Malaysia is the most corruption free country

Singapore used to wear this badge of honour but now Malaysia is stepping up on the rostrum to be seen and recognized as the most corruption free country in the world.  I know that this is a shocking piece of news but I have my facts to prove that what I am saying is justifiable. There is a report in the Today paper this morning about the investigation on Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s purchase of a bungalow in Penang. An UMNO MP Shabudin Yahaya asked in Parliament whether Lim Guan Eng’s purchase was below market price. This led to the MACC rushing into action to conduct a thorough investigation.

I don’t think there is any anti corruption agency in the world that is free, willing and transparent, not beholden, in investigating a Chief Minister of a state. I am sure if there is a similar corruption report against the PM or a minister or any MP, the MACC too would rush in to investigate with no fear or favour.  And for the MACC to investigate the Chief Minister of Penang, and no other ministers or politicians, it only speaks well of Malaysia as a corruption free country. In the whole of Malaysia, only one Chief Minister is being investigated, and for supposedly buying a property below market price. The rest of the politicians, ministers, PM etc etc are simply incorruptible as the MACC has no reason to investigate any one of them for corruption. They are all clean.

And the MACC is so professional and meticulous in this investigation against the Chief Minister. Both the Chief Minister and his wife had been interviewed several times by the MACC. And in total 65 witnesses had been called up to assist in the investigation. This is serious business and no stone is left unturned. Anyone, any minister or politician that is corrupt would not get away with such thorough and professional work of the MACC.

These two facts, a highly professional anti corruption agency that would investigate anyone, regardless of position and power, speaks very well of the MACC and Malaysia. And the way the MACC went about its duties also specks very well of the MACC.  And one more, since in the whole of Malaysia, only one politician is suspected of corruption while the rest are clean, how not to conclude that Malaysia is a corruption free country?


Anonymous said...

British Lord Proposes "Fix" To Pension Crisis: Work Until 70 To Get More Money


How safe is our CPF money ah?

Anonymous said...

M'sia is a corrupt free country? Really ah? Don't be conned by the media again la ! Whether is true or not? It's ONLY A WAYANG LAH. To tell whole world the country is ok no corruption so that the foreign investments remain in the country Lah...

Anonymous said...

That's why it is so important to be the ruling party, and not the opposition, even though the opposition is a state govt. Not just in Malaysia but also elsewhere.

And being so important and maybe politically even a life and death issue, so why is the Sinkie opposition not ready to be govt? Don't they realise being opposition has lots of disadvantages, even if they are MPs in a GRC?

Anonymous said...

No! No! No!

Not shocking at all! Not shocking at all!

You are very very correct!

Yes! For a very very long time, they have been very very well known
as the most corruption free country in the world.

Yes! The most corruption free country in the world!

Yes! The most corruption free country in the world!


Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, in Malaysia, anything the chinee does whether right or wrong, to the Bumis also wrong.

They together with the Indians are just tong pang citizens even if their forefathers had stayed there longer than the present crop of instant citizens of their own kind.

So, any minute suspicion of wrong doings they will jump the gun and investigate very fast and will tried level best to nail that unfortunate victim.

But for their own kind, even commit blue murder also find excuses to divert attention.

That's why they have this ex Army Veteran lunatic called Ali Tinju who can rallied so much stupid protests and create chaos with impunity.

Those mad ex army personnel always thinks themselves as warriors. Fight for justice.

They does not know that soldiering is for those that cannot survive in the real commercial world.

Their top echelon leaders turn a blind eye and these lunatics became bolder and bolder.

That's why this happenings across the causeway must not be reciprocated in sinkieland if these lunatics think alike minorities become our Lords.

They would not be as magnanimous as what we are to them now.

MACC kills one of the Opposition MP's secretary not too long ago.

That's a fact.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Malaysia is as "corruption free" just as all you bugger's mothers are VIRGINS. 😂😂

The world in general could not run without corruption. In Indonesia and Thailand...and many other places, you could not get things done if you could not grease the greedy palms of some morally-compromised state official.

I look on a bribe as a form of arbitrage---i.e. the "true cost" of this state official's favour is his salary PLUS the "premium" you pay for that extra-special treatment. A bribe is just a FEE. You want something done? Then pay the true market price.

Malaysia could not function as Bumiputra Land if UMmmm-NO! wasn't corrupt. In fact, the level of corruption is so-called "religious" Islamic cuntries is known to be higher than others.

So much for the claim that "religion fosters moral behaviour". 😇

Anonymous said...

If corruption is legalised, then where can there be corruption?

Anonymous said...

Today we have a very prim and proper leadership in Johore that is showing the way to the other Malaysian states on how to run a country legally and obey the rule of law. The state's minister has just reassured Singapore that Johore would abide by the water agreement and continue to supply water to Singapore despite the drought.

Singapore should work closely with the authorities in Johore to jointly develop the complementary economies of both states without the political nonsense from KL and UMNO extremists. Respecting the rule of law and agreements are fundamentals to the proper functioning of interstate relations states, credibility and predictability. If Johore can continue to move in this direction without being saboed by KL, Johore could prosper together with Singapore.

Unfortunately the national leaders in KL are making too many changes to the regulations in Johore that is undermining its push to be the richest and highest growth state in Malaysia.

Let's hope the Sultan of Johore could exercise more independence to limit the excesses of KL and allow Johore to move on with more autonomy.

Anonymous said...

It is a very good move for the corruption investigation to move in. Because the allegation has created doubt on Lim chief minister of penang.

The alleged corruption of a bungalow 10k sqt was linked to a plot of state land sold at below market value Rm11 to one individual. The price was Rm11 mil, but Umno said it should be Rm22 mil. Lim then offered at Rm22, but Gerakan cld not come out money to take. i dont believe they cld not buy it. The price was probably too high at Rm22.

This bungalow was bought by owner at lower than the selling price to Lim.

The problem is Lim wanted himself to be investigated because the state land was already said to be sold too cheap in 2012.

Its hard to catch such deals passing assets from one hand to another at prices subject to doubts.
Sg has such case too: sold a computer system worth millions at cost at dirt cheap price to a $2 dollar company. The tender had only 1 party to deal with.
This kind of dealings in sg was less sever as the assets did not land up with an individual. Lim however, owns the bungalow 10k sqft, besides another 5k sqft which Lim paid higher.

So Lim must justify why the price difference. It can be like sentosa bungalow, the bigger the cheaper per sq ft.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1023:

>> Singapore should work closely with the authorities in Johore to jointly develop the complementary economies of both states without the political nonsense from KL and UMNO extremists <<

My prediction is that within a few decades, JB and Singapore will be "twin cities", and Malaysian and Singapore ID cards could be "chipped" so that people can move from one city to another with minimum fuss...just tap in and tap out, like taking an SBS bus.

It is wise to predict that the meddling's of UMNO and KL (Putrajaya Penis Heads) are the "default"...i.e. you can count on them to kapoh kacau your SG-JB business. This is their NATURE, and it won't be changing anytime soon. So best to accept it and do whatever is necessary to LIMIT the damage.

Unless Johor secedes and becomes an independent state (that in itself will be interesting), the Putrajaya UMNOs will be dumping their smelly shit here and there.

But, I don't underestimate the capability of the House Of Temenggong. These fuckers have been going since the early 1500's and have fought motherfuckers from Spain, Portugal and Acheh. So the House is no stranger to CONFLICT.

Anonymous said...

Penang Chief Minister Lim bought his 10,161 sq-ft property on July 28 last year for RM2.8 million, which is about S$1M, at S$1 = 2.7RM.(last yr's rate). And it is in urban Penang, not some rural state.

In Singapore, S$1M is only a entry level price for a 99 yr 900 sq ft condo in the suburbs of Singapore.

That's how PAP can increase the country's reserves. Sell land at high prices to developers who in turn sell the property at high prices to buyers. High property prices and high rentals for GDP growth and increasing the reserves.

Anonymous said...

There was a glorious report about his plans for Penang, days earlier, before his corrupt charges.

Apparently, he got most of his ideas from Sin.

Anonymous said...

Rb, lucky I read your article as I used to think the country is corrupted to the care! Now that the facts are presented and that its opposite of what Mahathir has said, I think I will be investing my life savings there

b said...

Everyone is corrupted or everyone is corruption free. It all depends how corruption is being defined.

Anonymous said...

By the scribes

Anonymous said...

//They are all clean.//


They are all clean

Which minister now kena investigated?

Don't have what

So all clean lor

The only thing now "not so good" is the ministers all and system dun have the same as west system where public office holders need declare their assets

Many people would stop "sleeping with their eyes both open or one open" if the ministers dare declare their assets when taking office under oath?

Dare or not?

Never do anything wrong scared what?

Anonymous said...

Now mee going liquidate everything in sinkieland including CPF and citizenship down the road if possible and put every egg into matland

Matland boleh

Sinkxxland 开始不行了

South East Asia Sick Man


After old man died?

Now most if not all the successors cmi liao?

Quite Jiat Lat?

Jiak Liao Bee?




Useless leeches and parasites

Anonymous said...

Which idiotic moron kong cum half past 6 白痴 IMH escapee go build casinos in the backyard?

How many people commit suicide?

How many families destroyed by the devxxs who built the casinos in own back yard?

No ability pls resign

Dun 害人了

Where got talent if need to survive on gambling and vices?

Anonymous said...

The 3rd last Emperor of the Qing Dynasty both eyes pasted stamps go married the Empress Dowager

Anonymous said...

According to many stories, before the 15 yo Empress Dowager was brought into the palace, her mother went to seek many fortune tellers

Anonymous said...

After reading the 15 yo Empress Dowager fortune, the only thing most if not all the fortune tellers said was that if they have such a daughter, they would have "killed" Empress Dowager as a baby

Anonymous said...

Bcos her fortune reading indicated that she is the "mother of all jinx"

Anonymous said...

She will bring doom to the country, empire, family and people

In Chinese, her "八字" will "亡国, 亡家, 亡民" 。。。。。。according to the fortune tellers who read her fortune at the behest of her mother

Anonymous said...

It will be TERRIBLE if any cuntry has such a 倒霉 jinx married to the leader of a cuntry

If there is, like Empress Dowager and the Great Qing Dynasty Empire, it collapsed 3 years after this adulterous woman's death

Anonymous said...

Such a jinx woman would ""亡国, 亡家, 亡民" and oso "亡the reserves"

Pray hard there is no such jinx 倒霉 ugly 老太婆 in the midst in south east asia

Anonymous said...

Malaysia Boleh!



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How about whether the bumboat is laden with any foreign corrupted politicians, public officials illicit loot extracted from the masses and poor people in their cuntries of origin?