Amos Yee representing himself in court

I just can’t imagine how the proceedings will go when Amos Yee defends himself in court without a lawyer but Amos in person. And he has requested that the witnesses testify orally instead of in writing. Oral presentation is Amos’ forte. It is like Amos in Parliament challenging the MPs who could only make their cases in writings and to read from scripts.

Let’s try to imagine how someone like Amos, but not Amos, would conduct himself in court.  Let’s call this fictional character Ah Mok. 

Ah Mok said: ‘Ok, you motherfucker, you said your Dog is so sensitive and is offended by what I said. Now prove it to me, show me that your Dog is offended. You see my two fingers pointing to your Dog? See, look at your Dog, how is it offended? Where is it, come on, show me that your Dog is angry, you dumb twit…. I need empirical evidence, facts man, not what you think or what you believe. In a court you must have solid hard evidence to state your case. Where is your hard evidence?’

Judge cut him, ‘Ah Mok, mind your language, this is my court. If you don’t respect the witnesses never mind, but you must respect me. I am the judge here.’

Ah Mok: ‘Oh shut up old man, I am cross examining the witness. I am no learned counsel and this is how I speak. Can, cannot? Never mind, you sit there and listen while I shack the witnesses, one at a time.’

The UN Special Representative on freedom of opinion and expression chipped in. ‘Your honour, please allow Ah Mok to exercise his freedom of speech so that he can defend himself against the charges.’

Ah Mok: ‘And you there, the one hiding behind there, what is your problem? You don’t like me fucking your Dog? Did your Dog mind? Did your Dog say it mind? Tell me what your Dog said, you silly motherfucker.’

Judge could not take it any more. ‘Ok Ah Mok, enough of your vulgarity. Vulgarity is not allowed in my court. If you go on like this I am not going to proceed with the case, you hear me?’

Ah Mok, ‘Yes, I understand you perfectly Mr…. Judge. Do I have to address you as my honour or whatever crap they used to call you in court? I am Amos, I know you don’t like my face, and I don’t dig your protocol. This is me, Ah Mok, flesh and blood, hot bloody blood running through me, no pretences, no hypocrisies. I repeat, I have the right to question my witnesses like all legal counsels do, to threaten, harass and ridicule the witnesses, to make the witnesses look stupid. You cannot object, only the prosecution can object. As the judge you can say sustain or over rule. That is your role. Did I get this right?’

Ah Mok: ‘Now, where was I? Oh you, yes you motherfucker, what is your problem? Come again, look at me, not at the piece of shit in your hand. Talk to me, not read to me….Oh Judge, can you tell the motherfucker to speak up? Can he talk or he can only read from prepared scripts? Who wrote the script for him?’

Someone switched off the light in the court room and everything went dark. Ah Mok screamed, let there be light. And there was light.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter how Amos, Ah Mok or what motherfucker conduct himself in court lah, in the end he will still go to jail. And extra time for using vulgar language and contempt of court.

Doesn't matter how, how hard or how many times Chee Soon Juan tried contesting the election lah, in the end he will still lose, even in a by election against a minority PAP candidate in a Chinese majority SMC.

Anonymous said...

I think Chee Soon Juan went to jail because he could not or do not want to pay a fine.

Because for an opposition politician to go to jail as a result of a defamation suit by opponent may be an additional credential to his political cv, or so he thought. But unfortunately, and as events had proven, it did not work that way when he contested elections.

Anonymous said...

I pity Chee as he wasted his life and his family lives too over ungrateful sinkies, It's better to cut losses and migrate oversees to give his family a better prospect in the future as he and his Wife can get good jobs overseas than here.

Anonymous said...

"It's better to cut losses and migrate oversees to give his family a better prospect in the future as he and his Wife can get good jobs overseas than here."
9:31 am

I think he did try. In the past, he used to get fellowships in overseas universities from time to time, bringing his family there too.

But don't know why this did not become permanent.

Anonymous said...

Muralli is a proven candidate that can win the votes from the Chinese majority. PAP should put him up as a candidate for the EP. No need to change anything, no need to change the constitution. Sure to beat Tan Cheng Bock hands down.

Anonymous said...

"Muralli is a proven candidate that can win the votes from the Chinese majority. PAP should put him up as a candidate for the EP."
9:52 am

You may have a point. But then, it also depends on who is his Chinese candidate opponent. If he is Tan Cheng Bock, then it is hard to say.

Anonymous said...

Rb., i hereby declare you guilty of contempt of court under the new law just passed, you are sentenced to jail for 6 months, as you are not supoosed to comment publicly on an ongoing court case... Moohahahahaha!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Tan Chin Ku is no push over?

Waiting very long liao for this moment?

Anonymous said...

Hard luck for singapore s fainting politicians. They have a group of IB who can be attack dogs going to do reports to pull in public servants to get involve with disputes often happen and forgotten.

There was someone parking a car to block the entire sidelane at 6th avenue, the public servants simply ignored. Ah mok made videos whatever to attract attentions angered successfully his web enemies. The first time drew an old hack filed reports. This recent cases, there were no old hack s name, but other unknowns. The battles between the IB and ah mok has became a national case. That is interesting, as it was an issue of very big on religions politics etc.
Did political and religious old folks bother? The reactions of one priest offended another religion openly was still in memory. That was a big case as adults were reacting. The public servants kept quiet about it. It was settled by the priest himself.

Ah mok is a character has similarity to autistic kid. One friend who has autistic kid told me, the kid can sit at the middle of heavy traffic while crossing the road, need 4 adults to pull the kid to safety.

Ah mok is far intelligent than normal autistic kid, so much so that people thought he was not autistic of 10% or 20%. From his behaviors described by RB, was the so called expert having fainting problems when assessing ah mok. Was ah mok trying to lie down on a busy traffic road? I really think he has this tendency.

Virgo 49 said...

All these Mother-fuckers hypocrisy of living with masks clouded with hypocrisy and thinks they are civilised people will gunned you down once you open your mouth with a vulgarity.

See even the Pastor in the heat of quarrelling with a motorist also spewed vulgarities.

What God fearing beans and holier than thou My Gods, your Gods.

Bullshits. Its all how you behave and lead lives as fair minded beans.

Once in a Magistrate Private Court, her Place of Power, for a socalled Medition Session where the chow ang moh the Accused even refused to attend.

I told the Lady Magistrate that he dont give a damn to your Court's Order. She told me I will charged you for vulgarity if I say once more.

Grassroot leaders accompanied by police officers patrolling estate and came to my block where I was sitting after walk with my dog.

Told them not to wayang lah. Need you people, you not around. Now some news of missile attacks of Singapore from batam, you go round conning the dafts.

Told them so many vice activities and strangers looming in estates and where are you bastards.

Told me to watch my language. Said this is the way I speak. It's already mild compared to camp lingo.

Said they could arrest me if I speak this way.

What hypocrisy.

Wait till they get farked by Matilah.

Virgo 49 said...

Just a rejoinder:

Welcome to the World of Jika.

Now in Sinkieland. MOH/NEA will declared MOT as Sinkieland is an international Hotel.

Even unprotected sex will give you the bonus.

So for those free and easy decadent rich bums till to get a dose.

Those waving flags at podium in public fund, till you also deserved a dose for your hard work fir Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Amos Yee should go back to school and become a lawyer?
Do you think Singaporeans should crowd fund Amos' legal training?

Amos versus Davinder in court - who will win?

Anonymous said...

Ah mok s behaviors was unconventional. Conventional means, for example, women wear tiny watches, men wear big ones, all wearing on the left hands. Ah mok is different. He wears tiny watch on the right hand. His female friends and peers, are most likely wearing big big watches on the right hands.

These unconventional young male and female are not arrested for being vulgar. Even they join an event at same sex make love at a park in town, the authority will not arrest them, but close one eye to let them grow untill big big crowd, the park cannot contain in last event. Same sex make love is no vulgar to the authority. But speaking army language outside the camp is arrestable for being vulgar.

The web is a good place for young citizens to invest time on creative language, shows, stories to gain friends and fans. The sites may become commercial vehicles for selling some firms products. The actors, young ones, will have advertising incomes.

That is a potential path for ah mok. But the authorities will not want to see ah mok being successful on such path of his own. May be they have special place for him to feed him for life.

On the other hand, i think those old hacks who are unhappy with ah mok s language should find their way to the world called heaven fast. These old hacks are the minority. Old hacks spending time to write reports about a young kid speaking languages not worth their ears are telling 3rd parties observers that, they should not be living at the wrong place. Same principle applies to fainting politicians.

The world living communities for the young are no mind your language type. I have observed women wearing men s big watches. Authority allows same sex making love party at town center. But old hacks complain about using the words fucking this and that as bad. Are these old hacks being too uncompromising to the world trend?

In the web shows, unknown actor like ah mok must not cut his hairs to look like woman, must speak languages that others cannot or dare not to speak to get fans.
As an observer, i dont mind ah mok keep speaking vulgar language at all. Its their own world at young age. Me too in the camp to be fierce and masculine, otherwise, people are not paying attention to my demand. After i grew up in outside the camp world. I stop using the world fucking, but still yell at time like what a hell, and not what a fuck are you doing. Are they the same? To me, same lah. The problem of being angry was not right at all, not the language.

For web actor, they must not use what a hell, but what a fuck should be used. That is to please the fans. What do u think?

Anonymous said...

After TB spreading, 41 cases of Zika is spreading in singapore.

Singapore needs more foreigners to spread diseases so that the hospital have no more beds for citizens emergency cases.

When voting for Pap, those 70% or 60% now bound to have Zika among them. Good luck to those families who want the 7 millions foreigners policy and 10 millions population eventually.

Ah mok will be well protected. Cannot get Zika outside.

Anonymous said...

Is this an example of PM Lee's Foreign Talent?


Anonymous said...

What should be of concern right now is the "pathetic std of many teachers"?

"Likely a symptom of the entire eco"?

"Usually the bottom of each cohort grads be cum teachers?"

Anonymous said...

//Do you think Amos Yee should go back to school and become a lawyer?//

As "smart" as he is, "someboLEE" should (could) pass him (all) the relevant materials to fight court cases such as (the almost 1000-page) rules of ......, ...... Act, ....... Act, ....... abc vs xyz in ......, ...... etc etc?

Probably learn MUCH faster ...... ?

And more ...... ?

The best PEDAGOGY may not be (found) in mainstream institutions?

Too slow, too rigid, too outdated ........., too inefficient, ....... too bloated?

Anonymous said...

//Anonymous August 28, 2016 12:28 pm
Do you think Amos Yee should go back to school and become a lawyer?//

As "smart" as he is, "someboLEE" should (could) pass him (all) the relevant materials to fight court cases such as (the almost 1000-page) rules of ......, ...... Act, ....... Act, ....... abc vs xyz in ......, ...... etc etc?

Probably learn MUCH faster ...... ?

And more ...... ?

The best PEDAGOGY may not be (found) in mainstream institutions?

Too slow, too rigid, too outdated ........., too inefficient, ....... too bloated?

The key is in the "pre-university JC" education?

Quality of "teachers mostly ......."?

So should incentivize but the "acting TuaKang王" may be "also too low calixxx" to "improve the ........"?

1 way to xx the std of JC teachers is to .......?

That's for the (JLB) multi-million $$$$$$$ (bloated) salaries and bonuses (way-over) paid "termites" NOT to free-load (free-ride) and think out of the box damnselves?

Anonymous said...

Oops typo .....

Anonymous said...

Should be ....

1): " .......NOT to free-load (free-ride) BUT think out of the box damnselves?"

Anonymous said...

2): " ........ but the "acting TuaKang王" (for HIGHER education) may be ........"

patriot said...

Few teacher
and judge
have got
the Commonsense
like the Cheeky
He is born


Anonymous said...

"He is born good."
August 29, 2016 10:50 am

When he is born as a slave in Lee-Jia-Pore.
It's not a blessing to be born good.
It's better if you are a born cocksucker.
Do you think a good cocksucker in Singapore can command a million dollar salary?