from IMH?

Anonymous said...

He or she could be a Leecesdant.
An offspring of Lee
Deng Hui or Lee Con

Anonymous said...

Anon 345pm, i guess you must be 12 years old pre puberty kid. You don't understand why must bring in USA? You really 乳臭未干。Still smelling from feeding breast milk from mummy. You refuse to react to the argument about the oil in spratly and why the usa wants to get involved. Go google and find out yoursrlf. There are lots of good documents, written by fair minded americans and british, to put things into perspective.YOU quote CnA which is heavily westernised site and aligned to every viewpoint coming from mr. Pinky.Even the Singaporean newsreaders speak with american slang, how not to feel like you are an american,when american interests may be compromised if china claims spratly. And you keep saying china bully singapore, how? You are american or filipino? China simply is annoyed with us, our leaders claim to be neutral, but in reality are 100% pro USA in the dispute of the islands. As said, what has the big power dispute got to do with us? Why should singapore get involved, if in case china fight usa, and Singapore welcome usa to conveniently locate a war hq battalion in sembawang, and china bomb sembawang? Why we must take sides and support usa? What has china done to us Singaporeans, that make you say they bully us? Singapore should remain neutral. Never ever ever forget, horsburgh could belong to Singapore even though it seem nearer malaysia. We are not experts, stay away from taking sides.

rex said...

Singapore being so small should buat bodoh, and not aksi borak send support to UsA by sending our inexperienced (not just military but maturity in thinking and good knowledge of history of iraq and middle east) pple to warzone.Also highly skeptical of the necessity to support either party in the spratly case. Mind your own business. Solve the mrt problem first not buy warplanes.

Anonymous said...

5.45, pls stop your talking cock. Address the darn bloody stinkin' issue. China has already shown its bully tactics cutting off South China Sea even BEFORE it is recognised that it owns it. All other issues like US and what fuck cock you talk is irrelevant. Furthermore if you say CNA is bias, then pls show that the article is untrue. Did not Bully Boy China carry out the military exercise? Yes/no. Answer it. Did not China threaten everyone to stay clear during that period? Yes/no. Answer it. What is so bias about CNA reporting the truth? Stop your talking cock.

As for your advice that Sing should stay neutral, you should take your own fuckin' advice. How about YOU staying neutral instead of carrying China's balls? More talking cock from a pro-China supporter aka traitor of Sinkie?

Finally, Horsburgh is recognised as ours because of International Court. Wait a fuckin' minute... didn't another international ruling also rule against Bully Boy China? Yet, you are a traitor supporting China's disrespect for that ruling? Why the double standards farkin' traitor?

Anonymous said...

Anon 839.
The first line of the Cna report is already biased. It alludes that china is not agreeing to an "international tribunal" 's ruling. Is the PCA an international tribunal? How international is it when the judges are few and are from stakeholder nations like japan? The PCA is not even a UN approved entity. Mr rb has an article on it. Why didnt Philipine go through proper channels like singapore did, and have the real UN approved court ICJ manage the case? Instead of proper channels, it went by a dubious route blessed by uncle Sam. Fyi the usa itself is not a signatory of UNCLOS, which is the official UN rules of engagement, is not this hypocritical? The Cna article immediately gives the idea that china is bully and unreasonable, to reject "international tribunal". It does not give the balanced view concerning what PCA actually is.. Cna reporting style is like straits times, very shallow most of the time, in my opinion.
You guys are really stupid. This got nothing to do with traitorship, if you support Usa, pinoy, or china, it is just your po!itical opinion, god bless you. It does no harm to singapore if china carry an exercise in spratly. Ships have to stay clear for safety reasons during the 2 day period, as live rounds may be fired. The route blockage is two days for safety reason obvuously, not because china want to block the shipping route. What for? Cna article really leads the readerto think china is bully. And even if china bully Philippines and Vietnam, and i support china, you cant call me a traitor. Traitor is when you do harm to Singapore. We are singaporeans, not even Chinese. We are SINGAPOREANS.

Anonymous said...

One more thing. If china claim horsburgh or sentosa belong to china, not Singapore, and if i said china is right, THEN i am a traitor. You guys dont even understand english, want to support Americans. Silly people in redbean's blog.

Anonymous said...

More cock talking. Forget the opinion, just go for the facts. Did China carry out the exercise unilaterally on what is International waters? Yes/no. Did China threaten others to stay clear from the area which is international waters? Yes/no. Please don't bring all the other irrelevant cock story. The above shows that China bully others (including Sing) and it has intention to steal international waters, which is a vital trade route to SE Asia, including Sing. Sing's economy is under attack. That is the situation.

US is not part of UNCLOS. But you forgot China is. So if you think US has no bz on UNCLOS, then for the same reason, China has much relevance to UNCLOS. So why is not China respecting it then? See your cock reasoning?

This has a lot to do with traitorship. Sing's economy and livelihood is threatened by Bully Boy China. Our free trade sea and air route is now being stolen by China. This free route has been around for centuries, long before Communist Party of China existed. All previous ruling governments of China before the tyrant communist party, never once claimed South China Sea as part of China. But greedy Commie party of China wants it all to itself.

Sing now has to face higher cost of travelling in and out of the region because ships and planes have to go round Phillipines. How is it pro-China supporters cannot see it? What benefit as a Sinkie do you get supporting China's greedy stealing of land and sea? Is this not traitorship? You willing to see Sing suffer and support Bully Boy China?

Also you JUSTIFIED why China asked everyone to stay clear. Helloooooo? Who the blardy heck is China to claim South China Sea is theirs in the first place, such that they can suka suka hold drills? It inconvenienced others who use that as trade route, including Singapore. Yet, you justified Bully Boy China to the disadvantage of Sing? Tell, me, how is that not being a traitor?

As for your claim that we are Singaporeans, why are you not practising what you preach? Why don't you tell it to yourself? I support Singapore. You support Bully Boy China. Then you have the blardy cheek to say we are Singaporeans? Eh??? What cock talking you again?

Finally, where have I support America? Pls stop talking cock. You are only showing that you have no answers to your insane support of China and your traitorship against Sing.

Anonymous said...

Anon952, you really have a thwarted sense of imagination. A 2 day military day exercise 2000km from Singapore means "singapore economy under attack"? China take spratly means SQ must divert flights around Philippines and all the ships must avoid south china sea? Dont you know that china imports from middle east and europe will also pass up s china sea to shanghai port etc? Why would china blockade the entire s. China sea permanently ? Its 2 day exercise. You silly guy stop talking cock and exagerating impossible scenarios.
Regarding unclos, china didnt say it reject unclos. China view is that the PCA body is not the appropiate UN APPROVED international tribunal to make rulings.please read up PCA (rb's article),before talk cock.
And because china didnt acceot PCA as the judge, it did exercises in small section of spratly which it considers it owns. Same like singaoore can put some army guys in horsburgh or patrol boats around it prior to ICJ judgement. Why not? Usa forcibly ejected thousands of indians from diego garcia in the 70's and claimed the island by force. Are you a traitor to singaoire if you support usa handling of diego garcia? No! Its just your political opinion. No problem! Its a issue of morals, not traitorship, you numbskull.
The ICJ had not made any ruling on spratly, so it is up to anybody to do anything. Singaoore should not kaypoh.We are just a small dot.

Anonymous said...

Hello, you are good not only at bringing cock and bull irrelevant points like US and what other cock, you are also good at twisting. I said that China's claim to South China Sea is hostile because it will control the air/sea route, and it demonstrated its intention when it held the exercise, and told others to stay clear. You twist it to mean a two A 2 day military day exercise 2000km from Singapore means "singapore economy under attack"? Let's get the facts again.

Is not China claiming the South China Sea? Yes/no.

Has China not demonstrated it will suka suka block others in areas it claims to be theirs? Yes/no.

Look at the map I gave again. Now don't say you don't trust CNA. Because that sure is the map drawn as what China claims is theirs – the nine dash line. Is not the area so wide that it is about the whole of South China Sea? Yes/no.

UNCLOS. Ah, very interesting. So China is saying the PCA is not approved. Good. How about getting an approved one then? Instead, why the UNILATERAL action of China like building installations on the island, claiming South China Sea as China's and holding military exercise on international waters and blocking other nations off? Eh? Care to answer that?

Is it not because China has no darn respect for these international bodies in the first place, that's why it gave evil US the opportunity to jump in? Now you cry US is playing unfair? Hey, two wrongs don't make a right, buddy. US is wrong. But so is stinkin' China!

Ya, so what if China imports goods and use that trade route. Others use that trade route too. So why must others give up their rights to that route and hand it over exclusively to China? Yet you justifed China's bully tactics again. Talking more cock again?

Diego Garcia? What about that? More cock to justify your traitorship? Pls stop talking cock. Pls address China's unilateral claim to South China Sea, which has been everyone's trade route. Please address China's bully tactics that instead of going to international bodies for arbitration, China barges its way through. Pls address the fact that China's claim to South China Sea truly is high handed and telling other nations (including Sing) that we no longer have the right to that route, except when Chinas OKs it. If you really cannot support Singapore and must support China, pls give up your passport and migrate there.

You posted “The ICJ had not made any ruling on spratly, so it is up to anybody to do anything.”

More cock talking? Want me to make you eat your own words again? If anybody can do anything, then why you complain US intervene? No ruling what! Anybody can do anything like what you say what. What now? But then, why ah, China don't go interntional court ah? Scared they lose ah?

You posted “Singapore should not kaypoh.We are just a small dot.”

Practise what you preach. Looks like I have to make you eat your own words yet again. Singaporeans who are China supporters are so small in number, they are smaller than small dot. Don't kaypoh and mind China's business. Look after your own bz like how to counter higher transport and fuel costs in and out of Sing bcos China bullies its way through and starts controlling South China Sea.

Anonymous said...

You mean China will participate in UN court (eg. ICJ) to rule on SCS?
They will also say it is still an Ang mo court unless it is manned by aliens.

I think they will only accept China court which at the end, the other parties will not participate as well.

So it is a LL situation.

Singapore play the sotong game for too long. Now time is up as we are very interested in TPP. Something probably US tried to bait with. Must choose one and cannot avoid liao.
Might as well get some thing concrete. Both big countries also cannot be trusted.

The path is set liao unlikely to have any U turn liao. China is yet to be fully encircled for now, more to come. All these in the midst of economy slow down and restructuring. Perfect timing!!!

Anonymous said...

Why argue with someone sucking American cocks?

Anonymous said...

This guy up there is really naïve to the core. He is totally oblivious of economic and politics of USA which permeates every single policy they apply to the world.{never forget the destruction of Iraq due to fake WMD accusation, and ISIS was actually created inadvertenly by USA) This guy above said USA is irrelevant in the South China Sea dispute... oh my god. He's better off hunting Pokémon than writing rubbish here.

The contention of the South China Sea has two dimensions, one being the oil resources [google it, the resources are estimated to equal or surpass the Persian Gulf oil fields]. The second dimension is whoever asserts control of the South China Sea, will have the ability to restrict Military exercise activities by third parties. That is why USA is excited about this development. What an ignoramus you are above who said USA is irrelevant.

China had announced priorly that their ownership of south china sea will not restrict commercial vessels passage. READ THAT LOUD. They will restrict only Military exercise there. READ THAT LOUD. For example Russian, Japanese, American,Philippine are not allowed to do MILITARY EXERCISE there.
So how is restricting American military exercise in spratly island got to do with destroying the Singapore economy?
As far as ninedash line is concerned, I personally think it is a rather weak claim. But if Singapore can own Horsburgh, and if Tekong can belong to Singapore when it is clearly next to Malaysia, who am I to say the ninedash line is wrong?

And,I didn't say I distrust CNA because it report wrongly the ninedash line. I said I distrust CNA because the article seem to put the PCA as if it is a UN Tribunal Court. Even the UN has issued a statement quite quickly,"PCA is not related to United Nations"!!. As to why China did not go to ICJ, you have to ask Philipines, they filed the action with PCA. According to Mr redbean, there is some fixing of the judges possible if go by PCA route, I am not an expert to comment on that, go fight with Mr Redbean.
At the end of the day, you must always remember, China's interest in controlling sprately is no. 1 the oil, no. 2, to restrict American domination of military might in the area. Neither issue is a Singaporean issue that will "destroy our Singapore economy". Therefore, whether you agree or not with China or USA, your SQ flight will never need to divert via Philippines, your container vessels from Pasir Panjang will always be allowed to send stuff to and fro in South China Sea unimpeded as stated by China. We should leave the quarrels over world domination to the big guys, it is none of our business to say china is wrong or china is right.

Anonymous said...

Delusional China supporter, what has US, ISIS, Iraq, fake WMDs got to do with China's hostile aggression and greed? Are you saying that because US is responsible for all the mess and is now the No. 1 world's troublemaker, China feel buaysong and therefore now wants to be aggressive and hostile in order to displace US as the No. 1 trouble maker instead? Stop talking cock!

I am glad you finally admit that Spratly is about the darn OIL! For many times whenever I tell China apologists that, they say NOOOooooo, it isn't oil, it is about history, heritage, sovereignty and what fucking bull. So now you admit it, from your own goodself, it is OOIIILLLL! $$$$$$$$$! See how greedy China is? So greedy it is willing to take hostile action including building military infrastructure to lay make their baseless claim! Thank you. Thank you very much for admitting what I have been telling China apologists all along, which they have been denying it all along too!

As for the second item of military exercise, that also shows China's aggression, no? That area has been an important international economic zone for centuries. Now China wants to claim it? Oh, you forgot another important point. That point is rich fishing grounds. Currently Vietnam and Philippines is using that area for their fishing industry to survive. Greedy China wants it all to itself.

So China announced that its ownership claim would not restrict economic activities but military activities only. And you accept it wholesale. Why should everyone be like you? I don't trust China. Many don't trust China. Only China apologists do. Here are two reasons not to trust the bully.

Firstly, you saw how it told everyone to stay clear during their exercise. You saw how they harass fishing boats. You really trust China?

Secondly, who fhe blardy farking hell is China to tell everyone that area is exclusively China's area when it comes to military use? That area is international waters. So what if another country puts its military equipment there? Viet cannot? Philippines cannot? Sing cannot? What is so farking special about China it has exclusive military rights to South China Sea? Yet you support this ridiculous idea?

As for the CNA report, stop your wishy washy flip flip dance. You say you don't trust, then you say you did not say that you don't trust a certain point, then now you say it put PCA as if it is UN Court....... C'mon, stop that cock. Address the main points below:

CNA reported China makes claim to South China Sea. True or False?.

CNA reported China told everyone to fuck off when it is doing its bz for 2 to 3 days. True or false?.

Why are you not accepting the facts that were reported?

As for China's control to counter America's domination, isn't it because of China's hostile act in Spratly that got US to be involved here in the first place? See? You are so blind you cannot even remember the sequence of events that took place.

Your belief that Sing's air/sea route won't be affected is based on your blind support for China. But as I have said, China has shown its true colours during the exercise. Suka suka call for exercise and suka suka block others. Even when the area is not officially theirs, they already bully others. Imagine the time if the area truly belongs to them!

You posted:
“We should leave the quarrels over world domination to the big guys, it is none of our business to say china is wrong or china is right”

By same argument, who's bz is it to say US is wrong in countering China then? But you, RB and other China apologists keep saying so. Why can't you practise what you preach? How many times must I make you eat your own words?

Anonymous said...

This guy up there is putting words in my mouth. At 1:24pm i already mentioned its about the oil. Never once i disputed this conjecture. Abou Cna report, never once had i dispute that cna report correctly about the military exercise, never once i said "did not accept" such facts. You ignorant fool, what i said was that the CNA is casting an unfair authority to the "international" PCA, when in the first place, the ICJ should be the correct department of the UN. Oh you coveniently ignore my question why pinoy and usa chose such path of "justice" whereby the judges are appointed by the plaintiff with nothing allowed for the defendant.??
For the last time i am telling you, it is your prerogative to prefer to see a strong american army/navy hanging out in the seas offshore, a strong american presence in south east Asia dictating American po!icies. For you, you feel secure seeing Usa as a benevolent policemsn, its up to you. It is also my prerogative to see a balanced power fill in the region. Neither of us are traitors. Because the Americans had never fired a single bullet to kill a Singaporean soldier or citizen. Neither did the PLA.

Anonymous said...

1:28, why waste time talking to a retard?

Anonymous said...

Well, if you nvr dispute it is oil then that is fine. We agree that one of the MAIN reasons why China want Spratly is because of that darn OIL. Nothing to do with sovereignty but greed. And bcos of that oil and the desire to satisfy that greed, China is willing to bully its way through.

As for your CNA stuff, if you don't disagree with the reported facts, that is also fine. So you DO AGREE that China does make the South China Sea claim and you DO AGREE that it did bully its way, telling others to stay off just like that. Now you want the world to believe that China will allow free trade after it makes that area its own?

As for "my prerogative", look at who is putting words into who's mouth. Where for once have I said that I supported America? As always, China supporters will say those who do not agree with them are on America's side. Pffft. No difference from Bush saying if you don't support "war on terror" you are for terror.

Let me put this to you the last time - I am NEITHER supporting America nor China. To me, BOTH America and China MUST FUCK OFF from South China Sea. They are causing a host of problems to peace loving South East Asians who use the South China Sea for peaceful purposes. Because of their pride and ego, SE Asia now suffers.

This is NOT about US vs China. It is about SE Asia's livelihood vs US/China's ego. Supporting China is NO DIFFERENT from supporting America. You are supporting an alien nation against your own country's needs. That is the traitorship you are trying so hard to deny!

Anonymous said...

The word greed is inappropriate. Greed means coveting somebody else's property. It has never been proven that those hidden oilfield belong to vietnam, Malaysia or pinoy. Therfore china cannot be considered to be "greedy" if it thinks the oil is theirs. Proportionaly, china with a population of 1.3billion to support compare to philipine 0.02billion, it appears that china could need the oil more the othr teeny weeny countries. So in the world po!itics where each country seek survival path for future, China hidden agenda can be anticipated.
You are really dumb to think that china will blockade the route from free trade and jeopardise singapore trade routes and "livelihood". What for? Hahaha hahaha you silly boy.As agreed, it is a matter of oil and balance the Americans power, not the trade routes of Singapore. So why you so takut china own spratly?. SQ flights will always be allowed through same as commercial activities. It is not in china interest to blockade and kill se asia by blockading the route, for what?how gila you are to think this way. You are paranoid to think that if spratly go to china singaoore will die. You really xiao liao.
Now the third wrong word you use is "bully",after "traitor" and "greed". China is not bullying anyone. Bully means to terrorize someone weaker than you and make unreasonable demands. Is the usa-philipine alliance weaker than china? Not so. Is Singapore interests being "bullied"? Obviously not. Who exactly is the bullied party? Use your words properly.
Again i am telling you, china telling others to stay off as reported by Cna, is only the militsry exercise 2 day affair. At no time shippin or commercial air traffic diverted.
Next, You are still avoiding my PCA question!
Finally This issue is a tussle for hegemony by the world superpowers. It is not an attempt to destroy southeast asia by "greedy" or "bully" party. Sooner or later the Persian gulf will run out of oil, it is up to you to choose whether Malaysia, Philippines or Vietnam or china or usa, will win the prized oil. Nobody is greedy. It is politics of survival. China is not greedy. Cunning, stategic, maybe i can accept. But after all this is politics. Dog eat dog world. No right no wrong sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Likewise why reason with a moron who love licking PRC's arses.

Anonymous said...

So now it boils down to words like “greed” and “bully” which you don't like. Sorry, I but I don't wish to use flowery words like “insatiable desire to acquire what is not rightfully yours” or “enforcing one's claim against a weaker being with the intention to intimidate”. Greed and bully are about just the right words.

So what's with the numbers game here? You mean to say because there are more Chinese nationals it gives them the right over others who have smaller numbers? Then surely Horsburgh would have been lost because there are more Malaysians the Singaporeans! So if Malaysia could have gone to international arbitration, why not bully boy China?

You are the one who are dumb to think China won't blockade at will when it ALREADY DID, even before recogntion! Now you dare ask what for they blockade? Well, ask China. They did it!

OK, even it is not in China's interest to blockade Sing's route, why the fark must we allow an international trade route be owned by bully boy China? It has been a free route with no one claiming it. Why must we give up what we always have had for centuries? Who the fark is China to suka suka claim that area?

What about the PCA stuff? How does it make it relevant to the fact that China did tell others to fark off? You say only military vessels. But heck, has not China intercepted civilian vessels as well? You are livinng on Mars or what? Denial to the core!

You posted:
“Finally This issue is a tussle for hegemony by the world superpowers.”

That is what YOU and other China apologists want to believe. China supporters want the world to believe that if you don't support China's bully tactics, you are supporting Amerca's bully tactics. Its a big fat lie by China apologists to trick people into supporting bully boy China to steal resources, sea and airspace from SE Asian nations.

Your final words truly shows the intent of China supporters and China. It is the belief that the world will run out of oil and hence, China must be the dominant one to get whatever oiil is left in Spratly. The more you post, the more you expose the evil intention of China and China apologists.

Actually, I have been for eons telling people that the Spratly issue is about OIL. China apologists have sheepishly denied it and cited the reason as sovereignty and what other bull. But when it comes to the crunch and when there are no more valid answers China apologists can give, they finally admit is the damn farking oil they want. And China wants ALL THE OIL TO ITSELF. That's the whole crux of the Spratly issue, isn't it?

Oh btw, the talk of Mid East oil running out has been around since 1950s. Yet after nearly three quarters of a century, we still see a glut. Read history. The issue is not the lack of oil. The issue is that whatever oil China (and other greedy nations like US) can get, they will try to get their hands on. America invaded Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria because they want to control that oil. China is now bullying SE Asia because they want to control that oil.

You have said it, China apologist. It is about OOOOIIIIILLLLLL. Not sovereignty, not history, not because of anything else. Not even US vs China. Because of that, China bullies SE Asia. Is that not greed?

Anonymous said...

You are taking the moral high ground to assume a-priori that spratly is not china, if and only if that is true, then your word bully and greedy will be justified. But how can you be sure that resource belong to anyone specifically, when both sides have evidence which not yet mutually brought to ICJ for settlement? I ask you the 3rd time, why go to PCA where judges only appointed by plaintiff not defendant?
Strictly it is a point of law. I do not know for sure who is right. At face value it looks strange the nine dash line. i said, if tekong can belong to Sg when it is nearer johor, and horsbugh, therefore we must not preassume that china is wrong. Maybe, maybe not.
Concetning blockade, there was none. During the exercise it is just telling others to stay clear for safety reason, it is not a blockade, a blockade is a war action and the consequences is serious. China already said that the commercial traffic will never be blocked. The military exercise already over now. Has Singapore suffered economically? Or any other country? No! You still exagerate and think the worst.
Finally again, i say to you, because spratly oil is undoubtedly not singapore property, it is best one weighs the consequences of the ownership of the oil, to country A, B, C, or D and its potential impact to Singapore. You are not as stupid as i first thought Think about it. I have no further comments regardless of your next retort.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the arrogance of China apologists! So saying that Spratly is not China's is high moral stand? It is a fact that Spratly currently belongs to NOBODY! You are so arrogant (like China) you ASSUME that it belongs to China and that anyone who does not agree is taking the “high moral stance”! OMG!

Again, I ask you in return, how does the PCA bear any relevance? The fact is that China has ALREADY built infrastructure and usurped Spratly and South China Sea even BEFORE any arbitration. So even if the panel had been appointed by China itself, and even if that panel had ruled against China, China had ALREADY ASSUMED it is theirs. The result of the ruling bears NO CONSEQUENCE as far as China is concerned. You mean to say China will dismantle their toys in Spratly if it had appointed the panel instead? So what relevance PCA now when China die die will continue to bully its way through no matter what the ruling is?

Again, this Tekong, Horsburgh and what other horseshit stuff. What revelance?

Blockade. OK. I go with you that China is sooooo kind, soooo compassionate it won't blockade. Fine. Now explain why the interception of civilian boats. That you have ignored completely for many posts.

Yes, Spratly oil is not Sing property. That is the reason why I didn't bring it up. You did. Now that you pwned yourself and made China look bad, you bring Sing in? What the heck? More cock story?

As for the best way to resovle if Spratly belongs to A, B, C or D, it is through arbitration. If China doesn't want it because it knows the world thinks Spratly does not belong to China, then the way to go is to talk. Not bully its way by building infrastructure and harassing civilian vessels around the area. No blockade intention you say? Delusional.