A stroke a day will be the end of Singapore

We cannot afford to lose our super talents to stroke. If a stroke a day is going to be the new normal, we will soon run out of super talents. We have the ex President still in critical condition due to stroke. Kishore's condition is not known and after such a long silence, it is not looking too rosy. Heng Swee Kiat, the youngest of the three, also the luckiest, is on the road to recovery. Probably he is not wanted in heaven yet.

There were or was another ex junior minister that was reported to have stroke and now on light duties. Would there be more coming, on the way? Was it due to too much good food and good life or too much work stress? What is the common thread among the stroke victims at high places? Is there any correlation that could explain this phenomenon? What have they got in common other than stroke, money, plenty of money, or power?

Trying to make a sound and logical finding on this is serious medical science stuff, not political science.


Anonymous said...

Redbean asked " What is the common thread among the stroke victims at high places? "

Too uch hard work is the answer. These are devoted servants of Singaporeans, who have given up much to serve Singapore. Please pray hard for their quick recovery and continue good health. Singaporeans should be very thankful to have these devoted, self sacrificing, hard working and caring people to guide the country into a brighter future.

Nowhere else in the world would you find such a group of heroic men and women for a government.

Anonymous said...

One need to take care of one's health while working. How to do that? It's about balancing. There is a saying" all work but no play make jack a dull boy". Ones need to decide between health and wealth. Too much of a certain stuffs on one side will cause the balance to tilt. Sometimes it may not be so ez...but it still take effort to maintain that balance.

Anonymous said...

Mayo Clinic's report on stroke does not list hard work to be a cause of stroke.


Anonymous said...

RB, why you suddenly, and of all people, mention Kishore? Did he got a stroke? No news leh.

Anonymous said...

anyone can get a stroke, yes, anyone

we don't know, not even the doctors

so the ultimate rule of life is

to live life as if there is no tmr

live in NOW, NOW is what we have have


Anonymous said...

Ordinary or poor people also can get stroke what, if they don't take care of their health.

Only difference is that big shots are definitely much better taken care of than ordinary folks when they got stroke, which can mean the difference between life and death.

For Heng Swee Keat, he is really "heng", I mean where can one be so lucky to have 3 medical doctor colleagues present at point of time when one got a stroke?

Anonymous said...

To all our talented stroke victims:
"Live long & Prosper" - Vulcan greeting

But being from a poor family
- I can only wish myself "Better faster die"
- so that I don't bankrupt my family and the PAP government

Anonymous said...

RB is idealistic to life. I meant living things lives must end. Since born, they must die some days.
There are many folks on political stage do not buy this kind of concept. They continue to grab control on their younger subordinates within their governing organization and party machinery. In short, they try to influence everyone below them.

I see no future until they all die of stroke or something else.
Its like plants. Side by side, despite my minimum efforts to water it, the old plant dried up. But the new off spring give me wonderful green leaves that i feel nature indeed has creativity.

Please go when time is to go and do not keep grabbing control on other people s life. Give good advise to the young to build better future for singapore. Do not still hope to control people s life. Why? The young need creativity of their OWN life.

Besides this real advise, my half real advise is on BMI.
The common standard BMI is 23. Many exceeds BMI by a far distance, common can be 28 to 30.

I met a neighbor occasionally. His weight is competing with Kim at NK. How to avoid stroke when some folks passed 40s yet his BMI is as high as KIM?

The risk for getting stroke for a BMI of 30 is twice, of the risk of a BMI of 23. Clear?? or not?
All may get stroke. The controllable and adjustable factor is there to reduce the risk abit. Cut the BMI to 23 then these folks may or may not get stroke.

If someone of the size of KIM and yet want to be "free of stroke" at old age, some as old as 90s, that is some thing possible. Yes possible by say prayers like "dog help me".

Anonymous said...

Death, they say, is the leveller. Live the good life, they say, and getting s few strokes may be worth the gamble. Do they poor get the strokes and what are the statistics? I don't know. They get the different kind of strokes only if they are on the wrong side of the law enacted by the higher ups, ie the rich and mighty. But they also say the poor always die young or something like that.

Yet, they like it that way. Fight for it. Suffer for it. Die for it. Still they stive for it. The good life, I mean!

What can we say?

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with striving for the good life.
It is only wrong if you have bullied people to pay for your good life.

Anonymous said...

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
John F. Kennedy

Do you think a timely natural death makes peaceful change more possible?

Anonymous said...

Wait until this stroke visit you and your loved ones.

You and your dirty mouth.

This kind of thing also can bring out and discuss. Really a scum bag.

Anonymous said...

Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that is troublesome.
- Isaac Azimov

Anonymous said...

This kind of thing also can bring out and discuss. Really a scum bag.
August 21, 2016 5:44 pm

What do you expect?
3 coffins in a hawker centre, a food court or a restaurant?

Anonymous said...

Why are you so upset? You got stroke on your backside?

Anonymous said...

“Save on one hairdo and use the money for breast screening.”

Then Health Minister Lim Hng Kiang rejecting the suggestion by MP Dr. Lily Neo to provide subsidy for breast cancer screening (source)


Save on one Mercedes and use the money for stroke prevention and/or rehabilitation.

Anonymous said...

“Retrenchment is good for Singapore. If there is no retrenchments, then I worry.”
– SM Goh

What about strokes?
If there are no strokes, do you think I should worry for Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies killed themselves

by a much higher volume

than those who died of stroke.

Stroke survivors are lucky,
especially those that are
attended to by a few female
attendants that clean them,
even feed them and more.

Any idea how many suicides
are there in a day or year
in Sin ?

Do beware of Tuberculosis,
Dengue or even Zika.

Good Luck to all.

Lycurgus80ofsparta said...

lol Lee Hsien Long kena also. Redbean got magic eh don't play play.

Anonymous said...


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Please guys, not the time to make unpleasant remarks.

Thank you.

patriot said...

Sinkies are living in a very stressful society brought about by the Leaders.

Passed by Simei Estate earlier and
saw SCDF, SPF and Ambulances at one of the Blocks.
Looked like there was an attempted suicide.
At the food court, heard a stall worker asking why so many suicides
in Sg, claiming that there were two
cases not too long ago at the Block beside the Food Court.

l hope that the Leaders will learn more about living and not just goading the People to work harder and longer till they drop.

Many dropped before they reached
old age.



Anonymous said...

Yew need circular flow?

Cannot like the Ark of "Nowhere"?

Circular flow gives rise to virtuous cycle?

Anonymous said...

Missing metal in the south reservoir?

Erect a metallic rooster between the south reservoir and the open sea head facing inwards?

And a miniature "泰山" at the end of lizard gdn opposite "Las Vegas"?

Anonymous said...

The metallic rooster facing inwards "reverses" the water flow inland in the "wind water"?

Providing the Lizard gdn much needed "water source" endlessly and thus reinforces the element of 乙木?

The crawlers (乙木) ascend up the super trees?

Anonymous said...

The miniature "泰山" completes the circular flow, virtuously and endlessly?

Anonymous said...

Remember, after this the south reservoir must be constantly full?

Otherwise the metallic rooster would harm the 乙木?

The Lizard gdn must be maintained a constant flourishing "jungle".

Anonymous said...

But this is not permanent?

Only buying time?

The real "泰山" is?

Anonymous said...

What is "泰山"?

"戊" it is!

Meanwhile, only good deeds can atone and barely the sins (of the city)?

Anonymous said...

But alas, the underlying "problems" are still not solved?

Anonymous said...

There is a Chinese saying:


Anonymous said...

The "wind water" is just a stop gap measure?

Anonymous said...

Long term soundness is the key?

When the education system is right, the foundation of permanent virtuous cycle of growth and development fosters long term sustainability?

When the growth and development is as it is, the education may not have been right since KFC watch and the consequences setting in?

The JLBs and the countless ugly and fake BIMBOS at the helms of many tops are contributing to the failures of many pillars of growth and development?

There is no exception?

Hard work and nurture of real talents are the keys?

(Heavy) Prices have to be paid when sluts not better than the prostitutes in geylang are helming many tops?

And there are many other underlying roots been undermined too?

Without hardnosed resolution (of all the underlying causes), it is not if but when?

Anonymous said...

Quite true

Dehydration (of the fortune) sets in when water flowing in "wrong direction"?

Many businesses and individuals also like swaying and maciam ai faint liao?

Anonymous said...

乙木 needs water to flourish?

Old man is "BIG WATER"?

His "8 numbers" water super strong?

Anonymous said...

This yr Chinese zodiac monkey, next year rooster .......

Anonymous said...

So very eazi to blend in one BIG METALLIC rooster beside a golden monkey statue on a platform parallel to the bridge at South reservoir?

Today put water direction immediately reversed inward in terms of the "wind water"?

But ROOSTER HEAD must face inland ...... if faces out everyday dehydration many businesses and individuals also everyday dizzy dizzy ai faint ai faint like that?

b said...

Too much sharkfin, abalone and caviar. They should learn to live more simple lives. Less is more. No need to draw one million per year from public monies.

Anonymous said...

HSK = Rambo II