Post by Anon ++ on the dire straits Singapore is in

Many parts of sinkieland's economy are maciam Eastman Kodak and getting "irrelevant" in the international market?

The so called economic restructuring since the early 2000s is nothing but just "short term boosting steroids" that are beginning to show the serious adverse consequences associated with such "quick-fixes and band-aids"?

Gold-fish eyes bespoke Roadmaps for 20 sectors and $4.5 billions ITP spanning many years are just old ( poor quality? ) wine in new "fancy, high sounding" ( terms and ) "sparkling" bottles that cannot compete at the same level with the real good stuff at the international level?

The $500 SkillsFuture scheme costing many billions and wasted opportunities will almost certainly do nothing to upskill, reskill, upgrade sinkies job competencies in any meaningful way in the short run, medium run and long run?

The so called economic "bazookas" to reinvigorate the flagging and fast nosediving sinkieland's economy have so far seen one disappointment after another? 

From now till end 2016 when the Committee for Future Economy is targeted to announce its restructuring plan would be too far off, too little too late to be optimistic about anything that they are seen capable of delivering? ( remember their old wines in new fancy bottles that only deal further blows to sinkieland's economy and further downwards towards economic abyss and armageddon? )

They will often try to change the names, the forms, the packaging but still same old substance, same old one-trick pony? Now is the time to have new "" and not new "" but same old ""?  Now is the time to have new "wines" and not new "bottles" but same old "wines"?
Why the conclusion that Gold-Fish eyes $4.5 billion ITP is unlikely to work?  Look at the scale of the problem?  In 2015 alone, total merchandise trade plunged by $100 billion?  The $4.5 billion sounds "big" but pales in comparison to the plunge of $100 billion in total merchandise trade last year ( 2015 ) alone?  Do sinkies really need to have an economics degree to grasp the magnitude of the "fire"?
To put it in simple terms, there is a raging inferno of a few hundred sq km and the fire dept despatches 45 fire engines but going to be spread out over 5 years .....?  So 45 fire engines over 5 years are down to about 9 in one year? Then the 9 fire engines are spread over different fire spots of the raging inferno of a few hundred sq km? Is there anyone who seriously think the fire at any spot can even be put out, much less the entire raging inferno of a few hundred sq km?
Thus, the ( disastrous ) outcome is likely predictable?  Sinkies and sinkieland need new ways to put out the "raging economic fires"?
Eastman Kodak developed the digital camera in 1975, but the management was riding high, seeing it had never existed and did not capitalized on it. It was the Japanese who saw its potential. Today leaders are Canon, Nikon etc and your handphones (who do you think makes the camera's components?) Eastman Kodak file for bankruptcy, that Eastman is "pura" (go away/gone) and Kodak name remain.

Towards the end of the Qing Dynasty, the Manchurians tried to implement some reforms but due to their old ways, nothing good came out of such efforts and the rest is history? 

In 10 to 12 years time ( by 2026 to 2028 ), where would sinkieland be? Marching on the same spot? To have progress in 2026 or 2028, what must be done yesterday?  What must be done last week? What could have been done last year? If the answers to such simple questions are nothing, would sinkies not realise how precarious sinkieland's economy is right now? From 2016 onwards, the ( unsound and ) uncompetitive structure of sinkieland's economy is likely going to drag it downwards ceaselessly?  The drift towards abyss and ignominy could have already begun?
What $1.9 million riddle? The ( real ) elephant in the room is the $100 billion plunge in total merchandise trade in 2015?  Given the economic malaise sinkieland are having, a few critical areas need to be addressed foremost? 

In the short run, fiscal and monetary policies to ensure stability in the macroeconomics front.  In the medium and long run, supply-side policies to correct/ remedy several structural "sickness" in the economy. Labour market reform is one such area. If flooding the employment market with cheap labour can ensure sustainable economic growth and development, then populous but poor countries such as Bangladesh and the Philippines with population between 100 to 200 millions should be doing well but they are NOT! In fact, despite such huge population, their GDP is still significantly lower than many countries with a tiny fraction of their population such as Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden etc.

Current policies of opening the foreign labour floodgates are not sustainable given the upper limits and deteriorating quality of life and mental capacities associated with overcrowding .......? The Jiak Liao Bees have created "ONE GIGANTIC PROBLEM" in the property market since 1990 under lao goa's and Marboro Tan's jiak sai stewardship? 

Without tackling the interwoven and intertwined impacts and ramifications of the property market, labour market reforms would be "EMPTY TALKS" and the problems swept under the carpet, head hidden in the sand and politicians KICKING the cans further down the road by meddling with masak masak window dressing wayang such as the state trying to "save" the economy by involving more public servants in the running of the private sector which was the problem in the first place but now TOUTED by gold-fish eyes as the SOLUTION? 

Education is another big sector that needs overhaul and the urgency cannot be overstated? Sadly, the jiak liao bees again are doing windows dressing and at the non-critical, non-material areas ......?  The eco-nomic system of any cuntry is not dissimilar to any eco-system? Just like the food chain in the oceans or the wildlife, tinkering with one sub-system or variety alters the entire eco-process .....?

A sick economy is like a sick patient with health problems in various areas .......? A sick economy will collapse even FASTER when it is "treated" simultaneously in all "sick" areas .......?  Not unlike a sick patient who needs treatments on his various organs such as heart, kidney, liver, digestive system, brain ..... etc? Operating simultaneously on the heart and brain of a critically sick patient surely will send him to see the creator faster?
Thus, the issues that need to be resolved are NOT so simple? It is not just identifying where are the problems, how much and how to solve them? It is when to solve what by how much?

Like a sick patient whose heart needs surgery but will probably die if operated on as his health conditions cannot undergo the strain of an open heart surgery?  Therefore other areas then have to be treated and when the patient's health has recovered sufficiently, then the open heart surgery can proceed?
If is the same for an eco-nomic system? Treating the wrong segment of the economy at the wrong time with the wrong policies is also going to send the "patient into the mortuary" and "make the patient return his IC much earlier"?
Haha....... The Patient needs no more treatment .There is no cure for the Patient
anymore. Do not waste time with much ado about nothing. Let nature takes it's course and let the Patient be history. End of the Story.

By Anon ++


Anonymous said...

"Does a falling tree in a silent forest make any noise" - Zen proverb.

Does a failing Singapore economy in a Singapore populated with 70% dafties ring any alarm bells?

- a problem is not a problem until everybody agrees that we have a problem tio bo?
- MRT trains where got problem tio bo?
- PAP MPs working as HDB estate managers instead of making the PAP government accountable for the Singapore economy ... where got problem ... tio bo?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

There is nothing "wrong" with economic collapse: it gets rid of the "bad decisions" in the system. It also gives a chance for those who are more "savvy" to pick up distressed assets at heavy discounts. This is how capitalism works: bad decisions cost money and opportunity. Too bad. Now get out of the way and allow someone else have a go.

Eastman Kodak's eventual demise is yet another example of "creative destruction" (Schumpeter). Kodak's famous film had its glory days. They made a bad decision not to pursue the digital photography idea and thus deny the fact that "creative destruction" or "disruptive technology.

Disruptive tech and creative destruction have affected many industries. Some examples:

The smartphone "destroyed" many things from cameras to communications. Whatsapp and Facetime have forced telcos to reexamine their business models. MP3s have rendered the revenue models of record companies obselete. Amazon has broken retail and book sellers. Online trading has bummed out remisers and brokers. Online news has put a serious dent in newspapers. YouTube is a real threat to the health of TV stations, and file sharing by Bittorrent has impacted media and content creators---i.e. the old model of "intellectual property" is BROKEN.

Coming up are "smarter" AIs to take over and re-systemise just about everything. Driverless vehicles will toss taxi, bus and truck drivers out for good. Robots will eventually be doing 90% of the jobs we have today.

What is wrong with all of this? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It is called PROGRESS!

It is human nature to want things to be the same all the time and to resist progress. Thankfully no one lives forever. as the older generations die off and take their outdated ideas with them, the new generation enjoys the effects of technical change, cultural and societal shifts, and increased standards of living and new ways to create wealth.

So let the dinosaurs die off along with their dinosaur lifestyles and silly old ideas which become increasingly irrelevant by the day.

If people cannot "man up" and adapt to the changes, then like all entities and species of the past who adopted this stance, they should go extinct. It is not "survival of the fittest" but survival of the more adaptable.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB: your typo "Poat" instead of "post"

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1022:

>> "Does a falling tree in a silent forest make any noise" - Zen proverb.<<

It is not a proverb. It is called a KOAN.

And the answer is NO. There is no such "thing" as sound, as there is no such "thing" as colour. The reason we know things like colour and sound is because it is our brains which create them out of physical phenomena. In the case of colour it is certain frequencies of light in a narrow spectrum stimulate the rods and cones in our eyes to produce electrical signals which are converted into "colour" in our brains.

In the case of sound, it is the pressure waves formed in the air which impact the hammer and anvil mechanisms in our ears to create electrical signals which are then converted to "sound" by our brains.

Singapore economy is NOT failing. It is CHANGING.

Anonymous said...

Why waste time and effort to keep a terminally ill patient ?

Time to let go and seek a new beginning.

Anonymous said...

you impress me.
I used the word "proverb" because I thot I had to dumb down.
I stand corrected with your correct vocabulary of "koan".

The answer to the Zen koan is NO.
A silent forest means that there is no living creature in the forest.
No living beans means no ears to hear the noise.
So again, you are correct.

Likewise, if Singaporeans are so stupid ... why would a failing Singapore economy raise any alarm bells?
- just keep voting PAP for more good years

Anonymous said...

No Economies in the world will collapse. Those like the Greek Economy, that SEEMED to collapse are purely Superb Wayang Kulits(shadow puppet shows) put up by crafty manipulators who reaped tremendous benefits behind the scenes.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ anon 1048:

Please, I caution you about being "impressed" by anyone, especially me. I am but a cheebye mouth beach bum who wastes his time thinking of naked women and propositioning worthy candidates to do dirty things together.

You may think Singapore's economy is on the skids. Yes, many of us have had to accept less than what we're accustomed to earning, but that goes back to my point of be ADAPTABLE to the changes in the environment which are beyond an individual's control.

Singapore is so fucking rich. A 50% drop in the economic activity will take us back probably to the late 1980's or early 1990's....still OK, not rich, some pain but still ok. Some fuckers will be jumping off balconies and topping themselves off but the adaptable ones will adjust to the changes. Instead of eating at over-priced cafes, they will go back to the kopitiams and market food courts. They will shop at wet markets instead of Jasons, and cook noodles and veggies at home.

They will take public transport or cycle instead of yaya-ing in their Lambos and Ferraris. They will fuck their aging wives instead of spending thousands at Orchard KTV banging chicks young enough to be their grand daughters.

Life will obviously be harder, but more "real". I don't agree that Singaporeans are "stupid". I will say that they have unrealistic expectations and are too darn scared of even the slightest HARDSHIP.

I like recessions and economic depressions. We are having signs of this in Australia. It's fucking GREAT. No longer are coffees $5 (water, some roasted beans, sugar and milk), they have come down to $3.50. Beef is around $10 a kilo, down from $25-30.

People who believed that good times were forever, over-extended themselves and borrowed stupid money to buy stupid things. Now the world is in a process of deleveraging...i.e. trying desperately to PAY BACK for all that stupidity. And they cannot. They've tried zero interest rates and gone mad with MONEY PRINTING...and they still cannot payback the CRUSHING DEBT. so the next thing to happen is deflation and the killing off of those silly ideas where people put way too much money.

Recession? Bring it on. I like. I want blood in the streets, so I can pick up cheap shit.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. I think the website known as Zero Hedge has some of the best comedy writing around. I've been a subscriber for years, faithfully reading it whilst I take my daily shit. Nothing at the moment feels more pleasurable than squeezing out a turd whilst laughing heartily at an article by Tyler Durden, resident comedy-writer at Zero Hedge poking fun at yet another example of human stupidy, greed, the lust for power and ultimate epic failure.

Fuck. Blood in the streets now. I'm getting impatient!

Anonymous said...

I thought if it is really that bad, it has already happened even before GE 2015 what, tio bo?

But why PAP can still get 70% of the votes in GE 2015?

So what's the problem, I mean for PAP lah?

Anonymous said...

RB:Singapore gdp is around S$360 billions. This means everything in S$ added together is only S$360bil.

This gdp will include: dig a hole cost on the road+ cover the hole cost+ cover the hole surface with grass or metal+ next contractor dig the same hole cost + next covering surface costs..

External trade in Singapore is small. Non oil trade is around 17billions. Electronic 4bil. non electronic 12bil.

Where can Singapore lost 100billions trade or export?

The problem in Singapore is the flip flop policy played by the army generals. A strange long period of flooding foreigners from prc, india, and philippines, to all factories, retailers to displace citizens. They got 2 millions living in Singapore. And their demand on housing pushed up the prices of flats by 150%.

3 rm re-own flat from 160k to 350k, easily explained this. The army generals got the increased GDP and bonus for doing so. And they got the new prices for new flats.

All in all, its no real jobs done, but pushed up the prices. What E Kodak? No innovation was missed. It was a ponzi if u like to say it or multi level marketing kinda scheme, NO VALUE was added to the economy, except population.

The LOSS in external export non oil is true. Because the S$ was adjusted up based on inflation. This is MAS s policy. Inflation up, S$ adjusted up. In the peak of immigration, S$ was adjusted to 1.2sgd to 1 usd. That killed export like toto fish ball products, pc parts and many other that are price elastic. Now 1.34sgd=1usd is still lingering. There are many properties selling at cheaper than its original price when bought. Some prc sold at loss of 2.7millions to get out of market here. The crisis is on the banks. The trades are dead ends as oil drilling also not doing now, while sg is selling pc parts, not handphone parts.
But the pc products made in singapore is not use-sable. Prc hv better pc and handphones to buy from. Sg is cheating itself for aiming at low labor cost to beat koreans, taiwan parts, but koreans and taiwan are making handphones all their parts.

See the market change is leaving singapore to live alone selling pc parts make by pinoys, indians, good labor but sometimes the certificates are not good, rather the education in technology is far out.

I doubt singapore is a E Kodak case. It is a non innovative case trying to be cheap in labor to win customers.

Anonymous said...

"It is a non innovative case trying to be cheap in labor to win customers."
Anon 11:53 am

I agree. But I don't blame the PAP either, because it is the best available method to raise GDP as fast as possible, never mind kicking the can further down the road.

If I were in PM Lee's shoes, I would have done the same thing too, if my million dollar pay is pegged to GDP growth. It's only human.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is like that.

You don't know meh?

No $$$$$$$$$$ No talk!

你死你自己的问题! 自己保重!

So must have $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to survive here!

NO choice! What choice do you have?


Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 11.36

Why the PAP still get 70% votes??

Because sinkies are been conditioned the last fifty years that the PAP is their only Savior,
whereas they did not think deeply that they are in fact the ONES who sold them OUT.

Go thru the Archives of the Shit Times for the last twenty years when the PAP had already ran out of ideas how to manage the economy. They do not have the foresight of the Ruling Fathers like Dr Goh Keng Swee and Hon Sui Sen and etc.

Each time when the economy about to stand still, they will sing: Changing Economy, Globalization, Restructuring, Upgrading and etc.

These are just simply excuses to be the hatchet men to axe the workers. They will harp that their skills are not now relevant. You are to be blame for your own incompetence.

They will axed workers who had served faithfully giving away their youths and lives to their Employers. Their salaries are increased thru the years of their services.

Now they simply axed them under the Name of Restructuring and these Singaporeans think that it is happening everywhere so this is the norm.

Previously, Companies had Agreements between Employers and Unions of retrenchment benefits and etc. Though it is not Ideal as the Unions Members are mostly being brought over by the Management in promotions, benefits etc, at least the ordinary workers are been compensated if they are fired. Company will only at last resort pay off these employees as they are quite a substantial sum of their budgets.

Now they conned the workers into contract service, flex i employment just to hold ransom to the employees.

If these unfair practices were to happen in Korea or Indonesia or even HK or Taiwan, the smug politicians, employers were be lynched to death or pelted with rotten eyes.

In sinkieland, the sinkies are been conned and conditioned that these happenings are due to their incompetency, their useless qualifications and etc.

They are been conditioned to be subservient to the government.

That's why they still get 70 percent votes as Sinkies now have fears of retrenchments and think that they are the only Gods that can saved them.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.53am //Where can Singapore lost 100billions trade or export?//

Data from www.singstats.gov.sg

Total merchandise trade at nominal term was $980 billion in 2014.

In 2015, it had fallen to $880 billion in nominal term.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, Knn, no doubt u eyeing some cheap sex and eying your neighbour's daughters

Anonymous said...

A significant part of the investment demand in sinkieland is derived from exports demand ......?

When total merchandise trade plunged so rapidly, it is obvious exports as well as imports had fallen sharply?

In the real economy, ( production ) capacities for current exports are built in yesteryears ......?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thus, after the time lag factor kicks in, domestic demand especially in investment and consumption spendings will show up in future GDP figures .....?

And the downside can be substantial given current numbers and trajectory?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

New Meetup Group in Singapore starting soon run by 2 data scientists/ engineers of Indian extraction (is your cage rattled yet? 😂)


Kiss your job goodbye. The bots and AIs are taking over. They are even CHEAPER than the cheapest foreign labour. And they work 24-7-365 and are faster and better than humans

Bots will rule the world. Period.

On the plus side, you too can live a life of leisure if the bots and AIs are doing all the work!

See you at the beach? Join me for a beer! 😂🍻🍻

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:03pm
I agreed with you, it is a personal choice. I disagree with you that a person s choice is to maximise gdp to create problems fr the next generation. As decision maker, u have choice to decide. U have ethics to follow too. There is no legal consequence to be sue for doing so by letting in 2 millions immigrants literally contributing only average work. They are chap chai png type of worker performance. They cannot do better dishes. Why let them come in to lower the standard of chap chai png?
I give u one solid example to scare u. One Badwood park hotel bakery in town. It had 76 cases of food poisoning. U and me might have used that hotel restaurant before. U will disagree with me that u will allow to have this kind of 76 cases food poisoning.

The problem comes from the low standard of education and also the disloyalty to the company s staff. Heard of maid putting soup liquid onto food for the employer?

The decision to let foreigner flooding this once a model nation is legal. But the consequence for next generation to clear is 80% of household debts. Once the next generation fully paid the debts, they are to do exercise to collect carton boxes, because, their savings are paid to debts.

This is the problem 1. The problem 2 is: the foreigners depress the salaries, 20 years salary is the same level. CPF will be small as in between the time before 67, these people lose their jobs to foreigners, no cpf.

The worst of problem 2 is, cpf is also part of the payment to the high flat cost increased by 150% while salary stays same. When they are 67, they rather die fast.

Still i agree with u, what the generals doing are legal. And 70% love to have that kind of consequence for their next generation. I will stay healthy to watch the show too.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:37pm
I doubt your way to look at trade figures is meaningful. Sg has figures to distinguish Non oil and Oil inclusive figures.
U mixed the figures together is not meaningful, i my view.

Oil price in 2014 was USD115, in 2015 was USD60 or below.

If u add all figures together to talk, few will find the 100billions missing is correct.

Anonymous said...

/// One Badwood park hotel bakery in town. It had 76 cases of food poisoning. U and me might have used that hotel restaurant before. U will disagree with me that u will allow to have this kind of 76 cases food poisoning. ///
May 01, 2016 1:16 pm

Never mind.
We will set a higher standard.
100 days without food poisoning acceptable or not?

100 days without MRT train breakdown acceptable or not?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:52pm
I guess you have not gathered enough information about food poisoning, thinking it is like mrt break down.
Not all food poisoning cases can recover fully. 1 case required a man to cut off his hands and legs.

To view from a good govt administrator, food poisoning is a social cost, costing in medical, taxing in hospital, and causing the innocent public to lose their stability in fitness.

There is no single useful point in causing food poisoning. The cause is simple, dont let the foreigners do kitchen works, but construction work is ok.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha

The garment mixed sinkies and non-sinkies as locals often without breakdown especially employment and unemployment figures etc?

So do many think that is OK?

Anonymous said...

"One Badwood park hotel bakery in town. It had 76 cases of food poisoning."
May 01, 2016 1:16 pm

How many real Sinkies want to work in the kitchen or bakery, even if it is in 5 star Badwood park hotel?

No choice what, so the hotel have to take in foreigners to work in bakery lor, tio bo? Because Sinkies are not ready to work in a bakery mah. Very hot, u know.

Just like 70% have no choice but to vote for PAP as the opposition is not ready to be govt. Not united or strong, u know.

Anonymous said...

And as uncle RB highlighted previously and often, the mix in almost everything now is so chap cheng including "growth or negative real growth the economy" ?

So what is meaningful and what's not?

Which part of the growth in sinkieland's is meaningful and which part is not?

The jury is still out .......

But historically which ( kacang puteh ) civilizations survived "chapchenization", which the Japenis are having NONE OF IT and in the long term they may be proven "right" and someboLEE "wrong"?

Anonymous said...

The fate of Singaporeans will be like those living in Mandarin Garderns. Even the Europeans could not stand the presence of so many third world shit that they are starting to quit this once clean and safe city. It is quickly turning into another third world city with all the third world inhabitants moving here, blessed by the garment.

Daft sinkies still cannot see it coming.

Anonymous said...

@ AnonymousMay 01, 2016 1:37 pm
//Anon 12:37pm
I doubt your way to look at trade figures is meaningful. Sg has figures to distinguish Non oil and Oil inclusive figures.
U mixed the figures together is not meaningful, i my view.

Oil price in 2014 was USD115, in 2015 was USD60 or below.

If u add all figures together to talk, few will find the 100billions missing is correct.//

Well, who or which authority would bring meaning to such interpretation?

Would MAS be considered an authoritative and meaningful player?


Anonymous said...

The fact that MAS eased the SG $ NEER Policy Band in its Monetary Exchange Rate Policy in 2015 and 2016 speaks volumes right?

Anyway, there is a time for everything and there is NOT even 1 second for other things ( at the wrong time )?

Certain pts u highlighted need facts, figures, official accounting norms to pin down and "meaningless" to waste time unnecessarily at this point in time unless u are very free ......?

Anonymous said...

For many readers and sinkies, what is more important now is to differentiate the forest from the woods?

U are right on the woods but end up screwing up on the forest then what's the point?

Do you or sinkies have a lot of time to spare given current situation?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:27pm
U are using the official lines to set the policy of hiring foreigners as just and right. It is not. Go ask those doing hiring. I give u example. There are many kitchen jobs in different set ups including hospitals. Hotel kitchen is top jobs as the environment is clean and neat. But the chef earns high salaries, the kitchen helpers mainly foreigners get far less. To hire foreign workers, 1k to 1.2k can get from india and prc, they are good workers following instructions to do. But they aim for over time, many want more than the legal limits. These foreigners are "hard working". Citizens hear 1 month 1.2k, they will not accept. Overtime not to leave to collect their young kids from childcare, they will not take.

Now it is this problem: who say kitchen cannot get staff? it is the govt releasing these indians prc staff coming in to do those jobs that are not properly standardized. The laws say ot is wrong, the kitchen chief want ot but basic salary low low, and the govt agree to let these kitchens have the foreigners.
It is still the govt spoiling the market.

In another example. I coffee shop hires an old auntie $2.2k starting. The old auntie take of course, still doing. In other words, if the kitchen change the chiefs, organize the work, and hire permanent citizens staff paying them 2k and above, u will see kitchen helpers holding singapore i/c.

Offering the official lines kind of explanation means someone is not in the line to watch the salary justification, ie the ministers will not bother what citizens mind in kitchen works. The kitchen chiefs say citizens dont like that kind of job, the ministers will repeat. The the mom will issue S pass and Workpass, all ok liao. If not, the mom minister will say, if they cannot get foreign workers, the firms will move to china.
This is what swee swee said in 2011GE. Now he is mom man, he never said this again.

Anonymous said...

In other words, in MSN or any site, some readers are loyal sinkies but many also aliens who might intend to screw sinkies ( and do them in )?

So some things said ( or wrote ) are "meant to be that way" .....?

Unless some are kongcums sinkies and want to be santa claus to those who might be making slaves out for their sons and grandsons and prostitutes out of their wives, daughters, granddaughters, daughters in law etc?

Can any sinkie live with the sight ( and fact ) of hordes of ah Neh paying $20 each time to scrxw their wives and daughters 10 to 30 times each day on weekdays and maybe 50 to 100 times on weekends?

Should sinkies be kongcums?

Some things are meant that way for reasons unless some sinkies brains are so screwed up and brainwashed by the systems ( in the past 50 years ) they are too idiotic to read between the lines and "messing up further" the futures of sinkies when some like uncle rb is trying very hard ( probably already hopelessly ) to turn the tide?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous May 01, 2016 1:37 pm
//Anon 12:37pm
I doubt your way to look at trade figures is meaningful. Sg has figures to distinguish Non oil and Oil inclusive figures.
U mixed the figures together is not meaningful, i my view.

Oil price in 2014 was USD115, in 2015 was USD60 or below.

If u add all figures together to talk, few will find the 100billions missing is correct.//

Anon 1.37pm,

U might be barking up the wrong tree?

In this world of uncertainty, many things are as good as a gamble?

Perhaps, your understanding in this sense can be "enhanced" when u fully understand the theory behind von Neumann-Morgenstern ( vN-M ) function ......

In a "police-state", one is as good as "DOA" if "go by the books"?

"Monstrous cock ups could mean nothing", NOT even leading to "unnecessary death"?

Choice ( made ) under ( ambiguous ) Uncertainty means choosing those with the highest expected utility when one hope to "stay intact in a police state"?

But then who has purview to anyone else expected utility in anything?

Heard about "若隐若显"?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous May 01, 2016 1:37 pm
//Anon 12:37pm
I doubt your way to look at trade figures is meaningful. Sg has figures to distinguish Non oil and Oil inclusive figures.
U mixed the figures together is not meaningful, i my view.

Oil price in 2014 was USD115, in 2015 was USD60 or below.

If u add all figures together to talk, few will find the 100billions missing is correct.//

Well, if that figure is not meaningful, what about the $4.5 billion ITP announced by Gold-Fish eyes?

In what way is the $4.5 billion ITP useful?

Can you do the breakdown over how many years over how many sectors over etc etc .......and how useful would it be translated into effectiveness for sinkies and sinkieland's economy?

What about the billions dollars SkillsFuture $500 scheme?

How meaningful is it to sinkies?

If it is, why do many have to ( resort to ) become taxi drivers and worst, nowadays needing to slog it out to have a tiny share of the limited commuters pie with private cars Uber and Grab Taxi operators?

Do you know any Chinese?

Heard before the phrase "醉瓮之意不在酒"?

If you have ( accidentally, unwittingly or intentionally ) killed the "goose", should you NOT think you deserved the fate if one day some aliens "make a meal out of your descendants"?

Would not a $100 billion dwarf a $4.5 billion ( headline ) figure ( regardless if both are meaningful or both are equally NOT? )?

What is the $4.5 billion ITP figure about?

Is it one single $4.5 billion ( meaningful ) programme?

Or countless $50 million ( NOT MEANINGFUL ) programmes amalgamated under ONE BIG CONSOLIDATED NUMBER ( to make it sound BIG and MEANINGFUL though it could be both actually small and NOT meaningful programmes rojak together )?

Which have ( much, much ) more serious IMPLICATIONS?

Have you barked at Gold-fish eyes ( NOT MEANINGFUL ) programmes?

Which side are you on?

Should your descendants be "screwed" or ( hypothetically ) even "killed" like Benjamin, Dominic or many others, should you get any sympathy?

The point is why should u even be harping on it when there are so many garment snake oil sales going on ( and doing UNTOLD damages and harm on the ground in the short, medium and long run to the common sinkies )?

How about the education system?

Is it meaningful to you that $13 billion of taxpayers are squandered in one fiscal year YET most kids can't get through the system without their parents spending ONE BIG BOMB on tuition month in month out?

So now can you explain to readers again why the $100 billion figure is meaningless ( at the end of the day given the message is LOUD and CLEAR )?

Can u go up the rally stage over the next few days and give a LOUDER and CLEARER message that the garment's one trick pony of adding population incessantly to show GDP growth is as meaningful as bathing in the sewers?

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, are u at the rally site already?

Are u still wearing the white cap as usual and carrying the "Atas" camera with u?

Where to find u?

Anonymous said...

Can take some nice pictures and post them up tomorrow in MSN?

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB, why u deleted the ( long ) post @ 6.51 pm?

Anonymous said...

Can u "undelete" it?

Anonymous said...

Or post it again as the "content should still be in the system"?

Anonymous said...

Destruction but they call it creative destruction which makes it more palatable to morons
The trick is, feed them with abalone first before serving smelly socks. They so stupid, they won't know the difference

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 6:52pm,

I was at the rally, at the two SDP tents selling drinks and books. I was with a white T and no camera tonight. Sorry I just got to read the blog. No I didn't delete the comments you mentioned.

Sorry that I did not get to meet you. I may go down on Tue or Thur, if the rally is still being held at the stadium.

Try to catch up with you then.


Anonymous said...

@ anon 1.16pm
// I give u one solid example to scare u. One Badwood park hotel bakery in town. It had 76 cases of food poisoning. U and me might have used that hotel restaurant before. U will disagree with me that u will allow to have this kind of 76 cases food poisoning.

The problem comes from the low standard of education and also the disloyalty to the company s staff. Heard of maid putting soup liquid onto food for the employer?//

Anon 1.16pm

There are many "scarier" examples.

Once was at a foodcourt in the mid morning between breakfast and lunch time ordering food from a stall which had already opened for business for the day.

While waiting for the noodles to be cooked which was like 2 to 3 min as there was no queue at that hour, noticed the next stall foreign worker was preparing food for the coming peak lunch hour.

To be exact, that foreign worker was scooping rice into a very big rice cooker pot. The amount of rice that foreign worker scooped into the pot looked like equivalent to a 10kg pack of rice or about there .....?

The way the rice was "washed and cleaned" by that foreign worker was ......... what word to use ........ simply "HORRENDOUS" .........!

Before the bowl of noodles ordered were ready ( which is like 2 to 3 min ), the foreign worker at the next stall managed to scoop about 10kg of rice into a huge pot, "washed" it and plugged into the electrical socket to be cooked already?

Before leaving the noodles stall, took a peep at the next stall "Hygiene" grading aand THERE WAS a BIG "A" certificate in lamination hung right behind the cashier point ........

OMG .......

That foreign worker practically never wash that big pot of 10kg rice .....?

Water was just added into the pot via a water hose and then the pot carried to the electrical pot and plugged in .....

Behind the stall in the kitchen where most food are prepared, the vegetables, the meat, fish ..... etc etc ....., can anybolee imagine how "TOXIC" the food are prepared without the "knowing" of UNSUSPECTING lunch sinkies crowd who are always MADE so busy and thus hurriedly and "happily" gobbled down the "A graded hygiene food" and go back to the office ......

Well ...... practically u die your business attitude in the chase for more population to ramp up GDP numbers at all costs?

Anonymous said...

Many sinkies nowadays are so numbed by "helpless" circumstances that they just blind to all these "TOXIC" things around them .....?

Anonymous said...

Low wages, high rentals will always lead to "ugly" and "horrendous" processes especially in the food business in quality, hygiene, processin and handling. .... etc etc?

Who suffer in the end?

You die your business as long as the GST and all sorts of taxes, revenues, levies are collected?

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, neighbouring countries and those from the slum and sub continents no wash rice one.

That's why we have fly rice and fried lice.

First lazy.secondly brainwashed nutritious.

Used rice water for Laniege face wash.

Descendents of the Sun.

Water plants grow fat fat and dengue.

Cooked for broth and kim chee (bye)


Anonymous said...

Uncle Virgo49,

Going by such happenings and continued trends, the implications are that healthcare costs increase due to "toxic food" in the next 10, 20, 30 years will probably more than offset the savings from hiring all these foreign workers from low standard hygiene cuntries. ......?

Talking about culture, at the other extremes of the human spectrum are the thinkers and inventors ......?

Think of Sun Yat Sen, the much acknowledged "Father" of modern China .........

After graduation as a western medical doctor in the late 19th century in Manchurians ruled Qing Dynasty, Sun Yat Sen hardly worked at all in his whole life .......

But without thinkers and doers like him for higher ideals, many including the papigs would still be literally spotting a pigtail?

In other words, some people are born to work their whole lives like a buffalo in the field. .....?

But for those who use their brains to spend their time, it cannot be taken as not working?

Look at Sun Yat Sen?

Since when he was paid a single cent by anybody for his works to bring about the advent of modern China from the grip of the decadent and corrupted Qing Imperial government?

But can anyone said he never work for a living?

Why is there even a ZhongShan Park in sinkieland off Balestier Rd to commemorate Sun Yat Sen ( for not working in his whole life )?

UNCLE Virgo49,

Perhaps u want to consider starting a donation drive to fund the building of another park in TPY to commemorate ( in the future ) another "great man who also did not work" but doing GREAT WORK?

By the way, did Mao Zhe Tong, Zhou En Lai, Deng Xiao Ping ever worked before in their entire life before they became national leaders in 1949?

Can anybolee claim Deng Xiao Ping is a "good for nothing" even though he hardly worked at all after graduating from a Paris university in 1925 till 1949 when he became national leader in PRC?

What is the definition of work or no work?

By the amount of $$$ one take from the state?

So Marcos must have worked "VERY HARD" lor?

And deserved to be national leader while Sun Yat Sen and Deng Xiao Ping dun deserved bcos they "din work in their lives" before they became national leaders?

Anonymous said...

"By the way, did Mao Zhe Tong, Zhou En Lai, Deng Xiao Ping ever worked before in their entire life before they became national leaders in 1949?"
Anon 8:29 am

What are u trying to say? So Chee Soon Juan got no job also OK is it? So when you think Chee Soon Juan can become national leader of a tiny boogie?(as one foreign leader had described Sinkieland years ago)

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure, Chee Soon Juan never eat money to the tune of millions and millions and millions. His crime was for a few dollars of taxi fare and postages. Like they said, only petty thieves are criminals. Those that stole big time are heroes and honourable and respectable.

Anonymous said...

So many asses who could not even get a degree looking down on DR Chee that he did not have a job. My goodness, this is like a primary school boy who became a towkay in his father's company and looking down on a graduate who chose to do social works that he is inspired to do.

Please look at the mirror, you earning a million dollar? Are you able to get another job paying a million if you lose your job? Would you be able to get a better job than Dr Chee and his doctorate wife?

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, those jokers who thought that just because they aee encomically active are atas sirikit elites.

The Japanese called them salaried men regardless they earn a dollar or millions.

Only those tee kong khais do not have to work for a living.

Many are own bosses that may have kachang puteh companies, but they are still bosses of the bullheads rather than ox tails salaried men.

Those who swagger in slippers and torn t-shirts and spent lots of time in the City that never sleeps are the lucky ones.

You must envy these people who retired at forty or fifty.

Those who are still struggling in long business shirts and ties are at work because they have to and not that they want to.

Envy CSJ who can survive just selling his books and lectures which sane people still listens to him rather than those who harped that he is low class not employed.

Only daft people have these thoughts.

When I walked my dog every morning with her prancing around, I saw so many kor kueh faces sinkies struggling to work and deep in their hearts cursing why that stupid old uncle can retired at 50 whilst I am still struggling.

Many old neughbours even though retired still wore long pants and business shirts going out.

Just to show people that they are still gainfully employed which they are not.

Imbeciles. !! Those who really work till 80s are not what PAP said independent useful beans.

It's because they had too many commitments that they cannot stoo working.

Young no plans old suffered.

Like Ahgongkia got to work three four jobs and proud of them.

Calling people lazy and deserved to be orcastrised.

They are like the chow hays ang mos who at sixty still have third and fourth wives or mistress and accidentally or purposely shoot any liability out that they have to work till they see their coffins.

So Chinese women do not be stupid that these chow ang mohs can support you and high class.

They transfer you to prostitution when they are broke.

Better married a yellow skin, majority cares for family even some are like nerds.