Bukit Batok By Election – No miracle!

The miracle that the opposition camp was hoping for failed to appear. When the sample poll was announced around 9.30pm, Murali was leading by 61% to Chee’s 39%. Given the experience from the last GE, the sample count was as good as a done deal and the SDP was as good as lost. Chee would have to fight another day.

No by election effect,  no affair’s effect, no Chee effect, no Punggol East effect. There were so many factors that were favourable to Chee and the SDP. On record, PAP always lost their by elections. This by election had all the factors as the Punggol East by election. A marital affair of a popular MP and the people voted to show their displeasure. There were many other factors that gave the opposition a better chance in Bukit Batok. There was no LKY effect. Before David Ong, Ong Chit Chung’s winning votes were in the low 51% and 52% in two elections. And his opponents were not as strong as in Chee Soon Juan in this by election.

Heaven is still smiling at the PAP. PAP’s fortune is still now waning yet. The voters of Bukit Batok must be very happy with the PAP and it is looking like this is going to turn into a PAP stronghold.

The point that everyone will be asking, here there is an average minority candidate, not a ministerial caliber, facing one of the strongest candidates from the opposition camp, and won. So, does this disprove the rationale for GRCs, a rationale that Singaporeans are likely to vote on racial lines? Now this is proven to be untrue. Singaporeans, the majority ethnic Chinese, are not racists and would vote for a good candidate or even a mediocre minority candidate, and race is NOT a factor?

Would the GRC concept be disbanded? Will the ongoing inquiry by the Constitution Commision trying to safe guard the representation of minorities as Elected President by disbanded as this by election has proven that it is a NON issue?

Let’s hear the wise explanations from the govt that this by election does not prove anything and GRC must stay and changes must be made to give the minorities a better chance to be Elected President. Would it be another argument along the line that head I win, tail you lose?

This by election really pours a lot of cold water on the opposition camp. Even if there are more by elections, they would not win. The PAP has the secret formula to win elections, general elections and by elections. This will send shivers down the spine of the opposition candidates and supporters. I am not trying to create fear or cause alarm. I am just making an honest comment here.

PAP will be the ruling party till SG100 and forever. This is Singapore’s version of Exceptionalism. We are witnessing a new history in the making where a political party cannot lose power and will rule forever and ever and they lived happily thereafter, like in the fairy tales.

What is the secret formula? Let me guess, do the right things, even if unpopular, like increasing the population, bringing in more foreigners, give billions of dollars of scholarship to foreigners instead of to the citizens’ children, locking up the people’s CPF savings, high cost of living etc etc, all good policies though unpopular. But the people understood. The people are not daft, they knew they have a very good and honest govt working their guts out for them and the tough policies are good policies. The people may kpkb, unhappy, but when come to voting, they will vote for the PAP.  There is so much trust and faith in the PAP.

Even part time MPs are ok as long as they are PAP MPs. They are exceptional talents and would do a better job than full time opposition MPs, especially in running the very difficult and complex town councils that needs exceptional talents to do it. They deserve every dollar they are paid in their million dollar salary, the highest in the whole wide world.

Singaporeans are so blessed to have the PAP to rule over them.

PS: I received this sms from deep low a few days ago. It said PAP would win 60:40. I knew he knew and what he said was likely to be. But he did not know I knew he knew. He was trying to tell me something. He had to tell me that to prove a point. Of course I knew that was the likely result. I know where it was coming from.


Anonymous said...

"Before David Ong, Ong Chit Chung’s winning votes were in the low 51% and 52% in two elections. And his opponents were not as strong as in Chee Soon Juan in this by election."

U know why? And it's not that they don't like Chee Soon Juan or what he wants to do for them.

Rather it is just that they are very scared that they will not be better served due to PAP don't like Chee Soon Juan. And PAP terribly don't like Chee Soon Juan.

So as long as Chee Soon Juan is SDP leader, SDP candidates, including Chee Soon Juan, will never even get more than 40% votes, let alone win. And this has been proven for 20 years, and latest just last night! And no doubt will be proven again in future elections, as long as Chee Soon Juan remain as SDP leader.

Anonymous said...

Expected result. Sinkie land basically election is a municipal election not national election. The earlier the opposition understand this, the better is for them. I slept early even before they announced the sample count. I also expected about 10% swing which is the case.

Anonymous said...

"I am not happy when I win and I am not sad when I lose."
One long time ago Sinkie opposition leader (aka joker), speaking after the election results were announced.

Anonymous said...

When I vote for a candidate, i first look at the Brand, then follow by the candidate. If analysts look at the process, they should draw the conclusion. The winning brand had to be the blue one.

The question is: how is the performance of the red one?

I monitored BB by election this way. Do not set unbelievable target such as Chee will win. Election is a human effort. If there are local issue in BB, such as rats, or social problems, then Chee might stand higher chance for a win.

Chee must also evaluate his past FOOTPRINT in BB. I can be very sure, he hardly step in at BB b4 this BE.
Chee no doubt is disappointed for no win. I thought it has to be this way. If Chee wins, then its wrong.

Efforts= results in election. How many voters families Chee has visited? How many families are touched by Chee s conversation?

The blue brand pulled its candidate from alchooni is not for no reason. Its because this candidate has already had a large pool of families he had known about.

So Chee: dont even drop a tear for the defeat. U get what u put in in effort. Catch up with the human contacts, do the right things by helping them, in BB, in anywhere, then Chee u will win.
U cannot prevent the msm aiming to destroy u, chee. Its because u are not their masters. But msm is losing subscriptions. Msm is paying a price, going down with the blue brand. Many have projected, the blue brand will lose in 10-15 years time. Stay fit to stand for election chee. Dont retire now or u will never make it again.

Anonymous said...

The general consensus, entrenched by the rulers, of what a good and deserving candidate ought to be has won the day. Murali is Murali and Chee is Chee. After watching the oppositions for 50 years, people are getting more sceptical. After watching the PAP for 50 years, people have quietly given up living.

Anonymous said...

So Chee: dont even drop a tear for the defeat. U get what u put in in effort.
Anon 11:04 am

To be brutally frank, Chee will not win even if he has FOOTPRINT in BB well before the BE.

Not that majority voters don't like him, but rather PAP don't like him, and don't like him intensely some more. However WP Low Thia Khiang is much different in this respect, even the late LKY once praised him, and Low also has the credentials as MP for over 20 years.

So how can Chee as MP serve voters better if PAP don't like him? Yes, majority voters vote for self interest, and not anything else. Which explains why Chee lost again, and will continue to lose in future elections.

Anonymous said...

Only thing left are to stay positive( because negativity has increased) and be superficial( hypocritical)
You have died.

Anonymous said...

Go back to work lah. Eat shop work pray eat shop work pray and die

Anonymous said...

"After watching the PAP for 50 years, people have quietly given up living."
Anon 11:16 am

Yes, they have given up living here for good, and emigrated elsewhere for a better life.

So what's left behind are a minority who protested by voting opposition.

And majority (61% latest update) are still happy enough to vote for PAP. Or else Chee would not have lost even in a by election, against a minority candidate, and in a Chinese majority SMC.

Anonymous said...

Try to be a happy donkey ok

Anonymous said...

very sorry.....

my forecast of 68/32 was out......

however, from start, I knew pap will sure win, only the %......

in Singapore this is the new normal going forward......

unless there is an internal split within pap.......

will not be surprised that pap recaptured all seats in next ge......

oppositions will be left with the "powerless" ncmp positions........

pap is now too big too fail......

people here are so used to pap, like cannot live without......

many many kpkbs, but come to voting.....still pap.......

it will be pap all the way......unless there is an internal split.....

is the internal split akan datang.......


Anonymous said...

unless there is an internal split within pap.......
Anon 11:56 am

Internal split within pap? Jiak pa bo sai pang ah? (Eat full no shit is it?)

Anonymous said...

I am not happy when PAP win and I am not sad when SDP lose.

Virgo49 said...

Singaporeans thought that normally those lower income groups that had been marginalized by the PAP would vote for the opposition.

That's where majority is wrong.

The PAP had these groups under their grips which seeks the most help from them.

Many had to seek their PAP MPs for various favors.

Fears of unemployment, no daycare,kindergartens to put their children and elders.

Were they can afford those private kindergartens three or four times their salaries.

Many a time they had threatened withdrawals of these facilities.

Many also itchy backsides had foreign spouses that need to have PR status or long staying visas.

So their testicles stuck in wooden horses no choice die die PAP. (Lam par kia tio char behs)

The PAP had conditioned this scenarios from their years of uninterrupted rule.

Business, self employed, like property agents, taxi drivers also need licenses renewal renewals. Even Liars (lawyers) and doctors.

So the fears of an opposition MP being bushwhacked by the government agencies are there.

LHL already said the civil service is not independent from the government.

CSJ said fighting against odds against the government's machineries.

Only those who are financially sound will vote for justice and the opposition candidates.

But how many are there??

So if the population is still mainly low incomes then the PAP will be in power perpetually.

They had the masses in dogs training nooses. Just relax a bit to let you breathe and pull so that you had to follow or you be choked to death.

All the high prices of HDB flats, COEs, etc. will make you keng on how to survive.

So no time to think of who actually caused all these abuses.

The Elites and those rich fellow citizens will want to have status quo for their continued luxuries.

They have all the privileges. Their connections among themselves assured that they are shield from these happenings.

Their children are the white horses who will easily just go ito their alma mater schools and unis.

So the peasants have no choice but to carry on and vote the Evil Rulers.

Anonymous said...

Their mouths stuffed with mouth watering overflowing money will always be politically correct talking

Anonymous said...

People are fools rulers are wicked?

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous 12.02pm, your jiak pa bo sai pang ah is not wrong.

However, look at the compositions of pap, the military and non military.

Balancing power bases between the two camps after LHL would be a real challenge.

If not careful, fractions may be formed, leading to internal splits.

Nothing in life is impossible!


Anonymous said...

I think the Opposition should consider making a new rule.
If the percentage of votes drop below 15% - they should all agree not to waste anymore time and resources with that constituency.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:26am
I must be frank that ur thinking is controlled by one factor. If the pap does not like chee:"Not that majority voters don't like him, but rather PAP don't like him, and don't like him intensely some more.", it means Chee will be out.

I dont have this kind of logic in mind. I think voters voted for SDP is because they dont like PAP. How can they bother if Pap does not like Chee. On the same logic, i think BB voted for Chee simply because they did not like Pap. Hear it clearly: the 12% swing votes were voting for someone Pap "intensely" dislikes.
Not everyone like SDP Chee. But because Chee is so disliked by Pap especially the top ministers who spoke against Chee, more voters disliked Pap and they had to vote Chee.

The real casted votes after deducting voids, were around 22900. Chee rather need 2500 more votes to win BB BE.

Only 2500 voters did not like Chee or they voted for Pap. If these 2500 voters also dislike Pap, then Chee is the winner.

Lastly, I dont take what one old man said about LTK as something real. He said it for his own reason. LTK did it so well that, if this old man kept saying LTK was bad, HG will not be Pap s win. That old man knew it long ago. Be frank: that old man said things for his own self interest. LTK is good at serving HG people. Go there for Pap is always a loss. U support Pap, u dont want to go HG, even as a supporter. Remember the candidate cried? HG is well served by WP. Nothing to do with one old man. U have his picture on your wall?

Its time to face the reality. Singapore is sinking because this old man did not work out a system to pass down power. Singapore s industries for export is diminished. DIMINISHing with this new batch of politicians. So where are the young going to live? From ft.com, sg is the 10 most indebted countries by HOUSEhold debts. ie private debts is so high after the new politicians run this place. The young after paying the debts, they will cry. Because their flats, condos, do not worth higher than the debts they have paid up.
So that is also ur next generation s problem, if u are not rich.
I believe in this projection: opposition or SDP WP are on the way to win more seats: 60:40 is average, many will be winning seats for SDP and WP if they try hard now till 2020 GE.

virgo49 said...

Groups of self interest Sinkies.

1) Those elites professionals, employers, those iron rice bowls civil servants. Got jobs security plus imaginary powers.

2).Those mothers fuckers PAP stooge parasites who sucked to then for business and benefits.

Even those MF hawkers/kopi tiams owners who takes great pride in having photographs taken with their MPs when they happen to be there for their votes.
They fully supported the WPaper.

The more the merrier. Even my stuff tasted like Shits also sold out by noon.

The Property Agents. Goes up 2 millions for a three room flat my commission can last me three months without work.

Those towkays exploiting the Sinkies with low pay and upper hand in recruiting foreign Labour.

Those commission bloodsucking two dollar companies outfits that manipulated the Labour force.

The rich are insulated as they have their internal connections.

Even their dud children will.be prioritised and gain clear advantages in any fields.

So the PAP will have their SG100 unless another Karartua erupts and bring sinkieland down.

Anonymous said...

Singapore s industries for export is diminished.
Anon 12:33 pm

That's because of China. No matter how and what, Singapore can never compete with China in manufacturing and for export. In fact 30 years ago, before the rise of China as a export power, Singapore export industries, eg disk drives was world No 1.

The issue now before Sinkies is not whether PAP is bad but whether the opposition can do better, if elected as govt. Base on recent election outcome, the answer is obvious. And as the BB BE has proven, they didn't even trust the opposition to do a better job just for a SMC, let alone for the whole nation!

Anonymous said...

Bukit Batok elections - Do you think the better parrot won?

Anonymous said...

PAP would like you to Pls turn to religion, or be religious/stay positive, and do good for your next life

Anonymous said...

PAP would like you to be smart, so as to make lots of money and have a good life under PAP.

PAP also like you to emigrate, if you think you can have better life elsewhere.

If you cannot be smart or cannot emigrate and money no enough, PAP would like you to vote for PAP so that PAP MP can take better care of you during Meet the People session than a opposition MP like Chee Soon Juan.

Anonymous said...

Too ma fan for simpletons lah 107..be like a good disciple when locked in prison... Talk god sing song and wait for man in sky return better

Anonymous said...

Headline should have been.. Ah Mu hits the jackpot and gave his mother a big fat wet kiss on mothers day

Anonymous said...

Without mothers.. Where got PAP. More power to Eves

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.52pm
Just explain china is not buying from sg export is not a complete explanation. The official complete explanation include EU US not buying from sg xport. My point is: xport lose out is because "sg made" products do not worth that kind of S$ needed for these countries to pay. I dont need to explain more on this.
If u dare, go buy "made in singapore" router, wireless stuff whatever, u will learn the good lesson. U will end up buying "made in taiwan" or "Korea".

If u are a local, u know the story, China chinese, US EU dont know? Not only sg industries is dying because of no innovation and no good quality, its own retail and tourism are also not "value for money". Why? The S$ was manually adjusted to 1.2 to 1 USD, and now is 1.34 to 1 USD.

U talk like the official lines, u now know what u are saying. In competition with local graduate services, u want to be cheap and good. The work ends up to Indians graduates "cheap" but good only to the ministers words. The end products are not salable in real FREE competition world market.

My point is: dont tell me china blahblah. I want to survive. Yes. do your own shop? The rental in town is $10psf, in Jurong or Serangoon is around $6-8psf. Its too high for the young to start up, say a new venture.
The local property firms and banks are govt sweethearts. Govt have large share on retail space, u know them.
Question is: DO the space worth so much money if with free competition? Why many property firms are related to the govt firms?
So actually, govt is collecting too much rental, end up there are fewer tenants. Govt promises cheap labor, from philippines and india, but retailers are not doing well with tourists from China and indonesia.
These policies are something people can see. Do the policies create jobs? Promote innovation?
DO NOT BLAME CHINA for not buying, blame the one who control singapore, too much money is paid on rental. It is something only the opposition can undo it.
If voters cannot come to term with the reality, lets wait for the market to collapse. Can the govt throw money to support the retailers, when the citizens are not having sufficient income to pay debts and buy goods?
Some days, the reality will come, Because the trend is going down. High debts. High S$. hi coe, hi flat prices, will continue, may be hi gst to break it down.

Anonymous said...

Someone argued that the electorates are divided into three quarters. Hardcore for both sides and the fence sitters. To get a 20% swing from fence sitters is not very encouraging really. That said, the nation is definitely divided but also too bodohs to forge a better way

Anonymous said...

He played to the gallery with a better image and community centered so? People don't buy it. They rather trust pigs

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to money, or the use of public money. With their control of public money, they know that most Sinkies thrive on greed, fear and selfishness. Harp on these three things and they bend backwards for more, more, more......

Nothing else matters.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:33pm

One thing i disagree is if you are the slightly older gen of Singaporeans who have participated in the old GE. If you go to Hougang or Potong Pasir then, you would notice that these oppo districts housing are different from new HDB estates or PAP held estates. But these oppo estates were essentially clean. You literally can see one!

Look at the resources and carrorts being dangled out to these districts by PAP over time, you would know how good then LTK and Chiam did a good job to prove that their estates even without more money can also be as clean as a PAP ward.

You have no idea how LTK and chiam were being bashed by PAP parliament and the old man himself.

But after many years of hardwork, these two prove to all (including PAP) that their ultimate aim was to serve the people of Singapore.

Do you think the old man is blind then to see all these? All Singaporeans can see these as well. Sometimes it takes time to prove certain things.

It remains to be seen whether Chee will still contest in BB in next GE? ie. if you know what i meant. otherwise it will prove again why the then old man always targets him then.

Anonymous said...

People are easily deceived by the orderly and rich exteriors. I am sure we all are led to think the sister was more humane than her old man and coat riding siblings. But once you hit the right button, the most vile venom you could ever spit from the mouth comes right out of her mouth. And no backbone too.

Anonymous said...

Religious type. Look good outwardly but full of deadly hypocrisy

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:10pm
I absolutely agree with you on cleanliness of HG. I had gone there sat in coffeeshops at different part of HG. Not only the place, also the people like a community sharing with each other. There is no luxurious structure. Chiam s place i dont bother because i dont have much hope on his one man show. To my prediction, his smc went down with his health. That story shows how important a selfless opposition leader can be. LTK leans to let go. Putting more people at the helm without regards to race or religion. The sharing of power is different from the one we saw. And Chee also take off from a family like party, giving more space to non family related party members.

The west singapore is open. Chee is a good potential if he continue to run on footwork, not on bicycle. Like what u said, we dont know him. I have not been his fan for a long time. But his changed attitude to open up sdp for more professionals to share exposure has drawn me closer. After all, the Chiams are the failure. Who else are more capable than LTK? No one is in the west of singapore. If Chee is a non doer but a dreamer, too bad for his age now.

Anonymous said...

Image is just that, an illusion. Especially man's image

Anonymous said...

The Man of Sin

Anonymous said...

Keep rehashing over money issues is useless. Bottom line, an intensive and passionate relationship with money is the root of all evil. Your national, community, religious leaders and people have very deep respect for money ...period.

patriot said...

The Alternative Parties shall be shunned so long as they remain like sands, never able to gel.

Alternative Parties Politician's Ego is too telling and apparent.

The Pimps and Prostitutes on the other hand works as one like hands in gloves.
Their Pack Mentality, as shown in the By-election at Bukit Batok, is outstanding. From the Prime Minister down to the Grassrots work as one.

Me am surprised that Murali did not attribute his victory to the Supports he received from his Master and Seniors.
Quite an ingrate.


Anonymous said...

Ah Mu is a trained lawyer. Well trained

Anonymous said...

I too agree totally with Anon 2.10pm. I live in Hougang for almost three decades and I know. Hougang is clean, orderly and although without all the frills, I still like the laid-back kampong feel of the place. What are all those outside gardens and pagodas built between blocks in PAP wards that not a soul make use, where sitting there in the evening only benefits the mosquitos and only the cats laze during the day?

The majority of Sinkies only fall for the carrots before every election out of greed, selfishness and fear. In the bus just yesterday I overheard two ladies talking about the BE in Bukit Batok. One told the other that she hoped Chee will win, because it is good for the opposition. But in the next breath she said that this must not happen in 'her' constituency in the event of a BE. Well, that says all about Sinkies' attitude and utter selfishness. They just wait for voters in Hougang and Aljunied to carry the burden of sacrifice to provide all the opposition MPs in Parliament. A very smart move. But one day when Hougang and Aljunied falls, then they will realise the consequence. By then it will be too late to bemoan for not doing the right thing.

The opposition faced immense obstacles to win and further obstacles to run their contituencies, financially, logistically and politically. It is not a walk in the park like the PAP MPs, where public money is thrown for them to meddle around with gardens walkways and pagodas. What a joke?

Anonymous said...

Be more careful of 'trained liars'!

Anonymous said...

The opposition faced immense obstacles to win and further obstacles to run their contituencies, financially, logistically and politically.
Anon 3:28 pm

Of course lah, because they are opposition mah.

If not, what's the advantage or benefit being the ruling party, if it is no different from opposition?

Or what's the advantage or benefit being the company CEO, if it is no different from a junior staff?

Anonymous said...

PAP had indeed whacked Chee Soon Juan good and proper by fielding a unknown minority candidate against him, and made him lost against the minority candidate in a Chinese majority SMC by election.

So Chee Soon Juan better stop contesting elections, if he is realistic enough to realise how "jinx" he is in getting votes.

Unless there is more to it than meets the eye for Chee Soon Juan? And have you all wonder why Chee Soon Juan and even his wife can afford not to work (excluding Chee's job as SDP leader) for many years and can still raise a family and Chee running a political party? How much can he get by selling his books?

Anonymous said...

In sinkies land, Kong Hee stands a better chance in winning lottery than Chee.

Anonymous said...

It pays very well to pray to the old man. Every morning, pls burn hell notes to old man for more prosperity. Better than going to see your MP for help.

virgo49 said...

Agree with Patriot

The Opposition must be jelled into One Party with a charismatic Leader ready to form the Government.

Very few constituency wants to be guineas pig as Opposition Wards.

They knew the ruthless ruling party not going to put them in front for any benefits.

So unless the Opposition is formed as One to take on the PAP, the voters are just too afraid.

They prefer status quo though not perfect.

Anonymous said...

Yes, go pray old man return from grave to start one party against his party.

Anonymous said...

Gunning party egging Chee to serve buttock people for free until next election for better chances at the poll...you think he stoopig ah? Go ask your ministers serve free lah ...they will strip their white garment and reveal their monkey suit inside and pull out their middle finger at you. Free service and give money freely in church got lah

agongkia said...

@anon 4.08
Fielding any Arthur Ah Kow will still win,knowing how Sinkies having faith with the ruling party.
Having a minority candidate this time in BB can prove that Sinkies are colour blind and are not racist like what some minority claim to be.This is good.
So if any Arthur Ah Kow also can win,this is the best time to put a Ah Mu there.
It should not be seen as a whacking .
I may not be a fan of Chee but does that matter to you how much he get by selling books?
Give some respect to our candidates who is willing to sacrifice their time to speak up for others and are willing to risk their career,opposition or not.
A man with a proper name is surely much better than a bapok hiding behind anonymity to me.

agongkia said...

Both Virgo n Patriot Laochek ah..
Can swim mean can swim.Dun give excuse swimming trunk too big if cannot swim.
Gel or not not important.
Know which party good go and join them.Grassloot oso can.No chance stand on stage still got lobang hug aunties.
Whatever,65% got brain.They know who are the best.They want the Garmen they deserve.
If too free go gotong raya lakopi or genting see laogor.Dun Orlo each other here.
Thanks for a good laugh :-)

Anonymous said...

Like the sinkies commercial uncle who walks into 7 eleven and open their fridge doors for free blast of cold air in our crazy hot weather... It is so simple.

Your simple minded voters look out for the following .. You must first...have good character like a priest who loves children...second.. Do very well in school... Lots of Ass... Third... Talk well like a preacher who can sell you even used underwear from heaven... Fourth.. Go coffeeshop and talk to uneducated uncles and aunties(in today's world.. With a degree can also be considered uneducated hor) and take plenty of pictures with them and show it off in your preferred media platform

And lastly... Must be anointed by big time gangster before joining the new gangsterism party and legally extort money

So simple..

Anonymous said...

Its the first time open letters from residents wanted a defeated opposition candidate to continue to work in BB.
But Chee was not committed claiming BB could be redrawn into different boundary.

What is the difference? To do the work is something Chee afraid to commit. its true, as helping the poor involves money. However, in my view, knowing the cases and advising the blind old fellows what to do, helping them to pen letters of appeals are something a friend can do. Chee cannot work as a campaigner i heard. But he can help friends in BB to do something positive.

If Chee decline such role, he is the person to be blamed for not being elected in the next round. NO other opposition like from NSP has this kind of chance. Chee better give up or be more positive on what he is heading for.

I remember one Nsp girl wanted to do it in an smc, and she gave up eventually. It was because her party was not supportive. Whereas Chee has sunk in efforts, if he is hesitating, he is just a dreamer like that girl.

Very few opposition have been so consistent like Sylvia and others such as LLL. One won one lost. But WP had that kind of zeal and consistency to help residents. SDP if they are lacking such zeal to do it, then its perfectly ok. No other opposition is willing to step out after election.

People staying in the west have to pray WP will set up branches in the west soon. The voters can ignore the half baked opposition parties.

Anonymous said...

After 50 yrs still don't know what kind of shit hit your faces

Anonymous said...

For most residents, which MP do you think they would prefer to write their appeal letters to govt agencies? SDP or PAP?

If you know the answer, then you should know why Murali got 61% votes in BB BE. It's that simple.

That's why opposition will never win elections, as long as they are not ready to be govt. Only Hougang and Low Thia Khiang are special cases, but even then I think Aljunied may be lost to PAP in next election, given the razor thin majority of WP in GE 2015.

Anonymous said...

The miracle is that the SDP didn't lose their deposit!

Anonymous said...

Good reading !

Sinkie Voters are held
at ransom.

Anonymous said...

David jus need to make

New pass port only.i think

Anonymous said...

Why would Dr Chee and the SDP want to serve the residents for free when ministers are demanding millions or else not want to serve?

Lee Li Lian did the right thing. Not even want to serve as a NCMP.

Why so stupid? Head they win, tail you lose.

patriot said...


me dont know what Bro Virgo has to say to You.
On my part, I wish You to know that me had 2 neighbours in the Old Days who were amongst the Best Swimmers in the Village. They were just good with or without swimming trunk.
The Most Unfortunate thing was they both drowned in their late teens. One drowned at Changi Beach, the Other in a sand quarry lake at Koh Sek Lim.

Me gets very impress by Bro Virgo's Wisdom, most of all; his living away from Sin.
Oldies should not sin and leave a bad name for others to curse and swear. This is NOT the Way to be remembered and leave a stench for a long time. Even if the Successors are well off materially, they shall be looked upon as Hyena and Wolves.
There shall be no respect for them.

Do You hear or read how one young man and many others label a World Renowned Old Man in Sin?

You Agongkia better do more good, be filial, fidel and loyal.



virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 10.38

Not only the hawkers, kopi tiam,
Provision shop owners loved the White Paper of 10 millions.

These including the taxi drivers, property agents and many more.

What they interested is making tons of monies now. To HELL with the rest. MYOB.

They will have to pay for their follies down the road with their next generation suffering for their misdeeds.

This is the vicious cycle of bottomless pits.

Good luck to them

Anonymous said...

After 50 years with PAPa, the singapore children have become very "kuai' and obedient.
When grand PAPa died, many cried and attended his wake.
When PAPa said Chee is bad person trusted , you better believe it or you will not get any "sweets"(upgrading)
Do not think, PAPa will think for you as PAPa's always right. PAPa will shows you books (SPH) and TV shows(MediaCorps) that also say Chee is bad person.

The Story of how A Singaporean Lost His Intelligence.