How could empires or dynasties fall?

In every rein of an empire or dynasty, the kings or political leaders would, theoretically, surround himself with the brightest men and women. Exceptions would be the foolish king. But he should be forgiven for his foolishness as he would be incapable of seeing the difference between good men and bad men, good policies and bad policies. In many instances, the kings or leaders are not that daft unless like China when the throne was passed down from father to son, they would have a little smartness to know good and bad. Therefore, the kings and his wise men and women would be doing everything possible to perpetuate their rule and to protect their interests. To them, these are the good things to do and would be good for their rules and their interests. They would not have them if what they were doing were bad and would end their rules.


Given such a scenario, all kings and their empires would last forever. It must be. But history has proven all over and over again and again, that empires must fall through their foolish policies and stupid kings and stupid wise men and women. Now this must be a very difficult explanation to do.


Just look at the Americans and all the big and small countries, would they be doing things to destroy their countries and their rules? All of them must be putting up their best men and women and coming up with their best plans and policies to be better and better and not to run down their countries. They must sincerely believe that they are doing their best and they are the wisest. A few decades forward, some of these countries would have fallen into disaster. But how could that be when they thought they were doing everything right? They would even tell their people they were the smartest and their policies were the best for the people. They would not say anything that their policies, being the best, were for themselves and self preservation.


Would Singapore be an exception? We also have a govt that claims to be the best and with the best men and women running the country. You don’t have to agree to that claim. And the best men and women are telling the people they are the best and their policies are the best. By right, with the best men and women in charge, with the best policies, just listen to them telling the voters in Bukit Batok how good they are, how talented they are, I got goose pimples, Singapore will grow and prosper forever. SG100 will be better and is a matter of reaching there.


The verdict will be written by the historians in the future on why so many things they said were so obvious, stupidity of the highest degree, but the leaders and people of the day could not see them and keep praising them and self congratulating themselves. What are the historians saying about the Roman Empire, Chinese Empire, Japanese Empire, the European Empires and how they fell into oblivion? It must be a series of disastrous policies that were supposed to be good policies of clever men and women.


There is no exception in history, in the fall of empires. The so called clever men and women of the day would be written in history books as the same people that destroyed the empires with their stupid ways and failed policies. Funny isn’t it?


I keep knocking at my head, this cannot be. This cannot happen to Singapore. We have the best of the best men and women in charge and look at all their clever and brilliant policies. How can Singapore fell from grace in the charge of so many super talented men and women? I think there may be an answer, external factors.  Definitely the historians would not be putting the blame on stupid men and women and stupid policies of the day.  Nothing can go wrong with clever men and women and clever policies. It must be, or else it is so illogical.


What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Empires or dynasties fall when their best and brightest are not able to step forward and serve their country without fear of death.

Anonymous said...

We have the best of the best men and women in charge and look at all their clever and brilliant policies.

Not best, but rather best available, or the best available that majority voters want to vote for.

I mean, how best can Chee Soon Juan be, if majority voters don't want to vote for him?

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! We are very very very blessed by HIM! 感恩! 感恩!

Yes! We have the brightestest men and women. 感恩! 感恩!

Yes! We have the bestest men and women in charge and implementing all their cleverest and brilliantest policies. 感恩! 感恩!

Yes! We will grow and prosper forever! 感恩! 感恩!

Yes! Not only SG100. 感恩! 感恩!

Yes! Forever! Forever! Forever! 感恩! 感恩!


Anonymous said...

Empires or dynasties fall when their best and brightest are not able to step forward and serve their country without fear of death.
Anon 8:43 am

Not fear of death but rather fear of losing, or not making lots of money, or worse, losing lots of money.

And there is one, and only one Sinkie who does not fear losing or not making lots of money, or losing lots of money. His name is Chee Soon Juan.

virgo49 said...

See Chinese and Korean dramas of old historical rise and fall of kingdoms.

You can see weakly emperor or king surrounded equally by those weak and foolish eunuchs and advisors and in the end the dynasty falls.

Just have one crafty, cunning rebellious ambitious Fox and they create chaos for the country.

Until beh tahan the siblings some virtuous ones came forward and scold dishonourable son

You have fools in your kingdom that gonna collapse the nation.

Papa, don't preach, please wake up and slap him.Sung by Madonna.

NOT sinkieland be ruled by the Ah Nehs and chap Cheng.

Sad sad.

Anonymous said...

They say.........



So.......Don't Worry Be Happy!

Anonymous said...

It's a matter of time that Sinkapoor be thrown into oblivion..

Anonymous said...

Totally absolutely agree 101%...

Anonymous said...

Well..apparently not obvious to "smart, highly educated and wise people"...so rant on like the sound of wind...it will pass through the cleft of their buns without them knowing

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Many of the 'smart, highly educated and wise' people are still too comfortable and think it will last forever. When the foreigners are the majority in this country, their time will come when they will have to beg for mercy from the foreigners.

How to lose a country? It is so easy, when the elite did not think anything is wrong with so many foreigners taking over their country, taking over the jobs of Singaporeans.

Singaporeans deserved to lose their jobs and their country.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> What do you think? <<

I think serious cheap and readily available tech is going to severely DISRUPT the social fabric, to the point where "authority" is going to find it difficult or impossible to "control" the chaotic nature of empowered individualism.

To be sure, most of it will be positive. But unleashed "dark sides" of the human condition empowered by tech will make life very interesting indeed.

We already live in a time where ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL or a small rag-tag group of like-minded individuals can bring down entire infrastructures---even well-protected ones---with tech bought in stores or online. see this.

I doubt very much if Singapore is anywhere close to being prepared. You can expect such scenarios within the next decade. I'll bet MONEY on this.

Anonymous said...

China, India, even the Ppines or Indonesia could easily take over this country by sending in their people in the name of immigration, to become the majority here.

How stupid can Sinkies be to allow this to happen?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:41am

The taking over by foreigners in majority is likely because of Singapore own politics of excluding those "not clever" few. Only CSJ that kind of hardcore want to get in. The history shows locally born people are not interested.

But foreigners are different. We can see young foreigners are keen to take a bid to win power. These young foreigners will corral in groups by nationality and race. I see they are the political power in future. They may create issue and get rallies when this group of old politicians who exclude local participation die of natural death. Its not too long to see the change.
That will be another singapore, rule by very different kind of politicians. Can be very dangerous as these politicians from foreign lands may only interest in money singapore has collected from its local citizens.
Citizens are just like stupid lambs. But they are discourage to talk even sensibly in politics. So be wise, blame the "clever men and women" now b4 too late.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1041:

>> China, India, even the Ppines or Indonesia could easily take over this country by sending in their people in the name of immigration, to become the majority here. <<

That's an easy "problem" to solve.

1. Get the virology fuckers at NUS/ A-Star to develop a lethal, weaponised strain. Get the engineers to develop flight software for drones. (autonomous mission)

2. Smuggle the killer germs into China, India, Pinoyland and Indonesia and take trips over there.

3. Go to their shops and buy drones---they're everywhere.

4. Flash the flight software, and attach the weaponised biological payload

5. activate the system, and get the fuck out ASAP.

6. The drones will take off at the pre-programmed time, fly their missions and deploy their weapons over specified heavily populated areas

7. A few Singaporeans (mostly students) will have taken out China, India, Pinoyland and Indonesia. Millions killed, millions rendered incurably sick...entire cuntries FUBB (Fucked Up Beyond Belief)

8. Singaporeans are pissed off because they had their halcyon days DISRUPTED because of cheap imported labour breaking their rice bowls. Now Singaporeans can return to their glory days of eating, shopping and indulging in the never-ending activity of CONSUMER PORN...buying everything from watches, wines, expensive trinkets...whatever the fuck strikes their fancy for more than 30 seconds...and get back to their much beloved ENTITLED EXISTENCE where they never have to "compete" with anyone ever again.

Let's go. Kill those fuckers. Problem solved. Makan times, again!

Anonymous said...

You trying to be clever?

Anonymous said...

In this case the fall of the Dynasty and the fate of 5 million Singapore people is merely determined by 6000 people.
The math.
25726 voters in Bukit Batok today.
Divide by 2 get 12865 is the break even point.
Last election 6585 support SDP. For sure they have no reason to NOT support SDP this by election.
Therefore, need another 12865 minus 6585 = 6278 to switch from PAP to SDP.

As 18203 voted PAP in 2015, 6278 is just 34% or about one third. That means if one in 3 of the former PAP supporters of 2015 vote SDP, the history of SINGAPORE will be changed and there is hope.

It may be reasonable to assume that of the 18,2013, 70% are old folks and direct PAP employees who will never change their unwaivering faith in PAP, an 30% are fairly well educated people who read alternate media and can think and project the future. SDP HAS A VERY GOOD CHANCE.

For the BBatok 30% which I shall call you, please think for the future. We have such a enthusiastic politician like CSJ. Nothing can go wrong if he is put in parliament. Honest, regenerated people who work hard should have their dreams materialised. Otherwise what is the purpose of life, if hard work results in failure every time. We need to be gracious and give a chance to good honest people. The future of Singapore depends on Bukit Batok ex PAP voters, its only a couple of thousand. JUST DO IT. JUst do an ALjunied on Bukit Batok this year!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1123:

Yes. I'm trying. One day I may succeed. Or not.

Maybe you should try too. Or give up. 😂😂

Anonymous said...

“Nightmare” Mistake: Visa Free Travel For 80 Million Turks Coming Up
Of all the inane, self-serving, deals German Chancellor Angela Merkel made with Turkey, visa-free travel for 80 million Islamic Turks tops the list.

“This is all a nightmare,” said one diplomat charged with making the deal work.

Nightmares aside, Brussels Prepares Legal Groundwork on Visa-Free Travel for Turks.


Do you think Singapore will have visa free travel for Indian & PRC talents very soon?

Anonymous said...

hi anonymous 11.30am

it is very good to be optimistic in life

your comment is indeed very interesting and kind

but very sorry, there is no chance for csj

bb is really not A or PE, they have different hidden agendas

the current market "han-cheng" index is

pap 68% vs 32% sdp

hope the index is very wrong

their efforts are fantastic, deserving our salutes

all the best to csj, sdp and their families


Anonymous said...

1 reporter asked Murali about 1 pap supporter said he would not support CSJ because Chee is jobless. Jobless is worthless. This is exactly what one "clever woman" in RB s post said.

There are at least 50000 Jobless men and women, worthless human in Singapore under the watch of "clever men and women". Chee is just 1 of the many who does meaningful activities daily running a not-for-profit organization.

On another post, 1 jobless man said he was asked by Murali to vote for him. The jobless man said: NO. He would vote for Chee. Murali asked him why. He told Murali: "I am jobless."

So dear Bukit Batok voters. Are there real "clever women"? These people have nice office and well fat pay. They can laugh at Chee staying in 3 room flat: "worthless and jobless man."

If voters have sons NS men jobless, daughters, siblings jobless, have u gave a thought to these people s inner hearts?
Do their inner minds long to be on the job?
Do their family brought up teach them to be jobless?
Does the invasion of foreigners pmets have impact on these jobless men and women?

Lastly, are these jobless men and women feeling worst than Chee? I am sure Chee is as happy as a working men in street. But the real jobless men and women at home should have been hurt by the "clever woman" s clever speech. Or do they celebrate with pap supporters with their jobless status?

My point of view is: vote for Chee. He is worth more than jobless on the street. He can talk confidently in parliament to hit hard invasion of foreigner pmet. Its May 7 or never.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 12.35

So many times you posted your hai kow yew Hang cheng.

Han cheng like earth- quakes and volcanos can erupt and change drastically.

Earlier I posted one earth scattering post but was deleted by Mr Chua for been too sensitive.

I knew few would dared to post this in public as may be send to Changi Resort Hotel for sedition or racical disharmony.

But its true these unfairness happened to fellow Singaporeans which many are not aware off.

If the Bukit Batok voters knew I can assure the CSJ will even get 90 percent votes.

These happenings are privy only by those in the know and from the mouths of ex civil servants, quasi or statutory boards insider friends.

The PAP will put any person under prison payroll lodgings and food just to silence then their hold of power.

Virgo 49 said...

Bro Anon, I had posted earlier in another RB column that people who dont work are tee Kong kias as they are blessed for many good deeds in their past lives.

Tell the stupid woman that she works to the bones because she has a lousy life.

The unemployment and under employment are caused by the PAP and are traitors to our forefathers who built this natiob for today's generation and the next.

Now left three more days b4 errection day so must go down Bukit Buttocks coffee shops and talk to old uncles and aunties to vote for Chee.

Wah piang increased five cents everywhere after Sugar Tax.

Very easy to con these old folks. Just pan hong the unfairness the PAP done to them and they will spread the bad news to their kakis.

Just like old days they get some chow kows to spread that the government known who you voting for to frighten the uneducated.


Anonymous said...

Power = evil

Energy helps peple.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 12:35pm
Your hang cheng index of 68% assumes 0% swing votes out of the 18,000. Is this realistic? Nope.
I strongly believe that the pap supporters consist mainly uneducated ah gong ah mahs plus also pap employees or pap related contractors, so leave them out. But they cant possibly comprise 100%. Empirically 10 to 20% will be educated people non pap employees. So all you need is 5000 odd blokes, AND THEY WILL DETERMINE THE FATE OF 5 MILLION PEOPLE HERE THE NEXT 5 YEARS.

Anonymous said...

This time the Ah gongs and ah mahs would be voting for Dr Chee.

Anonymous said...

If Chee can get 32 to 35%, it is already an improvement over the 26.4% that SDP got in Bukit Batok in GE 2015. That's a swing of about 5 to 10% votes for Chee, which is quite realistic, considering the following:

1. PAP has a minority candidate
2. It is a by election.
3. Chee, and not just any Tom, Dick or Harry, is the opposition candidate.

But to expect Chee to even get past 40% can be quite a miracle, let alone win. Because if that can happen, Chee and team would not had got only 33.4% votes in GE 2015! So taking GE 2015 as reference, one cannot be that wrong to predict outcome on May 7.

Anonymous said...

To anon 5:00pm
SDP lost in 2015 because of two major flaws in their arguments. They want to cut defence spending by 40%. They want to merge defence with health ministry.
I suspect the 30% of the 70% mentioned above, did not like it. Being intelligent they felt un comfortable so voted pap. This time round there is no fear anymore as these policies of sdp are rescinded. Therefore it is quite safe to assume that SDP might win because of swing votes. Pap's arrogance and looking down on others, is also inacceptable to these 5000 people, surely. The stars are looking bright for sdp. 加油 徐顺全!!!

Anonymous said...

Just released news abt terrorist under isa.
Again their target was bangladish. I have this doubt why there are so many workers bother to come here to be caught by isa in singapore.

Are they part of the regional group? Some information might not be that matching with logic. Sg is known for arresting without trial under isa, yet they are "plotting against bangali".
Use your head to think deeper.
I worry for our NS men. Why there are 2 millions foreigners here? Who need them suddenly in 5 years span?

Bangaldish is a big country, supported by China in the past and now pro west. Can these workers plot against their own govt?

BB voters, its time to vote for CSJ to ask questions in parliament. May 7. Dont wait till sg has real terrorist actions. Tourists will not step in because sg has 2 millions foreigners.
Go read CNA May 3. Warn ourselves first. Something is happening.

Anonymous said...

You can ask questions anywhere and an answer shall be given...now go back to work

Anonymous said...

Don't you know god answers in mysterious ways? A no.. A yes.. A maybe..or lawyer letter.. . Or silence

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I just laugh at the fuckers who think a bunch of power-mad felchers can ruin empires or dynasties.

The people always get the cuntry they DESERVE lah...which is the next logical step after the get the government they DESERVE, which emanates from their political system, which is born out of CULTURE.

virgo49 said...

They let them in.some more wow S pass employment pass. No play play. S PASS NOT ASS PASS.


Now taxpayers monies to feed them

What a magnanimous government.