Post by Anon ++ - Singapore going where?

Sinkieland has been going the road path in some of its economic policies.

For a cuntry without abundance of resources such as land, labour and even air space etc ....... , playing the numbers game where it does not have any comparative advantage at all is going to "capsize" it eventually when "critical" areas hit the upper limits as well as diminishing returns to scale sets in.

Tourism and air travel as a hub would hit an upper limit in air space beyond certain level and where to import the additional AIR SPACE or land to build another airport?


It is MORONIC to build, say, 10 airport terminals and "CON" the kongcum that such would increase the economy's capacities because the bottlenecks in other areas MEANS even if there is additional ( air travel ) demand, and that is a BIG IF, the air space CANNOT COPE beyond a certain limit?


The "BUZZ" created in more and more areas "DEGENERATE" in quality and it can "FOOL" some kongcum and many third world "arrivals" and "new instant trees" but NOT those who might ( ULTIMATELY ) influence the ( pivotal ) outcome of the fate of a small "SAMPAN" packed ( more and more ) like a typical AhNehLand or Matland transportation transit interchange?

To cause more and more parts of the ( limited space ) city state to "degrade" to a "busy" place filled with "super low quality" 3rd world crowd would eventually "lead to its CAVING in"?

Instead of attracting talents to congregate in the city state in typical agglomeration phenomenon, the OPPOSITE would likely take place where like a puddles of "KHAW DUNG" in the open space, it attracts the "UNWANTED" such as "FLIES, KHAW DUNG beetles" etc .....


Nobody or economy can escape the "GRAVITATIONAL LAW" eventually? In human and economic history, the adjustment process never fail to be "PAINFUL" when ( eventually ) "RESOURCES DISASTERS" or any other struck?

To draw an analogy between a cuntry and a family, how can a family staying in a limited house keep expanding until the sleeping space occupies every feet of the floor with overcrowding?  Under such conditions, what kind of quality can emerge? Without exaggeration, every resource would be stretched to (BEYOND ) breaking point?

Some MORONS running the economy must have NEVER heard of "DISECONOMIES OF SCALE" and what the shape of the LRAC ( LONG RUN AVERAGE COST CURVE ) of businesses in a small cuntry with limited resources LOOK LIKE?


The social problems of the subjects of other cuntries BELONG to the motherland that they were born .....?  When there are more and more cases of foreigners in sinkieland having difficulty in $$$ to pay for their meals, policies makers MUST think whether this is the way they want to go?

The implications underneath are multi-fold but foremost, in some ways it could mean "importing social problems" beyond what the economy and society can cope with at some point in time? Why is such "crowd" ( who are finding difficulty even eating in foodcourt ) increasingly coming in at "such massive scale"? What "DISTORTION" would it create in the domestic labour market? Does it also imply sinkieland have become "TOO COSTLY"?


It is only right that a society take care ( to a certain extent ) of its own subjects ( first and foremost ) as it is built in that way in the existence of the nation state system? Does it NOT go without any saying?

Who would the state call upon to defend the cuntry in times of need? It is rightful for a system to build in mechanism to care for those who are down ( in one way or another ) from time to time.

But the responsibility to do so for other cuntries subjects cannot be that of a tiny CITY STATE as well? No? By importing the "social problems" of other countries into sinkieland in an increasing ( and even massive ) scale, in no time "degradation and degeneration" likely set in .....?

Eventually, it would not be surprising for the sampan to "sink" back to the level of the early 20th century?  A city port that when the late Deng Xiao Ping transited enroute to Paris in 1921, he "GOT NOTHING GOOD TO SAY ABOUT IT"?


Virgo 49 said...


So many countries recession, depression and unemployment. Chiak sais liao.

Come and visit you to see the Jewel of changi. See your artificial gardens.

Come and patronise your import of pinoy prostitutes. HELLO Orr Kueh Taus.

Degrade until become ORr que taus.

G k S will rise and slap you.

Anonymous said...

So what's the alternative? Vote for the opposition to win 93% seats next election?

So that Chee Soon Juan or Low Thia Khiang can be a better Prime Minister than Lee Hsien Loong?

By the way, is Chee Soon Juan and Low Thia Khiang even on speaking terms with each other?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Jewel in Changi is a bridge too far. Many of the shopping centres will go belly up soon. Singapore is no longer a shopping paradise when the prices are out of reality when people can get them cheaper all over the world. There is no need to come to Singapore for the shopping experience, to be fleeced.

The Jewel will be a still birth. Before much is done, dark clouds in the horizon are saying, scrap the project before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

You got nice brick and mortar can take much much photos show off mah

Anonymous said...

Soon HDB flat 99 storeys. Up there, can touch god liao

Virgo 49 said...

Why not 10.17.

Why not LTK and CSJ do a better job????

Ask your looney go and look for barn owls.

You brainwashed idiot.

Virgo 49 said...

Your papies on speaking terms to fleece the citizens.

What's so great about them? ??

LG and BG not even have common sense to stop the Death of two young lives.

After each incident, we should have done better. Always blamed others not following procedures.

Fark them death.

Anonymous said...

Just by building the Jewel in Changi alone will add to GDP growth, and to the bonuses of ministers, which are pegged to GDP growth.

And so what if many of the shopping centres will go belly up soon, even if it is in the Jewel in Changi? There will always be land for the govt to build another Jewel or another fancy project elsewhere so as to continue the GDP growth.

And don't forget the huge Paya Lebar airbase land to be made available for projects when the airbase is shifted to Changi.

So don't worry RB, as long as there are projects, there will be GDP growth. Worry about the empty shops later.

Anonymous said...

Create two thrones lah.. One for low... One for Chee.. Mortify the Constitution of non interference of each other right of ways and.. Don't shout at each other as if deaf.. Always respectful and observe ranks lor

Virgo49 said...

You cock anon 11.52

Hey respect ranks. Bring your mother, grandmother, sisters, wife if you have one and daughters and let them screw them. Respect Ranks lah!!

Because of you cock respect ranks chow kows. Aiya dogs better than you. Skunks that why Singaporeans suffered so much under your chow kows, oops skunks rule.

What don't shout?? Your pa-pies are worse hypocrites than those who shouted.

Going round like fat cats with the spoils from its own citizens and screwing others wives.


Virgo49 said...

This I posted Earlier in the other column before Mr Chua have this.

Think more appropriate here:-

Twenty years back Sin with Korea, Taiwan and not so prominently HKG were labelled as the Tigers of Asia.

Not after these Duds no foresight , no hindsight millionaire ministers took over the reins, Sin is now the pussy cat of Asia.

Taiwan got its HTC and Korea got Samseng, oops Samsung just to name a few. Brand names of their innovation. What Sin got??

Dirty brand names of having thousands of pinoy / prc performing artists cum prostitutes and casino monies for those unsavory tourists.

By now Sin should have brand names that equalled these countries. Twenty odd years the PRC came to learn of our HDB construction of flats. My ex HDB friend in the construction sector told me that they can tell Sinkie arrogantly so-called teams ways of better constructing techniques and quantity and quality calculations mentally.

Their mathematics are superb better than the genius straight A-s parrot rote learning PM.

Now China build better flats and townships than Singapore. Their construction sectors earned foreign exchange back unlike sin builds internally and considered this as a sector of the economy. Somemore monies OUT Not IN.

The Temasek SF should be creating jobs for Singaporeans as the Singaporean PMETs managing the imported labours instead of vice versa. Still like in the 60s with. DR GOH lowering ourselves for foreign investors exploiting and bread crumbs thrown at us mostly uneducated work force.

These Ministers cannot even gauge what sunset and ailing and promising industries. Still depend on PSA- Please Suck Again as entreport port??

Now most container quay cranes Hormat Senjenta at Keppel and Brani terminals. Shipping in doldrums and Nonok NOL sold.

With these no foresight, no hindsight, no backsides in charge, sinkieland is doomed. Botak, goldfish eyes talk only. HAVE ex policeman to take charge of education. Seow, kongcum.
Our economy just fleece our citizens with the high cost of COEs.
Hdb, ERPs.

Suck dry all Singaporeans with no cash to spare to support their eldery parents.

Uncles,aunties with koyok all over still got to slog for a living.

Those bastards elites want status quo to suck the blood of Singaporeans to enslave them.

Anonymous said...

Not your wife wat.. Why complain lol

Virgo49 said...

Forget the Financial Sector.

Wah piang the SGX in a mess.

STI straight down for fourteenth days is it??

Soon Singapore will be among the last in the World's Fanatical Sector.

Thinks you speak Eng Kok better and smarter than the PRC???

Shanghai gonna be Number One. Just listen to one PRC Lady commentator thinks its Yang Lin who MC the concert for one Song Sui Ying who is now in the Spartleys Island entertaining the Troops.

She can switch seamlessly from Mandarin to English effortlessly in front of the ex- Australian PM Hawke and his cabinet watching the Concert.

End of concert, they all stood up in OVATIONS.

Sinkies gonna be slaves if still under these dud Ministers.

Virgo49 said...

I wont be so stupid to obey and respect ranks to have this nonsense.

Only Fools, Or Kuo pimps like you do such.

Eunchs, castrated by your masters to even sell your souls


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah. Got people using "cuntry" now.

I'm crying tears of joy.

Here's post entitled "Abundance".


Global money printing really benefits a "money sanctuary" like Singapore. Why buy gold or other "hedges" when you can buy PROPERTY IN SINGAPORE which many a savvy gambler...opps I mean "investor" will start salivating over? Printed aka "extra" money from thin ai has to GO SOMEWHERE. Why not the Singapore property market or Singapore's financial sector? 1000 per square foot can go to 10,000 per square foot. Good what?

Singapore good what. Govt. and sheeple are "pro money". Money come come, huat ah...everyone happy what? Where got problem?

Too much money makes people GILA.

Anonymous said...

The "NONSENSE" frequent breakdowns of the MRT system. ..... no ....... not system. ..... the whole mrt network have arguably damaged ( and even shattered ) sinkieland's international reputation?

For the sinkies, "ABNORMAL" is when the mrt network doesn't go for some time without breakdowns?

Breakdowns is the "NEW NORMAL" and "NOT BREAKING DOWN" is "ABNORMAL"?

Anonymous said...

But sinkies "ain't seen nothing yet"?

When airplanes are given 10 seconds of interval or a few hundred metres gap to land, it would be too late ....?

The "laughing stock" of the entire mankind "waiting in store"?

Anonymous said...

In the past, mrt trains were 10 min interval but got plenty of seats?

After 1990 "playing crazy numbers policies" so mrt trains interval down from 10 min to 9, 8 ..... 5, 4, 3 then now 1 min .....?

Airplanes very soon same same lah when terminal 1 finished refurbishment, jewel completed and terminal 5 in operation?

Anonymous said...

Mrt trains now come every 60 seconds oso packed like sardines and often cannot board some more .....

What happened next is now the new normal lor .....?

Everything oso got limit in this world........?


Speed of light no limit?

Gravity pull of 9.8 m per second sq not limit?

Sound barrier not limit?

Can go faster than light?

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, one time they want to toy with the idea of one runway lane for taking off and landing planes.

One lane with two directional markings for cost effective and productivity savings.

Boh kor bring kor lai chek. Itchy backsides.

These system are for those with limited and small airports sharing space.

This is what previously happened in Chung Kai Shek airport Taiwan where our SQ 006 crashed as the co-pilot took the Wrong lane as instructed by the tower control.

Either the Taiwanese controller spoke with a prick in his mouth or the co-pilot heard wrongly.

International airports got pinoy who said fax as fuck and Amy as army.

So some pilots hard of hearing might go wrong lanes.

The worst is that I observed near the aisle seat that one lane named into A1 and A2 spilt sideways. One wrong move and we have the full SCDF/hospitals kept busy.

You know SCDF how they are trained. With pinoy nurses, ah neys doctors those causalities never die also die under their hands.

So don't play.

Anonymous said...

When "stupid" people in charge of economic policies, everything is quantity, quantity, quantity?

What happened to 1970s and 1980s GKS policies of going high value-add?

In the past when farms need a few thousands workers to produce certain outputs, now one combine harvester can equal it?

So why need go low tech and backwards to fight on cheap labour, something sinkieland has no ( comparative ) advantage and abundance ( in resources )?

To keep on adding more and more foreign people into this tiny barren rock is nothing but KICKING THE CAN for future generations to suffer while the JLBs now enjoy good lives?

Anonymous said...

The land system ( mrt ) now already "warded" frequently and every now and then need call "995" ambulance convey to A&E ERs. ....?

The sea one think now whole world know liao ...... kena "experiment wargames" until "死跷跷" ...... a piece of history liao ....?

The air one ..... aiyo ..... by 2020/ 2021 when all terminals operational will know by then .....

Anonymous said...

Why create "BIG, BIG" problems for future generations sinkies?

Is this the way to go?

No wonder productivity "sucks big time" in sinkieland?

Anonymous said...

HFK said old man "no worries" cos if ( current ) system down, new team like his old guards generation "will emerge" to "save the day" and sinkieland?


One reason why TFR "will never go up" in sinkieland is bcos with all these "no tomorrow" policies "flying" around, ( for the masses, ) how to have peace of mind ( about future livelihood ) like the pioneers and go ahead with ( hatching and rearing ) the brood ( over 25 to 30 years )?

Anonymous said...

All in all, the point is it could very likely be "ONE HUGE VICIOUS CYCLE"?

Where are all these going to end?

Heard about the First Welfare Theorem, the Second Welfare Theorem and the Theory of the Second Best?

The whole basis of the current system is based on "Price"?

But what is the "price" of "Price" itself?

Is it not a falsehood when "so called efficiency" in the system leads to not efficiency but "DEADWEIGHT LOSS"?

Does anybolee in the garment understand "Eco-nomics"?

How can the loss of "NOL" be due to efficiency?

Now, talking about "SkillsFuture", reskilling, upskilling, who are the "PRIME candidates"?

SomeboLEE who doesn't understand the true meaning of "Price" and "Efficiency" in modern economics?

Currently, are the countless highly educated PMETs turned ( massively ) underemployed taxi drivers, security guards, hawkers ..... etc etc part of an efficient outcome?

Can you hear there was an "earthquake" in Adam Smith's grave?

SomeboLEE "raped" his "invincible hand theory" and "gave birth to some bastardised present outcomes as well as going to give birth to ( more bastardised ) future outcomes"?

Anonymous said...

The whole or dominant "flaw" in the current system is the garment's "flip flop and CONTRADITORY position" on the "Theory of Efficient Wage" .....?

Anonymous said...

In the 1990s, on the one hand, cha tao argued about a "good garment" needs to be "paid an efficient wage ( aka high wage )?

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, starting from 1990, cha tao started opening the floodgates and swarmed sinkieland with 3rd world "unlimited labour supply"?

Anonymous said...

So the domestic private sector labour supply market is technically facing an infinitely elastic ( horizontal ) supply curve .....?

Now, how can this square with cha tao's "efficient wage theory" ( aka multi-million remunerations for the JLBs?

If "parasites" need "efficient wage" to be "efficient", do cha tao and his cohorts of TCB and frens imply the masses need "INEFFICIENT WAGE" to be "efficient" by depressing wages through flooding of the private sector market and some workers trying to make ends meet with their "inefficient wages" of as low as hundreds of dollars?

Anonymous said...

To make an analogy, in order to be "efficient", the parasitic JLBs need to be well-nourished with 3 nutritious meals ( aka efficient wage ) but their "flip flop logic " is the masses can just subsist on plain porridge and water ( aka inefficient depressed wages )?

How can such a "warped" efficient wage "flip flop contradictory" logic be sustainable in the long run?

How can productivity in any economy ever GO UP if it is faced with an unlimited labour supply implying an infinitely elastic ( horizontal ) labour supply curve?

Anonymous said...

After reading what this nincompoop wrote i still catch no balls as to what he is trying to say.

Mr. Bean, can you please edit it so that it's readable?

Now I understand why some editors are so frustrated when they have to edit a piece that is all crap.

Anonymous said...

In other words, the parasitic JLBs posit that "efficient wage" only works for them with one way policies that will make it happen but conversely implement all ways of policies to die die make the people be paid "inefficient wage" by having infinitely unlimited foreign labour supply?

How can this make sense to any sinkies?

Perhaps, uncle rb, Virgo49, etc should start a free economics tuition class for oldies as a start to educate them about basic economics and what makes economics sense, NOT WHAT THE PARASITIC JLBs choose to tell?

What will ultimately dawn on sinkies that the JLBs are effectively implying that they ( JLBs ) should be paid "efficient wages" to be efficient but not the sinkie masses?

Only they ( JLBs ) need to eat meat to be strong but sinkie masses just plain rice will do?

What kind of "HEARTLESS" people can "force" such policies into the masses throats and still able to live ( with their conscience ) day in day out?

Some more can sleep peacefully and snore so loudly every night?

Are these ( heartless ) people human beans?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha

No wonder some media is ranked 2000++ at the bottom globally?

Cannot tell the ( hard ) truths in their faces but need to give them babies ....... to suck when they start to cry .....

Grow up lah .....

Already ranked so low globally still want to boast about MSM editorial skills?

Your ( thick ) hide nuclear bomb can penetrated?

Anonymous said...

Oops auto correct typo. ....

Should be

"..... can penetrate ....?"

Anonymous said...

Pls ......

Keep your editorial skills of your globally bottom ranked MSM to yourselves .......

Pls do yourselves a favour and "ownselves edit ownselves" .......

Anonymous said...

I have been meaning to say this for a while... Stop ending every paragraph with a question mark! It's annoying to read sentence after sentence of "questions ".

Anonymous said...

Oki oki, "Sao Tou" .....?



Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, pls help remove all the "craps" ...... oops ..... qn marks

Is it some eyes pasted stamps?

"Blind ox" kongcumkia writings often are "horrendous" but escaped kakilang "radar"?

Anonymous said...

In sinkieland's (ap)paleetics, now some scrapping the barrels bottom and can only go for below belt low punches, personal attacks and character "谋杀"?

Trying to evade the issues or?

Simply indefensible?

Anonymous said...

You know the secret of white alien talents or not? Not that most people don't know they talk crap(even the Sister below also cannot tahan the crap) but they got secret weapon called...kotak blood. when applied to the eyes, you can see angels with wings everywhere...even in public toilets.

because your eyes can see things others can't , you become smart like them.

Now you know why you cannot anyhow talk bad of kotak blood or they will invite you to IMH for tea..

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha

Is that a "brotherly" kindness ......?

Or a "veiled ......"?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha no need to talk so much.

Ah Moo will trash CSJ like you stepping on dogshit.

Sinkies no hope liao.

You all fucking deserve the fucking govt you fucking elect!!! I don't wanna fucking hear anymore fucking complains you motherfucker chao cheebyes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Patriotic Poem of China's Folk Hero:

Dyeasty 年代:宋 Author 作者: 岳飞



Anonymous said...

年代:魏晋 作者: 曹植

Anonymous said...

曾经沧海难为水, 好倚青山与翠溪。
井底点灯深嘱伊, 狂夫富贵在青春。
城中相识尽繁华, 月落乌啼霜满天。
浊酒一杯家万里, 塞下秋来风景异。

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

For some, to get one more gold nugget, 它们"谋杀"了自己的灵魂。。。。。。。?

Anonymous said...

For some, 为了一己之私, "强暴"了人们的幸福 。。。。。。?

Anonymous said...

For some, to get one more mouthful of shark fins, 它们"出卖"了人类的文明。。。。。。?

Anonymous said...

For some, to have bird nest to gargle every morning, 它们"非礼"了人们的退休。。。。。。?

Anonymous said...

For some, 为了鱼肉百姓, 它们"枪毙"了正义。。。。。。?

Anonymous said...

For some, 为了一百万, 它们"#^#*$&&#!&@*#£"了后代的希望。。。。。。?

Anonymous said...

Do you know why Taiwan, Korea, even Hong Kong has exceeded Sin? Because they don't have a bunch of busy body, know it all stat boards such as EDB to eff it up for them all. Anybody who has actually worked in the government know that all they do is write papers out of thin and then vetted several times in order to appear busy. Good thing we are employing foreign talent now, to bring the bureaucracy to new heights. What we need is another top civil servant to read a few books on biotech or social media, then highlight the pages and then show the highlighted pages to the rest of the world to proved he has mastered the biz model. Than take a few billion of tax payer dollars including low cost CPF dollars(money in fungible) to fund the next business hub. Then quickly get promoted before the venture becomes another Suzhou industrial park. Now, that's a really proven business model par excellence.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.41am //What we need is another top civil servant to read a few books on biotech or social media, then highlight the pages and then show the highlighted pages to the rest of the world to proved he has mastered the biz model. Than take a few billion of tax payer dollars including low cost CPF dollars(money in fungible) to fund the next business hub. Then quickly get promoted before the venture becomes another Suzhou industrial park. Now, that's a really proven business model par excellence.//

Are you inferring to gold-fish eyes akan datang "BESPOKE ROADMAPS for 20 SECTORS"?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous May 06, 2016 6:15 pm
//I have been meaning to say this for a while... Stop ending every paragraph with a question mark! It's annoying to read sentence after sentence of "questions ".//

Sinkies "have been meaning to say this for a while" ...... "Stop filling pages after pages of MSM with propaganda"? "It's annoying ( and mind numbing ) to read page after page of propaganda" ( who ever stone their own feet, pls kee chiu? Many use the papers to wrap dog pooh and the hawkers wrap meat and soup bones, chye sim and vegetables; cheapskate fish like tilapia?) ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Red Bean and Co,

This will be the last post ( for now and a long time to come --- subject to "rubber band definition" ...... ha ha ha ha ha ).

在这些一起走过的日子, It's been a memorable time。

但, 天下无不散之宴席?

其实, 现在离终点可能已不远了?

Whatever needed to be said have been said?

To replay them would sound like a broken record?

Most sinkies are not 3-yo and should not act or behave like one?

For good or bad, they have to grow up?

The Chinese have a phrase:


Dark clouds are on the horizon. .....

Faster go "绸缪" bah ..... before it is too late ......

To说 "再见", 心如刀割 。。。。。。

然, "送君万里", 终归一别 。。。。。。


到时不要忘了请吃Buttock's Orh Luak, ok?

请转告老板娘在心目中Buttock's Orh Luak是天下最棒!

简直"回味无穷, 今生无悔" 。。。。。。

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The most stupid thing this govt did was to build so many universities, hired so many foreigners with our money only to realise that the piece of paper cannot be eaten and the products are worse off than those from the third world that did not need to get a university education. They just buy the piece of paper off the street and we gave the jobs to get rid of our university products.

Now they are encouraging our young not to get a university education, go and become hawkers or if they really wanted one, go to ITE. That piece of paper is more valuable. At least they can compete with the foreigners in a more level playing field. Foreigners would not be buying pieces of paper equivalent of our ITE certs. They only buy degrees, masters and Ph Ds.

Anonymous said...

The most stupid thing this govt did was to build so many universities...
RB 9:37 am

How can they (govt ministers) be stupid when building so many universities can help in GDP growth, and for which minister bonuses are pegged to it?

virgo49 said...

Set up a uni of specialised degrees. Specialise in forging degrees like the Ah Nets and PRCs.

Just like the SAF. Specialists they called them.

Lanpar parlan, final analysis also infantryman, mortar men, artillery men, etc.

Got what first sgt, second Sgt.Just to prolong the promotions ladder.

Sgts are sgts. What nonsense first, second Sgt.

Forging of degrees no need to study so hard.

What's say you Murali? ?