Hate quitters?

Let me quote a paragraph from BK’s article in the TRE titled ‘Race and Patriotism’. ‘In 2002, Goh Chok Tong had called young Singaporeans with no sense of belonging and only too willing to go abroad as ‘quitters’. “These people are fair-weather Singaporeans … I call them quitters,” he said. In 2008, PM Lee HL had revealed that 25% of top ‘A’ level students who had gone abroad to study never returned. There are 212,000 Singaporeans abroad as of 2014 vs 157,800 in 2004.’

Quitters are fair weather Singaporeans who left to go abroad? ‘I call them quitters’, in other words undesirables or something unworthy. Now we have 2 million of these undesirables, unworthies here, and we are bringing in more, at least 20,000 annually and give them jobs, good jobs, even as political leaders. We even encouraged other countries' quitters to be here by offering scholarships and jobs and all kinds of perks.

Is there a change of heart? Are quitters now the darlings of Singapore, that we are opening our legs to welcome the quitters from everywhere, good, bad, shitty, never mind, quitters are good, foreign quitters are better. We love quitters? So would we be welcoming our own quitters home? Or would we be throwing the book at them when they returned, some to go behind bars?

What is what? We scolded our Singaporeans who went abroad and kissed the foreigners’ arses for coming here? There is a saying in the US, spoken by the native Americans, ‘White men speak with fork tongues’.


Virgo49 said...

Those quitters got the foresight to leave for greener pastures and have a head start knowing the future of sinking land under these crop of Hun Chian leadership.

Most are happily in overseas enjoying their hopefully not disastrous demise of their beloved country of birth into realty.

If they are quitters, why visit and mingle with them when they are there visiting the countries and putting on their fake million dollar smiles.

Last quarter century, no vision, foresight/plan to bring the Nation forward as a truly developed country by enhancing the young generation abilities in the fields of sciences, technologies, engineering that have brand names of our own to show the world.

Still dependent on dead trade of obsolete industries and internal churn of GDP by resources from its own citizens.

Now want to build what Rail Academy when it already terminally ill.

With the vast resources in the Treasury, should invest on the new generation to be the Managers of the immigrants who sought employment here rather than dumping these good monies into the drains on dubious fire sale investments where others would not want to touch them.

Now having those low grade quitters from the slums to make out lost first grade so called quitters

Anonymous said...

What is what? We scolded our Singaporeans who went abroad and kissed the foreigners’ arses for coming here?

No better choice what, due to those Sinkie quitters. So kiss the foreigners’ arses for coming here is still better than no foreigners coming here, tio bo?

Just like the 70% who voted for PAP in GE 2015, PAP govt also has to make a choice between the lesser of 2 evils.

Anonymous said...

The present lot of opposition parties and leaders are real hopeless, especially those which cannot even win a single seat after more than 20 years of trying.

Like one Sinkie opposition leader said: "A political party doesn't exist just to win elections, however."

Or another long time ago opposition leader said: "I am not happy when I win and I am not sad when I lose."

Anonymous said...

Reports on sg pm meeting citizens working overseas such as Ny did not use quitters. sg pm asked these people to go to sg to work. One responded by asking if the salary was fitting in sg.

The answer was so clear. There is no need to use words to confuse readers, what quitters. That was used by the ex sg pm. He was the man who ushered in large groups of foreigners to force some youngsters to leave the island. The current sg pm was his deputy. This present pm not only want to wipe out citizens chances of employment, he wants to replace them as they are already "old". He ushers in 3millions, including old men and old women to add up more problems for sg whose pm once only allowed to have 2 kids maxi.

Politicians used quitters to create hatred in those citizens minds who cannot leave. Why are they not leaving? Some cannot bear to see their old parents living alone. That is the reason. Very few families can afford to have parents living with siblings who need no children s support when they age. So those who stay in sg have to accept the cheap labor policy in sg. Take the low salary, pay the higher property cost, coe cost, and medical costs to see their old folks through. Even the one who said quitter was not good had his second generations onward living in the west.

Sg policy is cheap labor for the mass. Highest pay for whatever productivity for the politicians. If the mass cannot quit this island, then, they are welcome as non quitters. Of course, those who quited may hate to live separately with their old folks.

That is the state policy the 61% voted for it. No one is wrong really.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, bring the foreigners to be managers of daft Sinkies.

Anonymous said...



agongkia said...

Be a stayer instead of leaving your love one or elderly behind.I will not call these dafts as quitter but just a bunch of ungrateful minority .
Our ancestors chose this island and hope that we can settle here and enjoy a stable and peaceful life.
But dafts never appreciate,go against their wishes.,giving opportunity to foreigner to be here to boss our love one left behind.
The country treat you well,give you special privilege to serve NS,but instead these youngsters only think of emigrating elsewhere.
First call themselves Roland ,second pray like angmo,third singing praises of western countries and end up leaving their love one behind ,shirking responsibility of caring for parent but give lame excuses like no prospect here.
What's so bad about being a Singaporean.
Let's stay back to protect the island that our Ah Kongs chose ,Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I think too much rojak makes them sick.

Anonymous said...

That is the state policy the 61% voted for it.
Anon 10:38 am

Tiok. Simply because to vote for Chee Soon Juan is even worse. Just like the 61%, I die die would not want hypothetical MP Chee Soon Juan to write my appeal letters to govt agencies. Unless he declares his party is ready to be govt by next election.

Anonymous said...

Quitter-Singaporeans who quitted Singapore-PAP are bad.

Quitter-Aliens who quitted their countries of birth are good.
Is it because these Quitter-Aliens are Traitors?
Do like-minded people attract like minded people?

Anonymous said...

Quitting Singapore for greener pastures - So what's wrong with collecting more money?

Anonymous said...

If HDB flats belong to HDB;
And 10% of Singaporeans own private property;
Then what is the real rate of home ownership in Singapore?
Is the real shameful figure just 10%?

If yes - then what's wrong with quitting Singapore to own a home that really belongs to you and your future generations?

Anonymous said...

Is the real shameful figure just 10%?
Anon 11:35 am

So what if it is shameful? Did PAP not win even a by election with a minority candidate in a Chinese majority SMC even if the real shameful figure is just 10%?

Anonymous said...

to make Sin work, they need to be heavy on the laws because they are creating a society that are full of contentions. When these contentions have been contained in such tiny spaces and has no natural ways of releasing the pressures and its evil, people will either accept their own fate(good and evil become grey) with a smile and die stupid or leave.

Anonymous said...

Those who stay will try to make evil works.

Anonymous said...

When a society becomes hypocritical, you need laws to bind them together or shut people up.

Anonymous said...

Religion is very useful for hypocrisy to flourish.

Anonymous said...

Many of you have seen religious heads gathered by Politicians to pray for the nation or VIPs. That's a perfect example of the harmony of evil. Those people look more like funeral directors or con men, disagree ;)

Anonymous said...

If you say you trust them or they can be trusted, you are nuts

Anonymous said...

There are 3 types of Sinkies.

1. Smart ones who know how to make money and have good life under PAP.

2. Smarter ones who know how to have a better life elsewhere. So they emigrate out of Sinkieland.

3. Daft ones who don't know how to make lots of money and also don't know how to emigrate out. So they remain here and suffer.

But whether they are smart or daft, some will vote PAP. Together they are the majority 70% in an election, and 61% in a by election.

Anonymous said...

/// So what if it is shameful? Did PAP not win even a by election with a minority candidate in a Chinese majority SMC even if the real shameful figure is just 10%? ///
May 22, 2016 11:39 am

100% very tiok.
Therefore it is also not shameful for 30% of Singaporeans who did not vote PAP to want to quit PAP's Singapore.

It is best to leave Singapore to the PAP and their Alien Indian friends and the daft 60%.

Anonymous said...

Fucking idiots, now go fuck off

Anonymous said...

There is a difference of Pap. The old pap is over. The new pap is the present. The future pap is unknown. The current wp is known and future seems getting better and bigger.

This is the trend. The voters are not children, like to move house. Very few will be quitters for political reason. All voters are practical. They vote for pap because wp is not available. Sdp is not a political party similar to Nsp and Spp etc. These parties are fluid set up. They have 2 or 3 worth watching candidates. But these candidates can go as quick as the wind after the rain.

However, current pap cannot solve the problems: economy shrinking, increasingly unemployment, demographic change which pap kept as secret when opposition asked for the composition. These problems will get worst when current pap gets in more population from India and other places.

The private loans of present population is about 80% of the gdp S$360billions. The debts are increasing as US is increasing interest rate. First may start in June next month. But sg economy in export is shrinking. sg is part of US pivot to asia. China will likely to put sg at the last of the queue. Export will be bad to worst, tourist arrival will be bad to worst.
The current pap can last till 2020GE. By then, will the employment for voters getting better? If not, pap IB will be hard in defending their lost seats.
Voters who dont quit sg are stronger than those quitters. This is clear cut. They are tougher to deal with. Pap current must deliver results. NOT export -15% in Mar, -7.9% in Apri. Year in year out: it is - minus figures.

What 70% to 61% now is shifting rapidly. Can a political party keep delivering minus export figures while household debts are so high? The pap will face the tough voters. They will not quit here quietly like those few who went abroad.

Anonymous said...

The pap will face the tough voters.
Anon 12:46 pm

That is provided the opposition become strong, united and ready to be govt by 2020 GE.

But let's face this reality as an individual. If after working for more than 20 years, you are still a junior staff, how you expect yourself to be CEO by 2020?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

GCT is a sneaky balls-less snake who sows discontent amongst locals to create an "us vs them" dynamic. "Divide and conquer".

GCT cannot hold a candle to LKY's giant character and "tough guy" image, and his legend. GCT is weak man, and even today he is still a small fry weakling who can only try to "score points" by playing to the basest of human emotions--- JEALOUSY/ ENVY.

Anyway, it is NO SECRET that 100's of thousands of Singaporeans have "the best of many two or more worlds". If I am not mistaken, even GCT kid is an "overseas" Singaporean.

If "quitting" wasn't so darn AWESOME, how come many locals are engaging in this practice...even today?

How about those who now live in JB? Are they "quitters" too? They rent out their Singapore homes for big bucks, live like Lords and Ladies in JB, and still have the ADVANTAGE of using Singapore as a "base" to make-ka da money.

My advice to Singaporeans has always been: Get yourself a visa to live elsewhere if you can and reap the benefits which will accrue to you.

The universe gave you a "free kick" by making you a Singaporean. OK, growing up in SG can be "siong" at times, for e.g. have to buy expensive place to live, have to pay COE for car, and males have to do fucking NS...BUT after all is said and done, at age about 30-35 you are light years AHEAD of your peers even in developed western cuntries.

This gives you a great competitive edge and the FINANCIAL MEANS to do whatever the fuck you like REGARDLESS of the yammerings of some malcontent, mediocre politician, and waste-of-oxygen human being like GCT.

"QUITing" Singapore is like quitting cigarettes: it is hard, and you really have to be determined and apply yourself...but your life after that will be great and you will be financially, emotionally and FACTUALLY fitter, healthier and better off.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The cuntries with the largest diaspora (aka "quitters" who've fucked off for better opportunities elsewhere) are India and China.

They are not going to stop. They are going to continue to be LKY's "spur stuck in the hides" not only to Singapore, but to every corner of the globe. India + China population are approximately 2.6 billion people, 36% or more than one third of the world's peoples. i.e. one in three people are either from India or China.

And they are "quitting" their cuntries in the millions. Nothing you say or do is going to stop them.

So deal with that, motherfuckers.

Virgo49 said...

Dr Goh Keng Swee's time in meetings with the MOE Minster and staff plus the Deans of the Unis and Heads of Polys.

Dr GOH : We need so many remisers, financial consultants,
Accountants, bank officers, Production Managers/Engineers. Etc etc.

Please churn out future batches of our young into these courses and have them ready for the future.

Now the MOE Minister to the School Heads.

We need so many sweepers on the future economy. Please teach them to sweep in the classes and schools.

We are so proud that one of our kind is taking part in the China Voice Special Contest.

Are you in turn to be the second or first world enconmy that by even winning the Special China Voice contest, you can earn a living with that title??

Behaved as though we had arrived.

But seriously we are in deep shits of half the population been unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:01pm
U will talk as if a clerk cannot be a ceo. There are hundred thousands of examples especially in china. When someone like a retired paper cup salesman saw a hamburger stal doing well, he threw his savings to the MacDonald brothers to buy the stall over and that it, he worked with the stall team, that s the big Mac.
The story may get rebuttal from u. Have the real one u might have had. Jump from 4 storey. When u see writing to jump, u will say i think this guy will not do. Not true. In military training, i did it not because i wanted. I was forced to do it, I did it nicely.

If u ask voters, many will think wp cannot do lah. To voters the answer is: if Pap current teams prove that they cannot do, voters will have to vote for alternative. Voters dont need to worry if wp or whoever cannot jump from 4th storey lah. Let them try.

Wp s more selective in choosing candidates. They dont expand like Nsp did in 2011, and ended up the guy came out to have a 1 team party ppp. Its not meant for an ideology. This kind of assembly make or break style is common in other opposition. eg Sdp the team in 2011 end up in Sfp 50%. Hard to trust them except Wp. Expands slowly but keeping the team going is Wp s pattern of growth. Voters may have to wait.

But if Pap fails to generate enough jobs for the heavily indebted pmets needing cash to pay loans, Pap will face the music they created: property bubble. The election results will be unpredictable.

Do not over estimate the quitters. The stayers are stronger and pragmatic. They can swing away from Pap if there is no $$ coming in and Pap still getting so many pinoys indians to run down the salary for the average voters: 20 years still a junior staff. its all because there are cheap foreigners replacement.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Actually, if you look more closely, all this talk about Singaporean "quitters" is bullshit lah. It is theatrics. It is wayang, designed to fool the locals into supporting the PAP.

Nearly every single economic policy brought out by the PAP has benefited the quitter-class. It is now much easier to "quit", and use Singapore's terrific financial engine to keep your precious money safe and away from the greedy tax departments of foreign cuntries you choose to "quit" to.

My advice: QUIT as soon as you can. Remember: YOUR LIFE lah. Your self-interest is paramount.

** When you live in Singapore, you have to put up with the PAP's shit. When you "quit" Singapore and have OPTIONS, you can take advantage of the PAP's shit. **

Don't do anything AGAINST your self-interest, regardless of how many mean names other people call you (they are just JEALOUS) or the nonsense and double-speak that comes out of the mouths of politicians.

Virgo49 said...

Last so many years, have we heard or read of any grand plans from the PM or MOE minister of how our young generation prospects in specialised professions and careers???

Only future Backside Line, Uptown Line and The Jewel of Changi Airport Terminal Four.

Your Island is criss cross with so many MRT Line and from start should encourage the young to take up these railbuilding courses from the experts countries or builder's.

Seconded them to learn from scratch how they are built and maintain.

No need for Rail Academy now without knowing what is a bolt and nut.

Nuts all of them.

Anonymous said...

What is more shameful in Singapore?

A 10% rate of home ownership?
Bluffing Singaporeans that our home ownership rate is 80%?

Anonymous said...

A 10% rate of home ownership?
Bluffing Singaporeans that our home ownership rate is 80%?
Anon 1:54 pm

Where got bluff? Own for 99 years also own what. Anyway how many Sinkies can live until 99 years, u tell me lah? Statistically, life span is only 78 years for men and 81 years for women.

Anonymous said...

HDB was set up in 1960. The oldest flats now are only 56 years old. Still got 43 years more to go.

Anyway, most of the old flats will be en-bloc, so no worry it will be 43 years or less.

Anonymous said...

Where got bluff? Own for 99 years also own what.
May 22, 2016 2:25 pm

Own for 99 years?
Own by who?
Own by Singaporeans or own by HDB?

Anonymous said...

Pensions may be cut to 'virtually nothing' for 407,000 people



What about our CPF money?
Safe or not ah?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Every govt in the world today is tinkering with their pension plans and provident funds.

It is very clear that govts are going to FUCK OLD PEOPLE, with 100% support from the younger VOTING taxpayers.

If you're relying on state pension or CPF, you're on the way to be fucked every which way to Sunday, and serves you right for trusting the govt to "look after" you.

Anonymous said...

What about our CPF money?
Safe or not ah?
Anon 2:52 pm

Of course safe lah. Not only safe but also give 5% pa interest. Where to find?

That's why every time I look at my CPF account I feel so rich. Can retire after 55, with good interest paid some more. Just withdraw interest good enough already. Or keep it there for even more interest.

Anonymous said...

'The universe gave you a "free kick" by making you a Singaporean. OK, growing up in SG can be "siong" at times, for e.g. have to buy expensive place to live, have to pay COE for car, and males have to do fucking NS...BUT after all is said and done, at age about 30-35 you are light years AHEAD of your peers even in developed western cuntries.'

Really? Ask those that are replaced by the 3rd world shits.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "you don't GET IT" 522:

>> Really? Ask those that are replaced by the 3rd world shits. <<

What for? They are no longer part of the conversation. They are history...unable to COMPETE with those "shits" from the Turd Whirled. Which means they're out of The Game.

To remain in The Game, you have to stay relevant and at least survive. If you can't, too bad for you.

Anonymous said...

To remain in The Game, you have to stay relevant and at least survive. If you can't, too bad for you.
May 22, 2016 5:43 pm

Are you talking about Heng Swee Keat?

Anonymous said...

Heng Swee Keat is just another expendable digit, although a very expensive one.

Just look how fast PM Lee got the replacement.

Maybe Heng Swee Keat is stupid enough to work too hard for the money without listening to his body, or rather his brain.

Anonymous said...

What about HSK's ball carriers?
What will happen to them?
Have they become obsolete and redundant?
All these years of carrying HSK's balls.
Very wasted hor.

Anonymous said...

Quitting China worked out very well for this PRC man.
In China, no Chinese girl would marry him.
Looked at what happens after he quits China.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "out of comfort zone" 659:

>> Looked at what happens after he quits China. <<

You mean, after he stepped OUT of his comfort zone---that familiar "zone" people choose to remain in even if they are failing and suffering. The comfort zone TRAP. Many lives get wasted there.

The comfort zone trap is where the individual's hopes, dreams and aspirations go to die.

Nothing happened "automatically" for this valiant Chinese chap. He had to endure suffering, failure and hardship. If he didn't apply himself, he would have not survived, let alone thrive. And he obviously has an entrepreneurial bent, being a current business owner.

This guy has got his "Game Face" on. He is playing The Game, and it looks like he is winning.

Got Game Face?

Anonymous said...

Hi Matilah,

"Quitting" is never easy. There're many factors to consider. I applaud those who managed to migrate to other countries and be happy. Getting jobs in those countries (I believe I can call them "first world countries") are not easy. The good jobs are always reserved for their locals. Unless one is so rich to invest large amount of money as investment which would grant one instant PR status, one needs to get jobs that usually the locals there don't want to do and paid much lesser. You don't have a choice to get back the kind of jobs you're doing here. (I attended a talk on migrating to a particular country). Secondly, the taxes are very high (35-40%?).

Thirdly, what about one's own old folks? They might not want to go over due to language barrier and cold weather. It is also not fair to leave the looking after of own parents to the sibling(s).

RB is right. We shouldn't call names for those locals who left here. For those who choose to stay put here (most of us don't even have a choice), we just have to make do with whatever we have: spending less, save more, stay healthy, be happy (try).

SG Girl

Anonymous said...

Sg only trying to get lost invested

Monies thru a black door.(by closing 1 eye2)

Anonymous said...

Y Children jump!!?? @€%&#

Only parent knows!

Anonymous said...

Y workers gets hands crush

N get only 2days mc?

Anonymous said...

@ SG Girl

/// Getting jobs in those countries (I believe I can call them "first world countries") are not easy. The good jobs are always reserved for their locals. ///

Sure or not?
I thot in Singapore we reserve all the good jobs for Aliens?
And the toilet cleaning jobs are reserved for our PMETs?

/// For those who choose to stay put here (most of us don't even have a choice), we just have to make do with whatever we have: spending less, save more, stay healthy, be happy (try). ///

Sure or not?
Why not try voting Opposition and see whether things change for the better?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ SG Girl:

>> Getting jobs in those countries (I believe I can call them "first world countries") are not easy. The good jobs are always reserved for their locals.<<

Although there are incidences of "local favouritism", most of the enterprises these days don't care: they want people who are able and reliable. They don't have to LIKE you. They're satisfied if they can TRUST you.

If you think business competition in Asia is fierce, you'll re-think that when you see how much more difficult it is to make money in a typical "western" society. There's loads of REGULATION, fees and TAXES. Also their tax departments are more on the ball ready to bust anyone who doesn't comply.

You also have free media and freedom of speech. That means if an enterprise does something "bad", the free media and free-expressing individuals will jump on it...and you could find your enterprise in the toilet in a very short time.

Taxes are high. I consider this to be the "entry and keeping fee" of living in a free western democracy. Of course there are ways of minimizing the tax impost, but they don't make sense unless you're earn really big bucks. To me, I just pay, and bitch about it occasionally...my way of finding some "solace" in the state's "right" to legalised extortion and theft .

You cite 35-40%. Actually it is MORE than that. Try 50-60+% as the "true rate", because you need to factor in GST, "sin" taxes, fuel excise, carbon tax, capital gains tax...etc. etc. not just focus on income tax. Having 3 or more levels of governments is also EXPENSIVE and someone has to pay, eventually. Here in Oz we have Federal, State and Local governments...and they all need money to run.

Regarding the old folks: In my experience most of them LOVE the life in western societies. They're definitely more ACTIVE and fulfilled, as there are many societal and cultural structures well proven and in place to look after the oldies. As for the cold, you just accept it as a part of life and dress appropriately.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matilah

Our uniquely Singapore will not follow other first world countries when comes to jobs for locals and foreigners. I'm not an economist, so I can't argue with data that having more foreigners working here did not help increase the GDP nor did they help create jobs (what kind?) for our locals.

As for your second question, ask the 70%. I believe these are the ones that are holding good jobs created by the foreigners.

SG Girl

Anonymous said...

Hi Matilah

Thanks for explaining.

Wow, I didn't know they have three levels of government there. Did they earn millions too? Although we don't have so many levels here, we are very fortunate to have many MPs to serve us.

With the high taxes, are you able to save for old age or raining days?

Eating out is expensive there isn't it? Though the F&B prices here have increased quite a bit, seems to me the middle income earners are not affected by it(yet); during weekends, see how crowded are the eateries and restaurants. Oh, I bought a smoke duck $16.99 (1kg) on sale at cold storage yesterday. I would think that is considered reasonable.

Not all old Asian folks are adaptable to change of living environment. Mine certainly are not. So I'm still here, still loving my country, still enjoying my chai tao kway, fried prawns noodles, chicken rice, etc.

SG Girl

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ SG Girl

I think economic modelling is unreliable---it is just impossible to map every single variable in complex non-linear systems. Politicians will give the electorate any bullshit story they can get away with, and unfortunately Singaporeans are not know as "critical thinkers" but mainly a mass of people who follow blindly what their govt. tells them...and complain along the way on how "siong" it is.

So the govt becomes like a de facto parent....it dishes out the "hard truths" when deemed necessary, and offers a few empty "soothing words" to quell people's discontent.

If all else fails, just target a few poor buggers and chuck them in jail under ISA or sue them until they don't have money for a bowl of noodles.

Benign/ Benevolent Dictatorship proves to be a very EFFECTIVE way of governing (ruling?) Singaporeans...despite the plethora of complaints over the years and the incessant noise of dissent (that's all it is: NOISE, no action, just noise...) on the interwebs. The people get the government they deserve.---there's no getting around that hard truth.

Singaporeans are very demanding of their govt. To the point where over the years they had become too soft and complacent. Meanwhile, the world is globalising and all barriers are coming down. Singapore is a small place, heavily dependent on foreign investment. So the govt had NO CHOICE but to "open it up" to toe-to-toe competition.

If I have one "complaint" (I'm an "open borders" "free market" libertarian at heart), that would be that the sg.gov did the transition FAR TOO QUICKLY, thus catching many of the local workers (PMETs mostly) unprepared and unaware. But since they are a ONE PARTY PARLIAMENT, they can essentially do as they please for whatever reason, and not give a damn about the social consequences. Apparently, they played the correct hand as this "shock move" has not affected the PAP in the polls.

I cannot make any sense of this. You will find copious amounts of varied opinion...but I don't think anyone can pin down the "effectiveness" of having massive amounts of foreigners compete with locals ALL OF A SUDDEN.

Other countries are also revising their immigration policies to attract the "right people". However, they are doing it slowly, with a more orderly and measured response. Australia (where I live) has increased its immigration intake especially for "skilled" professionals, but they do it slowly---30,000 a year, maybe 50,000 if the economy is good. Singapore's kiasu kiasi PAP govt. just opened the gates and allowed the hungry hordes to come barreling in. That was a mistake, IMO...and of course you'll get social disruption and massive discontent.

Still, we can only work with whatever we're dealt with. It's too late now. Those foreigners are not leaving anytime soon. The only way to beat this as far as locals are concerned is to ADAPT. Complaining about it won't have any effect whatsoever.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ SG Girl:

1. Govt:

>> Did they earn millions too? <<

Not as much as Singaporeans, but they do OK. Also 3 levels means in total the cost of govt is very high.

2. >> With the high taxes, are you able to save for old age or raining days? <<

I do ok, but I know how to budget, plan and use my money effectively. Other people, not so much...most Aussies are in debt to their eyeballs. They borrow and spend for just about everything. Over the last 20 years however, the "attitude" has changed.

The young ones are much better than their parents and grandparents. They learn about money and investment at a young age. There are school kids with multi million dollar stock portfolios here. Of course, this is not the "norm", but there are a significant number. My bloody nephews and nieces in their early to mid 20's already OWN their homes and cars---with ZERO help from their parents. If they keep going the way they do, they'll be millionaires before they are 30.

>> Eating out is expensive there isn't it? <<

Yes. But cars, petrol and boats are cheap. You win some, you lose some. A brand new VW Golf costs $23k, drive away. 23k won't even buy you a COE in Singapore.

b said...

Everyone needs to be a quitter at some point in their lives so that they will not develop fear of change DNA. They will instead develop DNA of more courage and more open minded. In places where there is no quitter, there is a lot of fear with the outside world. They are almost living in a cocoon, afraid of any changes in their lives and resist any changes. Migration will open your body, mind and soul and makes people stronger and more adaptable and more open to adversities in their lives.