Who is spreading fear and alarm?

I thought today is a cooling day for the by election. This morning when I read the papers I was filled with fear and alarm. I was trembling when I saw the headline, ‘SDP spreading fear, alarm with populist politics, says Tharman’. And there were so many pages of fear and alarm in the media. I wonder how to cool down when the papers were red hot.

I quickly went through the reports to see what were so frightening. Populist policies are frightening, alarming? Proposing an unemployment insurance policy is alarming and raising fear? Why didn’t I feel any fear after reading these? When someone said things about fear and alarm, I am supposed to be shivering, my face is supposed to turn white.  No a nice colour.  But no. And not a single people who attended the rally at Bukit Batok last night, probably 20,000 or more, were frightened or alarmed but having a refreshing time listening to the messages of hope and a better alternative future. There were many families with children and all were in very exciting mood. Fear was not there. Someone said before, fear is dead. The politics of fear is dead.

Come on, don’t bluff the people. There was no fear at all. I can vouch for that. I saw people stuffing $50 notes into the donation boxes and picking up books and queuing up for Chee Soon Juan to sign.  No one was scurrying for cover, to go home and hide under the bed. Fear? Where is fear? Really crazy! Have a sense of reality man!

Tharman was talking about politics of division versus consensus. Who is responsible for the politics of division? Don’t ask me.  Who is bluffing and not telling people the truth? Why are employment statistics always talking about locals and not about Singapore citizens? We are not interested about locals that include PRs. PRs are not citizens, damn it. How many times must this be said before it gets through the thick head? Tell the truth, the real statistics about employment and unemployment of citizens, the Singaporeans that the govt is supposed to look after, the citizens that voted the govt to power, not about locals or PRs. Can we have the truth? WDA matched 17,000 jobs, EDB generated 20,000 jobs. How many went to Singaporeans, how many to PRs and how many to foreigners? Cannot tell meh? What is the truth?

Vote for Murali, he can be trusted, he dares, he will serve the people, he has a desire to serve, part time only. I rather vote for someone like Chee Soon Juan who has promised to serve the people full time. Full time man, not I want to serve you, but part time only. I have more important things to do during the day.

I trust someone like Dr Chee who said he wants to serve you and this means serving you full time. What would you make out of someone who said you are my top priority, I want to serve you, but I can only serve you part time?

Crazy? Have a sense of reality man. And at this moment I am not feeling any fear or alarm after reading the papers. How come? Where is fear? Stop stroking fear. It would not stand up.


Anonymous said...

The politics of fear is dead.

Sure or not? You mean the fear of voting Chee Soon Juan as MP is dead among majority voters?

If so, then how come Chee Soon Juan only got 33.4% votes just 8 months ago? So what has changed since then? Isn' it the same Chee Soon Juan now as it was 8 months ago?

Anonymous said...

Actually Tharman is being charitable to Chee Soon Juan by saying SDP is spreading fear, alarm with populist politics.

At least he is not saying Chee Soon Juan is a cheat, a liar and not fit to be MP.

So RB, relax.

Anonymous said...

Wa wa wa......

20,000 attended last night?

So very very very confident?

Wa wa wa.....

Anonymous said...

Tharman, is this your best shot?

Anonymous said...

angry not angry not

cool cool cool

watch out for blood pressure

say say also no use

at the end HE will decides

so angry not sit back and cool it

7 may is the day


Anonymous said...

Murali is honest. He admitted he would only serve part time.

Anonymous said...

Relax people, I think sometime good will come out of this by-election.
If CSJ lost, only BG people will gain all the promises make by PAP (hope).
If PAP wins than GRC must be eliminated because it no more relevant.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know how many were at the PAP rallies?

Anonymous said...

Some of the( instead of your) arguments are flawed( instead of stupid). The argument along the line of productivity(full/part time or job/jobless - the same) is going to entrench the policies or reasoning/mindset of the rulers further and play into their hands.

Anonymous said...

If I pay you double, will you double your time to impress me? If I pay you nothing, does that mean you will not lift a finger to help your fellowmen? What are you? Monkeys who work for banana?

Anonymous said...

You only have 24 hours. Even if I pay you 10 times more, you can't perform miracles. So paying elites more and more for their shitty brain is really silly

Anonymous said...

Top Top Urgent!

Any bookie to recommend for tmr BB BE?

What is the bookie's current betting %?

Quick! Pls share share!

Anonymous said...

If you can do more with less time, seriously, then I don't need you. You can go take more pictures of Sin

virgo49 said...

Wah piang, so many PAP stooge want to be first to sabo RB blog.

GO, go faster ask your paymasters to reimburse you the 50 cents per posts
You need them for your breakfast after been employed for so long.

Or later your grandma,wife, daughters need to go to geylang to sell their front and backsides

One clown keeps harping the SDP cannot goes beyond 40%.

After CSJ speech last nite the Murali will be trounced and even lost his deposit for history's record.

This is the only the last desperation tactic by them as in the past to win votes from the voters.

Ah gongs ah mas now smart.smart liao after been conned by the PAP.

Hokkien said chek art to have your elders worked like slaves for your greed.

That's the most humiliating phrase to a decent person. Even the Hell Emperor will not spare you.

This cooling day is just a ploy for the PAP to propagate their nonsense without the other party able to DEFEND themselves.

They can blared and put fear into the voters whereas the opposition cannot fight back.

Voters of Bikit Batok you trust these unprincipled duds? ?

So vote wisely and shame these gangsters perpetually.

If you PAP S tooges still not awaken then put your dislike for SDP by crossing the marks X next to CSJ. This is your best action to dislike him.


Anonymous said...

Rb, relax lar. This time sdp has learned the lesson and spent time talking about estate management as majority of sinkies are estate manager voters. They don't care about all the stuff that sdp is interested in for national good. They just want a good estate manager to clean the estate and do the upgrading. If not sorry hor cannot vote for sdp.

Anonymous said...

The heart of Sin is religion. Only in religion, you can rob the people blind. Otherwise how they build beautiful "cathedrals" all over the world as their thrones and the people, a congregation of itching ears?

Anonymous said...

Some said less than 100, some said 300. Like that why booked a stadium?
Can hold it in the town hall.

Anonymous said...

RB wants the msm to be neutral. How can they do that? They want to be the 154th ranking in press freedom, and u want them to be number 1.

My only most ardent pap supporter has stopped buying newspapers for donkey years. I taught him to read the net fr different views and he had finally come to term with pap. What Thaman said about fear is about his own party s fear. No jobs for citizens only 700, and Chee said 100. Of course there is fear, where are the missing 600 jobs created?

Voters only fear is: no money. Chee said CPF could not get back at 55. He is already 57, it should be true. If Thaman though otherwise, he should let eveyone take back the cpf. Now everyone including those born not within the new rule all cannot get back. Remember Irene, a teacher in her 80s was crying at Thomson CC when 1 ex pap mp was having cpf forum. Irene got her remaining cpf locked up at 80s y o.

Chee recommended unemployment insurance. Does it a cause for fear? It is a must have now. Its about having money at jobless time. No fear lah.

Chee is very seasoned. But he was long winded, kept talking about some point with the similar sentences. His habit drove me pulling my head away. To vote for him, yes because he is full time, making the $16000pm worth more than the part time mp. He is around in the day, while the other is around at night only. There is difference value for money of services.

Anonymous said...

What are they selling you? Prosperity and abundant life right? You want right? Pay up lah....stupid(butt free to try first)

Anonymous said...

Waaaa..actually DPM Tharman speech of oppo spreading fears n alarm us for the common folks who didn't attend any rally to hear. These commoners when they hear what DPM says they will think twice & even don't want to vote for oppo at the very last minute..bingo...these commoners will vote for Pain in their Ass Lah...bo bian...eh sai bo ..ho bo...these commoners when they go to polling stations tomorrow they will just mark a tick or cross at that "lighting" section...case close..Spore Liao la...

Anonymous said...

You have got the biggest clown as an example or warning because your laws still allow him to carry on his business. You idiots or what? Even if you put him away, he never goes away.What fucking election?

Anonymous said...

The Tan joker posted a piece on a piece of political shit in the west the very shit you are consuming and here you are, playing with shit. You clown or what?

Anonymous said...

Go get your Chee bye and celebrate in geyland, the rulers provided for you

Anonymous said...

This morning over breakfast, one of the kakis surprised the
group with a pc of very very shocking news.

Don't know to believe or not leh.

Don't know real or not leh.

You heard?

Maybe joke joke only lah!

Anonymous said...

The ah gongs and ah mahs bo tark cheh how to read the expensive Straits Times? Tharman is saying it for the unthinking readers of the papers, the easy to bluff type lah. You don't buy the papers, you would not be alarmed or feared.

Anonymous said...

Any forecastS?

Anonymous said...

If u have not watch this video about Bukit Buttock election, its time. U will laugh, no fear.

“If you wont vote for me”
Lhu Wen Kai

Standing for Bukit Buttock.

“If my father hadnt taken a boat to Singapore, i could be a Chinese National Today. Heng Ah”
“I hope you give me the opportunity to be your Member and voice in Parliament. I believe I have the right skills, values and qualifications. I also believe I have the relevant job experience. Most importantly, I believe I have the character and integrity. Heck, I even have a full-time job! Together, let’s make Bukit Buttock great again, with you, for you, for Singapore!”

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The art of photography

The clever or cunning way to use angles in photography to tell a different story. I was looking at the two pictures of the PAP and SDP rally crowds in the ST today. Both looked quite a crowd and the PAP appeared to have a bigger crowd. The real crowd at the PAP could be a few hundred and at the SDP at least 20,000.

How to make the pictures tell a different story? The tricks. In the PAP pic, a wide angle lens was used to shoot at the most crowded part of the crowd. Look carefully and you cannot miss it, that the crowd was only 10 men thick at most. The wide angle lens, taken at a higher angle, would cover more width and depth.

In the SDP pic, a narrow lens was used instead. So the width was about 10 men as compared to the wide angle lens covering 20 men. And by taking at a very low angle in the SDP case the depth was about 10 men. The SDP crowd was about 300 men depth!

And another clever trick, use different apertures. In the PAP pic, use a small aperture to increase depth of focus, so that people at the far back can be seen clearly. In the case of the SDP pic, the aperture is bigger to reduce the depth of focus so that anything more than 20 feet would be blurred, practically cannot be seen.

This is the art of photography. How to capture a photograph to show what you want to show and what you did not want to show.

Anonymous said...

You mean the art of no character

Anonymous said...

Wow, got to stoop so low to do such things. Integrity, integrity, integrity!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 11:26,

Cannot say the word character. This week is all about integrity and character, good character, bad character, got integrity, got no integrity, honesty, dishonesty....about character assassination.

Virgo49 said...

Want to fool Red Bean.

Red bean ex pilot flew all over the skies.

See his Nikkkon and Cannon cameras.]

He took pictures whilst the rest still sucking mothers breasts.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The only FEAR which needs to happen is to get Chee into office because it is OBVIOUS the PAP govt FEARS him.

That's not just a "good reason". It is a fucking AWESOME reason.

Dr Chee, best of luck. Make them shit blood, sanctimonious, arrogant motherfuckers...

Go Team Punisher!

Anonymous said...

Vote for Morali if his party promises that all his party MPs and ministers will work full time in the government and that PMs salary be only $250,000.00 per annum and the rest of the ministers between $50,000.00 to $200,000.00 and that they will not indulge with any more Wendies and be not condemned by siblings and society as "Dishonourable".

Anonymous said...

Dr Chee warned last night that today cooling day but the media would be all out to attack him. He knew and it is true.

What fucking integrity and honesty are they talking about?

Really disgraceful.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

"When The People Fear The Government There Is Tyranny; When The Government Fears The People There Is Liberty" --- attributed to Thomas Jefferson, but not confirmed.

Go Team Punisher! If the PAP-monopoly parliament doesn't FEAR the people, you can bet they are going to become more and more arrogant, yaya-papaya, irresponsible and descent into total assholery and cuntiness.

Have some self respect: be SHEEPLE no more. Send Dr Chee to parliament, and turn the tables around.

Stop fucking around and DO IT! 'TIL YOU'RE SATISFIED!

The said...

“spreading fear and alarm” and “populism”, said Tharman.

This is a bit rich, coming from the top echelon of the PAP. They are past masters at spreading fear and alarm.

I am sure voters have not forgotten that in all the past GE, the PAP never fails to instill fear in voters. "If you vote in opposition - foreign investors will not invest in Singapore." "If you vote opposition, you will have grid-lock in government".

Populism??? What is the PG package all about? Why is it before any GE, there will be cash handouts in the form of Growth Dividends, or Asset Enhancement Shares? What about all those up-grading projects if you vote PAP?

Looks like the pot and kettle discussing their mutual colour.

Anonymous said...

Chee is guilty of playing to the gallery to get into parliament. When they get in, they will continue to play to the gallery in order to stay in heaven and enjoy heavenly rewards .

BTW, PAP does not fear any of them because none has what it takes to topple them. These very good life leechers just hate being stressed by them to keep up the "holy image" .

But since the smart oppies are playing to the gallery to get a taste of heaven, the oppies also play the religious card.

All soo holy hor

Anonymous said...

They are saying to each other... I am clean... You clean or not.. No I am cleaner than you... No no no.. I am cleaner than you.. Like playing ping pong back and forth.. and then the people mouth like big big.. Wah.. You so clean and shiny and bright...I follow you wherever you go.. Together they build a a shining building

So shining.. It is blinding

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 9.09

Murauli is honest. He said can work part time.

All PAP Ministers and MPs also honest.

They declared we can attend Paliamentary meetngs only once a year and sometimes morning only to show my face if unfortunately that die already old man is present.

Cat away mice will play.

Some more GRC, you think the ministers want to go down and listen to your woes your pipes leaked??

Their ka kias will handle for them. That's why David Ong wants special renumeration that he looks for the chee bye to compensate his extra duties.

My ex HDB friend seconded to help howe yoon cheong told me thid guy told him that he is sick to listen to all these nonsense as ex chairman of please suck again and as a minister.

That's why one term he quit.

You think these ministers and pap mps smiling at you all sincere one.

Behind your backs and having happy hours after parliamentary meetings they joked of you stupid peasants who worshipped them.

Cooling day just for them to hit the opposition below the belts.

One I dont know what to say bimbo said not me not me my friend itchy hands posted for me one.

Thd SPF swept under the carpet.

Bukit Batok voters yoy want to vote for these clowns??


Anonymous said...

Singapore is very much like the dead water pond somewhere. The policies the prince go for: global free immigration is coming to an end.

Donald Trump is anti immigration. Trump back Brexit on 23 June, saying EU s immigration is horrible. He wants UK to be better off by cutting off from EU.

Singapore will be singing TPP, free immigration, to increase population to 10 millions to commit social suicide. How the voters want we must respect. They want to die similar to EU, we must join too.

I do not blink my eyes if Bukit Buttock vote for Pap at 95%. I want to see how Singapore go with 7 millions and 10 millions population. The household debts will probably 200% to 300% with additional social spending on more hospitals, roads, mrt, buses to cater for the added immigrants. Very good. Singapore will be similar to Japan. Heading for the end of the world by following Pap policies on population and depressing wages policies.

Anonymous said...

Just read 2 reports about Orchard road malls having empty units.
These main stream news sites are spreading fear and increasing alarm. They must be supporting opposition.

Reporters must not take pictures when malls have empty units. The must use short lens with quick shutter to snap only the floor and escalator. And must report business is so busy, shop owners need to report sick and shops need to rest on Friday.

Never spread fear that Singapore citizens have jobless, and shops are not opening in some orchard road malls. Support the Pap s policy of no fear. No alarmist reporting or discussion.

Anonymous said...

It MUST BE very CLEAR, without an iota of Doubt, by now, in the hearts and minds of ALL sensible,
discerning, perceptive, thinking People, that this COOLING-OFF DAY, is nothing but a Ploy of the Overall Cunning Scheme of Things, the Strategies and Tactics, of the Papa's Aristocratic Party's to create a
Despicable, Shameless, Unfair, Unjust, Unscrupulous Playing Field within a Dictatorship-Monarchic Environment to stay in Power Forever and EVER.

So, is it good or bad?

70% of the Voters, whether daft, stupid, damned, beholden, coerced, arm-twisted, parasitic, nepotistic or otherwise, have chosen to continue with 'The System'.

So, good or bad, it is a matter of CHOICE.











Anonymous said...

I saw some writing about Lina Chiam alleging CheeSJ regarding Chiam ST's resignation from SDP.

The whole story happened at least 20 over years ago. Chiam ST has already completed his full cycle and should be considered retired.

Lina Chiam is very petty and revengeful trying to put CheeSJ down on the cool day. Personally, i look down on this woman s ill intention. I felt that whatever the problems between them, there are ample time to be settled among themselves.

Lina Chiam must let politics in Singapore to develop. Look at her party, there is no successor, and the party is dead. Wherea Chee s SDP, it is developing.

CheeSJ had made a very serious mistake in my view. He should have changed the SDP to some other name to cut off SDP s past from Chiams.

Chee is very stupid to keep the SDP name created by Chiams. However, the whole SDP has nothing to do with the Chiams, Lina Chiam is too thick skin to talk about the history between Chee and her husband. The reporter s ill intention was obvious.

Chee, Please Change SDP to Grand Old Party or GOP. Do not use the bad luck name SDP. Please lah. Chee, u will get elected when the name SDP is given up.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "no shit Sherlock" 236

>> Chee is guilty of playing to the gallery to get into parliament. <<

Dude? Are you an oxygen-breathing entity occasionally passing off as a human?

EVERYONE who is a politician plays to the motherfucking gallery. How else does one "get into parliament"?

>> When they get in, they will continue to play to the gallery in order to stay in heaven and enjoy heavenly rewards . <<

Jesus christ on a satay stick...have you managed to score some crack in Singapore?

Even if Chee gets in, he'll have to work like a dog to STAY IN and you have to be really stoned if you even imagine that there are "heavenly rewards" waiting for him.

As for "continuing to play to the gallery" IF Chee gets in...that shit won't fly. Once you are in, your voters will be expecting ACTION and RESULTS. If you try blinding them with BULLSHIT, they will revolt and be pissed because you let them down.

If Chee wins a place in the hallowed halls of parliament house, he will be watched like a hawk and every thing he does or says will be judged by judgemental Singaporeans from all sides using their beloved INTERNET to deliver the harshest condemnation, or the accolades.

Singaporeans being the adorable judgmental cunts the world has embraced are not likely to remain apathetic nor quiet about Chee IF he gets in. Especially the old fuckers, lamenting about the "old days" over cheap kopi and the hope of getting some of that CPF loot, and the idle and idealistic young buffoons who get their jollies from false bravado on the net...rebels who think they have a cause.

...and that's OK. In fact, it should be embraced. Imperfect people with all their glaring deficiencies...they are part and parcel of the nation.

As far as I (born bred served NS pays lots of tax citizen) am concerned, the PAP have reached the limits of arrogance and just sheer, uncalled for NASTINESS They don't get to "dictate" who gets into parliament. They don't get to set "standards" of a certain class of people who "qualify" for parliament. They don't get to say "if you're not with us, you don't have a place here", or "if you're not up to snuff---i.e. wealth, social status, educational and professional achievements---you don't belong here".

Who gets into parliament is decided BY THE PEOPLE and only BY THE PEOPLE.

Politics is a (or should be a) BIG TENT. Supposing a little old lady gets in. She is neither wealthy, nor does she have a high social status, and she's never even made it to Primary 6. She knows fuck all about policy, she is completely clueless about the economy, never-mind high tech, finance, education and transport...she doesn't know shit. But by some stroke of luck, THE PEOPLE vote her into parliament.

A person like that definitely doesn't pass the PAP's "standards". You want to tell me that sweet old gal doesn't have a "right" to contribute to the governance of Singapore?

That's EXACTLY how the PAP will think, and its "disciples" will agree.

And they will be WRONG. Totally fucking wrong. Why? Because DEMOCRACY if you really want to have it, is like that. Come hell or high water, whether you like it or not:


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


As I've mentioned before, I make my rice bowl by "manipulating" minds. Thus I've sensitive to verbal and physical cues---those little "tells" people have which they cannot hide, unless of course they are extensively trained.

The actions and words of the PAP members is from FEAR. Sure, they try to disguise it. But the fear is there. One lousy seat, and their adrenaline and cortisol levels are spiking.

Chee needs to get in there and pump up the jam.

Anonymous said...

Woah, Matilda still hammering away at this hour.
Si-rai-ous man!

He is out of his usual self, full blessing
for Dr Chee with great sincerity.
Rare and precious stuff.

Do take the Words of Matilda, he no simple folk.

Virgo 49 said...

They should tell Lena Chiam why she lost to Seetoh.

After Chiam so Long holding fort at Potong Pasir

The voters do not like Chiam's transfer of dynasty but the daft voters do not mind LKY's transfer of dynasty

Later LHL will also transfer his dynasty

Lady Dowager there you think he don't follow instructions

Tonite sleep outside

Forget you already kueh dad ah

Ok come in after all harmless akready

Virgo49 said...

Hi matilah, posting so hard to support Chee
I want my balance CPF back for Genting roulette capital

Resident west Malaysia cannot withdraw all except stay in East Malaysia

The PAP smart. Hope you go east Malaysia and get be headed by Abu Sauf and no need to give you back

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I support Dr Chee, the man.

I do not necessarily support his ideas or the direction of his political compass. I am ever ready to support anyone with whom I disagree, but think is a good human being and has got plenty of value to contribute---you know, HUMAN values.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo49:

You do know that gambling is essentially a "tax" on the mathematically inept?

I'm sure you're not that ;-)

virgo49 said...

Matilah, monies ours, we do what we want.

Think we have no water face soy stoop and ask for charity.

No decent human will do.that.

Now no roulette, wait until wheelchair then roulette? ?

WAIT until final last screw into coffins then spend all your deserved not robbery monies??

WE Asians unlike ah mohs who conned for living.

Especially chinkee who knows what is best.


Anonymous said...

Chiam and his wife are too ordinary to make a fuss about. Such pettiness in people coming at this time is a sign of mediocrity. In the land of the blind, an one eye Jack will shine. The party will be buried with him and become history. Everyone in the party will flee except his wife.

Anyone of substance can't be serious to want to be led by her.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


I am not having the argument "CPF is our money" with you. As far as I'm concerned, that argument is OVER.

You are not getting the entirety of (what you still think is) your money in CPF whilst you still draw breath or remain a citizen.

That's it. Bellyache and complain all you like. Add in a tinge of false hope and wishful thinking---if that makes you "feel better".

Good luck! Happy wheelchairing!