The USA continues to raise tension in the South China Sea

The Americans continued with its third ‘freedom of navigation’ provocation a couple of days ago, this time sailing a warship within the 12 nautical miles of a Chinese island. This is an aggressive act, intruding into another country’s territorial waters, and would be expelled if not for the restraint the Chinese were exercising on their troops. It was an intrusion into another country’s territory by a warship without permission.

It is a matter of time when an impatient Chinese soldier will pull the trigger ‘accidentally’ and sink one of these warships and all its naval crews, just like the American ‘mistake’ in striking the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade with a cruise missile, in time of peace and under no provocation. The Chinese will not forget this hostile incident, an act of war, and will wait for the opportune moment to return the compliment. American naval military personnel on such ‘freedom of navigation’ or aggressive intrusion into Chinese waters must be prepared to be buried in the South China Sea, a matter of when. The Chinese must be calculating when would be the best time to commit a ‘mistake’ by a low level gunner that doesn’t normally think too much.

The crazy and belligerent Americans must be warned, the families of these sailors must be warned, it is a mission waiting to happen, and their fathers, sons and daughters, and husbands, may not come home, or if lucky, come home in black plastic bags. American exceptionalism does not confer the Americans the right to infringe and violate other country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. And the Chinese have all the good reasons to make such a ‘mistake’. 

With Belgrade vivid in their minds, it is a convenient target to avenge the humiliating attack on their Embassy. A tooth for a tooth. When China is ready militarily, an American tooth would be extracted to pay for the Belgrade Incident.

The American people must send a message to the crazies in the White House and the Pentagon that the game has changed and China is about to take a tooth back from the Americans unless they stop their hostile acts in the South China Sea. You cannot go on provoking another big power in their homeland and think you can get a way with it. The whole world is watching this American provocation and military adventurism in the South China Sea. Aggression will not pay, will no longer pay, especially when the other side can hit back.

The USA must repent, now before it is too late.


Anonymous said...


Ancient Chinese prophecy already hinted China's fate.

Although there are many interpretations, but this is the one which is very obvious.

Let's hope that this 雕 is not the American Eagle symbol. However coincidentally, the american bald head eagle is also called Baldeagle which in chinese is called 白头海雕。

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, no worry la..there will be no war in South China Seas la as long as China leader Xi is in control..The Americans juz want to provoke the Chinese & the Chinese knew it..at most the Chinese will only send their ambassador to US embassy telling the Americans don't send anymore ships or else bsiness deal or the Chinese can juz do some lip service on trade deal or anti terror deal or whatever then the Americans will juz go away for a little while..or the Chinese could juz distract the Americans to concentrate on North Korea as they r building nuke missiles..

VIRGO49 said...

Obama no more time liao till early next year.

So got to obey his WHITE MASTERS to create some gangster acts.

Just let Trump take over.

Many eyeing some military actions will be disppointed.

DONALD is a businessman who will have more deals with china.

BUT if clinton is it. then preapare for some flareups if china lose its patitence.

Anonymous said...

I think till now a lot of people have a lot of misconceptions about Pivot Asia thing.

War with China is only one of the possible way to bring down China. There are so many ways and one of the dangerous one is the internal faction break up which could also include outside forces blowing democracy winds into certain parts of China at the time where China is undergoing economic restructure and suffering the effects of one child policy on top of high property prices.

Anonymous said...

China weeks back deployed its most advance war ship Hefei to exercise with 5 other war ships, while US Japan and India were having similar exercise elsewhere in asia.

This is a sign of potential showdown. If we look at the US carrier size and the china war ships, we will find the odd. The US is oversize. If there is no war to settle the S China dispute, then the US is having a costly game, sailing around for no real reason. Its cheaper to park it somewhere. So US is trying to threaten China. However, if real war starts in the S China sea, China will deploy at least thousands of mine on the sea using submarines and China s "fishing" boats. US is not going to get it free. The entire S China sea traffic will come to a stop.

So the regional countries like Vietnam, the most potent anti china force, will not risk its own shore by playing with US s carrier.

It is hard to see a real war with China. So far Brunei is at China side with Laos and Cambodia. The rest of Asean will be at US side.

In the long run, China will not come so close to Malaysia and certainly not Singapore, because the high speed rail will not be built. The latest news reported China has given up the idea to join the rail line because the route link to Malaysia has to pass through Vietnam. So Lao will get the high speed rail only. Lao is the supporter of Vietnam.

If based on this view, 1road1belt will benefit Iran, Africa and mainland areas of Asean.

Singapore will not smell the benefits of high speed rail and will be left out of it. This is real.

China tourists will not come to this corner if without the high speed rail, so sg will be happier country without the communists.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A conventional war in South China Sea will pit Chinese missiles against American aircraft carriers and aircraft. It is a very cheap option for China and lesser human casualties. Just rain the missiles onto the carrier groups. Of course other elements will be involved but to a lesser extent.

And yes, without a war, the Americans will be like crazy spoilt brats jumping and down in the South China Sea shouting come out and fight, come out and fight.

China could let these monkies scream day and night, burn their fuels, wear them out at sea, and make the American taxpayers pay for their futile antics.

On the other hand the Chinese will continue to develop and build up these islands and their troops entertained on land.

Anonymous said...

If you notice, China has been reclaiming reefs (huge engineering task), deploying jets and anti air missiles(HQ-9 series - boast to be comparable than S300 or S400) on these reclaim reefs. Pouring out 052D latest destroyers (Armed with AESA radar and comparable to Burke class) in the disputed waters. So in short they already dump into money and resources to counter the US.

But stop short of testing the ASBM in the open sea of a moving target which will def force the US to back off for the time being.

So as time goes (they advertised this for many years), it really becomes a big question on whether these missiles are operational or just fiction? The 2nd China carrier which was boasted last year of being nuclear and catapult system design is still the old Liaoning Ukaraine copy skid design is already a national joke. The 1st one was pride though....

US Commander (jap breed) Harris has already challenged China to a match and instructed US Navy Pacom to be made battle ready tonite ?(whatever that means).Their admirals really got balls? Should China return the favor or cont to keep quiet like usual?

Anonymous said...

China already scrambled fighter aircraft and ships to intercept the destroyer.
These crazy soldiers think war is fun. Once started, no return to status quo. Japan will be flattened by a combination of China, Russia and North Korean missiles.

b said...

If UA is really crazy, would have already sent a bom not a ship. Its just a balancing act.

Anonymous said...

Donald is a private businessman who has come out with his own 40 million to campaign.
One of US biggest issue with China is the ever rising trade deficit which is 500 billion per year.

I wonder what kind of future deals with any us president in future will they negotiate that will benefit US. One of the main reason Trump is able to get massive support to win is because he has been telling people that the past deals US has made with a lot of countries are stupid.

So unless he made deals with China on the basis that the two countries trade deficit are reduced. There is no way any US president will continue current trades without going head on with China. Some more Trump is supposed to be a business man that made deals. If he does not cut down on the deficit, he will be branded as US no.1 brainless business man president.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt China will attack the US carrier. The present exercise involved using Flying Leopard jets in low level flights to bomb target (carrier) and use Bomb6 boomer carrying missile to shoot at distant target (carrier) in S China sea. The exercise involves the East war zone troops in combined exercise with submarines.

It will be very good news when the US carrier sails back for repair. Sub contractors will have lots of businesses at changi. Got jobs can apply liao. Thanks for supporting the US carriers.

Anonymous said...

China H6 Bomber is the copied Soviet Tu-16 modified version where Russia already retired during soviet times. Their replacement were the Tu-26 and Tu-160 which Russia refused to sell to China.

Flying leopard is the old China designed aircraft which is nowhere comparable to Su24 and Su34.

US and Soviet has already play these kind of bomber/cruise missiles game during cold war which is why US already mastered all these ECM/Awacs/SM-2/3 missiles/tactics technology during those days.

Now US has even uses drone submarines? to counter detect enemy subs?

Like RB have said, the only solution is to use those mach 10 missiles against the carrier. ie. provided it is operational and not fiction weapon. Currently there is no known or proven solution to counter this weapon.

Just cant understand Why China just dun test fire some to show to the world that is operational just like fatty kim is doing to prove that NK has long range missiles.

Anonymous said...

Boomer carries bombs to drop onto the whatever, flying leopard can fly and drop the bombs, same purpose. The only flaws is not the latest tech, but china modified the Russians model.
Shd be qualified as "can use lah". Why need to be swee swee to let the US carriers to shoot down?

China also buy the S400 from Russia, and made their very own. People will say this and that, but the chinese modified the jets. The have factories and the factories are busy making more such aircrafts.

The point i try to tell is not the model swee or not, it s the number of jets and bombers China can replace when shot down.

Like flies, hit 1 and it dies, that is not a problem. If thousands of flies swamp a house, that is a real problem.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:44

I agree with what you said on the numbers but that is perhaps in the pre cold war era.

Technology has since leap frog so much.

Those days the biggest problem was for the Soviet bomber to locate the carrier force in order to launch their cruise missile at long ranges. Bombers using bombs getting into such close range would not even stand a chance to drop bombs. Typical US carrier would to launch their AWACs(E2C) and ECM (EA-6) jammers and will switch off their ship sensor system and would be able to detect and jam enemy sensor before they can locate your position. Thus launching your F14 for anti air or A-6 for anti surface missions at long ranges.

Burke class destroyers (armed with SM2 and now SM3 missiles - the so called Aegis Air defense system) are then designed to counter all these soviet cruise missiles.

China currently has limited AWACS (even Jap has more AWACS birds) and almost no ECM jammer plane onshore and literally nothing on the china carrier (due to skid design). To rub salt into the wound, these South china sea islands are about 1000 miles away from china so AWACS is very important.

Nowadays with F22, B2, F35, stealth destroyer, stealth carrier and so on. The design intent is for US to detect the enemy 1st (whether it is SAM or aircraft) and attack/destroy at beyond visual range (and in some cases: before enemy even know what has happen) so there is no need for dogfight and engage outside the hostile range. That is the design intent although it awaits to be proven in a real full scale war.

Finally, Russia is also a big country. Which country will let you buy in small quantity and then let you continue to copy and modify especially if you have already play me out previously eg. Su27. Eventually this copying thing will backfire on china.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:20pm
No Awacs means dont use Awacs. These objects are in the air can be detected. Even stealth F22 can be detected by some chinese radar, based on reports.

U dont use other weapons? The most potent weapons to hit Carriers in my opinion is submarines. Torpedo the bottom, the weakest points they can find.

China has work on islands around the area in S China Sea. I think they can deploy sound detection to trace Japanese and US submarines. But they may hide their submarines in lobangs the Japs and US cannot detect.

If i were the Chinese, at war with US Carriers, i will make sure the bottom get a lobang, besides firing missiles to damage the run ways, and follow by 50 Flying Leopard per batch to drop bombs on the Carriers, U can use jamming whatever, the bombs will still drop like rains onto the deck. Firemen will be more useful than the Awacs. Both top and bottom kena shoot.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:36 pm

Bombers with bombs bombing US carriers only existed in world war II.
Nowadays, it is difficult even for a cruise missile to penetrate its defense perimeter. Without awacs, you cannot even see your enemy attacking from where and how many in advance. If you on your radar, it will be a big xmas tree on your enemy radar screen (pick up by his awacs) inviting enemy attack coordinated from awacs. Otherwise why Sg, small country still buy awacs. Even taiwan has awacs. I think you might need to learn on how radar works in order to understand awacs.

China only recently developed its blue water navy with modern survey ships. US and Taiwan has such ships back 20~30 years ago mapping out all the trenches in the South China Sea including the thermal depth layers (temp drop + salinity level) especially in the deeper parts. I think i better leave some face for the Chinese, you should find out the quality of china subs.

There was a rumor some time ago, a US Naval jammer(EF-18) pass by Taiwan and announce to Taiwan authority that they are conducting exercise. Next thing they know is the radar screen become snowing screen from Taipei to tainan (not sure is taichung or what) air control tower. So maybe this is bullshit but then so far no countries (i think) has these type of aircraft in service.

Whether F22 can be detected by chinese radar and lock on, i think the answer will be out soon.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

President Hillary will strap on a huge dildo and fuck the arses of Asian leaders, notably the Chinese.

Don't worry, the cuntries and their peoples will be fine...business as usual...but their heads of state are going to be banged mercilessly by President-Elect Hilary.

She is indeed the worst kind of harridan imaginable. Give here Commander-In-Chief powers, and the leading men of Asia won't be able to handle her.

At the time of this writing Clinton and Trump are neck-to-neck in the polls, with Clinton only slightly ahead.

IMO, Clinton will win this one...and just make it to the White House.

Bill Clinton, First Lady....or first with the ladies? WOW! Comedy gold.

Anonymous said...

While the posts and comments kept growing, it would be nice if you people google on what the Chinese war industries are doing to match every piece of modern equipment the Americans have. So many views here are so outdated, so much like the stories of North Korea being a poverty stricken country, famine, drought, people dying of hunger and starvation.

North Korea is opening up and Channel News Asia has been given special privileges to see and to show to the world what the real North Korea and North Koreans are like. One thing for sure, they are not starving and dying. Neither do they walk on barefoot or shitting in open spaces for lack of toilets. Look at their streets, how the common people live, what they wear, their faces, fat or skin and bones.

Before you guys start to make a fool of your own ignorance, please, all the information is available by googling on the latest about Chinese weaponry.

China does not need the aircraft carriers as it is not launching an attack on America. China is defending its land and waiting for the Americans to come. There is no need to send out flyboys to seek and destroy American carriers. Just let the Americans come within range of the missiles and press buttons. The operational range of Chinese anti carrier missiles is 5,000km. Draw an arc from several points along the Chinese and it will tell you the American ships must stay out of this kill zone.

Awacs are not the only eye in the sky. Be more sophisticated and knowledgeable. There are satellites watching from the sky, And nothing beats the eyes and ears on the ground in the islands and on ships, fishing boats out in the sea. Stealth F22s are visible to the eyes and ears.

When you want to talk about warfare and technology, fair enough. Do not try to run down other people's view with your own ignorance. It show glaringly like a sore prick.

Thank you very much.

patriot said...


Sinkies better learn how to

survive in Sin.

PRCs do not need expurts

from the Barren Rock whose

inhabitants are like frogs in

boiling pot.

Please save your own fate.


Anonymous said...

Hahha? But can you enlighten us on further information with regards to missiles lock on radar signature base on satellites?

Or can you explain why China is investing on over the horizon radar which is now a bottle neck. And why ASBM needs to install radar on its missiles to precisely locate the moving target?

What run down? we are talking about technical information. If you feel otherwise, then by all means voice out.

Anonymous said...

MH370 is by far the best example so far to see on the level of satellite/sonar and subsea acoustic technology of each country.

MH370 has so many chinese nationals on board.

See who is leading the search, which countries subcons are involved? At least these Ang Mo provide a direction, tools/instruments and skilled personnel to conduct the search subsea. Even some say is a smoke screen but chinese can prove them wrong if they have better knowledge.

These people at least provide some answers to the deceased family members some information after a few years and not like the China high speed train accident/ferry incident/Tianjin explosion where many people died and then everything is cover up.

So what is the use of having 100 or 1000 ships if they do not know where or how to start. Similarly what is the use of 1000 missiles, subs, aircraft if they are inferior in technology where i only need one to finish the job.

In any case under modern warfare times, all satellites will be destroyed for sure and we will all know what is left is what you can depend on, ie. if there is any left.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:21pm
I knew Awacs when JBJ argued with GCT in parliament. Its a very old technology, still used by Nato.

F22 stealth is not undetectable. It could absorb certain frequency waves but not the low frequency, even UHF VHF can detect the aircraft. China has some technology developed with Russia reported somewhere on detecting F22.

China has bought Su35, this aircraft can detect potential from 250miles away and lock many targets.
Bombers are not used in warfare? F22 is good for air to air combat, while the F35 is good for air to ground. But F35 is in use? So in terms of China air strength, su35 is consider 4.5 generation aircraft. U still think it is backwards?
Wanna depends on Awacs? Mounted on 707?

Anonymous said...

@ 11:35pm

AWACS tech may be old but it also depends on whether your enemy have catch up to counter it. F16 is an old bird but then when upgraded with AESA radar, some reports says that it has a chance with J20. And to make matters worse, the taiwan upgraded F16V will have for the 1st time an offensive capability into china mainland. last time dun even have any.

Like i say, and if you read carefully on what i write. I say it remains to be seen on the F22 matter. US admiral is so confident that it is challenging China to a war and deploying the aircraft carrier in and out South China seas without any concern. Why China admirals never never response to this... In fact if china test fire the ASBM in open seas on moving target, this region will have peace at least for some time.

There is a reason why this US is focusing on stealth. Not only just aircraft but almost everything. It is this innovation that will surprise the enemy and not just stay on the same path and remain predictable. Remember why F117 was invented and then decommissioned?

For SU35, China has brought 24 pcs and in wartime, is it enough? and will Russia still supply or even has supplied the top tier version? If yes, why continue to invest in J20, 31? the reason is they want to be self sufficient not only on the plane but all the zero parts during wartime as foreign equipment are not reliable during wartime. Do you think this time Russia will let China copy like its Su27?

If SU35 is 4.5 gen , then F22 and F35 belong to which category? It is totally a north pole and south pole design where one is enhance SU27 which is good in dogfight where the other is designed to take out the enemy from far and thus avoid dogfight. Will China then buy T50? Come on, China is pitting against US not Singapore air force now, you know? Do you know how humiliating for china that US is to deploy A10? By deploying A10, US is already confident or assuming that it has air superiority and taken out all the SAMs.

Precisely it is not only depending on awacs to win and so they are coming up with something new like the stealth thing for everything.

virgo49 said...

Why all these mothers fuckers invented all these to kill one another??

World Peace, UN Council?

All these Bullshits.

Invented something useful to save Mankind.

Anonymous said...

Taiwan fighting China? Please lah. When they heard China has thousands of missiles pointing at Taiwan they wet their pants. Even the Japanese admitted that Japan is no contest against China today. The playing field is no longer the same lah.

Anonymous said...

It is not about Taiwan fighting China. It is about US letting Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and those weaker countries to have higher tier military capability ( eg. defense mode change to offensive mode) previously banned from.

However the ultimate alarm is there are rumors that if Trump is president, he may allow Japan and SK to be nuclear armed. He will want Japan to be able to defend itself where US is unable to help defend Japan due to debts problems. Imagine how China and Jap status quo will change again once Japan is nuclear capable and lift all its bans (eg. F15J becomes the strike version). All Japs ships and subs will now start to arm with cruise missiles and so on.

Since a lot of people complained that US is a world police, then it might as well let go and let everybody have fun.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:11am
Other readers might have more information about China s aircraft and F22. I dont want to do the follow up as info can be google.
Just to add on Su35. China bought so few 24 for some reason behind subject to guessing. China has J11, the licensed modified version of su27. To improve J11 could be the real reason.

On bigger picture. It is known that if US starts war, it needs approval from congress.

China is in S China sea can enjoy the breeze as there is no bombing, that is assured. What China is doing is more worrying to US. It is making more aircrafts in various factories, assault boats and targeting to have 4 aircraft carriers.

U may have lots of faith on US s military strength. I dont have that. US has stopped at F22. Its involvement in combat is also subject to approval. So in normal regional combat, we can expect weapons handily available. The longer the timeline, the less potent the F22 in the air. It was shot down by Eastern European forces during combat.

Overall, China has the advantage on those islands and put in equipment for combat. As long as there is no landing from US, they can just talk and ignore US s shouting, while making more weapons. US s shouting has affected Asean, boken into 2 parts. In directly, it affected China s 1road1belt extending to Singapore. So China s route is limited to Africa, and Europe through Russia. That is what the US has done so far.

US want to start war, it must bomb china s island to kick start the ball rolling. Question is when will US is willing to kick start? By then, China may mass selling its holding of US bonds. The war will be over in congress, unless the Japs buy all the bonds. Will Japs do it?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:30 am

Nope. One of the speculation of why China purchase the Su35 is because there is a bottle neck of chinese developed engine. Thrust power and reliability is a issue.

There is already no point to upgrade J11 as it is already a "upgraded" Su27. I mean the engine is already like that, how to improve?

Actually, google is one thing. But i have the choice to have work in the heavy industries of both countries and dared to say that Chinese engineering cannot make it. I am not sure whether it is the people quality or the leadership quality but it is disappointing. However in the west, it seems like everything is systematic and resources are poured it support that growth. Everything is about international standards and not your home standard or worse your standard.

Precisely that US needs congress approval for war and international opinions do matter in US. ie why it is using UNCLOS, ASEAN, Ganging up to provoke China to make 1st move. Remember pearl harbor.

Again my point is there is no use of more hardware if it is of inferior tech/lack of experience/ overall support as it will just become scrap metal. Just like the Jap fleet attacking midway despite having more numbers. This is especially so for air and sea war.

Again i rest my case on F22. You read again what i write.
F22 will be upgraded if can. In any case, there is already a Gen 6 fighter in conceptual stage. The point is US will continue to innovate and move on. That is something unpredictable and china needs innovation in a lot of things which is now seriously lacking.

Having live in china for some time, i already lose faith in almost everything including cigarattes, liquor, food and everything. I really pity the HK people. Almost everything i have to worry.

Again, my point is if you need to protect your asset 1000 miles away. These small islands are so small for defense (cannot hide) and when your enemy has tier 1 carrier strike group + strike bases within short distance. It will be a nightmare to defend and to resupply especially if you cannot have 100% air superiority and waters infested with enemy subs. Well what Chinese is doing is in fact deceiving the China people as it has no means to defend these "islands" in wartime.

I have a different opinion on the one road one belt thing especially after so many years of globalization. I see the current world in a more confrontational stage as wealth is distributed even more unequally. Every country is not equal in size and population so there is no such thing as fair thing or fair trade/fair deal. So i see it might be a good thing to go back to protection mode especially for certain trades. Something like the min wage thing.
China is welcomed to invest in this Europe, Russia or Africa thing if it has money to do so. I mean for me, i have my reservations of making investments in certain countries. There were reasons previously why these countries did not attract investments. I mean if China wants to invest using China's peoples money, so be it.

Singapore is not stupid. I think they have already seen something which made them make up their mind. I mean it is their bet and if they lose, they also know the stakes behind it.

In a war situation, will you still be able to sell these bonds? So what if i play punk like the pakistan F16 deal? Can you do anything or want to go to hague court? I mean look at the debts US incur, how come its credit facility can still continue on and on?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:30 am

Since you like to get so much info from google. You can also google to find out about China's 1st commercial jet C919. Look at the source of parts being assembled?

Just a common sense question, if you military aviation is boasting of the level of technology (J20, J31) able to match US who owns boeing /GE/ Pratt and Witney.

Then how come your commerical jet technology is so so far behind, even worse than france.

And then the golden question comes, will the people take this china assembled or made jet if its certification is from China authorities? Imagine your parents or loved ones are on board for the very 1st time?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 126:

>> will the people take this china assembled or made jet if its certification is from China authorities? <<

Of course they will. China steals tech and ideas---and as I've aid before, I don't really care. International espionage is one of China's great strengths.

So the plane is mostly (stolen) tech which has been developed by aerospace people who've been in the business for at least 3 generations.

The MSM is quick to paint China as "evil" for stealing ideas. What is the point of this name-calling? The Chinese don't give a fuck. They will be progressing come hell or high water, and they will not be following anyone else's "rules".

Why should they? They hold a very good hand of cards, and they play the game well.

Anonymous said...

@ atilah 2:28pm

Please lah, at least give some face to china. I also never said it is espionage. or stolen tech. I just say copy and modify it.

They just got their people to do reverse engineering and no need 3 gens to do it. You only need one gen to do it because the other 2 gens scratch their head until bald also cannot do it if left to do it alone. But it doesnt mean that 100 years or 200 years of scratching will achieve no result as well. It all depends, I mean i just dun believe that you cannot find one person out of whole china population to have breakthrough.

Some more it is not only about whether their people can steal it or not. It is also about whether their manufacturing industry (precision micron machining ) can support it as a whole.

Take note that this C919 is a assembled plane with foreign parts purchased from mainly Europe. The Chinese only assemble the parts and made the hull. The difficult part is the certification part which needs FAA approval so we will see.

You think this kind of trick can continue for long and expect no trouble. It just take one person like Trump to mess up the whole show. The next generation will suffer like what Xi has inherited all the problems as its previous leaders delay the whole thing. He has so many things on his plate now. I mean he can change the tide by reversing the US trade deficit to be 500 billion in US favor and why not. Simply because of the economy reality.

I mean also look at what it is today becoming stronger compare 20,30 years ago. But then how come so many countries deem Chinese people as uncivilized and to a certain extent creating more enemies even with its neighbor. At least last time, i still see the older generation of overseas chinese embraced their brothers. Just look at taiwan and HK now what a mess, it will be so sad that it will come to a day where chinese kill chinese with foreign weapons.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 309:

I don't what you're trying to justify. Chinese are damn good at copying stuff. They do it, get the shit to market. The market couldn't care less, and neither do I. Go ahead, steal the shit...modify or replicate wholesale, customers DON'T CARE.

My mate is a drone developer based in Singapore. He sticks with Open Source and steers clear of proprietary stuff. His reason: "Chinese can copy your proprietary stuff faster than you can innovate".

Once in a while, western politicians and their lap dogs the "liberal" media like to beat-up on China for manipulating currency and stealing ideas.

To me I say, so what? Everyone should be "stealing" ideas, modifying them, and throwing the stuff back into the pool, which will also be copied and modified. All those pro Intellectual Property arguments have been discredited. That's why Open Source has exploded and now Apple and Microsoft gives away their OSs free.

China's population is nosing the 1.5 billion mark. It's not only that the won't stop...they just CAN'T stop. If they do, there's going to be serious socio-economic problems and social/ political instability. So what if they have a bubble here and there? So what if they have a few cities which are empty? With over 600 cities, a few duds here and there are not going to matter---although assholes western liberal economists like Paul Krugman get huge erections everytime they write a piece (of shit) slamming and damning China, an cherry-pick the bad stuff.

Microsoft Asia Research centre is in Beijing. And they are doing great things with artificial intelligence. In fact, their Chinese chatbot Xiaoice is a BIG HIT in China. People actually LOVE this AI, who reads the news and weather every day.

The liberal western media talk alot of trash, to serve their political masters who fuck the taxpaying voters and throw their respective cuntries under the bus and do all sorts of bad shit which goes AGAINST the interests of their societies.

At least the Chinese government is 100% pro-China and her people. OK, so there's a corruption here and there, and the occasional sex scandal being splashed all over Weibo. So what? It keeps life interesting.

At the end of the day, the Chinese govt. puts China FIRST.

How many other govts can claim to do that?

Anonymous said...

@ atilah 8:23 pm

Relax lah, okay you win lah, they are spy king, copy king and so on.
Since it also doesnt matter to me if you want to give face to China or not.

No need for you to know what is there to justify if you dun even bother to see what is the title and what has been discussed. In any case this is a blog, you can comment and say your point but it does not change anything. You are still free to maintain your stand just like the blogger upstairs who says China radar can detect F22, so be it. i mean i am not going to send f22 to his house to prove this?

Chinese government is not pro China and its people. It will only take care if you are party member or work in state own company. Nowadays, having govt jobs has the no.1 career prospects unlike 30 years ago.

You also know about drones and AI, then you know in future having 1.5 billion population is going to be a burden especially if the ratio of young supporting old has reversed. Not only on this, you should also know the advantage of using drones and drone robots in war. Haha...i mean we shall see which country shall take the lead to harvest this technology.

Your friend is just a trader, he will sell whatever is profitable to him. IP is irrelevant to him. Will there be control in future on standards such that it will impact those that import a lot. I also dun know as it is a business risk similar like doing other business.

You should also know what it means to depend your system on free OS especially for China.
Only thing i can say is better be self sufficient otherwise when it is time other party decide to cut it, then you lose everything.

China's problem of bubble there will be magnified compare to elsewhere precisely because of the size of population. Days have also changed in today's youth compare to yester years just like our youth. Their expectation is equally high if not less and will not accept any bubble. I look at my colleague house loan commitment and i shake my head as within 20 yrs, things have changed so much. Their good and bad also catch up....Also good luck with hospital bills if you are not covered. And a lot non state jobs means you need to cover yourself.

Their empty cities is only the tip of the ice berk. Their biggest problem is there have been too much fund spend on infrastructure construction previously causing a lot of infrastructure materials now in abundance and a lot of companies which depended on this business collapsed.

One simple relation, my China ktv agent now always complains that business is really difficult unlike old times (probably only 3-4 yrs ago). He also dun understand why changes are so drastic. So how will the China govt take care of him and his family?

Key point is they are no longer as cheap like 30 years ago or even 5 to 10 yrs ago.

For me i will not trust China media too much likewise western media. So it actually works out well if you listen to both sides.

I dun know how many govt can claim that they put their people 1st but one thing i can only say is most likely these people choose their leaders in their countries, good or bad, it is their choice. Now can i say the same for China people? I mean this is from China media, i look at those victims families for tianjin explosion, MH370 , ferry,train incidents, who should be accountable?

Anonymous said...

'I mean i just dun believe that you cannot find one person out of whole china population to have breakthrough.'

The first breakthrough came when the Father of American rocketry returned to China in the fifties. Now Chinese missile technology has surpassed the Americans. American Nasa could not produce a rocket that flies and has to depend on Russian rockets to send their spacemen to the space station.

Oh, KTV business is bad. This is a good thing. In fact many entertainment, gambling businesses including golfing has screeched to a stop. Why? The clamping down on corruption is in full swing. This is no child play. Xi Jinping is going to cut down heavily on corruption. So no wild spending on public fund and dirty money.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what is a breakthrough?

If i can buy and people allow me to buy. Why not use theirs?
Does it mean i cannot build the same or better? In the 1st place how did the space station get into space? Now i give you an example, the 1st man on Mars will be considered a breakthrough.

Anti corruption - Why only hit the Jiang gang and not the zhejiang gang (including wen jiabao). Xi is trying to do what 5000 yrs of China cannot do and at the same time claiming to improve peoples life, expanding China's territory and in the process trying to pick up a fight with US and regional neighbours all under one voice, one party system.

It has been proven time and time again. One party system, one dictator system with no checker will always lead country into corruption no matter what.

Sorry in advance because i am going to insult you for this for being so naive.
By the way just to let you know, how do you get KTV license in China? Who is the real boss behind these KTV ?

Heard of wolf in Sheep skin. The one that is crying the loudest is often the thief himself. One of the best way to eradicate your opponent is to cut off his funds and break the rice bowl of his gang.

Do you think this is Singapore?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 921:

>> So it actually works out well if you listen to both sides. <<

...and make up your own mind.

>> Since it also doesnt matter to me if you want to give face to China or not. <<

I'm actually pro-China.

Sure, any "issues" they have are compounded by the simple fact that they are HUGE. Similarly, any "benefits" are multiplied. For e.g.: for every 1% unemployment, that is around 8 million people---as large as the entire population of smaller cuntries. And 50% of internet connectivity means over 600 million people (about the population size of the whole of ASEAN) with online access. Huge fucking numbers---they can be good or bad.

All my visits there have been largely positive, ok lah, got traffic jams and bad air...but since I'm not there "forever", I don't consider those as problems in my life.

As for "give face", I always remind my Singaporean friends who I travel with to "relac lah brudder" when dealing with the Chinese locals. One time at Shanghai airport we were stuck in a queue and it looked like we might miss our flight back to Singapore.

One young man, a hot headed recent NUS grad, lost his shit and started fucking the poor Chinese (in Mandarin) chap who was processing the queue and just doing his job. I told this hot young lad to "relac lah brudder", to no avail. He continued to tell this Chinese local how fucked up his cuntry was and how efficient Singapore is. Since there was a long queue, this Chinese guy in uniform really lost face.

They off loaded our baggage and we missed our flight, thanks to this "educated" young Singaporean lad.

Anonymous said...

UNITED NATIONS: North Korea has supplied pistols to the Democratic Republic of Congo that ended up in the hands of Congolese peacekeepers serving in the UN mission in the Central African Republic, according to a UN report.

This must be fucking big news to the Singaporeans. Selling pistols!!!!!

Why is this newsworthy? What is the agenda?

Anonymous said...

@ atilah 12:16 pm

I am also pro china but is pro china people.

My best experience is most certainly with local china people. From experience the less rich it is, the more they likely to share with you what they have. Like in all countries sure got good and bad people.

My advice to all is better behave yourself in any airport/customs or immigration area. Sometimes they can detain you and classify you as terror threat. By the time every thing clears up, you may have already been detained for hours if not days before they release you.

As for your friend, i can only say it is not about give face but certainly it has come to a stage of being rude and no manners. In the end, what does he achieve? Did the queue disappear?

So the morale of your story is to take business or 1st class or to arrive early?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 200:

We were early and were in business. This was at immigration, where everyone has to go. Our queue was exceptionally slow. From my observation, the young Chinese officer was cautious or new. We would have made the flight just in time, had my young overly impatient friend (actually the son of one of my friends) had simply shut-the-fuck up and let the young Chinese immigration officer do his job.

Singaporeans are no strangers to being impatient and rude assholes when overseas.

If you go to youtube, there are countless of videos made by PRCs sharing their observations on how fucked up local Singaporeans are. Surely there must be some truth there.

Anonymous said...

@ atilah 2:10pm

Well my experience in Shanghai pudong, Shenzhen, Luohu immigration and Shekou ferry immigration are all ok or good.

One thing about China immigration -(including domestic fligt) is the officers are so young. Some woman are so pretty and sexy in their uniform....

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 409:

Generally Pudong airport is fine...quite smooth. That incident is just one-time. I don't travel with that fella any more. He can be the poster boy for "ugly Singaporean" for all I care.

There are beautiful chicks all over in China. I like the Shanghainese girls. Tall, long legs and got "attitude"---you play with them, they'll play along with you. Singapore gals can be a bit too how lian sometimes...oh well, that's life.

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