Who would lead Singapore in the next lap after LKY?

Some may think that we have had 3 generations of leadership in Singapore. To the discerning, Singapore has had only one leader. Now there is a vacuum waiting to be filled. Who would lead Singapore into the next lap of development? I really don’t know. When you see a leader, you know that he is a leader.

China has gone through a few changes of leadership since the days of Mao. Two leaders stood out among the few men that led the country. Every PRC Chinese and people of the world would know Mao and Deng. The rest are just administrators holding the fort for the next leader to take over the rein. Now there is a new leader appearing in China in Xi Jinping. Yes, you know a leader when one steps up on the stage to be recognized.

Where is the next leader that would lead Singapore forward? Not from the opposition camp for sure though a few of them really think they were great leaders of the opposition. They forgot about the story of the land of the blind. Every one eye jack will shine and think he is a leader. If there is a leader in the opposition camp, he has yet to appear or in the process of being forged. A new leader in the opposition camp is sorely needed to lead and maybe to replace the ruling govt should the time come.

In the ruling party camp, everyone thinks he is a leader and the best man or woman available to lead the country. And everyone has a second opinion. You know a leader when you see one. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them. Some think they are great and sincerely believe they are leaders.

Anyone think he has seen one? Maybe. But do not mistaken an administrator as a leader or someone given the title leader.  And yes, do not think a robotic conductor is the conductor leading an orchestra.


Anonymous said...

It would take at least another 50, 100 or even 150 years in the making to emerge a new real leader for the new Spore...why so long..bcoz the current ruling party system is so solid strong & people so dafts. & this new leader will be a foreigner blood ...

Anonymous said...

Old Fart was a leader?!?! Fuck you, he was just a hatchet man, a strongarm thug fronting the party. Without the extraordinary Old Guards surrounding him & the inimitable advice & guidance of A. Winsemius, Old Fart would be just another Robert Mugabe. That's why Old Fart & Mugabe were such good friends --- birds of the same feather flock together. While at the same time, Old Fart backstabbed his Old Guard companions and turned them into obscure pariahs --- how many Sinkies today know of the remarkable life stories, sacrifices and genius thinking & implementation of out-of-the-box policies by the Old Guards?!?!?! They only know the supposedly life story and sob story of Old Fart.

Anonymous said...

Everyone! Yes, everyone! Yes, everyone!

In today's "you-die-your-business" society, you are on your own!

Everyone leads themselves! Everyone for themselves!

Everyone has to find his/her very very stressful ways just to survive
in this very very tiny and very very crowded city state.

No choice! No choice! This the only only sustainable way going forward.

But, 70% are VERY happy with this kind of life and said thank you very
very much, sirs/madams.


Anonymous said...

Anon 9:20am
Mugabe and old fark was similar especially in the part of dealing with their rivals. Mugabe likes this little dot probably because there was Bee asS Il kinda things he can do.
Thinking along this line, the Muga can be stench in smell. I heard his feasts to treat guess involves great number of animals as meat.

Anonymous said...

A leader is a leader. It does not mean a leader must be a good leader. There were many leaders that were really immoral or bad people. But they led.

Why must u think a leader must be good or morally good?

Anonymous said...

Gd leader noes power corrupt.(so don dare stay in power)

Bad leader hope can come back frm dead.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1002:

Once you bring in the "moral" argument, you may as well leave the discussion, because everyone has a different idea of what "morality" is, and really different ideas on what "political morality" is, i.e. "morality" exercised when one posses the power and authority of The State.

IMO, it really doesn't matter who is the leader or what their quirks and qualities are. Cuntries don't fuck up or succeed because of their leaders. Unfortunately, most people do not accept this point. They (the badly educated, publicly educated, non-critical-thinking public...aka "sheeple") still hold fast to the "the great man of history" mythical theory.

That being said, Singaporeans LOVE the idea of a central authority. **At the moment, Lee Kuan Yew's ghost still holds sway with the people.**

Until the people of Singapore can decide who will be next to carry the flame, Singapore will follow N Korea's example of a "Necrocracy" (word used and popularized by Christopher Hitchens to describe N Korea), meaning that a dead person is the Supreme Leader of a cuntrie of superstitious gullible idiots.

Singapore is a NECROCRACY! There, I said it ;-)

Majulah, Ghost-worshipping motherfuckers!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Singapore is a Necrocracy.
A modern Necrocracy.

In Ancient China.
The dead emperor's slaves would be buried alive together with the dead emperor.
In modern Singapore.
Do the dead emperor's slaves work as security guards and taxi drivers for the new emperor?

What about the dead emperor's Ministers?
What do they do?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1030:

>> What about the dead emperor's Ministers?
What do they do? <<

Masturbate over the funeral pictures?

I'm just guessing...I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

"They forgot about the story of the land of the blind. Every one eye jack will shine and think he is a leader."

Tiok lah. Just look at the opposition and see our blind they are, I mean as politicians lah.

No wonder one eye Jack Lee and his party shines with 70% votes last election. This is not so much what one eye jack Lee thinks, but is what actually happened, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Don't give any idea to Amos lol

Anonymous said...

Who do you think is the next PM?

Who got chance to be the next PM?


Anonymous said...

If there is a power struggle now, Teo Chee Hian would be no match for Tharman.

Anonymous said...

“what was your intention to post the picture of you showing the middle finger on the Quran?”“did you know that your words would offend people?”“what do you mean by halal-snorters?”

You think the gangsters are dumb or what? Amos england can't be that bad right? Maybe too much sai education always ask stupid questions is it? Or must act like you are working is it?

If not gangsters, what are you? Robots?

Anonymous said...

Mao and Deng transformed china by making sure every household earns income or receiving state pensions.
Singapore current officials made sure corporations especially those involved in properties have sufficient profits or super profits at peak time. Banks are also the beneficiary of property rush. One old man had said if voters did not vote for his rambutan favorite, the property prices there would collapse. The politicians here are close partners of these property firms and the banks. Open the eyes to watch. The results are high cost to run businesses, high cost to stay in flats or condo. In order to make sure the products flats, condos and landed properties at sentosa are sold, employment passes, PR are given rapidly during the peak period.
That was a great way to push up property prices. The prices stay at Ny level. Not the salary. The foreigners who get E passes and PR took over the citizens jobs. They also ask at low level salaries through employment agents who want their cases closed to get commissions.
These are the jobs of the politicians. If anyone think they are leaders, then the whole world politicians are leaders. The world leaders are not that bad as they dont ask for the world top salaries.
Compare to Deng who have his peoples benefits at hearts, the little dot has no real leaders. Traders of people s cost for corporations profits shd be more appropriate. What do u think?

Anonymous said...

New PM is no where to be seen .The current dpms are not much younger but NOT very old either (59 and 61) Why can't they be the next PM ? PM got to come from dpm office if not creat dpm posts for what ? If the dpm post no upward movement how is the next pm going to come about ?

Anonymous said...

PM got to come from dpm office if not creat dpm posts for what ?
Anon 1:18 pm

For what? To warm the seat or just to fill it up the lor. If good, promote to PM lah. If "no good", bypass lah.

So many examples from the past eg Toh Chin Chye, Rajaratnam, Goh Keng Swee, Ong Teng Cheong, Wong Kan Seng, Jayakumar were all once dpm. But did they become PM?

Businessman Axe said...

Who would be the NEXT Singapore LEADER, after LEE KUAN YEW.

Many would say: "Of course, it was Goh Chok Tong,
and now Lee Hsien Loong, lah."

Some arrogant, self-thinking-smart-idiot would say:
"Why you so ignorant? Asking such stupid question? You don't know meh?

But what I would say is this:

Except for anyone selected, groomed and manipulatively installed by the PAP, anyone who has the business success and experiences of a DONALD J TRUMP would and can be the NEXT LEADER OF SINGAPORE, AFTER LEE KUAN YEW, not after Goh Chok Tong or Lee Hsien Loong (because these two have never been a Leader in their own rights AT ALL. They were/are administrators/managers. And everything was handed over to them in a golden platter and silver spoons, plus mentoring from behind, with safety belts tied around their waist, wrist, ankle and neck, plus a double safe safety net under each of the feet, plus out of this world remuneration for them to abscond and escape to a Safe Haven in case their failed miserably and the people suddenly wake up and kicked them out of threaten to find out the skeletons in the cupboards and Cabinet (pun intended).

Anonymous said...

If the opposition is not ready to be govt, then PAP will remain as govt. Majority voters will always think this way.

Worse is when many opposition parties together contest 100% seats when they are not ready to be govt. This will make even more majority voters want to vote for PAP, as shown in GE 2015.

So now the question is why the opposition is not ready to be govt? Is it even possible that they can be ready?

b said...

The first generation makes the fortune, the second spends it and the third picks up the pieces. Wealth is like water. It will come and go. Best is not to hold too much and forget about building up skills of survival and ability to change and adapt. Fortunately, a lot of sinkies have migrants blood in them. They will survive even if this island cannot.

Anonymous said...

make use of religion to lock people up is legally wrong yet your laws permit it. how to trust the laws?

Anonymous said...

Rb //To the discerning, Singapore has had only one leader. Now there is a vacuum waiting to be filled. Who would lead Singapore into the next lap of development? //

In other words, explicitly it implied the 2nd gen and 3rd gen are all Jiak Liao Bee?

Yes, every single one of them?

Past or present after the old guards left the scene?

Anonymous said...

To put in another way, what is unspoken in many sinkies mind is that "they are sticking the monkey with the middle finger" to every of the 2nd and 3rd gen including lao goa, Marboro Tan, yeo chat Hong, "jayapalan", "danakumar", botak, limp useless khiang, kee chiu, on shot one keel, collect card board for exercises etc etc?

U name it?

Man or woman?

Anonymous said...

Rb //Who would lead Singapore in the next lap after LKY?//

In other words, how long would sinkieland remain a "leaderless" or "headless chicken" before the next bona fide leader emerges?

Not some bf ( blur fxxk )?

Not some parasites?

Anonymous said...

The shit times some sinkies buy a copy to look at the advertisements occasionally but the rest of the paper especially the main section is untouched and into the waste paper basket or rubbish chute where it belongs?

So no matter how the waste paper baskets propaganda "lick the balls, lick the AHs, Suxk the coxks, dig the chexse bxy ( "or" cheexe bxy ( in dialect Hokkien ) ), in many sinkies eyes ( and minds ), useless is useless?

No amt of propaganda can "hide" an elephant size "白痴" and a den of parasites and they ( will ) just stick out like sore thumbs, ( always )?

Anonymous said...

For all the air-tu-kay-tion meaningstirs since KFC in 1990 ( inclusive ah rooster ( hen ), botak, who respect them in their hearts?

Pls kee chiu?

Which parents dun send their children for tuition pls kee chiu?

Except those ......ahem ...... no $$$ type ...... already got no enough $$$ makan and pay PUB ( "parasitic unscrupulous bastard" ) where got $$$ pay children's tuition?

Otherwise the rest who never send their children go tuition pls kee chiu?


Jiat lat or not?

The teachers and principals being paid up to 5-digit monthly salaries inclusive bonuses using taxpayers $$$ but teach until almost all, if not all children need tuition?

Many parents every month spend a few thousand for tuition one year about TWENTY TO FORTY THOUSANDS

Anonymous said...

So all the principals and teachers and meaningstirs deserve respect or not?

Or sinkies and their parents should emulate the "xxxxxxxx" and post a monkey with middle finger in their fb?

Anonymous said...

Last time under old guards need so much tuition or not?

Parents need spend so much $$$ or not?

Children need take up so many tuition or not?

Anonymous said...

U see, last time Mrs Lee Kuan Yew got post monkey with middle finger or not when LKY the real leader?

Anonymous said...

Uncles RB, Virgo, Patriot etc etc inclusive all the oldies in MSN:

Can pls pray tell during your time and generation MRS LEE KUAN YEW got set such EXAMPLE and post monkey with middle finger or not?

Yall think now air-tu-kay-ton system can make it or not since 1990 when Lao goa and KFC took over?

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland now leader or leaderless?

From the monkey with middle finger episode, u oldies pls pray tell and judge for yourselves?

U think the older generation little bit little bit already stick out middle fingers somemore use monkey pic deserve respect from their children and grandchildren?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in a G7 kingdom , which has nuclear weapons and former colonial master of pap they DON'T give a hoot about this DPM post !!!!

The Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (DPM) is a senior member of the Cabinet of the United Kingdom. The office of the Deputy Prime Minister is not a permanent position, existing only at the discretion of the Prime Minister, who may appoint to other offices – such as First Secretary of State – to give seniority to a particular Cabinet Minister. The office was last held by Nick Clegg between 2010 and 2015, during David Cameron's first term as Prime Minister. wiki

#return excess ministerial salary to State NOW

Anonymous said...

Yall think younger generations will respect lao goa generation or not?

$600,000 is "PEANUT" leh when every 10 cents oso want charge GST and extract every drop from the people?

If so rich $600,000 peanut why lao goa started the whole world highest pay under his watch and ownselves pay ownselves MILLION$$$$?

Anonymous said...

One lao goa's ( bf ) wife sneer at sinkies by saying $600,000 peanut when Lao goa used taxpayers $$$ ownselves pay ownselves millions and million$$?

Good example to set?

Younger generations already lose respect for lao goa's generation ( and the older generation in general )?

Anonymous said...

WHY then must an island State under pap govt with an areas only 700sg km in size and citizens population 3.38M (without those immigrants) Vis-a-vis UK 64,000,000 people in population, 242,495 kmsq in SIZE and a power economy of US$2.849 trillion (5th) plus nuclear stockpile of approximately 160 active nuclear warheads and 225 nuclear warheads in total, MUST have not one BUT two dpms that are paid $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ per annum

Anonymous said...

Learn to shoot traget wif

Bow n arrow den will b

A gd leader(robin hoot)

Anonymous said...

Absence of the office in the constitution[edit]
Many theories exist as to the absence of a formal post of Deputy Prime Minister in Britain's uncodified constitution. Theoretically the sovereign possesses the unrestricted right to choose someone to form a government[Note 1] following the death, resignation or dismissal of a Prime Minister.[Note 2][1] One argument made to justify the non-existence of a permanent deputy premiership is that such an office-holder would be seen as possessing a presumption of succession to the premiership, thereby effectively limiting the sovereign's right to choose a prime minister.[Note 3]
However, only two Deputy Prime Ministers have gone on to become Prime Minister. Clement Attlee won the 1945 general election and succeeded Winston Churchill after their coalition broke up but only after a two-month interval when Attlee was not a member of the government.
Anthony Eden succeeded Churchill as Prime Minister not because he had been Deputy Prime Minister, but because he had long been seen as Churchill's heir apparent and natural successor. The intermittent existence of a Deputy Prime Minister has been on occasion so informal that there have been a number of occasions on which dispute has arisen as to whether or not the title has actually been conferred.
The position of Deputy Prime Minister is not recognised in United Kingdom law, so any post-holder must be given an additional title in order to have legal status and to be paid a salary additional to the parliamentary one. The last Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, was appointed Lord President of the Council, a minister who presides over meetings of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council and has few other formal responsibilities, for this reason.
On some occasions the post of First Secretary of State has been used; when John Prescott lost his departmental responsibilities in a reshuffle in 2005 he was given the office to enable him to retain a ministerial post, and Michael Heseltine was similarly appointed.

Anonymous said...

The little respect left in many sinkies for sinkieland's 3rd gen jiak liao bee more or less evaporated after the middle finger monkey episode and oldies and the older generation probably also became collateral damages?

In many younger sinkies heart, is like simisai?

What kind of example set by the top lxxdership?

Anonymous said...

In terms of the economy, the screw up domestic policies are not apparent when external demand is buoyant buy once exports are hit, the flaws in several domestic policies become accentuated and glaring vis a vis the anaemic domestic sector demand?

In a simple algebraic equation to illustrate the domestic sector,

I = S + T - G

Anonymous said...

LHS = Investment

RHS = Total Savings ( Pte ( S ) + Public ( T - G ) )

When ( T - G ) becomes excessive, what will happen in the eco-nomic system, maciam the ocean food chain eco-system?

Anonymous said...

Oops .....( stupid ) Auto correct typo .....

Should be " ...... but once ......"

Anonymous said...

Now, let's "desimplify" the RHS "S" component and see "algebraically" what is "S"?

Essentially S = Y(D) - T

Where S = Pte Saving, Y(D) = Disposal Income and T = Taxes

Anonymous said...

Oops, ..... typo

Should be S = Y(D) - C

Where C = Consumption

Anonymous said...

Further expanding Y(D):

S = ( Y - T )- C Where Y(D)=Y-T

Now let's "desimplify" C analytically and substitute a more reasonable algebraic equation to represent "C" ( consumption )

Anonymous said...

A simple algebraic equation to denote a "desimplify" C is as follow:

(1) whether have some ($)income or $0 income, C cannot be negative for any individual or household?

=> there is an autonomous component in C which can be represented by C(0)

So C now becomes C = C(O) + C(Z)

So what should C(Z) be denoted analytically?

Anonymous said...

Essentially C(Z) should be an increasing function of individual or household income?

In other words, C(Z) can be written as c(1) x Y(D) = c(1) x (Y-T) = c1(Y-T)

Now we have C = c0 + cZ = c0 + c1(Y-T)

Anonymous said...

So now S becomes:

S = (Y - T) - C = (Y-T) - c0 - c1(Y-T)
= -c0 + (1-c1)(Y-T)

Let's bring back the 1st algebraic equation which is I = S + T - G

Putting altogether algebraically :

I = -c0 + (1-c1)(Y-T) + T -G

Expressing in terms of "Y" ( national income ):

The algebraic equation becomes:

Y = [1/1-c1][c0+I+G-c1(T)]

We have gone one round and come back to the original domestic sector demand situation why excessive ( T-G ) most likely is causing the current "depressive" domestic sector demand in terms of household spendings

Anonymous said...

Basically, sometimes or often it is not easy explaining basic economics to L1R5 perfect score 6-pointer JC students, so now it might be an attempt of "explaining" the "impossible" to some "blind oxes"?

But let's make the assumption that everybody ( can ) understand ( including the blind oxes )?

Having arrived at Y = [1/1-c1][c0+I+G-c1(T)], what is next?


Remember this "So?" Qn?

Good qn?


The RHS [1/1-c1] is a simplified form of the multiplier ( which is good enough here to illustrate the intended concept likely happening in the economy )?

Anonymous said...

This Y algebraic equation gets more "interesting", "exciting" and "intriguing" when one analyse the 2nd component [c0+I+G-c1(T)] in the RHS?

Now what happens to the earlier I = S + ( T-G ) tinkie and how it features in this simple Y = [1/1-c1][c0+I+G-c1(T)] and how it affects the domestic sector, illustrated in a shrunk down, simplified algebraic model?

Basically the eqn shows Y is a function of the multiplier ( simplified form [1/1-c1] ) and some domestic spendings

Now, mathematically the expression [1/1-c1] is always greater than 1 bcos 0<c1<1?

Typically the mathematical expression can range from a multiplier size of say 1.1 to 2.8?

Nonetheless, it shows that it is always positive and greater than 1 ( ultimately )?

So this expression is "settled" and we know it is positive and greater than 1 ( by default? )

How about the 2nd component [c0+I+G-c1(T)], of the RHS?

Mathematically, what happen to the domestic demand if it is ....... ahem ...... negative ....... are made negative by some ( greedy ) economics "ignoramus"?

Can the term [c0+I+G-c1(T)] be negative mathematically?

Anonymous said...

Again attempting the impossible to explain a very simplified form of the domestic sector demand concept to say some "blind oxes" and possibly some mathematically not so savvy uncles and aunties?

Now, we can all agree c0 cannot be $0 right bcos no income still need to eat?

So c0 is settled and we know it is positive ( ie, c0 > $0 )?

Now, how about the "I" term in the simplified domestic sector national income equation?

Can "I" be further "desimplified" to make it analytically more representative of the situation in the market or economy?

Can we rewrite I as I = I(0) + d1Y - d2i? where i = r + π ( known as the Fisher Eqn )

What are i , r and π?

i = nominal interest rate
r = real interest rate
π = inflation rate

In the short term say over a 6-month period under recent past situation market situatiin since 2009, can we assume i = r?

Now the simplified national income algebraic equation becomes a little less simplified with this "desimplified" "I" term in the equation?

Anonymous said...

Now, Y = [1/1-c1][c0+I+G-c1(T)] becomes

Y = [1/1-c1][c0+I(0)+d1Y-d2i+G-c1(T)]
where I = I(0) + d1Y - d2i

Can the whole term (I = I(0) + d1Y - d2i ) be negative?

Next, can the term [G-c1(T)] mathematically be negative?


Anonymous said...

That's where the possible flaws in the policies of the domestic sector demand are?

Y = [1/1-c1][c0+I(0)+d1Y-d2i+G-c1(T)] is a "dynamic" algebraic equation?

The parameters and variables in the term [c0+I(0)+d1Y-d2i+G-c1(T)] can change and the aggregate can become NEGATIVE or perhaps it ALREADY HAS in the current real economy?

Empirically, if the real economy data in say the past 6 months is plugged into the above equation, what would the numbers show?

So when the time factor is added in, we have comparison over say 2 periods eg. Y(t+1) over Y(t)?

Would Y(t+1) be > or < than Y(t)?

Let say if National income grew nominally by 1% and net exports grew by 2%, G grew by 10%, would C and I ( the domestic pte sectors ) be positive or negative?

Are the domestic households and firms doing ok?

Are the various indirect tax policies and "forced savings" policies in correct proportion in the domestic economy and NOT CRIPPLING the private sector under present circumstances?

How have the private sector in terms of the households and firms being "BEHAVING"?

If the "Paradox of Saving" is true in the short run, what would happen if public saving ( T - G ) is "excessive" inclusive of "land sales revenue"?

What would happen to the domestic component part of the C and I?

Would it grow or shrink significantly?

By various measures, policies such as the increase in CPF monthly income contribution ceiling for middle income earners being hiked from $5k to $6k ( effective 1 Jan 2016 ) suitable and the right policy under present circumstances?

What is happening on the ground in the domestic eco-nomic system?

Does sinkieland have real leader or Jiak liao bee?

Does sinkieland have economics "ignoramus" in charge of pressing the eco-nomic buttons and levers or "act blur kings ( and "ugly" queens ) totally devoid of any empathy for the common sinkies bcos the lao goa's policies and legacy of ownselves pay ownselves millions using taxpayers $$$ ensure they are ok regardless if the common sinkies and businesses are literally sinking and struggling to keep their heads above the water?

When are the jiak liao bee going to "repudiate" the "flawed" policy of raising CPF contribution ceiling for middle income earners from $5k to $6k earlier this year and even slash it below $5k to say $4.5k as in the early 2000s when the economy was struggling?

How can they dunno when such policies were implemented before?

When the forest is burning and the firemen keep chasing behind the fire, can the "forest fire" ever be put out?

Why not heli-drop the firemen in front of the "forest fire" to intercept the "forest fire" from in front by, say digging a deep, wide trench way in front of the fire and stop the fire from spreading as there is nothing for the fire to burn when it reaches the deep trench ( and ensure the rest of the forest is intact )?


Enough said?

No more ( further ) kpkb for the time being?


Anonymous said...

Enough said?
Anon 6:10 am

Too much. Even good things will be treated as rubbish if too much.

Anonymous said...

If compared to writings, the quantity won't even fill up 2 pages worth of essay.

In many 3 hours exam papers alone ( taken by 18-yo ), the quantity expected are 12 pages?

If less than 2 pages oso "cannot digest", what does this imply ( about that reader's brain size? )?

As big as the ( pea ) size of ( uncooked ) barley beans?

Many sinkie businesses "half dead" le?

If garment still always behind the curve by half beat, one fine day when sinkies woke up, the number of failed businesses could be maciam those numbers of dead fishes appearing overnight floating on the water surface due to some water pollution depriving the fishes of much needed "OXYGEN"?

Many sinkies and businesses now oso struggling to keep their heads above water due to "lack of OXYGEN"?

If the jiak liao bee still "sit there like a blur fuxk" when the "fishes" all float up on the surface upside down, it will be too late le?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


So which is the RUBBISH?

The little bit of writing or the pea-size brain ( that couldn't absorb or digest such elementary kindergarten a-b-c basic concepts )?

Sinkieland too many jiak sai le?

Too many jiak liao bee le?

Too many "ignoramus" le?

No hope le!

Anonymous said...

Rb // Where is the next leader that would lead Singapore forward?//

After Empress Dowager CiXi, 3-yo Pui Yi was the next leader in the now-defunct Qing Empire