China must never go through the trauma of American and Japanese aggression again

                                   China must never go through the trauma of Western and Japanese aggression again

China must never go through the trauma of foreign aggression again. USA in trying to maintain its number one world super power status insists on containing China from peaceful development. The whole American administration is infested with insane, mad and crazy crooks, rogues and scoundrels and warmongers who can't accept the rise of other countries. They are intent on pinning Russia and China down and to eventually destroy the two countries.This is because they  know that Russia and China are the only two countries capable of stopping USA from carrying on its evil heinous acts and prevent it from exercising  global domination and hegemony. If USA pushes China too much to the wall, China will fight back A war with China now will become the nemesis of the Evil Empire , USA. China must continually build up its military and economy from strength to strength to resist American and Japanese aggression and to stop their travesty of justice.

Below I quote an excerpt from an article by a prominent writer and peace advocate :.     ANDRE   VITCHEK


"China is fuming. It has obviously had enough, it is reaching the limit. For decades it tried to appease the West, to play by international laws, to be a good and responsible member of the international community. And for decades it never interfered in the internal affairs of other countries, it sponsored no coups and attacked no foreign lands.
Even its counter-propaganda has been measured, polite and mild.
All this has gained China no admiration, not even respect!
It is being constantly antagonized, provoked and encircled both militarily and ideologically. Not far from its territory are deadly US military bases (Futenma and Kadena) located on Okinawa, there are enormous bases on the Korean Peninsula and increasing US military presence in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines. There are constant exercises and naval maneuvers near its shores and just recently, a decision by South Korea (ROK), to allow the US to deploy an advanced missile defense system (THAAD) in Seongju County.
In Nagasaki, my friend, an Australian historian Geoffrey Gunn commented on the situation:
“Well, the fact of the matter is that China is indignant at this encirclement. China is indignant that Washington backs Japan, that Washington is ready to support Japan’s non-negotiation policy over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands. So we see, in this situation, a clearly indignant China, and Japan that is taking a basically aggressive position in relation to so-called territorial integrity. So Pacific Asia is increasingly becoming more belligerent, more conflict-prone East Asia.”
The propaganda against China in both Europe and North America is reaching a crescendo. The more socialist (Chinese way) it is once again becoming, and the closer its ties with Russia become, the more powerful the ideological attacks are from Western governments and mainstream media.
The latest decision (over the South China Sea dispute) of the ‘kangaroo’ arbitration court in The Hague appears to be the last drop.
The Chinese Dragon has risen in anger. Tired of receiving punches, mighty and strong, it has sent a strong message to the West: China is an enormous and peaceful country. But if threatened, if attacked, this time the country will be firm and determined. It will defend itself and its interests.....

To antagonize China is not only wrong; it is dangerous and shortsighted. Beijing has been backing up and compromising too long, for many decades. It will not any longer. Chinese people demand fairness. The Philippines should realize that the West is using their country as a proxy, for its imperialist goals.
To involve Western courts in internal Asian disputes, as is being done by the Philippines, will only aggravate the situation. To shoot at Chinese fishing vessels in the disputed waters (as was recently done by the Indonesian navy) can only escalate tensions (Indonesia already has a horrid historic track record in relation to China – banning the Chinese language, culture and even names, for decades, after the bloody Western-backed coup of 1965).
For the time being, China will be applying a ‘wait and see’ strategy. Once again, it will use its diplomacy, re-launching bilateral negotiations with the Philippines, Vietnam and other countries.
But if the West refuses to back up, and if some of the Southeast Asian countries continue to act as proxies for the West, Beijing would most likely use one of the tougher options. One would be setting up an air defense identification zone over the South China Sea. Another would be direct military escalation – greater naval and air force presence in the area.
And what is the position of the world? No matter what the Western propaganda is trumpeting, only a handful countries, mainly the US and its closest allies (5 at the time this essay is being written), have publicly supported the Philippines and the Ruling coming from The Hague. Over 70 nations support China and its belief that disputes should be resolved through negotiations and not arbitration. The rest of the world has remained ‘neutral’."


Friday, 05-08-2016


Anonymous said...

China is not on the peak, while US on the decline. US knows. China hs only one carrier liaoling, converted from an old ukrain abundant feet built by russians. However, the new china built small size war ships are the main tools in sea battle for china. i think china s deadly power is missile technology and it also built china made aircrafts.
The recent rush to deliver Mig 35 of 24 numbers to china is a proof that china cannot cope with its military expansion to deal with US Japan potential invasion from the east.

I see the deployment of thaad is the first step to put one foot at china border. The next step is to convert the thaad to a full offensive missile center under Hillary s time.

China will have to kowtow to Kerry s flip flop telling china one thing and doing something deadly to them in action.

No matter how china wants to appease, as the author put it correctly in this post, china will have to face the aggression from Japan. Abe s new defense minister is a hardcore war monger woman similar to the S Korean president. China will have to face hardship when its politicians are softest at all time after Deng s generation.

There is no way out for china. If it gives up the islands at 9 dash lines similar to Taiwan s current president s stand, china will still get invasion slightly later once Japan has built up its forces.

The only way china can survive is to destroy S Koreans and Japanese economies. Forcing trades towards US for these 2 countries will help to slow down pressure. Meanwhile, china should not buy US bonds but to sell and unload back, instead, china should buy gold to prepare for a real war with US at SCS.

China has only one choice, give up its power to let US rule china similar to Iraq, or crash with US Japan and S Korea eventually. China cannot go back to old days on closed door, too late.

Anonymous said...

Actually the russians delivered the 1st of the 24 SU-35 jet to China, a deal made several years ago.

The problem here is most people cannot understand why China can copy made J-11,15 and made J-10B but still need SU-35. J-11 , 15 ,Su33 and Su35 all belong to the same family of SU27. Something doesnt add up here. It could also just be a donation act to Russia military economy or J11/15/10B is not as superior as it boast. Whatever!

After this, there is no more and unlikely aircraft sales from Russia to China. Other than what China needs and what Russia needs to sell for cash. Russia although cash strap also not so stupid to offer everything and anything.

Russia also need to calculate what it has to gain by selling to China and what it is going to lose such as losing traditional market share with India and Vietnam.

Another issue here is China has lose out in foreign affairs which made a lot of countries lean towards US. It is not about the all out war with Japan or SK. If it is all that simple, China previous leaders would have solve this problem long time ago. But it is the strategy of encirclement (Diplomacy, economy, military) that US is using now to corner the enemy to weaken it or made it jump to start the war. To a certain degree, this has taken shape and in progress.

Diplomacy -The next stage i believe is to get India officially onto the wagon. We also have neglected Myanmar.
Economy -Start trade war to address the trade deficit and this whatever TPP to take effect. Also prepare for alternative sites or methods to replace China manufacturing capability for global economy.
Military - And wait until the 5th gen fighters (F35) to come on line together with the stealth carrier + stealth destroyer. Also need time for all "allies" to take delivery of their weaponary toys.

Dont you find the above timing is coinciding each other and happening when China economy is restructuring (some people call declining). Nice slot one by one.

That is when the real party starts.

Anonymous said...

The USA, Japan and Pinnoyland will dominate South East Asia. China is still trying to invent herself. Now that Singapore and join force with USA, China will soon be the outcast in the region. Poor China with so few friends in this area. Singapore now very friendly with the USA will cause some friction with China?

Anonymous said...

The Sukhoi 35 sold to china were said to have erbis e radar that can detect stealth.

US is deploying F35A this year in Japan, Japan ordered 42 F35A, SK ordered 40 and Australia ordered 72.

Its likely that China s own J20 stealth will be delivered next year.

US ordered 2443 F35 (ABC types, A is not that powerful that can run vertically up, B C are ???). Total USD$400,000,000,000.

Singapore is not indicating how many it will order. My guess will be 200 with its reserves. Its cheap for singaporeans. Just about USD200,000,000 per F35.

Singapore gives foreigners free education is already S$400,000,000 per year. Those foreigners ran away with the money outstanding was reported to be S$511,000,000.

Singapore will like to be the super power on airforce. China is ready to surrender, as Japan, Australia, SK, Sg all have F35 to encircle that big area. Time for Xi to wear whole white.

Anonymous said...

This is where it is a bit unclear. Maybe got other reasons....

China has always said that it electronic capability is always more superior than the Russians as its electronic industry which has leap frog can support its military. The only issue was always the engine where in theory it can always design one but in reality, they cant manufacture one and maintain one.

See wiki
In March 2012, the Russian media reported that the two countries were in final contract negotiations for 48 Su-35s; the remaining obstacle is reportedly Moscow's demand that Beijing guarantee proper licensing for its Su-35 production.[102][103] China denied this deal because it did not want the Su-35, but only shown slight interest in its 117S engine; at the 2012 Zhuhai Air Show Russia approached China with its 117S engine in a failed attempt to sell Su-35.

Actually no other countries wants Su 35 even when offer to them.

BTW from wiki
Irbis E radar can detect a target with RCS 3m2 at up to 400 km, (towards each other, in the area of 100 square degrees)[3][4] It can detect a target with RCS 0.01m2 at up to 90 km.

But F35 RCS is 0.005 m2 where F22 is 0.0001 m2 probably at certain angle?
Bird RCS is 0.01 m2
Insect RCS is 0.001 m2

Of course data is not from guarantee source. I think this is just rough estimates or could be fake.

Anonymous said...

"Actually no other countries wants Su 35 even when offer to them. "
I guess US will say this.

Indonesia this year signed for 8 Su 35, in addition for 24 Su30.

China s Su35 delivery of 24 was also watched, to see where these jets are. Su35 is a 4.5 generation aircombat crafts that Nato fear, as their planes are 4th generations F15 mostly.

Singapore will have one laughable problem. Its air control might have to be handed over to Indonesia in 3-4years time. How to take off? May be most F/?5 can be shared with Australia airforce and based all in Australia.

Anonymous said...

South Korea had greatly underestimated the potential fallout of Thaad deployment in the region.

They probably think that there are some small economy retaliation from China and Russia.

What would really happen in the region? It would trigger New Korean War.(a hot war)

USA had threaten Soviet Union with Nuclear exchanges when they placed weapon on the Cuba soil.

Enjoy your K Pop drama, music and celebrities to the fullest before Thaad deployment.

Anonymous said...

President Bush can invade both Afghan and Iraq ,but not North Korea.


USA cant defeat North Korea.

Anonymous said...

When the boy boy Kim fired a missile less than 200 n miles away from Japan main land, only UN secretary gen condemned the act 2 days after the incidence. Remember UN sec gen is from S Korea.

China did not say a word. That is a change for China. It is unlikely to join US in 6 party talk to side US, NO MORE such silly positioning for Xi or he might lose his job for endangering China.

S Korea is actually sharing information from Thaad with Japan and sure with US. If Xi were to condemn Kim now, he must be a stoned head.

Anonymous said...

Because President Bush the bull not so clever is not around any more. He is easily manipulated by this rash action. But that is the surface, who was then the CEO of Halliburton and Vice President of US at the same time. Oil price sky rocket then.

President Obama no need to use military and make use of SK and can turn that region upside down.

Different way of invading and can sling shit into the region. Turn China and Russia against NK with UN resolution in place. Now everything have to be more underground than before.

The NK now need to spend even more of their declining resources to test more missiles. The more testing they do, the more justify it is to deploy Thaad. And US just let you guys below argue ..... If China sanction SK (which all of us thought China and SK in honeymoon), do you think it would worry US, it just serves US interest (SK go back to US shoulders again). Same thing for the SCS issue.

Its target is never NK but hitting the dog master to serve bigger interest.

For now, everybody is shouting to cut interest. Only one is shouting the opposite way and by just doing talking and not doing, it is send shockwave to the stock market.

Who is the smarter one here? Your calculator need to upgrade?

b said...

Japan is the big traitor of asia people. Jap elites, like the Jews elites, think that they are the chosen people. However, what they did not get it is they are not the chosen people to do good but harm.

b said...

Very few out there are friends, china must not forget the 8 countries invasion. THats the real ww1.

Anonymous said...


The US Air Force on Tuesday declared its first squadron of F-35As ready for battle

virgo49 said...

China holding joint Air Exercises with Thailand.

Whose targets nearest to Thailand??

Million dollar questions.


Anonymous said...

Good to know that there will be more Thai and China air exercise.

Same like last time.

We will find out more J-10B, J-11 performance, china air force capability.

The Thais leaked news last time that J-11 were no match for their JAS-39. 4:0 victory. Now J -10B is so quiet where by China sung its praise then. Suffer local engine problem....as was told.

Thailand - A mole planted by US. Somemore china sell them subs. Thaksin was friendly to China as he is chinese when in power. But he and his sister are overthrown by Thai military.

Anonymous said...

One of the most important thing to do is to eliminate or at least minimize exports from hostile countries and replace them with those from friendly ones and don't forget to give incentives to local industries.

Example :

Replace america's agricultural product with those from other countries such as Russia which happen to have ambition to become food superpower. China can help Russia grow its economy while on the same time eliminate or minimize its food dependence on america. While China can still increase its agricultural output, it still needs to import some of the food from outside.

There are other things to do of course.