Donald Trump – China raping USA

Hahahhah, I can’t believe this is true. China is raping the Americans and the Americans are hapless and willingly letting China, a weaker power, to rape at will. Trump must check his back to see if it is torn to pieces. To be raped by 1.4b Chinamen is no joke. In case you people think I am joking, let me quote the ST. If you don’t think it is authoritative enough, ST reprinted the article from Reuters and the NYT. Here is what Trump said, ‘We can’t continue to allow China to rape our country, and that’s what they’re doing.’ He reinforced his allegation when he spoke in a rally in Indiana with this, ‘China was responsible for “greatest theft in the history of the world”.’ Did Trump remember what the US and Europeans powers were doing to China in the 19th and early 20th centuries?

Come on Trump, you can’t be serious. If you want to exaggerate, you still must make it sound logical and believable. How could the Americans allow the Chinese to rape and steal and do nothing about it? What happens to all the aircraft carriers and marines? Send them to defend American arses or they would be torn to pieces.

This reminds me of another silly American allegation that China is in Africa and cheating the African nations of their natural resources. The mischievous allegation was saying that the African nations are still as hapless, defenceless and weak and would allow the western colonialists of the past to rob them by pointing a gun at their heads? Today, the Africans are proud people of their own nations, educated, emancipated and running their own countries. They would not be cheated by anyone, not by China or any American or European nation. They would negotiate all the trade agreements carefully to their advantage before signing them. China is in Africa and dealing with the African nations as independent nations and as equals. No coercion but with win win solutions.

Now, back to the stupid Americans. This is exactly what Trump is saying. The Americans today are more stupid than the African nations. They allowed China to steal and rape them willingly and happily. Can this be the case?

Let me hear from the sillies that agreed with Trump, that the Americans are not getting anything out of the trade, that they are willing, and happy, to trade with China as a losing party? Come on, even my little grandson would know that what Trump was saying is totally foolish. But, Trump is not all foolish. He is not blaming the Chinese. He said ‘he is not “angry at China” but, rather, with “grossly incompetent” US leaders. This sounds more rational. But in reality it cannot be. The US leaders are not daft. They must be getting more benefits than China or else why would they sign the agreement and continue to trade with China? The truth, China is selling them goods the Americans needed at dirt cheap prices they could not get from anywhere else. And to add to the sweetener, China is lending money to the Americans so that they can afford to buy the unbelievably cheap goods.

Now, how much to believe in what Trump is saying? Being raped by China? Ouch! And cannot do anything about it, and not getting anything out of it? Ouch, ouch! Poor Americans, how stupid have you become. Looks like the Africans are smarter and getting a better deal trading with China than them.

How could the world’s Number One superpower be raped by China, and could not refused the rape? Can China do it without a willing victim? Hillary is hilarious, Trump is a classic comic. It would be great fun to know what Trump would say if he were to be the Elected President of Singapore.


Virgo 49 said...

Mr Donald Trump, if you want lie and exaggerate, please learn from the PAP lah.

They can conned the daft sinkies for half a century.

Nike, Rebook, Ah Boock, oops Brooke to name a few manufactured in China under patent at production cost at US$5 ringitt per piece or pair.

Sold to the daft countries at US$200 plus or more and they said been raped by China.

And stupid idiots brought to show off. In 1967 Our PT shoes only Broke not Brooke and our soldiers can ran and not peng san like today's wearing Brooke.

Anonymous said...

China's army recruitment video
- the PLA offers some of the lowest salaries of any forces in the world.
- A 30-year career colonel in the US army makes a monthly salary of about $10,000, while an equally experienced Chinese member would make between 8,000 and 9,000 yuan (between $1,236 and $1,390).
- better join our Singapore army lah


Chinese PLA female honor guards perform in Moscow
- so many mei mei for ah gongkia


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

China got raped by the Nips back in the day. Her vagina still hasn't healed.πŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

What about Singaporeans?
Did we get raped by the Aliens?
If yes, I guess our vagina must have gotten itchy again in 2015.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "confused" 1013:

>> Did we get raped by the Aliens? <<

It isn't rape if the fucking is consensual.

The Sheeple Get The Govt They Deserve. The Sheeple voted eyes wide open for a good old banging.

Shiok sekali!

Anonymous said...

Trump is a capable marketeer. The word "rape" is over exaggerated in RB's post. I interpreted that word as "assault". Trump in his speech in Indiana used "rape" for his own purpose in winning votes. Indiana is mainly a working class and less educated state. The word rape would have been commonly used among the community. It is uncommon in some part of asia, like middle east. But it is common in action in some part of asia too, u know where not to go in tour for singaporeans char boh.

Trump has done very well in election. Won 7 states straight since the last loss, and all scored above 50% mark.

Give some respect to his skill please. Trump was correct to say China assaulted US industries. Why?

China use an exchange rate that is fixed against USD to mark down its currency to gain in export. USD is floated in free market. Trump said China manipulated the rate to win in trade.

Dont forget, Singapore is also fixed its exchange rate in similar way. But Sg fixed its exchange rate high to allow the rich to buy luxurious things like LV, Farari, property cheaper living in sg.

It also allows vege from malaysia to be cheaper? NO way. Malaysian vege will charge higher in price as the supply is dependent on malaysia for fresh stock. but high S$ has already killed sg non oil export. Last was -15.6%. So US has no complaint about Singapore currency. They did complain in the past administration.

Anonymous said...

Guess what,

This latest rape speech of his has made him win Indiana and cruz has volunteered to drop from the race.

One step closer to US republican president nominee.

Imagine this....

Xi against Obama - Meeting set up in some country resort with sunday brunch.
Xi against Hilary - Meeting set up in white house with pose fine dinning.
Xi against Trump - Meeting set up in office with delivered Mcdonald's value meal (extra large big mac, upsize fries and drink with no garlic chili sauce)

This is better than movie?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1056:

I prefer the word "rape". It is a wonderful choice, especially in today's Femi-Nazi dominated culture. Femi-Nazi's are quick to scream that "you cannot joke about RAPE". Ahhh...fuck them all in their frigid cunts lah. ANYONE can joke about ANYTHING. 😳

I like the idea of China raping the USA.

Imagine...picture in your mind...a Chinese factory worker RAPING the cool half Negro American president...the Chinese dude slamming away mercilessly into Obama's skinny arse and hairy black arsehole, now oozing a lurid slurry of shit and blood. Obama is grimacing in pain and screaming...begging our Chinese superhero to stop, offering to suck his dick instead.

What a wonderful picture. I hope you don't forget it. πŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

I rather China rape Sinkie ass than continue PAP raping our ass.

Anonymous said...

Lurid, but good.

And do not accuse the USA of fixing their exchange rate for their own advantage. The Americans never do such a darn thing. They only print money and more money, QE. This is not rate fixing.

See, I clever to reason oso.

The Americans were not in China when China was raped.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:01am
Indeed, Ted Cruz had to give up because he won around 10% only. That % is far from the poll predicted. Cruz was said to be a son of the bitch by the ex US speaker. Cruz tried to force the congress not to pass the budget so that the administration would have to close shop.
In a recent remark, Cruz said in fb that US carrier Stennis should go to Taiwan to have R & R because China rejected Stennis to park at HK harbor.
Can u imagine Cruz is the kind of character who is more dangerous than Hillary?
China should be happy that Cruz got his big loss in Indianna.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> do not accuse the USA of fixing their exchange rate for their own advantage. The Americans never do such a darn thing. They only print money and more money, QE. <<

These days it is hard to point the finger at which asshole central banker (CB) is printing more money (as a percentage of their own cuntry's money supply base). Every cuntry is "guilty" of currency debasement.

OTOH, what is the point of a fiat money system if you cannot manipulate it? What is the point of having a mechanism that can by SHEER MAGIC turn DEBT into legal and monopolistic mediums of exchange (various currencies)? Now, at any give point in time everyone can have as much money as they need to pay for everything from jobs, war, welfare (social and CORPORATE), infrastructure and "social programs".

Don't be a sucker like our grand parents and their silly old-fashioned ways of saving a portion of their hard-earned income and living within their means, simply and humbly and respecting each other. Fuck that shit. Now just say the magic words "QE" and you needn't save anymore. Just use DEBT. To pay back debt, use MORE debt.

Now you can have anything your hearts desire IMMEDIATELY, and you don't have to live simply nor humbly, and fuck the rest of the world. Everyone can be KING.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Striking Similarities

virgo49 said...

Matilah, stay in Ang mo country eat too much any moh sais

Ang mohs.Just lived for the day.

That's why when unemployed they put up cardboard will work for food.

Don't be like one hippie chow Ang moh we encountered in Penang very very sia sua.

These bums can stay there for months sharing a plate of rice just with curry and Makan by three hippies.

One of them went to mamak road side teh tarik.

Pay mamma seventy cents..mamma thought guy got monies and put teh in plastic foam container.

Mamma shouted at him. He sheepishly returned and gave back container to mamma who pours teh into plastic and gave back to him..cursing him for wasting his time and energy.

That's how CSJ learnt Tamil.

The Penangites hated the bloody Ang mohs.like Shit.

You don't save monies whilst still able, you be like this angmoh soonest.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:27am

What i am trying to say is dun take election speeches too seriously as politicians just want to say anything in order to win first.

One of the reason why Trump can say anything he wants is he's got nothing to lose and he is a billionaire +self funded. So in theory you need even more money to buy him off (lobby him) ie. if money is still of any interest to him.

We shall see more as the whole thing moves forward which is what i mean is better than a movie.

Anonymous said...

It is not a surprise why Straits Times always reprint articles that are bias and slanted against China. You must know the Editor is an arneh who is very pro-West and very anti - China

Anonymous said...

Somehow Repulicans do not seem to want to win the Presidency.
Last Election, it's there for their taking but they could only come up with the moronic Mick Romney, another China basher.
Its becoming like Hilary Clinton, hated everywhere especially in China, will walk all the way to the Oval Office.
America has plenty of talents- innovators, inventors , Noble prize winners but somewhow they always come out short with political leaders

Anonymous said...

Among the 4 notable candidates, i preferred Sander. But Sander cannot win because of some super delegates, a system i cannot understand, that it can be adopted in US.
Besides Sander, all the other 3 are liars. Between Trump and Cruz, i felt Cruz is much a strategic liar. Cruz deserves the nick name lyin Ted. Trump lies, everyone knows. Hillary lies. Hillary is still investigated by FBI on her email server.

These are real life choices.

virgo49 said...

The World will be more peaceful if Trump becomes President.

He hoo ha hoo ha sings songs only Trade disagreement with China. Aiya, no problems lab.

Chinamen business acumen since 5000 years ago.

They know how to do business with him.

At least he not hawkish like Clinton.

His adamant forcefull demands that the Allies shares defence costs or you are on your own will have these parasites tone down their warlike crazy stances.

So for next five years or so or hopefully another term, China got the time in the world to build up their military.

By the time Americunts wake up, China will be number One.

Then we can get all the bananas and the Pinoys, ah nehs to kneel down and suck yellow dicks.

Ah Nehs cannot how Lian their imaginary powesss.

Anonymous said...

" But Sander cannot win because of some super delegates, a system i cannot understand, that it can be adopted in US. .... "
May 04, 2016 1:44 pm

What about CSJ?
You know CSJ cannot win.
But Singapore got a very simple system tio bo?

Mura-Lee! Mura-Lee!
We want another Lee.
Just like the other Lee.

Ah Lee Baba and his 40 cronies.

b said...

Donald Trump actually loves China to the point of obsession. It has always been UA raping the rest of the world. UA loves raping others starting from the time they kicked out england. UA raped china in the 8 countries invasion. UA also raped vietnam and many others. UA is the super rapist.

b said...

Donald Trump dreams being raped by beautiful soft china girl because a lot of angmo women looked like ahgua.

Anonymous said...

BEIJING – China's military is appealing to the younger generation with a slick new recruitment video featuring aircraft carriers, tanks and special forces troops, all set to a rousing rap-rock soundtrack.

With lyrics such as “just waiting for the order to kill, kill, kill”, the video appears aimed at millennials brought up on first-person shooter video games such as Call of Duty. While no potential opponents are identified in the clip, it cautions that “war can break out at any time”, and asks "are you ready?''

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo49:

Western society isn't perfect, and it is probably in serious decline.

But it is still fucking AWESOME. To me anyway. Since I have only one life....well, you know the rest...

Anyway, if you are happy in Singapore, stay there. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ask Trump on his stance on US current so called military 'pivot to Asia' strategy primarily against China, bring 60% of its naval assets to this part of the world ??

Is 'shoulder- to shoulder' military drill between Pinoy and US to continue where Singapore was an observer last year but this year did not take part ?

some German news from DW how they view such an exercise from Germany:-

'Shoulder-to-shoulder' against China - US and Philippines conduct military drills

Incensed by China's hegemonic moves in the South China Sea, Manila is forging greater military ties with Washington to bolster its defense. In a show of strength, both countries are conducting joint military exercises.Biggest in 15 years

US and Philippine soldiers began their largest joint military exercises in more than a decade on Monday, April 20, in what defense analysts say is Washington's rebalancing act in Asia in the face of China's expansion in South China Sea. In this picture, US marines aboard Amphibious Assault Vehicles (AAV) manuevre on disputed waters.