Why is Singapore educating, feeding and enriching foreigners?

We built universities to be staffed by foreigners and the places to be filled by foreign students. We brought in foreign lecturers academic staff, paid them handsomely and housed them in very good accommodations. All paid by tax payers’ money. We brought in foreign students, gave them scholarship to live better than Singaporean students who either laden their parents with debt or themselves in debt for borrowing to pay their own tuition fees. The foreign students got it all for free, paid by our taxpayers. We rejected our top students in medical and law schools, forcing them to go overseas, many ended not returning, but in their place recruited half past six foreigners to be doctors and practicing lawyers here.

We created two supposedly ‘think tank’ institutions on top of ISEAS, to be staffed with many foreigners, to be paid handsomely by tax payers money, for what? What are the returns or benefits?  Justifiable or for show? Or are we doing charity or do we owe these foreigners a living, to pay for their education, to pay them damn well to work here? Are we responsible for the well beings of foreigners or to our taxpayers and their children, the citizens of Singapore?

We keep giving generous grants and scholarships to foreigners to improve their qualifications, to gain experience and expertise, to gain credibility, from taxpayers’ money but neglected our own talents. The grass in the neighbours’ lawn is greener? Sowing wild oats and forsaking our own children? No need to grow our own timber, take short cut, no need to nurture our precious seedlings?

Hope Leong Sze Hian could do a compilation on the billions wasted on training, educating and feeding foreigners instead of our own children. Wastrel? Anyone know the meaning of wastrel? Or profligate, squanderer?

The so called elite realm of existence is now filled by foreigners with doubtful credentials when they should be filled by our very own citizens, paid by our taxpayers’ money. We keep paying the foreigners to be better but not to our own, preferring to force our own away to foreign shores.

Historically anti people policies were prevalent during the reigns of a ‘hun jun’ or 昏君, marking the end of a dynasty, for forsaking the interests of the people.


Anonymous said...

Off topic
- Please alert our Olympic Athletes to heavily insure themselves.
Unless they think they can depend on a generous PAP government if they get hurt or injured in Brazil.
- please see warning from former Brazilian football star Rivaldo
Brazilian Soccer Star Warns Olympic Visitors "Stay Home, Your Life Is At Risk Here"

"Things are getting uglier here every day," Rivaldo wrote. "I advise everyone with plans to visit Brazil for the Olympics in Rio — to stay home. You'll be putting your life at risk here. This is without even speaking about the state of public hospitals and all the Brazilian political mess. Only God can change the situation in our Brazil."


Anonymous said...

红豆: //Historically anti people policies were prevalent during the reigns of a ‘hun jun’ or 昏君, marking the end of a dynasty, for forsaking the interests of the people.//


In Jan 2013, Pui Soh hit "Jack Pot" with "Tell Laura .... Luv ...."?

In Mar 2016 ( barely 6 mths after Sept 2015 ), it was "discovered Buttock has "awesome" Orh Luak" .....?

Anonymous said...

But, but .......

"煮熟的鸭子飞走了 。。。。。。"

Aiyo .......

Anonymous said...

No point kpkb about this!

Waste of time! Waste of time!

In 2015, the massive 70% were very very happy, said very very ok,
and gratefully said PAP 谢谢你! PAP 谢谢你!

So, why kpkb now!

Too late! Too late!


Ha ha ha............

Anonymous said...

But going by "past precedence and statistics", probability of more "煮熟的鸭子" precipitating is "high"?

Historically, the 1st one also "flew away" ( in April 2012 )....?

But the 2nd one was "not so lucky"?

virgo49 said...

Just go to the AllSingaporeanStuff website, there you find top ofd news a Pinay complaining that she is better than Sinkies and not admitted to course she wanted due to so called SINKIE metrocrazy.

Now President to be Duarte will demanded half quota of places in work places, unis etc for his peopled.

And full employment of all bars,lounges and red light brothels for his performing artists cum possies.

Anonymous said...

"Why is Singapore educating, feeding and enriching foreigners?"

Let me ask you back a question?

"Why are Singaporeans voting for, feeding and enriching part-time parrots in parliament?

Anonymous said...

The Chinese have a saying:


Heard before "好色成双"?

Anonymous said...

Oops ..... typo ....

Should be "好事成双" .....

Anonymous said...

"All paid by tax payers’ money."

RB, in case you do not know, tax payers' money can be used to stimulate GDP growth.

Yes, foreign lecturers, academic staff are paid handsomely, but the taxes they paid will also be handsome.

And they may also invest in property too, and govt can collect property tax, stamp duties etc. And conveyancy lawyers also will benefit and they will also pay taxes too. And so govt has a lot of tax money to further stimulate GDP growth. And ministers' bonuses are pegged to GDP growth.

So can you see the virtuous cycle PAP is creating by using taxpayers' money and foreigners to stimulate GDP growth? It is a win win thing for govt and foreigners. And best of all, govt (ruling party) can now even win by elections by fielding minority candidates!

Anonymous said...

红豆: //All paid by tax payers’ money. //

Rightfully so?


Sinkieland will be in trouble if paid by "pawning the Merlion" ( one day eventually )?

Anonymous said...

"And best of all, govt (ruling party) can now even win by elections by fielding minority candidates!"
Anon 9:08 am

Tiok. If I were Lee Hsien Loong, I am the happiest Prime Minister in the world, and not just because I am the highest paid Prime Minister in the world.

What more can I ask for? And I hope Chee Soon Juan will continue as SDP leader.

Anonymous said...

you don't know meh Singapore is like that

what we have.......lots of spare money you know

spending small change like this is nothing.....can right

so that we can increase the population to 10M you see

think long-term leh

never mind the short-term pain

this is Singapore, Singapore is like this


Anonymous said...

Rb, I think sinkies are conditioned for self reliance. So they don't mind paying everything themselves. That free the government with extra cash and nowhere to spend to use the cash on foreigners Lor. Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.26 am, you are correct!



agongkia said...

Daft Sinkies should take advantage if this is true..
Go foreign land ,hug more foreign meimeis,produce more forein babies,let them return here as foreign students.

Anonymous said...

Don't be silly. The govt is spending your money. Think about your CPF.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear!!!

Wiseman talking !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9.35 am, please note that those money is just
small change, cantonese say 3Ws "wet-wet-water".

Anyway, 70% knew of spending this small change......and OK-ed!


Anonymous said...

Talk big?


Where is RN?

Anonymous said...

Why need find "all ( silly and even "non-existent" ) excuses to "imprison retirement savings for life"?

If "cannot return" at 55, say so?


Anonymous said...

Actually these feeding & enriching of the foreigners torrents is bcoz of 1 person view bout the world..no need mention who Lah...it's becoz tat person think only the foreigners r talented & also to top up those local talents that has left us...that person mind is filth with GREED la...what's wrong with collecting more $$$ Leh? This mentality passed on to next gen & "ka boob" we have many of them here to slog & vote for them...the vicious cycle continues until self-destruction like the Atlantis la la land ...

Anonymous said...

I hope these foreigners learn from a young foreigners converted to citizen. In 2020GE, they can convert to citizens to join opposition, there are Nsp, Sdp or even Wp to choose from.

Take over Singapore please. We need them badly to cut deep into the "property mogul" kind of dead economic policy: sell land to property firms, many are their state own people, build space and no buyers. Pay interests to feed the banks. Create no real jobs for citizens.

It time foreigners educated here to take over the politics here. The locals are very weak and disinterested in this area.

Malaysians can take over. There are ample support if they come out with good politicians like Lim Kiat Siang kinda malaysian turned citizens of singapore. Local ns men are open minded, they will support as long as the politicians talk cents not dollars.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "isn't it obvious by now?", RB ponders:

>> Why is Singapore educating, feeding and enriching foreigners? <<

To find the answer, consider the math and social engineering, and add some behavioural economics in for successful outcomes.

When you educate, feed and enrich foreigners, you are incentivising them to your objectives, which is part of the Grand Social Engineering Plan.

I don't know what the fucking fuss is about. The govt and the late Emperor Lee has been very clear about certain "issues" perceived as a threat to Singapore. I'll pull out the 2 most obvious.

1. Singaporean women aren't pumping out babies from their vaginas fast enough to replace those old fuckers dropping off the perch.

Unfortunately there are organisations like AWARE who've managed to convince our gals that their cheebyes are more precious than gold, which is of course an anathema to one of the fundamental doctrines in a Dick-tater Ship that the women's vajayjay's are a national asset and it is the women's productive duty to shit out as many bambinos are possible to grow the population with new sheeple.

Along comes David Marshall who fucks up the show by introducing the "Women's Charter" long before the "women's rights" caught on in the west, and definitely in backward, shit-bowl Asia.

So now Singapore women are amongst the most liberated, self-reliant, highly educated and successful in the world to the point where they can choose what the fuck to do with their lives. Their unliberated and poorly educated (i.e. easily controllable) mothers and grandmothers used to pump out many babies---5-9 was not uncommon. Big families was the order of the day. Now women, especially Singaporean women are successful and wealthy, and will not under any circumstance be told what to do.

This female disobedience and non-reliance on male dominance/ authority has made the Vagina Nationalisation Project an epic failure. Good luck trying to make them pump out more than 2 or 3 babies...and if their lesbian, forget it!

2. There is little doubt and tons of evidence to support the claim that Singaporeans have become indeed very wealthy and highly educated in only a few decades. Now that Singaporeans are smart and rich, they prefer the "good life" over the sweat and toil of their forebears.

No longer are they content to eat unhygienically prepared food in filthy surrounds, their food courts must be spotless, airconditioned and offer 300g steaks, wine and cafe lattes....and offer WiFi or have good 4G signals so that they can post pictures of their dietary preferences to social media.

Because of this, the now-idolised but still very dead Emperor Lee decided that the gene pool has become "soft" and non-hard-striving. Back in the day Emperor Lee was an outspoken proponent of EUGENICS suggesting that smart men and women should consummate and pump out smart children. To aid this (all part of the Vagina Nationalisation Project) the wise PAP govt set up the Social Development Unit to match-make the right penis to the right vagina, for the future of the nation.

However, the success was not sustainable. And soon, Singaporeans were having less babies. In order to get the numbers back on track, the wise old Emperor Lee decided it good policy to re-populate the gene pool with more "hard driving and hard striving" foreign imports. Ah...the old ideas of EUGENICS (popular with Hitler) still anchors Singapore's immigration policy.

3. Now that you have a good pool of foreigners, you need to "incentivise" them to produce babies. And so you offer education, good jobs, citizenship etc etc...throw whatever you need to achieve the stated goals.

And it is working. Behold, the marvels of a Dick-tater Ship.

Dengan semangat yang baru. Majulah, motherfuckers!

Anonymous said...

Do ugly women produce ugly daughters?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1115:

Not necessarily. All the mothers require is a handsome cock like mine. Problem solved.

Berjaya, grasshopper!

Anonymous said...

@ 11.10am mati zombie sleep walking moron: //And it is working. //

Working your eyes pasted stamps MF foot?

Foreign alien TFR ( below 1.0 ) is even much lower than indigenous sinkies and publicly admitted by old man many times, even in his last "magnum opus --- One ( senile ) Old Man Mew of the Whore" .......?

Dun try to do a "KON YOU" here to the "innocent" ah pek and ah Ma here ...... for Karma sake?

Anonymous said...

7th mth ghosts and spirits see already oso scoot, scramble as fast as their legs can carry them ...............

"Gui" arhhhhhh ...........

Even ghosts also scramble. .....

Anonymous said...

Sharp Seasoned Political Observer and Analyst @ 8.17am //We keep paying the foreigners to be better but not to our own, preferring to force our own away to foreign shores.//

Good ( economic ) policies during GKS and TCC times have given way to no-brainer ( basket case economic ) policies even A-Level ( Economics ) students can propose .....?

Open floodgates?

Strain, over stretch and even Collapse the infrastructure and public transport system?

Anonymous said...

Then " pretend regret, panic but ample excuse to open the taxpayers wallets ...... oops CPF savings ...... oops reserves and what not" ........ to "build, build, build" .......?

Anonymous said...

Now potential excess stock at current rate is at humongous LEVEL?

3rd world calibre?

3rd world outcome?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is going to be hopeless city if its citizens do not look to the front by themselves. The msm keeps bringing back about one old man s name as if he is the real leader. If this is the reality, then please do it by jumping down 18 storey to find him there.

The reality is: income for bread earners is diminishing. Getting lesser and lesser chances because there are excessive foreigners job seekers ready to take a job here. It is because the mas adjust the dollar up higher than their currencies. But the jobs in sg is limited because there fewer foreigners willing to part with high rental cost. Fewer tourists are willing to pay for the higher dollars in sg. There are no real tourist spots to see except shopping. Shopping is no longer cheap here. Go HK or Jakarta.

So the singapore reality: a dead man is the real leader, there is declining income to feed family. The cost of feeding family is going higher and higher because of supporting the state s heavy expenses. Higher rental is the real cost, in hdb flat installments, in coe, in higher transport cost even oil is cheaper. It is a very bad economy citizens is living in now.

Yet the state pay for free education for foreigners kids, pay for subsidised hospitals bills. Go to hospital emergency? Its needs 5 solid hours waiting time. Any patients will be affected. This is singapore.

Anonymous said...

Provided PMETS sinkies still can hold on to their jobs .....?

Last year supposedly 5-digit sinkies PMETS kena "chopped" ..... from their rice bowls?

This year "saw", "heard" ...... etc many previously gainfully employed sinkies including even factory workers type now loitering around during office hours and situation getting from bad to worst ......?

Remember previously already posted many times about the time lag factor .....?

The huge drop in past recent years total merchandise trade will ( eventually ) be reflected in the real economy, and not just NODX .......?

Anonymous said...

"Why is Singapore educating, feeding and enriching foreigners?"

Is it because we have an anti-Singaporean government?

Anonymous said...

I thought 70% already said OK-ed in 2015.

Why bring this topic up again?

What is the use of KPKB here?

Case closed!

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

11.48am //The reality is: income for bread earners is diminishing.//

To have some sense of this, just go to shopping malls and retail outlets during weekdays nights during the supposedly peak hours .....?

No need go town area malls bcos those empty malls even foreign media already knew and published many times such as the Japenis news media .....?

The ( emptiness ) in recent months have spilled over into Heartlands malls and the ( only ) exceptions are likely during weekends ( hot ) afternoon where heartlanders try to "escape" from the "frying weather" by "hiding and crowding in" heartlands malls to "enjoy free aircon and some simple luxuries like a 80 cents ice-cream cone at some fast food outlets"?

Anonymous said...

Many PMETS actually "invested" in a 2nd or 3rd property during the 2H2011 to 1H2013 property peak price period and now all if not all these are already TOP ( completed )?

But loans still need to be serviced every month whether with no rental or dismay rental inflows ......?

Coupled with some if not many on the "firing line of retrenchment prime candidates" the ordeal maciam ants "jumping on the frying pan"?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:43pm
I fully agree with u on the observation. It is real. In the past when someone was retrenched, he had option to start a shop at heartland, be property agent or taxi driver. In current days, these are not good options. Start a shop at high rental, the chances of losing savings is high. Be property agent and taxi driver are equally waste of time. May be taxi driver can earn some living, property agent needs to pay for expenses like advs, and have little response. One licensed tour guide i knew sold his van told me he kept his license because he had paid a few thousands to get it through exams.

Tourists are not coming enough to let these educated folks to earn a living on their own ie not seeking employment. These people previously were professionals like lawyer, accountants or managers. Ask taxi driver, many wld tell u they were sale manager in the region, IT manager or analysts retrenched during the peak of immigrants influx.

Unexplained factor is: there are 70% voted for the son when the old man was the main hand to screw their jobs away. It will take the less educated longer time to understand why they have to be hungry and earn no income while they watch foreigners working busy carry lab top around. Its their very own govt who want them to lose their jobs because they ask for more. But if they ask for less, they too will not have enough to feed the family. So they keep looking for jobs until they give up and stop looking for the jobs in mind. The son would just smile and still have 60% by reminding voters hey his father is still around.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'So the singapore reality: a dead man is the real leader, there is declining income to feed family.'

I like this comment. The real leader is a dead man. Maybe I can write an article on this : )

Anonymous said...

"Under the new military arrangements, Singapore will pay $2.25 billion to upgrade facilities at the Shoalwater Bay Training Area and Townsville Field Training Areas, for use by up to 14,000 troops for 18 weeks each year."


Verses this

The legendary pastoral business S. Kidman & Co is in talks to sell to Chinese-based Dakang Australia Holdings and ASX-listed Australian Rural Capital Ltd for $370.7 million.

"The 116-year-old business, which covers 100,000 square kilometres of the Australian outback – making it bigger than Israel – was put up for sale 12 months ago.

Part of the holding, Anna Creek Station, the largest cattle station in the world."


What do you think? Training 14,000 troops more important or potential food (and a land bank) for SG and the world more important.

Anonymous said...

Imagine ursef as a bactirear to earth(as a human)

Dats all.

Anonymous said...

The main economic activities ( and policies of "one trick pony " ) nowadays seem to be construction, construction and more construction. ......?

But these are "high leakages" spendings that mostly only "show up once-off" in the GDP?

The foreign components could ( easily ) range from 60% to 85%, "implying that for every ( tax ) dollar deployed, only as little as $0.15 remains domestically and accounting for multiplier effect could imply ultimately generation of as little as $1.20 to $1.30 in the GDP for every ( tax ) dollar expended ( far too small to compensate for decline in private consumption spendings, investment spendings and nosediving exports )?

Anonymous said...

Covert leaders at work who build/invest in brick and mortar/religious strongholds

.The “Parable of the Talents”, in Matthew 25:14–30 tells of a master who was leaving his house to travel, and, before leaving, entrusted his property to his servants. According to the abilities of each man, one servant received five talents, the second servant received two talents, and the third servant received one talent. The property entrusted to the three servants was worth 8 talents, where a talent was a significant amount of money. Upon returning home, after a long absence, the master asks his three servants for an accounting of the talents he entrusted to them. The first and the second servants explain that they each put their talents to work, and have doubled the value of the property with which they were entrusted; each servant was rewarded:

His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’

— Matthew 25:23, New English Translation
The third servant, however, had merely hidden his talent, had buried it in the ground, and was punished by his master:

"Then the one who had received the one talent came and said, ‘Sir, I knew that you were a hard man, harvesting where you did not sow, and gathering where you did not scatter seed, so I was afraid, and I went and hid your talent in the ground. See, you have what is yours.’ But his master answered, ‘Evil and lazy servant! So you knew that I harvest where I didn’t sow and gather where I didn’t scatter? Then you should have deposited my money with the bankers, and on my return I would have received my money back with interest! Therefore take the talent from him and give it to the one who has ten. For the one who has will be given more, and he will have more than enough. But the one who does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. And throw that worthless slave into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’"

Wrong interpretation, you will create the fruits of inequality and the justification of slavery

Anonymous said...

Investing in "talents". Foreign Talents too you know

Anonymous said...

You lazy bastards, you die your business

Anonymous said...

Who are your national advisers? Who are your smarty pants?

Anonymous said...

In Sin, a lot of snake oil salesman lah. One high profile one still on the loose. Sin's laws very tua Kong one

Anonymous said...

oh that one..wife very talented one. hudband exported her talent to foreign lands and heavily invested lottery money on foreign land she set foot on. heard the return of investment was fantastic. more money poured in for husband and wife. wife now ceo of investment company to bless Sin.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, very good post today except your remark on handsome cock. I don't think you can define a small pistol on two flat tires as handsome cock lar.

Anonymous said...

Angingkia, u can hug many foreign Mei Mei, but it's not free Hor. Everything is $. That being the case u can hug foreign Mei Mei here no need to waste money on airfare and hotel. By the way the cost is the about the same. So don't advise people wrongly u motherfucker Hor

Anonymous said...

bunch of fiaking idiots...tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Nobody saw it coming? You still catch no balls lah. That's how stupid you are

Anonymous said...

Born stupid tio bo? Soo stupid, vote for what? Vote for stupidity ah?

b said...

Just take note that all politicians in this world, before they are in power, they will act anti immigrates. Once in power, they will be pro immigrates because they want to con more to come to their countries to pay tax so can increase income of their 'friends' and their own. More cows produce more milk. Politicians are all actors, reality stars, bipolars.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1.12pm //Be property agent and taxi driver are equally waste of time.//

These two professions are quite incongruent?

If become taxi drivers might as well become bus captains .....?

Take home could be higher than some hard luck or lobang-less taxi drivers?

Anonymous said...

Some more have CPF, annual leaves, paid medical leaves, annual bonuses, insurance benefits etc etc ...... ordinary account balance can service housing loan ......

Property agent now better standby at least $100,000 to $200,0000 buffer before even contemplate to become one?

Many agents, especially those divorced mothers if u happened bump into them at public places say fast food outlets or coffee joints ..... etc mostly seem quite hard pressed financially and all shown on their faces and body language .....?

Anonymous said...

Some newbie agents are heard to clock zero sales for first 12 months and some even more .....?

Means outflow non-stop this and that a few thousand dollars each month .....?

Some more need to "feed" their regulatory watchdog several hundred dollars per year just to stay licensed?

Yes, u heard it correct?

Pay the regulator to be regulated ( by them )?

Anonymous said...

Not forgetting industry insurance. .....?

Per year also 3-figure?

Like dat Seow or not?

Some commission more than one year than owner pay agent company ...... then agent company cash flow if have problem oso use it to roll and act blur ......?

So some newbie agents first year zero sales, 2nd year managed clocked new deal but after 2 years still haven't been paid or earn single cent?

So if those need $$$ fast to put food on table, think go become bus captains or delivery drivers better options and slowly "look for better ways out" ......?

Anonymous said...

Even taxi drivers for some may be high risk in terms of take home $$$ .....?

If really not smart enough or blur blur or lobang no enough every day on the road can be quite torturing. ......?

And after a couple of months the health also deteriorate rapidly due to long hours cooped up in fixed position day in day out ......?

Anonymous said...

Bus drivers after every trip stipulated rest, makan, limp kopi, even napping time before next journey .....?

Taxi drivers if sick one day taxi rental $100+++ need at least about 1.5 to 2 days income to cover means if sick one day imply one day rest and another 2 days work for nothing means 3 days no income ...... children eat grass liao .....?

So why PMETS or not PMETS sinkies scared to have children bcos future uncertain from day one first job .....?

Anonymous said...

So old man ( short term ) policies have created long term VICIOUS cycle?

New graduates enter job market now first worry not promotion but when kena RETRENCHED?

Social problems, economic problems all intertwined and interwoven into one GIGANTIC mess?

Anonymous said...

Over next few years, ( given start of wave of mass retrenchment or on the cards? ) the trend likely accentuate then what happen?

Will people want make babies or not?

If not, TFR can go below 1.0 or not for the first time for indigenous sinkies ( foreign ( born ) "new sinkies" TFR long ago below 1.0 )?

Anonymous said...

So is the GIGANTIC vicious cycle ( created by some JLBs ) "STOPP-ABLE"?

With ( near and far future ) plunging TFR, need import even more aliens to top up?

So a "tipping point" would be reached eventually right?

Anonymous said...

Where is the "MOTHER, GRANDMOTHER, GREAT-GRANDMOTHER and GREAT-GRANDFATHER ..... etc" of all ponzi schemes ( human and financial ) found on earth?

Who knows the answer?


Anonymous said...

IMF chief cites Lee Kuan Yew’s 'zero-tolerance' stance towards corruption as example for rest of world

He is the saviour of the world liao so proud of him

Anonymous said...

1.12pm //So they keep looking for jobs until they give up and stop looking for the jobs in mind.//

Welcome to the "BRIGHT NEW FUTURE" ......

High COL ( cost of living ), High COE ( cost of education ), High COD ( cost of dying ), High COB ( cost of babies ), High COP ( cost of politicians ), High COC ( cost of cars ), High COF ( cost for flats ), High COA ( cost of aliens ), High COG ( cost of generals ), High COH ( cost of healthcare ), High COI ( cost of insiders ), High COJ ( cost of justice ), High COK ( cost of kinship ), High COM ( cost of madness ), High CON ( cost of nuts ), High COO ( cost of "ozymandias" ), High COQ ( cost of quacks ), High COS ( cost of SIN ), High COT ( cost of transport ), High COU ( cost of uncertainties ), High COV ( cost over valuation ), High COW ( cost of womanising ), High COX ( cost of seX) .........

Anon 1.12pm, with the above 24 high costs, without a job, how to "survive"?

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with Amos anyway? Police playing with his asshole?watching aNUS masterminds Vs 17yrs old anus.

Anonymous said...

RB 1:38pm and Anon 5:41pm
Anon u are really good at summary. Those start with C remind me of the Cost Performance we use to describe a position.

cost performance of a project or a position is what the total cost paid against the things a position did. What do u think of the Cost Performance for for the prince compare with that for the China Xi? 1 manage a city similar to Shanghai, one manage the entire china and external risks.

Strange results: the external debts listed by cia and wiki by countries, a city s external debt usd1770billion is bigger than usd1680billion of the entire china in 2015. No wander putting the dead man s face is better than someone come out to explain what the vision of next 15 years. they want to have 7 millions by 15 years time. What is the vision of 10 millions population? The dead man did not tell us for that scenario.
Now no guarantee to help find jobs. Keep quiet and keep telling stories about a dead man on msm. Look back vision.

Anonymous said...

Pay Amos 500K and see whether he will kiss PAPA like millions dollar leaders or not.

Tempt him. Apparently Sin leaders can't he tempted by corruption 😆

Amos is different? 😆

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous May 12, 2016 6:02 pm
//RB 1:38pm and Anon 5:41pm
Anon u are really good at summary. //

Oops ...... left out 2 more ....

25) High COY ( cost of yes-men )

26) High COZ ( cost of zombie-policies )

Anonymous said...

That's it?

A summary of the world's most expensive city ( most recently ranked by intelligence unit of economist mag 3 years in a row )?

The A - to - Z of HIGH COSTS in the CITY OF ( ETERNAL ) SIN?

Anonymous said...

"Why is Singapore educating, feeding and enriching foreigners?"

Do you think it is because PAP does not give a fuck about Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

IMF chief doesn't read commoners views apparently. own type say own type non corrupt lol

Anonymous said...

Was reported that Mr Heng kanna stroke this afternoon during cabinet mtg!

Pray for speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies, just open up your mouths and receive


Anonymous said...

Hmm...finally an update on the boy

Anonymous said...

Let the sinkies venoms begin. Leeders just sit back and enjoy your sweet rewards

Anonymous said...

Shame on sinkies. A bunch of cowards. You die your own business

Anonymous said...

Mrt strike by it symbol
Seriously injured construction worker only got 2days mc in todays news
Now ironically minister got stroke.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "koyak mathematics---you should widen your CONTEXT lah" 1121:

Where the fuck, did I ever talk about the Total Fertility Rate (TFR)?

The population growth trend for Singapore is POSITIVE, meaning when measured over recent periods of time, the population is increasing.

You cannot evaluate trends in birth in a vacuum. In the real world, people might be still "mingling" or they might hold off starting families due to a multitude of reasons (but they're still fucking)...obviously the govt is still scratching their heads over this one. However...

The foreigners are here, and they are coming...not as much as they were 6 or 8 years ago when Singapore "opened the borders" to the world's job seekers and opportunists, and stacked the deck with plenty of "incentives" to lure them in and to stay and make Singapore their HOME.

Of course it is a success. So much so that the locals are angry and pissed off.

Rest assured there will be "spikes" and clusters of high number of births here and there. In the testicles and ovaries of the foreigners lie the precursors to new Singaporean lives. It is THE POTENTIAL which is locked away in these folks genitals.

It is unrealistic to expect an explosion of chap cheng babies so soon, although there is plenty of (anecdotal) observation for all to see that chap cheng kias are being produced. Give it more time. The gene pool needs to simmer and cook a bit.

I am very much in favour of the population growing to around 9 million.

Cita-cita kita yang mulia, Berjaya, niggaz!

Anonymous said...

Send a kid to prison and get a stroke in return?

Anonymous said...

Your children may not be spared too

For a start..greater stupidity

Anonymous said...

Got another by-election or not ah?

Anonymous said...

/// He said that Mr Heng had suddenly collapsed at the weekly meeting and three doctors in Cabinet attended to him immediately. ///

Lucky we got so many doctors in parliament.

If only we had one MRT engineer in parliament.

Anonymous said...

Do you think PM Lee's succession plan has just been delayed?

Virgo 49 said...

Everyone said pray for him.

So pious meh???

That's why you want many many things.

God very fair, HE gives to you.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Send a kid to prison and get a stroke in return?

May 12, 2016 8:40 pm

I heard priests like to play play boy boy

Anonymous said...

Got so many people praying for Ah Heng on LHL's facebook.

I wish all these people will also pray for our MRT for a speedy recovery too.

Anonymous said...

Anyone pray for Benjamin Lim? Anyone remember him?

independent individual said...

The individual has rights.