Obama visiting Vietnam – Time to reminisce Nam

The Obama visit to Vietnam is getting a lot of attention in his last days in the White House. And many war veterans are taking the opportunity to reminisce their exploits in this tropical jungle in their youth as 18 and 19 year old draftees, sent to kill Vietcongs in the hot tropical jungle.

The main concern of most Americans is the remains of Americans, dead or alive, in Vietnam. They have no interest in what they did to that country and the number of Vietnamese killed and maimed. They are not interested in the number of Vietnamese children still alive and still falling victims to Agent Orange.  Like in the Middle East, those were war collaterals. But in Vietnam, they were more, enemies, to be killed at all costs. The carpet bombings by B52s over the Plain of Jars, over the expanse of the jungle and country were testimonies of the savage hate for the country and its people, the Vietcongs.

Those were the glorious days of American fire power demonstrated in its full ferocity, not giving the VCs any chance of survivor.  Let me quote a Nam veteran in Chuck Hagel, ex Defence Secretary, ‘It still haunts us. That terrible waste of lives and the lessons we learnt there, the terrible lessons that still hang over us.’ Yes, the terrible lessons still hang over the US, but no lesson learnt. If the Americans have learnt anything, they would not be agitating and starting wars and fighting wars all over the planet. The victims in the Middle East are just as devastated as the victims in the Vietnam War. And there will be more victims if the Americans continue with their pivot to Asia to start more wars.

And what is there to regret about? To John McCain, it was the lack of acknowledgement for the boys and their good works in Vietnam, killing VCs and dying for the country, the USA.  He said, ‘The lack of a welcome home is still a national shame. You had…draftees who did their duties and were…spat upon by their fellow citizenry when they returned.’ Why? Why were they spat on by fellow Americans? Because they were sent into other people’s country and homes to kill them. The same soldiers returning from the Middle East and Afghanistan would also share the same fate. You are invaders, aggressors, killers, murderers of innocent people who have nothing to do with you Americans.

Yes, it is not right to shun the draftees. They were innocent young men who did not know what they were doing. They were sent by the orders of the evil regime in Washington, to kill equally innocent people they did not know and did not want to cause them harm, had nothing to do with the Americans and their lives.  The young draftees, the war veterans, deserved to be honoured even if they did the killing and destruction of the lives and homes of innocent people far far away.  They did not know what the hell was going on, they did not know why they had to kill innocent people.

Would the Obama visit bring a closure to the Vietnam War, like the dropping of atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? John McCain is still reminiscing his war in Vietnam, as a POW. ‘To this day, I’ll get up real early sometimes and go down to the Vietnam Memorial just as the sun is coming up…It is always a great experience for me to think and remember.’


Anonymous said...

During 'Nam, American soldiers were called GIs. GI meant gov issues; issues as in dependants.

Bombing N Vietnam was equivalent to nuclear-scale destruction using conventional weapons. The B-52s released the 5,000 lb Hound Dogs from 40,000 ft.

Yet they lost the war and suffered over 50k+ KIAs and thousands more battle-shocked veterans. Now the same sick veterans who returned from Afghanistan and the Mid East are suffering from post-traumtic stress disorder.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Great. As a cool black dude, he can sing for them:

Mee so hornee, Me love you long time!...the way many GI's used to enjoy themselves, when they weren't killing babies.

Shame Robin Williams is dead. Otherwise he could have entertained the Vietnamese with a "Goodbye Vietnam" segment on morning radio!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Vietnam!

Virgo 49 said...

That's why Donald Trump need to be the incoming President.

Many were horrified that the perpetuity of the wars and unrest will stop by him and the weapons industries would collapse.

So they scheming and plotting that Hillary Clinton be the one to continue the arms race on these stupid Asians and the Arabs.

Our Hen will be looking into the new brochures with billions to spend.

What's increase welfare to the poor and needy who built up the Nation in the 60s and 70s and 80s with their scarfice low salaries???

You ask them want to eat in restaurants is it??

Only we entitled to eat in restaurants.

Hell care you picked cardboards for survival. Or plastered with koyak pushing the food trolleys in hawker centres.

No eyes see.

Let me see the new toys bang bang from the Americans.

Very interesting.

Think high time to replace the ROUND Short And Fat aircrafts.

Whoa my new toys.

Anonymous said...

Obama, the Nobel Prize winner for peace is now the longest serving war American President. It must be a great honour to conduct wars, wars and wars. a lot of heroes to decorate. No need to think about the hundreds of thousands killed.

The stupid Asians and Africans like wars, and they like to buy expensive war toys.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a traitor of his own Race,
of his own native country,
of the commoners' America,
and of the American People,
and now,
also a traitor of the People of the Free World.
Nothing else.
Not more, not less.
Full Stop.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo49:

Trump won't win. He's starting to slip in the polls. Hillary is inching forward...and surprise, surprise...Bernie Sanders is SURGING.

@ 1059:

>> No need to think about the hundreds of thousands killed. <<

That's right. No fucking need at all. What's done, is already done.

If you really want to do the "thinking", it should be done BEFORE you slaughter those unlucky fucks.

>> Asians and Africans like wars, and they like to buy expensive war toys. <<

War is good. It is automatic POPULATION CONTROL for these populous continents. Plus Singapore always MAKES LOTS OF MONEY when other cuntries go to war.

Do you know how well Singapore did from Vietnam?

Anonymous said...

The point is how much is vietnam worth now?

ie. how much is it worth $/kg? or after some value added service?

Anonymous said...

Obama visiting Vietnam to sell weapons. This is very obvious, depending whether Vietcon has the money. Can borrow from Japanese Abe and IMF. Those are the financing options.
In addition, Obama will offer US s money to rent its port to surround China. That is a good proposal to offset the money for weapons.

Vietnam new PM is as lost as the ex pinoys leader, went into the trap set up by US to entangle against China. At the end, the new pinoy president is caught, to continue or not to continue the Hague tribunal.

China is going to set up a NEW tribunal to "replace" the Hague tribunal. So pinoy can talk to itself with US and jump up and down abt the results.
This is the new situation going to happen.

Anonymous said...

I do not think vietnam or pinoy leaders are lost.

I think all of the countries that is of strategic value to US now due to growth of china are playing their cards to the max to exploit the situation. By blowing hot and cold sending mix signals will get US to up the goodies. Of course, sometimes this may fail.

Setting up new tribunal to replace Hague? Lifting stone to hurt own foot. Why not focus effort to make RMB the world currency instead?

Sometimes i laugh at some chinese media programs for commenting on US presidential elections. What does a communist nation "experts" know about democracy voting?

Anonymous said...

Ya, how much did you know? You oso expurts?

Anonymous said...

No need to know. Blind also can see unless someone is ....

b said...

Obama is just a puppet just like Bill and Hillary. Puppets are just good enough to create chaos not peace. The true master will never show their real faces or names. They are protected by layers and layers of tapes.

Anonymous said...

No politicians are good people.
The whole world is controlled,
managed, administered, lead
and exploited and plundered
by politicians,
who pretend to be good people.
Actually, they are very selfish people
who pretend to want to do things for the people.
If everyone of them really want to improve the people's life
and living conditions and standards,
by now the whole world would already be a Heaven, a Paradise.

If you think about this long and deep, YOU will realize the HARD TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

Can I disagree? I think the politicians in Singapore are as good as angels, if not immortals. You may be right about opposition politicians, they are liars, cheats, dishonest people.

There is no comparison. Our politicians are a very different breed of creatures.