Japan deserves an apology for the Atomic bombs?

Three articles appeared in the Today paper on 25 May discussing the merits of an apology from Obama to Japan. The three forumers looked at the issue from different perspectives. All referred to an earlier article ‘Atomic bombs unnecessary as Japan had plans to surrender’. 

A Japanese, Shigeru Ichige and a Mohammad Ali Aziz, took on a similar angle though the Japanese brought in the point that Russia had invaded Manchuria and Japan was about to surrender. Mohammad’s main point was the loss of innocent Japanese civilian lives. What is the important factor to both was the face or personalities involved.  To Shigeru, it was important that the Emperor’s title was safe and he was pleased that the ‘United States’ foresight to safeguard the emperorship’ that ended the war, with the help of the two Atomic bombs.

In the same line of thought, Mohammad said that if Obama were to apologise, he would be elevated to the same ‘stature of great leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy.’ So for fame and stature, Obama should apologise, not because of the loss of innocent lives or the right or wrong of the whole savage affair of invading Asia and SE Asia by the Japanese Imperial Army that led to 24 million lives loss against the few thousand Japanese cooked in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the Americans.

Both took a very narrow view of the war and totally ignored the brutality of the Japanese, their acts of war and the killing of millions of innocent lives and destruction of the economies of countries affected by the invasion.

The third writer, Chen Jun Yi, gave a more rounded coverage of the whole issue, about the great loss of lives and how the countries were greatly affected and more lives would be destroyed should the war continue. He quoted, and many must have forgotten or not told, of tiny East Timor that lost 70,000 lives out of a population of 480,000 to the Japanese. Did anyone care about these innocent lives or did the Japanese bother to apologise to them, and the 24 million killed and many more millions suffered by the savages from Japan? Not important, no need to bother. The innocent lives of the Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were more important?

And why should Obama apologise? Did anyone understand the state of mind of the Americans and their leaders like Roosevelt when the innocent Americans were bombed while still in bed, having their sweet dreams in Pearl Harbour?  From the day Pearl Harbour was bombed, the incensed Americans were fuming and waiting to avenge that darkest hours in their history, to deliver the same dessert to the Japanese in Tokyo.  The Americans were preparing for it since to avenge the death of their innocent fellow men. Anyone still think Obama should apologise? Obama would be kicked of out the White House in disgrace if he did that. There were more American boys and girls killed as a result of the unprovoked war inflicted on the Americans and the sneak attack on Pearl Harbour.

Commenting on the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki without understanding the unprovoked aggressive invasion of Asia and SE Asia by the Japanese Imperial Army and the atrocities and hideous crimes committed to the innocent people in these countries, the destruction of their lies, homes and countries, resulting in 24 m death and more millions maimed is like a three season man claiming that there is no winter. The savage crimes committed by the Japanese cannot be atoned by the two Atomic bombs. And the Japanese got the cheek to ask for apologies and ignoramus agreed that this is so.


Anonymous said...

"The savage crimes committed by the Japanese cannot be atoned by the two Atomic bombs."

Tiok. But luckily for USA, the Japanese did not have Atomic bombs at that time to retaliate back. Or else no eye see.

But now things are different. Even a country like North Korea now has Atomic bomb. So now USA cannot anyhow use Atomic bombs, or else all will die together. A strong deterrent against the use, indeed.

Now the "bomb" is to explode to make their citizens lose their jobs in their own countries.

Anonymous said...

I think LHL deserves an apology for the 30% of votes that went against PAP.

Anonymous said...

Why should Obama apologize? The Japs never apologize to all Asians & even went to the extent of changing the Japs WWII history ad though they r the victims...& even after so many years the Japs r still unrepentant...where is justice in this world?...

Anonymous said...

where is justice in this world?...
May 26, 2016 9:42 am

This is because Asian nations are not yet ready to be government, I mean rich.
If Asian nations are ready to be rich, then everybody will apologize to you.

It's like that in a hypocritical Asian culture.
When your rich father dies, everybody will also come to your funeral.
But if your poor father dies, nobody wants to come.
Afraid they have to give or lend you money.

Anonymous said...

You want justice in Asia?
Then you must be rich.
If you are not rich, it's better you emigrate to the western countries.

Is this why Singaporeans welcome billionaires to come to Singapore?
Because we think billionaires will give us more money?
Something for nothing?

Anonymous said...

If CSJ wants to be elected, then he better be a millionaire.
Because Singaporeans will seldom if ever vote for a non-Millionaire.
We are slaves.
Slaves will only vote for Emperors.

Anonymous said...

The Japs are now telling the Americans that the Japs are victims of Americans and not the other way. And some stupid Americans think it is so.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.00am & 10.04am u mean $$$=Justice, then u mind r corrupted.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.00am & 10.04am u mean $$$=Justice, then u mind r corrupted.
May 26, 2016 10:27 am

In Singapore, if you have no money, can you get Davinder Singh to defend you against a libel lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

If Japan is not useful as a bulwark and leverage against China
- you think America will apologize?

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, if you do not vote wisely;
You think your son will not have to do National Service for 10 years?

Anonymous said...

It is not about right and wrong and justice.

It is about who needs who.
It is about barter trading.
I do this for you, you do that for me.
If I vote for you, you do that for me (e.g. return my cpf money in full at 55)

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.34am
In Singapore, if you have no money, can you get Davinder Singh to defend you against a libel lawsuit?

..u mind is not only corrupted but also hopeless...if go according to ur tot then there will be no JBJ & CSJ here ( look they got no $$$ but yet they still survive except the former passed away).

Anonymous said...

It is nice to know that anonymous 10.34am is a fan a fan of DS!


Anonymous said...

Rb // Japan deserves an apology for the Atomic bombs?//

The "Jiak Liao Bee" millionaires "oso need an apology from sinkies"?


Mr ex-Buttock oso "worked TIRELESSLY day and night" without rest for the .....?

Anonymous said...

Rb //And the Japanese got the cheek to ask for apologies and ignoramus agreed that this is so.//

Ya la?

In Buttock, was the husband needed to bow and kowtow and apologise to one ugly botak for trespassing his wife's pte parts?

How blatant?

Anonymous said...

In Buttock;
If you fuck my wife; you must give me something in return ... correct?
Otherwise I open my mouth then how?
Not every Sinkie is so stupid you know.

Anonymous said...

@ May 26, 2016 10:48 am

But what I say is correct.
Davinder Singh got ever defend CSJ or JBJ or not?

Anonymous said...

If CSJ dare to say;
+ Vote for SDP and we will stop National Service.
+ Vote for SDP and we will return your cpf money in full at 55 years
+ vote for SDP and we will have a "Singaporean First" employment policy

Then everything becomes clear.
If I vote for SDP, this is how I benefit.

If I vote for SDP ... This is what they will do for me.
If I vote for PAP ... that is what they will do to me.

Barter trade.
Something for something.
My vote is not for free.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hahaha... the motherfucking Nips haven't apologised for SHIT. They even changed their kid's history books to reflect Japan's "awesomeness", conveniently leaving out the part where they fucked Asia (except India...their "friend" apparently because India was fighting the Brits for independence), and China in particular.

Obama is just apologizing"nuclear for the "nuclear justice". By apologizing to Japan, he is giving China (and the rest of Asia---except India, they were Japan's friend in the war) an almighty SLAP, a huge "lose face" for generations past (the ones who suffered under the brutal Nips), and the present.

Anonymous said...

When Obama first became president, he met jap emporer and bowed very low to a perfect 90degree bend to him which made his american people very very angry. Now that he is ending his presidency, he goes there to apologise. What's the hell he got in his blood, jap blood?

We can never never never forget or forgive the japs for the cruel systematic killings, rapes, skinning humans alive, mutilating women breasts and vaginas, inhuman tortures, cutting up of live humans for testing with germs, gassing prisoners etc etc carried out by the japenises in WWII.

Not only they refuse to admit and apologise, instead they try to white wash history to make themselves as victims!

Anonymous said...

If Obama apologises, hope the families and descendants of those murdered in Pearl Harbour and those Americans died fighting the Japanese in the Pacific War will curse him.

b said...

There were reasons to believe why they bombed that two locations instead of kyoto or tokyo. They were conducting horrific experiments with the west using chinese people for experiment. The atomic effect can erase all evidences that the west was involved with the japs all along.

Anonymous said...

/// Hahaha... the motherfucking Nips haven't apologised for SHIT. ///
May 26, 2016 12:28 pm

" With Singapore's full independence from Malaysia on 9 August 1965, the Singapore government made another request to Japan for reparations and an apology. On 25 October 1966, Japan agreed to pay S$50 million in compensation, half of which was a grant and the rest as a loan. Japan did not make an official apology. "


Singaporeans have already been paid off with $50 million dollars to the PAP government.
So stop complaining and crying with crocodiles.
You really think the lives of Chinese slaves are worth that much?

When Mao Zedong and Qin Shi Huan was busy killing (or benefiting) millions of Chinese citizens with their Cultural Revolution and Unification of the Seven Warring States ...
You think they got compensate the victims with $50 million dollars?

So we Chinese slaves should be grateful to the Japanese for their generosity.
Nobody treats Chinese slaves worse than Chinese Emperors.

And you can always trust the daft Chinese slaves to love their emperors for exploiting and killing them.
Even Negro slaves are not as stupid as Chinese slaves