Ridhuan Abdullah - Classic encounter

Anecdote by a Ridhuan Abdullah

On May 1 Ridhuan was at a bus stop in Bukit Batok when Murali and Tharman and their supporters walked by. And there were a few exchanges.

Murali: Please vote for me.
Ridhuan: Sorry but I am not a Bukit Batok resident
PAP supporter: Then come to the PAP rally to support Mr Murali.
Ridhuan: No thanks, I will be supporting Dr Chee.
PAP supporter: Why support an unemployed guy to be an MP? He is worthless.
Ridhuan: I’m also unemployed. Does that mean I am worthless also.
Murali and supporters: Awkward silence, then moved off.

The above is a classic anecdote by Ridhuan and reposted by Roy Ngerng in the TRE.


Anonymous said...

Jobless people are worthless. My ah gong and ah mah oso jobless. So must be useless.

Anonymous said...

This is the answer
You are Singaporean.
You are unemployed.
You are an Opposition voter.
You are unable to vote in an Opposition government.

What was the question?
What do you call a worthless piece of garbage in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

I first read Ridhuan s post in All Singapore Stuff.
Equating unemployed men and women as worthless was started by one minister in rally speech. She said Chee was jobless and blah blah.
To PAP, jobless men and women are lazy: "the spur not sticking to the hides", according to one old man s famous words "that is their own problems" too. Jobless men will vote for Chee and attend Chee s rallies. Employed men and women will attend PAP rallies. This is the rule. Dont cross the path or PAP will laugh: "spur not sticking to the hides". Dont go to the wrong rally.

Anonymous said...

Anyone not able to stand on their own feet are useless and worthless.
But if one can afford to pay for others to bathe and feed oneself, one becomes very useful oe even important.


Anonymous said...

Shut up and go back to work you donkeys

Anonymous said...

But I think Murali will still win lah, even if PAP ministers and supporters called unemployed Chee Soon Juan worthless.

That's the problem when the opposition is not ready to be govt, and if they are elected MP, cannot run a Town Council better than PAP and also their appeal letters on residents' behalf to govt depts may perhaps even be considered less favourably.

So that's why for above reasons (or disadvantages) alone, Murali will win this by election, even as a minority candidate and not being a full time MP if elected.

Anonymous said...

Bukit Batok should have more ' Wendies And Palmers '

Singapore should have more ' Dishonourable Sons '

So vote for dishonourable people please

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:09,

Stick to the issues not attacking people. Don't be a dishonourable son.

Anonymous said...

The book attacks people. Stupid people called sheep. The book never zero in on personal attacks(commoners) unless you are seated in places of power you shouldn't be in.

Anonymous said...

It is called..the hypocrisies of the scribes snd Pharisees(targeted idiots)...people who fucks idiotic people

Anonymous said...

Neo Swee Lian, was a guess speaker in SDP rally last night.

She started a on line petition on No Gutter Politics.

From last night till now 3pm, the petition has 2800 supporters.

Gutter Politics is NOT politics in election.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

If you don't want dirt, don't get into the pigsty. Pigsty is for pigs. Don't understand?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:20 pm

No wonder Murali look so relax until Chee confused who is actually his opponent! Hahahaha.

After May 7, another $16K additional monthly income, and for part time work some more, to add to Murali's already high income as a lawyer.

So sad, no change to Chee's income after May 7.

Anonymous said...

The stakes for Chee in this by election are indeed very high.

If Chee loses, not only no $16K monthly MP allowance, but also his and SDP's political credibility is at stake. Chee can forget about being SDP leader to lead SDP for next GE.

Anonymous said...

Gangsters visited boy. Maybe gangsters will visit Ridhuan for not working

Anonymous said...

Gangsters masters not happy boy video indirectly supporting curryfish man? So ungrateful

Virgo49 said...

Anon 4.31

Why you so happy that Chee Soon Juan if lost no change of salary whereas Mu-ne-la-le (Your mother la le) got another 16 K allowance???

You think mu - ne ra- li gonna share the 16K with you??

Wait till you beg in the streets, the mu-ne-ra-li will feed you??

You jobless, they said you useless you know.

So better wake.

At least CSJ can give you hope when you are in that situation.

Anonymous said...

I am sad if Chee Soon Juan loses the by election, even if Chee Soon Juan not sad.

Anonymous said...

For his part, Chee Soon Juan has tried very hard, as hard as is humanly possible, to win. The rest is up to God.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland has been going the road path in some of its economic policies.

For a cuntry without abundance of resources such as land, labour and eveb air space etc ....... , playing the numbers game where it does not have any comparative advantage at all is going to "capsize" it eventually when "critical" areas hit the upper limits as well as diminishing returns to scale sets in.

Tourism and air travel as a hub would hit an upper limit in air space beyond certain level and where to import the additional AIR SPACE or land to build another airport?

Anonymous said...

It is MORONIC to build, say, 10 airport terminals and "CON" the kongcum that such would increase the economy's capacities because the bottlenecks in other areas MEANS even if there is additional ( air travel ) demand, and that is a BIG IF, the air space CANNOT COPE beyond a certain limit?

Anonymous said...

The "BUZZ" created in more and more areas "DEGENERATE" in quality and it can "FOOL" some kongcum and many third world "arrivals" and "new instant trees" but NOT those who might ( ULTIMATELY ) influence the ( pivotal ) outcome of the fate of a small "SAMPAN" packed ( more and more ) like a typical AhNehLand or Matland transportation transit interchange?

To cause more and more parts of the ( limited space ) city state to "degrade" to a "busy" place filled with "super low quality" 3rd world crowd would eventually "lead to its CAVING in"?

Instead of attracting talents to congregate in the city state in typical agglomeration phenomenon, the OPPOSITE would likely take place where like a puddles of "KHAW DUNG" in the open space, it attracts the "UNWANTED" such as "FLIES, KHAW DUNG beetles" etc .....

Anonymous said...

Nobody or economy can escape the "GRAVITATIONAL LAW" eventually?

In human and economic history, the adjustment process never fail to be "PAINFUL" when ( eventually ) "RESOURCES DISASTERS" or any other struck?

To draw an analogy between a cuntry and a family, how can a family staying in a limited house keep expanding until the sleeping space occupies every feet of the floor with overcrowding?

Anonymous said...

Under such conditions, what kind of quality can emerge?

Without exaggeration, every resource would be stretched to (BEYOND ) breaking point?

Some MORONS running the economy must have NEVER heard of "DISECONOMIES OF SCALE" and what the shape of the LRAC ( LONG RUN AVERAGE COST CURVE ) of businesses in a small cuntry with limited resources LOOK LIKE?

Anonymous said...

The social problems of the subjects of other cuntries BELONG to the motherland that they were born .....?

When there are more and more cases of foreigners in sinkieland having difficulty in $$$ to pay for their meals, policies makers MUST think whether this is the way they want to go?

The implications underneath are multi-fold but foremost, in some ways it could mean "importing social problems" beyond what the economy and society can cope with at some point in time?

Anonymous said...

Why is such "crowd" ( who are finding difficulty even eating in foodcourt ) increasingly coming in at "such massive scale"?

What "DISTORTION" would it create in the domestic labour market?

Does it also imply sinkieland have become "TOO COSTLY"?

Anonymous said...

It is only right that a society take care ( to a certain extent ) of its own subjects ( first and foremost ) as it is built in that way in the existence of the nation state system?

Does it NOT go without any saying?

Who would the state call upon to defend the cuntry in times of need?

Anonymous said...

It is rightful for a system to build in mechanism to care for those who are down ( in one way or another ) from time to time.

But the responsibility to do so for other cuntries subjects cannot be that of a tiny CITY STATE as well?


Anonymous said...

By importing the "social problems" of other countries into sinkieland in an increasing ( and even massive ) scale, in no time "degradation and degeneration" likely set in .....?

Eventually, it would not be surprising for the sampan to "sink" back to the level of the early 20th century?

A city port that when the late Deng Xiao Ping transited enroute to Paris in 1921, he "GOT NOTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT IT"?

Anonymous said...

By the way Uncles RB, Virgo49, oldies and readers in msn, today after 10am will be officially start of the summer season in 2016 ......

Be prepared in case temperature "hots up" ......

Stay "hydrated" ...... and "safe" and ...... "cool" ......

patriot said...

It's extremely depressing and grieving to note that Sinkies have to resort to calling on their Divine and Imaginary Beings to change the Dire Situation in Sin.

As a born Sinkie in early1951, me enjoyed living before the 80s.
Despite the Euphoric and Glorious Claims of Wealth Creation and Material Attainment by almost all Sinkies, I was alarmed at the Demises of Conscience and Humanities in Sincity as a whole.
I was prescient to the Fact that the Sin Rulers were becoming self-serving and glory seeking. They were leading Sinkies toward Materialism by talking about money day in day out in the Name of Economic Development.

By the Late 90s, the Greed for Money, read as Economy, began to include huge importation of aliens in the Guise of Forein Talents to augment the 'Progress' at the Economic Front. In actual fact, aliens were and are brought in to keep the Economy from declining due to saturation due to lack of consumption.
Despite Space running out, the Rulers expand the Landmass by reclamation anyway possible.

State assets were sold to foreigners with very flimsy reason offered.
Cost of livings was ever rising as more settlers drive up the Costs of all consumables.
Infrastructures such as hospital and transport were strained frequently, running out of ward space and frequently breakdowns of trains.

Me am not economic trained and with the Little Commonsense and Market Observation, shares much of the Analysis made by one commenter here in MSN.

The Dire Strait for Sin is far from over and the Expansion of Changi Airport Shall likely ended up like the Ferris Wheel at Marina Bay and the Garden by the Bay.

Anyway, for Sinkies to pray for divine intervention means they have run out of idea amidst an impending disaster which they are staring at right before them.

There is destiny to every being and at times, it is the beings that bring forth theit own destiny. God changes nothing when beings persist in avarice.


Anonymous said...

"尽忠报国": //By the Late 90s, the Greed for Money, read as Economy, began to include huge importation of aliens in the Guise of Forein Talents to augment the 'Progress' at the Economic Front. In actual fact, aliens were and are brought in to keep the Economy from declining due to saturation due to lack of consumption.
Despite Space running out, the Rulers expand the Landmass by reclamation anyway possible.//

Yeah .....

It started with the char tao reign .....?

In 1990, the population was 3 million but with 10 years jumped by 33% to 4 million in 2000 ......

Anonymous said...

Typo .... should be ".....within 10 years......"

Anonymous said...

1990, when cha tao took over, TFR was abt 1.82 ( near replacement level of 2.1 ) .....

By 2000, it nosedived to 1.38 ......

By 2004 when cha tao handed over to PM3, it was barely above 1.0 .....?

Anonymous said...

By 2004, the population was about 4.4 million. ....?

How can it be when TFR was so low between 1990 to 2004 under cha tao?

Within 14 short years of 1990 to 2004, population increased by 3 million to 4.4 million, an increase of 1.4 million or ALMOST 50%?

Anonymous said...

Abt the same time lao goa "ownselves checking ownselves" and opened the floodgate ( mostly of foreign labourers ), he opened another "floodgate" called "ASSET INFLATION" ..... in the early 1990s?

Between 1990 to 1994 alone, property prices were compounding at more than 30% to 50% per annum?

By 1996, a typical 5-rm HDB flat selling at abt $150,000 in the secondary resale market were going for an average of about $500,000+ ........?

Anonymous said...

In the 1990s, corporate income tax and individuals tax for the rich were cut by almost 10%. ....?

At the same time, GST was introduced in 1994 and bumped up from 3% to 5% by 2000 and eventually in the mid 2000s to 7%?

Did salaries of sinkies increase by so much to justify runaway property prices ( aka asset inflation ) and 3 rounds of GST tax from 3% to 5% to 7%?

Anonymous said...

Despite massive aliens influx continuing, properties prices were subjected to "economic gravity" and tanked from 1997 onwards till 2004 despite the continued population increase .......

In 2005, vices ....... oops ........ casinos were announced and the property prices started to shoot through the roof again?

Even with the huge plunge in 2009, prices recovered and shot to a new peak in mid 2013, with many properties prices more than doubled compared to just 8 years before in 2005?

Anonymous said...

Several bubbles were created in the 2 waves of crazy massive properties asset inflation in the first half of the 1990s and the 2nd half of 2000s ......?

Now THE ECONOMY is like a BIG DOMINO linked together .....?

One bubble pricked to restructure the economy could mean other bubbles bursting as well?

Anonymous said...

So any economic restructuring is like "political dancing" bcos how to "save a patient with multi-organ failures" ......?

So gold-fish eyes have to wayang here and there lah to the extent the kongcum $500 SkillsFuture scheme is touted as the solution to reskill and upskill sinkies and even TT include it in his 2016 address that "SkillsFuture Must Succeed" .....?

Does such scenes not remind one of a gambler losing heavily and "blur" liao so anyhow "hantham"?

Anonymous said...

The bubble in the aliens front cannot "burst" to let the infrastructure some "breathing room to recover" bcos that would likely burst other sectors as well?

In other words, the influx cannot be stopped?

And it seriously imply whether one khaw dung or 100 khaw make no difference over the next 10 to 30 years in the MRT system of incessant breakdowns every now and then?

Anonymous said...

The bottlenecks in many constraints in a small, tiny, snort and resource deficient barren rock is VERY VERY REAL ( AND "SCARY" )?

In one area, the airspace bottleneck gives mixed feelings ......

If the airspace bottleneck "degenerates" ( further ) like the MRT problem then whatever problems or breakdowns in MRT system is maciam like a sampan vs an oil tanker?

Anonymous said...

Some pilots might "demand a "RANSOM" to fly into" CHIANGCHEE airport one day if current bottleneck rapidly degenerate?

Anonymous said...

As mentioned earlier, going into the wrong path of economic growth and development when there is no abundance of resources is a "dead-end" path .....?

Imagine a patient having multiple organ failures and gold fish eyes is the "expurt doctor"??

What can he do?

virgo49 said...

Goldfish Eyes said 20 sectors need to be rejuvenated.

My Gods, 20 sectors. SINKIE LAND GOT 20 sectors of booming pulse for the GDP? ?

Even construction all internal. Also added to the GDP figures??

See Korea and Japan, and now even China big playrr their construction companies outside their country to build infrastructures for others and warned revenues home.

SINKIE LAND build build but let others have the monies and put under GDP growth.

Only squeeze dry whatever the Sinkies earned to finance these project and make take credits for that.

If the previous so many Ex Finance and related Ministers got no foresight and backside,oops hindsight after Dr Goh Keng Keng Swee and Jon Sui Sen who are always two or three steps ahead in planning the future economies then GoldFish Eyes got to visit the Eye Centre previously under his equally no foresight and backside vivi to have his eyes laser clean or operated or change a pair of thinker specs.

For last thirty odd years they cannot identify sun set and ailing industries and rectify them when now most terminally ill or dead.

All.the while just counting their monies and looking at CPF's statements.

Wah piang see liao

patriot said...

'What can he do?'

He and his Fellow Cabinet need
to do nothing.

All they did to do is abandon Sin.
They can afford to settle in thousands
and one places to live in luxuries forever.
I am not surprise if many of their succeeding generations are already abroad.
Anyway, the First to scoot away shall
be the Rulers and Elites at the Very First Sign of Trouble in Sin. And trouble there shall be in Sin.

Mark my words.

Where can average Sinkies go?


patriot said...

'All they did to do.... '
to be corrected to
'All they need to do.....

My apology


virgo49 said...

Ya Patriot, understand one also for Republic of Korea honorary citizenship. Many others going round and receiving honorary citizenship and what Gates to the their Cities.

Hope they also have HELL gates Citizenships.

No wonder just spend time congratulating and sending condolences to one and sundry.

Free time look for barn owls.

The terrorists they let in for even up to ten years with their blessings even S PASSes.

Now He blamed CSJ for misunderstanding and confusion.

Now tells Singaporeans that they are real and must be alert.

My God let thieves into your house and after that said your faults for not been alert.


Anonymous said...

Sinkieland's "岳飞": //And trouble there shall be in Sin.//

In any eco-system and eco-nomy, there are a few "instabilities" to be avoided at all costs .....?

1) Price Instability;

2) Future Income Instability ( in terms of making a living aka confidence );

Anonymous said...

3) Commuting Instability;

4) Social Instability;

5) Political Instability;

Anonymous said...

The above 5 are domestic based and out of which if a cuntry has at least 2 or 3 of them, " .... trouble there shall be ............."?

How many can u spot?

Pls kee chiu ......?

Anonymous said...

Indo foreign talents not cooperative in helping to reduce your toxic importation. Looks like your Yaya papaya can only talk big and mighty on home ground only. With everyone playing politics, who are you going to trust with your money?

Anonymous said...

One generation slogged and work to build this country. One generation pretend to work but keep stuffing their pockets with money created by the previous generation.

Anonymous said...

they slogged and build on their own egos and wisdom and haven't realised the land is barren except for brick and mortar around their neck