Trump, the chosen One

I viewed a couple of video clips in the net on the coming of Donald Trump. One pastor from Australia spoke about evidence in the Bible prophesising the coming of Trump as the last President of the USA before end time. In his delivery he quoted a few chapters and versus and how The Donald, what Trump is popularly known, is stated in the Bible and the meaning was the one who would ruled in triumph.

Another American believer was more explicit, that God spoke to him several times and revealed to him that Trump is the chosen One. He said God has created Trump, made him rich and not beholden to anyone so that he could do God’s work by ridding America of the evil regime that has been running American to commit hideous crimes all over the world.  Trump is his own man, chosen and groomed by God. Actually he revealed that Trump was supposed to be the President in 2012, but the Americans were not ready for him.

Trump, in a way like Jesus, has been condemned by the American elite and power brokers. Trump has been called all kind of names, sexist, arrogant, racist, and so many other things. But he added, every time they attacked Trump, he grew stronger. Some of his attackers met with accidents or mishaps for attacking Trump. He quoted the female anchor of Fox News and Mario, another presidential hopeful that either lost their jobs or struck with disasters. His message, God is protecting Trump all the way to the White House. Trump would win a landslide victory against Hillary who would be indicted just before the Presidential election.

This guy was convincing and very serious. Trump is the One to save America from the sins and crimes of the establishment. Trump would appoint 5 new judges to replaced the corrupt judiciary, get rid of the corrupt and sinful regime. Trump would make the USA the most powerful nation once again.  Trump would be the most powerful American President ever.

Funny, I got this feeling that God is white or an American, and only care about the Americans. And all the riches robbed by the enemies of America would be returned. He did not clarify if the enemies were foreign powers or the bankers and the corrupt regime.

If the prophecy is true, there will be a new World Order under Trump and all goodness for the Americans. And all the evil men and women in the American establishment, in the White House, in the Pentagon and in Congress would all be put behind bars for crimes against humanity.


Anonymous said...

So America has Trump as the chosen one.

But for Singapore who? At first I thought it could be Chee Soon Juan, but after May 7, I said forget it. Then I thought it could be Heng Swee Keat, a potential next PM, but after May 12, I said forget it again.

Maybe the Singapore Trump is still under incubation by Sinkies, can be from either side of the political divide, and to be hatched just before the next election?

What do you think?

virgo49 said...

Trump the Man for PRESIDENT.

There be more World Order and Peace.

In his first briefing by the Leaders of All Agencies he knew the Sins and Wars as created by his predecessors and he gonna put things right.

Anonymous said...

Americans can have Trump, Sinkieland will have who as the next PM Leh..since HSK in hospice & yet to recover, only the 2 DPMs & CCS or TCJ or LW...there is higher chance that a minority PM might even be the next PM..who knows the next PM may even be tat botak Ah Neh ( Tamen) after him as seat warmer mayb a relatives if the Leegime dynasty be the next next PM & after tat Sinkie land sinks or a saviour of the oppo group come to rescue???...

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

TRUMP is the man! Look no further!

TRUMP is the President!

TRUMP will be the President!

TRUMP will be the President!



Anonymous said...

Brexit - the movie


In the first 5 minutes of this movie;
I learnt more about democracy and representative government then 20 years of watching news on Channel 5.

The movie is more about democracy and government than it is about Brexit
- but Brexit provides the context that shows how our rights is being eroded
- do you think there are many parallels to our Singapore situation?

Anonymous said...

You talking about democracy is a communist country?

Anonymous said...

"The land of many palaces"
- Documentary on Channel News Asia

All about taking over land belonging to farmers in Ordos, China.
And in return, give the farmers HDB flats ... I mean high rise apartments.

Even got grassroots leaders to help encourage the farmers to relocate and to settle down into the new city.



Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

As if some glorified toilet-paper book can "predict" anything.

But no matter. People who are too lazy to find shit out for themselves LOVE the certainty all "prophecies" bring. Heck, all a smart preacher has to do is make some shit up and link it to the scripture, and the sheep with swallow the nonsense hook, line and sinker, and then GIVE MONEY so that they can be "blessed".

World's greatest and longest running SCAM!

Anonymous said...

When Jesus was being demonised, everyone in the church and the rulers, their supporters and followers also attacked Jesus. They laughed at him, sneered at him, cursed him,....just like the way they attacked and sneered at Dr Chee.

Anonymous said...

In this case, what prophecy is this?

Normally the so called real ones got at least hundreds of years of history captured in books or scriptures.

It is often coded (in words or pictures) and normally people "realized" it after event happen. In short, nobody (or most people) can understand at all. Even those knew, nobody believe them.

Otherwise it wont be call prophecy.