ISIS is an American’ally on steroids’

The deceit of the American regime in creating the ISIS to perpetuate wars and disorder in the Middle East has finally been exposed by Putin. Putin cheekily but seriously proposed to the Americans for joint strikes against their ‘ally on steroids’ ISIS and expectedly this was rejected by the Americans. How could the American destroy this beast they so cleverly nurtured to be the destructive power they needed to keep the Arabs forever in conflict, forever killing each other and their countries forever in ruins, and needing to pay for all the food and weapons in their war torn countries? And sad to say, many Arab leaders and countries are part of the willing pawns to fuel the neverending conflict in the region and in their own countries.

ISIS will not be destroyed by the Americans. The Americans are fully behind them, supporting, feeding, financing and arming them to create chaos in the Middle East. Read what this author has to say about the Americans and their ISIS.  We know Hillary Clinton is the mother of ISIS, but hear this. Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.”  He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site athttp://empireexposed.blogspot.co.id/

Putin’s air strikes in Syria are doing what Obama’s fake efforts never could, actually killing terrorists and forcing 3000 of them to run for shelter back to their support bases in Turkey. In the first week alone Russian air strikes destroyed 40% of Islamic jihadists’ infrastructure. The highly touted buffer zone that US-NATO-Turkey insist on maintaining in Syria is no less than their cover to ensure that ISIS’ supply line from Turkey remains open and protected. But Syrian and Kurdish forces with Russian air support are closing in on even cutting off the buffer zone that in effect will leave a bruised and battered ISIS forces under siege. In a feeble attempt to save face earlier this month while Putin was eradicating Obama’s terrorists, Obama continued to defiantly keep his Islamic State-Al Nusra supply line open in Syria by airdropping yet 50 more tons of arms to the very enemy he is supposed to be fighting against for over a year now. The world is waking up and now onto the traitor president – Barack Hussein Obama.’

The only saving grace from the ISIS devil is that some ISIS members really hate the Americans and would kill Americans when they could. Not all ISIS members are traitors to their cause and would willingly die for the Americans and do their biddings. The Americans are happy as long as the problem with ISIS is localised in the Middle East, Arabs killing Arabs, Muslims killing Muslims. The fear is when ISIS spreads out to other parts of the world, to Europe and the US homeland. For as long as the ISIS remains where they are, they are a very useful American tool for chaos and destruction.

The phrase ‘ally on steroids’ is coined by Joachim Hagopian. There are many righteous Americans like Joachim that are writing furiously about the evil and wickedness of the American regime but the main stream media refused to give them the space to tell the Americans and the world the truth.


Anonymous said...

ISIS was reported to have sold oil at dirt cheap rate. Reports also linked to a president and his son on trading ISIS oil. Putin Russia is selling oil. The fake american bombing efforts began to show up after few months of bombing a small group of warriors who seemed getting bigger. Putin acted by placing his bombers on the right positions to get rid of the illegal oil trade. His reason was to cut off the source of finance for ISIS. That was an effective act.
Even the ex London governor Boris commented Russians were more effective than Americans in the middle east.

It seems that Russian weapons are selling well. China is a big buyer. Iran is another in the middle east. Thailand, Indonesia were also talking in Sohbi days back.

China openly alleged Japanese officials are 2 face men. 1 moment looks friendly, next moment becomes the enemy when talking to different countries. American is far more difficult to deal with. Obama is someone the world in asia cannot put all their money on. Putin may be more consistent and predictable. Xi is certainly the deep pocket if he likes that country. Bangali Paki are the beneficiaries. Modi and Abe have fight. With Putin, IsIs is hard as Turkey is not so well off after helping the west to shoot down a jet.

Anonymous said...

"And sad to say, many Arab leaders and countries are part of the willing pawns to fuel the neverending conflict in the region and in their own countries."

Not really lah. Just like the 70% who voted for the PAP in GE 2015, the Arab leaders and countries in their opinion are making a less evil choice by being part of the willing pawns to fuel the neverending conflict in the region and in their own countries. Because not to be a willing pawn will be even worse. Just look at Saddam of Iraq and Gaddafi of Libya and you will know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, the white gods would invite them to heaven. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Sin has their own local version of ISIS too. You just need to spot them. They are everywhere sharing the same spirit

Michael Lou .......Amos's tweet (3 hrs ago) : ... "I see lee hsien loong shitting his pants after viewing my new video, desperately wanting to send me to jail. But alas, it is legal grin emoticon grin emoticon "
He is clearly in delusion, aka being led by the devil. IOW, his mind has an evil influence n he is acting on it.
.......Everyone has an evil influence in their minds, but good people do not act on them, eg thoughts of immoral sexual lust, hate, anger, greed, jealousy, etc. Good people do not go n commit adultery, rape, murder, stealing, etc.
.......This is like the picture of a person having the devil on his/her left shoulder whispering evil things to him/her n an angel on his/her right shoulder whispering against those evil things.

Anonymous said...

Talking to imaginary friend/enemy is sign of....mental illness?

Anonymous said...

Never throw pearls to swine when they come feed, tio bo

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

ISIS is another failure of American foreign policy. It is not the first.

The US meddle with other cuntries internal politics and fund "rebel" groups, and train "rebel leaders" like Osama bin Laden, and then due to human nature, these buggers change their minds about being an "American pawn for American global dominance" and become America's #1 enemy.

Osama bin Laden's message to the US was very clear: get the fuck out of the Middle East...or else.... So Nobel Peace Prize laureate Obama had Osama bin Laden legally murdered. Way to go SEAL Team 6!

American's are the masters of playing global politics...even though their cock-ups come back to haunt them. When Hillary wins the presidency, she is going to fuck with Asian politics and turn Asian cuntries against each other.

Any other scenario, is not an option. If there is instability in the world, America's role as "global policeman" is secured.

Asia, you are going to be Hillary's bitch. Hope you like being fucked by a huge strap-on dildo.

Anonymous said...

Wuuuuu....Kishore Mahbubani Babel talk

Contrary to what some assert, Islam is fully compatible with modernization. When Malaysia built the Petronas Towers and Dubai built Burj Khalifa, they were not just erecting physical structures but also sending a metaphysical message: we want to be part of the modern world in all dimensions.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 312:

>> Islam is fully compatible with modernization <<

Hahhahaha...yeah, right.

And the women will keeping pumping out babies...out-breeding every other culture.

Anonymous said...

It is called...fusion of civilisation. Sin think tank mover and shaker of lunjiao . White trash top adviser

Anonymous said...

'American's are the masters of playing global politics...even though their cock-ups come back to haunt them. When Hillary wins the presidency, she is going to fuck with Asian politics and turn Asian cuntries against each other.'

You are giving the Americans too much credit. It is the fools and stupids around that world that could not think and could not see the evil in the Americans and chose to believe in them. These stupids are everywhere, esp in Asia and Africa. The most conspicuous are the bananas in Singapore and Asia. They will swear father and mother that the Americans are angels sent by God to liberate the world.

Sillies are born every day.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 509:

>> You are giving the Americans too much credit. <<

Actually, not enough credit. They are savvy enough to take full advantage of the "fools and stupids" you mentioned.

Plus all these "fools and stupids" love the banana fake currency aka "USD" which is based purely on debt, and in a perfect world would be less valuable than toilet paper.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) we don't live in a perfect world. We live in a quirky world occupied by 7+ billion quirky human beings.

The Americans just understand human nature better than everyone else. They are ex-spurts at playing to basest of human emotions and animal instincts. Like it or not, American culture---in its whole or bits of it---dominate the world. American culture "squeezes out" local or domestic cultures. Young people all over the world "want to be like an American".

American culture is SEDUCTIVE and SEXY. Your "fools and stupids" just soak it up. They want it. They crave it.

So how?

Anonymous said...

Did you not notice the penis chief from the north being poked by ISIS?
Don't screw with Sin gods. They like back side hole very much

Veritas said...

Sunni is now hopeless. You cant shout Salam allekom the whole day and expect your tribe to create rocket science and produce people like those in Google.

The only way loser Sunni can win is by fucking and produce lots of kids.

These kids then become cancer of society full of hate. For example when Isetan tudung babe got fired for selling boutiques on Ninja turtle costume, the entire Malay blame chinese of racism, though this has nothing to do with Chinese.

And when the entire world become Sunni, the earth will be Afghan or Syria version 2.0, unless you have oil gushing out on the backyard.

So Sunni fucking and spawning will produce fucking outcome for humanity.

The only good thing Sunni fucking will bring to the world is to cause war, murder and rape everywhere in the future when everyone is 100% Sunni. Then according to their book Allah will come down and judge why human race is so fuck up.

Human race is fuck up precisely because Sunni fuck up too much.

Anonymous said...

Veritas said...
Our elites must have long know the truth that Sunni is the cock sucker of USA. They choose not to tell us, and want us to be "sensitive" to these sonofabitch.

There is one local blogger of name barrie bear, who keep preaching how to suck USA cock, mind masturbation, so that his own tribe become a piece of shit.

Malay Sunni has longed ditch their own name and adopted arab one. Only Indonesian Javanese and Sundanese got guts are still remember their own name.

Only Veritas love Sunni and point out the truth.

But I see Sunni would not change. The next better way to help Sunni is to build a dozen of mad people hospital and send these people for a mind check.
May 22, 2016 8:53 pm

Veritas, I have deleted a few paras that are too close to home and reposted the rest of the post above. Just leave your comments on international matters. Redbean

Veritas said...

Sunni despite all their shit still have hope, not unlike the old days Christian. Sunni are just misguided by their leaders, notably the Al Saud family as well as idiots like UMNO, into masturbation.

There are Sunni who wake up their fucking ideas, like those PKK kurds. Thank you Karl Marx.

The MOST hopeless civilization is hindus.

Hindus is the MOST fuck up civilization in this whole planet and they deserve 100% to go extinct. Initially the entire SE Asia are Hindus/Dharmic, and thank God Islam came and wipe out Hindus.

Sunni despite how fuck up they are still care about their own tribe. Hindus DONT care.

The Hindus elite are simply numb when they see their own people dying, starving. living miserably.

They think this is karma, and by doing wicked things against their neighbors, it help to cleanse sin, by making people suffer.