South China Sea gunboat diplomacy – A divergent establishment view

We heard Bilahari and Ong Keng Yong’s view, one official and one personal, attacking China for trying to divide Asean in the South China Sea island disputes. Last Saturday, the ST published a divergent establishment view about the South China Sea, this time giving it another spin. Instead of a dispute between a few South East Asian countries, claiming islands and coral reefs in the South China Sea, the veil was dropped and the naked truth was exposed. It was an open contest for control of the South China Sea by the Americans, to reinforce its hegemony over the region in the name of Freedom of Navigation.

Leslie Fong, the former editor of the ST, an establishment men, or used to be a part of the establishment. His views must still be a reflection of what the establishment is thinking. But he put it that what he wrote was not his views but the view of a Taiwanese lady by the name Ms Oh Beigong through a letter to the Japanese Admiral in charge of the American Pacific Fleet by the name of Harry Harris. A yellow banana for sure, very like the Singaporean banana, but a very dangerous one.

In brief, Ms Oh Beigong, or in Hokien Ms Black White Said, the Americans were just pretending about Freedom of Navigation but using it to pick on China while the American allies like Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam have been doing exactly what China is doing but no Freedom of Navigation to their reclaimed and militarized islands were conducted by the Americans.

The bottom line, in Leslie’s article, through Ms Oh Beigong, is this. ‘Might is right. The US is out to stymie the rise of China and prevent it from challenging American dominance, if not hegemony. We get that. So do us a favour, please stop talking about high principles and international law. However, if you wish to regain at least a modicum of respect from clear sighted people in this region, here is something you…can do. In the name of asserting freedom of navigation and upholding international law, send your destroyer or whatever to an atoll in the Philippine Sea which the Japanese call Okinotorishima and claim as their territory….the atoll lies 1,700km south of Tokyo, …but less than 500 km from Taiwan itself.’

The American hypocrisy in the South China Sea is exposed by this dear letter to the American banana now called Harry Harris, no Hiroshima or Nagasaki. It is all about gunboat diplomacy, about control of the South China Sea, about American hegemony.

What shit is the talk about splitting Asean countries by the other side of the establishment? What is the real issue? China claiming the islands, Asean countries claiming the islands, or the American claiming the whole South China Sea?

Thank you Leslie Fong. Oops, thank you Ms Oh Beigong.


Anonymous said...

Do you think this is also a divergent view?

Is PAP the voice of Aliens and Millionaires in Parliament?
Do Singaporeans need an Opposition core to be the voice of Singaporeans' in Parliament?

Anonymous said...

The bottom line, in Leslie’s article, through Ms Oh Beigong, is this. ‘Might is right.

Tiok lah. That's why PAP being the ruling party has might and therefore is right, tio bo?

If only those Sinkie opposition parties know this, they would not even want to exist, let alone contest elections.

But of course Chee Soon Juan is different. He said SDP does not exist just to win elections. So every time he lose, SDP lose, never mind lah.

Virgo49 said...

Oh Beigong in Taiwanese Tai Li or Hokien means "Bluff Bluff" or "Don't anyhow say"

This Ms Oh Beigong is telling the Americans Do not bullshit and bluff the people that you are doing a service to the South and South East Asian Nations.

Anonymous said...

Do not bullshit and bluff the people that you are doing a service to the South and South East Asian Nations.
May 31, 2016 9:55 am

So don't go crying to the Americans when China wants to reunite with Taiwan.

Virgo49 said...

Ms Don't any how say think be happy to reunite with China if she gives pro China views.

Quite a number are pro China Taiwanese.

Better unite than be running dog for the USA and be manipulated by them by Chinese against Chinese and killing Chinese.

Even one china man said Mei You Yee She.

Chinese killing Chinese.

In Sinkieland, this is different.

You Yee Shee

Anonymous said...

Okinotorishima is a reef the Jap put in concrete to expand. It is not habitable to anybody. The Japs used this as an island and claim its territory within 200 nautical mile.
End April a Tw fishing boat was arrested, the fisher man sent to Yokohama prison. Then the Ma govt sent in the biggest war ship to protect fishing near Okinotorishima. The Japs retreated. After the Tsai govt took over, the Tw warship was withdrawn. The fisher men asked the Tsai govt the correct location for fishing in order not to get arrested, no answer given.

Then the Tsai govt disclosed to allow US pork import. US pork is considered toxic to health. US pork contains Ractopamine, a chemical disallowed in Tw to feed into pigs.

This is how a govt can play its very own people out after being elected.

Singapore has no exception, CECA with some country allowed near to free flow of pmet into singapore. Yet there is requirement for citizens to take up defense and contribute money for national debt in cpf, at increasing rate on their flats for 99 years.

US want to control the S China sea surrounding countries to go against China, as part of Japs ambition to take more territorial waters and lands for fishing and oil drilling. This is obvious. If someone bother to say China split Asean, he shd think that its Asean split by itself on those resources.
China want those resources. Fishing in water that cross over to Asean country border was common. This kind of incidences can never be stopped completely.

If US wants to go war with China, it is likely that within 800km near china missiles, the Carrier would be sunk. The jets on Carrier can only fly 500km range. The PLA knows this.
So its war of words. Will US Carrier dare to risk?

US s problem is logistic supply. USA is not in Asia, far from it. How much can a few Carrier take the thousands of DF21?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

All ASEAN (and Japan) has to do, is tell the Yanks: "Thank you for your offer to help. Now please leave us to solve our own regional issues and our own politics."

But they won't. And so the USA has carte blanche to embark on more foreign meddling in the name of "freedom".

This is how the middle east became such a bigger mess than it was. American meddling. They prop up some dictators, who with American backing become much bigger assholes than they're capable of being if left alone. And one day a fella like Osama Bin Laden strikes back with the ultimatum "Get the fuck out of the holy lands. You are propping up corrupt and brutal regimes"

ASEAN (and Japan), are you fuckers asleep at the switch?

b said...

The famous native american saying, 'White men have forked tongues'. Will people learn from history?