Abe forgot to visit the War Memorial?

The Chinese community still dutifully and diligently visits the War Memorial annually to pay respect to the hundreds of thousands that were massacred by the Japanese in WW2. Though the wound has healed, but the painful memories would stay and the dead would be remembered, so would the horrific and savage Japanese Imperial Army and the butchers in the Kempeitai.


Abe found it important enough to pay his last respect to SR Nathan for the reason that Nathan was the first foreign president that visited the war memorial of the Atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The Japanese remembered their war dead and their war criminals in the Yasukuni Shrine. Did Abe remember the massacres in South East Asian countries conducted by the barbaric soldiers of his grandfather? Does he think it right, or has it ever occurred to him that it is the right thing to do, to show some remorse and to atone the sins of his grandfather and his soldiers for slaughtering  innocent civilians all over South East Asia, particularly in Singapore during Sook Ching, executed by the infamous Kempetai here?


I have no memory of any visiting Japanese PM to this island laying a wreath at the War Memorial next to the Padang. When would the Japanese owned up to their war crimes and do the necessary and respectful, to show some signs of remorse for the cruelties to our people they murdered in cold blood? Should the Chinese Chamber of Commerce make a presentation to the govt that this should be a condition for any visiting Japanese PM or Emperor visiting our land?


Abe was on the way to Kenya and found it necessary to make a diversion to stopover in Singapore for Nathan's funeral. Would it be too much, too troublesome to spend 15 minutes at the War Memorial to show respect to the thousands killed by the Japanese Kempeitai here? What is so honourable about the Japanese when they refused to face the crimes they committed in the past and tried to whitewash it away?


To the dishonourable Japanese that pretended that they did not invade Asia and SE Asia and did not massacre the citizens of the invaded land, to the liars that tried to change their history of barbaric Imperialism, to the hypocrites that pretended to be men and women of honour, the more they tried to turn away from the truth, the more they will not be forgiven.


Anonymous said...

LHL spoke on 31 May 15 Shangrila: (Japan times)
"While Beijing and Seoul do not think Tokyo has done enough to atone for the suffering caused by its aggression, Lee urged them to “accept Japan’s acknowledgements and not demand that Japan apologize over and over again.”

“The history of the war should not be used to put Japan on the defensive or to perpetuate enmities to future generations,” he said. “Such a reconciliation will also help Japan to become a normal country if it wishes to be.”

HK and China were not very pleased for little dot s politicians to teach them to forget the pas. Meanwhile, the Japanese teachers were telling young Nanjing massacre and comfort women or sex slave were false records in text books.

China and S Koreans did not want to forget are because of their huge losses to families. However, Taiwanese Democratic Progressive party claimed comfort women were volunteers as sex slaves for the Japanese. Ex president Leetenghui claimed he was Japanese descendant. Whereas Singapore leeders urged people to forget about the past atrocities done by the Japanese.

I do not think praying to past dead like memorial hall will tell anything about the future directions of the Japanese government. However, i still agree that bloggers and people must constantly point fingers at Japanese leaders to allege them being aggressors in wars, as these leaders tried as much as possible to reduce the scale of atrocities in history books is already a crime in perpetrating war crime.
The Japanese emperor is smart. He indicated to resign before death to avoid Abe to bring another war and he as emperor has to take the responsibility.

In mine view is, Japan is an aggressor country. Once it builds up its military, there are thousands of Abe will lead to wars of numerous reasons, be it for useless islands like Senkaku or Diaoyutai, or Okinotorishima: false island but a small piece of rock. The Japan FM claimed Okinotorishima is an island and Japan own 200 n-miles zone from it.

This is Japanese government s territorial ambitions. In the past, Japan tried to build Big East Asia Prosperity Circle, invaded Singapore changed its name to Chaw Nan Dao. Singaporeans only remembered those being killed. They are too weak to ask for more. China and S Koreans are similar. Big and deep rooted history put themselves speaking with dignities and confidence. This is the difference. Taiwanese who are weak would choose to call Japanese their fathers. Leetenghui did just that. Singaporeans are super powerful, their politicians would tell China to forget the past to let the Japanese lead "normal" lives, starting another war with China and weak countries. I guess, Abe alike kind of people should be sitting at Yasukuni shrine some days as war "Japanese heroes" died after being tried for war crime.

There is no way to teach the Japanese war prone generations after generations except bombs and ash will make them cry. Heard of Ninja? These are their images in mind: Ninja can take China missiles. My father told me about Japanese torture. Remind me of: fuku fuku, the Japanese favorite, blow fish, and "their stomachs swelled so high as the tap was sealed to their mouths". This kind of torture did happen in Singapore, from real eye witness. I cannot forget lah.

Anonymous said...

The young must read history and know what happened in the past. Do not be misled by the superficial fa├žade of kindness and goodness today to think everything is fine.

Many rich and powerful have an ugly past. Japanese are looking so civil, so kind, so cool. Look beneath the skin, go back to read how they murdered, raped, looted and killed innocent women, children, babies and old folks during the WW2. The reign of terror by the Kempeitai in Singapore when they came knocking at the door at night, prepared for death and torture.

Ask our heroine, Elizabeth Choy when she was in the hands of the Kempeitai. There was nothing good about the Kempeitai, except terror and brutality.

Anonymous said...

People's feelings and comments about Japan is a reflection of where they were coming from. If they suffered under the Japanese, they would be angry and remember the pain and suffering. If they benefited from working with the Japanese they would talk good about the Japanese. Some are very proud of working with the Japanese.

Lee Teng Hui is very proud that he is half Japanese and his brother, a pilot, died fighting for the Japanese. His ashes are in the Yasukuni Shrine. All those who worked for the Japanese Imperial Army or died for the JIA, are honoured in the Shrine. One day the Japanese would called it a Shrine for War Heroes, not a shrine for war criminals.

Virgo49 said...

LHL will always said, aiya please forget the past.

You bring up, bring up and one fine day pee char lobang my old man and prata man also worked for the Japs.

So many others who are Rich and Mighty now also worked for the Japs to attain their wealth.

Now, daft sinkies still kow tow to them.

Virgo49 said...

Bro Anon 10.07

True,true, many chow kows during Japanese Occupation will praise the japs as they benefited fron the Japs.

They are shielded from the torture and killings. Also leading comfortable lives.

Many hooded traitors among our grandparents and parents mists in league with the killings and tortue of our ancestors.

Now some are descendents from these traitors in our mists.

Only Heaven will punish them when they are dead. So dont think that just by uttering some Saviour words, you are Saved.

Anonymous said...

Did the ex president visited the War Memorial during his 12 Years as president.

There was a picture of him with a Japanese soldier in the Internet and

someone said the soldier was his foster father. Anyone knows. Is that the reason why he can fluent


LKY was an interpreter and the other I read was a Kempeitai. Do they belong to the same unit.?

I guess only the Japan government had the record.

One thing for sure, if the Japanese wants to fulfill their ambition of Great east Asia coprosperity

this time they can concentrate on China as Vietnam, Phillipines and now Singapore are on their sides.

Maybe they can join the asJapanese soldiers like Taiwan and S Korea in WW 2. Possible?

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...


Imjin war, first japanese invasion of korea.

Anonymous said...

Interpreters/translators what is the difference? Who was more senior? Who reported to who? Think one was an officer and the other got no rank.

Anonymous said...

Carter listed Russia China as top 2 US enemies, while IS is the 5th one. From the war front, IS is the creation of US and UK plus France and others, as a result of leaving weapons in Iraq and war zones unattended. IS now becomes unbeatable enemy. The size is so small.

So by looking at the recent S Cs encounters, my view is: US will back off from any war with China. There are 2 treaties binding US: one with Taiwan and one with Japan.

Taiwan is likely to be invaded by China due to its independent movement, changing text books, and promoting independent political activities, all will come a boiling point where china will take over. No matter how timid is the china president, he cannot go against the mass with opinion to unify china.

The PLA s amphibious tanks, are new, of number thousands, for what? The US will not want to have direct encounter with PLA with live bullets as their common practices. In this week s reports, PLA s tanks fired 122mm and 300mm right across water reaching Taiwanese shores. That indicated crossing the straits to Taiwan attack is just like a crossing river attack to PLA. The US will not match with their marines blood for Taiwan.

So Abe thought US will do for Japan if Japan entangles with China on Senkaku islands? I can see there is no chance for Japan Abe to hide behind US marines and yell at PLA. US will back off similar to S Cs' recent case.

Can Japan take China one on one? It so clear Abe will be sitting at Yasukuni after his own Harakiri, if he dares to start a war. Harakiri is something for Abe that kind of standard, not for little dot s politician cow, who saysayonly.

So let these Japanese warriors going ahead, while we watch the shows. Note my guess: US will back off from any real war with China. If u want me to believe, US will back Japan up, then, I would want to see IS is defeated by US. It can never be, as long as US is at war alone, without Russians help. Agree? How about little dot flying F35?

Veritas said...

I have a suggestion for Chinese to take on Japan and USA. Basically Chinese can learn from Sunni and radicalized confucianism.

Then ABC or AJC can 3 inch lotus and when not allow, shout discrimination. Then being discriminated Chinese can send a few advanguard to suicide bomb the hell out of Japs and yankee, while majority of Chinese cover the terrorist.

Then Chinese shout 0.01% Chinese bad, 99.99% Chinese good.

Then Chinese can shout jihad jihad...etc


Can you expect the white man and Japs to come and say, "we must be sensitive to Chinese", "we are racist", "mea culpa"...etc. like what they are doing to some mofos....etc..

The only outcome if Chinese become such a piece of shit is they will be genocided.

The reason Sunni can do it and Chinese cannot are -- Sunni has longed prostitute themselves to Jews and USA. Al Saud family supported US economy via petrodollar, selling entire Islamic world.

Sunni moron think they are clever but they are fucked. We need to pity fucking Sunni. You are already whore of USA, so you get white man to be sensitive, and to self-admit to be racist.

Anonymous said...

Japan continue to stake their claim over those territory based on their past aggression.

Today, modern Japan is not old imperial Japan? LOL

Japan dont have valid claim over Sakhalin island or Kuril island.

Sakhalin island actually belongs to China during Qing dynasty but it was forced to cede those territory to Russia.(second opium war)

Japan dont have a valid claim over Okinawan.

Japan dont have a valid claim over Hokkaido. They only invade those island in the 19th century.

Modern Japan stake their claim over those terrifies based on their past aggression.

Can New Germany claim France or UK as part of territories based on past Nazi aggression?

b said...

The japs bought a lie that they are the ruling race of the world as depicted in the bible. Never did they know that it was all along a lie to sow discord and allow the liar to achieve ruling the world.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...


If we want to have men willing to fight to the death. Then we need some sort of belief in a glorious afterlife like vahalla or mohamedanism. Confucianusm with its belief in humanism cannot inspire cultlike behavior like how the white loutus society or the taiping kingdom did.

Alternatively, we could just copy the concept of Bushido and samurai war ethics.

New song from Sabaton: Shiroyama


Anonymous said...

Japan have memorial for atomic victim
Japan have memorial for war criminal - yasukuni shrine

Singapore dont have a memorial for those victims had died in Sook Ching massacre?

Abe ask Obama to visit Hiroshima shrine.
Would Pap ask Abe to visit Sook Ching shrine?

Anonymous said...

Forget abt war lah?

This is the real action (of Botak-nomics )?


Anonymous said...

My singapore news also forgot to mention -

China’s Embassy in Kyrgyzstan Hit by Suicide Bomber