Elected President – Protecting the minorities

So the Constitution Commission is set up to protect minority interests, so that minorities are represented or elected to the Presidency. Everyone is taking this minority interest at face value, that the minorities mean the Malays, Indians and the Others. I have earlier wrote about the definition of the minorities and how the great influx of foreigners here has actually changed the social fabric of our country and several third world people are now forming significant numbers as minorities here and would definitely want to be included into this minority or racial game. Why not when the door is open for all the minorities to stake a claim to the Presidency?

I am quite sure our Constitution does not define who or which racial group will be regarded as minorities and thus entitled to be appointed for the Elected Presidency on a merry go round or roulette wheel system of preference. Perhaps the Commission would also have to toy with the idea of amending the Constitution to define which racial groups would now be officially, legally and constitutionally given this special right to the pot of gold. Did I just say Special Right? Would Singapore, a democratic country based on justice and equality regardless of race language or religion, be sanctioning a Special Right to the minorities based on RACE?

By doing so, is Singapore starting to play the race game? I really hope not and no race is Special to have their rights protected by an amendment in the Constitution. I dread the day when the minority definition would include the Pinoys, Myanmese, Indonesians, Bangladeshis, maybe Vietnamese or what not and be protected by the Constitution saying that they will have their turn to be the President of Singapore.

What is the real definition of the word minority? So far everyone is presuming, assuming that it is all about race and all about Malays, Indians and Others.  But they are many kinds of minorities in the island. There are the religious minorities, the social minorities, the gender minorities, the cultural minorities and also the economic minorities. And there is also the elites that would form another economic minorities as the super rich, the natural aristocrats are a minority too.

Let me try to imagine protecting or ensuring that the minority of natural aristocrats, the super rich and powerful, are also a minority group to be protected by the Constitution so that they can be the preferred choice for the Elected Presidency. Does it make sense? Can this be a possibility? Protecting a small group, a minority, the super rich elite to be the Elected President?

I don’t think anyone would dare to have such a thought or make such a suggestion. Got or not? But what is de jure may not be possible does not mean that what is de facto without being de jure cannot be a reality. Would we end up with a system, written into the Constitution whereby an economic minority, the super rich or super powerful, or super talented, or natural aristocrats be protected and have a Special Right to be the Elected President? Would we end up with a situation where some people are more equal than others and provided and protected by the Constitution?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Chinese slaves need to have natural aristocrats to bully us.
It's in our genes.

Donald Trump has been saying bad things about China over the last 6 months.
So what do the Chinese slaves do?
They set up a Donald Trump fan club in China.


Do you think that is why LKY say that Singaporeans must have spurs dug into our sides like donkeys and pack mules?

Anonymous said...

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Virgo 49 said...

All these yellow bananas are too sia suay to be called Chinese.

They have thousands of other chiap cheng blood and genes in them.

That's why they are been so magnanimous to others besides their own.

But we also don't want to associate with these chiap cheng.

Better to stay in matland and be ruled by the real race that takes care of their own rather tban be second class in your own homeland.


Let's see those Sleeping chinee frogs cook in the boiling water whether the rest of the different colours were be as magnanimous as them.

Anonymous said...

All these minority EP commissions r juz only a cover to get rid of someone ( who were once in the ruling party whether resign or retired but has differing views with the current ruling party leader)..that is, simple as tat..minority EP is brought up to replace this "so-called retired/resigned disobedience doggie of the ruling party"...this will render this potential president hopeful ineligible for EP & the minority EP wins the erection.

Anonymous said...

The president post was for "protecting" reserves. Now "protecting" minority. There is no reserves? Which minority? RB said Indians and Malay. If we count randomly on public places like bus stops, we can easily said Indians will be the majority in 15 to 20 years time. By 20 years time, there will be a review of president: to protect the non indian and non malay minority?
Using "President" to please a minority, is this going to work? Will that really please them even they have a "president"?
It will be much acceptable not to link race with the position. Otherwise, it sounded more like looking down on minority s ability to work on there own.
I would suggest:

1. Abolish president post.
2. Start a Laws to allow discriminated individual to take legal action against an institution. Dare to do that? If there is such laws, then there is no claims that minority is discriminated. That should be the long term solution.

agongkia said...

Go and become a minority like me elsewhere and stop kpkb.
Who ask you to be born as majority.
I am Gunawan in Indo,agongkia in Malaysia ,오 아 겅 in Korea.
Minority deserve special privilege.
Learn from smart Laochek Virgo here and become minority elsewhere.

agongkia said...

You can consider to dye your hair red red,name yourself Bean Douglas,pray like angmo,dress like angmo..and become the smartest among the minority angmo and take advantage of the situation.With less competitors among the minority,you can be what you want to be easily.
Khomgcum oso can have the smartest among khongcum.Be the smartest khongcum and be what you want.Take this advantage and go dye your hair red red else learn from Laochek Virgo.

independent individual said...

The individual has rights.

Anonymous said...

70% of Chinese slaves want to remains as slaves.
They are not comfortable with the idea of democracy and freedom.
That is why it is best if Singapore abandons the ang moh system of democracy.

We must revert back to traditional Chinese values of dynastic emperor system.

The modern People's Republic of China is also a banana republic.
They must renounce the ang moh Karl Marx system of Communism.
They also must revert back to traditional Chinese values of dynastic emperor system.
Father to son emperor system.

Chinese people are born slaves.
We must not abandon our Chinese heritage.
We must support our own-self appoint own-self Emperor and aristocrats.

Anonymous said...

Would we end up with a situation where some people are more equal than others and provided and protected by the Constitution?

Why not, if the opposition is not ready to be govt, and hence majority voters are very scared to accidentally vote PAP out in a General Election. Now even By election they also very scared to vote opposition.

So PAP now can do whatever they like, knowing that the majority Sinkies will vote for them no matter what, as long as the opposition is not ready to be govt. More so if Chee Soon Juan remain as SDP leader, which is a blessing for PAP. PAP should even thank him for that!

Anonymous said...

" if the opposition is not ready to be govt, and hence majority voters are very scared"

It is not the objective view. There was some posts said, he was scared his sons and him all voted for opposition, and Singapore would be without Pap. So they all voted for Pap in actual act.

This is a bluff any children with primary school intelligence will disbelieve. A primary school child would tell u he likes sweet. U ask him again, he still tell u he likes sweet. It human nature, voters vote for the party they like and they like Pap.

Opposition cannot govern? It is similar to children like sweet. What s the point to be politicians but cannot govern?

Singapore is smaller than London. Who is the new governor? If sg opposition cannot be as brave as a minority muslim Sadiq, then they wouldnt dare to stand as opposition candidate. To be opposition in London where Sadiq came from (labor), is far easy. To be singapore opposition, it is very difficult. Yet there are opposition in singapore. There are more opposition members in WP now.
U think all the opposition dare not to govern? Its not true if we look at their difficulties they face. They will make it.
Thats provided the voters want them. Ho Kwang Ping has said, 15 years. I interpreted his words: wait for the old folks to pass away. They are the ardent Pap supporters.
The young generations are not keen on Pap s policy to take away their jobs, give them NS, keep their Cpf to minimum at retirement, let them wait at hospital for 6 hours emergency, let their parents have months to wait at appointment, while the Pap taking in more foreigners, mainly from India chennai or tamil nadu.
To talk about scared: some of the old folks will get heart attack if the Pap lose power. These old folks are normally not educated much, ah pek ah ung. The dont mind waiting for months of appointment a hospital while Pap increase the foreigners population. What to do? 15years is needed from now, Hohoho. Tanku, it will happen, even the old man predicted the same in his hard truth.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

"The smallest minority in the world is THE INDIVIDUAL"

The people who claim to "protect" minorities only need to do one thing:

Leave them the fuck ALONE!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Yoo Hoo...to "The Individual Has Rights" fella who keeps posting his 4 word disquisition all over this blog, this is for you:

[1] The Individual Has Rights

[2] The Individual Has Rights

OK. So now we all are clear on what Ms Rand is on about. She spent her life defending the rights of The Individual, with unbridled passion and flair.

However, Rand--a Russian Jewish immigrant to America--does not understand Singapore (Peranakan plus Confucianism) culture. Your "RIGHTS" are what the Authority grant you. They determine everything. They have the right to INTERFERE with your life if they think necessary, and you don't have a say in the matter


I am often accused of interfering in the private lives of citizens. Yes, if I did not, had I not done that, we wouldn't be here today. And I say without the slightest remorse, that we wouldn't be here, we would not have made economic progress, if we had not intervened on very personal matters - who your neighbour is, how you live, the noise you make, how you spit, or what language you use. We decide what is right. Never mind what the people think.
Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Straits Times, 20 April 1987
{end quote}

You are in Singapore, dude. There are NO INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS here. All your "rights" are simply dispensations and allowances determined BY THE GOVERNMENT.

Mari Kita Ra'ayat, Motherfuckers!

Anonymous said...

Who cares?!?! As long as rich & willing to por lam pah to PAP then can qualify to become president. All others fuck off.

Anonymous said...

wait for the old folks to pass away. They are the ardent Pap supporters.
Anon 1:18 pm

Sure or not? Old folks 61% to 70% of voters meh?

Anonymous said...

Imagine, the greatest religious scam in Sin and yet the couple is still riding high in their sacred garden. Then a boy comes along and fuck with the emperors invisible religious protective garment and the emperors are calling for his head to be decapitilated. The emperors are hard of hearing apparently.
What are you really protecting here? A piece of garment that grants you unlimited flexibility to bend the law to suit your royal highness?

Just produce the evidence to shut the boy up. But you can't cause you know he is right. The cloak of invisibility, like eden's leaves, cannot cover your nakedness.

Anonymous said...

The boy is calling you fraud. You are protecting an invisible prick

Anonymous said...

He said he is unrepentant which means, his righteous streak is set on destruction. Maybe try tempting him with lucre. Who knows, he may turn out to be ministerial material?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:18pm
U must be someone never voted. Foreigner? Ok lah. Teach u something.
Opposition need to be supported by 61% to 70%?
Opposition need to win is 50%+1 vote.
For example in BB, the objective support for Pap is 61%. Opposition needs to cross the 11k voters to win. CSJ crossed the 9k, He needs 2000 voters support to win?

Not exactly lah. He needs to convert about 1400 voters from Pap side. That means 11k at pap will be 11-1.4= 9.6k. Csj will be: 9+1.4=10.4k. Who is the winner?

U see, old people dies is a problem to Pap if pap only depends on old people. That is the reason Pap quickly issue citizenship to new commers from Philippines, India. These people will vote for Pap, at least for the first 5 years.
After these new citizens get screwed by Pap, they will change side in voting.

U can see from the deck who are the old men women guaranteed to be Pap supporters. Slowly these people surrender their i/c. And there are less people at the deck to tell RC members what s going on. Those old people are hard core. No one can change them. Csj will be hard luck when they are voting,. Pao si.

Anonymous said...

The kid got his latest post removed. Wonder who should Sin credit it to?

PinocchioGrasshopper said...

What I think?

Red Bean,

If you asked me, I had say I perceive this move by Lee Hsieh Loong as politically motivated, based on the following reasons:

1. It is a move primarily to further consolidate his powers.

2. It is also to entrench the PAP deeper into the ground so that the Elected President would not be able to cause any trouble for the incumbent Prime Minister and his Cabinet of the Day.

3. It is his all-out attempt to make it impossible, if not extremely difficult, for Tan Cheng Bock, or any other potential anti-PAP candidate, to become the NEXT Elected President.

4. The Constitutional Commission or Committee is a red-herring to legitimize his political motive for political gains rather than for the good of the People and Country.

5. This MINORITY THING has become more of an ABSURDITY rather than a reasonable excuse because it has been used once too often. People are not that stupid to be unable to see through the smoke screen. (He is trying to imitate his father's use of the minority card. This means without his father around, he is unable to think of a better way or excuse to justify this awkward political move.)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good morning PinocchioGrasshopper, welcome to the blog.

Thanks for reminding the people of the hard truths.

The sad thing today is that the people or some people just did not want to see the truth or pretend that the truth is something else. And these are highly regarded people, not daft or fools.

And the other sad thing, these people think the masses are fools and could be easily hookwinked. Of course there are the gullibles and those who blindly chose to be believers of fiction.

This is the state of affairs here when the truth is staring at everyone but everyone pretending not to see, not to know. Where is the elephant?