LKY’s hard truths outdated

There are many thoughts of LKY but not many are outdated. Many are still valid and would be valid for a long time to come. I am just referring to a couple of his thoughts or hard truths that have been superceded by recent events, proving that they are no longer valid.  The first is the belief that Singapore is not ready for an Indian Prime. This is no longer true. From my observation, Singaporeans are ready for an Indian PM plus an Indian President simultaneously. Singaporeans are even ready for a cabinet filled with minority ministers on the principle of meritocracy. As long as they are meritocratic, that is all that Singaporeans want to know and will accept them. Black cat white cat, can catch mouse, good cat.

The second thought, that Singaporeans would vote based on their racial identity, the sole justification for the need for GRC, is coming to question as well. In this case, LKY is partially right, or his thought is still valid to some extent and circumstances. I will use the Bukit Batok by election to support my case.

Let me start with voting by race. How could a minority candidate win an election competing one on one against a majority candidate in a constituency that has 75% of the majority race? This simply says that the majority did not vote by race. Otherwise Murali would at most be left with 25% of the votes presuming all the minorities voted for him and the majority voted for Chee. And throughout the election you could see how popular he was with the Chinese voters, from Hsien Loong down to the grassroot leaders and ordinary voters.

In this by election, very likely the Chinese votes were split 50:50 or 60:40 in favour of Murali. If this was not the case Murali would have no chance of winning. In the case of the Malay voters, it could be the same pattern. The only part of LKY’s thought that is still valid is that the Indian voters would likely vote along racial line, ie more would vote for an Indian candidate. This is the only portion of the thought that is still holding true.

The most important thing, the by election dispelled the basis for the continued existence of GRCs. The majority Chinese would vote based on meritocracy or on party track records. They are colour blind. So, this LKY thought is not wholly true today. And the same argument should also be applicable to the Elected President.

The reasoning and voting on merits among the Chinese is now the dominant force in their thinking or no thinking. The Chinese have embraced meritocracy like it is the golden truth. Race is no longer an issue. They are only capable of thinking on one single factor, nothing more. They are incapable of thinking of other factors like social and political considerations. They could not see anything further than today. What is going to happen tomorrow with the full force of meritocracy is beyond their grasp. Look at how they accept the huge influx of foreigners into the country, how Singaporeans are conveniently being replaced by foreigners in work places for all the wrong reasons? As far as the Chinese Singaporeans are concerned, their mindset is already stuffed with the word meritocracy, and if they are replaced at work or forced to leave this country, it is meritocracy.  They would not think that they have been cheated. Some even concede that this island belongs to anyone that comes here, and everyone and anyone has the right to take over this country as long as they are ‘good’ or ‘betterer’ than the daft Sinkies.

With this kind of mentality, to be generous, one can say the Singaporean Chinese are politically naïve. To be honest, the Singaporean Chinese are political idiots. On this ground, I conclude that the Singaporean Chinese are ready for an Indian PM plus an Indian President at the same time and with minority ministers in charge so long as they are meritocratic. I am not sure if the Malays would think like the idiotic Chinese and accept the same development.

So, the Bukit Batok by election has confirmed two things or thoughts of LKY. The Chinese would not vote on racial grounds. The Chinese are ready for an Indian PM and more. Having an Indian or minority President is not an issue. Many minority Presidents have been appointed and ‘elected’ as well.


patriot said...

Not only in Bukit Batok that Sinkies are colour blind.
Since the Day Sinkies was given Sin, they were blind till today. They were and are conned to believe that ONLY PAPPY DOGS WILL GUARD AND PROTECT SINKIES' INTEREST. THEY BY THE PAP BRAND.

Sinkies are not only Race, Religion and Culturally blind, they are blind to the High Cost of Living.
They are blind to Greed, Cronyism, Nepotism and Other Undesirables.

Sinkies deserve the Masters they have chosen.


patriot said...


My apology


Anonymous said...

He was born in Sin and lived in Sin. But he has since grew to hate Sin and didn't want to be part of Sin.
So he rejected Sin's lifestyle and entrapment. He wants no part of Sin's education, her culture nor does he want to serve or enlisted in Sin's instruments.
Those who love Sin hated him and persecuted him daily. They spitted on him , slapped him, cursed him and his family and even imprison him because he rejected Sin - only to speak against Sin.
Yes, all he did was he spoke bluntly and forcefully against Sin. In fact,he condemned Sin and incensed those who love Sin, many whom are members of the congregation of Sin. Despite the hate, lies and the ill-will levelled at him by those who love Sin , he remained true to himself in shunning Sin and her hypocrisies.

Sin being Sin, would not leave him alone.

The price to be freed from Sin's grasp, he paid with his young blood.

Anonymous said...

"The Chinese would not vote on racial grounds."

That is provided the Chinese opposition candidate is not terribly hated by the PAP. Hence to vote for Chee Soon Juan is definitely a no no, even if his PAP opponent is an ordinary, low profile Muthu, Ali or Georgy Porgy.

But if he/she is from WP, then the Chinese voters may give more votes to the opposition candidate, perhaps even make him/her win in a by election. But 93% chance not so in a general election, because they are very scared PAP govt may be accidentally voted out when the opposition is not even ready to be govt.

So RB, you should not make a general statement like the above. It depends on a case by case basis.

Anonymous said...

Why RB should not make a statement like this? You can agree or disagree with him. Must RB get your permission or agreement before he writes something? You not happy what he writes so he cannot write ya?

Anonymous said...

no time no time no time

singaporeans are working so hard to achieve their KPIs so as to
save their rice bowl to feed their families and to service the
many huge loans......where got spare time to care about politics

whether the candidates are indians, malays, chinese or others, many
have no time to care

many ended up voting the "old brand" ie pap with their eyes closed

this is the real situation on the ground


Anonymous said...

Must RB get your permission or agreement before he writes something?
Anon 9:21 am

Relax, Anon. We don't need permissions from anyone to write what we want.

And since this is RB's blog, he is at liberty to delete whatever comments he don't like or don't want, and the commentators will also get his message.

So don't get so agitated or you may suffer a stroke like HSK. It's not worth it, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

/// On this ground, I conclude that the Singaporean Chinese are ready for an Indian PM plus an Indian President at the same time and with minority ministers in charge so long as they are meritocratic. ///

The Singaporean Chinese are ready to be unemployed and slaves in Singapore.
We are also ready to sell our daughters and wives to non Chinese bulls.

Anonymous said...

The notion that Chinese votes Chinese & GRC schemes to be scrapped r too early to tell. BB BE is only one typical example..what happens if one fine day there is a racial riots or Malaysia or Indonesia or Philippines were to hate or want to attack Spore... Then the racial issues will come to light ..remember the 1998 financial crises when many Chinese killed & many Chinese women raped, then this become a racial issue that could ignite racial riots here anytime, & we need to safeguard this through education & civil awareness. LKY's hard truth is still valid as our neighbours majority r muslims ( I m saying Muslims r bad ok), in time of a terrorist attack, racial or even religious issues become very obvious ..at the current moment we may think we r color blind to race, it's just tat it's yet to be fully tested...

Anonymous said...

Correction from Anon 9.50am. The notion that Chinese votes Chinese & GRC schemes to be scrapped r too early to tell. BB BE is only one typical example..what happens if one fine day there is a racial riots or Malaysia or Indonesia or Philippines were to hate or want to attack Spore... Then the racial issues will come to light ..remember the 1998 financial crises in Indon when many Chinese killed & many Chinese women raped, then this become a racial issue that could ignite racial riots here anytime, & we need to safeguard this through education & civil awareness. LKY's hard truth is still valid as our neighbours majority r muslims ( I m NOT saying that Muslims r bad ok), in time of a terrorist attack, racial or even religious issues become very obvious ..at the current moment we may think we r color blind to race, it's just tat it's yet to be fully tested...

patriot said...

Talking about Heng Swee Kiat or even his superior and predecessor DPM Tharman, the Resident Economist cum Geomancer here at My Singapore News, had done much analyses about their Economic Policies.
Me agrees much with the Resident Anon Economist in his/her readings of the Two Cabinet Members. Also like to add that I think both HSK and Tharman are planning according to the Direction and Instruction of the Mathematician Prime Minister. It's just my personal reading.

It feels horrible when the So-called Founding Father of Sin exhorted Sinkies to work beyond retirement age and worse when his young underlings interpreted old folks working to doing exercise and pastime.

What does our Cabinet Members understand about the Oriental Culture of 享受晚年 and 愉子弄孙???
Retirement ay around 60 in age is almost if not an Universal Practice in all Cultures. Why does the Majority Orientals in Sin advocate otherwise and enslave the Sinkies for economic purpose? Greed at the Expense of happiness is the Only Reason I could think of. And greed had permeated deep into the Sinkies that's been inculcated by their Rulers.

If expurts in Economics are ONLY interested in growing money and not other aspects of living, woes betide the Sinkies, they shall be slaves to their GREEDS IN MATERIALISM.

Many in Cyberspace opined that Karma is at play.
I wish that Sinkies be less superstitious, but, as many have no control over their own fate while under the Control of the Rulers they have chosen, Karma could very well be the Only Explanation.

Karma when attributed to only
individuals may not be too damaging. However, if Karma befalls on a country, it shall be very ominous.

Like to hear more from the Resident Economist cum Geomancer.


Anonymous said...

The Chee by election lost case is a wrong case to use to justify to scrap GRCs.

That's why I hope PAP will continue with GRCs, not only to get minority candidates elected, but also to give PAP an advantage over the opposition. Hence I believe PAP will not scrap GRCs, just I believe Chee Soon Juan will not win in future elections.

Better still for PAP, Tan Cheng Bock will not qualify for President if minority rule kicks in for next President, whether elected or appointed.

Anonymous said...

"My main job is to keep my job, to get reelected. It takes precedence over everything."

"Voters are incredibly ignorant and know little about our form of government and how it works."

"We spend money we don't have and blithely mortgage the future with a wink and a nod. Screw the next generation."

"It's about getting credit now, lookin' good for the upcoming election."


jjgg said...

The hardest truth....what u say isn't worth an asses' fart if you are dead n gone..)))))

patriot said...

As regard 含饴弄孙, since the Local took over Sin, the Leadership had intentionally or otherwise overlooked this Oriental Aspect of Living.

Most Sin Families are broken
up and family members relationships are no better than neighbours. Like to add that neighbours relationships are also nowhere near he Kampong Spirit of yesteryears.

There are much harping on racial harmony and interaction all these years, but the Propaganda does not seem to work. Now with more aliens from PRC, India, Philippine, Myanmar and Elsewhere, racial issues have become more complex.

All in all, the Action and Deed of the Sin Regime in their Policy Makings run against their Propaganda of making this tiny rock a better place, when they took power. Yet Sinkies are most willing to be manipulated and kowtow to their Rulers.

Lamentable at the Least.


Anonymous said...

Sinkies whether 70% or 30% as human beans, IMHO, should pray for HSK ........

It ( deeply ) pains anyone to see someone collapsed due to overwork.

HSK most probably must have pushed himself too hard ( and by circumstances and other factors ? ) to remedy and restructure sinkieland's economy ........ after taking over the portfolio barely less than 8 months ago .........

Anonymous said...

Foremost, his family must be feeling deeply saddened by his sudden affliction and in indescribable pains and sorrows.

The most important thing firstly is for the best to be accorded him in his treatment and pray for the best outcome in terms of his health and well being.

Support should and must be extended to his family ( as much as possible ) so that they stay strong and resilient during this period.

Anonymous said...

Afterall, he collapsed during performance of official duties for sinkieland

Besides the personal front, sinkieland now suddenly finds itself without the service of one of its best up and coming "strikers" in the economic front

Currently, many are "defenders", "goalkeepers" etc ....... and not many experienced replacement "strikers" .....?

Anonymous said...

...sinkieland now suddenly finds itself without the service of one of its best...
Anon 11:49 am

Really meh? I thought he is quite sama sama (same same) with Tharman, based on the budget he presented?

PAP ministers normally think alike, and PAP MPs also voted alike on issues in Parliament, or else they won't be there, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

This morning, at least on appearance and probably the case, most if not all people young and old, students and working adults, in typical sinkieland's resilience, calmness, discipline ...... etc went about their work, studies, exams etc ...... ( Many students having their exams during this period ) ......

However, analytically, after the PM, the next most crucial position is arguably that of the FM?

Before and after Sept 2015 GE, already mentioned several times the most "difficult" portfolio is arguably not "MOT" as many thought and presumed but "MOF" ( or whichever portfolio that oversees the general well being of the economy ....... )

Anonymous said...

It is probably not easy to be a politician and somemore a crucial one among the "seniors"?

He cannot be seen to be "reckless" in his first budget, can he?

As FM, there are many constraints ( budget or otherwise ) that one has to contend with far more than can be imagined or meets the eye?

Anonymous said...

Some crucial "restructuring" ( economic or otherwise ) may be "in jeopardy, delayed or even shelved indefinitely" .......?

It is not easy being a leader, much less under such circumstances?

Hopefully, wisdom prevails and the right mix ( of people and methodology ) deployed to plug the gap ( for now ) due to the " unexpected injury" of a key economic "striker" in the team?

Anonymous said...

The hard truth is Singapore citizens savings cpf is at the control of a magic figure called minimum sum. This figure go up, more than 50% get no small sums, not a cent.

The reason cpf members get controlled sums is because they "can live up to 82". This is the old man s hard truth lah. The old had already gotten his own.

What was the hard truth behind? "82 year old"? No. Its sg govt debt is so huge against its own GDP, sg has to control payment to its own debtors, the people. This is the real hard truth. Be prepared for worst, as export is declining for 2 years. This is the most killing hard truth of all hard truth.

Hard truth is singapore products are not salable, despite the numerous "free trade agreements". Cheap also cannot win S Koreans. How? That is the most difficult hard truth: hardlanding on the butt.

Anonymous said...

May the DIVINE bless sinkies and sinkieland during difficult periods?

And bless the leadership with making the right turns and push the right buttons during this period and going forward?

There is time for political differences and there is time to coalesce as team sg to confront difficult periods.

Anonymous said...

Now and going forward could well be one such time ......

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Lee Kuan Yew was a man for his time.

Now Singaporeans are more educated. The better educated the population, the less the issue of "race" has to do with voting. Better educated population means eventually more wealth, more wealth means more travel and exposure to other cultures. Education tends to decrease in-out groupness. Globally too, the more a particular nations development, the more "differences" are accepted and integrated into the culture.

For e.g.: the issue of "race" decreases, as well as homophobia, the decrease in religiosity and superstition, and treating women as "property" instead of fully actualized humans.

Of course there will always be some throwbacks who'll cling onto past bigotry, tribalism and in-out groupness. They make life interesting and add comedy to our daily lives.

Anonymous said...

There is time for political differences and there is time to coalesce as team sg to confront difficult periods.
May 13, 2016 12:13 pm

There is no Team Singapore you Alien loving bastard.
If you want Singaporeans to help out, share some of your million dollar salaries with us.
Stop asking us to subsidize you with kampung spirit.
Kampung spirit cannot feed our families.

You want help from Singaporeans. Pay for it.

Anonymous said...

"Be prepared for worst, as export is declining for 2 years. This is the most killing hard truth of all hard truth."
Anon 12:10 pm

So what? Didn't the PAP still win the elections? And even by elections? Are there even legal protests in Hong Lim Park, let alone on the streets, like in other countries?

Anonymous said...

"This is the most killing hard truth..."
Anon 12:10 pm

Kill who? And does it matter if they are killed?

Anonymous said...

@ May 13, 2016 12:13 pm

There are no Singaporeans in Team Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:41pm
Correct. More should be voting for Pap, 70% is modest lah. Of course no protest at Hong Lim. U wanta know why? Let me tell u: the export industries mostly hire pinoys and indians pmets to do the jobs, not hiring singaporeans.

Smart citizens will vote for Pap.

U dont need for me to explain further lah. U smart fellow. The by election is well justified too. Let Pap win.

b said...

One or two rats is okay. A bunch or group of rats and lots of diseases will follow. Keep them small and simple.

Anonymous said...

Uncle RB: // There are many thoughts of LKY but not many are outdated. //

After 50 years of conditioning ( and so-called "world class" education ), there is ONE HARDTRUTH "not often picked up":

### A general "Qualitative" Deficiency in the education system leading to the same in values, attitude and mindsets of the general sinkies? ###

Empirically, it can be proven in some simple tests or happenings such as say in a sizeable sub-precinct of 3 to 5 blocks of flats.

Assuming you paid a visit to a relative in a particular area on a particular day say during a Monday evening at 6pm and when night falls after say 7.30pm onwards, the sub-precinct open carpark was 一片的黑暗 。。。。。。

Alas, if you pay your relative a visit again say at the end of the week on Fri night after nightfall, there is a high probability the open space carpark is still pitch dark ......?

That's where you start losing respect for the LEEDERS and system and values and attitudes and mindsets etc etc in this barren rock?


If you do a simple math calculation of 4 blocks of residents, that should add up to about 2,400 residents on the average from babies to grannies with people between 20s and 60s forming the bulk but not a single soul ( with a high probability ) bother to lift their fingers and make a 30 seconds to 1 min call to alert the relevant agency of the black out?

For anyone well-versed in Statistics, this is "APPALLING" .......?

The Chinese have a phrase:


What have all the education ministers since TT in the mid 80s onwards been doing all these years with the education system?

Therefore, the prognosis is quite bleak?

Not withstanding the unfortunate and saddening incident of our FM collapsing recently and the need of sinkies rallying behind to ensure minimal downside, from such incidents of ( inaction during ) neighbourhood blackouts, the qualitative deficiency in the general overall education of the young and values, attitudes etc of the old as well as middle age adults is "TELLING"?

After 50 years of "conditioning like dogs" ( words of old man when he was in Australia in the late 1990s ), this is the general outcome?

In other words, less mentioning ONE HSK, even "TEN" HSK might not be able to "remedy" the "deep seated and rooted malaise" plaguing sinkieland?

This is something the LEEDERSHIP, amidst their daily "enjoying of luxuries in 50,000 sq ft castle-like villas and good class bungalows ( GCBs )", "gargling with bird nest every morning", "slurping down mouthful after mouthful of shark fins soup during dinner" ...... etc etc needs to REFLECT on ( but no high hope place on them ) ......?

After this HSK ( unfortunate ) incident, perhaps some pertinent questions ordinary sinkies can start pondering are:

(1) What are the so-called 4th generation LEEDERS thinking deep in their hearts?

(2) What are the "seniors" in the team thinking?

(3) What is the core "LEEDERSHIP" thinking?

Well, the answers to such questions COULD BE the hardtruths uncle RB and Co are trying to drive or arrive at .....?

Ultimately "解铃还需系铃人"?

Can the "general malaise" plaguing sinkieland be rid or remedied?

How long will it take?

What does it take?

Will it work in the end?

Or the trajectory is inevitable?

The die is cast?

The fate is sealed?

Uncle Patriot mentioned something about "ominous"?

Should not uncle Patriot ( a wise experienced oldie? ) be the actual resident geomancer than a "youngish sinkie"?

Talking abt geomancy, below is something that a renowned overseas geomancer wrote about the region ( S E ASIA ) and sinkieland during the start of the year :

" ....... 印尼出事 。。。。。。。。, 新xx今年有事, 。。。李xx及新xx均凶星临门, 且看天运对新xx的眷顾有多少了。"

Nothing is 100% certainty?

Anonymous said...

But there is a saying :

"行事在于人, 成事在于天"?

On the other hand, others said:


Everyone is entitled to what they choose ( to believe in )?

IMHO, actions affect destiny, and destiny affects actions .......

Perhaps, the following phrase ( by the same overseas renowned geomancer ) can "shine a guiding light for sinkieland's future":

"爱上自己的品牌, 无论是什么也可来个异路功名的。"

How people interpret what this ( foreign renowned ) geomancer said depends on their wisdom 了 。。。。。。?

IMHO, "自己的品牌" does not necessarily mean only "products or services brands" but could encompass say for a cuntry your own people, eg. Sinkies .......

In other words, "grow/ cultivate to love your own brands" ( including your own people, which is sinkies? ) and "success can come from the most and many unexpected areas" .......?

Hope the time spent to think, analyse and write ( for zero dollar and cent ) in such things are taken in good faith ( by IBS and oppies alike ) and not be misconstrued ( as bad intentions by some ).

If such efforts ( ultimately ) lead to an overall better outcome for sinkies and sinkieland, that would be the "payoff" ...... nothing more, nothing less.

Nothing else is desired for such efforts.

Uncle Patriot, hope " the above answered your curiosity " .......?

Anonymous said...

To be fair, there are at least some "pockets of silver linings" and hopefully there are more ......?

And not all hopes are lost for now ......?

Nothing is absolute in this world .....?

Anonymous said...

One example is our primary school children ......

Or rather some Primary School children from a "traditional name Primary School" in the East of sinkieland ........

Most "surprisingly", this primary school is in lao goa's ward ..... surprise? Surprise?

Anonymous said...

One past incident invoked what the foreign renowned geomancer said about human ( beans ) nature:

"很多人很天真, 以为骂人会使人聪明些, 其实任何人都只受"软"不受"硬"的! 一切的劝导, 都要用"软"功, 软功最易成功, 通常由称赞开始。"

So, the silver lining is this ......

Anonymous said...

Was passing by one heartland area running some errant one afternoon and from a distance saw one old lady carrying a few plastic bags of groceries slipping and tumbled onto the ground .......

Was running towards her immediately when seemingly out of nowhere, a group of primary school boys and girls surrounded the old lady and attended to her ......

So decided to "observe" than stepped in to "intervene" as the sch children already managed to help the lady sit up and there was another adult companion attending to her ......

Anonymous said...

After a while, the lady managed to stand up with some help and her companion helped her to a nearby seat with the assistance of 2 of the primary school children ......

The rest of the group of boys and gals were seen picking up the old lady's sandals and scattered groceries and groceries bags and bringing them to her ......

It was spontaneous and they just did as a group without any prompting and those kids look no more like primary 3 or 4 school children and themselves were already carrying and lugging their own heavy school bags and some files and books.......

Anonymous said...

"Small incident" but it says something "BIG" ......?

Anonymous said...

And the helpful kids came from lao goa's ward primary school ......

Ominous too?

So there is nothing "ABSOLUTE"?

Anonymous said...

In the past under old guards, society was more "good" than "bad"?

But now, it could be the converse?

So the change should be to reverse it?

Anonymous said...

Keep working on it until the tide turns and there are more "good" than "bad" in sinkieland?

Then whatever malaise there are, they have lesser chance to sink roots and no or little chance to "capsize" the sampan ?

Unfettered greed, utter selfishness, self-serving hypocrisy and you die your business are some of the "bads" sinkieland need to rid "to save the sampan" .....?

Anonymous said...

Some Primary 3 or 4 school children have taken the lead and set GOOD examples for adults and oldies ( lao goa included? ) to "follow"?

Anonymous said...

A caring and inclusive society is not achieved in "MERE WORDS" .....?

But in setting good examples .....?

And concrete actions ........?

By concrete actions, it is not referring to "concrete actions" to hike ERP charges, Jack up COEs, increase the indirect tax burdens on the people such as "BS ASSET INFLATION" just to fatten multiple properties owners bank accounts and wealth ......

Concrete actions are to reduce wastages such as digging and covering back same spots several times a years, lesser deadwoods and cost centres in the system to "bleed the people dry", more spendings on sinkies than say splurging on aliens unconditionally with taxpayers monies etc ......

Give the people something to cherish, some intangibles that will stick than another piece of hardware that will lose its shine after a while, some intangibles to forge a sense of belonging than making people feel like a heap of loose sand .......

As one example, look at many of the malls ......

It seems like an endless vicious cycle of dust and renovations to outdo each other and nothing much else .....?

What kind of solid economic growth and development can emerge out of such activities?

What kind of winners can emerge from such vicious cycles of tear and build, build and tear other than the entire barren rock looking more and more like a giant construction site each passing day?

Renewal is no doubt important but when it becomes the main source of economic activities and growth, the "sampan" is likely heading into "troubled water"?

Resources are not unlimited?

The first priority is to channel the limited resources to the highest benefits and returns endeavours?

Not projects after projects of wasteful dig and cover back, tear and build, build and tear?

Do people really cherish a relatively new hawker centre just renovated not too long ago being torn down and rebuilt?

Wouldn't the taxpayers monies be better spent somewhere else, more productively and efficiently?

It is either now or never?

No more time for procrastination or foot dragging 了?

patriot said...

Dear Anon 1107 AM
14 May 2016.

Very well said.

The 70% Dafts are impressed
with the Digging and Covering
and seem to like them.
They also love deadwoods, even those that had turn to ash and dirt, recalling and invoking them infrequently.
Lee Kuan Yew, Toh Chin Chye, Hon Sui Sen, Rajaratbam, Jeyaretnam, Tommy Koh, Lim Chong Yah etc are recalled fondly.
Then we have Goh Chok Tong and Tony Tan coming in now and then to play their ceremonial but substanceless roles as elders.

Despite the Many Ominous Signs of problem and trouble, Sinkies are fine and happy.
Maybe digging creates jobs and covering hides the Ugliness of outdated infrastructures poorly planned when they were built. How many schools were demolished and rebuilt, how many other buildings and places had to be upgraded??

Btw, other than NTUC Supermarkets at Changi Airport, how are the Other Commercial Entities there are performing, especially the Electronics, Fashion, Baggage Retailers etc?


independent individual said...

The individual has rights.