Dr Chee – Be cool, calm and compose, like a gentleman

As expected the barrage of personal attacks and character assassination on Chee Soon Juan is coming fast and furious. Everything under the belt will be hit. Under such circumstances, it is very difficult for a normal human bean not to react, not to want to react. It is only human that when people are throwing punches at you, one would want to hit back, especially when the tactics are despicable and disgusting.

Last night at the Bukit Gombak Stadium, Paul Tambyah was on fire. I have never heard him speaking so forcefully, speaking with so much conviction and fire in the belly to deflect the personal attacks on Chee. Paul was the perfect and consummate gentleman to all that know him. To arouse his ire, something real bad must have hit him.. He let go everything he had about being insincerity, unfairness,  dishonourable, about sinking into gutter politics and shitty politics and shitty politicians that are unbecoming of first world countries.  Come to think of it, Donald Trump looks like an angel. Paul was fuming at the low blow and low down blow job of the last couple of days,… including attacking the media for playing dirty politics, intentionally misreporting and then pretending to make amends. What he exposed of the on goings were so dirty, like soiled sanitary pads being thrown everywhere by supposedly honourable people.

This is a time that calls for a better man to stand up, not to be among the mud slingers and misbehaving like badly brought up kids. Chee Soon Juan must maintain his coolness and calm composure. Do not behave like the misbehaved, do not engage them, do not be like them. Let the voters of Bukit Batok judge who is the gentleman and who are the scoundrels. He did, but not before saying his piece. He needed to defend himself from the allegations or the allegations would be taken as truth. A man must defend his honour, but Chee did not hit back with more sanitary pads. He just stated his points like an honourable man would.

This is a by election to elect an MP into Parliament, not a longkang fight among the spoilt brats and their expletives. A by election is to elect honourable people to the house of Parliament, and some respect and decorum are expected in the hustlings. Anyone that misbehaves would speak badly of himself and his party. You shall be judged by the people of Bukit Batok and all Singaporeans by what you said and did.

We are First World, not Third World.  Oops, have we gone down there already?


Anonymous said...

Rb // We are First World, not Third World. Oops, have we gone down there already?//

Think so ......?

Watch the video below and you ( will ) realise how "(pa)pigs fight"?


Anonymous said...

RB gave a good post for Chee to ponder. Chee has shown his maturity in his hour long speech, with no anger (raise of voice). I applaud for his returning of the ball.

Chee s opponents are trying to burn Chee s cloths so that Chee can shout and lose his cool. Then that will be Chee s final election. But Chee returned the ball calmly, rationally trying to reason with the big crowd. Dont get it wrong, the big crowd came from all over sg, it is not indicative of what SDP will get in votes.

On the other hand, Tambyah has done away with reading prepared speech. He spoke with emotion to the crowd. I guess the impact should be better than those he read out. Tambyah is no more newbei. That is good for SDP.

To conclude: Chee has to keep his cool. His image of taking his family for bb to know his kids is a big contrast to bb s play boy who played with some married man that caused the coffers to waste hundred thousands dollars to hole a by election.
I wander bb voters do not dislike this kind of character. People voted for him in his brand to do the work as mp, and he caused a big up set not even passing half the 5 yr term. For this, the brand who had guaranteed its candidates are of good character must say sorry to the bb voters. And also say sorry to Chee for causing him the trouble to come for the by election, and get the bombardment from that party members.

Chee must stay cool, someone is trying to provoke u.

Anonymous said...

Dr Chee – Be cool, calm and compose, like a gentleman

Chee can be anything but will still lose lah, just that he will lose less, if he is cool, calm and compose, like a gentleman.

Just remember, SDP is no WP, Chee Soon Juan is no Teochew Hia, Huat Ah or Ah Lian, and Bukit Batok is no Hougang or Punggol East.

Anonymous said...

Correction: "play boy who played with married woman" not man. Typo error.

Anonymous said...

Even if there were 20 NCMP seats in GE 2015, Chee will also not qualify for one.

That says a lot about his chances in BB BE 2016.

Anonymous said...

I predict PAP will win but with lots of spoilt votes.

Somehow Chee is a jinx where getting votes is concerned, partly due to what he had done, but mostly due to what PAP had done to him due to what he had done.

Had it been a WP candidate, things will be much different and PAP may not win, or win but just scrap through.

Virgo 49 said...

Should read ChannelNewsAsia Live blog and those who twit or post on the comments by Pinky Lee and scoundrels.

Mostly criticised them for their remarks including the Current Speaker of Parliament.

They going all out to miam and keep CSJ out of Parliament.

For even one effective voice can turn the events of parrots nodding chiak liao bees estate managers into stirring them from their slumber.

The WP MPS may be kicked on their asses into some action.

The resurrection of JBJ which may see the Return of the God of No Mercy.

So can see whether he lied or not that he will return from the ashes.

Cheers SDP and CSJ

Anonymous said...

Quite a number of posts here go for prediction that Chee will lose in election. When i read this kind of prediction, i wish their power of prediction is as good to predict who will not die, who will not strike cancer, in the political arena.
If the politicians buy his prediction power, he can command million dollars salaries.
The best prediction is: singapore will not go into recession with world first class division one politicians in the leadership seats.
One advise, all voters should look at the debts they owe to hdb and banks. Are u having better life after paying off the debt?
Sticking to the same brand of politics is what voters deserve: non oil export going down, debt increasing for singaporeans, and most important of all, foreigners taking over with 4 millions head counts. by 2030, with the support of white papers.

Anonymous said...

PAP fear not! PAP worry not!

Even if PAP will to say nothing and do nothing in BB from now on,
the BE will easily be won by PAP with eyes closed.

Yes! PAP 68% vs 32% SDP

BB is no H or PE! Voters in BB will DDMV (Die-Die-Must-Vote) PAP!

So sit back and watch the final result on 7 May on TV.

Yes! PAP 68% vs 32% SDP


Anonymous said...

The current Speaker of Parliament is a smart Sinkie, notwithstanding the remarks she made about Chee.

In fact for Chee, if he really wants to succeed in politics, should learn something from the current macik Speaker of Parliament.

virgo49 said...

What's so wonderful of WP??

Dumb Estate Managers.

Not Assembly Men that they are been elected for.

If BB piece of cake then the Loony do not have to go down and show his grinning face.

So many "big" Guns and Chees cheering this Neh.

You shall see later part even The Rest of The Guns and Chee Bye going down if they feels the ground is no longer sweet after the Sugar Tax.

They too frightened that their Fortress might give away with too much poking.

Don't not be so arrogantly confident that the IBs of the papies shall weep into shock like Georgie Boy.

Cheers SDO and CSJ

Anonymous said...

Buttock's actually not as "interesting" as Bullock?

Bullock ( reservoir ) estate under one Mr Teochew seems "much better" than Buttock previously under one botak "DOM"?

Went Bullock ( reservoir area ) makan with some frens recently and found the place "much better" than many old heartland estates ( though it is equally old if not older than many ......

Also went up to frens place on the high floor and realised the corridors and staircases so WELL swept and clean .......

Fren commented not only his block lah but every block super clean.

Town council Workers sometimes sweep twice a day, according to his comments .....

On the other hand, Some Other estates NOT under Mr Teochew purview quite Jiat Lat .......

Think some people not supervising their workers or cutting corners ....

So far 365 days only one year wash 12 times but 365 days NEVER sweep some of the corridors or staircases ONCE .......?

What are the town councils doing in some of the estates? ?????

Think Mr Teochew has done a good job in Bullock ( reservoir ) estate and maintaining a spick and span, clean, vibrant estates.

Buttock, in contrast, was even infested with a few thousands rats last year .......?

So ......

In a few years time, hope Buttock can be as clean and vibrant as Bullock ( Reservoir estate )?

Anonymous said...

the "han-cheng" index is still in much favour of pap....

the BB ground is still sweet for pap......

the pap has not use the real secret sweetener yet, unless the ground turns sour.......

you know pap lah.........

anyway, all the best to CSJ and sdp.......


Anonymous said...

Bukit Batok's elections.
How we vote.
What does it reflect?
Who is on trial?

Is it Chee Soon Juan's character or the character of Singaporeans?
Is it Chee Soon Juan's courage or the courage of Singaporeans?

Sad to say.
Knowing Singaporeans.
PAP will no doubt win again.
Don't be daft.
Don't die for this country or the people living here.

Look for people who are worth of being called loyal friends, faithful neighbours and courageous citizens.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Aidoi. This professor is kicking the ball into his own goal lah. I think he just sabo'd any chance of the SDP to get in parliament.

Previously this so-called "educated man" said:

"a person is not defined by his or her own actions or words".

What a FUCKING STUPID thing to say!! Of course we are defined by our words and actions. They are not the only things which define us (in the minds of others---because that is where "definition" begins and ends)...but they are two of the TOP traits.

If you do banking you are a banker, if you tell lies you are a liar, if you do medicine you are a medical practitioner...and so on.

So the PAP decide to drag up the past. There' a simple and direct way to deal with this. Everyone makes mistakes---cop to that. Own your errors. And then reassure the audience that you've learned from them. If an apology is due, waste no time in giving it sincerely. If not, forget it. MOVE ON, and tell the people to do the same.

If the PAP keep on the attack using the same reasons, challenge them and ask WHY they are continuing to do so when you yourself have moved on. Is this their best shot? Are they in DENIAL of the fact that humans are well capable of changing and learning from error?

Paul is no Donald Trump. Trump gets away with outrageous shit, because he has that REPUTATION---i.e. people expect him to say something offensive and off the wall. Trump is a media superstar and a well-known scrapper who won't shun a fight, and is likely to start one. Paul is a professor. His outbursts are completely incongruent.

Paul should also MAN THE FUCK UP. "Character assassination" is part of The Game not only in politics, but in life as well. There is an ART to dealing with it if someone was doing it to you, and that will depend on many factors; but the point is you have to get creative and deal with in in ways that are congruent with people's perceptions, expectations and tap into their own hopes, fears and lives.

For a highly educated guy, this fella is a damn fool when it comes to winning hearts and minds.

Anonymous said...

So you damn clever fool or what?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1246:

>> So you damn clever fool or what? <<

Smell my fart
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Is that foolish enough for you, wannabe clever cunt?

Anonymous said...

Matilar, I thought u have changed but looke like u have not. Loose the incest thing. Dint torture your Mother, sisters and daughters. Your Wife has complaint to us and we already ask her to report to the police but she does not want to get u in jail cause she knows if u did go to jail, u will have hard time. Likely u will be sodomised in jail cause the unspoken rule is that they hate people of your bahaviour bullying the females.

Anonymous said...

Chee has set himself in for Singapore politics. This by election has given Chee the best reach wide spread publicity. The residents in BB began to notice the usefulness of opposition s participation in election, causing many residents to talk about it. Once i heard an old man talking to another, that tamemugang came, lihingleong also came bluah bluah bluah.

Good for Chee s future. Chee must continue his next election in the same location. Do not learn from Mu lari, lari around from ahchooni to bukeebucktok. Eg, Mu lari promised ahchooni something similar to i lu u. He now cannot deliver i lu u to ahchooni liao. Poor ahchoo have to wait for their next life because Mu lari will lu bb after May 7. Unless Chee takes over.

Anonymous said...

Great minds discuss ideas,...small minds discuss people. - Eleanor Roosevelt

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "obsessed with incest, as a new family value" 210:

>> Matilar, I thought u have changed but looke like u have not.<<

Why the fuck should I change? I like me, just the way I am. πŸ˜‚

BTW, you need help with your written English. I can recommend some excellent "English as a Second Language" courses for you.

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Anonymous said...

One kongcum talking to himself?

Usually patients at IMH are like that?

Talking and amusing themselves?



Anonymous said...

Similarity between China Sun and Sinkieland Soon:

1) Both born in year of taigal .....?

2) Both born in the 60s of each century ......?

3) Both are writers ......?

4) Both are politicians. ......?

5) Both fight for "Democracy" .....?

6) Both were "persecuted"?

Anonymous said...

Matilar, aiyo. I hope the various anons do not get on your nerve. By the way that anon is English professor. It's just he never checked what he typed Kar. But I do agree with him that u should loose the incest thingi. I don't know he pulled my legs or not but he said your Wife has been complaining to him about your incest thingi. Just pay a bit to satisfy your urge lar and don't be cheapskate. What if your Daughter got pregnant? Very messy lar.

Anyway he said your Wife has fallen for him so be careful u may be wearing green hat soon.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, don't be a disgusting pig and boast about your incest here and said u like just the way you are. Knn damn disgusting you motherfucker

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anons, keep your cool lar. I being the VP of the Riders club do agree with your view. Just go do your riding at the karaoke and not at home.

Vice President
Kuda club, Singapore Chapter