Perfect gentlemen police force

I read this report of a drunk Japanese man slapping three policemen while being held at an MRT station office.  It is so unreal, so unbelieveable. Let me quote from the Straits Times,

At about 11.25pm, he slapped a policeman once each on his right and left cheeks. Ten minutes later, he slapped another officer's right cheek once. Takeshi then stood up, fell backwards and hit his head on a bed frame.

The officers helped him up and sat him on a chair. They saw that he was bleeding at the back of his head and used a bandage to apply pressure on his wound to stop the bleeding. When a policeman tried to ask him about his condition, Takeshi suddenly slapped the third officer's face several times

From the above quotes different people would have different opinions on the conduct of the policemen being slapped by a drunk. I would like to take a positive viewpoint on this, that the policemen were absolute gentlemen, that they would not hurt a drunk and would even turn the other cheek. This is how civilized and sensitive our police officers have become, and Singaporeans too, even being slapped they would not retaliate. This is a different kind of utopia.

Foreigners are absolutely safe in the hands of our policemen, and would not be subject to bashing like in some countries. Normally, such incidents would see the culprit being given a few blows by the police as it is very unnatural for anyone being beaten and not reacting, but not in Singapore.

The Singaporeans are exceptional even if they are policemen. They are so gentle, caring and sensitive towards offenders. Handle with extreme care and sensitivity must be the hallmark of our police force.

Singapore is infamous for its citizens, particularly the taxi drivers, to be beaten up by foreigners.  Such incidents are so common. So being beaten up by foreigners is fair game. It is in their mentality. Some may call this a kind of sickness, a people losing its pride or right of self defence, and would not defend itself even being beaten. This is quite like the times when China was the Sick man of Asia that you see in the movies when the Chinese were hapless and bullied by the foreigners in their own country.  

Look at this from another angle, the situation is different in Singapore. We are a powerful little state that punches above our weight.  It is perhaps the ultimate state of being civilized, being well mannered, not timid for sure.  Singaporeans knew it is wrong to hit back, in this case a drunkard.

So the court did the justice for the policemen by finding the Japanese drunk $6,000. Some may say so that the rich can spend some money and go around beating up Singaporeans including policemen. As a civilized people, a law abiding people, Singaporeans would not take the law into their own hands. They would rather the court punishes the culprit legally, than to break the law.

Singapore is indeed a very civilized place with very civilized Singaporeans. Did anyone say it is a past time of foreigners to beat up Singaporeans?  Just ignore this rubbish thinking. Singaporeans are a very fine specimen of the human race, polite, well mannered and non violent creatures and have a very high tolerance for being beaten. It is an exquisite character trait that is very rare in human beans.

What do you think?

PS. The incident was posted in the HardwareZone.com and the bloggers there were laughing themselves crazy. Some fuming in disbelief.


Anonymous said...

"This is how civilized and sensitive our police officers have become, and Singaporeans too, even being slapped they would not retaliate."

Hahahahaha. With this episode, I hope now you can understand better why 70% voted for PAP in GE 2015, and 61% also voted for PAP in BB BE 2016.

In general you can say that most Sinkies if threaten, they will give in, and if beaten, they will not fight back. By the way, fighting back is an offence, you know. Sinkies have been known to be charged for fighting, never mind who strike first, or who is right or wrong. No wonder the policemen in the case are so gentleman! lagi Hahahahaha

virgo49 said...

See how they presented BL's case In Court. So sweet, oh so sweet
Truely gentlemen in every ooze of true professional duties.

Farming SPF Chiak liao bee only good in bullying Sinkies.

Our good times with SAF 11 can whack the jokers in shorts and am pais.

Now even under the SPF.

Which Armed Forces in the World under civil police.

Anonymous said...

Even our PM was once rumoured to have "slapped" his colleague in cabinet. And PM never directly denied that this happened, as long as I can recall.

If true, no wonder the ruling party is so strong and united under the PM's leadership. Anyone who tried to be funny with him will be "slapped", even harder if it is the opposition.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Singaporeans is the BESTest to bully by foreigners in the world!

To the foreigners, when Singaporeans were being slapped on the right cheek,
they will then offer the left cheek for slapping!

Why? Singaporeans have no choice! Some top top people said Singapore needs
foreigners to create jobs for them! So no choice no choice!

You can always go around to try try slapping Singaporeans?

Of course, at your own risks!


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are also slapped in social media.

agongkia said...

The POs are professional enough .
Getting slap is part and parcel of this profession and it is up to the Court to decide on the punishment.
In most passports,their President will request all foreign authorities if necessary,to give assistance and protection.
Not a big deal to get drunk.
POs should be commended for being cool.

Anonymous said...

Do you think we can conclude that it is safe for Aliens to slap the Singapore policemen?

But what about Singaporeans?
Do you think we can slap our policemen and not suffer any consequences like the Japanese man?

Who are the slaves in Singapore?
Who are the slave owners in Singapore?
Who are the slave owners on an employment Pass in Singapore?

How many policemen to arrest our Singapore son Benjamin?

Anonymous said...

Japanese people are not slaves.
So policemen must treat them with respect.

Singaporeans are slaves.
So it's okay to slap our taxi drivers.
It's also okay to make Singaporeans unemployed.
No need to be nice to slaves.
Slaves are too stupid to know that they are slaves anyway.

Anonymous said...

Beats me...? I mean the incident.

Anonymous said...

Japanese drunk is higher class than local citizen. Uniform men and women will treat them with care as described. This is standard. Not for citizen son. A child will find 5 police to take him for interrogation. Mother cannot be present. And the school teachers and principal also treat local son as criminal before the court decides so.

Can see the difference? The Japanese drunkard can slap the uniform men, the latter will leave it to the Judge to decide. Not for a potential NS man. The treatment is: dont be a citizen if u can.

Virgo49 said...

Local citizens, cuff you too slow or too lan.

Dared to slap policemen??

Extra charges for obstructing civil servants in their duties.

Even verbal abuse also charged.

Throw you too slow in lockups also too lan.

Anonymous said...


Why was the Drunken Japanese
NOT handcuffed for his own safety ?

Anonymous said...

Go to war lah. But then, your HDBs are much more precious than your pride. But one day, that logic no longer works.

Anonymous said...

No HDBs to hold them together got Chilli crab mah. Chilli crab best in geyland, China town and some say...Changi prison

Anonymous said...

Go to war lah. But then, your HDBs are much more precious than your pride.
May 18, 2016 4:03 pm

Why not?
I want to see the value of the bungalows belonging to the elites go to zero.
My HDB flat?
Who cares?
It belongs to HDB anyway.

Anonymous said...

The curse of Babel. Catch no balls

Anonymous said...

Sinkies deserve to be extinct and replaced.
Be tough when not supposed to be tough. Be kind and stupid when not needed.

Anonymous said...

The police, three in a row and not only one, must have been indoctrinated by Amos Yee.
When Amos Yee was slapped by a Lee-cum-PAP worshiper in front of the Family Court, he
behaved like a Gentlemen and did not react at all. He only rub his face, the side that
was slapped,

Thanks to Amos Yee that today our police force has become a 'civilized-gentlemen' force!!!

Anonymous said...

When there was an alien riot in bangalee grounds, sinkies civil forces were seen scuttling like rats towards the nearest hole for safety.

50 years of instilling fears in them, the peoples balls have strung to the size of pepper seed

Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans would not take the law into their own hands. "

Everything must be calmly and peacefully settle like...Lawyers or through legal instruments. Deactivate all your emotions especially righteous anger or indignity, too violent, towards injustices and put on your legal condom hat and act like non violent yellow belly lawyers.

By the time you follow obediently through the full legal process to settlement, you may have collected your presents from Santa two or three times already.

If you don't like the calm process, and taking matters in your own hands is not a state approved option, don't mess with the rich and those in power.

Leave them to do as they please....legally.