Condemned by the Pharisees and the elites

Born of humble beginings, lived among the ordinary people, he had a vision, to show the way to the people, to a better life. He spoke to crowds in the hills, people came to listen to him. This annoyed the Pharisees and the elites. They condemned him and wanted to fix him. They bought Judas to betray him. They could not find any crimes committed by him, but they crucified him. The people taunted him, the soldiers sneered at him, making insulting remarks to mock him. He went through hell, lived in the wilderness only to rise and to lead people from all over the world, promising them that there is a better future and a better life. The Pharisees and the elites lived, died and forgotten. He lives on in the life of the people that believed in him.

The moral of the story, do not simply condemned a man just because you could not understand him or could not see his points of view. Do not condemn a man just because the Pharisees and the elites condemned him and want you to condemn him as well. Do not ignore a man just because a few people closed to him betrayed him and turned against him. Righteousness of the heart cannot be condemned.

Chee Soon Juan lives like any ordinary average Singaporean in a 3 room HDB flat. He could afford to live better if he had chosen to leave his country and work overseas. He chose to stay on with his fellow citizens, he returned to lead them, to show them there is a better way for the future. His living with the people, among the people, could be his destiny, to know what life is like as an average citizen. It is his calling. He could everything behind, his little 3 room flat and go somewhere to live better. Both he and his wife are Ph D holders and would have no problem finding better employment. But lesser people with lesser qualifications are sneering at him, unable to see that he is a better man and could get a better job and a better life if he wanted to..

He came home, spoke to the people, and they came to listen to him. The Pharisees and the elites condemned him, so are many of the ignorant masses that are living well. But he did not give up. He continues to speak to the people and more and more are now listening to him. The Pharisees and the elites can continue to lie about him. They may want to crucify him to, given the opportunity.

Is he the One destined to lead the people to a better life? There are similarities, an intelligent man so wronged by the Pharisees and the elites. He may be the one that will lead the people to their freedom, to a better life. He came to dwell among the poor, to speak to them and to lead them, to free them from oppression and to enlightenment and a better quality of life.

PS. A 5 min clip on Chee by an author in Chinese but with English subtitles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aW5YrcSO-Ms&sns=em#t=293.527


Anonymous said...

New International Version (Matthew 27:24)
When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. "I am innocent of this man's blood," he said. "It is your responsibility!"


Anonymous said...

"Chee Soon Juan lives like any ordinary average Singaporean in a 3 room HDB flat. He could afford to live better if he had chosen to leave his country and work overseas."

Tiok. And also has a wife who is not working and 3 kids and even go for holidays?

Surely any Sinkie who is not daft can tell you that there is more to it than meets the eye for Chee Soon Juan able to do all this without a job (not counting his SDP SG job lah), tio bo?

I mean, which jobless Sinkie can be like him, even if staying in a 3 room flat?

Anonymous said...

I mean, which jobless Sinkie can be like him, even if staying in a 3 room flat?
May 02, 2016 11:46 am

I agree.
All politicians should publicly declare all their assets and property.
Ministers should set the standard and do it right away.

Anonymous said...

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

What the fuck man? Throw away the stupid BORING stories from the stupid motherfucking and baby-killing, racist, homophobic and sexist piece-of-shit-book aka "The Holy Bible" and for fuck's sake get into the real world of TODAY!

If your opposition doesn't tear you to shreds, you are not a threat to them. i.e. Sometimes in life, you are defined by YOUR ENEMIES. If you don't have any, you're probably a limp, boring and uninteresting PUSSY.

So if you are any good, or perceived to be any good, you would HOPE that there'll be people who shit on you, your character, your history...anything they can conjure up...with the sole purpose of "killing you off" so that you are no longer a threat to them.

Great. Now that you know that. What are you going to do? Whatever the fuck you decide, never let your response be as a CRY BABY complaining the world is unfair or your competitors are using dirty tricks against you, because if you do, you DECREASE your value (being perceived as a "threat" to them is your BIGGEST value) and give them EXACTLY what they want: you caving in to their attacks.

Play The Game properly lah. If you don't know how, for fuck's sake LEARN!

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

There are laws governing finances of party like SDP. SDP must self sustain or it go broke bankrupt. The fact that SDP is not broke is because it has income. I guess the sources of incomes are largely from donation and sales of items and members monthly fees. SDP need to report audited accounts to the Authorities.

Reader must understand this clearly. If someone think Chee can have income to feed his family. This should be a fact that Chee is drawing a constant income from his party. Remember SDP has other executives, including separate person collecting cash and reporting accounts.

If someone said Chee can feed a family of teens, maintain a 3 room flat, and go for holidays, the money Chee collected has to be fully justified.

I remember Chee said he started by renting a S$500pm SDP office, and sell newspapers to pay for it. That has to be a full time job. Chee manages to expand the SDP with different kinds of services, including on line sites, we have to respect Chee s willingness to take the risk to build SDP to shape.

Do not expect Chee to leave his family in poverty, without education for kids, and without holidays to learn new things from new places. That is a mean person can think of. Chee is a citizen. I dont think voters and public should be mean to him for running SDP, hoping him not to own a simple flat, not to upkeep his kids, and wife. This kind of character trying to discredit Chee with basic needs is a person voters should be careful about.

However, Chee is doing his choice job. It is a job, not in a company making profit. It is a job that runs operations with lots of people, no difference from running a company, except for profit.

Anonymous said...

So many mean and dishonourable people around.

Anonymous said...

The people in Bt Batok are typical selfish, self-centered, kiasu, kiasi fuckers. They will all vote for any dog that wears PAP colours. CSJ will lose badly on Sat.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1253

Sadly, I think you might be right.

Anonymous said...

Watched the video. Can't help laughing at the end. lol

Anonymous said...

CSJ will lose badly on Sat.
Anon 12:53 pm

I think so too, probably about 30+ % of the votes, more or less about the same as what his team got in GE 2015. But better than what the SDP candidate got in Bukit Batok in GE 2015, which was only 26.4% votes!

And for your info, Chee's team was not even in the top 20 best loser opposition candidates in GE 2015!

Anonymous said...

"Get Out Traitor" - German Justice Minister Flees In Armored Mercedes After Angry Protesters Boo Him Offstage
Heiko Maas, the German Minister of Justice, was unable to finish his Labor Day celebration speech on the 1st of May as he was loudly booed and chased off the stage by the German people. The people repeatedly shouted "traitor", "leftist rat", "get out!", "we are the people" and "Maas must go!", eventually getting him to cancel his speech and flee to his armored Mercedes escorted by his armed bodyguards.

According to vidmax "the German people are confused and angry about why they're told that they have to be frugal and avoid having children because of the immense cost while simultaneously working their fingers to the bones to fund a foreign invasion."

He was ultimately chased offstage for what people in the audience said was the hypocrisy of celebrating Labor and fair wages while his party supports the import of millions of unskilled workers.

The booing public ultimately forced him to end his speech early; he was then forced into his armored Mercedes at which point he quickly fled.


b said...

There are no one in this world other than Jesus that will fight for the poor. All are fighting for their own battle. No need to have too much expectations on politicians because will only get disappointment in return. High expectations on politicians = high disappointment.

b said...

Look at how all the socialist leaders in europe importing large numbers of illegal migrants to drain their own people tax money. Always beware of those that preached nice things like socialism. They are usually not the lesser of two evils. They will say all the nice things to lure people to vote for them. Just like the snake in genesis.

Anonymous said...

" avoid having children because of the immense cost while simultaneously working their fingers to the bones to fund a foreign invasion"
Anon 3:41pm.
German people chased away their Minister as tractor, sg citizens love to have foreign invasion. Sg have 2 millions and the white papers is getting ready additional 2 millions, total 4 millions foreigner invasion, more than citizen population.

Sg citizens love to have more foreigners, they cannot understand the reason the German are so concerned. However, sg is facing its first consequence of economy going south. It may take up to 2020 to feel the effects of foreigners taking away local jobs consequences. No doubt pap will win big in election 2020, should be 80% general vote support or even 99%.

agongkia said...

//The moral of the story,Do not simply condemned a man just because you could not understand him or could not see his point or views...//

Oops,very familiar leh...but i am so use to it,being condemn in blogs, especially by Uncle here,just because I didn't follow the flow,just because I think differently from them...
They call me pappy,they say my sifu incest..
But who cares?
Though gonggong,I am just like a plum flower,梅花,越冷越開花。。
The more others "condemn" me the more I enjoy such so call condemnation and become stronger.
If one is good ,he should not be influence or bother about what others say.Hokkien use to say,if your root is strong,no need worry about strong wind.
I hope Mrs Chee sang Chee a Taiwanese song, 梅花....。
Looks like today no one will condemn me Liao.

Anonymous said...

Do you think this is why Chee Soon Juan will lose Bukit Batok?

Dialogue from movie - The Debt

Yes. Do you know why it was easy to exterminate you people?
Your weakness. I saw it.
Every day I saw it.
Every one of them, thinking only of how to avoid being flogged, or kicked, or killed.
Only thinking of themselves.

Why do you think it only took four soldiers to lead a thousand people to the gas chambers?
Entire families?
Because not one, out of thousands, had the courage to resist, the courage to be the first to fall.

Not one would sacrifice himself.
Even when we took their children from them.
I knew then that you people had no right to live, no right to...


Anonymous said...

"He may be the one that will lead the people to their freedom, to a better life."

That may be true if SDP led by Chee Soon Juan is strong and ready to be govt.

But given the present state of SDP and the opposition in general, Sinkies must be daft, or worse need a checkup at IMH, to think that Chee Soon Juan may be the one that will lead the people to their freedom, to a better life.

Anonymous said...

With Chee in Parliament and having better debates will not lead the people to a better life.

And also will not run the Town Council or Meet the People session (MPS) better, even if Chee has MPS every night.

How to, when PAP is the ruling party with more than 90% seats in Parliament, and with the Peoples' Association and civil servants reporting to PAP?

Anonymous said...

See link:

Although Goh Meng Seng and team only got 23.1 % votes in GE 2015, but my respect for him shot up when he wrote the above post in his facebook.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon 8.17

It's true. Sometimes I just wonder why thousands of rioters facing just hundreds of riot police is so scared of them rather the Riot police which should have shit and pee in their
Pants facing the rioters.

It just take a few brave ones to lead and charged at them just scarifying themselves and the rest will followed like sheep.

May would have escaped death from the Japanese if a few brave ones retaliated.

This is human fear and nature that they do not want to die first but in the end still died. There is a chance of survival if some just take some actions.

Just like in a fight. Even confronting ten against one. You can see one to one fights each other.

Where got all ten attack at once. That's why if you are trained in marital arts and in free sparing with one or more opponents. They attacked usually one after another.

So if you are better skilled. You can beat them cannot recognised own house or mother.

This is exceptional to our SPF who feared the Ah Neys instead of they fear them.

SOC Singapura only can knock sinkies which majority still undergone military service.

What a joke. Better don't change IC to SAF11. The soldiers had feared arrest by the SPF.

Which Military in the world under civil Police. Ha ha what a joke.

Might as well NDP put the Police Contingent in front as Guards of Honour rather than the SAF.

Our time Civil police feared the loukwan soldiers.

Even Infantry instructors carried bayonets outside camps.

Anonymous said...

You think a 17 yrs old boy is more believable or sensible than the PHD man who spent probably two decade of his life to get into power so he could make a difference in your life for the better?

The educated adults are really pathetic

Anonymous said...

You don't go to a museum to play football; you don't go to the zoo for reading and research; you don't go to a church if you want to get real and why do you want to get into parliament for? Have gay sex?