Good news, no fleeing of capital and foreign investors!

When news of Heng Swee Kiat’s collapse in a cabinet meeting hit the streets, there must be fear of a fleeing of foreign capital from the island. This rumour or line of thought has been speculated for several decades to frighten the Singaporeans, that stability of a one party, one man govt is the key to Singapore’s success. Now that the one man is no longer around, it is the composition of the one party that matters. And the composition of the one party actually is about a few men countable by the fingers in one hand. And Heng Swee Kiat is one of the fingers, touted as the future PM.

Heng Swee Kiat’s collapse may send fears to some that it is a sign that Singapore may be collapsing or the future is collapsing. So foreigners, those from the first world, would be packing their bags and businesses and running away. There is no fear from those of the third world as Singapore is still too good for them than their third world homeland. They die die will stay.

Nothing happens. No one is running away. Let me offer two possible reasons. The foreigners and their investments did not see anything fearsome to want to run away. Two, there are very few from the first world. Most of the foreign investors and investments are from the third world, where else to run to?

Oh, a third point, Singapore is now quite stable. It is no longer dependable on one man or one party to continue to grow and prosper. The country is stable enough to withstand the loss of the one man or the one party and its constituent key members.
This is the good news. Singapore will not be shaken just because of the loss of one man or one party. Singapore will not be turned into a third world country just because one opposition candidate gets elected into Parliament. No foreign investor will panic just because Chee Soon Juan would to get into Parliament.

Singapore is safe. The govt has done a good job to ensure that the country will continue to prosper with or without one man or one party.  Thank you very much. This is like a corporation not depending on an indispensable CEO and would collapse if the CEO is dead. I think my conclusion is good for Singaporeans. A country with a stable and sound system that would not be shaken and fell like a pack of cards when one man or one key minister suffered a stroke. I don’t think the situation would be different if it was not Heng Swee Kiat but someone else, like Tharman, Chee Hian or Hsien Loong.

The system will continue to run as if nothing had happened. The island would still be here. The property prices would not fall, and no one’s daughter or wife will become foreign maid. Singapore has passed its second durability test.


Anonymous said...

The system will continue to run as if nothing had happened.

Tiok. But then hor, the system will continue to run the way which RB doesn't like, as he had already made known many times to all who care to visit his blog.

So is that really good news? It is only good news when Chee Soon Juan had won BB BE, but sadly, to those who wished so and also to Chee, that was not to be.

Anonymous said...

It will be super good news when all the opposition parties agree to merge under WP and accept Low Thia Khiang as their leader, and with Dr Chee Soon Juan as his deputy.

Then there will be a very good chance of opposition candidates, including Dr Chee of course, winning many seats in the next election and maybe to even form the govt, with Low as PM and Dr Chee as DPM. Hurray, if that were to happen, and hope no earthquakes will happen to prevent that from happening.

Anonymous said...

Has the political succession plan suffered a "premature ejaculation" or "coitus interruptus"??
Do you think Ah Lee will have to continue to work beyond 2020 as Prime Minister?

Anonymous said...



seems this ang moh is a new citizen
we need more Foreign Talents like this
he looks so big and strong ... unlikely to suffer from stroke

do you think we can learn from him?
take the law into our own hands?

Anonymous said...

@ May 14, 2016 11:16 am

We need more ang moh bulls like this to breed with our Singapore girls.
Make strong babies.
Then in future, no more strokes or cancer.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha

Go read the stats on the annual number of strokes ang Moh kena back in their own cuntries.

Anonymous said...

The future of Spore is still bleak and gloomy. Spore has no resources & depends solely on foreign investments. This means the collapse of Minister Heng isn't going to bodes well here. Heng is the anchor man of Spore future economic reforms & manages the country finance..there is nobody in the present cabinet tat has his capability. If he were to recover, Heng need to take care of his health or become an advisor. If he is handicap or don't survive it will not be good for Spore. This country talent resources is very limited as some had already migrated. Lets pray tat Minister Heng recover from this ordeal.

Anonymous said...

The REAL reason is becoz Ah Heng is not seen as someone special, even though he is rumoured to being chosen & groomed to become the next PM.

He's a nobody ... basically at most another seat warmer like Woody Goh, to occupy the Istana PM office until the Lee grandchildren comes of age to continue the LEEgime.

The only headache for PAPies now is to select another potential seat warmer.

Anonymous said...

If this ang moh can produce 100 Singaporean children.
Do you think they will all be big and strong and beat up our jiak liao bee policemen?

Anonymous said...

Do you think PAP's talent pool is very small?
Unable to attract any new talent?
Finance Minister kena stroke and the entire succession plan is in jeopardy?

Do you think it is time to vote in Opposition Parties which have greater depth in talents?

Anonymous said...

Rb // Heng Swee Kiat’s collapse may send fears to some that it is a sign that Singapore may be collapsing or the future is collapsing. //

In the short run, the impact is unlikely to be felt

But over medium term, it may be a difficult proposition?

The hope ( real or perceived or both ) that came with HSK's appointment in several portfolios is unfortunately most likely non-existent for now .....?

Anonymous said...

Oops ..... auto correct typo .....

Should be " ..... different proposition?"

Anonymous said...

Canaccord Founder Sells $31 Million Vancouver Mansion To Chinese Student


Do we need more PRC money in Singapore?
But why invest in Singapore when Canada is so much bigger & better?

Anonymous said...

Agree. Sinkies need to pray hard for HSK ......

But the work needs to be spread out .....

Otherwise chances for 2nd stroke is high, based on many medical studies and reports .....

Anonymous said...

No worry, PAP attracting a lot of new talents like Murali and more children of former Barisan Socialist leaders.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous May 14, 2016 11:59 am
//The future of Spore is still bleak and gloomy. Spore has no resources & depends solely on foreign investments. This means the collapse of Minister Heng isn't going to bodes well here. Heng is the anchor man of Spore future economic reforms & manages the country finance..there is nobody in the present cabinet tat has his capability.//

That is well said .....?

Look at HSK current 2 "deputies", ( if u even want to call them that? )?

Rightfully, if IC "absent" then the 1st "2IC" or 2nd "2IC" can step in or stand in, right?

Anonymous said...

There is no intention to be rude but since when national economic well being and/ or survival at stake is "masak masak trivial matter"?

How come there is no call or suggestion ( from even anyone ) for the current 2 "deputies" to HSK to take over or cover him in the interim?

Even one NTU academic quoted in the MSM "dragged" in the former "2IC" to botak as a possible interim cover for day to day affairs and botak oversee the strategic part?

Anonymous said...

Rightfully, if IC "absent" then the 1st "2IC" or 2nd "2IC" can step in or stand in, right?
May 14, 2016 12:25 pm

Are they called bag carriers?
Good enough only to carry HSK's bag when he goes for meetings or goes to airport?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Since this new ang moh citizen doesn't have to do NS, he and people like him can do some "national service" by putting inconsiderate and rude local Singaporeans in their place or in hospital if necessary.

If I run onto this ang moh, I'm buying him a beer. If in that particular period I've done better than well, he gets a free fuck session with 2 chicks at Geylang.

As for capital flight, you'll probably find that more loot will come into Singapore now as Panama has been busted. Govts (like the greedy Aussie govt) are trying to squeeze more dough out of people and companies---especially those who have done well and are rich, that a haven like Singapore is going to get even more "popular" with the folks protecting themselves from LEGALIZED THEFT

Anonymous said...

No intention to offend the current 2 "deputies" or the honourable prince but who ( which AH ) advise the prince to place these 2 "practically zero knowledge in economics etc deputies" under HSK and probably "added to his work load instead of helping him as HSK probably has to painstakingly explain many things to them like teaching kindergarten kids a-b-c" ( though these 2 "deputies" may be experts in their own trained fields of law and translation respectively )?

It is maciam fielding basketball players on the soccer fields or playing them totally out of positions?

Already khaw-peh-ed them many times in the past few years about this issue but noboLEE listened?

Anonymous said...

Now "emergency" arises even small portfolio like those in the CFE held by HSK even Kee Chiu or Tua Kang cannot have large even feet to step in HSK shoes or large enough heads to wear HSK hat?

So how now?

Previously there was one fairly experienced 2nd FM in current WP GRC but there is such thing called HYSTERESIS in macroeconomics unemployment which could arise due to "human capital decumulation"?

Anonymous said...

If u invest in a factory or retail space like Taka, u cannot run off because of someone dies. The old man proved a case himself. He started this kind of "fear" as if investing money in Singapore is like speculating up or down. NO. People threw money to do business here, not speculating in stock or S$.

Readers especially younger one must not be misled by this kind of title.

The foreign direct investment by companies was S$1024billions in 2014 (singapore statistics) and this figure is not big comparing to HK FDI S$2500billions end 2015.

Do readers expect foreigner run off in HK when YC Leong gets into illness?
I doubt Soros will short HK dollar for YC Leong. Same no one will short S$ for someone here, not old man and not his prince. Money is not flowing like water. If so, then Singapore stock exchange will have up and down like Shanghai or Heng seng.

Singapore stock exchange is so so 'stable'.

Anonymous said...

Mr Heng Swee Keat - Minister
Ms Indranee Rajah, Ms Sim Ann - Senior Minister of State

Is this true?


Anonymous said...

And it has been happening to many sinkies PMETS in the past donkey years .....? BIG WASTAGE of RESOURCES?

Botak is like an old horse (ex)striker such as Alan Shearer or Eric Cantona. ..... way past their prime liao ?

Also Botak helmed FM for 8 years ( 2007 to 2015 ) and why HSK just took over only less than 8 mths need overworked in the past 7.5 months after Botak pass the "SHIT" ...... oops "BATON" ( 1 Oct 2015 ) to HSK until kena stroke on Thursday 12 May 2016?

Anonymous said...

Star Wars - Sith Lords Succession Plan - The Rule of Two

"Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody power the other to crave it."
Darth Bane

"When your power eclipses mine I will become expandable. This is the Rule of Two: One Master and one apprentice. When you are ready to claim the mantle of Dark Lord as your own, you must do so by eliminating me."
Darth Bane to Darth Zannah

"Remember, the first and only reality of the Sith.... there can only be two. And you are no longer my apprentice. You have been replaced."
Darth Sidious to Darth Maul


So what can Sith Lords teach Singaporeans and PAP about succession planning?

Anonymous said...

So how come Botak can be Finance Minister for 8 years without getting a stroke?

Who were Botak's deputies in the Finance Ministry before Botak handed over to HSK?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.48pm, u talk talk no use lah ......

Beside H2 A level economics, there is a lower level called IGCSE "O" level economics. .....

No offence but dunno if give the 2 take can pass or not?

So if cannot pass IGCSE "O" level economics but can hold SMOS title in ....... u think liddat Jiat Lat or not?

Fair to HSK or not?

It's not just economics, do u know, in order to do well in economics?

U need to be damn good in math and statistics as well .....?

Can give last year H2 Math A level Paper 1 and 2 to these 2, see they can pass or not?

If they can only manage single-digit marks out of 100% then u think they qualified to be in their current position?

And that's just A level u know?

Actually economics expurts need to be damn good at undergraduate level math, Stats, econometrics, intermediate micro/ macro, international economics, labour economics, mathematical economics, behavioural economics, etc etc ?

U think they have such technical knowledge or not, much less actual real world knowledge?

Do you think when US FED Chairman or Vice Chairman or other FED presidents talked financial or economic stuff these two deputies half the time understand what the FED officials talking about?

Can ask these 2 deputies explain what the FED people talked about?

And also explain how those various economic and financial scenarios the FED people talked about worked in the real world?

Anon 12.48pm, can u see what is the problem now and how big the problem sinkieland is facing or not?

No offence to all ( related or otherwise ) people but if u are not trained as a doctor and someone ask u become one u can say no, tiok Bo?

Otherwise if u hold the title of a doctor when not trained as one then u kena asked to operate on the patient then the patient likely cannot make it out of the OT ( operating theatre ), right?

So not fair to the patient mah and everyone concerned right?

People always think they know but when actually try to do then they realise they dunno .....?

In critical areas of life and death at stake or survival at stake, can like that meh?

Anyway, in case something said wrong please pray tell where talked wrong, ok?

No offence intended

Anonymous said...

Alamak, anon 1.12pm,

Your eyes pasted stamps?

Cannot read economics reports?

He never kena doesn't mean nothing kena stroke lah .....

Anonymous said...

U never read or listen to past few years economics news ......?

NODX "kena stroke" dunno how many times liao ......?

Stock market "not only kena stroke but multiple times heart attacks" in the past years?

Think your eyes not pasted stamps liao ...?

Paste newspaper liao ......?

Anonymous said...

We have two Deputies in the Finance Ministry but not able to step up when boss is not feeling well?

then what for HSK appoint them as his deputies?
is it poor judgement on HSK part?

Anonymous said...

Then if HSK become Prime Minister then how?
Sekali his Deputy Prime Ministers cannot take over if he falls sick again then how?

Anonymous said...

Your 3 points are not wrong.

But the 4th point which is the most point is that we have Tharman

Yes! Look no further! Tharman is the man!

Don't worry. Tharman can 一脚踢. Tharman can be both DPM and FM.

In fact many many would "kee-chiu" if ever Tharman is being proposed to be next PM.

Anyway, we must remember that......



HE got the answer!


Anonymous said...

Do you think I should worry for Singapore?

If the two Deputies in the Finance Ministry is not ready to be Finance Minister;
then what about the two Deputy Prime Ministers?

If PM Lee get a stroke;
then who is ready to be Prime Minister?

Do you think it is better to start grooming at least one Opposition Party to be ready to be government?
So if PAP is not ready to be government because of health problems;
then at least one Opposition Party is ready to be government.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 2.43 pm, worry not worry not

we have two DPMs

if the PM suddenly and instantly cannot serve the nation

the two DPMs will "long-chiam-pak" for the PM position

so worry not worry not


b said...

A country must remain united (despite differences) otherwise, UA will arm some rebels, take down the gov, plunder the country and the people will be worse off.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo ......

U sure HSK appointed them?

If u r the FM, would u likely choose 2 "economics and finance trained" deputies or 2 "economics ignoramus"?

Anonymous said...

While rallying to ensure minimal downside, don't u think steps should also be taken to ensure the right people are appointed in the long run so that HSK/ the FM would not be burning candle on both ends?

There is no guarantee Botak won't kena stroke if subjected to the "same shit" HSK had to undergo and overworked himself till kena stroke?

Would Botak be able to "function properly" with the 2 current deputies who are unable to step up to take over HSK, even temporarily, like acting FM or acting 2nd FM ?

Anonymous said...

Actually several 4th gen touted as future successor so good opportunity to give them a chance and rotate them become acting FM or acting 2nd FM during the interim till HSK health condition is clearer?

Any possibility to put TCJ or CCS or OTK or LW or NCM as acting FM or acting 2nd FM now in the interim?

Also appoint one of them as acting chair of the CFE till HSK health condition is clearer?

Anonymous said...

Like that use this opportunity to throw them into the deep end see how they ( can ) perform otherwise if they next time straight become PM have more risk right?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous May 14, 2016 1:12 pm
//So how come Botak can be Finance Minister for 8 years without getting a stroke?

Who were Botak's deputies in the Finance Ministry before Botak handed over to HSK?//

Aiyo ......

Come to think of it, before HSK kena stroke, there was a SMOS deputy in MTI also previously kena TIA ( transient ischemic attack ) mini-stroke?

So who was doing the ( actual ) work?

Anonymous said...

The MTI Min or the SMOS?

Somemore the SMOS faster asked to step down after GE 2015?

If engineer also can suka suka become economic minister, then many engineers can become economists liao and take over HSK in the interim?

Anonymous said...

How come in private sector or banking or financial sector never hear engineers without proper economics training can become economists but in garment sector can "suka suka" engineer become economics min?

Can like that one meh?

No proper training can become economic min?

Anonymous said...

Not based on merit meh?

Not meritocracy meh?

Now become "meritoguancy"?

Anonymous said...

Can arhhhhhh. ......?

Anonymous said...

What do you think?

Should cry or laugh?

Or expressionless ( like the economics min )?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:43pm
Kichui is the pm because he appeared in old man wife s funeral. That is the criteria. Kichui knows everything, anything u ask, he kichui and says something. He always walked behind old man that is another reason he will be pm. No one walked behind an ex pm as much like kichui. Heng is not the one because he was not the general. There are 4 generals, heng is just not general, how to be inside the choice.

Anonymous said...

Heaven says:

One cannot have Everything One wants.
One cannot always want to "have (keep) the cake and eat it".

GOD says:

You want Murali, I give you Murali.
But since you practice Pay And Pay.
I also made you Pay And Pay.
So I take away your Heng-And-Heng lah.

Think Deep Deep.
WHO is More Powerful?
You, peeny weeny puny "Dishonorable Son" of a "Horrible Man"
Who "has no qualms to abuse your powers ...."
Or ME, your GOD?

Now, wake up!
Go forth and use the powers I give you
To benefit your commoners, the sheeple
And not just your own nepotistic relatives,
sycophantic hypocritical self-enriching greedy elites
and boot-licking balls-carrying cronies who are every ready to please YEW
than to keep you informed of the reality and truths down the line ....

Now, you had better pray hard, harder and hardest
Before I also call upon My Angel known as "Cancer"
to pay YEW another Visit .......


Anonymous said...

Heng Ah Kit has never been considered for the PM Post.

He is just a Seat-Warmer for the Money-Sucking Ministry.

He only came in in 2011, just slightly over five years ago.

He is not charismatic nor politically attuned.

From how and what he said or not said during the Bukit Buttok Chee-By Erection,
It is very clear that he is not a good political animal at all,
He has not even an iota of political acumen.

Moreover, he is an Engineer, not an Economist nor a Mathematician
Nor a Lawyer in training.

Neither was he an Elitist Paper General who has risen from a Systematic Screening
Upon his leadership qualities, idiosyncrasy, trustworthiness, obedience, faith, loyalty
and ROYALTY .....

He is also not connected in any hidden way with The First Dirty Family;

And so on and so forth ..... more, more, more .....

But suffice to reveal just the above. Full Stop.

Whoever started or created the RUMOR must have done it for Fun or Mischief.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, HSK is an economist lah .......

He holds both Bachelor and Master degrees in Economics from Cambridge University.

The one who is an engineer with no economics degree doing an economics min job is Lim Chow Khiang ...... lah

Pls do your hw leh ......

Otherwise MALU uncle rb here that his blog commentators anyhow write ......?

Social media also must have some mimimal standard mah

Anonymous said...

But u are probably right HSK not connected ......?

But Limp Chow Khiang according to some sources is lah .....?

When Limp headed the MND for 4 short years in the mid to late 90s, the property market crashed lah and many millionaires become taxi drivers and bankrupts. .....?

Anonymous said...

Then he went to MOH for 4 years ( 1999 to 2003 ) oso "made a big pile of shxxs" for Mr Hara-Kiri ( who took over him in mid 2003 ) to clean up ......?

The SARS handling in 2003 under Limp oso was ....... aiyo. ...... dunno what to say ......?

Many biz oso went "belly-up" in 2003 ...... bcos of the SARS (mis)handling and market then was almost like "dead nights" most of the days ......?

patriot said...


Heng Swee Keat was Principal Private Secretary to the Late Minister Mentor.
Many believe that he shall be the Next Prime Minister although Chan Chun Sing was rumoured to be the One before HSK.
When HSK was given to head the Finance Ministry and put incharge of the National Conversation, many feel that he eclipses Chan Chun Sing. It must have been quite a challenge to supporters of Both.

Personally, me thinks the Military Faction stands a higher chance as there are lots of Military Men in the Regime. However, base on the Appointments of the Two contenders, Heng Swee Keat stands out and seems more mature and competent.

Now that Heng's health is in the Balance, chances of him becoming the Next Prime Minister, which some suspect to be a seat warmer, is very much dimmed.
Unless therr is another rising star or another favoured protege, there will be less secret and invisible tussles for the Highest Office in Sin.


Anonymous said...

....there are lots of Military Men in the Regime.
patriot 8:24 pm

Military Men? Real Generals (like those in other countries) or paper Generals?

But if you think they are paper generals, then they are of no difference, Military Men or not.

Anonymous said...

Between 2003 to 2004, lao goa oso "scared" Limp "later mess things up again" so "cold-storaged" Limp in his "office lah without any portfolio" .......

But u noe right lao goa "asked to clear his seat" in 2004 so Limp "let loose again lor" .....

Stayed in the economics "meaningstree" from 2004 till present lah ......

But like National Devt and Health, the "meaningtree" he helmed like got many "Dai Chee" ( "trouble" ) ......

MND got the 1997 to 1998 AFC, market crashed like shit ......

Then 2003 SARS think this one no nid say liao .....

Then 2004 to present only "bright spot" is build build build lor but economy "never produce any winners" leh ......

But the "jinx" pattern never fail ( and almost like clock work follow him everywhere he goes ) and chun chun 2008 -2009 kena GFC ...... but lucky uncle Sam dropped interest rate like crazy from 5.25% in 2006 to almost zero by 2009 and also printed about more than USD4 trillion plus through QE 1, 2 and 3 so the world economy luckily and quickly rebounded ..... partly oso 2009 PRC came out with RMB 4 trillions fiscal stimulus package. .....

So between 2004 to 2015 like no new capabilities built in the sinkieland's economy except casino and real estate linked economic growth through real estate inflation 1st round between 2005 to 2007 and 2nd round between 2009 to end 2012/ mid 2014 due to uncle Sam ultra low interest rate of almost zero percent and massive QE ( quantitative easing aka money printing lah ) and PRC massive fiscal stimulus spending in 2009 through 2012 .....

So since 2013 the FED "tapered" or reduced the QE3 programme and sinkieland economic growth oso "mirror" the pattern to "taper" off lor .......

So can u see sinkieland's economy between 2009 to 2013 maciam like macro-managed by Uncle Sam aka the FED and also PRC ......

When they turned off the tap ( monetary and fiscal expansion programmes ), sinkieland's economy also "kaput"?

So the economic growth between 2010 to 2013 u think is due to outside factors or the "genius" of sinkieland's economics "czar" aka engineer Limp Chow Khiang?

If Limp can deliver good good HSK needed to work round the clock to try "salvage" the nosediving exports and economy?

In other forums, many netizens khaw-peh "too many deadwoods 了" so "roll eyes" lor .....

Think HSK is a "victim of the times so quite sad" ......

U listen to the video what Botak said at the TTSH's mass prayer and try read between the lines what he said u can know how difficult HSK position was ......

Botak's words were " ......... "

Aiya, think dun say already.

Think of it oso "damn sad and dulan" at the same time ......

But really 佩服 all these "outsiders" sinkies finest sons who try to "survive" in a "insiders" system and do all the heavy lifting for sinkieland?

So from bottom of hearts, really pray for HSK not so much to resume his work but for his own health speedy and full recovery and his personal well being ......

Mb this general analysis ( and perception ) may not be spot on but the general trend could be about there?

Have been pondering over the past few days and trying to "feel the ordeals" HSK been going through

Think "with hind sight", IMHO, even the pay up another 10 times oso "not worth it liao"

Mb the divine "feels" for HSK some how .......?

May the divine bless him with speedy and full recovery

Anonymous said...

Typo ......

Should be

" ....... 2nd round between 2009 to end 2012/ mid 2013 due to ......"

Anonymous said...

Rb, please lar. The way the press have reported as if the minister is as important as lky. Good or bad, lky has played an important role in sg. This is not what a young minister can command the same type of reaction like lky.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo .....

After like dat, even press said he is god got use meh?

Anyway, think time to say "再见" again

Enough said liao ......

No offence intended but all said with sinkies and sinkieland's interests at heart.

Hope after this episode, "situation" will improve and life down the road will not be too bad for sinkies and sinkieland.

May the divine continue to bless sinkieland's making the right turns and pushing the right buttons going forward.

What is past is past and cannot be undone but the future is still in sinkies and sinkieland's hands so hopefully the best can be done under the circumstances and the future continues to be as bright as the mornings' sun.


Wish everyone good health and good fortune.

May the divine bless HSK with speedy and full recovery.

May the divine bless sinkieland and sinkies with continued good fortune and smooth journey ahead.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that HSK's stroke or aneurysm is due to a sudden trauma? Traumatised by something, eg info or data or even by somebody? Because it happened during a cabinet meeting, with many ministers around and also most probably also a lot of info/data prepared for their discussion.

Citi Citi said...

In the First World Country called SIN-GAP-ORE,
Instant Multi-Millionaire Ministers galore.
Installed through a Legalized Corruption Pay System
Passed by Parliament using corrupted thinking and twisted terms,

Using tax-payers hard-earned money to easily fatten own bank accounts
At regular, constant, persistent and obscenely increasing amounts
By the $millions annually without conscience nor shame.
Yet ONLY pay $8 for a Heart-Bypass with excuses lame.

But the poor and destitute wait long long,
Sometimes in terms of months, years and beyond
Even just to get the pathetic medical appointments
In order to get some decent but miserly treatments.

This is a fact of life in SIN-GAP-ORE.
Nobody can deny this, never at all.
This is the greatest SHAME OF SIN-GAP-ORE.
Everybody should know and must so deplore.

For the horrible-cum-shameless boast that we are First Class, of First World,
And the despicable dishonorable son openly says WELFARE is a Dirty Word.
But both such kinds pay themselves wages way above the Highest in the World,
And allocate themselves with Free Medical Benefits in a Class A Ward.

Moreover, the scoundrels give themselves a golden Pension for Life,
Only after serving two terms as Members of Parliament if they survive.
Also the unscrupulous did away with Estate Duties in order to hide
Their immense wealth they secretly en-massed, prolonged, without respite.


SIN = Legalized Gambling, Prostitution and Alcohol Consumption.

GAP = Huge Income Gap between the Ruling Class and the Obedient Citizens.

ORE = Owned and Ruled by Elites (ORE) who make themselves instant Multi-Millionaires through an Obscene Remuneration Exploitation (ORE) system.

Citi Citi – 2016

Anonymous said...

If a Singaporean PMET gets a stroke
Do you think he would have been sacked and replaced by now?
Will his company still be paying his hospital bills?

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, why u all talk like that .

You all should know that the moment they are elected

they become instant Talent . They will tell the SME, property

developers etc how to run their business. Their Talents will

depend on how many times and how long the MSM decide to

promote. So who say we have no talents to take over HSK place.

patriot said...

To say that there are no talent to take over Heng Swee Keat is grossly disrespectful of the Many Financial Expurts in and out of the Banking Sector and the Numerous Economists that are frequently on Channel News Asia Tv Programmes.
There are in fact so many youngish financial advisers, consultants etc, some appear still wet in their ears and fresh out of school or Bational Service guiding ah kongs and ah mas to manage their monies at MRT Station and Shopping Centre and even Market.

I am always amaze by the Many Money Expurts in Sin and feel that it is almost impossible for Sin not to qualify as the Financial Centre of the World with so many Money Expurts in our midst.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Citi Citi, welcome to the blog. Nice to have a new contributor here on a Sunday.

Anonymous said...

The strength of Sin is the law. Sin is...righteous. Unless your righteousness EXCEEDS the (righteousness) of the policies makers, you will obviously unable to more forward. The wrong notion will spell your death.

independent individual said...

The individual has rights.

Anonymous said...

The will of heaven and earth must agree