China will never accept Pinoy's fraudulent claims on Chinese territories, islands and reefs in the South China Sea

China will never accept Pinoy's fraudulent claim on Chinese territories, islands, shoals and reefs  in the South China Sea

China will never accept Pinoy's fraudulent claims on Chinese territories in the South China Sea
Before the 1970s the Pinoys like all other countries accept and recognise Chinese ownership and sovereignty of all the Paracel and Spratley islands inclusive of all shoals and reefs in the South China Sea. Somewhere in the

mid 1970s China announced the presence of huge deposits of oil and other minerals under the seabed of the South China Sea. The international gangster and Evil Empire USA then  as part of its plan to contain China's

peaceful development started a clandestine design to destabilise the region by both overt and covert means to create instability and choas and hostilities through buying over corrupt Pinoy politicians especially Aquino to

start laying unfounded claims on part of the Chinese islands and shoals . Not contented with just using the Pinoys as a ploy and proxy against China the Evil Empire plodded the Vietnamese vermins to also lay claims on

Chinese islands in the South China Sea. The Evil Empire had taught the Pinoys and Vietnamese rats to lay the claims under the guise of  legitimacy in the context that these islands and shoals fall as part of their continental

shelves. When the Pinoys were under the American colonial rule even US never claim those islands and shoals. Similarly when France was ruling Vietnam it never claim any of these Chinese islands and shoals. In fact prior

to the mid 1970s the whole international community including all European countries , US and Japan recognized Chinese sovereignty over all the Paracel and Spratley islands . This was clearly shown in all the European and

American atlasses prior to the 1970s when Paracel and Spratley islands were clearly marked within brackets ( China ) as Chinese owned. This can be verified in the British Philip Atlas printed in England in the 1950s. The

boundaries and sea limits of the Pinoys were indeed demarketed in the three international  treaties of  ( 1 ) The 1898 Treaty of Paris  ( 2 )  The 1900 Treaty of Washington  and ( 3 ) the 1930 convention between the  US  and 

UK. Thus the present illegitimate claims of the Pinoys and Vietnamese rats is clearly due to the unseen hands of the Satanic US plotting and instigating behind the screen in the hope of making use of these silly vermins as

frontline pawns to fight the Evil Empire's proxy wars against China . In this way US hope to eventually gain control of the whole of South China Sea and with that its rich oil and mineral resources and virtual hegemony over  all Asia.

Below I quote an article by  Bai  Tiantian of  Global  Times


China will refuse to accept S.China Sea arbitration result: FM
By Bai Tiantian Source:Global Times Published: 2016-5-7 1:03:01

"China on Friday reiterated its stance of non-acceptance and non-participation in the South China Sea arbitration case, adding that the case is a "political farce" unilaterally brought up by the Philippines to cover up its acts

of illegal encroachment of Chinese territory.

China also warned the Philippine's approach to territorial disputes set a dangerous precedent as it would allow other countries to be dragged into arbitration cases involuntarily.

The UN arbitration court in the Hague is due to release the ruling at the end of May or in June.

Ouyang Yujing, director-general of Chinese Foreign Ministry's Department of Boundary and Ocean Affairs, told reporters at a press conference in Beijing that the Chinese government's attitude on the case is clear, which is

that the case has been illegal from the beginning.

"There have been major flaws and errors in the arbitral proceeding of the case in terms of laws, facts and evidence," Ouyang said.

He emphasized that the Philippines did not engage in any negotiations with China before it made the submissions at the UN arbitration court but went on to claim that it has "exhausted all negotiation measures."

"This case is a reality check to some countries because over 30 countries in the world have excluded themselves from compulsory arbitration following Article 298 of UNCLOS. This case shows that such countries can get

involved involuntarily in arbitration cases and be totally unaware of it. And this is a great harm to the international rule of law," Ouyang said.

The US has not ratified UNCLOS. The UK said it remains ready to consider the submission of disputes on a case-by-case basis, according to UN website.

The real intention of the Philippines, Ouyang said, was to negate China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests and cover up its illegal occupation of eight Chinese islands and reefs in the Nansha islands.

He said the territorial limits of the Philippines are decided by three international treaties - the 1898 Treaty of Paris, the 1900 Treaty of Washington and the 1930 convention between the US and the UK.

"According to such conventions, the western limit of the Philippine territory is 118 degrees east longitude. China's Nansha Islands and Huangyan Island are to the west of this line, meaning all these islands are beyond the

Philippine territory," Ouyang said.

Since the 1960s, he claimed, the Philippines has engaged in territorial expansion and moved beyond the 118 degrees east longitude line.

"The essence of the lawsuit from the Philippine side is to cover the fact of its illegal occupation of Chinese islands and reefs," Ouyang said, adding that the Philippines is trying to deceive the international opinion.

When asked about China's final goal on the South China Sea, Ouyang said China wishes to settle the disputes.

Since the 1960s, China has resolved territorial disputes with 12 out of 14 of its land neighbors through negotiations and consultations.

"It is important for the nation to reiterate our stance, which is reasonable and legal, at this particular time," Chen Xiangmiao, a research fellow at the National Institute for the South China Sea, told the Global Times on


It will also help China lay a foundation and get better prepared to handle more pressure from international public opinion, according to Chen. "
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Virgo49 said...

These Hague socalled International Court of Justice comprises of nearly all whites and blacks with same features as the whites except that they are Blacks.

You think they be Impartial and give fair justice??

For years, these Hyenas hated the yellow skins. They knew that we are a force to be reckoned with. Especially with our sense of Justice except the yellow bananas traitors.

Bet that they will definitely rule in favour of the Pinoys.

What farking knowledge they know of the Asian Histories??

Even the Batu Puteh case. One rock to Singapore and one rock to Malaysia. Tried to con the world that they are specific and knowledgeable.

Asked them where is Singapoor and they said next to China.

Same goes to the IMF and the World Bank which comprises of so many their own kinds and decisions in favour of their kind.

You think they will favour Chinees.??

Anonymous said...

Only the daft will think that justice is fair and impartial in international courts.

Why did they continue with the proceeding when only one party agreed to go for arbitration told you a story of conspiracy.

It is obvious which devil is being the whole scam.

Anonymous said...

The Philippines s claims involved 2 main islands (may others). 1 island occupied by China: Scarborough Shoal, 1 island occupied by Taiwan: Taiping island.

SS island is about 100km away from the port where US and Japan naval carriers are harboring. It is already a known guess that Pinoys will win. But the Taiping island may not be in pinoy s favor due to the recent publicity claimed by Mayinjue.

If China gives up the SS island, it will be used by US to set up bases similar to what the chinese does on other island.
If this is the situation, then the triangular shape of the chinese defense system in S China sea will short a 3rd leg.

Will China accept this? NO WAY. Because china has already occupied this island, it will be foolish to negotiate to give it away to US and Japan to directly threaten the other island s defense system.

What next? The potential winner of presidential election in philippines all had voiced to take back the island. So US cannot backdown when pinoys want to borrow their jets and fighter boats to land on SS island.

Its a test on Xi if he has the brass balls or birdie egg balls.
Fight with the mighty US? Oh no. Hide under the bed first. Or fire missile to damage the carriers and also on the bases that might repair them. Its going to be one extreme: regional war.

I go for that. If Xi wanna be big to talk about 1 road 1 bet to cut off Malacca straits dependency, he has to fire its DF missiles to cut off US carriers from disturbing the S china sea similar to Russia cut off US into Black sea. If not, good luck to Xi and the big china so called.

b said...

It is absurb that pinoy wants to fight with china. Their leaders are really insane and do not care about the pinoy people.

Anonymous said...

How come the motherfucker Matilar did not give his comment as I am waiting for him to say his piece as recently his piece is quite good. That motherfucker has improved.

Anonymous said...

This is only the beginning. The Hague court case will set a precedent for all other claimant states to follow suit if pinoy is successful (or partial) or unsuccessful.

Whether China accepts/rejects International court ruling or this ruling sets up the basis of further negotiation for both countries is another subject.

Anonymous said...

Philippines s claim against china is useless.


Follow by Philippines win (expected as the Arbitrator court is a set up in the west and US obama asked china to accept it. US does not accept its authority.)

The new incoming pinoy president Duterte knew it. China will not take the judgement. Duterte said he will negotiate with China if China does not accept the judgement.

So whatever follow, Vietnam and Malaysia are likely to go to the same international set up. The results will be the same.

US is standing behind these countries. When China add DF missile on Scarborough Shoal, Ash Carter said he will respond.

By then, Ash Carter might be working under Hillary. So the tension will escalate under the hawkist woman. Will China back down? That is the question. If not, what respond can AshCarter recommend Hillary to sign?

Fire missiles, when Ash Carter use its amphibious landing boats to take the island. Then China will trigger the missiles on the carriers and bases in S China sea. Its going tobe very interesting on who is the super power in S China sea.

Anonymous said...

What US is trying to achieve at this stage is to get all these smaller claimant countries which is part of Asean to present their case to Hague court ie if pinoy is successful.

The US does not seem to be concerned or interested on whether China participates or rejects the Hague court judgement and is going around the world telling all countries to support the UNCLOS over South China Seas issues (ie. to support the Hague court verdict).

At the same time US is also executing the pivot asia strategy and lobbying countries like Japan, Australia and India, G7 to go behind it militarily (to conduct freedom of Navigation patrols). Hahaha!!

I was also wondering why Australia wants to purchase advance subs from France instead, increasing the numbers to 12 (ie. 2:1 replace the 6 old collin class) and specifying these subs to be 4000 te category and operational range of 19,000 km (i wonder why they need this). With the Jet pump propulsion tech, these french "new" subs are supposed to be even quieter than the Japs old screwed type. On the surface, it seems like giving a slap to Japan face or is it the aiming to drag EU into the shit hole? On top of that, these new Aus-french subs are armed with US weapons and fire control system which can still integrate with US/Jap Naval forces and US lose nothing as nothing changes for the US defense contractor for Aust to chose the french system over the Jap system.

In the beginning, i was so surprised that Jap system was even seriously considered as everybody in the diving industry know Jap system (literally everything) has confined space designed for Asian built size, very difficult for Ang Mo to fit in. In addition, Jap businessman are sibei difficult to deal with. Another myth is how come a Ang mo country want to buy a yellow skin military hardware (some more supposed to be a high tech one).

I can only say that something sinister and major is brewing as US seems to plan all this systematically and events that happen does not seem to occur randomly.... Maybe this is good for China to prove something in history or it may be another episode of history repeats itself.

Anonymous said...

Japs subs? Comparing to French made, is one class away. Among the 3 shortlisted, Jap Germany and France, French sub can stay in water longest. Jap said its sub is quieter, but the tech was not new. Japs AIP was not even brought up for discussion.

Jap got selected because US put pressure on Aus. The new oz PM is not foolish.

Shea Kang said...

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