USA – the international gangster complaining

Other than sailing ‘freedom of navigation’ warships into China’s territorial waters, the American gangsters are flying reconnaissance spy planes all over Chinese islands and near to the coast of mainland China, claiming ‘routine air patrol’. And worst, the gangsters are accusing China of adopting coercive tactics against its neighbours.  What do they think they are doing, and thinking the world is blind and stupid? China is not going to swallow such infringement of its territorial waters and airspace quietly. It is taking the cue from Putin and would harass the intruders with aggressive counter measures. These defensive acts are only natural to defend a nation’s territorial integrity. There is no need for China to apologise, to explain or to be defensive in  their reactions to encroachment and intrusion into their territories. Just do it.

Turn it around, how would the American gangsters and the Japanese yakuzas behave when Chinese ships and aircraft get near to their coastal waters or airspace. China should mount similar operations into Guam, Hawaii or the west coast of the USA and see how the American gangsters would react and then use the same reactions/precedents to deal with the American gangsters in the East and South China Seas. Both can play the same game. If the American gangsters dare to take down a Chinese ship or aircraft, China should reciprocate and do the same in the East and South China Seas to the American ships and aircraft.

China is no longer a weak and hapless nation. China can hit back and deal with the Americans confidently in military encounters.  The gangsters only understand the language of force like what Putin is doing. Only then would they back off.  China cannot adopt a weak and passive stance and let the Americans run all over the East and South China Seas.  If the American gangsters think they can fly and sail their warplanes and warships into Chinese territories and waters, China should do the same.

The world is watching what the Americans are doing in the East and South China Seas and also in the Middle East and all over the world.  When China did the same, or when Russians did the same, the Americans would have to stuff their shoes into their own mouths. This is the reality of the 21st Century. The American gangsters are not alone to be able to strut their stuff around to bully other nations with impunity.


Anonymous said...

Kungfu practitioners have a tactic: Re ren bu dong shou; dong shou bu re ren.
If you intend to offend, don't retaliate. If you intend to attack, give no warning.

Anonymous said...

The loudest was the Japanese origin US carrier commander Harris "ready for action' as if tonight. But no action. China continues to develop the Scarborough shoal, 100km away from where the port harboring US carriers and Japanese warships. It becomes a philippines problems: choose to confront or choose direct talk. Option 1, confront has hit pinoy economy. China literally hit hard at importing pinoys banana and pineapples. The new pinoy president suggested to talk, and China responded.

On the other front, Russia started to talk to Asean enbloc. From the sequence where sg is the last to meet Putin with Laos which is the chair of the bloc, there are deals with Russia. Thais buy weapons from Russia and also China tanks. Indon Jokowi also had state visits with Russia, likely to have weapon deals. Sg seems left out from the power play.

The main part of world resources are diverting to China for the 1 R 1 B vision. Iran is buying and is likely to be from Russia and China. HK can share the results. Where is the sg s share on such resources diversion?
No news, no talk about such possibility. China hs ignore this part of the world: sg, malaysia, certainly vietnam. This is a serious observation. Jokowi might be able to get some for Indon.

What can the US carriers and planes gonna do with China jets? All missiles are the same: to destroy. US carriers and jets know the consequences too. Even veitcon the US army had fear, China PLA is not soldiers made of wood.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This Japanese Harris thought he could fix the Americans to fight the Chinese and Japan stand to gain when the two giants destroyed each other. He did not know that the Americans were testing him and his conspiracy with Japan. He is being watched closely and his orders would not be executed if against the interests of the US.

He thought he has the authority to go to war. Actually the ones around him are holding the power to curb him if he acts rashly. He could be arrested on the spot and stripped off his command.

He thought the Americans are stupid to let him do as he wants, drag the US into a war with China.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "big China cockstand" RB:

>> China is no longer a weak and hapless nation. China can hit back and deal with the Americans confidently in military encounters. <<

Not yet lah. At least a few decades away...if they ever get there. They need to steal more US military tech first.

The US airdefence is bringing back its B52's (introduced in 1955!) into service. Of course heavily upgraded. I won't b surprise if they re-instate Operation Chrome Dome quietly and fly them around the Asian skies 24/7.

When you're a gangster, you need to have the fire power and the audacity.

If the Chinese have intercepted one US surveillance aircraft, ask the question: how many surveillance aircraft have the failed to detect, never mind intercept?

Anonymous said...

Look at EU or the United States of Europe.
Look at the problems and inefficiencies of trying to unite a diverse continent.

Look at China or the United States of China.
Ever since Qin Shi Huang united the seven states in 221 BC.
Accomplishing what Hitler failed to do in Europe in 1939.
And what EU is attempting to do in 2015.

Ask yourself.
Who has made more progress over the last 2000 years?
The dis-united States of Europe
The United States of China?

The biggest threat to Chinese culture and civilization is the idea of a "Unified China".
The ideology that was promoted by Qin Shi Huang to justify his rule after destroying the other 6 states.

The idea of One Nation, One Culture, One Country will continue to be the ruin of Chinese civilization.
Latest example.
The attempt to destroy Hong Kong culture and traditional Chinese writing and replace it with Putonghua.

Unfortunately only Chinese bananas can see this clearly.

Anonymous said...

The United States of China will be a new nation consisting of the United States of America and China.


Anonymous said...

The United States of China will be a new nation consisting of the United States of America and China.
May 20, 2016 1:09 pm

Big countries create big problems for the citizens.
And plenty of opportunities for rascals to get rich.
Small countries are stronger than big countries.
How many small European countries planted their flags in China during our Great Humiliation during the Qing Dynasty?

The cultural diversity and output of the seven Warring States far exceeded the sterile Unite States of China over the last two thousand years.
Replacing the history of traditional Chinese characters with Putonghua and calling that progress in the name of a United China.

I have no problems with Putonghua.
But traditional Chinese characters should be allowed the freedom to thrive or die on its own merits.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 109:

>> The United States of China will be a new nation consisting of the United States of America and China. <<

Of course, anything is possible, however is this proposal probable?

I would say "no". Not because they won't get along, but because the idea of the LARGE NATION STATE is dying (thankfully!)

Cultures are becoming mixed, many people are speaking languages which are not their mother tongue, people are travelling to work and live in places their forebears could only dream of "visiting one day before I die". People from different cultures are intermarrying, the biological male-female binary gender assignment at birth is now expressed as a gender spectrum as individuals live out their lives.

Individuals are changing. The groups they identify with are changing. They are forming new groups---in the real world, and in the VIRTUAL WORLDS which will become LARGE PARTS OF THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE when we get proper immersive Virtual Reality happening. (Now we have Occulus Rift and a few other players...and VR is already so good you can have it on your smart phone, wit the correct viewing goggles, of course).

Humans are a social species, and thus will always form groups. Groups will have differences and compete and cooperate with each other---depending on the circumstance.

Thus when you have powerful VR and AR (augmented Reality), add to that reasonably strong AI (artificial intelligence), desktop manufacturing capability (3D print and manufacture from your computer by clicking a button)....and QUIRKY HUMAN NATURE, I have my doubts the nation state will survive. There'll be virtual worlds complete with laws, commerce and human action---with other humans and AIs, cooperating and competing for a variety of reasons.

"The Game" is changing rapidly.You can already buy these technologies off the self or online. They maybe in their nascent stages, but we all are already aware how fast things develop these days---even the majority of us live in denial, and falsely hope that "things will stay the same".

By the time our children's children are adults and in-charge of the world, culture, politics and society will be unrecognizable compared to what we live in and with today. We definitely won't be the only "sentient" species around. There's a chance we might not even be the DOMINANT species.

If I wrote a piece like this during my school days, teachers would have thought me "wildly imaginative" or just plain crazy. But now you can actually buy a lot of this shit. If you have the skills, you can bring down entire networks and infrastructure with a computer and internet connection, or steal a shit-tonne of money electronically, or on the flipside do some good for the world.

It's not "science fiction" any more.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Example of desktop manufacturing, and how easy it is.

"The Liberator" 3D Printed Gun

1. Download schematics

2. Click to print

3. Assemble parts

4. Fire weapon

Makes for a nice weekend project. ;-)

Like I said, this is nascent tech, and it is already lethal enough to be a "game changer". Very soon you will find the schematics for desktop manufactured, 3D printed AUTOMATIC weapons.

Mount one of these babies to your autonomous drone, program the mission and....well, at this point you are limited by only your imagination...

Anonymous said...

Don't get carried away with your imagination.

3D can print anything. Don't forget the material is likely to be plastic and you will end up with a plastic model that you cannot fire. You can't print with special gun metal. No such technology now and unlikely as the temp of liquid form of such metal would be too high for any machine to handle.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange that the Americans did not know why they are so hated in the whole world? They sincerely, really, believe that they are angels while going about behaving like gangsters, killing, bombing and challenging every country for a fight.

Repent before Donald Trump starts going round caning your back.

b said...

Gangster here and gangster there. Get rid of one and another one will quickly take his place. This world needs the teaching of bible to become wise and understanding. That is the reason the elite want people to stop reading the bible and turn them into muslims, lgbts, aethists, haters etc. The bible is never set out as a religious book. It just a book about way of life. Love one another.

Anonymous said...

It's bcos of the bible
that the americans
are behaving the way
they do.

Anonymous said...

It is a matter of time before every American will become a target of IS and other terrorist organisations in the streets of every city and country in the whole world. Americans would not dare to walk in the streets without being targeted or killed.

The IS and Al Qaeda will soon get their acts together and no one would want to be an American or called himself an American for fear of being killed. The terror against the people of the world must stop if the Americans are to save themselves.

denk said...

terrorism in ph...MADE IN USA


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "behind the times" 313:

>> you will end up with a plastic model that you cannot fire. <<

You need to update yourself on what is really happening in the "homemade" armory maker-space.

There's even new types of ammo out there for these home-brewed firearms.

The flat-dwelling population of Singapore don't really use their minds and their hands to make things. In Europe, the America's and Oceania people live in houses and have awesome workshops out the back---with milling machines and lathes (numerically controlled), with CAD software, kilns and ovens, hydraulic rigs and presses...and now 3D printers---METAL types.

If you do a bit of searching, you can buy a METAL 3D printer for about 10k. Alibaba sells them.

The Milky Way said...

China today, though different from 50 years ago, is still way back in terms of Military Might and Fire Power, even in a All-Out Nuclear War of Mutually-Agreed-Destruction (MAD).

In addition, China lags far behind in Technology, especially in the 3 C's - Command, Control and Communications.

Also, China is still way back in terms of Scientific and Medical Research and Advancement, as well as Space (both Inner and Outer Space) Domination and Facilities to launch or counter a Star-Wars type of Engagement.

The only thing China has today is $$$$$$$, and advancement in education of her populace, but ironically, this advancement in education also make the Chinese People today less loyal and far more selfish than before. Therefore, they are less united when their consider their own skins far more important than national unity and cohesion. Moreover, the Chinese Race (I am not being racist, it is a fact) all over the world are docile, non-aggressive, mind-their-own-business, live-and-let-live type of people. Either because they are used to being subservient and therefore have become less courageous and gang-ho, or because of long periods under Dictatorial Rules, one after another. Even under the Communist Party of China, the Communist Government has been nothing but an Elitist Aristocratic Domination, Command and Control. The Laws and Courts are subjected to the Superior Dictatorial Powers of the Communist Government.

How can China even think of starting a War with the US of A?

The US of A has already out-maneuvered China in the Diplomacy and Military-Alliance Fields.

The US of A is adopting the Superior Strategy of Sun-Tse: "Winning Without Fighting."

All things considered and being equal, still China is not able to take on the US of A head-on today, or in the next 20 years.

In another 50 years, may be - only may be, if the US of A and other countries such as Russia, India, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Israel and Brazil remain stagnant or regressed.

That is a Very Big "IF".

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You are right in many aspects about US China comparable strength militarily and politically. China cannot and will not fight the Americans in areas when it is weak. Sun Tsu is applicable too in this. Fight the enemy in areas they are weak or when they are weak. Today's warfare is total warfare, economics, financial, social, psychological, internet, in the field of science and technology etc etc.

While the Americans are still supreme militarily, China is taking on the Americans in other fields and winning. China is now the top trading partners that is twice that of the Americans. China is the biggest creditor to the Americans, and there are many other areas that the Chinese are winning, winning the hearts and minds of the Arabs and the Africans and Latin Americans, in Central Asia.

When the world drops the greenback as an international currency, the Americans will become the new Sick Man of the world. They will have no money to pay for anything.

Anonymous said...

Would u prefer to work with a devil u know or the devil u don't know? We know U.S. very well and so far SG has prospered under U.S. hegemony. Now, will we continue to prosper under an all-powerful China that controls South China Sea? Its something we don't know but its something Mr Redbean is willing to bet on. Is this over-confidence or naive? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, please observe how the PRC behaves in SG. Their behaviour is an indication of China's true nature. Seems like Mr Redbean loves and adore it. Well done!