PAP’s candidates and MPs are of superior talent

The big question being posed and asked by the Singaporeans is the issue of part time MPs versus full time MPs. Regardless of whether they work full or part time, they will still be given the same miserable allowance of $16,000 a month. This amount is really undignified for people who are earning millions and when $600,000 a year income is considered peanuts. To put into perspective, at least 90% of Singaporeans are earning less than this amount as salary and many are earning less than $2,000 a month with the national average at around $3,000.

Let me move on to why the PAP candidates are of superior quality in this case. The opposition candidates are all claiming that they would serve the residents full time, that means working from 8 to 5 and more. The PAP candidates would not have such things. Part time is good enough. Part time means 8 to 5, holding a full time job and spending the evenings and probably weekends to serve the constituencies.  This is like a full time student devoting every hour of his time, in school and tuition classes to try to get his As, and many did not. On the other hand, the superior talents need not attend school, just did part time and still got their As.

This is exactly why I said the PAP candidates are of superior quality and talent than the opposition candidates. Not only that the latter got to work full time and struggling to do a good job, the PAP candidates would definitely do a better job, without sweating, and doing part time only, and with a lot of time to spare for ECAs and maybe practicing to be karaoke singers.

I am not sure how such people acquire such inhuman qualities, to be super humans. Did they attend special training in special academies or did they also gone through the same educational system, drank the same Newater and breathed the same air, with haze when in season, and came out being the best, like running town councils and being MPs and being ministers are second nature to them? The only difference is that they went through a special tea ceremony to gauge their suitability as a politician. Maybe it is the tea they were served. Or is it the badge they are wearing?

Compare to the opposition candidates and MPs, you cannot fault them for their convictions and sincerity, to want to serve the people well and whole heartedly, full time, and still failing. It must be in their genes, lower quality humans, oh yes, I forgot, they are just mortals.

So I shall conclude that everything is possible to the super talented beans. And they only need to put in half or less than half the effort, part time, and will be able to do a better job. I must emphasize here that only the part timers are of such qualities. Those that worked full time are not of the same material. Think of the people working full time in the SMRT will give you a good idea. If the SMRT would to be run by part timers, I think it will run smoothly too. Superbly talented people need only to work part time or devote a fraction of their time to do a good job. It is the quality of the people and the time they spent on the job.

And don’t think they are not committed to serve the people just because they only want to do it part time. Their part time is better than full time. And they really deserve the miserable $16,000 monthly allowance. This sum could be quite insulting to some of them, but they took the insult quietly. They just want to serve, they don’t need the money. Money is something that they have a lot and not short of. That is why it is called an allowance, not a salary or a pay. A salary or pay must be substantial, that would not affect their high quality life style. The MP allowance is sup sup suay. So don’t think you are paying the MPs a lot of money for their time. Remember, a peanut is $600,000. What is $16,000? Only peasants would regard this sum as money.

The people of Bukit Batok must be waiting to be served by an excellent part time super talented MP.  When someone says he has to work full time, he is indirectly admitting that he is of inferior quality. Some of the super talents could be working in more than 10 jobs, some even more, because they are simply so talented. Wearing 60 hats!

I could not imagine how Bukit Batok would look like if the superbly talented MP would work full time. Would it become a paradise?


Anonymous said...

Rb omitted the Most
Crucial Quality known
as Aristocrat or Born
Such calibre is born
talented and is all
capable part or full
time, one appointment
or many.

There is a reason for
super calibre to be so
capable. That is; they
are able to exploit the

Anonymous said...

/// I could not imagine how Bukit Batok would look like if the superbly talented MP would work full time. Would it become a paradise? ///

The superbly talented PAP cabinet ministers work full time.
Just look at the paradise Singaporeans live in today.

- 90% of Singaporeans live in property that belongs to HDB.
Lowest rate of home ownership in the world at 10%.
True or not?
You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

MP (more than chairman) is too busy to solve TC issues . Count on TC Chairman to get simple TC problem (with pains-taking colourful pictures n illustrations) handled . Hands-On Green Matters

Anonymous said...

No point talking about BB BE. Don't waste time!

Whether is part-time or full-time MP, PAP will sure win!

Whether $16,000.00 or $600K, PAP will sure win!

Whether who stands against CSJ, PAP will sure win!

PAP will sure win! How not sure to win?

The current market "han-cheng" index is still at....

PAP 68% VS 32% SDP

Only 天 can help CSJ now!

Will it be........天無絕人之路?

We shall see.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

On several occasions, I have defended the position of paying exorbitant and comically obscene salaries to The Supreme Authority of Absolute Power. This is in 100% concordance with Singaporean CULTURE.

In Singaporean culture, you gain social status, and thus "respect" by earning big bucks and appearing to be smart and successful. In Singaporean culture, which is undoubtedly MATERIALISTIC, you live or die by overt displays of conspicuous consumption, and this goes back several decades.

Back when we used to have stickers on our car windscreens, a typical car of a "successful" Singaporean would have a large portion of the left side of the windscreen covered in membership stickers from as many exclusive private clubs---many of which cost several tens or hundreds of thousands to join.

And who can forget the old cultural bromide of the "5Cs"?

The idea of having a president or any high ranking "natural elite" like Jose "Pepe" Mujica, former pauper president and all round nice guy of Uruguay will never fly in Singapore. The majority of the population will be embarrassed and "ashamed" to be Singaporean. It'll be so shameful that Cycle and Carriage would probably donate a big Mercedes or Maybach to him, and every top clothing retailer and tailor will give him free clothes...just so Singaporeans and the nation won't be "lau qui"....Singapore's "strength" comes form the SIMPLE FACT that it is FUCKING RICH.

Without the provable objective fact of being FUCKING RICH, Singaporeans and their beloved cuntry is nowhere. Having govt officials like Jose "Pepe" Mujica would render Singapore the laughing stock of Asia. Even Kim Jong what-the-fuck of North Korea will give Singapore a well-earned "fuck you poor cunts". Malaysia would be rolling on the floor, gasping for air because of the hilarity.

You are not going to do any better or worse than your CULTURE will allow. Singapore govt gets the money it deserves because the people get the government they deserve.

Embrace it. You can't fight it. You can change your culture...but then maybe you shouldn't?

Anonymous said...

@ RB,

Sir, for goodness sake, please make correction to your Title of this POST.


Anonymous said...

By now, everybody, even the daftest of the daft sinkies, should know that the PAPa's Cun-didates are only good in going after the CUN'Ts or DIC'Ks of Grass-Looters and other people's spouses, to support their 'hardworks' especially behind the backs of their own spouses and children.

Don't believe? Go and Shame-mugum, David King the Go-liar and Michael the Pumper.

Bukit Buttock voters should know by now. Ponggol East voters also knew when the Speaker of the PAP House of Pa-lie=men went screwing around in 5-Srar Hotel Westin with none other then one of PA's Asst Directors

Anonymous said...

Rb, good news! Govt giving 200 million to ntuc for training so sinkies could get the skills set not provided for by university.

Anonymous said...

"PAP’s candidates and MPs are of superior talent"

Not really lah. I would think PAP’s candidates and MPs are not that superior in talent. The problem is majority (aka 70%) voters think the opposition parties and candidates are worse, which is also quite true lah, seriously. That's why PAP won on this alone in GE 2015, and no doubt for the same reasons will win again in BB BE 2016.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hahaha Anon 11:19,

This kind of satire sure to rub people up the wrong side.

agongkia said...

MP should be one who hold a full time job but serve as a part timer.
A 16 k allowance will only make one more lazy and only attract those Arthur Ah Kow who will work for the extra allowance instead of serving .
MP only need contribute less than 20 hours a week so giving them 4 k Oredi too much .16 k will make them more lazy as they will treat it as a salary,klkk,nothing to do resulting in them having a higher possibility screwing up their You Know Who,including hugging someone's wife if they do not have a full time job.
Allowance should be lowered to less than 3 K,ideally zero.
This will ensure only those who aspire to serve,to come forward.
Those who serve in clan association since olden days also never ask for allowance.They even support their clan in many ways within their ability.
Why serving our resident or constituents need to be paid.

Please consider to reduce or do away with MP allowances .Less Lui Bin.More dedicated MP to serve.
Happy Labour Day to all.

Anonymous said...

Caring for people is very very hard work. The reason why your ministers and members of privileges are so free, wear so many profitable hats and paid so much for doing so little, and basically for talking so much, and tour other countries to talk somemore, is because this country has bought into their version of "caring for the people"(at least 70% believe it)

Read the stale times and if you still can't see through it, you deserve the government and the oppositions you worship.

Your govt has the easiest job, for the kind of money and privileges they receive, in the world and you, the greatest successful working fool in Sin.

Anonymous said...

$16000 is excluding bonus. If bonus and cpf are included, the figures should be around $20kpm.

NS man full time including guard duties, gets S$500pm. MP doing MPS for one night, sometimes can be absent, can get $20k. Occasionally go to town to sit inside parliament, that is about all.

Do u know what is $20k to a firm that earns a few millions a year, sme? The ceo will go to work on Sunday and midnight when needed. $20k may not be paid to a ceo of similar qualification as any mp sitting in parliament. Many ceo get $10kpm and 1 months bonus.

Conclusion is: MP getting so much money MUST be full time, not part time. Voters have choices now.

Anonymous said...

Your comment on $16,000 plus bonus becomes $20,000 pm is grossly wrong. Many of them are getting 12 mths bonus or more. Therefore the minimum monthly allowance plus bonuses is at least $32,000. $32,000 pm minimum get it? Maybe the WP MPs get 1 mth or 3 mth bonuses.

Ask for the actual numbers in parliament.

Anonymous said...

simpleton. Full time part time no diff lah because someone full time can easily do part time work or even less in office. basically, this job the mouth do the working. The mouth cannot clean jambang for you however the mouth can get you to clean jambang for crumbs while he she eats steak

Anonymous said...

idiots that's why easy to fool

virgo49 said...

Wah,many think 16K like Indonesian Rupiah or Korean Won.

How many of you with degree have 16k salary currently? ?

My nephew for years as NUS lecturer only got about 20odd k not too long ago.

How many Singaporeans worked till retirement got 16K??

Many also have 5K withdrawal upon 55.

16k just for a Hdb MI they called last time taking care maintenance job is a lot.

Last time b4 TC HDB maintained all the HDB flats with just a branch office and a few Techincal Officers staff.

What's so difficult running TC??

JUST EMPLOY RESTRUCTURED REDUNDANT BB TC staff when Chee becomes MP for that constituency.

PAP Ministers and MPs smart? ?

Just listen to how Any Khor and some of her colleagues speak you know whether they are smart.

Cannot even strung a sentence without pausing.

MR RED bean and Matilah can speak and write better than them.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

My dear fans and enemies,

As you know, I’ve highlighted the importance of getting a guy like Chee into parliament.

Why do you think they are expending inordinate effort in ripping his reputation to shreds? Because they are SCARED of him, or maybe he makes them feel a little uncomfortable. I have also mentioned on numerous occasions why CONCENTRATED POWER needs to be threatened and moderated as much as possible.


Everyone who will be voting on Saturday needs to watch this film. Hopefully, everyone in Singapore before the next election will do so too. Those with iPhones/ iPads may want to install the app.

Put aside 80 mins of your time this Labour Day, and hopefully become the active citizen you’d always hoped to be:

HD version: http://www.snagfilms.com/films/title/i_am_fishead

YouTube 360p version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB0k7wBzXPY

The People Get The Government They Deserve. A country of fish heads will invariably place a government of fish heads in power. This is why you need a person like Chee——who is imperfect and made mistakes in his past——in parliament to rattle the authority, to annoy the establishment…and given your help as active citizens, hopefully change things.

Watch the film, then vote with your gut. Once you are informed, go with your intuition. At the moment most of Singapore is going with their intuition, but it is ill informed and so people “rationalise” to defend their already-made choices, and “conditioned behaviour”.

Are you a PAP fan? Then you'd better have a look at this film...for a simple reason...you may be being MANIPULATED and not even be aware of it.

Got 80 mins to spare? Do it. Then spread the love by posting to your social networks and other local blogs and forums you visit.

Anonymous said...

You had JB..you had Chiam..now there is Low and what have you and all have been rubbished. Like the religious, keep hoping and staring into the sky and burn hell notes

Anonymous said...

Now the battle is over character. Thou must be holy like white gods. Morons, your call

virgo49 said...

Now Goldfish eyes talks about character and integrity.

What character and integrity David Ong and Michael Palmer got??

Are they suffering from dementia or are already kongcum.

Know what they talking or not??

Two goals to one goal and they said their candidates got character and integrity.

Anonymous said...

Phey Yew Kok
Wee Toon Boon
Choo Wee Khiang
Michael Palmer
David Ong etc were
all PAP Men of integrity.

Anonymous said...

Phey Yew Kok
Wee Toon Boon
Choo Wee Khiang
Michael Palmer
David Ong etc were
all PAP Men of integrity.
Anon May 01, 2016 10:12 pm

But they all won the elections mah, which is what really matters to PAP, tio bo? Doesn't matter if they later showed no integrity, because the opposition will still not be ready to be govt.

And doesn't matter if ex BB MP David Ong has no integrity, if his replacement Murali can still win the BB by election, which is what really matters.

Anonymous said...

Chee should sack himself from his SDP secretary general job (his current and only job in Singapore) if he cannot win the BB BE. And migrate overseas for a better life.

Both Chee and wife have PhDs from US universities, so should have no problem getting a job and a better life overseas.

That's what I will do if I were Chee.

Virgo 49 said...

Now muralist said main duty to help the unemployed at Bukit Batok.

In the first place who caused all these unemployment??

Now cat crying over mouse after biting them.

The population of Singapore be gainfully employed without these trashes that took their jobs.

F a rk you

Anonymous said...

Do people believe them when the pap minister pointedly said chee has character problem? I hope people listening with at least 50% doubts. How can pap ministers say chee otherwise?

To me, the more the ministers and pm said about chee being crazy or hypocritical, the more i believe their allegations were solely meant to mislead the public s opinions to win votes.

If i were the bb voter, i will trust chee s character more for all the attacks directing on him.

Lets see May 7 if the outcome is what the ministers and pm wish for. Personally i observe how people do and say. People cannot be nice when they keep attacking someone else without proving themselves in behaviors.

Anonymous said...

Are they suffering from dementia or are already kongcum.
Know what they talking or not??
Virgo49 9:37 pm

It's about whether Murali can win the by election, and which I think 93% chance he will, and not whether Goldfish eyes is suffering from dementia, being kongcum or don't know what he is talking.

Anonymous said...

"People cannot be nice when they keep attacking someone else without proving themselves in behaviors."
Anon 10:54 pm

True, they cannot be nice, but what really matters is that they can win elections.

As a politician, what's the point being nice, work hard on the ground, speak well etc but cannot win elections?

virgo49 said...

What does a man gains if he has conquered the whole world but loses his own Soul?


agongkia said...

Two goals to one goal??
Aiyo Lao chek ah....
Out of 80 only 2.That is about 2.5 % nia nia.
Out of 5 you got 1.That's 20%.
Teo chew Hia still got a higher percentage lah.

Other than it's sinful to hug someone's wife,
What's so wrong about hugging more meimeis.Maybe they dun know it's someone's wife that they are hugging.They can be victim too.Give them a break .

virgo49 said...

AhGongKia, to the PAP one is already too many as they are Angels of characters and Integrity.

If not their two MPs no need to resign. Also WP indiscretion no need to KPKB.

Now they preach about characters and Integrities.
But their remunerations how much Chee much Chee not enough.

Anonymous said...

As a politician, what's the point being nice, work hard on the ground, speak well etc but cannot win elections?
Anon 11:11 pm

You talking about Chee Soon Juan after May 7 is it?

But don't worry about him, because he will remain as politician and continue to survive with family and kids without a job except his SDP SG job.

Anonymous said...

While you judge and condemn people, becareful of Judgement Day and retribution.

Virgo 49 said...

Wah haha, Just read the Shit Times of Duterte's wanting to burn the Singapore flag.

Bite the hands that fed them.

Invite their Nationals here and gave them jobs.

Also give monetary aid to them and they screwed you.

Which reservists want to volunteer for reserve service and burn Philippines flag??

Kee chiu

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo69:

Aiyah, please lah Sheeple, the guy was just making a joke lah. Previously he made a rape joke and "offended" women and the Aussies. This fella is trying to be the Trump candidate of Asia, so he just let's his mouth go haywire without any brain-control. It's ok. He's entertaining, however the REACTIONS from "sensitive" people who are flipping their shit over Duterte's "unique brand of humour" is even funnier. 😂 😂

Tomorrow you see lah. The local network will light up with Singaporeans so mad, they want to go to war with Pinoy Land. How can lah? Who will clean our houses and wash the shit, blood and cum stains off our underwear? All for a few hundred bucks a month?

virgo49 said...

Hi Matilah,

TO HELL I CARE THEY BURN THE SINKIE FLAG. Think Sinkieland deserved it.

Anyway, gonna salute Matland flag. Think can still remember the lyrics that we once sang.

knew this guy is a runaway from Philippine IMH.

Post just to infuriate the Sinkies.

Chee, chee