China warns G7 to stay out of South China Sea dispute

The G7, group of nations comprising Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States are meeting in Japan, is told to stick to their economic agenda and stop meddling with China’s affair in the South China Sea. Co incidentally, the G7 countries, other than Canada, were the same mafia group that invaded China and splitted China into concessions under their control after defeating the Manchu Dynasty. And these same countries are telling China to observe the fundamental importance of peaceful management and settlement of disputes without commenting on the Americans’ provocations in sailing warships to within the 12 nautical miles of Chinese islands. The European Council President Donald Tusk even said, ‘the G7 should take a “clear and tough stance” on China’s contested maritime claims.’ Is he suggesting that the G7 should launch another invasion of China like the 8 allied powers under the pretext of the League of Nations, invading China in 1901?

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has warned the G7 to ‘adopt impartial and fair positions, and not apply double standards or strike alliances, and especially not take actions to escalate or provoke regional tensions’. He should remind them of their crimes against China of the 19th Century and that China would not forget this evil deeds. China would not tolerate a repeat of their gunboat diplomacy.

Under Obama and Abe, the G7 is being led to challenge China and thinking war with China is a good game to play. Abe and the Japanese have not learnt a thing about the tragedies of war despite the recent reminders of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the sufferings and pains of the young Japanese victims of the atomic bombs. The Japanese only think that they were the victims of the atomic bombings and wanting the Americans to apologise but totally wiped away the memories of the millions killed by them and the many more millions that were wounded and suffered under their brutalities.

Abe and the Japanese are preparing for war and eagerly wanting to go to war. The only few Japanese that regretted the war were those victims of the atomic bombs who felt the pain and saw the pain. The rest of Japan still think war is a glorious thing and are tearing away their pacifist constitution and getting ready for another war.

They are so wild and crazy that they did not know the world has changed. The victim countries of WW2 are no longer hapless and weak. If Japan is to start a war, these countries, particularly China and the two Koreas would be landing in Japan to exact the revenge of their forefathers that suffered under the Japanese brutality. They would do everything the Japanese did before and more. No Japanese would be spared. There will not only be Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and all the big Japanese cities would experienced the fate of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Japan and the Japanese must repent and not indulge in another war. Make peace and live peacefully with their neighbours. Do not remind their neighbours of the Japanese barbarism and give their neighbours a chance to inflict the same on the 100 million Japanese of today. Make peace, not war.


Anonymous said...

Japan and the Japanese must repent and not indulge in another war.

Who says the Japanese will indulge in another war?

The Japanese are making money in China, by setting up factories there to manufacture cheaply. Do you know that almost all Japanese brands are made in China?

So why would the Japanese want to indulge in another war? Why would smart Sinkies want to join the opposition to fight PAP, when they can make lots of money under PAP?

Anonymous said...

Why would smart Sinkies want to join the opposition to fight PAP, when they can make lots of money under PAP?
Anon 10:08 am

That's why the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt, because not enough smart Sinkies want to join them.

And if smart Sinkies cannot make money in Singapore, they will be smart enough to emigrate elsewhere to do it or just to have a better life.

So as you can see, without enough smart Sinkies, the Sinkie opposition will never be ready to be govt. Even RB, despite his strong anti establishment blog, did not join the Sinkie opposition, so that says a lot about joining the Sinkie opposition.

Virgo49 said...

Why called G7??

Great 7??

Italy, Japan,Canada even the Butts or Brits 2nd World Enconmy meh? ??

These cunt trees Chiak sua liao.

Still have the illusion that they are world's prime movers.

Aiyo, see your faces in toilet bowls and flush them.

Anonymous said...

don't play play don't play play

don't see china no up

china don't care whether it is G7 or G77

now china just 忍! 忍! 忍!

china will not let the matter rest

china will remember this

when china becomes the truly world economic and war Mega-power

china will then do a 大小通吃!


Anonymous said...

G7 meeting in Iseshima surprisingly turned out to be a very low key meeting. The final statement talked about Brexit. It said earlier it wanted to send a strong statement to China, but none of S china issue was mentioned.

From this result, one can deduct that Obama was staging a show. Abe is international influence is limited. I was hoping that Obama will also mention those who died in Nanjing, other parts of china, Malaysia, Singapore and Korea due to Japanese slaughtering human lives liked cutting dog meat. It was a relief, Obama still held his dignity. He did not apologize for his US ancestors died by Japanese bombing and the courageous pilots took the risk to drop the most potent atomic bombs on Japan s land. Well done and not apology, because the 2nd world war came to a stop and the Japs surrendered.
If Obama apologized, he will be the worst president of all of them.

G7 without Russia is nothing. Japan EU are small countries.
S China sea issue will hot up when Hague issues its so called judgement. Philippines will be caught right on the hot spot. US new president Hillary will be hot like a fighting cork encouraging pinoys to hoot ah.

Meanwhile, china will take the advantage off for the china market for pinoys export products. Singapore besides enjoying cheaper banana from philippines, will also get from China s small share of china market for it s part to play on pivot asia. Why not all these small countries group together to form a Asean anti china force, lead by the small dot, command by the millionaires generals to face off with PLA on the US carrier? That will scare china off and give in. May be.

Let see the next G20 meeting in Sept Huangzhou if the US and EU will issue a stronger statement to china on S China sea issue. Its not too long for G20.

Anonymous said...

"Why not all these small countries group together to form a Asean anti china force, lead by the small dot, command by the millionaires generals to face off with PLA on the US carrier? "
11:21 am

More pertinently, and to be answered positively, why not all these small Sinkie opposition parties group together to form a united anti PAP force, lead by the SDP, command by Chee Soon Juan to face off with PAP in GE 2020?

Anonymous said...

Why care about what US, China or Japan go to war or not, or what not? Is there anything small dot can do about it? If not, why should small dot or its citizens care?

What majority small dot citizens really care about is whether the Sinkie opposition is ready to form a better govt than PAP. If not, they will continue to vote for PAP. Simply because even if PAP is screw up, to vote for opposition as govt will be even worse. Between only bad and worse, what will you choose?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11.38am you got a point.

Such a very tiny city state with so many opposition parties.

You are correct. They should come together.

Should we call the new grouping of oppositions as O7!

7 is an auspicious number and is HIS number!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ G7 tax-paid junket, via RB:

>> The G7, group of nations comprising Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States are meeting in Japan, is told to stick to their economic agenda and stop meddling with China’s affair in the South China Sea. <<

Not going to happen lah. Not even if China threatens "military reponse".

Bin Bin said...

RB, you sound like an English educated China ego Man

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:38am
Chee Soon Juan is a sick force. The moment his name is heard, there are split opinions.
U expect Chee to win, u may have to wait for 15years when the old flocks who thought he was a traitor to so called Chiams etc.
Chee is well like for his ill behaviors. These supporters to Chee may not vote for Chee at all. They vote for Pap while cheer for Chee. There should be such group.

As to claims like u, is the similar force. Saying opposition cannot form govt having no basis to prove it is indirectly telling to vote for Pap as a choice out of so called no choice.

Both for Chiams, oppo has no abilities to form govt are the same kind. They are Pap supporters.

Do not get me wrong. I will also do not mind people voting for Pap to see its export going down year after year. Let the voters who vote for Pap to know what they are doing and learn from the facts.

I personally do not bother if this little dot is ruin by the Pap. Why not? Every nation has it down fall to learn by the mass. There are no 2 way about it.

Anonymous said...

The hypocrisies of G7 Summit

1. The world's number One nuclear power with many times more nuclear weapons than the rest fo the world combined, called for a world without nuclear weapons. But American will not abandon its nuclear arsenal.

2. Japan, the country that sought to conquer and control Asia, and now rearming, was calling for peace and freedom of navigation.

3. 6 of the 7 countries were involved in the invasion of China and were calling China a hostile country.

4. Obama almost cried for the 140,000 death in Hiroshima and Nagasaki but did not shed a tear or said a word about the millions of Asians and SE Asians killed by the Japanese and the thousands of Americans killed by the Japanese that started the war.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1231:

These are not "hypocrisies".

definition, Oxford Hypocrisy: the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.

The USA is THE STANDARD of freedom, and thus is the leader of the "free" world. That's why the USA can legally spy on not only its enemies, but friends and allies as well...without consequence.

>> But American will not abandon its nuclear arsenal. <<

It cannot. It is the supreme policeman of the world. And not only that..

The US President as Commander-In-Chief can LEGALLY MURDER anyone anywhere in the world---i.e. in another sovereign cuntry---if that person is deemed a threat to US interests and global security. No congressional approval is necessary. The only necessary step is to clear the op with the lawyers who advise the president on matters like this. As long as it is "legal" under US law, ANYTHING GOES.

Of course many folks and cuntries around the world HATE this "superiority" of the USA...but that is how it has been and is, and won't be changing anytime soon no matter how much you complain or bitch about it.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The NSA monitors every internet connection in the world. And has "partnerships" with google, Yahoo, Microsoft (NSA has access to SkyDrive), even Apple, CISCO...etc etc.

Whatever we write here, is monitored or maybe even captured by the NSA. BTW, under US Law, what they are doing is LEGAL.

Anonymous said...

"Obama almost cried for the 140,000 death in Hiroshima and Nagasaki but did not shed a tear or said a word about the millions of Asians and SE Asians killed by the Japanese..."
12:31 pm

That's understandable because he is currently visiting Japan, and specifically Hiroshima.

Were he to visit Singapore, I am sure he would have cried too, if prompted to, and hypothetically speaking.

But given that he only have months left to his Presidency, I doubt his hypothetical visit to Singapore will become a reality. Will it serve any purpose for him or even for little red dot for him to visit?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

WOW! Great. He's got many friends in Hollywood. So I'm sure if he pursued a career in acting after january next year...he could be the black answer to George Clooney.

Anonymous said...

12:30 pm

Anon 11:38 am is just making a tongue in cheek comment laced with sarcasm.

Why you take him/her so seriously?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

BTW, Obama did not apologise. He merely expressed sympathy for the victims.

Of course the republicans will still go ape-shit over this.

In other words, what the US did at the end of the Manhattan Project was still morally RIGHT.

And I agree.

Anonymous said...

They vote for Pap while cheer for Chee. There should be such group.
12:30 pm

That's my gut feeling too. Which explains why SDP every time lose and not even crossing 40% votes, despite looking strong with many supporters for Dr Chee, and lots of them queuing up for his book signing after rallies.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:24pm
Most of the bb voters are old enough to distinguish behaviors. This kind of 6 sense is developed through years of dealing with animals and human beings. By looking at the slight change in eye contacts to swing a fingers to the eyes or nose, voters can capture a feeling.
This is something politicians both wearing white and other colour cannot hide. Voters are watching them. eg someone try to fool the voters with a special budget on BB, many would have known it, cannot trust it. However, voters trust the ones taking charge of the new mp. This bb was a part of the Jurong Grc. This history is very recent. The one in charge is still there. So for that the trust on the white is already more than Chee. Chee is history cannot be erased. Its one trust, one less the trust kinda situation when come to voting who in BE. Did Chee s behaviors change the entire attendees of his rallies to trust him? That was reflected on Chee s results.
The little things Chee said, did on stage would send signals to the watchers who formed conclusions on how they want to vote, based on their own trust barometer inside them.

If Chee want to win, he has to be action oriented. Do more ground work to help whoever needing help. He can claim the laws disallow him. But he will not know what people need when he does not do things free for others, including providing them necessities by helping in charitable activities. Without action, Chee can hardly change people s mental image on him. Its better for him to give up and let someone more trust worthy to take over SDP. The when he joins in as a member of SDP and stand for election, he can measure clearly how voters see him. People may respect him as a SDP chief. Will they still do when he is just a member? If not, then, Chee has over rated himself. He is blocking SDP is chance to get others elected by staying as SDP chief.

Anonymous said...

Why group under Chee Soon Juan?
Are there no better calibres like
Chen Show Mao, Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim, Brnjamin Pui, LIM TEAN etc???

Anonymous said...


Sin Voters vote for crumbs and other

They do NOT vote for calibre or
quality of the candidates.

Which party has the amount to
throw crumbs or with the power
to lower the cost of anything
when elections are coming?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies especially those pro oppies, are havi ng too much faith in themselves that other Sinkies are like them.
The Faith is badly misplaced; Sinkies are by and large very very

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:55pm

I concur with what you said especially on the last para.

As time goes along, it will become more evident whether one has the heart to serve the people or just want to cling on to own party for power and refuse to let go even though he himself is a obstacle after he is being rejected several times by voters including a BE.

Chee and this John Tan still want to come out after BB BE to "clarify" that chee did no wrong to Chiam donkey years back grandmother issues. I mean what will the voters perceived Chee and SDP against a ex opposition MP, old man, stroke patient?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:52pm
I have slightly varied opinion on your po. I think voters turned out for Chee s rallies did not receive the effects Chee wanted: for them to vote for him. Bear in mind, many were not BB residents. From the crowd, it seemed that Chiam s effect was no longer lingered in people s mind. But what could Chee do? That was the question people wanted to know.

My view on Chiams is that, they were not great. Chiams did not leave an active party with his years of active politics comparing to Low who stay long enough in HG in similar way. The result reflected Chiam was not a leader with a vision for Singapore but very much a Potong Pasir administrator, very much on micro level. I as voter will choose to forget Chiam and certainly will not link Chee s problems to Chiam when considering if voting for Chee or not.
The worst Chiam s wife came out to claim about a photo in which Chiam was with Chee, that reflected how small minded about the Chiams. I can forget them. I think time will wash the story away even people like to talk about it.

My recommendation to SDP is to ask Chee to step down. And SDP re brand the party into another logo and image to completely cut off the Chiams who will come claiming about their personal story at crucial time similar to the wife did in BE. She was helping the Pap.

Re branding SDP without Chee will give the professionals inside fresh space to maneuver. All those Chee s stories and Chiams grudges must not be the road blocks for future candidates. I wander SDP has such hard headed leaders in there.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:09 pm

Like the GE 2015. The rally turn out and internet fury did not reflect the results.

Especially before BB BE, there were a lot of mini and mega saga of Chiam and Chee.

Whether Chiams were great or not, voters or Singaporeans all deemed why Chee still want to get entangled with Chiam and his wife ( at least for me). I mean Chiam is now out and a patient. Why would you want to get involved with someone who is not fighting against you (and unlikely in future). Doesnt this make PAP laugh all the way? (fall into their trap).

In contrast Chiam or wife did not say much, all the rattling and defense came from Chee. It is just like throwing a small stone and Chee retaliated with thousands of stones and that one small stone just hit right at Chee's forehead and no damage done to the chiam as they know they got nothing to lose now and in future.

Chiam whether big head or small mind, it does not really matter as he will be credited for being a opposition ex mp fighting against PAP (abalone porridge, HDB upgrades) resources alongside LTK. All lone force against the mighty old man then. You think this is easy to get these voters to vote for one lone ranger. He may not have build a successful team (party continuation) but not every party will be successful but at least he was once elected and got chance to voice in parliament on behalf of Potong Pasir. For chee, people dun even want to give him that chance over many many chances.

Also in the end, Chee still lose a BE. The message is very clear. Chiam and wife dun win anything irregardless of who win or lose.

After the BE. Instead of continue walking the ground in BB, chee still continue to clarify further. Huh? Like got gold to pick...

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:44pm
May be i missed out the battlefield, i did not see any more Chee and Chiam story after the BE. U still have such stories?

I think Chiam is not great to singapore politics for focusing on their own personal space and they did not develop potential successors to take over their tasks.
If this is called great, then many managers handing various tasks will be as great as CEO who train up their young ones to run their next circuits. Chiam came from a political party and not from an independent candidate. When the candidate is sick, the party also gone. That is great? May be, its measuring from different standards.

A reporter asked Chee to comment on Lina Chiam s comment on the photo, Chee said he wanted to focus on the BE. I am surprised Chee came back to his grand old sloppy story with the Chiams. If Chee does just that, he is the most silly adult one can find in Singapore, has nothing better to do.

I m sick of hearing Chee or Lina Chiam. And the latter would bring up story if Chiam was sacked from the small sdp party then, as if that was a whupping victory as the shit times or fathership will not miss it. Those media are out for Chee. Chee has paid a grand price for shooting on Chiams. With his ability to organize, he should have start his own party than takint a broken vehicle SDP and kept having the ghosts chasing behind. Meanwhile, the voters are sick and want to throw out when hearing their stories.

Anonymous said...

Do you know why Chee Soon Juan will not step down as SDP leader, despite every time lose elections?
I think the answer is in below link, and I quote "A political party doesn't exist just to win elections, however."

So never win, never mind lor.

Anonymous said...

"I am not happy when I win and I am not sad when I lose."
One long time ago opposition leader, speaking to reporters after he lost his election deposit.

I hope Chee Soon Juan is not sad after losing BB BE 2016.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:22pm

Just go to SDP website and see for yourself. From there it is spread to many websites.
You would also want to know who writes these and who chair the release or whether it is with full SDP support.

I think you missed out on the CEO part. CEO are never trained or got such thing as groom as potential successors. They are sort or elected or nominated especially in big company.... you need to perform and know what is happening on the job. Also most important thing about CEO is he needs to show numbers (in politics, you need to be elected). No such thing in current Singapore environment that you will be trained or groomed, you need to be on the job (and performed) especially so if your salary/position is high.

Again it does not matter for now whether chiam is great or not or what, the point is he is out now and a stroke patient. He was a ex opposition MP before and after he was in SDP. This fact shows that he has the support of Potong Pasir then. This will be in history forever likewise he lost the 2011 GRC GE (?Bishan).

Like what you said, i think a lot of people dont want to know the details of grandfather/mother stories and wants to know what lies ahead?

So in end at least for me, why do i want a person like Chee to represent me if he cannot see the overall picture and find his own path for himself and SDP?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:54pm
On the CEO part: succession is an issue for some org, and non issue for some. Eg UOB has clear planned succession. SIA also known to plan its ceo succession. Some dont bother. 1 state bank simply put a foreigner as Ceo who turned citizen. A train company simply hire a foreigner did sales prior to be train ceo. We can see what happened to these companies.

Plan succession in political party can ensure stability in growth. A few potential successors must be in senior position to see the growth. A few? Did Chiam have 1? Not even 1 except his own wife. Chiams whatever party is dormant.

Chee is not too attractive to voters who emphasize on economic rather than politics. Me too is this type. I like to listen to WP speeches more because their candidates will touch on issues on jobs, salary, minimum jobs, retirement benefits. Chee however is not organized on economic issues. Often the candidates would touch on the surface and jump into topics about themselves. Listener like me tend to lose interest fast. I stopped attending SDP rallies, BB is not far, i just dont bother. If WP went for the BE, i will give them support. However, i still vote for opposition, whether is SDP or WP. I dont want to see 7 millions population in sg or even 10 millions. I know very clearly, that these ministers are no experienced to handle massive foreigners living inside sg. Having 7 millions foreigners mainly indians, any one with a sound mind will know the ministers cannot pass the test when these foreigners challenge them similar to the Little India riots. By then, we as voters will have the problems to live in the only place we have here. Thats the reason, i die die must vote for WP if can. Never trust the Pap. I feel that they will ruin new generations future. No doubt in my mind. Thats Chee cannot solve. Thats why i hope he give way to new profession to focus on singapore s economic future. The Pap s putting population from India and Philippines to prop up GDP is a ponzi, not a solution. We all learned from going through from past 15 years. I want no more.

Anonymous said...

RB, u talked about the 8 allied powers invading China. But u conveniently left out the fact the China was called Qing China because it was already invaded and conquered by Manchus. Are u really a chinese patriotic. Or do u argue for the sake of arguing?

In my opinion, there is no use harping on the past. China was invaded because it was very weak. 10-20k well-equipped troops was all it takes to bring it to its knees. The situation now is different. There is no threat of invasion. They are just putting China in the hot seat and hope it'll self-destruct like the Soviet Union.

As a small country, SG should be more wary of China than U.S. This is purely geopolitics. Imagine China shutting down South China Sea. How much will it cost us? We'll be bullied into being a vessel state.

Anonymous said...

Politician = haze.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:36pm
Singapore wary about China? Are u out of your mind? Singapore it the biggest investor in China: according to reports.
Singapore is putting money into China for the China to bully Singapore? Gone with our cpf. But you said 20-30k troops can take China down to the knee. Singapore has army 300k.

Why not send them to US carrier to sail around the South China Sea. China may not bully Singapore as a vessel state. We are a carrier state. On US carrier some more.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:54 pm

The examples given are all Sg organizations. Which is all along what everyboy is saying. Look at who is the biggest shareholder..You should know. This is so unlike the foreign big companies and they will always resist outside competition and resist changes. They are just installing their puppet and ensure control just like in another form of China state own enterprise. Once they go overseas, that is where the real challenge lies.

As for political party survival and succession. In SDP's case and most other party's concern is to get elected first at this stage. Sad to say, most did not make it. In GE 2011 (i think so except the old man's ward) and GE 2015, for the 1st times. All electorates are challenged unlike earlier days where it is walkover. What is the relevance of one party succession if it cannot even get elected first (one seat at least) after numerous attempts. Every time got one and another excuse.

For chiam's case, perhaps it is his personal fault or whatsoever. I think after the incident with SDP. He maybe too overly cautious with who joins his party with lesson learnt. This is fate and his destiny.

For Chee's case, i think he fail time and time again is due to a combination of reasons - whether it is his personal ones, PAP's ones or chiam's one etc.
Irregardless of any reason, opportunity should be given to others (whether it is another party or within the party) after numerous attempt.

For me, i think Singapore needs alternative voice in parliament in modern times. But having said that, having travel to some countries and work there. I tend to compare more equally in terms of the predicament we are in. Everywhere got pros and cons. But the earth wont stop rotating just because we are not given the choice of choosing where we are born in an island of now 700km sq and 5 million population with zero resources.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:36 pm

There is a conspiracy theory of like what you say, US is doing the same stunt like what it use on Soviet a communist state similar like china now. Budgets are not challenged and it is like plug and play as it likes.

By raising the tension at the right time, China will need to raise its military budget yearly to counter the threats. In parallel, China will also need to deal with HK, Taiwan, SE Asia neighbours, internal social problems (population getting older, more medical care etc), economy restructuring etc all requiring more and more money.

With concurrent TPP, G7, South China Sea strategics, it is trying to form its own alliances (in one form) similar like NATO.

It will be China's disadvantage to close South China Sea or projected underlying threats. People can go and see for himself the busy ports all along the eastern coastal areas (literally) whether it is for import and exports. In comparison, our lost will really be peanuts. Would US care?

Anonymous said...

"I am not happy when he's alive and I am not sad when he's dead."

Die old fart.
Good riddance.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Bin Bin, welcome to the blog.

'Bin Bin said...
RB, you sound like an English educated China ego Man'.

From your comment you sounded like a banana. But that is you and your view on what is around our existence. An English educated China ego Man? I would not be bothered to figure out what you want that to mean.

The Chinese diaspora is part of the Chinese Civilisation. It exists, it prospers, wanes and starts all over again. Does the rise and fall of the Chinese Civilisation mean anything to the Chinese all over the world, calling themselves Singaporeans, Malaysians, Indonesians, Americans, Australians, British or whatever?

Many young overseas Chinese are comfortable today, successful, confident and think a world of themselves, that they are the equals of the world. And this is a natural state of things. You better thank the rise of China for it. The clash of civilisations started when the Europeans went about conquering the world. To them, they are the superior civilisation and the rest of the world are sub humans and were there to be conquered and ruled, as slaves or subhumans.

They came to China and saw a civilisation much more advanced than theirs in many fields and industries, in intellectual pursuits and learnings. China was a world of its own, from the Yuan Dynasty when Marco Polo first visted, to the Manchus, a self contained and self sufficient civilisation.

By the time of the Manchus, China was weak as a civilisation. The Manchu was a minority mongoloid tribe that conquered the Han Chinese, that were mostly peasants and craftsmen, people of industries and literacy but not of war. That was one of the reasons why China was conquered and ruled by foreigners many times. And the Chinese were oppressed from becoming the best they could be by the conquerors.

The Europeans came, the Japanese too, and saw a weak Manchu Dynasty in military terms. Some said weakness invites aggression. Is that a right? The Japanese thought so and so were the Europeans. And they combined to attack and break up China under the Manchus. The whole country was robbed and looted and the people impoverished.

That was not all. They knew that the Chinese were not barbarians or uncivilised subhumans. The conquerors continued with their policies of oppression and suppression. The Chinese were oppressed, discriminated, suppressed and prevented from industries. They were weak and disunited and mistreated by every country and tribe in the world.

Even today, the bananas think they have arrived and are being treated as equals. Do not kid yourself. A weak China and a weak Chinese Civilisation will do you in and you will suffer the same fate as your forefathers. In many countries you are still despised, hated and oppressed. You do not have the equal rights of others despite how good you are, how hard you work. Your existence and presumably having more rights in the red dot is an anomaly. Look around the region.

If the red dot is ruled by another tribe, if the Chinese no longer becomes the majority, you will be finished. Though the rise of China would not directly benefit the Chinese around the world, they lend some credibility and respect to the Chinese Civilisation as a whole. You are no longer the despised pig tailed inscrutable Chinaman whose only skill is to be coolies, cooks and Charlie Chan, no skills, no talents! Oops, the last part is being repeated recently in the little red dot and the stupid bananas are starting to believe so too.

To continue.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


The bananas may think the world has changed. To some extent, the Chinese Civilisation is no longer the despised race of the world. They are now competing with the Americans to be the Number One country economically and militarily. No country could come near to challenge the American's superiority. Why then do you think the Chinese as a people are more despised and hated even by the less developed people and countries in the world? Even the Southeast Asians despised the Chinese when the Chinese Civilisation is much superior to their civilisations and in existence many more centuries than theirs?

Is it a natural thing? Is it that the Chinese are so despicable, so unworthy, so unreliable, except the likeable bananas? Are the bananas an exception, that they are more likable by the rest of the world but not the Chinese? Is there a scheme of things that let to the Chinese being the undesirables of the world, even the banana Chinese think so?

Think about it? Why is that so?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Did someone said China should be worried of Singapore?

I have used the analogy of a monkey trying to screw an elephant and thinking it will hurt the elephant when they elephant could not feel a thing. That is the kind of relationship between Singapore and China today. Totally irrelevant though some still deceived themselves thinking that they could teach the Chinese and China needs this little island.

China is no longer the same China as before. The rule of the game has changed. That is realpolitik. Singapore will quietly receded into its insignificant self and place in the world of China.

China is producing 30 million scientists and engineers annually. Try that for size. China's economy is more than US$12 trillion. China's armed forces is 2m strong backed by 2m reserves. China's military budget is US$160b or more than twice Singapore's GDP and with purchasing that is likely to be double that in real terms.

Anonymous said...

My parents came from China to Singapore, trying to escape the Japanese atrocities in China. My father was only 14 years old and my mother was 11. Their parents, though residing in different parts of China, had one common thought in mind, i.e. send their children away to somewhere safe. But in those days, they could only travel via the sea using sailing boats. So they did not really know, even the captain of the sailing boat also did not know, where they would be settling in. If the wind blew the sailing boat to the Philippines, they landed there. If the wind blew it to Indonesia, they landed in Indonesia. It so happened that both my parents boats landed in Singapore.

Whether fortunate or unfortunate, it all depends on the outcome today, of how their children and grand children are treated by their government of the day, of how good a life they are living - suffering in silence like a frog living in a boiling pot or becoming someone among the natural aristocrats laughing all the way to their banks everyday and so happy when they read their CPF Statement every month.

I was born 70 years ago, number 10th among my 13 siblings. My father worked very hard to create 13 children and worked even harder to ensure everyone had a bowl of watery porridge to eat every night before they we go to bed. My 9 elder brothers and sisters had no chance at all to go to school. Only my 2 younger sisters and I had a chance to attend school (one younger brother did not survive - he succumbed to malaria at a very young age).

Now, even though I am 70 years old, all this while I have always keep at the back of my mind that I am a Chinese FIRST, then a Singaporean. Why? Two main reasons:

1. Partly because 75-79 percent of the Singapore population then were Chinese (today it is about 71 percent).

2. Partly because our Government has divided us into Four Major Races - Chinese, Malay, Indian and Others - emphasizing Multi-Racialism instead of a Single United Entity, like in the US.

This 'Divide-and-Rule' political strategy for short-term gains, may not dwell well in the long-run. Together with the Crazy Influx of more foreigners from many diverse historical, cultural, lingual, racial, attitudinal and behavioral patterns, this Multi-Racial Emphasis may become a big problem in the future.

So, in the longer term, there won't be a common entity known as Singaporean. But Chinese Singaporean, Malay Singaporean, Indian Singaporean, Eurasian Singaporean, Filipino Singaporean, Vietnamese Singaporean, etc. Their respective original country will always be right in front, always be mentioned first before the Singaporean entity.

Anonymous said...

So, in the longer term, there won't be a common entity known as Singaporean. But Chinese Singaporean, Malay Singaporean, Indian Singaporean, Eurasian Singaporean, Filipino Singaporean, Vietnamese Singaporean, etc. Their respective original country will always be right in front, always be mentioned first before the Singaporean entity.
May 29, 2016 2:06 pm

Not really lah.
There are 60% PAP Singaporeans.
30% Opposition Singaporeans.
10% Swing or Chap Ching Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

And to top it all, the china chinese born in 80s and especially the 90s onwards are also different from their 70s batch.

The new generation of china chinese are now more nationalistic (unrealistic) compared to their seniors. Their seniors while nationalistic went through really severe hardship and know what is realistic and important to them.

Time will tell whether history will repeat itself. China throughout time (irregardless of dynasty) went through it peak and fall. They were also once very proud of themselves (sort of what it is now) and even compared their emperors with the gods.

For me, i can see that the current Xi is so arrogant likes its 90s generation offending so many neighbors and so unlike Deng Xiao Ping who even as a communist is well admired worldwide and won the hearts of many overseas chinese then.

denk said...

another hate crime against chinese in the land of the 'free' ...

*Xiaolin Shi, an undergraduate at Arizona State University, said she was assaulted by a white woman on a train on the way home between 10:30 pm and 11 pm on May 20.

Kalie Rutledge, 22, began yelling slurs like “Bitch, go fucking back to China” to Shi and her friend after they got on the train and talked in Chinese, Shi told China Daily.

She said the suspect aggressively approached them and continued berating them for a while. As they were about to get off the train at their stop, the suspect came at them and punched Shi in the face.

“I lost consciousness for a few seconds, and then I found myself on the ground with blood all over my face,” Shi said. Her friend was also attacked but didn’t sustain serious injuries.

Shi had a broken bone in her face and swelling to her eye. She said the doctor told her surgery might be necessary, though she was currently in stable condition.* [1]

why such hatre against chinese ?

what've the chinese ever done to the fukusians ???

is it cuz,
[a] anglos innate contempt of the chinese , ?

[b] fukusians've been brainwashed by uncle scam's 24x7 demonisation of china ? [2]
the chicoms stole all our jobs ! [3]
they steal all our military/industrial secrets
they hack into our electric /water network with malicious intent
they bully all our allies in asia
all the chinese who came over here are spies
China is a “very aggressive and pernicious economic competitor with no morals [4]

all of the above ?



donald trump the 'great white hope' has been trumpeting that line ad nauseam


my ans = all of the above.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You cannot choose your parents. You cannot choose your race.
You can choose your nationality. You can choose where to stay today, like nationality not so big a problem. In the past you yellow bananas or coloured people don't ever think of migrating to Australia.

You can choose your religion, change your God, but you are still you. Your God or religion cannot change you from coloured to white or vice versa.

Many of you would change your nationality but not your biological parents and not your race even if you bleached your skin and paint them white or blond hair.

I have been a British subject. I have been a Malaysian, and now I am a Singaporean.

What's next? But I will always be a Chinese and part of the Chinese Civilisation and part of the Chinese history.

Anonymous said...

You need to be there to see for yourself whether they treat you as their own nowadays or they perceived you the same as 老外。Not even close as 台胞。

What you say was true then but times have changed just like their economy has.

Sigh... A generation stuck in between.

Anonymous said...

What's next? But I will always be a Chinese and part of the Chinese Civilisation and part of the Chinese history.
May 29, 2016 4:20 pm

The Chinese civilization was fatally wounded when the PRC Chinese people adopted western Communist ideas.
The Chinese civilization was finally killed off during the Cultural Revolution.

Anonymous said...

xi is so arrogant, offending so many neighbor?

Are you talking about Vietnam and Philippine? 2 nations out of 10 Asean members?

Vietnam occupied the most islands in the region.
Philippine militarize those island under Marcos administration.

Anonymous said...

When the time comes, we will all know by then.

2 nations out of 10 Asean members. - It is not just simple South China seas issues.

Anonymous said...

South what sea?

Key word is china here.no dispute.

Anonymous said...

Hahah.. In your dreams...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Chinese Civilisation will evolve, adopt and adapt to the changes of civilisations. Only by being flexible and adopting the best to an old culture will ensure the survival of civilisations. Civilisations that insist on sticking to old ways, will perish. Only backward minds and backward civilisation will want to go backward.

Things are changing, values are changing, and in the nature of things, the natural law of selection of the best and fittest, only the best, the adaptable will keep civilisation alive. If Chinese Civilisation does not want to change, like in the past, then it will perish. Fortunately this is not the case and the Chinese Civilisation is changing and will continue to change to meet the new challenges of time.

Anonymous said...

Nothing has changed.

It is still a one party system and no checker (Most dangerous part). Worst it elects itself by default. No alternative voice. And unlike here, their blogs (in any forms) cannot even have a single ounce(literally) of being critical of the government.

Under this system, how do you uphold the law of selection of the best and fittest, only the best?

Bin Bin said...

Uncle RB, totally agree with your thesis.

Me Banana man see China can become the next "Evil West" just like what history has played out. If China left unchallenged by another superpower, China may start WW3 after current leaders passed away. All humans are the same, regardless of colour. When given power & status, greed suffice.

When Hitler killed the Jews, he did not see them as White.

When China start WW3, they will see us as Yellow?

Banana say no garrantee

Anonymous said...

I think in today's times, it does not really matter whether you are a banana man or whatsoever as long as your loyalty belongs to your country.

You can also be a lychee man, longan man, durian man as long as you obey the laws and be respective of all race, language and religion. Even some china chinese also now start to appreciate the Durian whereas last time is not possible.

In my opinion, the one i despise most is those being thief calling people thief while he himself betrays his own country of citizenship (the very system that is feeding him or enjoying now) and adore other country (which is not feeding him) just in the name that he is part of that civilization and race which is thousand of miles away. Isnt this the same as treason?

b said...

Of course the G7 like to make trouble for China just like what they did in 8 countries invasion and ww2. Japs are worst than animals. No animals ganged up with other species to attack own species. Japs must be crazy. At the end of the day, they must realise they are still asians and no angmos will think they are non asians. Angmos only want to make use of them. They have forked tongues.

Anonymous said...

To think that the PRC consider overseas Chinese as fellow Chinese is a one-sided love affair. Oversea Chinese are "considered" as family when they remit money back, build schools, invest. Oversea Chinese can only bask in the light of the rise of China, But when shit come they can only rely on themselves...think Indonesia chinese, viet chinese, cambodian chinese etc.

Yes, China must be strong, oversea chinese must know that they are of ethnic Chinese origin, but loyalty to own country must comes first and foremost.