If China shuts its door to the Little Red Dot

Up to the 70s, Singapore citizens could not visit PRC freely. There were conditions like being seniors or getting special approval from the govt should Singaporeans want to visit China. Likewise it was not easy for a Chinese citizen to visit Singapore unless being sponsored. What we have taken for granted today, the free movement of people and trade are not normal during the days of Cold War when communism was Enemy Number One and China was a communist country, and also very poor.

Things changed in from mid 1970s and after the visit of Deng Xiao Ping in 1978. Diplomatic relations took a dramatic change with LKY making visits to China and a special relationship and rapport were developed between the two leaders. There was an understanding to work closely for the benefits of both countries. Singapore was a shining example of what a new country could do and to transform itself into an economic miracle. Many Chinese delegations came and gone, to study how Singapore did it, and Singapore delegations too visited China to share our experience.

Singapore was special to China and Lee Kuan Yew and his senior ministers had very close relationships with their counterparts with Goh Keng Swee stationing himself in China as special economic advisors after his retirement from political office. Today, both these men have gone. Relations between the two countries are still very good. But no one in Singapore has the same kind of rapport and relationship that LKY had with China’s leadership.  There were a lot of admiration and respect and deference to LKY when he was still around.

With the departure of LKY, would the relationship between China and Singapore still be on the same level or plane, that China would still have a special place for Singapore, to listen to what Singapore is saying? LKY could say anything he wanted about China, encouraging the Americans to be in the region to counter the influence of China to the chagrin of China’s leadership. They kept quiet and at times gave a silent smile to the position of Singapore, standing up to China and snuggling closely in bed with the Americans. Could this state of affair continue without LKY?

If we are to read the media and the speech by Bilahari Kausikan, the position of Singapore towards China and the balancing act with the Americans are still the same, business as usual, only the personalities have changed.

In the absence of LKY, in the absence of that special rapport between the top leaders, is Singapore taking China for granted, that this lovely state of affair, the special place of Singapore, to stand up to China and expect to be embraced warmly by the Chinese leadership will continue? Who in China is going to embrace who in Singapore, to be able to engage in deep four eye discussion at the highest level on the most sensitive issues?

Would the new China leadership turn around and say that things are getting out of hand, that Singapore is taking them for granted, that Singapore thinks it can still ruffle up China and challenging China’s core interests, taking the side of the Americans, that this has to stop? LKY could get away with anything he said and done. He was no ordinary off the mill politician or political leader. Leaders of the world listened to him and tried to make out what he was saying, not necessarily agreeing with him. Does Singapore today have the same kind of politician with the same stature and deference to say the darnest things, and get away with it?


Anonymous said...

Re-phrasing redbean's paragraph on China:

/// Did diplomatic relations took a dramatic change with xxx making visits to India and a special relationship and rapport were developed between the two leaders? Was there an understanding to work closely for the benefits of Indian PMETs in Singapore and Singapore GLCs in India? ///

What about Singaporean PMETS in Singapore?
Any benefits or not ah?

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon. 9.12

New sinkie leaders instead of mixing with the Dragons and Phoenix chose to mix with the Hyenas and Wolves.

There id a saying, All good things must come to an end.

Unthinking youths everywhere, get themselves dead drunk.

Destroyed their bodies and sins of their younger days came to haunt them when they are old.

The results of having luxurious lifestyle.

China Supreme Ex leader TSP told LKY, we are distant relatives not family.

Only ROC is our family.

You rojak. Chiap cheng too westernised. Taiwanese still able to jell.

Family normally scolds their siblings/kins when concerned.

Sinkie bananas prefer ang moh tua kees.

China can anytime no hue Singapore.

You die, don't come and beg me.

Anonymous said...

Singapore is nothing to China.

Yes! Nothing! Yes! Nothing!

Yes! Never take China for granted!

Singapore may be smart. China is many many times smart-EST!

So, don't play play! Don't play with fire!

With just a stroke of a pen, Singapore can be in deep deep troubles.

China is the world!

You tell me! How to stop China from its march, NOW?!

We shall see.


Hermit said...

Should stop trumpetting the false idea that China learned from Sg. That is LKY talk. He promotes self. If at all, Sg benefitted from China's growth. Saying Sg helped China is like saying the cock crows and therefore the sun rises. What a cocky story.

Anonymous said...

The cheenas got special respect for LKY?!?! Don't talk cock lah CI!!

After S'pore gave china billions of sinkie taxpayer dollars, and priceless technical know-how to build the Suzhou industrial park, the cheenas turned around and backstabbed s'pore, by using some of the money as well as the new knowledge to work with Europeans (especially Germans) to open other industrial parks, and bypass SIP with lower or free taxes, free rentals etc. LKY had to go to Deng Xiaoping on bended knees to beg the cheenas to keep the SIP afloat as billions of sinkie taxpayer money at stake, and also hundreds of sinkie companies (including GLCs & TLCs) who have stupidly invested billions into SIP.

Anonymous said...

After 50 years of PAP Leedership;
Singaporeans got no more pride left in ourselves.
Nothing to be proud of anymore.

No Singaporean core.
Scared of China.
Scared of Malaysia.
Scared of Indonesia.
Scared of USA.
Scared of Alien Talents in Singapore.
Get beaten up by Aliens in Singapore.

What are Singaporeans good for?
Only good for voting PAP once every 5 years.

Anonymous said...

"Does Singapore today have the same kind of politician with the same stature and deference to say the darnest things, and get away with it?"

Hahahahahaha. Of course can get away with it lah, where Sinkies are concerned. Just look at GE 2015 and BB BE 2016 and you will know what I mean.

As regards Sinkie retards like lari lari Hokaukan, why would China, or for that matter any other country, care what he said? Who is this loose and at large lari lari gila kau?

Anonymous said...

All bros here 9.25am, 9.29am, 9.46am 9.49am.......

All of you are correct!


Anonymous said...

Instead of comparing ourselves to the best MRT train systems in the world.
We compare ourselves to 100 year old MRT train systems.
And tell ourselves how much more frequently those 100 year old MRT trains breakdown versus our own MRT systems.

Good leaders give hope for a better future.
Shit leaders confirm that things can only continue to go downhill.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

"Closed borders" hurts the cuntry closing its doors to "outsiders" many times more than it does to the outsiders themselves.

China was a shitty place before Deng XP opened it up the world.

Like I said before, China is "big enough" to "tahan" a few slaps from an undiplomatic Singaporean state official. It's a small matter in the larger context, and China has many more RELEVANT fish to fry than behave like a whiny schoolgirl bitch over one man's OPINION.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In one SIP, China learnt everything and improved on that, building bigger and more efficient cities and industrial parks.

When Singapore started to operate our MRT, China still got not MRT. Today China not only operates MRTs but hundreds of thousands of miles of super trains spreading across the continents of Asia and Europe, setting world records in speed, and manufacturing themselves and selling hi speed train systems and technology to the world.

Spore still struggling to run the MRT.

Anonymous said...

Was there an official protest from China for meddling in China's domestic affairs in the SCS?

Veritas said...

China has a SE Asia monroe doctrine. The core Chinese periphery are

1. Japan
2. Korea
3. Vietnam
4. Mongolia

Followed by
5. Thailand
6. Cambodia
7. Myanmar
8. Laos
9. Malaysia
7. Singapore

These are the traditional Chinese vassal states. Relax, China would not leave us alone.

Singapore link with China are so strong in the past that no one can imagine. The antagonism of Singapore towards China is due to Kuan yew and also Mao exporting of revolution in SE Asia.

Teo Chee Hean ancestor, Teo Eng Hock is head of KMT Malaya.

Singapore son Robert Kho Seng lim, also the 1st Chinese member of most prestigious United States National Academy of Sciences, is also a General and Chief medical officer in China army.

I am not afraid of Malay because Malay already have the mindset of China as her protector.

The only loser in this game is Hindus. Being the most toxic civilization in SE Asia, she deserve to be kick out.

Nevertheless, Hindus are not going to go away quietly. She and her white man master will come and make trouble.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Yes, true. But China faces bigger threats and problems than Singapore, which is why rich Chinese flock over to us.

I can't see China handling the "robotics revolution" without pain. It's going to DIVIDE Chinese society very badly. What's more, China is "up there" with the tech, but factory-line workers are getting more expensive...and so they'll be replaced by "dark manufacturing plants". So how? I don't know. I don't think the Chinese govt do either.

Singapore has smaller more "manageable" population, and a powerful "always-in-charge" govt, plus Singaporeans are more "docile" than the PRC Chinese mainlanders.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. China's "success" is also their Achilles Heel.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The shit has started. Manufacturers are already exhibiting their "products" at trade shows.


Anonymous said...

Spore still struggling to run the MRT.
RB 10:30 am

Not surprising, since after 50 years, the Spore opposition is still struggling to win more seats, let alone ready to be govt. Why? And for the same good reasons why Spore is still struggling to run the MRT.

Anonymous said...

RB 10:30am
That was a good indication of how great a city state whose politicians demand world highest salaries. R n D is backward in this city state.
This city state output consist of 75% export. Main items are machinery and equipment. Out of such things, at least 70% will need electronics. When export is not doing well comparing to the past years, it is because the people working to produce these things are replaced by pinoys and indians from somewhere. The quality become a real problem to the importers.
Not only that quality is going down, the S$ exchange rate was adjusted up to 1USD to S$1.2 using mass influx of immigrants into the city state. There was high gdp 15.4%. Ministers increased pay package by 60% (nytimes reported). A
Do not blame foreign markets not buying or they have no money. They are smart buyers. The smart buyers in china apply the same standard to measure the quality from the west.
Quality cannot match: out. Exchange rate higher due to higher S$. China cannot afford.
Quality like mrt standard is across the board to all equipment after the mass influx of foreigners. It will be a long term problem in this city state.
One good reason for the poor quality is the belief in ministers that these foreign pmets are as good graduates as those trained in the west and nus ntu. Mumbai uni that ranked 3000th in the world was said in parliament to be a reputable uni.
If the ministers have low standards, the flood of low quality engineers technicians administrators will lower the quality for whatever is produced in this city state.

Thats how the mrt works here.
Even a "contractor" could get in contact with his hand on a live 750v high tension live power source. And he got burned, not dead. Can anyone imagine such incidence? Work Quality is so poor: workers got crushed by trains, high tension cords can burn bear hands. That is what quality is.

Anonymous said...

"Not surprising, since after 50 years, the Spore opposition is still struggling to win more seats, let alone ready to be govt. Why? And for the same good reasons why Spore is still struggling to run the MRT."
May 27, 2016 11:06 am

Maybe Opposition struggled because they have been jailed, sued or sent to IMH?

But nobody in struggling MRT has been jailed, sued or sent to IMH tio bo?
But still struggling tio bo?
Can it be due to incompetence?

Anonymous said...

why are we still talking/comparing about mrt......

our tpt/mrt system is world-class......

if we are second best, no one dares to say they are number one......

ha ha ha..............

Anonymous said...

A lot of people just do not understand China as they do not live or work there.

Times have changed. Their young ones thinking is different from their older generation same like ours. How many are like Deng Xiao Ping that went through war and turbulent times to understand what is hardship? Most leaders are rich and corrupt taking advantage of what their fathers/closed one have pass on.

Talking about their MRT, one day theirs will also get older and get more complicated as cities grow complicating the signalling system.

If their system is perfect, there wont be escalator, lift problems, high speed train, ferry accident which once happen is fatal (lives lost). Can you imagine what would happen to our GE if tianjin explosion would to happen in Sg? while they can still move on? What about the landslide incident in Shenzhen?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Want to know what is quality? The German sold their Magnetic Levitation trains to China. Now, this is not just buy and run, turn key transaction. This is high tech. Just to level the track itself is a big headache. I dunno what kind of tolerance level we have here for the MRT. For the MagLev system, the German's specification is 2 mm along the whole track. This is near impossible and definitely not achievable here.

The Chinese bought the system, built the tracks to the German specifications, and more. The Chinese reduced their tolerance to 1 mm! And the trains are running without a hitch.

We would not even be able to build the tracks, let alone operate the train system.

Anonymous said...

RB. "China learnt everything and improved on that...

We should be very proud that our A*STAR has invented a toilet monitoring system.
You know which cubicle to head to next time with the apps.


Anonymous said...

"If the ministers have low standards, the flood of low quality engineers technicians administrators will lower the quality for whatever is produced in this city state."
Anon 11:11 am

Not really lah. Because no enough Sinkie engineers, technicians and administrators mah. Don't know why Sinkies don't like to study science and engineering.

If don't take in low quality foreign engineers, technicians and administrators, there will be nobody to take. And not to take is worse, so take lor. Bopian (no choice) mah.

Just like majority Sinkies bopian have to vote for PAP. Because voting for a "not ready to be govt" opposition as govt is even worse.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

More "creative destruction" of China's human manufacturing jobs:

FOXCONN (of allpeople!) http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-36376966

ADIDAS (bye bye China, back to Germany exploiting workers at $0 per hour) http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/may/25/adidas-to-sell-robot-made-shoes-from-2017

Anonymous said...

You cannot compare MRT and high speed rail. Internal Singapore do not need high speed rail and is only feasible for eg. with malaysia and Singapore.

Right now nobody knows what happen to the wenzhou train incident as the govt quickly dismantled the accident trains and removed from site. After this incident, High speed train's speed china wide was reduced significantly.

There was a young girl whose parents were killed in the accident but she survived coz the rescuer contravened his boss to insist to search until the end.
Even the CCTV live news 主播 cried on spot. The officials on top level have no regards for safety and life. I certainly hope me and closed ones will not be caught in that kind of situation.

If it is a purchased tech, we can buy if we have money (eg.we also can buy F35) and incorporate it into our new network. Now we are like trying to modify a old system to cater to new needs as population expands.

I give you another example. Do you know why China can build new and big ships like FPSO cheaper and faster than Singapore but cannot take over singapore's position on modifying tankers into FPSO or upgrade old FPSO even though their labor and yard's rates are cheaper?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:57am
Firms had to take in low quality foreign engineers becos they cannot find locally trained engineers.

This is what u believe. Many may not agree with u. There are many engineers jobless sitting at home. The starting pay for local grads was reported to be $4000pm by Moe. This kind of salary is not attracting singapore kids to study engineering? U must be blind or not in hiring before. Let me share with u why the market was bad when gdp was booming. Now lagi worst as export is very bad.

U should know the tricks from news reports.
Employment agency approach firms HR to ask them hire their "stock" from India and philippines. Offer HR "incentives" to interview there, the incentives can be foods screws etc. So HR has the tendency to take from the "stock" as long as the boss agree.

The agency can further work out with the boss: on paper the engineer salary is $4000pm to get E pass. The engineer once on the job, will pay cash $1500pm to the "company" or the "boss".
So the real salary is only $2500pm.
To the indian engineer, that is a good salary. To the local graduates, the MoM records will tell employers want to hire foreigners and not local nus or ntu graduates, offering $4000pm.

This kind of black market was in Singapore.
If u are the minister and look at the graduates from some unknown universities from India and Phillippines and still think they are the same as nus and ntu, how to teach u to be more smarter?

Therefore, u find official figures and ministers always said, S E passes are issued becos locals dont want the jobs.
There are jobless engineers. Go ask them how much they want?

I bet some will tell u: $4 to 5k will be ok to start tomorrow.
Experienced graduate from local is willing to accept a fresh graduate s starting salary. U believe what the msm said these experienced pmet dont want the local jobs?

Its becos there are black markets. If u are parents, u dont want to advise your kids to study engineering also. Becos there is such black market. Study medicine. Foreigners cannot come in to play black magic.

If voters vote for opposition like WP, there will not be such liberal influx of foreigners job seekers. The black market cannot survive. Hopefully the MoM has stop such black magic against the local experienced job seekers.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:19 pm

It's true that there is, in your own words, "a black market" for bosses to get cheaper foreign engineers and technicians. BUT that doesn't mean they are of no good quality or at least able to do the job, any more than getting a Sinkie at $4K or $5K salary pm for engineer will get better quality. In fact chances are, Sinkies may be just as lousy or worse than the foreign ones, especially in attitude. Let me explain.

For years, it has been a known fact that engineering courses at local universities and polys are a dumping ground for lesser qualified students. Getting into such courses is not even their 1st or 2nd choice. So these reluctant students after graduating also did not want to work in engineering line, and even if they do, also has poor aptitude and attitude towards their jobs. Given this situation, you should now know why there exist a "black market" of foreign engineers and technicians for bosses to pick from.

Anonymous said...

Fukushima - Five Years Later, TEPCO Still Can't Locate 600 Tons Of Melted Radioactive Fuel


MRT - 5 years Later, SMRT and PAP Government Still Can't Make The MRT More Reliable

True or not?
You tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

"We’re Moving To Tackle Systemic Risk" - India Cracks Down On HFT Scourge


Anonymous said...

1.19 pm, tiok and fully agreed. I discouraged all my kids to take up engineering and IT despite their prefect A level score. No point going there to compete with ah neh and Pinoy. But the problem is in others areas the problems remain too but at lesser degree only. real headache for parents to advise the kids as FT are everywhere except the political office but that area only need less than 20 persons and none of the people sitting there are planning any career changes soon so there is also no vacancy there!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:51pm
If i hear from u as a boss that hiring a black market indian engineer is as good as hiring a $4-5k engineer graduated locally, i will wish u good luck.
If u hire the indian to sell engineering products in india, its a good fit.
If u hire the indian engineer to head the engineering dept of a production plant in singapore. Its a no go. If u are a boss, u lose lots of money, not just $4-5k a month so little.
Why? It happens frequently this way. When the morning 7am production starts the machines, some just dont move. Could be due to washing splashing water inside to any reason over the night.
An indian engineer may not be able to fix the emergency. For a local engineer, he can do it quickly by checking and subsequently calling various local suppliers.
If the problem takes 1 day to fix for the indian engineer, then the entire 20-30 workers will have no jobs to do for the day. That is the first loss, and the production will have to do OT, the second loss.

I do not talk down engineering students this way. Some good grades still prefer engineering as profession tho the govt has spoiled the markets with lots of unqualified engineers from India and Philippines.
Engineering room is no comfort for ordinary people. It needs hand on and not good ABC grades on papers. Hand on and continuous learning on the jobs will improve the engineers. Good grades on study cannot produce good engineer. May lawyer needs good grades as writing skills is the deciding factor. Engineering need less writing, more on design and hands on, and the environment is often uncomfortable. Not many can do it.

b said...

Would you want to lose a friend so he will go and friend your enemy? The answer is No. Powerful people up there only have one aim - to expand.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:13pm
I agree with u. I do not advise my kids to engineering because of endless indian engineers and endless pinoys IT supplies into singapore market. The quality of products produced by these firms are bad. I also expect those firms in the east to pack up eventually. Hiring from them is slim in the long run.

True enough, the non oil export figures reflects the back firing of hiring low quality staff. I personally had used some made in singapore electronic product. I knew the industries are going south with cheap manpower from these countries. The products cannot beat S Koreans, not to mention cheaper versions from Taiwan and China xenzheng.

There is no future for engineering when the problem persists. The only way is the hope on change of govt. Then the white paper to increase population to 5-8millions foreigners may not be implemented. If not, most graduates from nus and ntu will have to be self reliance. The export industries may diminish into nothing much.

Anonymous said...

Talking about their MRT, one day theirs will also get older and get more complicated as cities grow complicating the signalling system.
May 27, 2016 11:35 am

Very tiok.
25 years ago, our new MRT trains got no problems.
And it is because they are new.
Not because PAP government is good.
Is that what you are saying?

Anonymous said...

"We politely but clearly and firmly point out that Singapore is not a “Chinese country”. We know all too well what they really mean by “understand” and “explain”. But they persist. The idea of a multiracial meritocracy is alien to China, which seems incapable of conceiving of a Chinese-majority country in any other way than as a “Chinese country” and a potential instrument of its policy."

Don't bluff them about meritocracy. They think you are as corrupt

Anonymous said...

In our democracy, 1% of the people take nearly a quarter of the nation’s income … In terms of wealth rather than income, the top 1% control 40% … [as a result] the top 1% have the best houses, the best educations, the best doctors, and the best lifestyles, but there is one thing that money doesn’t seem to have bought: an understanding that their fate is bound up with how the other 99% live. Throughout history, this is something that the top 1% eventually do learn. Too late.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:22 pm

Sg MRT system is new and not so complicated 25 yrs ago. Relatively straight forward line.

But as system gets older and more connecting network complicating the signal system. You need more resource to put into the system likewise the China, Jap, HK system etc as it goes along time. Each system might be unique due to population density and network connection.

How will China system for eg. performs in future still awaits to be seen. Base on what i have seen, i dont think it will rosy and it will be more challenging in time to come.

What do you think about china mrt?

If you say PAP did a lousy job in MRT, i would say PAP did a horrible (hell) job under Malboro tan in HDB. This one has no excuse at all whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

//If you say PAP did a lousy job in MRT, i would say PAP did a horrible (hell) job under Malboro tan in HDB. This one has no excuse at all whatsoever.//

How about other ministry?

What most important to sinkies?

Is mrt system or hdb flat or the overall economy more important?

No job got $$$ to buy flat?

No job got $$$ or need take mrt so often until packed like sardines during peak hours?

So now with botak in charge of FM, same ( old ) trick being used again to pull the economy along?

Anonymous said...

Before Botak ( make a ) move(s), already anticipated?

On 26 May 2016, MAS announced many sinkies now welcome to buy cars Lo ......

With immediate effect 27 May 2016, loan tenure jack up from 5 years to 7 years ......

=> pool of potential buyers up significantly

40% down payments decreased to 30%

=> the pool of potential buyers increased even more

How many "birds" this "monetary stone" kill?

Likely 3?

Anonymous said...

Sg does not depend on China.
Sg is First World bcos of Lee Kuan Yew
and his Son Lee Hsien Loong.

Without the Lees, Sg could still remains
as a fishing village.

What is China, if Lee Kuan Yew did not
impart his great leadership to the PRC ?

Anonymous said...


The economy also on same trajectory

A lot of I and G spendings centric growth but not sustainable

Anonymous said...

PRC has scheme that encourages car purchase in the 2000s through to early 2010s

And take a look at the 20-lane bi-directional highways in major cities like Beijing during peak hours

Bumper to bumper endless, as far as the eyes can see for miles and miles, even in 20-lane bidirectional highways

Anonymous said...

Botak now oso want to boost sinkieland car spendings especially with MAS move on 26th May 2016 to relax loan and downpayment?

But there is not much slack sinkieland can withstand massive boost but little bit still can "monetise and squeeze out"?

It is a desperate "economic move" given that the quantum was only 10% less downpayment and 2 years additional loan tenure but Botak still "went for it to squeeze whatever growth it can milk"?

Nonetheless still a necessary but apparently desperate "economic ( growth ) move"?

What ( other ) moves Botak-originated ( old tricks type ) might be in store?

Any guess?

Kee chiu, PLS?

Anonymous said...

@ May 28, 2016 8:59 am
/// Without the Lees, Sg could still remains
as a fishing village. ///

Singapore was a fishing village when Raffles first arrived.
Singapore was already a thriving city under British rule by the time LKY was born

Where would LKY be if Britain did not hand over power peacefully to LKY?

Did Britain set up any GRCs to impede PAP and LKY?
Did Britain set up any Grassroots Advisors to impede LKY and PAP?
Did Britain jail, sue or send any PAP members to IMH?

Anonymous said...

But dun expect any equation posted here liao?

The Chinese have one phrase:


Meaning even Richard Clayderman playing piano in front of the ungrateful bad wolves, it is a "meaningless" effort?

Whatever music, Mozart or modern, the bad wolves will just jump and bite at the music provider, cos they won't know a thing how to understand?

But mb 对 "blind oxes弹钢琴" still have hope?

At least he dunno but keep quiet listen and not "charge" at the player to bulldoze him down?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:54am

Exactly, no job means no money to do other things.

For me, i am counting on you to press the regime while i look for even better jobs overseas.

Anonymous said...

Some commenter even said they ( the equations ) are rubbish?


Mozart is rubbish?

One said need post at rocket science academy?

Siao ting tong?

People dun understand Mozart means cannot listen, is it?

Must go to Europe just to listen to Mozart?

Like go France spend $800,000 learn cooking during the 2008/ 2009 GFC?

Aiya, sinkies know some people ownselves pay ownselves millions at taxpayers expense got plenty $$$ lah?

Ownselves super selfish dun want sinkies know and learn then said must post equation at rocket science academy or called the equations rubbish?

Typical utterly selfish papixx?

Just want make sure sinkies are forever daft?

And national slaves?

For who?

The top 1%?

And the 3rd world aliens?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:51am

Did Britain set up any GRCs to impede PAP and LKY?
Did Britain set up any Grassroots Advisors to impede LKY and PAP?
Did Britain jail, sue or send any PAP members to IMH?

Singapore (as like other colonies) is a colony so UK is the ultimate boss.

Dont get too emotional such that you miss the overall picture.

Anonymous said...

How to press?

U post anything they said rubbish?

Post economic equations used and taught by Harvard, Cambridge, MIT etc Professors the "papixx IBs" oso dismissed as rubbish?

How to press?

How to "protect" sinkies from being driven out ( of sinkieland like u ) or condemned to life time slaves generation after generation?

Anonymous said...

The task to "educate" sinkies so that they dun get ( gang ) screwed suka suka left, right, on top, below, in front, behind ....... day, night, 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a years ....... is "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE" liao?

But how many sinkies have luxuries like JLB go Harvard, Cambridge at taxpayers expense learn the "Mozart of economics"?

Then "used against common sinkies" to benefit ownselves but enslave sinkies in "perpetuity" with lifetime mortgage, COE, GST, NS, high cost of living in a pressure cooker from cradle to grave?

How many sinkies say their lives now very good, everyday very happy, children, grandchildren all very good pls kee chiu?

How many sinkies can say they every year got do job or no do job but wayang wayang TKSS also get paid $5 millions, pls kee chiu?

How many oldies sinkies can say they go hospital top senior consultant operate heart bypass inclusive stay in A1 ward for 3 months and pay only just $8 medical fees, pls kee chiu?


What does all these mean?

Who are the suka suka masters?

Who are the "helpless slaves"?

How to "press"?

Everything oso they said are rubbish, how to press?


"Once born a (sinkie) slave, always a (sinkie) slave"?

There is no Abraham Lincoln ( to "liberate" )?

There is no Martin Luther King, Jr ( to fight for "equal rights" )?


Anonymous said...



Almost 80 million views!

Anonymous said...

" Dont get too emotional such that you miss the overall picture. "
@ May 28, 2016 11:04 am

So what is the overall picture?
Do you think we spent the last 50 years building Singapore or the Kingdom of PAP?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 111:

>> Do you think we spent the last 50 years building Singapore or the Kingdom of PAP? <<

You cite a false dichotomy.

It is both...as Singapore gets better, the PAP gets stronger and more influential. In chaos theory this phenomenon is a self-reinforcing feedback loop. (positive feedback loop)

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:11 pm

The overall picture is we were a fishing village, become a colony and then join Malaysia and then become independent.

And a colony means : a country or area under the full or partial political control of another country and occupied by settlers from that country.

What makes you think the British (our colonial master) then will need to set up GRC, grassroots advisors and sue opposition members or hold elections? You are making everybody laugh...

Anonymous said...

What makes you think the British (our colonial master) then will need to set up GRC, grassroots advisors and sue opposition members or hold elections? You are making everybody laugh...
May 28, 2016 3:28 pm

Are you saying:
The British can rule Singapore without GRC, grassroots advisors, suing dissidents and sending dissidents to IMH?
But PAP's Kingdom has to set up GRC, grassroots advisors and sue Opposition members and send them to IMH? Then why are you not laughing?

Anonymous said...

It is both...as Singapore gets better, the PAP gets stronger and more influential. In chaos theory this phenomenon is a self-reinforcing feedback loop. (positive feedback loop)
May 28, 2016 1:16 pm

Do you think it is more accurate to say:
As Singapore gets richer;
The Kingdom of PAP collects more money and gets richer and more influential?

Anonymous said...

Do you think an Aristocracy is more closely associated with a Kingdom than a Democracy?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:55pm

Of course i am laughing at them (in general) as PAP always get elected time and time again with all these apparatus playing at hand. Last GE 2015, they even got 10% higher votes. No matter what, at the end the end of the day, the people have a choice to choose.

But in the colony case, i am laughing at you (personally) and even more louder for comparing British colonial days and now election days. I was trying very hard to imagine those days whereby an angmo go kampong to campaign for votes. I nearly choke on my own saliva imagining the british being grassroot advisor setting up community centres instead of being colonial masters dictating what they want straight in the face.

It is also like saying the Japs invaded Singapore, china, SE Asia and set up GRC, grassroot advisors, sue opposition members same like PAP in order to "rule" singapore.

Then if this is what you are saying, i will laugh even louder.

You make my day, mate! so cute!

Anonymous said...

@ May 28, 2016 5:31 pm

Hmmm. Good point.
The Japs in World War Two can jail anybody they want in Singapore.
The situation is so different today.

Anonymous said...

@ May 28, 2016 5:56 pm


Of course, the situation is so different now people got the choice to choose the same path which is why people laughed. You and me got to respect that choice (good or bad) whether you like it or not as it is the people's choice.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland private sector Tier 1 and 2 top talents how many interested to "sell their souls"?

So ya tiok?

Sinkies no other choice but to make do with non-private sector "lao PENG" who are not likely to be "invited" for "any top private sector posts" unless owned by garment?

The "demise" of national icon NOL ( and loss of at least several billions along the way including highly profitable crown jewel APL ) is sufficient proof real private sector MNCs "will not want to touch them even with a 10-foot pole"?

The rest "non PENG-based" background many oso "not that far behind" those "peng-based" background in terms of their "standings" in the eyes of real private sector MNCs?

Anonymous said...

There are many sinkies private sector senior economists especially in the financial industry but how many "top talent civilians" want to risk his whole life ( and even ruin his whole lifetime achievements ) to "subjugate themselves "under an "almost military junta garment" in essence though not in name?

Anonymous said...

CHINA will not shut the door to Singapore, for the mere fact that it is a Strategic Locality, controlling the waterway that connects the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean.

Anonymous said...

When the Isthmus of Kra is developed, Sin shall lose it's
geographical advantages.

Anonymous said...

On 15 May 2015, a memorandum of understanding was signed by the China-Thailand Kra Infrastructure Investment and Development company / 中泰克拉基礎設施投資開發有限公司 in Guangzhou to advance the project.On 19 May 2015 the Thai government denied reports that an agreement had been signed with China to construct the canal. The canal would take an estimated ten years to complete at a cost of US$28 billion. The idea of a Kra Isthmus canal has been vetted in modern times since the 1930s, but has never materialized due to high cost and environmental repercussions.

BANGKOK — Thai Prime Minister ­Prayut Chan-o-cha has dismissed the latest round of rumours that the government plans to dig a canal across the Kra Isthmus, dampening long-standing speculation of an imminent new shipping route that could threaten Singapore’s position as the region’s maritime hub.

Citing comments by Mr Prayut yesterday (Oct 6 2015), the Bangkok Post reported that the Chinese government had not proposed a plan for the Kra Canal. Even if it did, the Thai government would need to hold discussions to evaluate the project and its benefits, particularly in terms of national security.

After this, no news liao....

Someone must have done something...

Anonymous said...

Prayut will have to pass the baton due to retirement, displace or death.
There shall come a day when Thailand or even Malaysia will realise that a Kra Canal as a demarcation of their border would benefit both greatly, in terms of commerce as well as security.

With modern equipment and technique, the Canal could be completed fast and at much lower cost.

It's a matter of time that the Canal will be built.

Anonymous said...

By then a decision is made, most labor intensive factories will be relocated back to their countries or elsewhere due to robotics. Reshuffling the cards again.

Time is not on China side.

Eg. Addidas has already shifted its sneaker plant back to Germany. I wonder how much one pair would cost for made in germany sneakers. Maybe other brands will follow suit. I remember donkey years back of Japan made Nike...hahaha.

On hind side, according to Thongchai Chaswath, director-general of Department of Consular Affairs. The Kra Canal project would also be in conflict with the Dawei deep-sea port scheme in Myanmar in which Thailand is a key proponent.

So not so simple in the end as simply as only taking fast and cheap cost as consideration.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Time is also not on the side of the European civilisations. They are dwindling in size and not reproducing themselves. The Europe of tomorrow will not be the Europe of today. There will be very few Europeans left. The same fate will be fallen onto the Americans. Both Europe and USA will degenerate and disintegrate.

Anonymous said...

Time is already on the west side in this near century or earlier when it is producing blueprint for manufacturing in China. Just like Addidas, it can quit and relocate just like that! What happens to the china plant labor - skills credit retraining? or go to the union?

As China becomes more expensive and its property price reach the peak + population gets older + one child policy takes effect, the same will occur to them, it is a natural progression.
Due to their population size, the effect will be enlarge and will be too large to handle if riots would to occur.

To sum it all up, this robotic and AI thing will cause more unemployment worldwide with China being hard hit the most simply because of its population size and it is a current world manufacturing base.

patriot said...

The Dawei Deep Seaport Project is NOT in the Same intent, purpose and function of the Kra Canal.
Dawei Project is more of an industrial nature whereas Kra Canal is purported to cut distance and time for sea trades.

Should the Kra Canal be built to exactly separates Thailand and Malaysia, it serves another vital purpose in border demarcation.

The Dawei Project seems very ambitious, however, in term of purpose , it does not seem to be as useful as the Kra Canal or shall I say they have individual role.


Anonymous said...


But this came out from the Thongchai Chaswath, director-general of Department of Consular Affairs who maybe a small peanuts officer maybe send out to throw smoke screen.

If this is the case, it will be even be more convincing that US is influencing Thailand in its decision.

So we are back at square one. So some countries on the surface seems to be neutral but actually already choose side. If this is the case, i think the china govt will also choose to let its chinese people believe that Dawei Port is the reason.

Anyway not so simple. But for now, Kra Canal is dead.

Anonymous said...

With high speed train direct to Europe, what is the purpose of Kra? To save 3 days of shipping time when the high speed train saves 40 days?

patriot said...

Due to different modes of transportation, capacity, different kinds of loads, the Kra Canal shall cater to the
Sea Trades by savings on time, fuel and much other expenses of shipping companies.